(121-02-16) Apology Accepted
Apology Accepted
Summary: The Maiden's Knight apologizes to Lord Pansy.
Date: Date of play (16/Feb/2014)
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Grand Hall - Garden Isle Manse

The first floor's main hall is grand, open room dominated by a massive fireplace and high-arched windows facing the street, protected by heavy iron bars. The white walls and polished white marble floors make it seem airy and bright. The starkness of the walls is softened by three long tapestries, depicting fantastical hunting scenes, while the marble floor is cushioned by rich Myrish rugs.

Down the center of the hall is a long, wide dining table, able to seat thirty comfortably. At the head of the table is an enormous chair of elaborately carved rosewood, with a door behind flanked by two high windows, giving a view of the sunlight gardens. Near the fireplace are smaller chairs, cushioned benches, and small tables for more intimate conversations.

Alcoves and doors at either side of the great hall lead to servants quarters, kitchens, and smaller sitting rooms. At the northwest and southeast corners of the building are square towers holding the stairs up to the floor above, where the bedchambers and other sitting rooms are found.

Garvin is sitting at the large table, though not in the huge chair at its head. Instead, he's in one of the high-backed chairs along the side, his back to the fireplace, with a goblet of mead, a plate of sliced apples, and a small pot of honey at his elbow. Open in front of him is a large but thin tome, and he's scratching notes on a bit of parchment to one side.

Guards don't say no to a Targaryen, even when they have been thrown out the previous day. Daevon is dressed in black and red, the dark colours washing him out, making him look even paler than usual. They're not good colours on him, for all that they're the colours of the house of the dragon. They'll announce his presence, surely though.

Janei comes into the grand hall from the garden, walking over towards Garvin as if about to say something. Probably just curious about what he's working on, but before she can the announcement of the guest's arrival happens and she looks up towards the entry, surprised.

Garvin looks up from his work when Daevon is announced, pressing his lips in a thin line. "Ser Daevon," he says, trying to keep emotion from his voice. He glances to Janei, then waves her closer. "Lady Janei Tyrell, may I present Ser Daevon Targaryen, the Maiden's Knight and our future goodbrother."

"Lady Janei," Daevon greets her. He looks back to Garvin. "I have come here to apologise." He gets straight to the point.

Janei gives a little curtsey to Daevon, "It's an hon.nour to meet you, Ser Daevon," she says, voice shaky in sudden shyness. She quiets quickly, stepping back a little and letting the two talk. Garvin has likely never seen her this shy.

Garvin cocks a brow as he looks curiously toward Janei again, then shrugs it off in light of Daevon's announcement. He lays the quill aside, takes a small cloth from nearby, and rubs ink from his fingers. "You questioned my worthiness to possess the most precious object that's ever been given to me," he says, still maintaining a flat tone. "You questioned my very manhood, which you know to be an extremely touchy subject with me. And you did this for the sake of men who did the same, openly and before the entire city assembled on the tourney grounds. I am at a loss to understand why you did this, but I have accepted your challenge. Why do you wish to apologize now?"

"I was angry," Daevon says softly. "And I forgot the true meaning of the festival. The Mother loves all of her children, despite, and even perhaps because of, their flaws. It was not my duty to defend her, especially not in the way I did. She is about forgiveness and mercy. I had forgotten those things in my anger. In the words of a very wise man, 'I fucked up'." He so rarely swears that voicing those words seems strange on his lips. "I am sorry."

There's definitely something Janei is missing here, and she looks between Garvin and Daevon curiously now. She almost asks a question, but that shyness of speaking to the famous Maiden's Knight keeps her mouth shut and she just listens, for a moment more anyway.

