(121-02-11) The Pillowcase Strikes
The Pillowcase Strikes
Summary: Late night gardening becomes a comedy of errors. Also sexytimes. NSFW
Date: (11/Feb/2014)
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Warning! This log contains words and imagery that could be considered Not Safe For Work. Read further at your own peril!


Eastern Suite (Garvin’s) - Garden Isle Manse

This is the largest of the manse's suites. A large window on the eastern wall overlooks the Honeywine river, and beyond that, Lower Hightower Street. The window has a wide padded sill large enough for one to sit comfortably and take in the scenery. The room is decorated in greens and gold, with a frequently reappearing motif of a purple pansy in the paintings and needlepoint tapestries. Another pansy is woven into the green carpet that covers the floor. Vases of flowers sit on all the tables and are kept fresh with blooms and greenery. In the large sitting room are velvet-cushioned chairs and couches.

In the sleeping chamber a large four poster wooden bed rests in one corner, with a green and gold coverlet and lavish purple pillows. There are two wardrobes to match the bed, and a nightstand with an oil lamp painted with gilt-edged purple pansies. There is also a large vanity table with a big mirror of real silvered glass. The surface is strewn with silver and gold and ivory handled brushes and combs, as well as dozens of pots of fragrances and emollients. The wall that between the bedroom and the sitting room is equipped with a hearth that heats both rooms should it be needed.

Through a smaller arched doorway in the bedroom is a side room with a large, sunken marble bath, heated from below. Low benches hold various oils and perfumes, as well as fluffy towels and large natural sponges. The walls have mosaics of frolicking dolphins.

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