(121-02-17) Two Sides of The Bard
Two Sides of The Bard
Summary: Your average evening at the Bawdy Bard.
Date: February 17th 121

There are people who come to the Bawdy Bard for the gambling. There are people who come to the Bawdy Bard for the companionship. But there is only one wretch with wine-stained teeth who comes to the Bawdy Bard to drink. That man goes by the name of Wulfred, who turns on his stool to face an otherwise bored bartender with his request for another round. "Come now, poppet, give us another cup won't you?" he asks with a laugh, sliding his quickly-drained cup over to the edge of the bar so that it might be refilled. "Consider me a welcome change from the usual man who gropes you with his eyes and slurs his advances. You will never hear me slur. My diction is impressive. I dare say I have the largest diction in this room!"

It is true. Some come for gmabling, some for cheap companionship. And Wilfred has his drink. But Trystan comes to the Bawdy Bard because he lgitimately has a friend in the proprietor of the establishment! Of course, he's not quick to show his face until he's in the door, then he drops the hood of his cloak and makes for a beeline to the better side of the place. He nods to Wilfred on his way there, his black cloak covering his torso, the bit of movement showing little. He takes a seat at one of the tables at the better side, then politely asks one of the women for some wine.

As Trystan walks by, Wulfred will snap a nod over to the previously-hooded man in the dark cloak. He then turns back to the woman whose day would no doubt be just a little better if she had customers who were less interested in one-sided conversation and more interested in spending copious amounts of coin within the establishment's other indulgences of vice. When Wulfred's cup is refilled, he puts down a groat and gives the women bringing the drink his trademark wine-stained smile. "Grace and kindness, you have my gratitude," he says, then elevates the cup in the air. "Is Grace your name? Or is it kindness? I know it's not Jyl, she serves at the Quill and Tankard. I think she likes me, but I can never be too sure with her. Have the two of you met? Do you ever drink at other places or just this one? You can tell /me/, poppet, I can keep a secret."

Trystan looks to the poor woman stuck listening to Wulfred, then just smirks and shakes his head. "Poor girl…" he mutters to himself. He looks about, trying to scan the place for other familiar faces aside from the usual workers. He had hoped he might be able to speak with Jessilyn, as it had been quite some time since he talked to her.

The blood trollop gives a little wiggle in Wulfred's lap after she's plopped down in it once his goblet is refilled. The groat is placed into her cleavage and Wulfred gets a great big smooch to the cheek for it. "Nay, I get out plenty, but I don't go to nay other tavern. Got all I could wont righ'ere. M'names Missy." She squirms again and has her own set of slightly stained teeth that she gives to displaying in a sweet but suggestive smile at Wulf.

Jessilyn is making her rounds making sure that the other clientele are satisfied with their stay. She does brighten seeing Trystan and once she departs from the rounds she sashays over to the table he has selected. "Lord Banefort. Wonderful to see you as always." She leans over the table to offer him a soft kiss to the lips in greeting and of course bent over as she is - an ample view of the gratuitous amount of cleavage that's all bound up and bulging in the tight bodiced gown she wears. "Get you something from upstairs to quench your appetites?"

Wulfred is about as fun to sit on as he is to listen to, judging by the spindly musculature of his legs. He laughs as he is kissed, no doubt the shadow of a poorly-grown beard now suffering from the coloration that paints the woman's lips. "Missy, now? That's a sweet name. Is it short for Missus? Mistaken? Mistress?" He lofts his brows playfully as he takes another deep drink from the cup of wine she had brought him. He licks his lips before he says, "I'd much rather call you Missy than poppet, I think it's rather considerate if we use our names. Mine is Wulfred." Missy probably already knows his name, as it comes attached to his regular drinking. "You know, if you keep coins between your teats you're sure to lose them somewhere in your frock."

Trystan is more than happy to recive the kiss and give one back to the beautiful woman, taking a nice look at her assets. "A true pleasure to see you as well, Madame Jessilyn. That would be lovely. I was hoping I might be graced with your company for a while." He is all smiles when he speaks to her.

