(121-03-08) A Day's Ride
A Day's Ride
Summary: (Backscene) Teryin sends Yorik off ahead, spends time with Isara in the stream, and talks about plans for Oldtown.
Date: 08/03/2014
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The trip has been brutal, rain and sun beating down on the small caravan heading towards Oldtown. The few sworn-swords ride ahead of the carriages, Teryin and Yorik speaking on horseback just next to the carriage with Aleesi and Isara. "Once we get to Oldtown, we'll have to speak with the Lannisters there. Ride ahead bring word Yorik." Words spoken in Braavosi, the two clasping forearms before the Braavosi-born knight of Golden Tooth rides off.

"The sun is hot and the horses need water. Let's draw camp near the stream." Teryin orders the troupe before they turn towards the water and shade. A brief knock on the door of the carriage, "My Nightingale, we're going to set up camp shortly. Would you join me on the banks of the stream?" He's smiling broadly, awaiting the fabric of the window to move and reveal his lovely wife.

Isara is only too happy to be out of the carriage from within it's sweltering depths, a light sheen of sweat basking on her flesh as she opens the carriage door, inhaling of the humid hot air, having wished for relief from it but it's all around them. Her hair is up, brushed back from her face and curled into a loose bun, nothing fancy.

Her gown however, ugh. A riding habit of a lovely green with gold brocade which she dearly wishes she had not worn when they set out from their last camp, but it was so lovely. Hand will extend out to her husband so he may help her out, steps drawing her from the carriage and into his arms, "If you allow me to dip my feet with no complaint at their swollen sight I would be more than glad to join you, my husband."

Oh she's got a mind of her own. A trait Teryin dearly loves about her. With adoration in his eyes, he keeps her in his arms across his lap in the saddle. "Any sight of you, Nightingale, is a blessing." Broad arms keep her from falling, the reins held tight as he veers the steed away from the carriage. "You need not my permission. I am no Lord here, just a man in love with the most beautiful woman in the world." A genuine smile remains on those features, jade eyes glowing at the sight of his wife. "We'll make camp here for the night. We are but a day's ride from Oldtown."

"You've such a gilded tongue, my sweet husband, I ever wonder that you ever wielded a sword or used it to draw the flesh of a man from bone. You are a poet amongst brutes." Murmured as she leans in against him in his saddle, ankles crossed as she slides an arm about his waist, resting her head on his shoulder, feeling the horse as it moves beneath her, enjoying the scent of her husband this close to him, "I can not wait to be rid of this stuffy carriage. Can I not ride with you tomorrow? I'd have my arms around you and your back to me to feel your heart beating to mine than another minute spent sweating and making small talk while harried with the heat."

"Of course you may ride with me." Eyes flicker down towards the woman, the steed lightly trotting through the rolling grass before finding shade near the river. "At my side with a horse of your own, or with me." The choice given freely, his voice ever mellow even in the gruffness. "You know I would give you the world if I could my love." He slips from the mouth, feet thudding in the soil. Arms reach up, hooking under shoulders and lifting her from the black steed. "I'm sure Aleesi feels the same way." A chuckle trails, "I figured you two would have been out sooner."

The golden chainmail glistens in the light of the sun, arm offered to follow towards the banks of the stream. Birds sing from shade, the scene beautiful in the light of midday. "I sent Yorik ahead to meet with my cousins who moved to Oldtown from Casterly Rock some months ago. I believe we'll be able to live within their manse."

"I would not dare to assume what Aleesi or you endeavor to think, Teryin." She murmurs with a soft smile, closing her eyes, feeling completely at ease and safe with her husband here, not a worry in her mind, "I would ride with you-" She'll state, reaching her arms out and down to her husband, delicate hands resting upon his shoulders as she slides off the mount then, gripping him as she slides into him, toe to toe with him, her breath caught in her throat but a moment as she gazes at him. Sea blue eyes meeting his own jade, lost a moment before his arm is offered and she flushes, ducking her gaze with a soft laugh fettering away, taking his arm with her own as she walks companionably with him, "It seems you've prepared much to ensure our comfort when we arrive in Oldtown. I'm glad for it, though I would stay any place that would have you at my side, my lord husband."

