(121-02-10) Wanton Wares
Wanton Wares
Summary: The Prince of the Undercity, Xhabo, and the Black Eel's right hand, Eva, discuss pleasurable business and keep an eye on Kai.
Date: 10/02/2014
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Thieves Market

A dingy, dirty little market square, packed nearly from wall to wall with people. The din of shouting and screaming and chatter is nearly deafening, along with the scramble and rush of people. Here one can get the sorts of things the well-to-do, law-abiding shops would not ordinarily stock.

Poisons, potions, philtres, smuggling items such as extra long boots, cloaks, rings with hidden compartments, and the things that were smuggled inside them. Exotic drugs, spices, wines from Across The Narrow Sea, jewelry, and stranger things besides. Whores of all kinds patrol the tight litle market, scantily dressed or not at all, the better to sell what they have to offer the good people of the Undercity.

The archway to the West allows one to escape the dingy little market.

The hour is late, and the cloak of night has enveloped Oldtown. Most of the city sleeps. Most of the city…except the Undercity. This is the hour when the shadier part of town comes to life, and the Thieves Market is open for business. Amidst the stalls, suspicious gentlemen in long cloaks, and whore plying their trade, one figure strides proudly. Xhabo Duna, the so-called Prince of the Undercity, makes his rounds. It is a common sight, Xhabo making his presence known as a matter of course to keep the peace and the money flowing. An appreciative pimp for whom Xhabo ruled favorable in a dispute presents him with a pale, shapely young woman. Xhabo looks her over, gently touching her cheek, and smiles. "Come by tonight, after midnight," he says, and nods to the pimp. One of the many perks of being Xhabo Duna.

A Lorathi woman eases from a dark edge of the square like a living, breathing extension of the Thieves Market; her sandaled feet follow the thrum of the undercity, her heated eyes rimmed blacker that night, the richer underlayer of her loose, flowing garb the colour of exotic spice. Xhabo strode proudly; Eva strides like she is at home, a stance that, itself, bears some pride. Her shoulders are held strong, but though one is bared to the pungent air of the market, her own skin is not what she is selling this night.

Nowhere in sight one moment and there the next, she slithers between the Prince of the Undercity and the pimp, a movement as flowing as the swish of her garb. To each man, she reaches with a many-ringed hand to their arms, a gesture as friendly as if she knows them both intimately. "Are you sure," her thick accented voice sneaks in, already in humour as she looks all the way up to Xhabo, "I couldn't offer you something," she judges the pale whore, "darker?" And she smiles. This, it seems, is her way of saying hello.

Kai slowly and quietly makes his way throughout the thieves market, bright grey eyes perusing the wares, he seamlessly makes his way through the crowds of people, drawing notice from none but the most astute men and women amongst the crowds. He slowly approaches a stall that seems to stock various descriptions of clothing items, particularly capes, multiple of which garner his interest. He casually ignores the sleezy merchant as he tries to sell things he has no interest in, instead taking the time to personally examine each of the dark-colored cloaks he has taken interest in.

The appearance of the Lorathi woman draws Xhabo's eye like a moth to a flame. He smiles broadly at Eva, and bows his head respectfully to her. "That is an offer I could never refuse." He does give the naked whore an apologetic look, though, and fishes a few coins from his pocket to place in her hand (which will surely be claimed by the pimp momentarily). "Another time, lovely." He turns his attention back to Eva, reaching for her hand for a kiss of greeting. "Business is good tonight, I hope?"

Eva lets her hand go lax, watching the greeting with a self-satisfied smile and half-mast eyes as though observing something considerably more lascivious. "Mmm," she ponders lowly in her throat, nodding her head sideways into a twist of her dark hair. "Yes; but it could always be better," she says frankly. "I have no time for indecisive men." Her head lolls, her eyes free to roam the market in example, though in lieu of a prior would-be client to pin blame upon, she only finds another man, browsing capes. She fixes back on Xhabo. "And yoourrrs?"

Kai points towards a rather long black hooded cape, with hidden compartments along the insides, "That one." he says simply, reaching into one of his coinpurses and removing the rather fair amount of coin, idly realising that the amount may well make him a target for the pickpockets watching his back, but he doesn't seem to care overly much, simply flicking the coin to the merchant and taking his cape, immediatly throwing it over his shoulder and securing it, now appearing far more at home in the thieves' market. He idly gazes about with a blank gaze, slowly pulling his hood up over his features, and then he walks off in the general direction of Xhabo, noticing how certain kinds of people seem to avoid the man, the same kind of people that he wishes to avoid.

