(121-03-02) Family Brunch
Family Brunch
Summary: Alys and Viggo meet for lunch to discuss matters familial and not.
Date: 02/03/2014
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This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

!!! Currently at least two City Watchmen are stationed here at all times. They will be quick to arrest those who offer violence to anyone. !!!

It was a surprisingly proper invitation addressed to the Lady Alys (Watchman), delivered by a slight page to her station, requesting her to join Viggo for mid-day luncheon at the Quill & Tankard. Its common room is hospitible with its warm plastered stone, perching on the edge of the river. Relaxing in a chair with his hat set askew and a tankard of the pleasantly strong apple cider in his hand, Viggo seems well at ease. The win of swords at the tourney still well on his shoulders as he surveys the luncheon set out with dancing dark eyes.

As it turns out, Alys is at this point off duty. The festivies have largely been an excuse for the city to show off and thus the watch have spent a large amount of time out nad about being visible with everything polished to a shine. The break therefore, is a welcome one and she is aiming to make the best of it. Dressed in, well, a dress, she gets a rather pleasing double take from one of the watchmen stationed here then heads over to where her cousin sits.

The watchmen are not the only ones who double-take, although Viggo does so with a pleased smile. He removes his feet from the table, setting aside his side to stand and offer his Lady Cousin a gallant bow. "Cousin!" He greets with a grin that turns his moustache upwards, extending his hands with an ease that only family can possess. For whatever (many) other sins Viggo may possess a lack of affection for his family is not one of them. "You look well, I admit I half expected you to arrive in full plate," he offers easily, expression lacking in judgement if she were to. Perhaps a little disappointed she didn't.

Alys inclines her head to Viggo in the manner her mother spent years driling into her in a vain attempt to turn her into a proper lady. Taking his hands she, "thank you Cousin," she replies with an easy smile, "flattery will get you everywhere." She looks him over for a moment then continues, "victory suits you I think, although I hear our cousin gallantly threw away his own chance at such?" She does roll her eyes slightly at the comment about her armour though, then shakes her heas slowly, "I'm not on duty today, I tought I might enjoy the city with relative anonimity for once."

It is perfectly graceful to Viggo's eyes, although he may not be the best reference for niceties. He gives her hands a gentle squeeze. "Ah you wound me, fair cousin, though no doubt not so fiercely as you could. How could I merely flatter," he counters gregariously, shaking his head and moving to pull out a chair for her at the table. "You heard quite right, I am afraid. Which is likely for the best for the lad's bruises if less for his skills." He sighs with a shake of his head. "Not all ascribe to our more particular views, yours and mine, although I feel quite certain the Lady Mormount would have bested him lestwise." Nodding at her decision, he gestures to the table. "Well, I shall not give your position away more than I have."

"No doubt," she replies with a gentle nod, "although I would not find myself unhappy were we not to have to find out for certain." She's teasing him a little there and settles hersel down onto the chair he's so kindly drawn out for her. "If he did it because he would not strike at a woman, I would be happy to spar against him a few times. I might even be gentle with him, to start with at least. I suspect you are right regarding Lady Mormount mind, but then sometimes bruises are the best lesson."

"Warrior knows many of my stronger lessons have come such," Viggo admits with a congenial roll of his eyes, gesturing for a tavern maid to get Alys's drink. Seating himself, he grins broadly at her suggestion of sparring and strokes his moustache in thought. "I admit myself tempted. Although I am of a half-mind to increase his training of late. He showed well at the tourney before chivalry bested him. Although at that age, I likely would have done near the same."

Alys takes a watered wine, not one of the house's best, no point defiling a really good vintage like that, but still something eminantly drinkable. "Send word then, should you require my sword arm," she states with a nod, then adds with a smile, "I'll even bring my plate harness if you ask nicely." She flicks a glance oer towards the pair by the door, but they seem to have got over the initial shock and are back at work keeping an eye on things and trying not to look too bored. "He tells you you're planning on staying a while? Finally looking for somewhere to settle or is this just a breal from the thrills and spills of the tournement lifestyle?"

