(121-03-05) After the Play
After the Play
Summary: Celebrating after the play, and organizing a party to begin the hunt for Visenya.
Date: 5 March, 2014
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Amphitheatre - Whimsy Theatre

The Theatre Whimsical Dreams is a three-storey, open-air amphitheatre, approximately ninety-eight feet in diameter, which can house some two thousand spectators. At the base of the stage, there was an area called the yard, where, for a three pennies, groundlings stand on the rush-strewn earthen floor to watch the performance. Vertically around the yard are the three levels of the gallery, with more expensive stadium-style seats.

A rectangular apron-stage platform thrusts out into the middle of the open-air yard. The stage measures approximately forty feet in width, twenty-four feet in depth and is raised about seven feet off the ground. On this stage, there is a trap door for use by performers to enter from the cellarage area beneath the stage.

The back wall of the stage has two doors on the main level, with a curtained inner stage in the center and a balcony above it. The doors enter into the tiring house where the actors dress and await their entrances. The balcony above houses the musicians and can also be used for scenes requiring an upper space. Above the balcony is the apex, which has windows and a battlement-style walk.

Large columns on either side of the stage support a roof over the rear portion of the stage. The ceiling under this roof is called the heavens, and is painted with clouds and the sky. A trap door in the heavens enables performers to descend using a rope and harness. The rest of the theater is crisscrossed with wooden support beams, over which a white oilcloth can be stretched to keep out the rain, and also provide a reflective surface to help light the theater.

There is very rarely any elaborate stage dressing beyond a few pieces of furniture essential to a scene, and there are no painted backdrops. Nor are their curtains to cover the stage. Instead, before a scene begins, someone hangs a sign at the front of the stage, which tells where the scene takes place.

Eonn stands watching this entire array of events, mostly the staged ones, with a rather baffled look on his face. Possibly his first theatre experience. He does not seem to get it.

Katya leans slightly to eye the backs of her sisters' heads a few rows up, watching them and Kevyn and Arros for a moment before glancing aside to Viggo, "Hmm? Oh. I don't know, it seems rather restrained altogether." She sips her wine less rapidly than her friend, and smiles. "At least they're just actual pansies and not silk or gold or something."

"It's not that dark," Keyte counters to Kevyn, her arms still folded. She relents with a very small smile for his stuttering compliment, though, and tilts her head slightly to receive Arros' whisper. Her eyes widen, and she turns to face the Sand knight, blinking. She's a bit unsure whether to smile or frown, her expression hovering at some midway point between the two, though she seems amused enough. "You may be right, Ser," she allows in more audible tones than his, "But you shouldn't talk about my sister so. Only I'm allowed to say such things, you see." And as for dolphins (which she truly knows nothing about) — "No, it's the other way around, Kesha." She'll toss a few pansies out toward the stage as she continues to argue.

"Well, one of us needs to have the skill," Aevander points out to Daevon as pansies get passed around and tossed down onto the stage. The other Targaryen brother abstains from doing so himself. Instead, he has another gulp of wine, glancing over at Keyte and Kesha as they discuss which creature eats the other. "At least it was fairly short," he says as he puts his goblet down. "So, what actually happened, then, brother? It can't have been sharks, I didn't notice any ladies with only one arm in the audience."

Arros chucks the purple pansy like it's a ball before turning his attention back to Keyte. "Do forgive me. Your sister is lovely. She was undoubtably one of the subjects of the play?" Poor Arros doesn't know which twin is who still.

Daevon smiles at Eonn. "Well, in the words of my brother, that was a play. I think, perhaps, I am too uncultured to appreciate them. It was certainly an experience. Do you have that sort of thing in the Rills?" He shakes his head at Aevander. "I am not the one to ask. Lord Kevyn Cockshaw, Dolphin's Bane is the one you should speak with. He had a better view of events than me."

"Your sisters are quite the center of attention," Viggo notes, still sipping off the top of his wine in a valient effort to reduce the size of his drink to a sensible amont. Until it is gone. "Oh yes. I do suppose they could be gold… Or merely embroidered to look like real pansies so the ladies might take favors."

"Yes, we should have the tale from the hero squire," Laurent agrees, standing so that he can turn to face the small crowd. He leans against the rail, mug in hand, scowling back at the gathered nobility of Oldtown. Not because he means to antagonize, but rather because that's the expression that his face falls into if he's not mindful of it. Though it can be difficult to tell that, if one doesn't know Laurent well.