Garvin blushes slightly at the word, as he always does, and he shoots a quick glance toward Janei to see how she reacts to hearing the Maiden's Knight use such language. "Ser Daevon, I know of anger," he says, his voice softening. "I know what fire in the blood can make a man do and say, as I've fallen victim to its heated blight myself most recently. Your apology is accepted, and gladly. Let us both not speak of this again, for it is forgotten, just as I wish to forget the event that sparked it. What's done is done and in the past. It is time we looked instead to the future. Tell me, have you had word from your lord father regarding my betrothal?" He looks to Janei again, adding, "It may be that my betrothal to Lady Cerys is to be broken in favor of Ser Dae's twin sister, Lady Visenya."

Daevon shakes his head at Garvin. "Not forgotten," he says. "That same wise man said that we do well to remember our mistakes so that we might learn from them." He shakes his head at Garvin and glances at Janei. "I do not think that we should leave the subject just yet, although I suspect not doing so will anger you again." He sighs.

Garvin looks again to Daevon, frowning just a little. "I don't wish to be angry again, but if there is more that needs to be said, it's best it be said now. Better to have it out in the open than festering in the dark." He motions to the chair opposite himself. "Sit, let us speak. Janei, would you like to join us here as well?" A page hurries to pull out the chair beside Garvin, while another brings a flagon and two more goblets, as Garvin pushes his book and parchment aside. To Daevon, he teases, "My sister has longed to meet the famous Maiden's Knight, which I think is why she can't find her tongue."

Daevon smiles at Janei. "I am sorry that we had to meet in such circumstances." He does take a seat when Garvin invites him to. "You wished to know what I know of humiliation?" he asks. "Would you like to hear the tale of what happened two nights ago?"

Janei blushes a little at her brother's words, but nods and moves to take a seat. "It's alright," she manages to Daevon, "I'm just.. it's a real pleasure to meet you."

Garvin's eyes go distant for a long moment. "Two days ago was the freeriders' contest? You're a knight, you didn't even compete. What humiliation could you have suffered?" He reaches for the goblet as it's refilled. Goblets are offered also to Daevon and Janei, though hers is small and only partly filled with mead.

"After the contest, I went with some friends, and a Tyrell entourage to the beach," Daevon says. "I had hoped to swim out to see the dolphins. Most of the entourage remained on the beach, drinking wine and sitting by the bonfire. Your sweet cous fell into the water, I rushed to help her out of the waves, forgetting my own lack of attire. And everyone ashore stood there, laughing at me. They ignored my calls for my cloak to be brought to me, and so I was forced to walk that stretch of sand under their gazes and to the sound of their laughter. Would you say that was humiliating? To have the household that your sister is meant to be marrying into, laugh at you in such a way. To hear the comments, the judgement. It was a cold night."

Janei's eyes widen a little at Daevon's story, and says, "Our cousins did that? That isn't right."

Garvin's brows furrow, as he takes a small sip of mead. "I would be most embarrassed, had that happened to me," he admits. "But it is hardly humiliating. You have a most magnificent physique, Ser Dae, and I have no doubt every maiden in Oldtown would shove her own sister into the Sound for the smallest glimpse of it. Janei is right, however, and I shall have words with my cousins. Which were they, Keyte and Kesha? Was Lady Katya there as well? Her tongue is rather too sharp at times for my tastes. Widowhood does not suit her well."

Daevon shakes his head. "No, not all your cousins. Just one, and her entourage of her staff, I think. But they were drunk, in good spirits and it was funny." He looks at Janei. "Ah, could you excuse us perhaps? There are a few things I need to discuss with your brother in private? We shall speak later."

Janei blushes a little again, but stands up quickly and nods. "Of course." She gives another curtsey and then turns to walk away… turning into a run as she gets to the stairs.

Garvin looks after Janei with a smile, his eyes alight. "She's my favorite sister," he whispers to Daevon as he turns back.

"Do you realise that every time I tell you something you dismiss it," Daevon says to Garvin. "You say that I should not have been humiliated. It was cold, I'd been in the sea, and they saw everything. There is no point speaking to you, is there?" He sighs. "Not of this." He too begins to stand up. "I do not wish for you to have words with anyone. They were merry, it was funny, they laughed."

