(121-03-07) Sneaking In
Sneaking In
Summary: The twins try to sneak home. Katya yells.
Date: 12/03/2014
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When the twins sneak back in, they may first think that they've pulled it off. The sitting room is quiet, dark and empty, and the door to Katya's room is closed, only the faintest flicker of candle light around the doorframe. Their room is dim as well. But when they open the door they'll find in the low light Katya sitting on the edge of the bed. She has a sword laid across her lap, and is quietly stroking a whetstone across it.

Saddlesore and dirtstained from a mostly harmless fall from her horse, Keyte has de-slippered to tiptoe past where she thinks Katya should be — urgent eyes roaming the surrounds and flitting back to Kesha often. She holds her muddy shoes in one hand as she tentatively reaches out to open the door.


It's hard not to think you've pulled it off when you make it all the way back to your rooms after (what turned out to be) a terribly uneventful trip. Other than Keyte falling completely out of the saddle at one point much to Kesha's deep frustrations. If only you had learned to ride properly! But really, by that point, any chance of them following the group of knights was long over. They barely made it out of Oldtown before needing to give up and turn back around. And now they've made it all the way back to their rooms…Boots also in hand, Kesha winces and shoots a dark look at Keyte at the door, as if any noise is her fault.

Katya doesn't stop sharpening her blade as the door opens. It's creepier that way, just sitting there, head down, focused on her sword as if she hasn't noticed their return at all. Until she says, "Where have you been?" Her voice is as steady and even as the strokes of her hand, but both her tone and her arm tighten, the anger held beneath not entirely hidden.

Technically speaking, as it is Keyte's hand pushing the door open, the noise is her fault. However, she shoots an affronted glare back to her twin, clearly blaming the door and not her own hand for the squeaky disturbance. I mean, seriously. What is she meant to do, magic it open? The older of the twins slips inside first, edging through the frame with the door only slightly ajar. Her face falls first at the sight of Katya menacing on the bed, and then her shoulders, but she valiantly attempts to compose herself with with a long breath. "We went, um," er. "We were…"

Ohhhh shi- Kesha doesn't even have time to scowl at her twin again, freezing for a moment in place. "Nowhere," she answers, feet shuffling against the floor, but not really approaching Katya. Technically, the answer is true, given thatat best where they went was the middle of nowhere. In other circumstances their trip would be a very boring story an an uneventful moment. She smooths at rumpled skirts with her palms, these clothes clearly meant for riding and not parties and balls.

Katya is unimpressed with these answers, looking from Keyte and then to Kesha. She rolls her eyes at the latter's answer in particular. "I had thought at least you might have a story prepared, Kesha. You two went after the Cockshaw party, didn't you?" She doesn't wait for them to answer, returning the stone to a pocket in her skirts and rising to pace across the room, where she lights a second candle. "Did you come to your senses and return on your own, or force Viggo waste time turning you back?"

Keyte averts her eyes, glancing down at the dust et cetera on her dress and wriggling her bare toes. She tucks in close to Kesha for comfort and confidence, and clears her throat dramatically. "Nobody even saw us," she quips back to Katya, defiant and defensive. She is frowning.

"You've clearly made up your mind as to what we were doing, so why spend my time trying to convince you otherwise when you won't listen anyway?" Yes, this is all Katya's fault. Kesha crosses her arms with a stubbornly pouty expression on her face. "As I said, we went nowhere and certainly didn't speak to Ser Viggo or anyone else who might have gone with him, whoever they are." Which they totally don't know or anything.

"What were you thinking?" Kesha's right, Katya has made up her mind. She gestures to the bed with her sword before realizing that's a little bit of unintentional overkill and setting it down on a sidetable. It lands with a clatter and she repeats the gesture with a finger. "Sit down, both of you. Actually not you, Keyte, you're filthy," she says as if just noticing, "What happened? I cannot believe you two did this. Do you know how stupid this was?"

Keyte glances aside to her twin, all 'can you believe her?' about their sword-brandishing sister. She moves toward the bed, only to jawdrop as she's ordered not to sit. WHAT IS THIS, DIVIDE AND CONQUER. "What do you mean, what were we thinking? We go out all the time, the manse is boring. You don't stay here all day long!" Her hand moves subconsciously to rub at a bruise on her backside before she folds her arms. Hmph.

