(121-03-10) All But The Kitchen Sink
All But the Kitchen Sink
Summary: In which Daevon and Aevander pack, Arros defers, Jaremy brings news and Cerys weeps a great deal.
Date: March 10, 2014
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Daevon's invited Jaremy to the manse. At the moment he's busy packing for another trip, this one where he is more prepared. It's all getting doublechecked as it's put into saddlebags.

Arros arrives on foot, and not ready for travel at all. He has a soft scowl on his face that is not at all usual for the Dornishman.

"Arros," Daevon greets as the dornishman is shown through. "How did court go?" No time for smalltalk from him. He does at least pause in his packing though. "Would you like something to drink?"

When a dragon summons you, you arrive. Dressed in perhaps more normal attire- a Reachman's blend with dornish taste, Jaremy finds himself here as soon as he was able. A servant shows the knight in, and by courtesy his blade is passed along to his squire who is told to remain back in the entry hall. Soon enough he's led to where Arros and Daevon are.

"I just came to give my apologies. I cannot in good conscious leave the Princesses with Ser Osric alone to see to their wellbeing. Not with the city the way it is." Arros says to Daevon, "No, thank you." He lets out a huff, "Lord Gwayne has been kind enough to provide us with protection from the city guard." What he truly thinks of this remains unsaid.

"Ser Jaremy, a pleasure, thanks for coming," Daevon says. He frowns at Arros' words. "I would not ask you to. I had in fact thought that it would be wisest if I were to go with just my brother. But even if such is not the case I will be much happier knowing that you're there to protect them. How bad are things? What happened at court?"

The young belle just runs inside, keeping the fabric of her long skirt firmly clenched between her fingers. She just keeps it slightly risen not to step on it and not to fall down. Oh, and the fabric of her gown is just wonderful: dark violet with silver embroideries. She looks like she would be covering her petite body with the sheet made out of the night's sky.
"Daevon! Daevon, are you leaving again?!" She bursts, stopping and trying to get her breath back. Just then she notices a few others around. The innocent blush graces her cheeks and Cerys offers a curtsy, "Sirs… Am I… Should I leave you?.." But there is so much hope in her voice, that she will be allowed to stay. Her curious gaze runs around, examening each packed thing carefully.

"Anytime, Ser. Thank you for calling upon me." The Strickland heir offers, before he is looking over at Arros. The Dornish knight is given a brief size up, before he moves to step alongside the other man. One hand rests at his belt, while the other takes a place to rest at the small of his back. While, he cannot say how things are in Court- he does offer this. "The city, is riled. And rightly so" there's a careful look given the Dornish knight "No matter who committed the act, it would stir people to passions."

Daevon nods. "Yes. Aevander wants to search for Visenya. I think it safest if just we two dragons go though. Stay if you please, and if the subject matter doesn't unsettle you." He looks around. "Take a seat, if you wish," he says to everyone, and he does just that. Despite what has been said servants bring in a pitcher of lemon water and glasses. "Ser Arros, Ser Jaremy, may I introduce my younger sister, Lady Cerys."

A nod is given there, before the knight turns and looks towards Lady Cerys. A smile given to the younger Targaryen, before a bow follows. "A pleasure to meet you, my lady." And Jaremy cannot resist another smile, before he turns back to regard the brother. "Just So Ser. It's probably wiser that way." meaning he and Aevander going off to trek. Jaremy pauses for a moment, before he brings up his hand from his back to cough lightly into it. "A dragon is more like to listen to it's blood than to a party of knights-if anything we'll just cause too much comotion-and offer up a pretty set of mailed Hors d'oeuvres."

"You both will leave? You didn't heard anything about her yet?" The girl gasps, covering her lips with pale fingers. She staggers slightly as the worry about missing sibling would make her faint soon. However, she leans against the back of the chair and inhales deeply a few times, "Oh… It is not good. Really not good! I… I wrote our mother and father, asking for their advice or guidance, or help! Anything! Though… They have never been able to tame that wind called Visenya. I am scared, Daevon…" The girl sighs and slips to take a seat. She smoothes the violet fabric with silver embroidery of her skirt and her hands remain resting on her lap. Cerys glances from one knight to another. The smile grows in her face for a moment. She blinkblinks a few times, "It is a pleasure to meet you sirs, even if it is not the best occasion."

"You would move faster with just Ser Aevander. And, ah, it's not worth mentioning." Arros says. And then he falls silent.

Daevon nods in agreement. "Yes. And two knights will be able to travel swifter than many." He actually smiles as Arros says the same thing. "Visenya still lives, she's safe, or at least as safe as one who's met a dragon. I've had dreams but they're confusing things." He looks confused by Cerys. "What are you speaking of?"