Missy lets out a chucklish giggle that has a hint of a snort, more cute than piggish though. "I knows who ya is Wulfred." She doesn't seem too offended that he doesn't remember her. Often times she takes to serving him when he's deeper into his cups. "I would like that. It's short for Missy." Another playful giggle-snort. She knocks on the stiff board like contraption that keeps her breasts high and giggling. "It's fun when Is take this off upstairs. It's like a rain of coins round my feet. Whens I bend over to collect'm most take the chance to take advantage like." She waggles her brows and ruffles Wulfred's hair. It's clear she's offering him the chance to be said advantage taker.

In stark contrast to Missy in the east wing of the hourglass parlor, in the west wing Jessilyn very elegantly slides into place next to Trystan after she's directed another of her girls to do the fetching of Trystan's usual favorite for her. "Graced you shall be. How is things? I hope Leof and the baby are doing well?"

There is a chasm between when Wulfred is deep within his cups, and when Wulfred is having a bit of the dragon's breath that singed him. One could wager that he is edging close to the other part of the chasm, but at least he is lucid and forming proper words. He sets his cup back down, smiling up at Missy and flicking his gaze down at the expanse proffered by the woman's decolletage. "I would wager that there is a week's worth of food and drink tinkling about inside of that dress." He leans in to exaggeratedly peek, but takes a deep breath before looking back up at the woman. "A rather refreshing scent you have this time, Missy."

Didn't he just learn her name?

He slips an arm around the woman's midsection before he says, "Missy, what would you say if I offered you silver stags to keep your eyes open instead of your legs? Do you think you could manage? Mmm?" He bounces the woman once on his knee.

Trystan smiles to her, leaning back in his seat. "Oh, things are going quite well. I've received word that my home of Banefort has had much gained in the past weeks, and my home here stands strong. As do my wife and child." He smiles to her. "Leof and I have missed you, Jessilyn. I was hoping you might come and spend an evening with us some time soon?"

Slender arms slide around Wulfreds neck and Missy arches her back to playfull boop Wulfred in the face for just moment with her breasts when he goes to gather her scent, "Ya jussayin cause I smell like wine." She gives one of his ears a tiny little affectionate plucking before she puts on more gracious airs. "Mamma Jess done teach us right. We are full service girls. Paid propah like we are a full long list of services. Can I blink though Wulfy? I can keep me eyes open, but don know iffin I con't blink." The earlier airs long since dissipated the more the low (gutter) born trollop talked.

Jessilyn lounges along side Trystan, close without being clingy. So close, but still temptingly far. She strokes at Trystan's chest, dancing her fingers over the fabric of his cloak and what's below like a slow romantic tango. "I'm very glad to hear things are going well. Will this evening you speak of come with an exchange of coin?"

"Would I resort to flattery to get what I want?" asks Wulfred with a smile, his free hand reaching for his wine once more. The affectionate pluck of his ear causes him to relax beneath the woman's body, as anyone might be sensitive about the ears if given the chance to find out. He offers the woman a sip of the wine he had just drunk as he comments, "You can blink, Missy. I merely need you to see if you can't notice a man who might be coming here on the regular. I'm looking for a specific man." He offers her another smile, "I will see to it that you are given a stag if you can tell me if and when you next see Fendrel. The Lazy-Eye is a hard man to find these days, but I know he enjoys snuffling about the Bard as much as anyone does. You can't miss him. Round face, short hair, one eye almost clozed all the time. A stag for telling me when next he shows, and it won't cost you a spread. What say?" The more the man speaks, the less it appears the wine seems to have affected him. "What do you say? Stag for a sighting? Our little secret?"

Trystan smiles, placing a hand along Jessilyn's shoulder and rubbing it and her arm gently, looking over her form, drinking in each and every detail. "I do suppose that is a likely exchange to occur. One I would gladly make if it would entice you to stay and allow us to enjoy your company." He smiles to her, brightly.