"Not where I am from, my lord," Eonn replies to Daevon. "It was. Funny." He smiles. He does seem to have enjoyed it, in a way.

"Oh, it is not the other way around, you silly thing you you wouldn't have a hand left after one bit you," Kesha retorts to Keyte amid all the clapping and such that is happening now that the play has ended. It's probably a bad idea to bring up the Lucky Dolphin Bite again, but it proves a point! She thinks. "They are pnly going to be deeply disappointed to hear the real story after all of that build up, cousin," she says with a tilt of her head to Laurent and waves at the stage where the play of the thing had just been performed to great spectacle and very stretched truth.

"Oh, no, I assure you, my lady, I am most intrigued to hear the real story," Aevander insists, "and if it doesn't compare to the stage performance, perhaps that is not so bad a thing." He looks over at Ser Arros and then at Kevyn with a lift of his brows. Well? Story time. Chop chop!

Kevyn flushes even deeper when he's called 'Dolphin's Bane.' "Lady Keyte's right. It didn't happen at all like that. It's far more exciting with a shark battle, and there wasn't one. And I never came so close to a dolphin. Lady Keyte did, though. It bit her." He nods along with Kesha, like 'See!?' "It's lucky. Or so they say." He does not elaborate on who says this.

Keyte glances back aside to Arros, batting her lashes a touch. "Nay, Ser. The play was about me, of course." Moreso about Kevyn, but that's not the important point here. "Can't you tell us apart? We're very different, you know." For all that being mistaken for her sister probably grates, she's very patient as she explains. Her frown is disappearing. "I should know, I'm the one who got bit," she retorts to Kesha, smiling even more, cheery and smug. Because she's right.

"Nearly always," Katya agrees, "And that's just as they like it, I think." Another sip of wine before she gestures with the goblet, not hard enough to send its contents sloshing. "Kevyn the squire seems like a good sort of lad. Do you recognize the other man who's sat down next to Keyte? I can't make him from behind."

"No shark," Laurent allows grudgingly. "The lad's a hero though, just the same. The Hightower brat would be dead if not for young Lord Cockshaw," he goes on, his tone sour — awkwardly so, perhaps, given the subject matter. "Saved the boy, and at no small risk to himself."

Garvin, no longer in his Squire costume, but garbed in his more usual finery, suddenly appears in the royal gallery, beaming sunshine as always. "Hello, everyone!" he shouts cheerfully. "What did you think of the play? Just look at all the pansies people threw! It'll take a week to collect them all. And oatcakes! Did anyone else notice how many people had oatcakes? Especially the groundlings in the yard. Smallfolk certainly love their oatcakes, huh?"

Daevon smiles at Eonn. "I suppose it was." Not that he laughed. "Do you think there was something of myself in that Knight?" He seems good humoured enough about it. He smiles at Kevyn. "You're going to be a legend." Speaking of which, he might as well. "Stand up, for a moment would you and come to the rail." He then leans over and calls out, his voice commanding, cutting through the noise as only one with military experience can. "May I give to you the real Valourous Squire! Ser Kevyn Cockshaw! Who risked his very life to save your Little Lord Lyonel Hightower from the oceans during the Dolphin festival."

"Kevyn is a fine lad," Viggo says proudly, looking down at his squire proudly. His smile slips slowly, gleefully sly as it tugs his fine moustache upward. "However, I think that I shall never let him here the last of this. 'Ser Kevyn Dolphin's Bane' he'll be everymore." He squints down at the gathered crowed, shaking his head in answer. "Nay. I do not. Shall we introduce ourselves and greet the others?" He suggests, rising with a lower wine level and utmost gallantry to offer Katya his arm. As Garvin bursts in, her grins. "We can also pay our regards to the scribe." Adding, "Well done, my Lord!" in a cheerful call.

"No one says that." Kesha shakes her head about the dolphin bite. Oh no. don't you drag her in as a witness to that. They are not lucky! "Don't forget the part at the end where everyone went to congratulate you and you fell out of the boat," she reminds story-teller Kevyn. "You should know. And yet you know surprisingly little about it," she says and rolls her eyes at Keyte.

"No wonder the Cockshaw lad is so taken with you, then, m'lady. Considering what I said before." Arros says with a calculated smile. He says off-handedly, "Funny how I notice your exceptionalness, and he does not." He gives Kevyn a tsk and a little shake of his head that is timed with the distracting cheers from the crowd. That said, he stands up and claps briskly for the play he paid no attention to, then moves towards Daevon and Aevander.

