(121-02-18) Lord Pansy's Left Hand
Lord Pansy's Left Hand**
Summary: Garvin hires Kai for something less savory than before.
Date: Date of play (18/Feb/2014)
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**Room One - Quill and Tankard

This is a small timber-walled room with a sloping wooden roof and a floor of wide worn wooden planks. A window at the far wall lets one look out over the city. There is a bed that looks as if it's seen its share of work, but it's got clean bedclothes and a feather mattress.

A sturdy wooden table and a heavy chair sit against one wall. The room is plain, but everything is clean and well made, and all the woodwork is smooth and oiled.

Tor and Pelli, the two Tyrell men sent to guard Kai, offer him a flagon of Arbor red, then take up posts outside his door, where they proceed to drink and bother the barmaid when she comes up with fresh tankards for them. It's several hours before a light knock sounds on the door.

Kai is seated upon his bed in the corner of the room, his window cast open, allowing the fresh breeze to roll on in. The young Essosi man opens his eyes as a knock is heard at his door, and turns his gaze over towards it, "Come in." he says simply, although for some reason he doubts that the person behind the door requires permission to enter.

Garvin is swaying on his feet when he pushes through the door. He's separated the soldiers, sending one to guard the top of the stairs and the other to the far end of the hall. Shutting the door, he staggers to the table and sits heavily in the chair. "So," he says, blowing out a long breath and giving his head a shake, trying to sober up. "I wish this didn't have to happen, Kai. The pillory's a terrible thing to endure. But I'll have Tor and Pelli standing on the platform with you, so you shouldn't be molested."

Kai remains silent for a few moments before simply nodding, "I can endure it as many time as need be, my lord." he says before gazing out of the window, "Is there anything else I need know? The pillory is my own problem, now."

Garvin leans an elbow on the table, likely to keep from toppling out of the chair. "I can't make you master-at-arms, for the same reason I have to put you in the pillory again. Ser Laurent, Ser Quill, Laurent's betrothed, my cousins, they'll never let me in peace about it, and we won't be able to do what needs to be done. But…." He brushes errant locks from his face, taking another breath. "Do you know what a King's Hand is?"

Kai perks his head up slightly, turning his gaze back over to Garvin, "The Hand is the one that actually does the ruling… I know of the position, yes…" he says as he looks towards Garvin blankly, "What of it?" he asks calmly, although his brow slowly begins to furrow.

Garvin blinks a few times, then narrows his eyes for a long moment. "No, you're thinking of the regent. The Hand carries out the King's will, with his full authority. But he still answers to the King. Okay, now I'm getting confused." He gives his head another shake to clear it. "I'm not a king, and I'm not even acting Lord of Hightower anymore. But I'm still the senior Tyrell in Oldtown, and that comes with more responsibilities than I knew before I got here. My cousin Thorn…Ser Laurent, he's the captain of my guard and my Right Hand. He carries out my will officially, publically. What I need, though, is a Left Hand as well. Someone to carry out my will unofficially, not publically. Am I making more sense to you than I am to myself?"

Kai nods slowly, and then turns his gaze back over to the window, "A left hand, eh? And what responsibilities does this position thrust upon myself, exactly?" he asks slowly, his expression going back to its usual, blank self. He idly gazes up at the stars from where he sits on his bed, trying to move a hand to rest upon the pommel of his blade once more, only to realise it isn't there.

Garvin sits back and crosses his arms over his chest, thinking for a long time. So long, in fact, he may have fallen asleep. But no, at last he says, "Let's say, for example, that I needed to know something about someone, but that someone didn't want me to know. He's certainly not going to tell me or my cousins or anyone who works for me. But he might tell someone who doesn't officially and who has twice been publicly humiliated by me, so he'd have no reason to believe this man would tell me. Do you see what I'm saying?"

Kai lets out a quiet sigh after Garvin finishes speaking, turning his gaze towards the door, "And I just started to have fun, too…," he says, before looking back at Garvin, "I will serve you as your…left hand, then." he finishes, gazing towards Garvin silently, lifting a hand to run his fingers through his hair.

"Only for now," Garvin says, leaning forward again. "Only until I can bring you back into the light. What do you mean, having fun?"

"My plans for training your men were only just beginning, I've only just managed to bring them under heel properly." Kai says with a light grunt, leaning forward slightly as he sits upon the bed, "But it matters not, I will serve you as best I can."