Wulfred's lap warmer gets a bit squirmy again and she nibbles on her bottom lip and looks over her shoulder towards the passage between the 'wings'. "I don't fink Mamma Jess would like it if I did that loverly. She's a bit strict when it comes to keepin' other customer's businesses all hush hush." A rake of her fingers through his hair is an apologetic gesture. "Tell ye wot though. He comes in much as ya fink he does, ya can pay me Frame Rate, just a star, a night, and ye give me them stags ya have on the dangle an' ya can stay 'ere wif me, long as ya like to keep payin. So ya can be round much as ye like an' spot'm yerself." Missy gives him a big smile, proud of her compromise.

Jessilyn tilts her head with hooded eyes as she enjoys the massage Trystan provides. Her lips lower a touch more to give the massaging hand a grateful kiss. "I must admit openly to you, as I've indicated before - I don't intend on subjecting myself to Leof's mercurial moods as much as can be helped. You are a very good friend, which is why I'm so very glad that you continue to visit me when you can. Your wife I am afraid burned bridges and I don't care to swim the canals to get to her. Coin however will give me access to a boatman to take me across for a visit." An anecdote to rather flowery put that she wouldn't visit Leof any more unless paid to do so.

"But Missy, what if he doesn't come tonight or the next three nights?" asks Wulfred, looking up at the woman mournfully. The mournful expression turns appreciative as the woman rakes fingernails against his scalp. "I'll be running out of stags and stars surely, and then who will I pay to fetch me my drink?" Since the woman does not take his offer of wine, he takes another large swallow of the cup's contents. He then peers inside the cup, and then looks back at the woman that has settled on his lap. "If you aren't keen on keeping an eye for Fendrel, I understand. What good of a friend would I be if I were to cause you grief and concern, aye?" He lifts his cup, now empty, to the woman. "Could you fetch me another cup while I pay a visit to the privy?"

Trystan nods, his smile lessening a tad. "I see. I did not know she had burned that particular bridge. Perhaps it would be better for me to simply pay the boatman to take me to you. Don't want to make you do more work than necessary." His hand moves down to her hand, bringing it up to his lips for a soft kiss. "After hearing that, then perhaps it is only I that missed you. Best to simply let things be, and I can come and see you. As for if coin is still exchanged, well.. I suppose that depends on the nature of the visit." He smiles to her, leaning to place a soft kiss to her cheek.

Missy seems very relieved that he isn't cross with her for saying no. In fact he's given a big kiss on the lips as she slides up to a stand and takes up th empty glass. Up the stairs she goes to get him a refill, though in truth she goes back up to grab the bottle to save herself future trips.

Jessilyn offers Trystan a genuinely apologetic smile. Her chin lifts up and she gives him a dewy soft kiss to the side of his neck. "That would probably be the best course of action. I don't wish to subject her to have cause for an ill temper in her condition and I don't want any strain to be placed in our friendship either. Best to let things rest as they are." She slides up to sit more closely to him so she can snake her arm behind his neck. "No more on that hmm? What are your intentions for the moment Lord Banefort? Out to stay a while or mostly just passing through to give me invite?"

Wulfred looks half-dazed after the woman presses a kiss to his lips, offering her a smile as she departs. When she leaves, his reverie is cut short in a split second. Wulfred rises from his seat and moves over to the privy to do what people tending to the privy might. There is a bit of an exaggerated stagger to his gait, coming close but not bumping one of the other ladies as they move past him. "A thousand pieces of apology plus eight," he says as he leans his shoulder into the door of the privy before stepping within.

A few moments later, the man leaves with a slight flush to his face and a few mint leaves being chewed between his teeth. They'll undoubtedly be swallowed as he half-steps half-staggers back to his seat to wait for Missy.

Trystan smiles to her, returning the kiss in kind. "I am here to stay for a while. The invite was merely somethign I wished to do while I was here." He moves his hand at her shoulder down to snake about her waist, if she'll let him.

Missy, ever youthful and spritely comes back to plop herself down in Wulfred's lap and pulls the cork out of the bottle of wine with her teeth before she pours - steals a sip - pours to filling and then offers the goblet to Wulfred. "So why doncha evah go upstairs wif a girl Wulfy?"