"Hmm," Aevander muses quietly as Kevyn tells his version of the story and leaves out the rather vital bit where he actually rescued a little boy. As others go on to add this bit for him, the other Targaryen smiles faintly. That smile grows as Daevon makes his announcement, and he finally picks up a few pansies so he can toss them at Lord Kevyn's feet for the young man's prior bravery. Garvin gets a glance as he appears, all beams, but Aevander finishes off his goblet of wine rather than say anything about the play.

Katya applauds politely, hand to wrist as Garvin enters, adding her approval to the rest. She then takes Viggo's arm as they rise. "Yes, let's. Are you planning to knight young lord Dolphin's Bane? All this fuss about his valor seems almost to demand it." She steers them down the aisle toward Keyte and Kesha and their suitors of the moment.

Laurent claps as loudly as anyone when Garvin appears — louder than most. "A fine show, Cousin," he calls out to Lord Pansy with more than a little pride in his voice. "A fine show," he repeats, "And a good start to the theater, isn't it?" He turns, waving angrily to urge a page forward with wine for the young lord — playacting is thirsty work, after all.

"Almost seems, my friend and lady," Viggo agrees with a rise of his dark brows. He's left his hat behind tonight, dark hair curling paintly back from his temples. "Were his practical graces fine as his honor, I would do it today. Alas, I cannot. He's just a bit…" He trails off without saying exactly what Kevyn is, allowing the woman on his arm to drive.

Garvin has a gigantic goblet of mead in hand, and he lights up when he spies Viggo. "You came!" he says joyfully. "And Lord Kevyn, you're here too! What did you think of it, Kevyn? I took a few minor liberties with the story, you understand. I wasn't there to witness it firsthand." He takes a long gulp, then gives Laurent a grin. "Thank you! Thank you all. Oh, and everyone should thank my dear sister, Lady Janei, for painting the scene on the back curtain. Isn't it lovely?"

Keyte fair beams at Arros now, her smile wide and dimpled, overbright. "Everyone says it," she insists to Kesha, picking herself up as Daevon presents the hero squire to the crowd. She claps along with the smallfolk down below, and adds, "That was my favourite part," as her twins brings up Kevyn's fall. "Oh, but I think I see the Lady Linda. Excuse me!" She's off to celebrate some more in the background.

"I don't think the lad was so happy as all that to be rescued. He acted like he was enjoying himself," Kevyn says. He does not call the Hightower boy an ungrateful little snot, true as it might be. "And Ser Laurent's squire, Willem, had a hand in it as well. But I thank you, my lord. Err…bye, Lady Keyte." He waves to her. Rather foolishly, again. To Garvin, he inclines his head. "Aye, Lord Garvin. I wanted to see the playhouse. It's quite grand. And…err…rather liked the play, obviously. It was very exciting. With the shark battles, and the dolphin."

Laurent raises his own mug over his head, nodding dutifully at the youngest Tyrell lady present. "Lady Janei," he calls out, his voice booming. "The curtain was…" He pauses briefly, searching for something poetic to say, but settles (with an unsatisfied look) on, "Very well painted."

Eonn smiles wryly at Kevyn's comment. He says nothing.

"The set was very fine," Aevander adds, becuase that, at least, is true enough. As Ser Arros moves over to where he and Daevon sit (or where Daevon sat, anyway), he gets another nod. "Ser Arros," he greets, "You seemed to have enjoyed yourself during the performance."

Daevon smiles at Kevyn. "Such is the way of the hero. You will not always find gratitude, but you should know in your heart that you did the right thing. You will rarely act alone, but find that people give your deeds more prominence than the others who assisted. No amount of correcting anyone will change things, so it's best to just smile and let them have their hero. You're going to be a good knight. If you need any help with anything feel free to call on me at the Dragon Door Manse."

"No one says it," Kesha insists at her twin before eing forced to give it up as Keyte bounces off to say hello to someone else. Her exit is well timed with Katya and Viggo appearing to join the group gather post-play. "My, my," she begins, smiling at her sister and Ser Cockshaw. "Don't you two look like a conspiracy. Where have you been this whole time?"

"Green?" Katya supplies, and nods. "What an uncharacteristically responsible choice, Viggo." She grins at him and turns away just in time to spot Keyte flitting off. She watches the one twin go before greeting Kesha simply, "Sister." It wouldn't do to ruin their game. "A few rows back, watching you two and your new friends." She smiles sweetly. "Who was the other fellow with you? We recognized Lord Kevyn, of course."

