(121-02-11) Motifs For Mermaids
Motifs For Mermaids
Summary: Peri seeks to obtain some art of a very particular nature.
Date: 11/02/2014
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This squalid winesink never closes — somebody broke the front door, probably with an ax, years ago. It doesn't latch, and it'd not even a complete door. Bad weather can leak in through its broken edges. There are a few battered tables, and stools and benches or just empty barrels to sit on. The furniture, such as it is, doesn't match and is probably mostly stolen. It doesn't last long in here. The place has a dirt floor strewn with straw and rushes. They don't appear to have been changed for decades and they emit a dank smell.

The drink is cheap, the food cheaper, and the whores may be cheapest of all.

For a penny one can sleep, or do any other thing, on the second floor. It's drier up there. However, it is all one room and there are neither beds nor a limit to how many 'guests' are sold lodging there each night.

Peri is settled at a table with her back to the wall, legs folded, wearing a pale pink silk gown that really barely keeps her modest. A few red feathers are toyingly placed in her hair in the style of the Summer Islands. She seems to be going over some plans and resting.

Handfuls of layered clothing, cheap make and richer imports, are hitched up off the grimy stairs as Evallash makes her way down from the second floor. She's surrounded by a small throng of women less clothed and less clean; in fact, the Lorathi's intense presence is nearly blockaded from sight until the taller women are ushered off. She brusquely grabs the chin of a nervous-looking, emaciated redhead however and, gentling her touch, murmurs a few seeming words of encouragement before parting ways. Eva elbows a drunkard with barely a thought on her way to the tables.

Peri eyes Eva giving a soft whistle "Hello poppet, do you have a moment?" she asks, leaning back her silks threatening to expose her if she goes into better lighting. She is memorable : Dark skinned, wild haired, thick and busty. Also she was on Xhabo Duna's arm earlier in the day "Hello." she offers, sipping her rum calmly and shifting her papers to put some of them away.

Distant recognition and vivid curiosity spark within Eva's powerful gaze; a gaze which roves languidly as she considers Peri with an animal tilt of her head. Her sandaled footsteps barely pause as she sways her course to the woman's table. She leans on it 'til her elbows drop to wood, not a feat given her diminutive stature. "I have a moment if you have cause to take it," she responds in her heavy, lilting accent, a smile at the corners of her lips.

Peri smiles faintly "I might, settle down with me for a bit?" she invites, stretching her frame. "The redhead, you should feed her and claim her to be Essosi." she offers, calmly. She smiles brightly "I am needing a few favors in this city, I have a bit of coin."

"She is not my mouth to feed. But you, I see Essos in you," Eva answers, her earthly, perpetually slow-heated words also matter-of-fact, dismissive — more interested in Peri. She slinks her way into a rickety chair a mere pace from the woman. "Tell me of these favours you require."

Peri smiles "I require a statue of a mermaid for my bath house and possibly a mural painted." she offers, her eyes lidded as she reaches to touch along Eva's arm in a gentle slow movement. "I also possibly need something less artfully done, perhaps a small series of sketches of a lewd variety." she whispers, grinning.

While they speak, Eva's constantly breathing in details of Peri, learning more than what's spoken. It's with a widening, close-lipped smile that she undergoes this natural investigation. Dark eyebrows jolt up and fall. "Mm. Mermaids and muralllls," she contemplates in whimsy, "while lovely, are not my expertise. The other…" No doubt she can offer what Peri seeks; her smile becomes wily, self-satisfied. She leans closer but tips her head back, eyeing the woman under the ink and weight of her lashes as though from above. "A fantasy, a lover, or will they be of your beauty?"

Peri leans foreward "Find me someone, my dear?" she whispers, her weight shifting so her breasts spill lightly out of her gown, threatening indecency. "Of my body if possible my lovely. One for a captain going out to sea. My nickname is the homely whore, the cursed mermaid, and the drowned diver." she whispers "One is to a man who wronged me severely, and one is for our mutual clever friend who's great mind is a grand assett." she whispers, likely talking about Xhabo again "I can maybe find you coin, or pearls or give you a promise that you may visit my bath house when it opens for free."

"What is your name, mermaid? We will find means by which to draw you, art so enticing your sea captain will take one look and never think to wrong you as the one before. I will procure a room in daylight, somewhere with better windows…" Reaching as naturally as an old friend, Eva grazes the slipping collar of Peri's gown and wagers: "You will have no trouble sitting for such a sketch."

Peri reaches to touch along Eva's fingertips "No, I will be fine, I once posed for a wood carving in Lys." but she isn't Lyseni - she's too dark and large. She leans foreward to press her lips to the woman's cheek "I an Peri, my dear eel." she whispers, pressing her nose against Eva's chin, "A stolen pearl of Lys." she whispers - likely meaning a concubine no longer in a harem.

"A rare item. Often lost at sea." Eva takes warm and firm hold of the side of Peri's face as she eases back, a sliver of rare respect in the stroke of her many-ringed fingers before they slink back to the dark fabrics of her person. "I will make arrangements. Before your captain takes leave."

Peri eyelash flutters and leans to take time to kiss those fingers "How much payment do you require?" she whispers. "Xhabo's may be done at leisure as may the second." she offers with a soft grin.

Mention of Xhabo's prompts indulgent amusement across Eva's face — on top of the same expression already present for the kiss of her fingers. A faint thrum of laughter in her throat fills the silence in which she contemplates this business detail; a quick assessment, all told. She stretches with an arch of her back and, tugging a stray paper close to her on the table just shy of a stray drink spill, procures a utilitarian slab of a writing instrument from some inner layer of her clothing. She scrawls prices in trade shorthand. They're not exorbitant, all told. Simple pornography is, after all, among the cheaper services The Black Eel provides. "I will inquire of… murals, mermaids. I look forward to doing more business with you, where we will talk more of this bath house."

Peri leans over. "Always. I may have some lewd art to move soon, specifically jewelry." without warning the tall woman tucks coins into Eva's bustline and stands up "If you need me, I am easily found, or Xhabo may find me easily." she offers a tender kiss to seal the deal it seems, curves showing in their glory.

A seal most well-received and rewarded before Eva eyes Peri's departure and slinks, herself, off to the next arrangement.

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