(121-02-09) Ten Points from Kai-yndor
Ten Points from Kai-yndor
Summary: Kai encounters an overgrown bat.
Date: (09/Feb/2014)
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Starry Street

A small, relatively quiet residential street, leading to the prestigious Starry Sept of Oldtown. The manses of the pious (and rich) line the street, clustered in the Sept's shadow like children around an old, decrepit grandfather. The Sept rises skyward to the West, dominating the street. The famous Maidenday Gardens are spread out opposite the Sept's seven towers. To the East is the Starry Street Bridge with its seven arches and the multitude of seven-pointed stars decorating its stonework. It spans the Honeywine to connect with Hightower Street. To the North is the long stretch of Sphinx Street, and the towers of the Citadel at its end. The the South is the Guildhall Row with its somber, semi-fortified halls and guild-owned docks.

There are banner-poles along the street, with banners depicting the Seven-Pointed Star in gold, on a white field. The street is quite immaculate, in spite of the heavily worn cobbles, smoothened by the treading of the pious, on their way to the hallowed ground of the Starry Sept.

Artorian is not garbed as the typical septon. Instead of spotless white, he's in flowing robes of black, his cowl thrown back as he swoops down the Starry Sept's marble steps, a sneer fixed on his unpleasant features. The robes flap about behind him, like the wings of some overgrown bat.

Kai finds himself walking along, directly behind a merchant, staring at the man's coinpurse. As he slowly closes in on the foreign merchant, he reaches out to grasp the man's coinpurse, but then suddenly pauses, turning his gaze up towards the marble steps besides him, which he had only just noticed. He squints up at them silently, realising that it probably was not the greatest location to be stealing peoples money, and then he tilts his head to the side, taking note of the bat-like man, "Spooky." he says simply, not sounding particularly spooked at all.

Artorian turns his small, cold eyes upon the would-be cutpurse, upper lip curling in a slight sneer. "You there, what's your hurry?" As the merchant stops, Artorian casts a quick glare and waves a dismissive hand at the man, before stepping in front of Kai. "What would a fine, upstanding citizen such as yourself be doing skulking after honest merchants? Someone might think you're…up to something."

Brynden makes his way along the street now, whistling a little to himself as he walks along. His steps seem to take him near to the sept, although he may not be quite aware of that fact at the moment.

Kai looks the old man up and down shortly, allowing a slight smile to grace his features, "I find that funny, coming from an old man dressed like a bat, a large, ugly bat." he says, smiling at the man as if he were a pure child.

Artorian looks Kai up and down, his sneer deepening. "My attire is hardly any of your concern. Or is it that you fear bats? Only the wicked and the sinful need fear the creatures of the night. Are you wicked and sinful, young man? Perhaps you should go into the sanctuary and offer a prayer to the Maiden."

Kai perks his head up slightly, looking about with a rather impure looking face, "Maiden!? Where?" he asks, dusting himself off quickly so that he may recieve the woman that does not exist, ever the gentleman.

Brynden comes to a stop, hearing the discussion now. So he remains where he is, watching it happen for the moment. Expression still a bit distant.

"In there, you fool," Artorian says, sweeping a long-sleeved arm up toward the Sept. "The Maiden stands with the other six, as always." He narrows his dark eyes, lip again curling in a sneer. "Are you addled, or simply drunk?" He spares a glance for Brynden, but since the man doesn't look particularly sinful, he returns his attention to the sellsword.

Kai looks back towards Artorian, now smiling slightly once more, "Neither, I simply enjoy playing with bats, tis' all." he says, "Especially religious ones."

Brynden offers a polite nod to Artorian s he sees that glance, before he looks over to Kai again, raising his eyebrows momentarily as he listens now.

Artorian looks down his rather large, hawkish nose at Kai. "Playing…with bats? I see." He crosses his arms over his chest, giving Brynden a curt nod. "Very well then. Play."

Kai frowns slightly, "Start flying." he replies curtly, looking up at the man and his large nose.

Brynden grimaces as he listens now, shaking his head momentarily, before he starts making his way onwards now.

Artorian snorts then and rolls his eyes. "I do not fly for your amusement. Clearly, you do not know how to play with bats after all. Pity."

Brynden heads on down the street now…

Kai slowly tilts his head to the side, "Would you rather I feed you some fruit and pet your head?" he asks, running a hand through hair that is already beginning to grow out again, despite his reservations, although it isn't exactly a bad look, all things considered.

Artorian face shows contempt and no small amount of distaste. "Why would I want you petting my head?" he asks snidely, arms dropping to his sides again. "I do believe you are addle-pated. Are you hungry, my child?"

Kai looks up at the moon briefly, judging the time since he last ate, "Depends on what you want me to eat." he says, looking back at the septon blankly, deciding that a snack could do him good, although he doubts the man will actually give him any.

Artorian reaches his right hand up his left sleeve, pulling out a tiny pouch of coins, which he tosses at Kai's feet. "What you eat is not of my concern. But let it not be said I sent a simpleton away without a coin or two. Go and find a tavern and get yourself some soup. Do try not to spend it all on ale and wenches. And when next you kneel before an altar, pray your thanks to the Mother for making me so generous."

Kai turns his gaze downwards slowly, examining the coinpurse for a moment before simply turning away, "I refuse." he says simply, beginning to walk away without the pouch.

Artorian's scowl slowly morphs into a glare, and a small growl builds deep in his throat. "Ungrateful gutter swine," he mutters darkly. He watches the back of Eonn for a long moment, then swoops down to snatch up the purse again, before turning and stalking up the street in the opposite direction, his long robes flapping like a bat's wings again.

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