Garvin continues gulping his mead greedily, still coming down off his stage-high, as he looks around the gallery. Suddenly, he frowns, brows drawn together, and he leans a little closer to Laurent. "Who is that man with Ser Daevon?" he asks, nodding toward Aevander. "A Targaryen cousin? He's very…isn't he?"

"It was…riveting." Arros says, indicating that he barely knows the plot. He glances to Daevon before looking back to Aevander, "I had actually hoped to speak to Ser Daevon regarding your sister. Princess Mariya has begun mapping out areas to search."

"I suppose," Laurent agrees with a shrug, eyeing Aevander. "He's Ser Daevon's brother," all said in hushed tones, hopefully below the din of the crowd. "Ser Aevander Targaryen." He sips his own mead, noisily, before adding, "He seems a decent sort. Don't think he cared for the play, though."

Eonn smiles at Arros' choice of words.

"Well, you have one squire get injured…" Viggo takes a pointed swig of his drink. He can be responisble on occaision. He grins widely at Garvin's excited greeting, bowing at the waist with his arm still steady as to not disturb Katya's hold. "I did, my Lord. Fine show!" His head also bows towards the Lady Kesha, smiling easily with a broad smile, eyes narrowing in curiousity. "And don't you look as fine as spring morning, my Lady. It is uncanny how in a group of sisters not one of you is less than a sight to behold?" Surely the gentlement would agree, but he directs a slight smile towards Katya in particular. "My lords," he greets the rest.

Garvin ohs to Laurent's words, studying Aevander for a long moment. "Ser Aevander," he says softly, tongue playing over his lips. But then Viggo is speaking to him, and Garvin lights up again. "I'm so glad you liked it, Ser. Kevyn is such a fine lad, I thought the whole city should know of his bravery. I started writing it as a song to sing at the music competition, but it ended up being so long, I decided it should be a play instead." He drinks again, heavily and deeply.

There's a bit of a mumble in some of the back rows, and a man in a black-and-red velvet doublet throws his hands straight into the air and shouts, after chattering with one of his companions, "Is there a man in this house courageous enough to test his mettle against dark servant of the Others, a fish that is /not/ a fish?" Oh Gods, somebody let Riderch in here.

Daevon smiles at Arros' words about the play. Then he nods. "Princess Mariya did say that she was doing such. It's greatly appreciated. I had hoped to ride out to that Inn she was last seen at now that I know where it is."

Aevander's brows lift and he sits up a little straighter as Arros's talk turns to matters of importance. "I'll be joining my brother in the search, so I should like to be included in such a discussion, if you please," he replies before lifting a hand and flicking his fingers in an attempt to call Daevon over to where he and Arros sit. Interested as he is in the welfare of his sister, he quite misses Laurent and Garvin's exchange.

"Why, I do not know what you mean, dear sister. I was practically all by myself there," Kesha replies to Katya, both truthfully and not, all at the same time. "Although Ser Daevon did introduce us to his brother, Ser Aevander. Perhaps that is who you mean," she allows after a moment. "Only a spring morning? How disappointing, and here I was hoping for as radiant as a moonlit night with a canopy of shooting stars. Ah well," she returns to Viggo's greeting a bit flippantly, with a dismissive wave of hand. "You certainly did produce a play," she agrees with Garvin. Sort of. "It was…quite the dramatic interpretation of events."

"There is such a man," Laurent calls out grimly, above the din. "Though that beast be ridden by the Stranger himself, Lord Kevyn Cockshaw would wrestle it for the soul of a whinging child." He pushes away from the rail to walk toward Kevyn, while at the same time waving a servant forward. "A drink for Ser Riderch." The Thorn doesn't smile, per se, but there's a note of camaraderie in his voice as he speaks to the Riverlander.

Eonn steps forward. The show's over, he won't be blocking anyone's view, and he, too, wants to hear what is being said about the missing Targaryen.

"I should like to take someone who knows the land a bit with us, but I do not think that would be possible." Arros tells Aevander, "But, perhaps we ought to leave this evening? The inn is a few hours ride away. We should be able to reach it by morning."

"Ah, well." Viggo shakes his head mildly, smiling in an amused fashion as he regards Kesha's as she states her rejoinder. "I fear that it would be quite untoward to speak such things of you when not courting you. Such words should be saved for the fairest tongues of young love," he says, utterly sincere. Shooting stars, indeed. His attention returns to Garvin with easy good-nature. "I did. Perhaps I shall have to see young Kevyn named Dolphin's Bane when he earns his spears, in keeping with the story's core. It made a fine tale. The Lady Janei is talented." Yup, absolutely right Laurent.