Jaremy glances back towards Arros. "No, offense Ser, but you will find a chilled reception to your hot nature, where ever you may go. At least until more details are clear." A glance is given back towards Daevon. "I was not at Court, so I cannot say what our Dornish friend encountered..I can guess though." Another cough and he's patting his chest. "Damndable cough, I must have picked it during our last errand.." more or less muttered to himself before he is looking back up at Daevon. "I am glad your sister is safe-though…I must be a cat for my curiosity has not diminished…" A bit of a mile there before he is going to take up a glass of the lemon water. A slow sip, before he is eyeing the thing as if he had drunk from a snake.

"Sorry-never had this before.." Jaremy, says before looking to take a seat. "What dreams, if I may ask?"

Cerys sighs… "It doesn't matter, what I mean. Really! Strange, that it matters, that our sister will have a pet dragon. You know, I can give him my room," she says sracasticaly and frowns slightly, "I am speaking about Visenya and her irresponsible behaviour. And now… You and Aevander might be in danger! Just you two, looking for her! I want to go too. Really. I have to make sure, that you both would come back home safe, after all!" Her voice becomes really soft at the end, "I am scared, that someday, because of Visenya, you and our brother won't come back from another mission to find her."

Daevon's concerned by Jaremy's words. "Have you seen a Maester about that cough? Would you like something else to drink, perhaps? Lemon and honey, that's good for the throat." He flushes a little and shrugs. "Dreams. They're awkward to speak of." He looks baffled by Cerys. "Dragons are not pets. If she has tamed the dragon then I doubt she will remain in Oldtown. It's too much of a liability. She'll return home." He shakes his head. "Aevander will refuse to let you go. You know that, don't you? We'll be travelling fast and be back before you know it."

"I am aware, Ser." Arros says tightly to Jeremy. He mentions to Daevon, "I wish you could speak to Princess Mariya before you go. She…ah, she sees only the good in men, and doesn't realize the true danger to our situation." Cerys words get a curious little look, but he makes no remark to her words.

Jaremy waves a hand in Daevon's direction as a chuckle rolls up. "No, Ser. I am fine. It comes with sleeping in the saddle. It's but a tickle. Should it be worse, I'll trump myself up to the Citadel for a novice to poke at." He offers with a grin, before he is looking back to Cerys. Another sip of the new flavored water, and the knight leans forward. "May, I offer this, m'lady? It is probably for the best you do not ride with your brothers. With things as they are. It's likely safer for you to be here. And dragons…they are no simple matter."

A glance is given to Arros. "It is only going to get worse, you realize that?" There's no tightness in the other knight's voice, but he does flick eyes back towards Daevon and then to Arros. "If he cannot, I can, Ser. I am known by the Princess-though not well. I likely do not have the history that the Lord Targaryen may have- but." And there he falls silent his words strangled in his throat, before he is reaching for the water, and drinking again.

"I understand Aevander's concern. Your all concerns, but she is my sister and she is doing silly things. I, as a true lady, should teach my sister some manners. Give me one of your men's horses and armor and I will go with you. I am light, so the stud will be able to move quickly. Even more quickly than yours, cause he won't have to carry heavy man on his back. And you know, that I can handle horses quite perfectly!" She glances at Jaremy and offers him a wide smile, "My mother always gave me mint and thyme tea, when I had all this coughing. It should help." Then she glances over Daevon, "I know, that you would let me go…"

Daevon nods at Arros. "If I cannot get the chance to do so I do not expect to be gone long. It is one of the things that I l… like about her. That she is so open and sweet. It's her way of coping. When I'm back though I'll certainly work with her on some more self-defense techniques so if she does get into trouble she can get herself out of it. Not that you'll let her get into trouble I'm sure." He nods. "I would. Whether that is wise or not is another matter. But yes, I'd let you come. We will not stop. You will be sore all over from the riding. Poor Aevander was plenty saddle sore and he should be used to it. We will be sleeping outdoors, on the ground, regardless of the weather. The night's full of strange sounds."

"The only reason I remain within the city is to protect the Princesses. Were I on my own I would have left already. However, it is not my place to tell them what they ought to do." Arros says to Jeremy. He nods to Daevon, "It is an endearing trait. However, I would have her think of her safety."

"I don't think they would let you." Jaremy replies back to Arros. "And I do not speak for the Martells, but for the city." And there he sits up a bit in his seat. There's a glance given back to Cerys and a shrug applied. He's no place in a house of Dragons, either way he did try. Daevon. His glass is emptied in several gulps, before he is looking back to the Maiden Knight.

"When do you plan to leave, Ser?"

"Very well!" It is all,what the lady says. She crosses her hands on abdomen and waits for more information. After all, she has to know, when she needs to be prepared.

