(121-02-13) Favor of Dolphins
Favor of Dolphins
Summary: Keyte gives Kevyn a favor for the upcoming tournament. So it's all her fault, really.
Date: 13/02/2014
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The Starry Sept is perhaps a a semi-reliable place to find the Lady Keyte, visits to light her candles for appearance's sake a somewhat regular occurrence. Though she can't quite claim to be lost anymore, the lady persists on a path from the Seven's shrines toward the harbourfront today, accompanied (as always) by a party of Tyrell sworn-and-serving. Her gown's a vivid sky-blue, her hair left mostly free today with a golden circlet atop.

Kevyn also visits the Starry Sept on the regular, though it's unlikely anyone takes enough notice of his presence for it to aid his reputation. He does time his appearance there today so it might coincide with the Tyrell lady. Oh, lo and behold, it does. He's sitting on the steps out front of the sept, enjoying the balmy weather and watching the passers-by. He stands when he spots her, sketching a quick bow, even though she isn't just then looking in his direction. "Lady Keyte. Good day to you."
She isn't, poor Kevyn. All that bowing for nothing. Keyte keeps right on walking, tossing airy looks about the street as she hears her name. "Hmm? Oh!" Spying the squire a moment too late, the only pleasantry she has in return is to cease her progression to the docks and smile brilliantly at him. "Indeed, good day my lord! And how does it find you?"

Kevyn returns Keyte's brilliant smile with a broad grin. "It finds me well, my lady, thank you. The Dolphin Festival's quite grand, isn't it? This is the first time I've attended." He adds, "I'd just come by the Sept to ask the Warrior's favor for tomorrow. For the tournament."

"I were on my way to go see them in the harbour again," Keyte admits, clasping her hands together and biting her lip. "It's a very grand thing, yes. I do hope you weren't bit when you -" She pauses, a laugh threatening to overtake her words, "- Fell in, rescuing the little lord? Though I'm told it's good luck, to be bit by a dolphin! Ah, you will join in the sporting, then?"

"I didn't fall in rescuing the little Lord Hightower," Kevyn corrects her, flushing. "I…fell in after I'd finished with that. Were you bit by one?" He quickly adds, "Oh, aye, my lady. It's very good luck. They're discerning creatures. They don't bite just anyone." As for the last question, he nods. "Aye. I'll be in the lists for the Tirocinium. I'm not anointed yet, but there'll be other squires and such to compete against."

"Oh yes," Keyte accepts the correction with a giggle. "A very important distinction, of course. I was, it bit me right on the hand!" She offers her hand out for Kevyn to see, even. There is not a mark upon it. It might be the wrong hand. "Ah, I shall make sure to look out for you, when the squires take the field! I should think them all cowering in their boots, at the very prospect of sporting with my lord." It's hard to tell if she's joking or not, the way her smile is dimpled and eyes are bright.

Kevyn peers at Keyte's hand, squinting when he's not able to see a mark on it, but he tries to sound sympathetic anyway. "Oh…umm, yes, my lady. That must have been quite painful." His grin widens at that last part. If she is joking, he chooses to believe otherwise. "I…I was thinking of joining the contest with the freeriders instead. There's no rule against it. They aren't proper knights, but they're older warriors. Might be…more sporting. More of a challenge. I was thinking."

Keyte bobs a nod for the sympathy re: her dolphin bite. Terrible creatures. "Oh!" She sounds surprised at the last, batting her lashes several times at the squire. "How very brave, my lord! Is it a habit of yours, to be so daring?"

"Umm…" Kevyn hesitates. But, when Keyte bats her lashes at him, he replies, "Yes! Umm. Yes, I suppose it is, my lady. Maybe." He clears his throat, and moves on so she can't dwell on the lack of conviction in that statement. "I don't know about brave, my lady, but I'm sure it'll be…sporting. I only hope the Seven bring me luck in it."

She laughs again, absolutely delighted by Kevyn's reaction. Keyte tilts her head, and reaches down to swish her skirts coyly. "I am certain the Seven shall favor my lord for his courage. And children shall cheer, ladies will swoon, and your knight perhaps find it in him to anoint you, for your success?"

"Perhaps, my lady." Kevyn looks decidedly bright-eyed at the prospect of finding such glory on the field. "I do hope I'm fortunate enough to do well in the contests. I…I'm told that some who compete find luck in tokens from…err…from those who cheer for them."

"Oh, yes, my lord," Keyte agrees, nodding cheerfully. "My dear cous did wear the token from his lady in the parade, even. You ought to find the most beautiful lady you know, my lord, and ask her for such! T'would be fine luck, indeed." Her brows lift, lending a rather… expectant skew to her expression.

"Yes, my lady, I…I suppose I should…" Kevyn fumbles a bit. "Umm…I don't suppose you've already…I'm sure any true knight would be proud to wear your favor, but if you've not given one yet than I would…that is, I can't think of any ladies I know that are as lovely as you." He attempts a joke, "Except perhaps your twin sister, of course."

It must be said that Keyte is not very good at feigning surprise. There's something about the little gasp escaping her that seems… premeditated. Feeling a blush rise in her cheeks, she twists a glance toward her handmaid, shoulder rising to meet her chin as she laughs again. "Why," she forces herself to look back to the squire, "I should think it a fine thing, if you would wear my favor, my lord. I do hope you don't intend on wearing the Lady Kesha's, as well?"

Kevyn shakes his head. "Oh, no, my lady. I don't think it proper for a knight to wear the favor of more than one lady. Not that I'm a knight yet, but…" He trails off. "I'm sure it'd bring me grand luck. And perhaps the luck of the dolphin, since the creatures seem drawn to you." For biting, but he doesn't add that.

Keyte's handmaid rolls her eyes in the background, whilst the lady bobs her head in a firm nod. "Just so." Her favor is a little ribbon rosette, golden and conveniently pinned to the bodice of her dress. Well, fancy that. She fusses to unpin it, hesitating before offering it over to the squire. "It's just for luck, of course."

"Of course," Kevyn says quickly, bobbing his head in a quick nod. "Just for luck, my lady. But I'll wear it proudly." He takes it and affixes it to his belt. Crookedly. He'll fix it when he notices it later. He's beaming as he puts it on, though. "I…I shouldn't keep you. I'm sure you have many important matters to attend to today. And I should practice. For the tournament. With the freeriders." That sounds like a slightly less awesome idea when he says it aloud again. But how badly could it go? "A pleasure to see you again, Lady Keyte. And I'll see you later. When I err…see you, at the tourney."

"Of course," repeats Keyte, aware of how awkward she sounds. Ugh. She bats her lashes again, blinking to regain her composure. Her smile returns, and she curtsies. "Oh, yes! With the freeriders, so brave. Good day, my lord, and good luck!" With a sweep of her hand, she gestures her little party onward once more, to the docks! Maybe she'll get bitten by another dolphin, for luck.

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