Flagon in hand, the Lord Riderch Blackwood bounds out of his seat — it's probably too late for Laurent's suggestion, but he raises his own in toast to the knight instead. The invocation of the 'stranger' gives him a pause, but he smirks all the same. He strolls forth to the little gathering, and then draws in a sigh. "So when is this little excursion, Ser?" He inquires. "The Dornish princess convinced me. Although I'm easily convinced." He pauses a beat. "To do interesting things."

"Ideally I would too," Daevon says. "But I think we've waited long enough. We may as well ride out now." He looks at Eonn. "Will you come with us?" He's already moving to leave though.

Kevyn turns bright red at Laurent's proclamation. Though he simultaneously tries to look pleased with himself. In front of the ladies present, in particularly. "But, aye, Ser Viggo's got it right. I've not earned my spurs yet. But if he wanted to see me called Dolphin's Bane…" Well, he might rather like that. To Garvin he asks, curious, "What other plays have you got in mind, my lord? Your mummers seem a talented lot."

Katya gives Viggo's arm a brief squeeze before retracting her hand as he bows. She nods politely to Garvin in greeting, smiling, "It was all brought off very entertainingly. And Janei's curtain is lovely work. Well done all around." She drifts a half step or so Kesha-wards, the better to smirk briefly and assure her sister, "I am sure that will not be the case for long." She chuckles at the exchange with Viggo, and then finally looks somewhat belatedly toward the Targaryen party. "I don't believe that I've met Ser Aevander," she says, "But no, I believe I meant the other fellow. What's his name. The Dornishman. I hope Keyte hasn't been encouraging him." Time for a sip of wine.

Aevander glances up as Ser Eonn steps closer to listen in as well. "Brother, is this an acquaintance of yours?" he asks, gaze flicking over the tall Eonn and briefly taking his measure before he looks back to Arros and nods. He stands as well. "Then let's be off," he agrees. "Lords, ladies, sers," he offers with a deep nod tot he cluster of nobility standing int he gallery, "Good eve to you all."

Eonn nods to Daevon. "Of course, My Lord," he replies. "My Lady permits it. I need only get my mare."

Arros looks to Daevon, "Would you like to ask some of the other Knights in attendance to come with? Surely more men riding with us will be useful if we find that the Lady Visenya has been taken."

Daevon doesn't seem inclined to drag anyone else with them, but he does pause at Arros' question. "The more people the slower we travel, the more noticable we are, the longer everyone takes to get ready. But okay, just in case." He looks around the area. "Would any Knights like to join us on your quest to discover whose body was found in place of my sister's?"

Garvin beams at both Viggo and Kevyn, clearly pleased with the praise. "Other plays? Oh. I haven't written anything else. I am hoping some playwright might have been in the audience tonight to see our little company perform." Taking another guzzle of mead, he suddenly slips his arm through Viggo's, stepping close to the man. "I don't suppose I could talk you into coming to the Quill and Tankard tonight to celebrate the success of our first play? You and Lord Kevyn both, of course. In fact, everyone's invited." He raises his voice a little, "When Lord Pansy pays, everyone drinks!"

With a laugh, Kesha shakes her head, forced to accede the point to Viggo. "I see you just do not wish to make Katya jealous. Which is probably a wise course of action considering she is much more likely to inflict violence upon a person than I. At least we are not on any roofs." That last was really terribly unnecessary. But she moves on from slandering one sister to another. "Keyte encourages everyone."

Eonn nods to Aevander, solemnly, but doesn't speak.

Laurent raises his glass dutifully when Garvin makes his customary toast, and he even begins to repeat the words. "When Lord Pansy — What?" His brow furrows as his mug comes down without a drink, and he takes a step toward Daevon's small knot of knights. "I would join you, Ser, if you have need. When do you leave?"

There's a glance from one of the nobles far back in the gallery, having kept quiet through the whole ordeal, now content to watch the other play-though this of sudden call from the Targaryens, has the Heir of House Strickland rising and looking over to the Maiden's knight. Clearing his throat ever so slightly there is but a raised hand in Daevon's direction. Ser Jaremy Strickland, then lowers his hand back down. "If you need it Ser-I can be ready to ride soon enough." Odd to volunteer-given he should be resting, but still it is offered.

"Now," Aevander answers Laurent's question briskly. "Those who would join us best fetch their kit and their horses. I'm afraid the Quill and whatever-it-was will have to wait."