Xhabo chuckles, gesturing around the square. "If the market is thriving, then so am I." Xhabo never discusses his own business deals with anyone but those he is dealing with. But the market itself is fair game. As the pimp concerns himself with his whore and the coins in her hand, Xhabo offers his arm properly to Eva. "Walk with me. Tell me what you are peddling tonight. You never know. Perhaps I know somebody in need of what you have."

Turning to be in step with him, she takes to his arm with ease — Xhabo, a giant, in contrast. It's just short of a lean, warm and casually clinging, far removed from any higher-born decorum, but there is a poise there all the same. She does not walk alongside the enforcer as a common whore. "You know I peddle best whatever sin someone seeks," she replies, haughty but only for fun's sake. "Some realize they don't have the stomach to pursue their desires. Others, if they falter, can be persuaded. Even you, Prince of the Undercity, would not believe some of the things I have persuaded men to pay for." She shows her dark amusement with a glance up, half-challenging, but adds for the sake of business this time, "I also have new … mm— illustrations." Which she pulls, folded, from who-knows-where within her fabrics. She catches a second, lingering glimpse of Kai as her gaze falls and rises; all visitors to the Thieves' Market are of potential interest to Eva, particularly those who make an effort to fit in. Those who don't want their presence known tend to be exactly her market. "To me they are silly," she continues, "I do not see the likenesses. I might yet use them for kindling."

Kai smiles slightly as the woman before him pulls items from nowhere, sparing her a glance as she walks besides Xhabo, but he chooses to turn his gaze forward soon after, lightly resting a hand atop the pommel of his larger falchion on his left side, one of three that decorate his hips. He continues to walk forward, intending to pass by the duo by a few feet, gaze scanning the crowds.

Xhabo laughs merrily. "I would most certainly believe that you could persuade a man to pay for just about anything. I know you better than that. But here, let me see these illustrations. Perhaps I would be interested." He holds his hand out, that he might inspect them. But his attention is truly on the man passing them by. Rather, it is on the superfluous collection of swords the man carries. He glances toward a blond-haired young man leaning on a nearby wall, and jerks his head after Kai. The blond nods and enters the flow of foot traffic, idly meandering after Kai, but keeping a respectable distance to try to remain unobtrusive.

Eva finds cause to laugh but holds it in; the expression skirts around the corners of her lips. A flicker of her attention goes the way of Xhabo's, but she draws no more attention to his tactics. "Mmm'of course. If you like a good joust." She hands the paper to Xhabo, luring it open to the detailed inked work with a twist of her thumb. "Perhaps you can tell me if they're meant to be to be knights. But who can know, without their armour?"

Kai continues to weave his way through the crowd as the blond-haired man whom follows him goes largely unnoticed, although he occasionally feels eyes on his back, which causes him to look back momentarily, but he sees nothing regardless. As he walks he peruses the wares in the markets, glancing towards a whore or two on occasion, but he keeps walking regardless, towards one of the darker corners of the market.

Xhabo holds up the papers, smirking at the depictions. "Ahh. They are certainly strong looking lads. Perhaps knights. Perhaps farmers. That's the beauty of art, isn't it? It can be whatever we want it to be. Do you draw these yourself, Eva?" His eyes flicker again to Kai, and the footpad he's sent to follow him. He steers his own path after them, but at a slow, casual pace.

Eva's unladylike "mmf" and further expressive wave of her hand dismisses the notion of art; perhaps she'd feel less judgmental if she'd sold more of the erotic pages. "Not these," she replies, momentarily brusque. Her small but solid frame leans slightly into the enforcer as his path subtly shifts. "Do you know that man?" She could be easily talking about the excited men in the illustration, but her eyes wander with half-interest beyond the paper.

Kai turns his head to the left slowly, and that is where he notices him, a blond-haired man ducking behind a crowd of people as he looks back, and this causes Kai to smile; he can do that too. When the blond-haired man next looks out from the crowd he had hidden behind, Kai is gone, and regardless of whether or not he pursues, Kai had already used the man's own tricks against the footpad, and as he emerges from a small crowd of people behind the man, he deftly lifts a coinpurse from one of the man's pockets, sliding it into his sleeve and continuing on his way, leaving the blond-haired man clueless. Of course, the only clueless person would be the blond-haired man, as that is the only person Kai could confuse, as for Xhabo and Eva, if they were paying attention they would've seen Kai suddenly step to his left and seamlessly join a group of walking men, which gave him a few moments of refuge before they started casting glances at him, wondering who he was. At this point, of course, he left the small crowd and joined another, and then another and soon enough he was behind the footpad, lifting the man's coinpurse and then continuing on with his day, a slight smile on his face, gazing towards Xhabo and Eva out of the corner of his eye.

