(121-03-03) Market Meetings
Market Meetings
Summary: Jaremy and Mariya stumble upon each other in the market by the river. It's a pleasant meeting, despite earlier prejudices on both sides.
Date: 03/03/2014
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It is afternoon and the city has been cooled by the rains which are tapered off for now. There is no sickly feel of humidity to indicate the next storm is coming, yet. As it is, people have taken to the city, flocking to places of meeting and commerce. One such place, is lower Hightower street, with it's stalls and vendors close to the Honeywine. Here there are more choices for one, clothing artisan crafts-the sort of thing a merchant can dock and hock before moving furhter up or down river.

Still as the weather has only gotten so good, the street is not as busy or as crowded as it could be, which is excellent news for the young man leading a horse along the way. The soft clink of spurs and armor barely heard over haggling and calls for sale. Unlike many of the lords and ladies, as well as the generally well to do folks here- this one looks more or less as if he's come back from campaign. And perhaps he has.

Ser Jaremy Strickland, let's his eyes wander, even as he wanders. Lost, given the sort of aimless way he directs the horse. Though, whether he is lost in thought, or lost in thge means of direction-Well that has yet to be told true.

Bright eyed and eager, Mariya weaves among the people there to either hock or buy goods along the river. For now, she is playing the dutiful young woman and has taken up her goodbrother's requirement to always go out accompanied. Currently, the attentive Herric follows behind the Dornishwoman from a few steps behind with a watchful gaze. The look of awe and excitement is clear on her face as she moves from one boat and stall to the other, happily perusing and handling (where the merchants are obliging) the various crafts and offerings that Oldtown has to offer.

In fact, she's so involved in looking up and about, it's a wonder that she misses the fact that a horse is wandering in her direction. It's not a narrow miss by any means, Herric reaches forward and puts a steadying hand on Mariya's shoulder and tugs her gently backward before there was any sort of danger involved, but it starts her out of her thoughts and wonder. "Oh!" She blinks and looks up at Ser Jaremy, a bit startled. "Pardon me, I wasn't looking."

Shopping must be a time honored tradition here in Oldtown as it is in Dorne, given the number of people and the fact that Mariya is out enjoying it as well.

It's the Oh, that catches Jaremy's attention more than anything-and has him startling back. His long mile stare broken by the sheer voice so close. The knight turns and quickly seeks to calm the horse behind him, though the beast doesn't seem startled as much as annoyed by the jerky movements of it's master. "Oh." it's repeated in it's own astonished voice as he turns and looks back. Grey eyes take in Mariya's features before he is looking to the hand on her shoulder and his own gloved hand raises to the man. "My Apologies, Ser-Lady.." he is assuming in that vein, given the reaction of Herric to Mariya. A bow of his head, as some chivilry and courtesy wakes up in his mind.

"I-Yes." he words are broken, static. Easily still collecting himself. "No pardons nessecary. My mind was off on it's own as well." And there he tries to offer a smile before moving to get himself and horse out of the way. "Lucky I didn't just trample you..I'm sorry-really."

It takes a few more blinks, but Mariya quickly recovers. Herric crosses his arms and watches Jaremy with vague suspicion. It's possible he doesn't trust anyone not Dornish this far north. Especially not a man that looks battleworn. "I'm not a Ser," he replies, but doesn't offer any other sort of explanation.

Mariya, on the other hand, is all smiles and cheer. With a curtsey to match the bow, she continues, "No, honestly, it was my fault. Everything looks so beautiful today and I'd never been to the market before. Herric was just looking out for me. He thinks I'm likely to run off to explore alone." She gives Herric a pointed grin, "Which, I promised I wouldn't. You're the one on the large horse. I should have been watching." After a pause, she adds, "Are you alright? You look a bit lost." Not that she knows how to get anywhere in the city.

"Oh." Jaremy responds before he is looking to Mariya and then back towards Herric. As the man crosses his arm, one hand slides to rest at the pommel of his sword. In it's own way it is threatening without the words or intent. The awkwardness of the situation causes it, but there is no hard look, or grimaced stare that follows. More or less-the knight is stating his lack of wanting to be messed with.

Luckily for Herric, the lady disarms easily and his hand slips away grudgingly after a moment. "Please, do not take fault for me. I-" but his words do not finish instead he lets words trail and fails. It's the grin that keeps him engaged and his own shows briefly. "Or off, rather, but yes-I am the one with a large horse. Luckily Motley has seen much in his time-and I think he is made of sterner stuff than I am." A compliment to the painted courser behind him. "Still as a-" As a what? knight man? "-I should I have been careful. " And there he blinks before laughing and there he nods. "Yes and no..I am lost." And there finally he offers his hand-with it an address. "Ser Jaremy Strickland." introductions-that somehow he remembers. "I am very, very lost."