"As soon as I'm finished packing and have managed to purchase a far-eye," Daevon replies. He nods at Arros. Speaking of that far-eye a servant enters and delivers a message. "I'm sorry gentlemen, please enjoy the hospitality. I'm going to need to go on a quick errand. I'll be right back."

There's the soft sound of boots on stone as Aevander descends from one of the upper floors down onto the first. He steps into the main sitting room, a pack over one shoulder to add to the assortment of things Daevon has prepared for recovering Viseyna (take two). In finding a small group there along with his departing brother, he offers a nod to Arros and Jaremy. "Sers," he greets. "Sister." Cerys gets a warm smile and a wink.

"Good day Ser Daevon." Arros bows stiffly to Cerys, "My Lady." That said, the Dornishman turns to depart as well.

Jaremy nods, and rises as Daevon bids his farewell. There's a brief bow of his head, before the Strickland knight is looking to Arros for a moment, quiet in his study of the Dornishman, before he is looking back over to the Targaryen woman. "Lady, take your brother's advice. Do not go on this errand with him, and Ser Aevander." And there he pauses over the right words.

As Aevander comes in there's a bit of a smile and a nod to the new dragon. "Speaking of." And there he bows his head. "Ser." replied in kind.

Jaremy nods, and rises as Daevon bids his farewell. There's a brief bow of his head, before the Strickland knight is looking to Arros for a moment, quiet in his study of the Dornishman, before he is looking back over to the Targaryen woman. "Lady, take your brother's advice. Do not go on this errand with him, and Ser Aevander." And there he pauses over the right words.

The girl jumps up on her feet and curtsies to leaving Daevon, "See you soon, then, brother!" Then she looks back at others, quiet proudly, because she won! Though, at the same time she smiles softly at both men. "It was nice meeting you," she says to Arros. Though, when Jaremy is speaking again, Cerys turns away as a really spoiled young lady, "No. I said my wo-…Aevander!" The girl beams widely and just hugs him tightly, if allowed.

Of course she's allowed. Aevander chuckles as Cerys wraps her arms around him and he gently returns the hug in kind with a soft pat-pat to her back. Then he glances over at Ser Jaremy and his brows lift as he blinks down at his sister. "What was that?" he asks Cerys. Or maybe Jaremy. Or maybe just the room at large. "Who's going where, now?"

"I believe, your sister is looking to go dragon hunting with you and Ser Daevon." Jaremy reports with a skeptical look given back towards Cerys. "It is your House, Ser. I merely was trying to help your brother with his point-That despite that he would let her go, she likely should not go." And with that he is looking as Arros is leaving. "I believe the Dornishman, was coming to say that he would not be going, given the recent tide of the water here in Oldtown." And like that the Strickland has given his piece and hopefully caught Aevander up.

Cerys does not let her brother go. She keeps hugging him tightly as it should save her from hearing the answer "NO". Cerys looks at Jaremy over her brothers shoulder. She eyes the man as she would be saying «You are so not fun to play with», but then she whispers, "I will go with you, yes. Daevon let me go. He didn't cared if I go or not, cause he really cares just about Visenya. And I want to go, because someone must keep you safe from the dragon and from Visenya herself. I mean… She is stubborn, but too charming. She may do all her tricks to convince you to believe, that she is right to behave like that and have the dragon under her control. I wrote for our parents. Though, I got no any letters about it. Anything, that they would be ready to discipline her. So, because you all are under her spell, I need to go there and keep you safe, because she won't trick me!"

Aevander's brows lift a leeeeetle bit higher for Jaremy's words and then for that tumbling verbal waterfall Cerys offers. "Dearest," he murmurs gently, his hand moving from Cerys's back to stroke her hair as a means to soften his next words, "You are most certainly not riding out with us. There are no spells, no tricks. There is only our sister gone missing."

Jaremy nods back towards Aevander, before looking back to Cerys, as a brow rolls up given the look he just recieved. There's a shake of his head as a chuckle comes loose. "I believe your brother just left for a Far Eye." he adds before looking to the other knight wrapped with his sister. "I am certain you are caught up with the news? If all rumor is to be believed, then I think you will have more than dragons to worry about if you go nigh uplands again."

The girl bites her lip firmly and a few tears shows up in her eyes. She shyly glances at JAremy, but then just hides her face somewhere where Aevander's shoulder and neck meets. She starts whispering something to him.

Cerys whispers: She is bad. You know that. She is really bad. She will take everything from me! She will have Daevon, she will take you, and when we will lose parents, she will force me to marry an old man somewhere far far away from you all and she will send me away. Then she will treaten me with her dragon to leave and never come back. She will take everything from me and won't stopuntil everyone will kneel for her dreams and wishes!I will go and won't let that happen!