Jessilyn molds herself against Trystan willingly and slides her dancing free hand under his cloak to create a more intimate petting. "That's wonderful. Anything else that is new for you? I really am surprised with how you can grace us here in Oldtown with your presence as much as you do. Not that I'm complaining. Just in wonder how it's done with you being so far from home."

Trystan smiles to the woman, rubbing along her waist gently. "Well, after I decided that it was time to get to know the other houses of the lands, I moved out here for a good long while, leaving my best advisors in charge of Banefort. Of course, I gave them a warning: if there was any major change I saw and didn't like upon returning, the consequences would be severe." He smiles to her. "When I met Leof, I knew I would be here longer than I had thought. BUilding a home, meeting a good number of people, all have kept me here. And I'm happy to be here, so long as others are happy to have me here." His hands knead into her.

Wulfred accepts the cup from the girl with a half-smile, sagging into the seat after she settles back down on his spindly legs and thighs. He takes the cup from her with a modest nod before he takes a sip of the wine. He'll swish the contents between his cheeks and teeth before swallowing, and takes another hurried sip with a laugh. "The women who work the Bawdy Bard cannot afford me, I am afraid. Besides, what more could I ask than a cup, a sturdy seat, and a beautiful view?" He elevates his cup on the word, pats the chair beneath him with a free hand, and then nods to the woman's decolletage once more upon mention of the view.

Missy leans in and whispers to Wulfred all manner of things that she is capable of doing to him if asked. Tawdry lewd and…quite explicitly adventurous. She also whispers that she can fix him up with a boy if the was more to his liking. Nothing is impossible at the Bawdy Bard for pleasure's sake!

Jessilyn gives a soft purr like noise as she is massaged. "I am afraid that if you keep that up, you'll never see your home again. For I will keep you, and possibly all to myself." A sultry smile gracing her ruby red lips as she enjoys the massage. But Jessilyn never gets without giving and her hand continues to stroke and massage Trystan as well under the cover of his cloak.

Wulfred leans into the woman as she starts to whisper the sorts of things she would do if given the request and opportunity. He nods his head slowly, murmuring along as she whispers. "I've heard of that… not that… not with those… not with mine… I thought that was rumor… your finger where?" He turns and looks at Missy, "So you won't tell me of the nature of one Lazy-Eyed Fendrel but you're willing to put your tongue where nothing has erstwhile tasted?" He laughs as he offers the woman his goblet, "Please drink from my cup and tell me if you've truly been asked to do such things. I haven't heard such since I was last speaking with the whores at the Tooth and Nail!"

Trystan grins. "You're now the third woman to compliment me on touch. I'm afraid such praise might eventually get to my head." He chuckles. "Question is, which one?" He relaxes under her attention, still working to knead into her lower back and waist as he has been doing.

Missy takes the goblet up with an ear to ear wicked smile before she drinks and then does all the lifting and tilting of the goblet so that Wulfred may drink as well and keep his hands free. "Welp the difference tween us and them Toofy trollops is just that. We'll do all manner o fings. Each girl a different set o skills. But we nevah tell a soul wot goes on inside our rooms. All confidenshul like. Ya see? Ye fuck a Toofy Trollop, yer bound to 'ave the whole city knowin the size o yer cock by next mornin'." She takes another drink for herself before laughing at her own tale.

Jessilyn chuckles richly, "Now we wouldn't want that." She lowers her voice, her warm breath caressing Trystan's ear as she murmurs in sultry tones. "Poor Leof can barely fit you inside of her as it is. Any more and this babe she carries just might have to be your one and only."

Wulfred will occasionally indulge with a nod of his head, but will otherwise leave Missy to do the tipping of the cup. His arm goes about the woman without permission, but the hand remains on the opposite hip. "Those are indeed good reasons as to not stick it in the women down at the Nail." He whets his lips as he looks over the woman's shoulder, eyes narrowing for a moment before he looks back at har. "Sorry, I thought I saw a naked teat in the mouth of old Lazy-Eye. But it's just a man who looks similar." He laughs it off, "Now tell me, what is your specialty? Is it the one with your finger or the one where you use your feet?"