Mariya's grin widens at her verbal mishap, "See, I'm the confused one." While Herric broods behind her, she continues the conversation none the wiser. "Since neither of us seem willing to admit the other at fault, we'll just have to resolve to both be more careful." With a smile, she extends her hand to Jaremy. "A pleasure. Mariya Martell. But, you are alright?" For a moment, she looks to the horse as if Motley has more insight into his master. She's noticed that his speech is disjointed, with the tendency to drift off. "Being lost, I think, can be resolved. Perhaps not by me. I'm newly arrived. However, I've been told that Herric knows his way about the city." She gestures to her guide/guard absently - seemingly oblivious to his displeasure to the thought of guiding Jaremy about.

"Martell, Dornish.." he says with a brief look to the young woman. And he shakes his head and there shaking his head. "Yes. Yes-Sorry I am fine, honestly." Which could be a lie in and of itself, but Motely doesn't betray. He is a loyal horse. "It's been a long ride from my home, and I didn't even rest there. Really I have come here to do just that." And there he offers his explination for being here. "To rest. Maester's orders." he jokes and the laugh that follows is easy and free. "Ah-so we are kin there as well. New to this place-and really I should know my way better. My family owns a house here, and I came once as a child. You'd think I'd remember." A grin before he is waving the bit of paper. "The address-but this place is a maze to me. You were to ask me a place within the Marches or in Dorne, I'd be able to direct you." And he'd know the ambush points as well. "But here? Nothing. No bering, sadly."

"Yes, that's right, Dornish." Unable to get any useful information from Motley, Mariya is forced to take Jaremy's word for his state of being. Still a bit on the concerned side, she nods. "I see. Yes, I'm here to stay with my sister. It's quite an exciting place, isn't it? Well, we can give the address to Herric. He'll be able to help."

When Mariya turns to Herric, he still has his crossed arms and is watching the knight warily. Though he doesn't seem to think the man a threat at the moment, he would be on guard for anyone with a sword who was required by Maesters to take a rest elsewhere. However, he remains silent, attempting to convey 'no funny business' with stern looks. Oblivious, Mariya continues on, "Once as a child and still think to navigate this maze? I'd be impressed!" Her ears perk at the mention of Dorne. "You'd be able to direct in Dorne? So you've spent some time there."

"I did." He offers back. "A few years, most recently returned." As to what he did, Jaremy does not specify. After all there is no reason to raise hackles over what king and country demand of you. "There are some lovely places there." He adds with a smile. "And the people are nice." When they are not trying to murder you is left unsaid. Still the knight glances once towards Herric. "If you know the place-and could direct me, I would be welcomed." And then he adds on. "I must say..It is an honor to meet you-Princess?" that is the proper term yes? "I-I never met anyone of your house. May, I ask what brings you to Oldtown?" And there a slide away as to why he would know about Dorne.

"Oh!" Mariya perks at the mention of being in Dorne while Herric gives Jaremy quite the stare. While Mariya may think the man traveled to Dorne on innocent pretenses, her watcher is not so sure.

"Were you close to Sunspear? It's so different from here, is it not? Just the very air and the way people talk and act." On his lady's behest, Herric holds a hand out for the paper. As for why she is here, she smiles. "I'm staying with my sister and her family. I've been cooped up in Sunspear for far too long. There are so many sights to see. My goodbrother tells me I should see the Starry Sept, which I have yet to do. But, there are so many interesting things outside that call to me first. I think this is a lovely place to have a rest."

"No. I did not travel so far east and south." Jaremy states before he is looking back towards Herric, a quiet nod given the man as he takes the paper. Apparently he has no qualms giving it over. "I was in the marches." he clarifies, without being again so specific. A cough before he is nodding. "I see, you have family in town-Which would that be? I don't know of any Dornish here, but again it has been some time." As to the Starry Sept, Jaremy offers a smile wide and earnest. "It is a sight to behold. I have enjoyed going to worship there..As I remember it. I wish-I wish I had the honor to be anointed there, but I stood vigil in my family's Sept."

"Ah. It's a shame. Sunspear is beautiful. And filled with wonderful people." Of course, Mariya would think so, as it is her home and her own family is there. "Yes. I'm here with my sister - Ellia Mart—er, Ellia Dayne. She's been married for years now and I keep making that mistake." She laughs softly. Taking a glance at the paper, Herric forwns for a moment and then starts moving in that direction without a word. All he does is make frequent glances backward to ensure that Mariya is still following. "We're staying at our cousin's - Ashara. I'm not sure how long Ashara has been here - I don't feel like it's been that long, but then you know how time goes some times. Ellia arrived with me and her husband, Ser Osric Dayne, has been here a few weeks before us. So, it's most likely there haven't been any Dornish we both know here your last visit." As for the annointing, she smiles. "That seems to be just as great an honor - to be annointed in a sept of your family. Has it been long since you've been home?"