"I do not," Xhabo says plainly about the man. "But we shall see, won't we?" He chuckles, furtively watching Kai slip through the crowd. He arches an eyebrow, noting how close he got to his tail. But the blond man hadn't keeled over dead, so it seems no great harm was done. "I suppose it would do no harm to say hello." He lifts his brow at Eva, then turns their path directly toward Kai, making no effort to disguise their approach.

"It t'would only be a kindness." How insincere she sounds, yet how ready Eva is for a greeting of the visitor, all smiles and smoky inquiring eyes not far removed from the beckoning of the market's many whores, were it not for her sheer intensity. There's a fine line, in this woman's body language, between welcoming and predatory.

Kai continues to walk for a few moments longer before noting that he is being approached by two individuals, one of which he finds quite attractive, so he pauses and turns to face them, choosing to wait for their approach. He pulls back his hood slowly and offers a slight smile, his smile and body language draws an even finer line between welcoming and predatory than the woman whom approaches with Xhabo, bright grey eyes and pitch black hair giving him a somewhat wolfish quality, a quality that he often uses against women, very successfully, although it has a tendancy to work on men too, apparently, as he has been learning. He simply stands where he is, hand lightly rested atop the pommel of his longest blade still.

Xhabo smiles warmly to Kai as they approach, even bowing his head respectfully to the man. "Good evening, stranger. I have not seen you here before. Allow me-…" He pauses, glances to his left, where a certain, flustered blond man appears from the crowd and gives Xhabo a wince. Xhabo gives the man another curt jerk of his head, sending him away. Shrugging, he continues. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Xhabo Duna. I could not help noticing your blades. One does not see many falchions in Westeros. I am intrigued."

"Man of many swords," Eva deems Kai in greeting, her voice slow and salaciously edged even where it need not be. She has no respectful nod; she simply stares up to the man's bright eyes with her own— from her much shorter stance. She slips just barely off her warmed spot at Xhabo's arm to near the stranger. "Tell me, have you found what you're looking for?"

Kai bows his head towards Xhabo as he bows his, raising it and speaking afterwards, "I am known as Kai, and I am of Westeros, which I hope sates your curiosity a little." it is quite easy to tell that his words are true as he speaks, his accent is an exotic blend of multiple Essos accents, making it difficult to tell where his origins are. He then turns his gaze to look down at the woman as she approaches, chuckling quietly as she asks, "I have now." he says with his most charming, slight smile, his voice matching her salaciousness, he sounds half-serious, as he usually does.

"A little," Xhabo echoes. "I admit more curiosity still as to why a man would carry so many, and hope that you are not eager to use them. Well…not here, at least." He smirks, giving the man a little shrug.

"Have you," Eva, though she smiles without modesty under the attention, challenges with a searching trawl of her gaze up and down Kai. She glances aside to Xhabo and leans her head in, as if sharing an inside joke: "And then there are the men who are too easily pleased once they decide what it is they want. The Black Eel offers no discount for a time cut short." A pause; distraction. "Speaking of…" A faint haze of motion beyond has caught the woman's attention, recognition sparking for a lurking figure who is neither Kai nor Xhabo. A promising scum of the earth customer on the prowl cuts their time with Eva short.

She retrieves the questionable drawing, sways her way between the men, and reaches with the intent to trail a touch over both of their arms, chests, in passing; more lingering upon Xhabo, but it's Kai whose side she curves toward. She presses the illustrated page toward his person, her voice hushing intently. "I can find anything you would want, man of many swords. Man or woman on or off paper, your darkest desires. Speak of Eva and you will find me."

Kai looks down at the illustration as it is handed to him, a brow perking up slightly, "Eva, huh? I'll remember that." he says, offering her a smile before turning his gaze back over towards Xhabo, apparently finished with playing around, "The amount of weaponry I have on my person is.. An ongoing experiment." he says, smile slowly replaced by his usual blank expression, "And do not worry, I have little intention of starting any fights in a place such as this.. Speaking of which, I suppose your tail would like his coinpurse back." he says, giving his wrist a quick flick, causing a small coinpurse to roll into his palm, he then softly throws it underarmed in Xhabo's direction, turning to watch Eva go afterwards.