"I believe so, Ser. I'm not surprised Ser Arros chose to remain behind, considering the state of things, and I believe Ser Laurent rode out in assistance of the Cockshaws. Thank you for sharing your news. Will you still come in search with us, even knowing there is a dragon and other assorted mayhem in the Uplands?" He quiets to listen to his sister's murmurs, but does not bother whispering in kind. "Cerys," he tells the girl gently, "you are overwrought. There is nothing anyone could do you take Daevon or I away from you, and I am quite sure Visenya has no interest in doing any such thing. Daevon and I are your family. As is Visenya, and if you would only calm yourself, you would realize that she, too, loves you very much. No more tears now, mmm?"

"Nor am I. Though for our friends sake, I wish they would leave the city." And there he holds up his hand, before he can be accused there. "I do not hate the Dornish, as some who have fought them do. But, I can see no good remaining, specially if they are suspect." And with that he looks back towards Cerys and Aevander. A slight smile is given the lady before he looks back towards Aevander. "If you ask, I would come. I think your brother was planning on you-but I know the area well, as it is close to my family's Lands at the Lonely Hall. We should just-in case rumors be true, be prepared incase the other Dornish holds in the Marches are planning raids as well."

And there he gives a brief bow "But if you will have me, allow me then to ready my things. You can decide later if I am needed-if not. There is no harm."

Cerys shakes her head, and answers in a whisper again. And she starts crying,sobs, trembles and booohooos.

Cerys whispers: "You don't understand! She does not take things, which belong to you. She does not use cruel words speaking with you. She does not take away those, who you love, from you. She loves you and Daevon, but not me. She hates me and I don't know why. You won't understand that… I will die, if she will get that dragon and will remain as wild and unpunishable as she is. You will see. She will torture my soul until I will die! Because she feels like the most amazing in the whole world and considers me as nothing. She will do anything to make you think like that,and then she will tear me apart from the family. You will see. She has a cold bad heart! Aevander, let me go with you. Let me tame that dragon. My heart can do that. And I will send it away, that it wouldnever ever come back to bother us. Let me show her, that I am not nothing, that she must respect me and laws. Let me show her, that she can't take away you from me!"

Aevander shrugs as much as holding a weeping Cerys will allow. "Should they? To flee when accused only makes one appear guilty. If they have done nothing, why should they leave their manse or the city?" The offer causes the Targaryen to smile. "Your presence would be appreciated, Ser. It is mine and Daevon's duty to find our sister, but considering the strange state of affairs and the questions they raise, another experienced knight would no go amiss." He exhales softly as he glances back down at his sister. "Enough now, dearest," he says a little more firmly, "Go up to your room and rest a spell. I'll have one of the maids bring you hot tea with milk to settle your nerves."

"Of course." And with that he offers a bow to both Lady and Lord. "Well then, Ser, allow me to ready my kit and get provisions." A smile is given before he starts to move, only to hesitate and offer a hand to the young woman's shoulder. "It is for the best, my lady. I will see your brothers returned. Hale and healthy." Or at least their bones returned-which he does not say. Instead there is a nod, quick given Aevander, before Jaremy shows himself out.

"You won't keep them safe from my sister!" Cerys answers to leaving Jaremy and withdraws from Aevander, "So,this is who am I for you? I fragile thing, who must sit in her room and do nothing, just wait until Visenya will get rid of me? I am sure, that she already made all her charm or whatever around you. Aevander, don't you see? She is able to do anything she wants and she is unpunished, lovely, adorable, the only one right and allowed to keep the DRAGON! And I am the one to sit in my room and wait as a servant? I am not a servant. I have the blood of the dragon in my veins too! She is not better than me, Aevander! She has no right to have all this! Can you promise me to go there and drag her home back? Punish her? Lock her in the room and wait until she will learn to behave? Can you promise that? I don't think! So, I have to save myself, because you can't do that!" The girl falls on the chair and leans at the table, sobbing.

"Cerys," Aevander sighs, "nobody is keeping a dragon, and nobody is saying anyone is better than you. Listen to yourself, child, hear the words coming from your lips. These great tears and even greater fallacies certainly do nothing to convince me that you should go riding out with us. You will charge off at the nearest opportunity in some misguided quest to net a dragon before Visenya. I'm already chasing after one errant sister, I will not go running after two." He walks over to the table, drawing out a chair so he can seat himself next to the weeping girl. "My dear, you have tangled things up in your head. Nobody wishes you ill. I blame these wretched rumors that are flying about. You have heard too many of their hateful lies and taken them to heart."

