(121-03-07) Mirror Image Messengers
Mirror Image Messengers
Summary: Keyte and Kesha toddle along to inform Alys of the raid on Cockshaw lands.
Date: Date of play (08/03/2014)
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It is not often that two young noblewomen run out into the night on an errand. When they do, it must be important! The Tyrell twins have an escort with them as they roam the streets of Oldtown, headed toward the hub of the City Watch — the watch house.

Keyte has the skirt of her expensive Myrish lace gown held clear of her feet as she scurries, setting a brisk pace for the others to keep up. Don't ask how she knows the way; she just does. (It's likely a long story.) She's pushed her Sun's mask up into her hair, making a glittery hairband of it. As they come to the door of the watch house, she glances over her shoulder to her twin: "Should we knock, or…" Just go in?

At least they've managed to remember something of an escort before running onto the streets at night. It's not always something guaranteed, especially when they're on an adventure. Granted, this is a considerably more serious adventure than the sort of activities they might usually get up to and that does take some of the bounce out of steps. It does not keep them from being a little nosy. Kesha is still wearign her mask, a glittery moon, though she's hiked up her wine-stained skirts as she goes identically to her twin. "I suppose we should knock…" That's polite, right? Unlike trying to peer through any windows, which is not polite by never-the-less what Kesha does.

Let it never be said that the City Watch don't pay attention to their own watch house. Before either twin can knock the door is openned by an intreagued looking watchman who glances between the pair for a moment, then to their escorts before deciding that this is well above his paygrade and turning to yell "Lieutenant!" before stepping out of the way to allow those gathered to step inside.
They're quickly ushered upstairs to one of the private meeting rooms and offered refreshments before said Lieutenant arrives, decked out in most of a harness of plate. The final few bits that are quick to don having been left off for now. With one such missing segment being her helmet, Alys is fairly distinctive and she pauses in the doorway as she spies just who has come a-calling. "Good evening Lady Keyte, Lady Kesha," she starts, quite obviously intreaged about this turn of events, "how can the watch be of service this eve? There's no trouble at the ball I trust?"

Keyte is startled as the door rattles right before her knuckles rap on wood; she scuttles back a step. It is likely in unison that the twins chime, "Evening!" But the first watchman is calling for his Lieutenant, and puzzled, the older twin frowns. She waits, wringing her hands a little, glancing at her sister until Alys arrives. "My lady," Keyte cuts in before Kesha can, "We have — yes. No! We have some bad news, I'm afraid."

A startle and a greeting, both in unison. There is a something a little impressive about the door being opened before they can even knock. Good job Watch. Kesha is more-or-less behaved as the pair of them are escorted to a private meeting room. It does neatly keep them from nosing about. With Keyte so quick to speak, she shoots her twin a sideways look, then speaks up to say, "It is not at the ball there has been trouble, but at Wickham's Nest." She takes a breath an continues. "Ser Eryk Cockshaw and all that were with him have been slain."

<FS3> Alys rolls Chance: Success.

Alys flicks an analytical gaze between the twins a they speak, not having witnesed the double act up close before. The 'yes' followed quickly by a 'no' gaisn the pair an ever so slightly raised eyebrow, followed quickly by a frown a the mention of bad news. "Lady Keyta," she starts, making a guess as to which is which, "I have found that people rare come to this place with good news." She doesn't ask for an elaboration though, since Kesha is so forthcomming. The mention of Wickham's Nest causes her shoulders to straighten a fraction, and a faint chinking of plate against plate, then the rest of it hits and she's very still for a moment as it sinks in. Holding an ungauntled hand up to the pair she says quickly "one moment please," then strides to the door and hollers, "Frederyck, get upstairs and wake Captain Dunn. Malcolm, see that my horse is saddled and prepared to ride." Then, closing the door again and moving back to the Tyrell's she asks, once more in a polite and refined noble tone, "I take it my cousins are riding tonight?"

Keyte looks to Kesha as her twin continues, nodding to confirm as she swings her face back to Alys. She waits with twitching patience, still wringing her hands as the watchwoman shouts instructions, and blurts out in quick reply to Alys' question: "Aye, lady. They were to meet Ser Thorn — Laurent Tyrell, that is — at the South Gate. The Lord Kevyn asked us to inform you."

The double act is a more fun act when it isn't coming with the news that family has been murdered. "I'm sorry." Kesha even seems to mean it, eyes large and her mask also having been pushed up onto her head while they waited in the room for Alys. Fists grab at her lacy dress and she nods rapidly in agreement at Keyte answers the next question. "Others may ride too. Ser Viggo has gone to speak to the Hightowers if they can be found. The young Jothon Hightower was there at the hunting lodge also."

There's the delicate sound of someone in armour thumping up the stairs to the upper levels where some of the officers have rooms, and the general noise level from the main watch room below seems to have increased a little as the watchen below are no doubt starting to speculate about what might be going on above them. "The South Gate," Alys repeats, nodding to herself as she does so, "that makes sense." Then, to the pair before her once more. "I thank you Ladies, for the news, and for you taking the time to bring it," she starts, expression grim, "assuming the Captain is willing I shall ride with them." Not that she images he won't be, but it's good form to ask before abandoning your post and riding off into the countryside. "How was this news brought?"

Keyte adds her own apology, prompted by Kesha's. She'd almost forgotten to say it. "Sorry." It's piecemeal really, hardly a balm for the bereavement, but sincere. "Of course, lady," she nods again, at Alys' intentions. "I am sure they will — oh, you mean your Captain." Not Tyrell's Captain. Abashed, Keyte falls silent a moment. Her twin can answer?

Sighing, Kesha cants her head and looks sideways at her twin while Keyte fumbles through speaking. Though really, what can one really say? Sorry isn't enough. Nothing really is. "By what looked to be a house retainer. Some travel-stained young man looking for Ser Viggo at the ball. They had some whispered words of the razing."

"Captain Dunn," Alys confirms, pointing upwards where those listneing for such might now detect sounds of stirring. Looking back to Kesha she offers a short, sharp nod in acknowledgement of the answer then states simply "thank you once again for agreeing to my cousin's request to bring this news. If you will excuse me though, I have preperations to make. Will you require an escort back to the ball?" Or where ever they might happen to be goin instead.

Keyte shares a look with Kesha, and shakes her head with a soft smile to Alys. "We can make our own way," she replies, her almost-polite way of turning down the offer of an escort. "You should hurry, lady. The Ser Viggo was very eager to ride as soon as possible." And they might not wait, goes unspoken. Grabbing at her skirts, Keyte dips a little curtsy to the watchwoman, as much to grant leave as to take it herself. Time to scurry back out into the night!

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