"For you or for him?" Viggo wonders archly, laughter caught tightly in his tone. Poor Kevyn. This will not end so well for him. "Thank you, I shall." Lifting his cider for a drink, his dark gaze flits to follow hers beneath the shadowed brim of his hat in curiousity. The guards are dismissed as nothing of relevance. "Ah, well. Yes." He drinks again, longer this time. "I have not decided yet, perhaps." Leaning closer across the table, his voice lowers as he gestures to himself. "I presume you have heard the rumors wreathing my name?"

Alys chuckles at that remark, lifting her glass to him an acknowledement of the homour. "I wonder if his ears are burning," she ponders idly, then nods as the indecision is admitted to. "I have heard many rumours cousin" she replies, tone dropping a little more serious, "but I suspect I know of the ones you speak." Adjusting her chair slightly so they can talk in confidence without her having to lean she adds, "rumours is all I've heard though. There's been no talk of anything more though, no evidence I've heard of, nor am I aware of you being considered a suspect."

"If they are it is likely from catching sight of too pretty a lass." That is the last of Viggo's humor as it fades to an uncommon seriousness, dark expression seeming all the more bleak as Alys admits to the rumors. He lifts his glass, drinking again before he comes to speak. "Rumors to blacken it though, much as the city forgets. I do not. My friend remains dead. I would, were I could, clear my name and find his killer." He tips his glass in acknowledgement, cider sloshing off the edge with a little poured off for the dead. "The city speaks."

Poor Kevyn indeed, but Alys lets that side of the conversation drop as well, focusing instead on the more serious matter at hand. "I'll keep my ears open of course, in case anything is brought to us. I'm not sure who has been handling things though but I can ask around for that as well and have a quiet word with them. Just promise me that if you find anything yourself that you'll share it as well. I'll help you see him dead and your name cleared, but I'd rather he hangs as a warning to any others who might try the same if it can be managed."

"Thank you, Cousin," Viggo breathes on an exhale. There is a flash of thunder to his expression, thoughtful at the mention of reckoning. "If he is found and we cannot bring him to judgement, I will have to end this in a duel. Be his death or mine." His fingers twist against his glass. "I do vow beneath the Mother though, I shall share what I find."

Alys seems entirely happy with that arrangement and gives a short nod to indicate so before reaching a hand out to place ontop of his. "Then let us speak no more on it now. We each know where to find the other should anything come to light so let us enjoy this brief break in the trails of the day while we can." Bringing her hand back she picks up her wine again and takes a sip, "the Father will see justice done."

Nodding solemnly, Viggo lays his hand atop Alys's and gives it a squeeze. "Then we shall not. My heart thanks you in this, Cousin." He releases her hand, allowing hers to be removed, and reaches for the pitch of cider. His glass is refilled. "To the Father's justice," he toasts before taking a sip of his drink. "To lighter words…" This segway is mixed with his posture relaxing, shoulders falling out of their tense position to lean back in his chair. "How fares your position? I admit upon hearing of it from the lad, I looked for you but among the plate of the guard could not find you."

Alys is briefly amused at the memory of Kevyn's reaction at their meeting but then drags her attention back to the conversation at hand. "I confess that there are times when I keep my helmet on evenwhen it is not strictly required. Most of the locals are used to me well enough, but there's always some visiting merchant or whatnot who thinks he can try and be clever about it." A sip of her wine, "I suspect there are also many in the watch itself who are less than delighted as well, but they do as their told and I've yet to find it affecting anyone's work."

"Gods save us from the cleverness of men," Viggo jokes mildly, never a thinking man himself. He strokes his beard in thought, looking at his Lady cousin as they sit at a table in the center of the Quill & tankard. "No doubt you can handle their wise-arsedness with ease. It is a shock to the standard man to see a woman able and ready with a blade. And you enjoy the work?" His expression shifts rueful.