Garvin suddenly flushes, his pupils enormous as he looks at the man. "Perhaps you should have some men of your own. Or rather, men of mine, but under your command. Being a Left Hand can be a large task. I might need to have a man…disappear, for instance. If there are men that you trust to work with you, I'll pay their wages. And you can train them, whip them into shape. Would that be something you'd be interested in?"

Kai nods slowly, looking up at the roof as he ponders his options for a moment, "I would require no more than ten, or fifteen men at best for this to.. work." he says, running fingers through his hair once more, "May I hand-pick them after my adventure on the pillory? We would not want any of your secrets to get out due to untrustworthy men, after all." he finishes, looking back towards Garvin.

Garvin nods slowly, eyes never leaving Kai. Or rather, his chest. "Choose them yourself, absolutely, as many as you need. Er, the pillory, yes. Damn that thing, I wish it had never been erected. But then if it had not, I suppose you and I would not be sitting here now." He straightens his back again, bringing his gaze up to Kai's eyes. "You've sworn a vow to serve me, and I've sworn to protect you as best I can. You won't be stripped, you won't be beaten, but I can't save you from it entirely. So. I'm prepared to pay you in the same coin as before, if that's your wish."

Kai nods again, speaking up as he slowly brings himself to his feet, "The same pay I received as a master-at-arms will suffice, although I could do with some extra finances so that I may manage my men and their equipment, along with their housing." he says, pausing for a moment, "Especially their housing.. I don't imagine I will be able to do 'business' discreetly enough in the Garden Isle Manse." he finishes, already picturing a place already, with the added bonus of a basement with cells and copious amounts of torture equipment.

Garvin fumbles at his belt, first on the left, then the right, but doesn't locate his coinpurse. Then he remembers where he is and leans back, stuffing his hand down the front of his codpiece. He gropes around a bit in there, his face scrunching in concentration, but finally, he pulls out a hefty sack of coins. "There's twelve dragons left, because I always take thirteen when I go out. I don't know how many stags or pennies there are, I never keep track of those. Hopefully this will be enough to get you started, at the least." He leans forward again, stretching out his arm to offer the pouch.

Kai slowly approaches Garvin, managing quite well to keep his expression blank despite the rather large amount of money being offered to him, "Thank you, my lord." he says before taking the coinpurse, turning afterwards strolling over to his chair, where he ducks down and reaches underneath it, opening a small compartment and pushing the coinpurse within casually before standing back up, and looking towards Garvin, "I shall store it here until this pillory business is over." he says, before slowly stepping over towards the door, "I think it about time you retired to your Manse, my lord, I imagine I shall be escorted to the pillory within the hour."

Garvin's mouth hangs open, his wide eyes following Kai across the room, slowly wetting his lower lip. "Hmm? Oh, yes, of course." He stands, or tries to. Partway up, he falls back into the chair with a frown. His second attempt is slower and more successful. "The pillory, yes. We can't meet at the manse, of course. I'm working on acquiring a place somewhere in the city, some place we can meet with better privacy. But until then, would you like me to return here tomorrow night? After your ordeal, I mean." His glazed eyes have a hopeful look. "So I can pay you for the pillory."

Kai slowly shakes his head as he moves to take a seat on the chair which now hides his coinpurse, "No payment will be necessary, it is my duty to serve you now, and serve you I will regardless of the hardships." he says, pretending his refusal has anything to do with money. Kai closes his eyes with a sigh, placing his hands on his laps and leaning back in his chair.

Garvin chews at his lower lip, backing toward the door slowly. "What if I want to pay you?" he asks, his voice small. "Did you not enjoy extracting payment before? I thought, since you came back the next night for more…payment…."

Kai opens one of his eyes as Garvin speaks, before slowly closing it once more, "I was not exactly in my… right mind, those days." he says, fists clenching lightly upon his lap, "Believe me when I say that if I am to be your 'left hand', as you call it, being as distant as possible is for the best."

Garvin's shoulders sag, but he nods. "I understand. You're a true and loyal man, and it's wrong that I keep asking you to…do that which you so obviously do not wish to do. I apologize, truly." He straightens again. "I shall be more professional henceforth, and I'll leave you to your rest now." He turns and reaches for the door, but stops and looks back over his shoulder. "And I shall be sure that Tor and Pelli have wineskins when you're on the pillory today. One with water, one with wine. Please take advantage of both, for my sake."

Kai nods slowly before leaning further back in his chair, in hopes that he will catch some more sleep before his time on the pillory comes, of course, he will not regardless of his best efforts, but at least he may rest his eyes.

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