(121-02-17) Grow Some Thorns.
Grow Some Thorns
Summary: Quill comes to meet with Garvin to discuss the whole Kai situation and offer some advice.
Date: Date of play (17/02/2014)
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Garvin is seated at a small table set in front of the windows overlooking the garden, with an even smaller table at his elbow. There are parchments and an inkpot on the one table, and the smaller one holds a goblet and a plate of cheese and fruit. A quill hangs dangling from his right hand, as he stares out at the overcast sky.

It'd be a page that entered first, that much is true. Words would have been hurried, and worried with glances over the shoulder. But the gist of the mumbled whispering would be that Ser Quillian had arrived and was seeking audience. But-sadly before the young Lordling would have a chance respond the Blackrood would be in the doorway. A look would be given to the guard standing by. And a simply quiet and effective command is issued like a threat: "Out."

A compliance is given, after all the veteran knight is one of Garvin's minders and kin. Thus, the least likely thing as kinslaying would happen. Tyrell men-even those of oaken hearts are devout and standfast. Quill would wait until the order was hastily followed. The page pointed to as he moves to skirt pass. "And make sure none come in till I am gone. I'd not have our words interrupted." A cool look is exchanged before the young man follows and leaves.

Eyes watch where Garvin is sitting and there the knight moves coming to stand just over his left shoulder. "Pondering plowing?" A rude enough of an opener-though with Quill, there's no weight behind the words. "A proverb of Holy Writ says, when skies are overcast, your fields should rest." And there he shifts his weight. "I must say, Cousin." Not my Lord. "Your fields are in a status of unrest."

Garvin watches the exchange with a raised brow, but says nothing. He lays aside the quill and takes up the goblet instead. "My fields," he say coolly, "are resting just fine, and thank you for your concern. Is this why you've sent everyone away? To talk about my…fields?" He nods toward the big table. "Pull up a chair, Cousin. I'll tell you everything you want to know, and perhaps a few you don't."

"I mean your fields as in your House right now, Cousin." Quillian states, but he does not move. Not yet anyway. "I am fine standing, and will sit at my liesure." And there he moves so it is an easier look for Garvin. "What I wish to talk to you about, is likely the biggest misstep you just bloody well made-and likely the circumstances you now find yourself in." A tilt of his head there. "I believe you've noted the protest in your own house to your rather shit decision?" A raise of a brow given, as Quill places fingers along the edge of the long table and lets fingers drum along.

Garvin hmphs, sitting back and taking a long swallow of mead. "The misstep, as you call it, has been rectified. Lady Locke's blackmail has succeeded, and I've acquiesced to her demands. I'm certain it is not the last time I shall be forced to do so."

And there both brows shoot up. "Did it now?" a curious sound there as he clicks his tongue against teeth. "So tell me then, cousin. What exactly has transpired?" and there -now the knight is moving to take a seat. "Indulge me-treat with me as if I have no clue." And there Quill brings up an errant hand to stroke at his beard once. "And then-will you hear my counsel, so as we do not have this happen a second time? I doubt, my boy-that you like to be forced into any position." A pause and there a smirk "Well Not any."

Garvin frowns then, brows drawing together. "I will welcome your advice, Ser, in everything but my bedchamber. Though perhaps I should seek your advice there, since you have such strong views on the matter." Taking another drink, he sits forward a bit. "Last night, I hired the Essosi sellsword Kai as master-at-arms, to train all the new men Laurent has hired to guard here. The Thorn and his rather opinionated bride-to-be took exception, rather heated and unbecoming exception, I might add. The Lady Locke made certain threats, and after considering the matter, I decided it wisest to capitulate…this time."

There's a snort. "Because I don't care for what you do, nor like it-does it mean I am going to tell you what to do and whom to do it to, Coz. I just ask you use descretion, specially when you are courting attention from Dragons." And there he looks back to Garvin. "Do not mistake me on that."

There, said. Quillian looks back towards Garvin. "A sellsword from Essos, who also happened to have been an intruder-and say nothing on the matter of what I found him doing. Do you recall-that you told me he assaulted you cousin?" And there a hand is raised before the lordling can protest. "Do you know what I did to the two men who killed my elder brother? Have you heard that tale?" And there he lets that sit. "Think on that, and then remember you are my cousin. If I would burn Dorne for a brother, what more would I do for you?" his tone neutral, but not flat. A vibrancy in the words.

"Now." Quill begins as eyes flick down and fingers pick at something in the wood. "You know, that Ser Laurent only has your best interest-your father's best interests at heart? You do know how it looks to hire the man to be a master of arms within the household-a man who is known to be an intruder by members of the guard and staff?" A there he rubs his hand along his jaw. "I might not think you do." A sniff. "Cousin-eyes are on you. Specially with you sitting power in Oldtown."