The sound of a stream fills ears, the banks lapped at by the flowing water. "I would not allow such a beautiful woman to be treated any less. Let alone my wife." He turns into her, having missed the chance before. The gauntlet is removed, bare finger tilting the chin of his wife. "I shall never find another as beautiful as you." The gaze of jade disappears with the lowering of his eyelids, lips coming to press lightly down against her own. That moment could last forever and Teryin would never complain, but it does, the sound carriage and horses closing in as the caravan draws into position for a camp. A smile as lips part, thumb coming to caress the soft curves of her cheek. "Care to help me with my armor my love?" The knight kneels, removing the other gauntlet and tossing both onto the ground.

Isara's sandaled feet will draw over grass and the bank as it draws nearer, enjoying the closeness to her husband, head tilted in towards his shoulder as she wears a soft smile, "Would have I fallen for you most devoutly, my love, if you would have allowed such?" And there he is, turning into her, her smile blossoming ever wider as she tilts her head up and back to look up at her husband who towers over her. Hands will press in against her waist as fingers lace, heart catching in her throat as she rises up on her toes, hands lifting from waist to press in against his chest then, flexing in against his armored chest, kissing him most sweetly, head tilting slightly before she blushes deeply with the sound of the party closing in. Her own eyes will open to meet his, adoration evident as she nods her head, "It would be my honor to do so." As he kneels she'll step back and to his side, moving to assist where she can to unclasp and unbuckle and pry.

She truely is his strength. The chainmail cuirass is lifted from his head, his hands doing most of the work, but the lithe fingers of his wife aiding in the endeavor. "Do you remember the first time we met my love?" Voice drown out until fully out of the armor, the smile returning to his lips once more. Shuffling his legs, the lower half of the armor begins to slip from waist. It's a humorous sight, wagging hips like a dogs tail; fingers adamently pushing down on the golden armor. "Don't laugh my love." Spoken in a laughing tone, knowing full well she enjoys watching him struggle in small clothing.

Finally the armor is removed, his under clothing stained in sweat from the ride. "I must say, the sweat only accentuates the glow of your skin." A glance to his left, a bend in the stream to offer a more private venture. Turning back, a brow is raised, unspoken words as head motions towards it.

"You mean when you made me cry?" Sly voice will ask in a soft murmur, her smile curved at the memory of it the chase through the vineyard, his kerchief. Does she laugh? No, never. Not at his expense, the trembling of her lips and the bitten down noise she keeps in her throat is not a laugh. No, indeed, it's the pollen of the flowers etching at her so. But oh, how he looks as he wiggles and pushes has her heart rate picking up just a little, especially as his clothing remaining is so stained with sweat. His scent after sparring ..raaah. His scent after riding. Raaaah.

"It is not sweat I'm told but the glow lent to women from the Gods themselves for the pains of childbirth and minding a husband." Teasingly murmured as she eases forwards, looking off where he cants his head, her mouth widening in a sudden blushing grin, a shoulder coming up as she pushes in against him to push him in the direction he motioned to.

His love just /had/ to bring that up, those tears a haunting memory, but a reminder that he never wishes to see those sea-blue orbs weep again. "I pray to The Seven the sea of your eyes never reach the tender flesh of your cheek again." Voice laced with truth, "For I will never allow another to bring you to harm or shame." He reaches for her shoulder, fingers hooking into the curves and indents of the frame. The nudging done teasingly and return so, his trunk just grazing her hip, hand keeping her from falling over if done too hard.

"Minding a husband?" Teryin scoffs playfully, "Perhaps I should start to drink and whore, see if your glow becomes blinding to any man aside from myself." He's fully immersed in her, love just radiating from the giant of a man. "Ser Janis!" He shouts, removing the under tunic from chest. Fingers pulling the fabric from his arms. "Fetch a squire for my armor and lead a hunt for food. We've dealt with worse conditions, let us not treat ourselves like nobles in this beautiful landscape." A knight and boy appear from a tree, "Yes Lord Teryin." The boy is quickly making his way down to the banks, but Teryin is already sweeping his wife into arms and carrying her bare chested towards the bend in the stream.

"Do not say such things, even in jest Husband, those words merely open small windows to opportunity of the trickster Gods and Goddesses." Isara will tease with a poke to her husbands side as she leans into him, gazing up to him and letting out a soft noise in her throat of surprise as she's swept up in his arms, arm hooking over his shoulder as the other comes to rest against his chest, "So gallant …" Murmured softly as her feet lightly kick out into the air, abandoning her sandals from off her feet, blue eyes never leaving her husbands face as he carries her thusly.