"It is not rumors… Aevander, my dearest," she raises her red eyes to the man, "It is my whole life. Visenya always tortured me. She doesn't want me to be happy, to have a high position or responsibilities. That is true. And now, she is comming to torture us all! If you will leave, and… and won't take me with yourself… If Visenya won't be punished for her behaviour, I will leave. I won't wait for her just to see how proud she is and brags about her adventures and her dragon. I will leave and… just leave before she sends me away from you all." She immerses her pale fingers to her brother's curls, "I love you and Daevon, but I can't see /her/ happy face seeing how she becomes the Queen and I am still nobody…"

"The Queen?" Aevander asks, cupping Cerys's cheek and thumbing away some of her tears, "the queen of what, dearest? Do not forget, I have known you and Visenya the whole of your lives, and I have never seen her 'torture you', as you claim, now. She does not wish you to be unhappy, I am sure of that. I do not approve of her running off as she has, nor will I approve of you doing so. It is high time the Targaryens here in Oldtown accepted their responsibilities. We all represent our house, and this sudden and impulsive behavior must be curbed. You all form the pieces of my heart, and I will do anything I must for you, but none of you ever think before you act."

"Aevander…" The girl chews on her lip, "You have never seen that, because you did not see us alone. She is full of hate for me.She took away my husband! She just… stole him! Why? Because she didn't wanted me to make a really important deal for our family. She didn't wanted that our father would be proud of me. She didn't wanted me to marry the high lord and have quite a high position. She wnated to have all that. She would force me to mary the street beggar, if it would be her choice! Aevander, you are on her side. You defend her and soon you will justify her behaviour, when she will come to overtake the King's lands with her dragon. Do you really love me? Do you actually care about me and my happiness? Or you just will chose the winning side? And it is obvious, that Visenya is winning, because she has eveyrthing in her hands,while I am just being lectured."

"Oh Cerys," Aevander sighs, his head shaking as his hand lifts and rubs over his eyes. "We are all on the same side, and there is nothing at all to win. We are of the same blood, you and I and Daevon and Visenya. If you so badly wish to be wed to Lord Garvin, I will speak to Visenya on your behalf, but I will say that from what I have seen of the boy, I am unimpressed with him. I think either of you could do far better than 'Lord Pansy'."

Cerys blushes brightly and lowers her gaze. She stares at her lap for a moment before looking aorund the room and,in case, there are any servants around listening, she stands up, comes closer to her brother and tries to slip on his lap, if allowed. Then she will wrap her hands around his shoulders and whispers.

Cerys whispers: I really love you and… if you would leave me, I would… die. Just,promise me, that you will never turns away from me, whataver Visenya will say, and promise, that you will never ever let Visenya to torture me, punish or take someone away from my hands. Promise ,that if she will ever do that again, if she will hurt me, you will punsih her, will give her a lesson, that she must respect me, that you will show her, taht we are equal… and…Can you? Can you find me a better man than Lord Garvin? Can you find me very handsom, good, rich and with the same or higher position in the court than us? I want my father to be proud of me and I want, to help our family to raise and get even more prestige. And I am sure, I can match that with love. If you understand, what I mean?.."

Aevander finds himself with a lapful of Cerys and his arms drape gently around her as she murmurs her fears. "I promise, dearest, that there is nothing anybody could say to make me turn away from you. You're my sister, and that is reason enough, but you are sweet and determined and spirited, besides. I believe Visenya does respect you, but if that is not the case, then yes, I will make sure she understands that she must… as you must respect her. As we all must respect each other." For that last request, he offers a small but certain nod. "Yes, Cerys. I will find you a young lord of high standing and good worth to be your husband. I would have no less for any of my sisters."

Cerys more firmly squeezes Aevander, as she would be really afraid, that he might slip from her hands. She beams quite playfully, "But Aevander, how you can find me a husband, whose family would have higher position than ours? I believe, just Martells are calling themselves princes and princesses… Do they have handsome sons? Or… Tell me, do you think, our father would be happy, if I would marry lord Matrim? I heard, he is in a very good position? Of course, non of them will be as handsome as you are, and non of them will be as caring as you are, but still… for the sake of our family!"

Cerys giggles and withdraws a bit, taht she would be able to stare straight into her brotehr's eyes. She sways with her legs and obviously becomes more cheerful.

"The Martells cling to their old customs, the way they fashion their titles means nothing," Aevander replies. "But I confess, I know little of their sons, and just now is not the time to ally with the Dornish…" the second part of Cerys's request has him blinking in mild surprise. "Matrim Tyrell?" he queries. "Well… that would certainly be a fine pairing. I'll see what I can learn about the young man."

"Ah! You are the best, Aevander, but you already know that!" Cerys giggles and places her head to rest on brother's shoulder, "But still, I don't want you to go. I feel scared and I want to help. Somehow."

"Well," Aevander breathes out softly as Cerys rests her head on his shoulder, "Do you really wish to know how you could help, while Daevon and I go search? Truly? I fear you may not like what I would ask, but it would be a very great help, indeed."

