(121-02-19) In and Out of Hot Water
In and Out of Hot Water
Summary: Peri and Eva share common ground over being women not to be underestimated.
Date: 19/02/2014
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This is a large room elaborately decorated with mosaics of glazed tiles. They cover the floors and the walls. They depict flowers, mostly sea-thrift in shades of pink, and twining sea-dragons of green and blue and gold. Light is allowed in through glass blocks in the ceiling, making the space seem quite airy.

There are large cubbies here along one wall, for patrons to leave their clothes and possessions, and an attendant to keep an eye on these things.

Three large pools are set into the floor. The one nearest the wall that bisects the building through the center is positioned near a furnace, and the water is kept almost scaldingly hot. It has a sea-dragon mosaic at its bottom. The second is tepid, with a spiral design of dolphins and waves. The third is unheated, large enough and deep enough to swim in, and is embellished with more sea-thrift and little silver fishes. The water is kept pristinely clean, run in from one of the canals and either heated in the furnace or not. When it gets sullied, attendants open an enameled water-gate to let it pour out through a little runnel to fill the Penny Pool on the other side of the room's front wall.

If one really wishes for heat, there's a small room that shares a wall with the furnace. It has a wooden bench within, and serves as a dry sauna.

Peri is soaking after hours, of course, her long hair unbraided and allowed to float on the water. Her fingers smooth over her hair, washing it out carefully in the hottest of the pools. A gown is laid out on a bench - white silk just slightly sheer with jewelry to keep it closed. Very showy and befitting of a concubine. Eva is of course on the prefered customer's list (always invited to join the owner).

Peri is alone until that preferred customer arrives, barely making a sound. She runs her fingertips over the wall mosaics, looks up at the glass, casts her gaze over the water with a discerning, approving kind of calm. It's her first visit; she's absorbing everything, including the owner. 'After hours' is Eva's time of night. The stillness of the Lysene Baths without customers serves her best.

The Baths' new presence crouches at Peri's shoulder, perched at the edge of the pool, her bare toes — sandals dangling in hand — steamed. She's a bundle of nothing, all curled up in her tangle of a gown, yet her presence is no less intense. "You have made a beautiful refuge," her greeting tumbles out like a cat's purr.

Peri grins faintly. "Hello my lovely Eva." she purrs out, her back arching up as she turns to rest her elbows on the edge of the pool "You should get undressed and join me. The men's bath is nice as well, but, This one is where I spend a goodly amount of my day." she offers, extending her fingers up to stroke along Eva's ankle in greeting "This pool is terribly hot - if it suits you, I could move down a pool so you do not over steam. I am used to Valyrian style baths, where everyone comes out, even people as dark as Xhabo." she jokes, smooshing her cleavage against the edge.

A smile slowly winds across Eva's face as she looks from Peri, her eyes narrowed in warmth, to the pool. She lowers her palm to the surface of the water, testing its heat. Her fingers curl but she doesn't flinch. "Today I will be as Valyrian. I cannot stay long, but neither can I resist." She swishes her quick-to-flush hand, making a faint ripple, "I once knew a man," she tells Peri with a pleasant, drifting tone, "Who liked to be scalded with water so hot it came close to rending his flesh. " She stands and turns away. "Hotter, he would say." It only takes a few unraveled knots and uncinched pieces of jewellery — not unlike Peri's — to free her garment, loosing it down her back, past curving hips. She catches it before it hits the floor, steps out, and lays it by Peri's, dark by light. "Boil more, he would say. And so I would."

Peri nose scrunches. "I apologize for the poor memory. If you move from the wall, it is not as hot." she coos out, song like, her bare frame seemingly used to the heat. "The ironmen would remove the salt from sea water and boil it for me, because if I was happy, Riker was happy and they would all eat well that night." she admits, smiling. "How have you been my dear?" she asks, chuckling softly. "I need to find a new gown to suprise Xhabo in, he was not overly shocked by the skirt I wore last night. Slit up to the hip with just necklaces over my breasts." she murmurs absently.

Eva makes a small noise under her breath, soft and acknowledging, half-amused, as she lifts her arms to twist her long hair into itself on the top of her head, knots upon curly tangles, her back — scarred, here and there — writhing with the movement. When she turns, bare, to face Peri, she's smiling, and picks up her memory before replying: perhaps a good one, after all. "Eventually," she says, "he passed out. As red as a ruby." She tests a foot in the water. Hardened against the elements, it bodes fine — so far. "I am well. Do you spend much time, trying to surprise Xhabo?" Stepping further, the hot water engulfing her legs, she tenses, going slow. "He is not a man easily shocked, but I am sure you please him," she looks down to Peri, her form, "what man would not be pleased?"

Peri considers "I suprise him every night." she offers with a faint grin "I suprise him with little things. You are right, he is not an easy man to shock. To shock him would require moving the moon for him." she considers "I spend a day trying to think of how to make his day unexpected in a pleasant way, honestly." she offers, absently "I work it into my day between customers or when I am clearing the day from my mind and washing all of it away." she offers, calmly, reaching to gently stroke along the other woman's leg "I do these things for people I like. I intend to give him a massage tonight with summers' ginger and purau. I sent him a lovely potted ginger blossom today." she comments dully before shifting to take the woman's legs in her hot-to-touch hands and begin rubbing, working slowly along the tension points with a calm zen about her.