"I suspect that the Lady Mormount's presense has made it somewhat easier for me," Alys admits after another sip of her wine, "but yes, there is nothing I can not handle." Not yet at least, and long may it stay that way. "I do," she then replies, "in the most part. Standing around or sitting ahorse in my armour so the Captains can be seen to have people out and about can be dull, but I suspect that if it was constant thief catching then I'd be happier of the break. And you? The tournements still providing the same thrill and excitment?"

Trystan enters the tavern, followed by a couple of men wearing dark leathers. They're all fairly well-armed, with sevaeral knives at their hips. The mne have swords as well, while the lord himself simply has more knives. He looks about and nods politely to the ladysword and her companion, then takes a seat with his men, ordering drinks and speaking to them. He does not speak Common, though, but… Low Valyrian?
<Public> Peri says, "Just lay back and think of Britain, dear."
This man is clearly a rather important figure somewhere. He wears dark black clothes with fiery orange trimmings. A hood appears to have been stitched into the shirt, as an afterthought. He's handsome, with short brown hair and piercing grey-green eyes. Those eyes are the most outstanding feature, and makes him appear almost other-worldly. The sparse shade of facial hair is apparent on his lips and chin, but are not filled out.

<FS3> Viggo rolls Heraldry: Good Success.

"The Lady Mormount intimated to me that she fears her prescence comes with some degree of cost here in the South. One I know you have long felt," Viggo acknowledges, tapping a finger on his tankard. "She seems a woman of interest." He takes another sip of his drink, tipping his head at her assertions. "I imagine not. Best be a town that only has a few to be caught." Another sip before he chuckles, "Ah, yes. I enjoy the atmosphere, particularly while I win. It is just my good fortune that one happened to occur uopn my arrival." At the new arrival, his ears perk with acknowledgement although not with understanding of what the newcomer speaks. "Strange. Those colours seem familiar, but I do not know the man."

"I can't say I've had a chance to speak with her," Alys admits, making a mental note that perhaps that might be a thing to do at somepoint, "but I imagine it must be an odd experience for her. Although equally, I've never been to the North, so I can not judge what she might face at home." Viggo's comment about the buzz of a win is rewarded with a smile though as she retorts easily, "of course, we all feel that when we win. There no young upstarts threatening your place I take it?" SHe's noted the new arrival in her periferal vision, but paid no heed until Viggo remarks upon him. Then, she glances in his direction and considers a moment then shakes her head, "it means nothing to me, but then I suppose on your travels you have likely seen more than I."

Trystan doesn't really take notice of the people speaking about him, simply carrying on his conversation with his men, drinking his cider.

"If you care I would be happy to make the introductions. We've not had much interaction with the North and there is much to be learned from there. The ladies of the household seem charming," Viggo opines easily, taking a draught of his cider with gusto. "Always cousin. I should think they all hope I will retire and settle a bride soon." He grins at the thought. His fingers tap his glass against, back leaning against the chair. "It could be happenstance."

"That would be good of you," Alys replies, a greatful smile flicking across her features, "as you said, she seems an interesting lady." Draining the remains of her glass, looking mildly amused at the thought of Viggo settling down. "They assume of course, that there is a lady out there who will have you," she jests lightly, "just make sure though that our cousin is prepared to take your place if you ever do. Wouldn't do to let the name drop from view."

"Again you wound me!" Viggo cries playfully, crossing his hand across his breast in mock injury. "How true your words though. A terrible fate for the lady in askance." His moustache tips upwards in amusement, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "He'll have to wait a time. I am not yet ready to give it up… In fact I am not sure he is ready to take it." The pair of Cockshaw's conversation turns to light-hearted talk of family and gossip, fingers picking at the mid-day meal as they continue their luncheon together.

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