The girl plays with her brother's curls quite idly, "Oh… Just tell me! I would do anything for you and Daevon just to help our family!"

"Anything?" Aevander repeats. "Then I shall hold you to that. Stay here, dearest. In Oldtown. Hold your head high, stand proud and help quash these rumors some sniveling worm started about our sister and our family. The more unified we are, the more preposterous they'll seem."

"To keep my head high? I will try my best,brother, but… I am a little bit scared. Some of these commoners are wild. I wrote for our father, that one of them was trying to hurt me. Of course, my guards saved me. But… Oh, why Visenya never thinks about family?If she wouldn't have done this, now we wouldn't have to deal with all this. You know, rumors always have reasons. That is why we have to learn etiquette. That is why, sometimes, we have to do things against our own will. We are higher than simple people. We have to be example. If the leader is proper, he will never have to deal with angry crowd. All these bad rumors are just Visenya's fault. I can't blame those people, who are shouting there and whispering. They are really scared of such irresponsible behaviour of those, who rule them. I hope she will feel shame for her behaviour. Won't show it, but I hope it won't let her sleep well…" Cerys sighs.

"Well I can certainly blame them," Aevander answers, his voice, for a moment, going flat and cold. "I wish Visenya hadn't run off in this fashion, it certainly wasn't wise or responsible Especially now, with raiders potentially at our doorstep, I would have her home and safe, not running through the Uplands on some wild errand. But we are Targaryen, and whoever dared spread such lies about us has lost sight of their place. They may not judge us. They may not condemn us. They may not make us a laughingstock with nonsense tales of razing Oldtown and riding dragons."

Cerys lowers her gaze to her lap, "They are just simple people,brother. They are not speaking about all Targeryens being actually horrible. I heard, they are afraid of their leader's stance, our uncle. I mean… They want him where he is. People love their ruler. They are just afraid, that Visenya will stand against her own blood. At least it is what I heard. And the man, who was trying to attack me… He was thinking, that I am Visenya. I think, he never saw her and it is easy to mix us. We both are kind of pretty!" Cerys chuckles, blushing slightly, "Plus…"

She chews on her lip, "Brother, I love you. Really. But you know, sometimes I can't hold my feelings inside…" Some tears shows up in her eyes again, "I fear, not just Visenya is fault for the rumors, but me too…" She starts quickly explaining, "I thought, she was dead! I was wearing black and crying! Yes, I sometimes speak badly about her, but she is my sister! I was crying a lot and then… Then Daevon told me, that she is after dragon and not dead! I was kind of really angry. I mean… I thought she was dead. She hurted my feelings again, and for what? DRAGON?! So, when I was all alone in my room, I broke a few bowls and I cussed her and her dragon… Now two servant girl's who were always helping me… They are gone! I am scared, that they heard my anger and… Brother, blame me for everything and Visenya! Your two little silly sisters, but don't do anything for those commoners.You know, how I care about them. They are not fault for being scared. I am scared too!" And she starts crying again.

"A smallfolk raised their hand to you?" Aevander asks, regarding Cerys. "She is our sister, and to insult her is to insult us all. All right, all right, hush now," he offers touching Cerys's shoulder. "What were the name of your two servant girls? The ones who have gone?"

"I won't tell you their names. She is my sister. She bahaved badly, hurted me and I released my feelings inside my room. These servant girls might have heard me and now we are having all these rumors, which evantually would start, because our sister is lack of knowledge of noble etiquette. So, if you want to punish anyone," Cerys rubs her crying eyes, just to clean tears, "Punish me. I, differently than our sister, can take that with pride and I would understand, it was my fault. I would acknowledge that. She would never do that, and would let you hurt innocent smallfolk girls. I won't. They are right to be scared."

"Cerys, the tantrums we throw in our own rooms are not of the servants to discuss. Certainly they are not for the servant girls to spread about town," Aevander replies, "You will tell me their names, I I will find them and learn the truth of it. And this man who tried to harm you, the guards put him in chains? When will he be brought before Lord Hightower?"

"Nobody put anybody into chains!I forbid that. I mean, he was just tossing the stone at me. He was angry, because of my sister. I explained him, that I am not Visenya, that I am Cerys and he asked my apology. I forgave him. He would never hurt me,because I didn't meant harm to him. I never did anything as stupid as Visenya. So, he fell on his knees and," Cerys tries to stand up, if allowed, "And I said you may go. And I won't tell any names. No. You know me, brother. Maybe we are higher than common people but I will never let them be hurt for our faults. You need to prepare for the journey. Be safe. I love you both with Daevon." And if allowed to stand up, she will try to leave.