Garvin takes a long, deep breath, holds it for a moment or two, then lets it out again. "Eyes are indeed upon me, which is why there will be no more men anywhere near by bedchambers. I'm quite through with that, I assure you." He takes another sip of mead. "I was not harmed by Kai nearly so much as by another man. A knight, no less, but a false one. If I were a vengeful sort, it's he I'd send you after, to teach him a lesson he'd not soon forget. But…." He pauses, then sighs and shakes his head. "I can't do it in good conscience. He'll reap the harvest of the evil he's sown, sooner rather than later. As to Laurent, I love him as a brother. When my own brother and his friends tormented me as a child, it was Laurent who stood between us. And I know how much you value family as well, and I am most grateful for your service here. Truly, I am. So. Kai won't be here, as master-at-arms or anything else. Our cousins may sleep soundly in their beds, knowing they are safe. I still believe the man can be redeemed and would make a strong ally, if given the chance, but I'll not allow my beliefs to sow discord in our home."

"A smart move." Quill states, and there's a shake of his head. "As I said, I care not whom you take in or take it from. Just be discreet." He offers shortly, before turning his head to look out the window. There brows raise and he turns his head slightly. "Who was it, out of idle curiousity?" A roll of his shoulders before he nods. "Laurent may be a hard ass, but he is no bully. He has what a knight should be made of. Mettle and Grit. Not chivalry." And there his eyes narrow for a moment back to something out beyond the window.

"It's not just that, My Lord. It's that he broke in in the first place. I am sure all could understand if he was here for you and it was simply that. It's that he broke in. As such-if you want full peace in your house, you should let him be punished. That could easily be negotiated with Laurent. Have him whipped publically for breaking in, without the rest muttered. Then if the talking continues-that is where my put will step the hardest."

A solution though likely a bloody one. "If you were to hire him on, as you see him with redemption-I would have you then look for a bodyguard or trainer. That would be explainable without fear of him being here on campus. If you were to take that to Laurent-I am sure he would agree." And there the knight looks back-being almost political about all of this. Almost.

"Your beliefs aside, what did you think would happen?"

Garvin lets out a long sigh again, shaking his head. "I thought Laurent could be made to see reason. And perhaps he could, if not for his sharp-tongued lady love. She is not one who will ever see reason, I fear. As for punishment, is it not enough to have his new job snatched away before he even begins it? He got what he was after, just as I did. Perhaps not in the way I would have wished, but we're both satisfied with the outcome." He fixes Quill with an earnest look. "Whatever anyone says, whatever she says, the man is not my paramour. I know you claim you don't care or want to hear, but I feel it imperative that you believe me. I sought to hire him for the swords on his belt, not the one between his legs." He sits back again, having a sip of mead, then says casually, "Ser Griffyth Wylde, of Rain House in the Stormlands. Since he has been indiscrete with my secrets, I see no reason why I should keep his. If my information is correct, and I have every reason to believe it is, he seeks to marry Lady Mormont. If the Father Above cares anything for justice, she'll have his head within a fortnight of their wedding."

"More than losing an income, Cousin. An example must be made. Your father would have had him whipped outright and then sent on his way before he could say his tale. I would implore you to have him whipped. Not for what you both did, in what I know to be consensual." At least as far as the knight believes. "But for breaking an entering. Let him know that is why he is being punished. And set the appropiate lashes or have him in the stocks for a set time. It'd be enough" And would likely calm tempers and tongues in the house. But Quill, does not go on further with that. "He's not of our blood-and the nobility will think you weak if you do not. You may be Lord Pansy to some, but such a mocking name." And there the Blackrood's jaw tightens. "Show them you can lead and impress your father." That said he shifts ever so slightly in his seat.

"Ser Wylde?" Quillian is not familiar with the man, but that can change. "What has he been saying?"

Garvin chews at his lower lip for a long moment, his eyes distant. At last, he nods. "You're right, of course. As was Laurent when he insisted upon it as well. I should have listened to you both at the time, but I was too personally ashamed to listen to anyone." He straightens his shoulders, sitting up and setting his jaw. "But I am Lord Pansy, and it's time the world saw that this pansy has thorns like any rose. I sit in court today, and I shall issue the warrent for his arrest and placement on the pillory." He falls back against the chair again, lowering both his eyes and his voice. "He told Lady Mormont that he shares my bed. Or shared, since I've not seen him in days, nor do I wish to. I think if I did see him, I'd kill him with my bare hands." He brings his gaze up again, looking directly at Ser Quillian. "It was he who first plucked the pansy and set me on this path of self-destruction. I wish I'd never laid eyes upon him, let alone anything else."