"My Nightingale, I would never do such a thing." The ground is uneven, but his movements keep her firmly against his bare chest. "My thirst is quenched by you and your wine alone. I am a steed that only has one woman to saddle me." Teryin's nose leans down, nuzzling against her own. "You." Around the bend they go, stopping near the edge of the flowing water. Arm lowers, her naked feet touching the warm grass first. "Tell me something my love. Would you marry another should I ever fall in war?" As the woman is finally set on her own, he'll kneel and begins taking off his leather boots, the straps released in order from top to bottom. Jade eyes flicker up periodically between actions, "Should I ever worry that you'll find another in my absence?" Of course he'll believe anything she says, but the thought of Natalya and his mother's betrayal still stuck in the back of his head these past three years.

"Who could hope to replace you, Teryin?" Isara will ask as she gingerly stands on her own as she's set down, "Who would even come close to filling a place in my heart? You've taken all of it up." Down she'll drop in the grass and reeds, sorting her skirts around her as she does so, feet tucked to the side to peek out from beneath her skirts, the air enjoyed by the stream as she watches him, "I'm afraid should you die I'd die soon after from my heart withering without your love to keep it alive." Said most seriously, as one hand slides to the ground as she leans into it, the other on her lap, "I had never thought to know this sort of happiness, of this kind of love. You've given it to me, and it's taken root with you as it's soil."

One boot is slide off; then the next. "You know that this happiness was born between the both of us." A charming smile sent in her direction as socks are removed and laid out to dry. "Many a man would claim to fear death. I would only fear the loss of you." Soft footsteps as he nears the woman of his dreams, hand extending down, "Care for a swim?"

"I know, and it's dependent upon both of us to ensure survival of either." Isara will state, his question of the swim having her laugh, "Are you putting on a lark then?" Asked as she extends her own hand up to grasp his, pulling up to a stand as she slaps her skirts with her other hand. Her riding habit is patted, "This will itch like nothing else-" A glance off upwards from where they came, her hand releasing from his, "But the shift beneath will suffice." Buttons of the front of the dress are quickly undone as she turns her back to her husband, glancing over her shoulder to him coyly, apples of her cheek darkening in color. Fabric will get pulled away from arms them as she pulls off the petticoat, slender hands working quickly to relieve herself of further layers, skirts included, eventually left in a lovely shift of pale blue and her underclothes, woman stepping out from skirts delicately, "Now we may swim."

Teryin will laugh, hand in hand with one another. "We can get dry clothes from the trunks on the carriage when we get back." Spoken with a calm reassurance, that smile when she's around still broad." As she turns from him, all he can do is smile and admire her as the dress is removed. That look she gives him just melts his heart, so into this woman from Pinkmaiden. "I'd have taken you in fully dressed had you said no." A chuckle before his hands are removing the under trousers, leaving him in naught but a loin cloth. "Isara…" His words lost as jade eyes speak his affection, then each orb flickers mischievously. "Race you in!"

Isara will laugh out as she reaches for him to grab at his arm to prevent him from racing out before she has the chance to gain on him, instead lifting up on her toes and bouncing up to grab his cheeks and drag his head down to her level so she can kiss him most ardently. A light slap to cheeks as she breaks the kiss, sea blue gaze dancing merrily as she dashes away /now/ to twist and grab the edges of her shift to lift fabric up past her knees to run towards the water!

Teryin was /just/ about to rush off, but her touch brings him back, then eyes close at the embrace of lips. His head is still spinning from the kiss when he's slapped out of it lightly. Blinking eyes watch as she gets a head start. "Honorless!" He shouts jokingly, body turning to give chase. Of course he's going to let her win, coming up short as she's already in the water. The man may have let her win, but he's going to splash into the stream by her. Waves and droplets soaking her clothes as he wades into the water up to his waist laughing at what he's done.

"As ever!" She'll call out over her shoulder, feet hitting the water which feels AMAZING after this heat, dropping her shift skirt into the water as she turns only to get hit by the water as he comes careening in after, her body crouching down slightly to ward off his assault with giggling laughter rising up into the air as her hands come up to protect her face and hair, "Tery!!!" She calls out to him, smile broad, teeth shown as she wades forwards to splash water at him with cupping hands that send it through the air to him.