There is a bit of a chuckle there before he is nodding. "So I have heard once before, but given you are from there-I shall take your word on it." Jaremy says as he nods to Herric and follows. One hand does go out so as to steady on before offering arm crooked to the Princess Martell, as means of escort. "Ah-So you have family here then. Daynes and other Martells, or is Ashara of a different house?" Innocent questions enough. At the mention of Osric Dayne there is a bit of paling, but still the knight continues on. "He is the sword of the morning, yes?" An honor enough to be bestowed on a Dayne.

"I am certain we've not run into the same people, Princess. If we have then they were sad circumstances." And there the Strickland heir looks down for a moment. "It is..and has been. I was in service, but recently released. Thankfully." he admits before looking back eyes in study of the young woman. "It's good to be back."

Easily, Mariya slips her arm into Jaremy's. She's used to such courtesies. "Ashara is a Martell, yes. My cousin. She's been very gracious in allowing us to stay with her." It's easy to see that she has pride in her goodbrother when she adds, "Yes, he is! I guess I shouldn't be surprised you know him, as you spent time in Dorne. He's quite the hero, but I was about to be astonished his fame reached so far."

There's a bit of a pause after the mention of sad circumstances that would have had to arise for him to meet any of her Dornish acquaintances. "I see." The smile fades as she realizes that his time in Dorne was not so much for diplomatic reasons. She's not quite sure what to make of that. Though, she's a bit more formal when she adds, "I'm sure your family will be glad to see you home safe, then."

Jaremy nods, and there continues to walk in easy stride with the woman. His other hand on the reigns of the courser behind them, who seems not to be daunted by the pace or annoyed by the throngs of people. It does make for an easy stroll, and allows for Herric not to worry too terribly much. "His fame is known by those who would encounter it. I assure you." And there he looks back to her. As the smile fades he coughs once.

"And now, it is I, who must sincerely beg pardon my lady. I did not mean to darken your day-but I don't think it'd be right of me to lie to you about what I did." and there he shudders involuntarily. "They were. My family is staying in our seat in the Western Marches. I am just here on my own."

Despite the turn of their conversation, Mariya does not slow her walk nor pull away. "I do not doubt it. He is quite deserving of his title." With a quick shake of her head, she dismisses his pardons, whether it is because she does not wish to forgive them or does not feel it her place to do so is another matter. "There is no need. My day is not darkened. I prefer honesty to lies. I am sure there are many who have fought against Dorne in Oldtown." She simply had not thought of the true possibility. "The last thing I wish to talk about are battles with Dorne." And while she says that her day is not darkened, she certainly is more solemn than their meeting. "Ah, I see. So the family house you spoke of earlier is not your family's house, but a house of your family."

"That would be the truth of it, My Princess." Though really Mariya is not his-it's just wordage. Jaremy nods. "And there are likely some who cannot separate from that." Which he is clearly doing. "But, I can say-those men who have served, have never had the pleasure to meet a Martell, or a chance to speak with someone as kind as you are." Because easily the young woman could have disengaged and he would not have questioned her. As to her realization it does earn a faint chuckle. "Yes. An Actual house, and there is a small household there. Two men at arms, and then a cook and valet. Nothing really like what one might see in a Manse, or holding here. It's modest." Jaremy intones before he nodding at nothing. "If you like. Sometime, I could call on you for dinner there. Show you." Though likely he is guessing, such an invitation would not fly.

"Thank you," Mariya replies to Jaremy with a small, polite smile. "Though, it would not be me that those men would have met on the battlefield." Her siblings are less kind and far more deadly. "That does sound lovely." There's a glance toward Herric, a reminder that she does not exactly have free rein over her schedule or visits. "However, I'm not sure if I'd be allowed." Despite being a princess, there are many who hold greater authority over her. And they may not look kindly upon her having supper with a knight who until recently had a past killing Dornishmen.

In fact, Herric decides invitations to dinner are the last straw and comes to a stop at a crossroads. "This is your street." Without further explanation, he hands back the paper. It does seem to be the street, though they're not exactly at his doorstep. "Come, princess. We should be heading back."

"Ah. Right." Under the watchful gaze of Herric, Mariya weaves her arm from Jaremy's and curtseys with a smile. "It was nice meeting you, Ser Jaremy. Hopefully we'll run into each other again another time."

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