"Cerys, for a smallfolk to raise a hand to a Targaryen is to sign his own death warrant," Aevander replies. "As gentle as your heart is, you may wish it otherwise. But such insults cannot go unanswered, and if you will not give me names, I will find them, never the less, and they will be held accountable for their foolishness. This insult will not be bourn." Aevander remains seated as Cerys stands, and she is allowed to leave if she wishes. Aevander will stand as well and continue the packing Daevon has begun. "I will take care of it when we've returned with Visenya."

"Very well, brother. I will warn the innocent ones to flee," Cerys giggles, "We will stand on other sides in this matter. I blamejust Visenya and a little bit myslef for these rumors. I will learn from my mistakes. I do hope Visenya will be wise to do the same or we will see one more time, that she cares just about herself,not our family." The girl offers a deep curtsy, "I will pray for you both, brothers."

Daevon returns home, carrying an oiled leather bag, within which is that elusive far-eye. They're ridiculously expensive, over a Dragon in cost, 300 silver stags, that's more than the price of most horses. Of course Daevon's always been extremely generous with the family money, and useless at haggling. It's as if he thinks it grows on trees.

Well, for a Targaryen, it kinda does, at least in the amounts a single person can manage to spend on frivolities like armor, horses and far-eyes. Aevander has picked up where Daevon has stopped, packing up the saddle bags with stiff, crisp movements. He glances up as the Maiden's Knight returns. "Did you know someone threw a rock at Cerys?"

Daevon shakes his head. "No. Who would dare throw a rock at her? Has it been reported to the City Watch?"

"She wouldn't tell me who, and bleeding heart that she is, she instructed the guard to just let him go" Aevander replies, shoving an extra waterskin into the pack with unnecessary roughness. "I'll have to question the guards, find the lout…" he huffs a sharp breath out. "And she thinks a pair of serving girls here in the manse may have been the source of the rumors. She's defending them as well, naturally, so I shall have to go hunting for their names, too."

Daevon frowns at this. "The Guard should have reported it immediately." Reported to whom? He shakes his head as Aevander accuses the servants. "They're all thoroughly vetted. They know what will happen to them if they spread such rumours." He's looking extremely disturbed at this news.
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"Perhaps Cerys was mistaken. I want her to be mistaken, but she claims they overheard her having a tantrum in her rooms and have fled since. I'll speak to the steward and the other servants, see what can be learned." Aevander lifts a hand and rubs it roughly over his face. "Gods, I just want Visenya found and safe. If the Dornish are raiding and she's in the Uplands… there is nothing in her blood to tame maddened smallfolk."

Daevon shakes his head. "Brother, we cannot be thinking of taking to the road while this crisis looms over us. We must investigate now." He sighs. "I'll go after Visenya alone. You stay and deal with this. Please. But do not issue any punishments until I've returned."

"You're not going alone," Aevander snaps, "Of course I'm coming with you. She's my sister as well as yours. Ser Jaremy has also offered to travel with us, and I've accepted."

"Brother, we have a crisis on our hands here," Daevon says. "If our servants are spreading rumours, then you know as well as I do that the kindest punishment they can hope for is to have their tongues removed." He frowns at this. "And there is absolutely no way I have the stomach for such things. This is no small matter. We must be able to trust them all completely. We cannot have word of such things spreading, especially the malicious tales that were spoken of Visenya. I do not want us to have to execute a number of them for their betrayal. That they've fled, is worse yet. It could be they're in the employ of our enemies. We need to get to the bottom of this and quickly." He frowns. "You know the punishment for someone striking a Dragon. Where was she hit? This too must be investigated. And if the guards are allowing Cerys to be struck, then not punishing the perpetrator, or at the very least mentioning it to one of us, they too are failing in their duty."

"I don't know, as I said, I'll speak to the guards who were with her and learn what they know," Aevander assures. "If our servants have betrayed us, an execution would be the kindest punishment I could devise. And this smallfolk, whoever he is, has his days numbered as well. But that does not give you an excuse to go charging out alone. You are not in one of the tales told about the Maiden's Knight. Whatever that creature may be, you are yet flesh and blood. You can bleed, brother. You can die. I've less fear of this dragon than I do of whatever raiders stand between it and us."

"Brother, our sister is a maiden," Daevon says. "She is my twin, the other half of myself. I know that she is safe, that she has met the dragon now, though I know not whether she has tamed it, or it her. I fear no raiders, and there are none that will stand in the way of The Maiden's Knight and his goal." He nods. "I know, but I do not fear death. I do not fear bleeding. And I fear no raiders."