Teryin was SO not ready to get hit by the splash. With no chance to turn, the water just washing over his face. The small streams trickling down the chiseled features of his face and chest. A choking laugh as his body dips into the water, lips parting to fetch water. Cheeks rise from the grin as he gives chase, arms assisting him as he travels through the water. A fountain of water spews from his mouth at her, hands slips beneath the water, taking her sides and lifting her. "Yes, my Nightingale?" A coy grin as he spins both bodies in the water, eyes keeping key on her own.

Isara isn't fast in the water, no woman is with fabric dragging them down, thus she is hit by that stream of water from his mouth, her body dipping down as her hands come up again to ward it off, "TERY!!!" She'll cry out with laughter, head turning as she takes the brunt of it against a cheek and her shoulder, suddenly finding herself risen up into the air then, her hands coming to his shoulders as he swings them around, feet dragging through the water as she gazes down at him, cheeks bright apricot, her head bending once more to bring her lips in against his, watery faces melding together as the sweetness of her mouth seeks out his own.

The kiss is returned with as much love and adoration as possible. Fingers rising up to comb through her damp and matted hair to cradle the head as he keeps kissing those lips. The other slides to her backside, keeping her pressed against him in the water. When Teryin's eyes finally open and lips part, a boy is seen on the banks. "We've got company my love." Said with a soft chuckle, eyes switching from woman to boy. The poor lad just standing on the banks wearing his jerkin and staring at the soaked woman in the large man's embrace.

Isara's knees are up around his waist, feet tucking into the small of his back as she lets arms wind tightly about his shoulders, smiling in against his lips before she's turning her head to look towards the bank, cheeks rising even more darkly with color as she tucks her head in against his neck, giggling suddenly with embarrassment, "Teryin .." Lips will find his neck to press in a warm kiss, laughter continuing in her throat as fingertips graze against the back of his neck, "…Should we go back to the carriage and camp?"

The boy finally realizes he has their attention, his youthful nature of thirteen admiring the woman's body impolitely, but waiting politely to get Teryin's attention. "M-my Lord Teryin. The camp is set and I've brought her…I-I mean Lady Isara some wine" The redness of his cheeks and the laughter from the woman all but cause him to fall backwards into the water. "We've time here. Tis much too hot not to enjoy the water. Plus I think the boy enjoys the sight of your body as much as I." His jade gaze looks upon her, total admiration within those green hues. "Set the skin down near my boots boy and go find your own woman to gaze upon." Of course he's joking with the lad at the end, a genuine smile flashing as the boy drops the skin in the shade of the tree near the clothing and dashes off. "Believe that's Ser Yorik's page. Good lad from Golden Tooth." Calmly explained to Isara, his body wading further out into the stream. He stops just as the water reach below their chests. "Would you rather stay in here with me or go back entertain the rest of the group with conversation and wine?"

Isara keeps her gaze politely ducked away, allowing the boy his view as long as her husband allows it while blushing furiously. Her bottom lip will tuck between teeth, soft laughter escaping her lips as Terying speaks with the boy, finally turning her head as he's sent off to watch him as he scurries off, "Oh my goddesses, Teryin, the poor boy."

Breathed out as her brows tug in towards each other in concern even as a wide smile breaks along her features, dimples evident as she feels the water rise up further to cover them better, "Now mention of my assets or lack thereof will be fettering through those young squires, I'll have them peeking in the windows of the carriage on our way further." Opined with much sorrow, though nothing but amusement and adoration for her husband is within those deep blues of hers, "What do you think, my lord husband, I would wish?" Murmured as she presses her nose to his, lips moving against his as she sends a question back his way.

"Seems squires have always spoken of you." A joke meant playfully, the jade gaze stuck on her. "You'll be riding with me the rest of the way, if they are to see anything, it will be the couple who love each more than any two have loved before." He bounces gracefully in the water, the flow of the stream quick against cloth and flesh, but refreshing and free. Her lips are received, his tongue quickly slipping through and seeking hers. It's a gentle dance between the two, lids shutting as he drifts away from the question, silence the known answer.