Garvin frowns then, brows again drawing together. "If my cousin and her servants made you feel humiliated, I should certainly have words with them. That is not at all proper behavior for a lady, and less so for smallfolk. And I don't mean to sound dismissive, Dae. I'm…uncomfortable discussing such things with anyone."

"No," Daevon says. "Do not say anything. I shared this with you as a confidence, to try and get you to understand. I do not wish you to take any sort of action, and I most certainly do not want you to say anything. Your cousin had no blame. Your servants were drunk. I would not have them punished, nor even spoken to. It was funny. Let them have their laughter, it was a small price I had to pay." He sighs. "You have dismissed any similarities between us. You fail to see me as I am, but instead you speak of the Maiden Knight. You will note that I am shorter than you are and I am a less naturally gifted swordsman. You have a unique talent for the blade which is enviable. But you've never had that tested and so you do not believe in it."

Garvin frowns again. "Shorter, perhaps, but stronger. Far more muscular. You wear heavy plate the way I wear a silken doublet. And I don't know what you mean that I am naturally gifted with a blade. I've trained very hard for many years, and I still can't manage to get past a man's armor. Twice I've fought against opponents in Oldtown, and twice I've been grievously wounded and required stitching and painful recovery. I do not understand why you are always trying to say that I'm a better swordsman than you, when the truth is clearly otherwise."

"Push ups," Daevon says. "Walk on your hands. If you can lift your own weight then you can lift almost anything. I lived and breathed in plate mail, and when I wasn't wearing it, I wore weights. I ran with them, I fought, and every single muscle in my body ached. I still prefer lighter armour, but plate has its advantages. It is tiresome to wear though." He shakes his head at Garvin. "I never said that you are a better swordsman. You are not. You do, however have a natural gift with the blade, one that shines through despite the deficiencies in your training. Braavosi blades are made for unarmoured opponents. They are extremely accurate weapons, but they will not pierce plate. If you come up against an opponent in plate armour, while you just have that blade, your best bet is to run. Or tire your opponent out. Or even charge him and knock him over. Plate is made so that it protects the person within. If you're fighting an opponent in plate, the best weapons are those that are blunt. A mace, a morningstar, a hammer, a staff, a flail. You hit the armour and you can still break the bones of the person beneath it. Or a larger sword. Where you hit them doesn't matter anywhere near as much as just being able to hit them."

Garvin shakes his head, looking increasingly uncomfortable. "Daevon, I am not you, nor am I Matrim nor Laurent, nor any other knight. I don't want to be a knight, and I don't want to come up against opponents in heavy plate. I'm done with that sort of fighting. My strengths lay elsewhere, and that is where I would prefer to concentrate my efforts."

"I am explaining why you lost against your opponents," Daevon says. "It was not lack of skill with the blade. It was using unwise tactics. It doesn't matter how good you are with that sort of sword, you will still not be able to take down an opponent in heavy armour. It is futile to even attempt to do so."

"And I'm telling you that I know that now," Garvin says, squirming in his chair. "As I said just a moment ago, I am done with that sort of fighting. What more is it you're asking of me?"

Daevon's still standing. He sighs. "I was trying to help you. It is a lost cause, I suppose. You do not wish my help."

Garvin takes a long swallow of his mead, buying time to collect his thoughts. "Please stop taking offense where none is meant. I see no help here, only salt rubbed in a fresh wound. You think I don't know it was futile to go up against the She-Bear with her clanking armor? I've said as much, repeatedly, and I've said I won't make the attempt again. Whatever it is you're trying to tell me, I'm not understanding it. You simply say over and over what I've already accepted."

"Then please stop seeing ill in my words, and taking offence from them," Daevon replies. "I am going to leave."

"I'm not taking offense," Garvin says defensively. "I am uncomfortable with this subject, and yet we've been talking it to death. Can't you see how upset this makes me?"

"I'm going to go before I say something I regret," Daevon says sadly. "Farewell, Lord Garvin." He turns and walks off.

Garvin watches Daevon go, holding his goblet to be refilled. There's sadness in his eyes as well, but also pain.

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