If Quillian would have had a drink it would have been spewed from his mouth at that moment. Not with the mention of Kai to head to the pillory-that is met with an even nod. However the look that follows said education as to what has been shared. Well..that brings about a widening of eyes and a look back towards Garvin. "What the fuck did he say?" Apparently this is more or less issue here. "And what did the She bear say?"

Garvin holds up a hand. "My intelligence is second-hand," he says, keeping his voice even. "I only know that he told her Ladyship, and that it apparently matters not to her. She still intends to marry him. I asked…a source close to Lady Mormont, who already knows of my…time with Ser Griffyth, if the Lady knew as well. He confirmed that the Wylde knight had indeed told her." He scowls then, shaking his head. "And after all the hours he spent telling me how essential it was that no one ever know. I should have known better than to have trusted him."

"You never trust a Stormlord. They'll leave you with Rot. Most of the messes we cleaned within the marches were Stormlord messes. And invariably they never helped us." Quillian comments before shaking his head. "Personally until you have a ring of committment around yon finger. I'd not trust anyone." but this is coming from someone that did not trust his wife until only a few years ago-when the threat of poisoning had passed. "Likely, he told you so you wouldn't cock up his marriage prospects." And there he turns his head back to Garvin a tug at his beard given. Can't bloody stop playing with the thing. "Is he intimate-or has he been such with anyone else you might know of? If we could spin a rumor out-it'd likely make it sound as if ongoing-but leave your name free of it."

Garvin's eyes go distant in thought again, and he slowly sips his mead. "There was a maid who worked here for a time, but I don't recall her name. She was his excuse to spend the night, you see. After he'd finish using me, he'd crawl off to her bed. Oh, and the wench Peri, of course. But I know of no other men. He boasted once that he'd fathered at least two bastards back in the Stormlands, so his reputation with lowborn women is already established. But if you're thinking Lady Mormont might spread the tale, I wouldn't think so. She needs this alliance to feed her people on Bear Island. I don't believe she'd want the shame of marrying a man known to bed foolish, naive lordlings."

"If you want to fuck him where it hurts, remove the marriage prospect by offering a trade alliance that would favor Bear Island. Something she might get without needing to be tied to him. Cut off his ankles. As the Reach? We have bloody more food and wealth than the Stormlands." And there Quillian looks back to Garvin for a moment. "If he comes back through here, I'll talk to him." A pause. "And I won't tickle his belly with a knife- as I ought." A sniff there and Quill brings his hand to rub at the back of his neck. "For my part-I am not lucky in love. I am lucky that I got wed." And there he watches Garvin. "I am sorry to see that this has befallen you, Coz. No one should have their heart tacked." A grimace there, but the knight says naught else. "Well it seems my talk with you has been good, though some of the points moot." And there an amused look plays on the Blackrood's face. A turn of his head and a brow raises. "Next time, do not hesitate to ask for help. I may mock you- but it is done in some form of familiy love." And there he stretches and moves to stand. "Is there anything else I can do, my Lord?"

Garvin gives a small shrug of one shoulder, as if trying to shrug off the unpleasant memory. "I was foolish and naive," he admits. "And while I'd never call myself wise, I hope I'm at least less foolish and naive now. Your idea does have merit though. A trade agreement that favors Bear Island would put to rest the ill feelings between myself and Lady Mormont, and it might cut short the Stormlander's scheme. I shall have to discuss this further." He raises his goblet then, smiling. "You're a good man, Cousin. I know your mocking is not in earnest and that your heart is in the right place. Like Laurent, you only wish to protect me, and I'm glad for it. Thank you for your advice today. I do appreciate it. But I won't keep you from your duties any longer. I know you and the Thorn need to find an appropriate master-at-arms to train all these new men we have marching around the island."

"Trust us to find the right man, or to raise one up from our own livery. We have experienced guardsmen and men at arms who are good with their spears and swords. I am sure we can place someone there-or find someone who would be fitting such a promotion within the vassal houses. It is an honor to serve house Tyrell-and there are many young knights who know it." And there he rubs at his chin for a moment. "I might have a candidate in mind and will offer it to Laurent, if he is of mind." A shrug there and he turns. "Enjoy your day. And know that in our youth we're all niave and utterly moronic." A smirk and a bow of his head. "Ta, Coz." murmured as he now disappears from the room.

Garvin chuckles then, his eyes alight, as he watching the Blackrood take his leave.

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