Isara shyly flickers her tongue against her husbands, still exploring him and finding his likes and her own in each touch they share. It's sweet, really, her lips parted in a soft smile, tentatively touching her tongue to his and letting it sweep along the wetness and firmness. Her heart pounds heavily in her chest, giving rise to an almost faint feeling that makes her feel as if she's floating in the clouds, eyes closing along with his as she sighs out in happiness. Hands will run along the back of his neck, smoothing downwards across his well muscled shoulders, feeling the heat rising between her legs which is exciting and terrifying all the same.

"Will you love me for always, Teryin?" She'll whisper against his lip as her tongue withdraws briefly, head tilting to the left now, experimenting with a light bite of his bottom lip as she had seen other women do in stolen moments with their husbands while in celebration at parties and festivals, blushing after she does so, head turning to press her cheek into his, slightly damp hair and the scent of the rose oil she uses in it wafting around them, "I ..have dreamt ..most ..terrible dreams ..of you leaving me in darkness while I sleep for more ..worldly women of Oldtown."

Teryin's eyes open slightly, just enough to see her own faintly closing. He's never pushed her for much physical contact, even on their wedding night he refused to force himself upon her. For he had never loved any woman but Isara, his Nightingale of Lore. The flow of the stream is welcomed, current pushing her against his chest. Muscles tensing and relaxing as her fingers trail about his cut features. When she asks of love, the knight can only stand there. "I have loved you since seeing you in the Vineyards of your own castle. It will never change, only grow." That bite brings eyes wide in surprise, lips curling into a charming smile. The smile can be felt as she rests cheek to cheek, but fades quickly when words of her dreams are spoken. A dripping hand rising to the back of her head, gently guiding it away so eyes will meet. "You will never have an empty bed in Oldtown. I promise you. Every night we will be together." The hand moves past the side of her face, the back of his hand caressing down cheek, "I hope that we never repeat my long absence from before."

Isara can only blush furiously, avoiding his gaze after that gentle bite, not knowing if she crossed a line and feeling wholly unprepared for her own reaction to it, feeling that smile of his all the same which tends to some of her worries. Though as his hand guides her head back she will look upon him, trembling slightly, her fears having haunted her to no end, having her wake up in a gasp at times, drenched in sweat, feeling a most physical visceral reaction to the heart break she felt in her dreams, "I feel silly for worrying of such …" She'll admit amongst his words, indeed, she looks embarrassed at it, bobbing gently in against him, keeping him tight to her, coolness of the water flowing around them tempering down her earlier near heat stroke, "What if you are called to war? I would not have you make sure promises for it would only break my heart when the inevitable arose." Whispered to him - she had never dreamt when she accepted his wish for marriage that she would fall this deeply for him, to find herself yearning for him every moment she was not with him.

Teryin leans in and with a gentle peck, place lips upon hers. "That worry is simply the feelings you have for me showing." His hand turns over, thumb stroking up and down the jaw-line. "Where did you learn that?" A charming and playful smirk parting lips, his eyes glowing in admiration. With whispered words and bodies so close, its hard for the man to find words. Another kiss of her lips, words spoken in hushed tone, "I would promise you that I will return. You are the strength which drives me, my Nightingale."

"If I tell you you'll tease me mercilessly." Isara murmurs against his lips, not about to admit to ..well. Spying on couples to see what brings them together in pleasure. Nothing beyond kissing but it was enough to inspire embarrassment that she was looking for ways to please her husband. She was too mortified to ask for advice from anyone, and so …the occasional glances. And practices on fruit. Which would further kill her into her grave of embarrassment. But his kiss will soothe her nerves, forehead pressing to his as she kisses him back gently, "My love." She'll venture slowly, touching her nose to his as she hesitates, a stutter rising in her throat, "I …w-w-wou-." Flush. Hugging to him more tightly, "W-would you think less of me .." Finally whispered against his ear lobe as the sounds of nature continue to rise around them, that cool calming babbling of the stream, of birds and the wind around them, "…If I wished to make love to you?" She can only whisper those words, not trusting herself to speak them out loudly lest they never get spoken at all.