"You are, once again, an exemplary host, m'lord. I feel like my family's hall will be put to shame when I end up hosting — well, whatever I. End up hosting." Riderch inclines his chin towards Garvin Tyrell. And he raises his own drink as well. But now he turns to Ser Daevon. After studying the Tyrell twins, of course. "Lady Keyte. Lady Ke — Kesha." All right. It's clear he's not quite sure which is which. But back to Daevon, who is dominating his attention for the moment. "Hrm. So. I can have things readied shortly, Ser Laurent."

"We leave now as soon as we gather our horses and our gear," Daevon says. "And get changed into more suitable attire for the journey." There, all that decided he's already charging off to get ready.

"We leave now as soon as we gather our horses and our gear," Daevon says. "And get changed into more suitable attire for the journey." There, all that decided he's already charging off to get ready. He nods at Jaremy and Laurent. "Thanks, your skills would be appreciated."

"By your leave, Cousin?" Laurent calls out to Garvin over one shoulder, but he's already on his way to the door. "We'll leave from here? Or should I meet you at the gates?" His voice is raising as he gets further away, not slowing his pace as he heads down the stairs to, and through, the exit.

"While your sister is entirely a beauty in all rights of her own, that does not diminish yours, my Lady." Dark brows rise abrutply at Kesha's finishing statement. Viggo's jaw slackening at her words, seeming as if it is for the Lord Tyrell's sudden taking of his arm. His brow furrows further, cup lifted to follow the toast, watching as Laurent takes a step towards the small knot of knights. He tolerates Garvin's arm in his without true protest, taking a sip of his drink as the cluster joins. "Aye, my Lord. That sounds fine. Beg my pardon a moment." Without further ado he extricates himself from Garvin's grasp, moving towards the cluster of knights. "I hear talk of horses and leave. What has come to pass?" He asks, having missed the beginning of this conversation.

"Am I not here?" Katya looks about from relative to relative with mostly-mock affront as Garvin takes Viggo's arm and Kesha says unflattering things in front of her back. "The lot of you, I swear." There is a sharper look cut to her sister in slightly delayed reproach for the roof remark, though she watches Viggo's reaction to that with a discreetly gimlet gaze.

Garvin frowns suddenly, his brows drawn together. "Yes, of course," he says to Laurent, nodding briefly. "Find her, if you can. That's the priority, seeing she's safely returned to her family." He takes a long swallow of mead, then sits down, simply watching all the brave men preparing to go off on their quest.

"My sister Visenya's been missing," Daevon says. "A body recently showed up, which was found out at the Cockdrill Inn, about five hours ride away. While it was identified as hers I do not believe that so. We were going to ride out and find out whose it was and see if there's any further clues as to where she is. You're most welcome to join us, but we're leaving as soon as we're all ready. We'll meet at the gate. I do not expect much trouble, but Ser Arros here thought it wiser to take more people."

"We meet at the gate." Arros declares. That said, he heads for the exit.

"Oh no. You are quite here." Riderch intones, catching Katya's protest even though it wasn't directed at him, necessarily. "A pleasure as always. I think I love the Reach."

"Of course it does not diminish mine own, but I was not just on your arm, ser." Not that Katya is on his arm anymore, either. Viggo seems to have swapped Tyrells. This is certainly what Kesha pretends his slack jaw is about, at any rate, smiling prettily at him and then at Katya. "I see you." Clearly, because she's making obnoxious suggestions about you to you face, more or less.

"I pray you do not find it to be her own at all," Viggo bids, dipping his head in a solemn nod. He half-bows, bidding the party farewell and upon their way with promises of his blade should they need it. It is several minutes before he returns to the clustered group with a half smile. When he does return, he offers Kesha his arm with an altogether pretty smile. "I should not want you to feel left out, my lady."

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Garvin continues sulking, drinking the rest of his mead, as he watches all the manly men go off to rescue the damosel in distress, or wherever they're going. He huffs a few times, looking into his empty goblet.

"Oh!" It is surprising enough that Viggo has not left with just all of the other knights, but that he's returned and linked his arm with hers… "I did not think you would take a small comment about arms so literally, ser," Kesha replies to the Cockshaw with a sideways look and a pursed sort of smile.

"It would not do for you to feel neglected, my Lady," Viggo says gallantly, a bit of a hitched swagger to his steps as he takes her arm. "I am a man of arms, after all." A knight. If you will. He takes another sip from his own goblet, emptying it with haste. "So Lord Tyrell, what plan you next?"