That really is overkill, Katya. Kesha eyes the sweep of that sword and the bed, looking like she's going to bolt instead, even going so far as to slide a heel backwards. Noooo thanks. She shares a look with Keyte, but ultimately sighs and walks towards the bed. Slowly. It's a bit obstinate. "I keep telling you nothing happened," she says AGAIN, this time soundign truly exasperated at having to repeat herself. "Don't you think we would be a lot more excited if anything interesting had happened tonight? It is not as though Keyte falling out of her saddle is anything new." Sorry twin, you've been thrown under the horse a little. Just a little though, as she nods in agreement with her twin even as their words had run all over one another's.

"Do you think I'm stupid? Are you stupid?" Katya's voice rises as she snaps, "You followed them, I know that you did. You rode out hoping to go investigate the scene of a brutal massacre where the perpetrators might still be lurking in ambush! I have been incredibly lenient with you both, I have never forced you to stay here in this boring manse, I have let you do as you please nearly always, and you repay that trust with this idiocy? For once I am glad you are the Reach's worst horsewoman, Keyte, because if you two had managed this—."

Keyte's brow creases, lines spreading along her face. She folds her arms tighter against her chest as Katya rants, holding her breath in without realising. It's causing her face to redden. Tighter and tighter she winds, finally gasping and cutting in heatedly: "You don't have to yell at us! We just wanted to help!"

There is no good answer to either of those questions, really. Any answer at all opens the door for something worse, no matter who it is aimed at. So Kesha doesn't answer, just sit heavily on the bed with a huff, crossing her arms tightly and stewing. The twins both go a little red as they hold their breath in frustrated unison. It doesn't help that when their little adventure is put in those particular terms—it really does sound like a bad idea. "It's not our fault you're still here too!"

"Yes it is!!" If Katya had anything in her hands she would've thrown it against the wall just now, and as it is her fists clench and flex in her skirts against the urge to flail in anger. "Do you think I don't want to help, Keyte? And I actually could!! I am as good with a sword as any of those men and better than most but I am here, I stayed here. Because if I go help my friend people will talk and they will laugh and it will go badly for you."

Keyte's jaw cracks open as a gasp rockets out, her own hands darting up in shock to press at her lips. She stares at Katya, eyes dramatically wide, as though she's just been struck. "Well just go then," she spits, stomping over to the bed and Kesha's side. "I don't even care."

Similar to her twin, Kesha's jaw falls open for a moment before she snaps it shut with a hard click of teeth. Arms cross and hands balled into fists under them, her nails dig into her palms without her even noticing. "Just go then!" She echoes her twin, almost in unison. "We never asked you to stay! Don't blame us because you are here when you don't want to be! I don't care what people say!" Finally, she turns away, scowling at the floor. "Just go away!"

"I can tell that you don't care, that's the problem!" Graaaarrrrr. "Clearly you don't care at all about how your actions would reflect on yourselves or this family or me or anyone else, or about the dangers, or about the distraction you'd pose to those men trying to handle this mess, or anything else! You don't care about anything but following your own stupid whims. Nobody in this family seems to care except me!"

Keyte huffs out a noise that's part sigh and part frustrated cry, tossing her hands up and looking to the ceiling. "We know, you're amazing and full of care and we are stupid idiots. Now get out!"

"Yes, aren't you just so great," Kesha retorts snidely, shoulders shaking with a hiccup and poorly repressed feelings. "And look where it's gotten you—the exact same place as us! Left behind!" Rather dramatically, she throws herself across the bed and smashed her face into a pillow. "Go away!" is very muffled, if heartfelt, as a result.

"You are such ungrateful little bitches," Katya snaps, snatching a pillow off the nearest piece of furniture and flinging it at Kesha's head with a noise of wordless frustration. She slams their door so hard behind her it rattles the frame. (Only after that does she realize she's left her sword, but as tempting as getting to slam the door again would be, the indignity would take the fun out of it.)

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