Xhabo smiles to Eva, bowing his head and going to kiss her hand again as she moves off, his words following her. "So I will see you after midnight, then?" He chuckles, knowing full well that he most likely will not. But the game must be played. He turns his attention back to Kai, catching the coinpurse with an amused laugh, and promptly tossing it right back to the man. "Keep it. You earned it. If he has a grievance, I will compensate him." He sends one more fleeting glance after Eva. "She really can do as she says, you know. Your darkest desires can be yours. She has a talent for it."

Peri is walking, graceful as the breeze, hair done in a loose, elegant braid, with green and blue feathers tied in her hair (Peacock tail feathers) sporadically. The woman seems content to browse, looking at jewelry, holding a basket. She blinks a bit, towards Kai before moving towards Xhabo. "What brings you down this way Kai?" she asks, pausing "My darkest desires? Oh my Perhaps I should talk to her." she whispers, brow waggling as she takes a red feather from her basket to touch Xhabo's arm lightly.

Kai watches Eva's back as she walks off, eventually looking back at Xhabo, "My desires are not something someone can obtain for me, sadly." he says, catching the coinpurse as it sails back at him and securing it on his belt, then sparing a glance towards Peri, a slight smile gracing his features once more, "I desired to peruse some of the wares about." he says, idly gesturing towards the stalls, whores and other such things about him, "That said, I could ask the same of you, what brings such a fine young woman to a place such as this?" he says, although he has some idea now, as the woman touches Xhabo's arm.

"If you say so, but I've seen her work some miracles." Xhabo chuckles, not pressing further. He clearly shows more interest in the fact that Peri knows Kai. "The two of you are acquainted? Very good. Kai was just demonstrating to one of my men how to properly move unseen." He gives a smirk. "Tell me, Kai. What do you do?" He gives Peri a smirk at her feather-play, and puts an arm around her affectionately.

Peri takes a moment, reaching into her basket "I found something valuable yesterday while I toiled." she holds up a few slightly grey pearls in her hand, allowing for a view. "I am needing appraisal and perhaps I have desires that need to be tended. I am no fine woman." she leans towards Xhabo. "Kai is a trouble maker from what I know. I've hit him before."

Kai shrugs slightly as Peri speaks, "I am branded a sellsword, at the very least, although I have had many different past occupations." he says, turning his gaze back over to Peri, "I would argue that the cat did the hitting, but it doesn't particularly matter." he finishes, turning his gaze back over towards Xhabo, "I have heard of you before, albeit briefly. Tis' a pleasure to finally make your aquaintence."

Xhabo smiles, spreading his hands in a congenial gesture. "I aim to please, and I am happy to know that my reputation precedes me. So, what is this trouble making?" He glances from Kai to Peri and back again. "Are you wild and impetuous? Too quick to kill? Or perhaps just fond of practical jokes?"

Peri is quiet, leaning comfortably on Xhabo's side "The latter seems applicable." she admits, her fingers shifting to twine with Xhabo's. "I know everyone in town from the lowest to the highest to some degree. It makes me useful and keeps me safe."

Kai slowly tilts his head to the side after Peri more or less answers for him, "At the very least, quite a few noble men and women quite enjoy the sight of me confined in a pillory." he says simply, slight smile unshifting despite the somewhat disturbing sentence. Few escape the pillory unscathed.

Xhabo nods contemplatively, stroking the gray hairs on his chin. "I see. That must be difficult for you. You have made many enemies among the nobility, then?"

Peri is quiet "I'm sure. If you would just calm down you'll do well." she offers "I need to fence these pearls today though. I spent yesterday diving in the deep water for them." she offers with a bright grin.

Kai shrugs slightly at Peri's words, "I imagine Lord Garvin would have more than just an arm in a sling if I wasn't calm, Peri." he says with a calm smile, then turning to look back at Xhabo, "Well, it's more like some nobles really like seeing me without pants on." he finishes, chuckling quietly.

Xhabo slides a hand down to Peri's, lifting it for a kiss. "We'll find you a buyer. We'll go see Osward and get them appraised." He gives Kai a final nod, chuckling. "Who can blame them? Glad to have met you, Kai. Perhaps our paths will cross again." He offers his arm to Peri to lead her off into the market.

Peri is quiet, walking with Xhabo, closer than she would with other locals, but not seedily close. The woman is content and calm.

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