Garvin looks up, suddenly brightening. "Ser Viggo, you came back!" he says, jumping to his feet. His shoulders slump a little, his grin fading. "And you brought my dear cousin, how delightful. I was just about to go in search of more mead, if the two of you would care to join me?"

Joining in rather late to the fray is one Emilia Oakheart and her husband Ser Quillian Oakheart, Emilia having pressed for an evening out and it looks as if they missed the event itself, "Looks as if we missed the entire thing, love." So says the Dornish woman with a frown as she steps in, looking about at all gathered here with some disappointment.

There is a shrug from Ser Quillian Oakheart to his wife's words. Instead there's a brief grunt and a look down to his doublet. Hand rises and he moves to brush something off, before he is looking up and over the stage. "Ah. So we have." Apparently Quill is no man of the arts. "Oh well. I am sure they will come out with something else. I'll strive to do my best." on perhaps getting drunk sooner to ensure another nigh miss.

"Actually I think it was the other way around." Kesha brought Viggo. Or something. He certainly showed up on her arm, suddenly. "Hmm. That does sound like the way to end this evening."

"I did. It sounded like they had little need of my services this night, so well at hand and prepared to search," Viggo offers easily, gesturing loosely with his wine. He doesn't slosh a drop. "Mead sounds a plan." He smiles broadly at Garvin before his gaze trails off to spot the Oakhearts. "Ser Quill!" He bids in greeting.

Garvin slips his arm through Viggo's again — the one not currently occupied by his cousin, of course. "I have a lovely cask up in the apex. Why don't we go there?" He looks around when Viggo calls to Quill, grinning brightly again and waving his free hand.

Emilia's hip nudges into her husband as she turns her head to press her lips into the side of his arm, smiling, "When they do I will not drag you with me." A promise before she's turning her gaze back, smile widening as her husband is greeted, "Go, I'll grab us drinks."

There is a bright smile and a wave given towards Viggo. "Ser Cockshaw!" Viggo. And Quillian is moving to go and greet the other man, whilst peeling away from his wife. "I'd introduce you to Lady Oakheart, but it seems she is gathering us refreshments.." this said as he looks back over his shoulder before grinning to the other man. "A pleasure to see you, Ser. Did you enjoy the…" And he motions to the stage before catching sight of Garvin. A hand is raised and salute given. "Coz.."

Oh, hey new arrivals. "Ser," Kesha greets, looking perhaps a little unusual on the arm of Viggo that's not occupied by Garvin as well as looking less happy about being on it at all.

Really. Who doesn't look unusual in this situation? Viggo has a Tyrell and each arm which works only because his wine is gone. The goblet is set aside as Garvin takes his arm. The Cockshaw knight grins broadly as Quillian joins them. "I look foward to meeting your Lady Wife, Ser. It is a pleasure and aye it was well done." His grin skews crooked. "I shall have to untangle myself from my fine company to greet her as she deserves. Did you see the lot of it?"

Garvin leans forward just enough to shoot Kesha a glare — go find your own drunken knight! Then he's grinning at Quillian, beaming sunshine. "I'm so glad you and Lady Emilia could be here tonight. But where were you sitting, if not up here?" He looks around, trying to catch sight of the lady in question. "I was going to lead us all up to the apex, where I have a cask of mead. And wine as well, I believe. Everyone else has run off to rescue Lady Visenya or something."

Quill squints his eyes in Kesha's direction and there's a brief tilt of his head. "Oh bloody hell, which one-You're." Not the nice one are you? And there Quillian is shaking his head briefly. "Fuck you're not Keyte.." And there he looks back towards Viggo his own grin ride before he is sighing. "Sadly, Ser. I was unable too." And there he muses for a quick second. "Vigorous practice in the yards. Ran too bloody long."

Back in through the throng Emilia will come back with two goblets of wine, squeezing her way in through the group to get to her husband, the goblet offered up towards him as her own is lifted to her lips, warm brown eyes taking in the group, "Mmm." Away from her lips her glass will loft in greeting to all just on the heels of her husbands words of vigorous practice, corner edges of her mouth dancing up as she slants him a look before looking to all the new faces, "Husband, introduce me, there are those I am not yet acquainted with yet. Lord Garvin." Said with a warm smile over her cup.

Katya returns from the conversation she'd been dragooned into, and smiles to see a collection of cousins assembled. "Ser Quill, Lady Emilia. How nice to see you." To Viggo and his arm candy, she smirks as she retrieves a glass of wine, "I see you have all been getting along famously in my absence."