Curves that appear soft on Eva are in fact hard, wrought with tension over many years. "He is a lucky man to receive such pleasures," she replies, sincere; the next is rather more factual, "You have a giving heart." She takes Peri's massaging hands in each of hers and lifts them high as though the two women are about to begin a dance. Holding thusly, she lowers into the pool to Peri's level. Her fingers tighten, and she seems to hold her breath, but lets the intense heat do what it will.

Peri chuckles a bit "Of course I do. It is my nature. I am a harem.." she looks for a word, making a face apparently it just doesn't properly translate "You understand Lysene ways, my job was to be a mother hen to some degree, I had small breasts, a nice backside but nothing special. I got thick after I became a salt wife." she offers with a grin. "I was skinny in Lys, but my master was ery much into tall pearls." she offers with a shrug, gently holding onto Eva "You poor thing, so tense. You must come soak for a few minutes each day and let Elysa work your muscles with her massaging fingers. My bodyguard swore he heard her breaking bone while she worked but I feel as if I am a teenager again so much stress was removed." she admits, offering with a grin.

"Perhaps I will," Eva replies, and it's more than a mere indulgent courtesy; she takes to the notion with a subtle softening of her smile — if not her muscles. She sinks into the water more comfortably, leaning against the wall. If she feels pain from the heat, she wears it well, letting out a long breath. "Mother hen," she repeats as though the phrase entertains her. "What do you know of Isador, the blood maegi?" she queries out of nowhere, looking off to one of the artful walls.

Peri considers "I do not fear her, she is respectable. I may seek her skill in my quest for personal fulfillment." she admits, rubbing her head. "I think she needs to make less enemies, she's worse than me. If I ever flee Old Town I intend to take her with me to Dorne and possibly flee across the step stones." she offers absently "They would hesitate to chase a witch and a cursed mermaid." she murmurs.

"I suspect that to be true," Eva agrees with a wilier smile, turning slightly more toward Peri with an arm snaking out onto the tile at the edge of the pool. An intent calculation exists behind her gaze, otherwise warmed by the bath and by the pleasantries and pleasantness of company. "Has she made dangerous enemies?" A tip of her head, a sway of the dark, twirling strands that escape the chaotic knots of her hair. "Have you, sweet pearl. Enough to consider flight."

Peri chuckles "I have a few, who doesn't? It would be unfashionable to be universally loved. The Tyrells may or may not be my enemies. The Greyjoys may or may not want me dead by relationship to Riker, having been his salt wife for ten years and all. There is a slaver in Lys who I may have stabbed and threatened to drown. Or not. Life is funny and my memory is getting fuzzy." she feigns jokingly, making light of the fact that she does infact have some very powerful enemies.

Listening with interest, it's the stabbing of a slaver than brings a rather luxuriant expression to Eva's face. It peaks upon a soft, low laugh within her throat. "Perhaps you should have stabbed him, and you would have one less enemy," she advises, a pleasant tone for dark words. "Keep your powerful friends close, mermaid. Stay in the shadow of Xhabo Duna and all of the Undercity will hide you from even the likes of the Tyrells and the ironmen."

Peri mms a bit "The Ironmen hesitate to fuck with me. THere is a law against kinslaying amongst them - I am not their kin. I have no iron blood in me. They are well aware of my intolerance for being dominated." she chuckles a bit "That slaver. I didn't want to kill him. I wanted him to know I did not like his hands on my face. My master did not allow him to retaliate." she offers, chuckling. "In regards to the Ironmen? It would only take one of them and they would all fear me as an accursed siren again." she is stern and seems to know how intimidation works. "The Tyrells I do not care. I wield secrets like daggers and whispers like spears." she offers with a lopsided grin.

"A language we both speak. As well as the resistance to being told what to do. And here we are," Eva waves her hand expressively from below the pool's surface to above, a trail of water gliding off her glistening skin. "Safe and sound." Her grin is full of mischief and wisdom both.

Peri grins a bit "People like to assume I am harmless in Oldtown, I do not break this delusion for them." she offers simply with a small shrug. "I do not like being struck in the face. I react poorly to it." she offers with a chuckle "Xhabo can keep me safe more than likely, but I've been told I would be able to make mountains of gold in a Dornish Pillow house. So if things go badly, I will flee there and whore my way to riches." she offers with a grin. "I do not whore here because I do not enjoy it, I prefer to wholly adore a person or small group and be adored in return."

"Those who underestimate are fools and so they should stay. I knew from the second I sa you, pearl, you are not a harmless creature." Eva reaches to trail a finger momentarily on Peri's temple, silver rings unmoved by the water glinting in the corner of the other woman's eye. "You could well make those mountains of gold in the bathhouse. It is a feat, what you've done here."

Peri leans slowly to kiss Eva, gently "Harmless pearls crack and die." she admits without too much sadness. She shifts, spinning around for Eva teasingly. She has no visible blemishes or scars on her skin, which is rare for a slave and rarer for a salt wife. "I was lucky. I hope it continues." she offers, her eyes closed.

"Savour your fortune," Eva says on a low, near breath, intimating what goes unspoken, no matter her acccolades: it won't last. The quiet words linger ominous on the lips that meet Peri's kiss.

Peri is not shy about returning the kiss "And that, my lovely, is why I am working hard to build something and try to achieve my selfish goals right now." she whispers, pulling back to shift out of the water, inviting the woman to follow.

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