Teryin just holds his wife close in the water, the freedom of castle walls a welcomed relief with her. When her stutter begins, the realization of her nervousness comes to his mind - and then that whisper of words. Once spoken he leans back, eyes focused on her own. "You know that I have vowed to love you and protect you. The night of our wedding, in our chambers, I told you in whispers that I will never force a union between us." The thumb continues to stroke along her jaw, "That it was your choice. I did not think less of you that night, nor do I think little of you today." His jade orbs are radiant, "I love you Isara and will do anything to make you happy. Why do you think I wished us from Golden Tooth? My mother despises our marriage." Lips lean in, gracefully pecking her nose. "We can speak more of it once we reach Oldtown. I'd not have your first be here."

Relief, disappointment, aching need, everything coalesces within her in a complicated mixture of emotions. Nodding to his words she'll search his gaze, lips slightly parted showing the lower edges of her teeth, corners of her mouth twitching upwards in a partial smile. Though words of his mother does have her smile faltering, lips pressing together tightly as she looks crestfallen, not liking to be reminded of such, and indeed she deflates quite visibly, nodding her head as she tucks her head forwards to rest her head on his shoulder, eyes brimming with tears, "I know." Hoarsely whispered, eyes pained, her lips pinching as she clings to him.

Teryin's fingers gather at the tip of her chin, lifting it and looking into her eyes. "Isara, it is not my mother's love or disapproval that should matter. /I/ love you and /I/ will always care for you." He's stern with his words, the look in his eyes one of adoration though. Slowly he begins walking them through the shallows until reaching the banks. There is a moment when she appears to try and dislodge, but his hands keep her close. "Never forget my vows. I will not break them." Slowly he'll let her feet touch the grass, lips pressing to hers.

Hours pass as the two return to camp. It's evening now, the fires burning within the circle of carriages. It's a cloudless night, stars dotting the sky. Most have gone to bed, but Teryin has kept Isara up and near the fire. They are alone; his arm draped around her shoulder. "In the morning we'll be setting off for Oldtown. I sent Yorik ahead to speak with the Lannisters and learn the whereabouts of the Lord Gwayne Hightower." Fingers massage the muscles of her shoulder, cheek resting against her head. "While you are getting situated in the manse, I'll take Yorik and pay the final amount."

Isara didn't give anything but a wordless smile to her husband’s with a few fallen tears at his words, feeling his love and knowing what he says to be true, but what woman doesn't want the family of her beloved to want her as part of the family? Had she not worked hard enough to get rid of her stutter to appease them, everyone really, around her? Would it forever follow her? The kiss will seal things as her feet touch those cool blades of grass, toes curling into soft earth and blades within the kiss as she is.

Leaned in against him now in the dancing flames illuminate them both, her head leaned in against his cheek, enjoying the attention he gives her with the shoulder rub, her arms hugged around her chest, knees drawn up to her chest, dressed in her night clothes, long hair down now and left free. She's lulling into sleep within his arms, breathing slow and steady, "I can not wait for a bed and room of our own .." Murmured, wanting to feel her bones able to find comfort, this ride having been long, hard, hot, and muggy.

Teryin's head turns, nose buried into the mane of hair just above her ear. "I do wish a bed to share with you." He inhales her rose scent, sighing softly against her. "You know things will change drastically in Oldtown compared to Golden Tooth and Pinkmaiden." His nose begins to sift through the hair along back curve of her ear. "You always have Ser Yorik or myself watching over you while the structure is complete for your business. Our sworn-swords will be at the manse." A kiss upon her neck before lifting head away, "I worry for you there, but know you and Aleesi will do great with father's investment. You have a magical touch to any food or drink." Fingers and palm squeeze the shoulder reassuringly.

Isara's eyes will begin to lid heavily, the coolness they find at night, or remnants of it, lulling her off, soft murmurs in her throat rising in the air with acknowledgement of his words, "I know." She'll whisper softly, "I worry for not fitting in." Words rising up as she turns her head into his lips, nuzzling her head into him as a sleepy sigh escapes her, of course other worries gnaw at her, such as him finding more interesting and exciting women than she. But such thoughts don't exist tonight, no, she'll slide blissfully asleep against his side, nodding off mid-murmur of other things that aren't tangible but in her mind, eased off to sleep.

Teryin will slip his arm beneath her knees, lifting her from the log seat. Cradling the lithe frame, her head resting on his shoulder, he walks towards his tent. The man lays her down, placing lips on the soft forehead of his wife. He'll curl up at her side, drifting off to sleep with an arm draped around her.

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