To that glare of Garvin's, Kesha merely bats her lashes and looks doe-eyed and innocent, like she has no idea what that is for and is a little upset at it. Her bottom lip even wobbles a moment. Oh why, cousin? "That is very presumptuous and coarse of you, ser." Hey, she can totally be nice, that is unfair. "Not as famously as you, sister." Hello again, Katya.

"Katya, cousin. How are you?" Quill responds in kind before he is looking back to his wife. And now he is reaching for the offered goblet with muted thank you. Glancing back towards Ser Viggo Cockshaw, he moves to the side and in turns motions for his wife to step forward. "Ser, this is the Lady Emilia Oakheart." His wife. "Lady, this is Ser Viggo Cockshaw, he is the knight that bested me in the tournament."

Viggo dips his head in greeting at Katya's return, seeming well at ease with a Tyrell upon either arm. The arrival of a fellow knight's lady causes him to require all his graces, however. With utmost care he extracts his arms from both Keyte - Kesha and Garvin to step foward and offer the Lady Emilia a sweeping, flourishing bow. "My Lady, it is a pleasure," he says gently, lightly and politely taking her hand. "Your husband fought well."

Garvin pouts again when he's suddenly without a knight on his arm, casting another quick scowl toward his cousin. But when he turns back to Emilia, he's all smiles again. "Lady Emilia, so good to see you. I'm so glad you could come. Will you join us for refreshments up in the apex?"

Emilia will step in around her husband, "/Oh/, you look different than you did on the field." Emilia will state with amusement, "I see my husband is quite taken with you, your skill must be admirable, Ser Viggo Cockshaw." His flourished bow to her has her glancing around, laughter spilling from her lips, "I see the tales I heard were quite true of your chivalry." All said as her hand is settled into his, only briefly before she's retracting it with a polite bow of her head, "He always makes me proud, I'm pleased to meet you finally." Said as she steps back, greeting Katya with a nod, "Lady Katya, a pleasure to see you as well." Her husband asked the woman how she fares already, so Emilia shifts attention to Garvin, "Of course, how could I deny such an offer. I'm so sorry we missed the performance, next time though."

"Well, as I hope the evening finds you both," Katya replies to Quill after pointedly not pulling a face at her sister. Look how mature they are. "It's a shame you missed the play, it was quite a show. Squire Kevyn will find himself quite famous, I think, thanks to Lord Garvin's efforts. Do you intend to put it on again, cousin, or was this a special one-time performance?"

Garvin continues beaming sunshine (even though his arm is as empty as his goblet), nodding quickly. "Oh yes, we'll be performing it every night for at least a week. Longer if people keep showing up! The house was packed tonight, I guess they were sending people away at the doors."

Kesha is ever innocent to the point to being angelic in the face of Garvin's scowling and sulking. It might fool someone. She lets Viggo go without clinging so that he may flourish as he so desires. "Seems everyone is quite taken with the Cockshaws this evening," she says without making any kind of face at her sister, either. MATURITY.

"Then, we will have to try and see it then." This said to Garvin before he is looking back to Katya before offering a grin. "It finds us well enough. It's a cool evening for that I won't complain. And there he looks back towards Kesha, even as he continues speaking to Katya. "Is that so? I imagine the young man will have quite a head on him." And there Quill points to Kesha. "She is Kesha right? I don't believe I've been called Ser by Keyte." And then with a slight flounce of a hand he is looking back to Viggo. "You're too kind. You're quicker than I am."

"Rather less impressive than in full armor, I admit," Viggo opines with a raspy laugh, rising gracefully once Lady Emilia's hand is released. "He is a good man, your husband. I too look forward to bettering our acquaintance all around, my Lady. We should all dine together soon." Standing, he shifts in an easy if lopside position. "Well, my Lady Tyrell. I am rather afraid my squire has done the work there. Young Kevyn is quite the hero, indeed thanks to Lord Garvin's efforts. As Lady Katya was informing me early, I shall all too soon be holding the banner for him." His dark eyes dart towards the lady in question, mouth turning up in amusement.

"Well, congratulations on its success," Katya replies. Her wine has ended up nearly empty in her absence, and she swirls what little is left in the base of the goblet and smiles at the confusion about Kesha/Keyte. She doesn't help clear it up, though the smirking edge to her expression suggests she does know the answer (as she should). "I'm afraid I must be off," she says, "But it was lovely to see you, cousins. Ser Viggo. Good evening."

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