"I do fear this though," Daevon waves a hand around. "To have our servants turn against us, and whispering poison to others. What secrets might they have heard that they can use? And that we did not hear of it ourselves. That such poison is being spread in the city. That when my sister returns she will have to fear not only for her reputation but also her very life. That my other sister is in danger here, and my dear friends, Lady Igdahna, and Lady Vaelinor, and any other Targaryen woman who lives here risk their lives venturing onto streets where a man can strike them and not be punished. Where we cannot trust even our own guards. This terrifies me brother, and it is a foe I do not know how to defeat."

"I'm sorry, Daevon, but your dreams aren't enough to appease me and your bold words, brave as they are, do not change the reality that you are one man who may be facing dozens or scores," Aevander replies."I fear your bleeding, I fear your death. And I promise you, gossip, rumors, conspiracy, those are my battlefields. Those I have the weapons to defeat. But not when I am distracted and sick with worry. Please, brother. Let us bring Visenya home. Let me do this with you and trust that I can keep our home safe."

"What use are two men?" Daevon asks, "Or even three against dozens and scores. Brother, I would offer for you to leave and I to stay, but this is most certainly not my battlefield. I can fight raiders, I cannot fight those who seek to harm our household from within. I do not intend to fight any raiders. I intend to get my destrier back from Arros, and ride as swiftly as I can, in unmarked armour, to where my sister is. And then I intend to put her in disguise, so that none will know she is a Targaryen woman, and ride back. Unless she has tamed the dragon." He sighs. "But let us settle this the way knights should. We will reach no agreement any other way and we are wasting time otherwise. We shall fight, and whomever wins shall decide what is done. Choose the playing field brother."

Aevander draws in a soft breath and lets in out again as he considers. His hands distractedly pack a few more items away before they still and he lifts his head, meeting Daevon's gaze. "Cyvasse," he answers the challenge.

Daevon groans at Aevander's response. He's already convinced he's lost, but he'll try anyway. He shakes his head. "Brother, you are devious." There is a hint of a smile on his lips. "Let us start now then. Unless you want to reconsider?"

"No, no," Aevander replies with a small, theatric sigh. "I have made my bed, now I can but lie in it. Fetch the board, brother. Let's see it done."

"You think I have such a board? That I did not burn all of those within the household?" Daevon's smile continues to tease. "And then dance upon their ashes in victory? In fact I may have sought out every dratted cyvasse board within the city and ensured it met a similar fate. Besides who am I, your servant? If you want to play Cyvasse you fetch your own darned board."

Aevander laughs. "I'm the older brother and you the baby brother," he teases back in kind, "and this may be the only way in which I will ever be able to properly bully you. I've a board in my room," because if Daevon would burn all the cyvasse boards in Westeros, Aevander tends to bring his own when he travels, "and as you have issued the challenge, you ought to fetch it."

"Fine, fine," Daevon rolls his eyes. "You're a terrible brother." He goes off to fetch said board, returning with it in short time. "Well the sooner we get this over and done with."

"Yes. But you love me anyhow," Aevander replies, pulling out a chair and dropping into a seat. He takes the board and sets it up, turning it so Daevon gets the white pieces. "You may have the first move." So magnanimous.

Daevon pulls a disgusted face. He sits down. "Thank you." He stares at the board, as if the pieces themselves are the enemy and then moves one.

Aevander rests his elbow on the table and his chin in his palm. He makes his own move quickly after Daevon's, as sure of the cyvasse board as he would not be on a real battlefield.

Daevon was regularly defeated at Cyvasse as a child. By his father, his other brothers. He grew to hate the game. He just doesn't have the patience for it. His moves are bold, wild and reckless, and rather lacking in anything resembling strategy. They're all about the short time gain, do as much damage as you can and don't even think about any long term planning. He's oh so very easily defeated.

Aevander's approach is much more focused on that long game Daevon cannot stomach. The game they play is not a very long one before Daevon's king is cornered and captive. "We both go," he tells his brother, "Ser Jarmey and half the house guard come with us."

Daevon's frowning at this. "If we take the house guard then we leave the women undefended. It will also slow us down immensely."

"Half," Aevander replies, "the other half will remain here to see to our sister and cousins." He drums his fingers on the board, "but perhaps you are right. The three of us, then, in plain armor."

Daevon nods. "I would take Eonn as well, but he only has the one horse and she's not fast. We'll need a change of mounts with us."

"If you think Eonn will be of use, he can take two of our horses," Aevander replies as he begins putting the pieces away.

"I'm not sure he'd accept though," Daevon says. "I'd rather him at my side than half the household of guards. He's extremely clever. I can ask."

"Then ask," Aevander says with a small nod, "and if he refuses, so be it."

Daevon nods. "So what else do you think we need before we go? Oh, I'll need to collect my destrier."

"We've food for days and tents, waterskins, bandages and alcohol, the far-eye. We'll be wearing armor and carrying our weapons. It's only the horses we need, now, I'd say, and we can be off," Aevander replies.

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