Trystan grins to her, chuckling a bit. He places a soft kiss to her cheek once more. "She is quite the small thing. Best to just leave me as I am, eh?" He smiles to her, moving his hand up along her back, focusing on her spine.

Missy seems to be getting all the more loosened up with every drink she is offered. "Aye, exactly wot I'm sayin'. An' which evah one you want to be my specialty loverly. I've got me talents!" She peeks back over her own shoulder. "Likes a bit of sweet milk as a chaser wif his spirits looks like." She giggle-snorts again and then gives a squirm to see if all of her blatant advances has taken any affect on the man she was hoping would actually be a prospect client tonight. The fact that there is a pool going for the first girl that manages to get Wulfred upstairs in her room is perhaps the reason for Missy's extreme brazen behavior.

Jessilyn slides up onto Trystan's lap, facing away from him but she slides her hair off to one side down her chest so that she can peek over her shoulder down and back at him. "Three, hmm? I assume two of the three is your wife and I, who's the other?"

"Aye, I bet if it isn't the one with the feet then perhaps it's the one you told me where we fit opposite ends on our sides. Though I suspect that would take just as much work for me as it would you. No, that's not a specialty. That's teamwork," says Wulfred as he presses his free hand against the woman's side and belly. It is a delicate prodding, none too severe and certainly more kind than the grasping hands of others. If he's lucky, he won't apply pressure to a bruise left by a less gentle individual. If Missy's lucky, he won't find any coins tinkling about. As for her squirming, her movements will provide an answer as well as any learned woman might have when seeking it. "I would think it would be like milk of the poppy," he tells her. "After having sommat, I would be fit to sleep where I lay… a fat teat against my forehead."

Trystan smirks, allowing the woman into his lap, using both hands to massage her back now. "A beautiful Water Dancer of Braavos. She was in our employ for a time, but found the work as guardian not for her. Still, she remains an ally. And quite a good friend to House Banefort." He smiles and places a kiss to Jessilyn's neck as he continues kneading into her flesh.

Jessilyn ahhs softly nodding her head some, "Yes, I remember her. She was at the house the last time I was there. She's the one that killed Vuk in a duel as well, or so I heard. Oh right there, that feels exquisite. Thank you." Jessilyn is too elegant to squirm, but she does sinuously writhe subtly about in Trystan's lap.

Missy bursts out in loud amused laughter at Wulfred's contemplations out loud. "Welp if ye want, we can go upstairs an' practice our teamwork loverly. Then I'll 'ave her come in and ye can suckle her and knock yerself right out." She gives him a big grin and offers up the goblet to him for a quaffing. All of her coins are safely lodged firm up high in her bosom area and cleavage. The bodice she wears does keep plenty in place. "I've also could get me 'ands on some of that sort of milk as well… iffin you'd like a splash before we go at."

Trystan smiles, kneading right in the spot indicated. "She was, and she did." He shrugs a bit. "It happens." He kisses her neck a bit higher, then the lobe of her ear.

Jessilyn reaches around behind her to take up Trystan's hands and pull them around her slender hourglass waist. All the while gracefully moving to stand up. "There really is too much in the way of truly enjoying this. What say you we retire to my room and we can continue this there?"

Trystan chuckles and nods. "Lead the way."

"Missy, you have the teats of a well-fed and oversexed creature and you smell of wine and salt. If I could have the milk of the poppy followed by half of your indecencies I would be out of coin and never leave your side," the man says before he hiccoughs quite violently beneath her. He covers his mouth with a gloved hand, looking over at the cup of wine she holds before glancing back up at her. "Don't be alarmed, but one of us might be getting sick in short order."

Missy gives Wulfred's head a little sympathetic petting. Like one might pet a sick creature or child as she stands up. "Off ye go loverly. If ye need a place to sleep ye come up and join me, eye?" She calls after him and feeling quite defeated that she felt so close to winning the betting pool, alas. She heads up the stairs alone blowing Wulfred a kiss before he disappears into the privy again.

Wulfred rises, still covering his mouth. He pauses to take a long swig of the goblet that was left at his side, lurches, then moves to quickly vacate the Bard.

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