(121-02-09) Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Cake
Summary: Peri is eating cake and planning her new enterprise. Keyte joins her.
Date: 09/02/2014
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Good Queen's Cake House, Hightower Square

This is an elegant place, with broad steps that lead up from the Square to a floor that is ten or twelve feet above street level. Two men in gleaming armour guard them.

There are tall arched windows with lace drapes to frame them. Delicate carved and silver-leafed chairs and tables set in front of them, allowing patrons to sit in comfort and look down on the people in the square.
The entire place is decorated in silver and pale blue, with the image of Good Queen Alysanne and her dragon Silverwing worked in wherever it can be managed — the pair are in tapestries on the walls, carved into the backs of the chairs, and painted on the ceiling and the window-arches.

The Cake House is a favourite among those too genteel to visit taverns, and among well-to-do women who prefer not to host their friends at home lest it be noticed that they're not as rich as they'd like to seem. One cannot get a proper meal, but any number of cakes and dainties and fancy fruit and cheese plates are served, along with wine and sweet drinks.

Peri is quietly settled at a table, taking her time to take a bite of cake. "In Oldtown I cannot put a statue of the love goddess it would be insulting." she mumbles to herself.

Keyte is just coming in, her guards surely left outside such an esteemed establishment, but her handmaiden following. Past Peri's table they walk, the lady side-stepping and offering a quick quip at the snippet of mumbling overheard: "Assuredly, it would." Her eyes are bright and warm, a note of approval in her tone.

Peri blinks "Hello my lady Tyrell, would you care to sit with me?" she asks, looking over sketches of beautiful mosiacs. She seems very calm and in a good mood. "I could very much use your opinion my good lady." she offers, chipperly.

Mustering a smile equally bright as her eyes, Keyte tilts her head in acceptance of the request. "But of course, miss. It should be my pleasure!" She doesn't even need to gesture, her handmaid pulling out a chair for her to sit in, and taking one up herself in silence at the lady's bidding. "I trust the day finds you well, miss Peri?"

Peri smiles a bit "Yes, it does, my lady. Did you like the apricot preserve filled cake?" she asks, her voice is gentle. "The cake here is very good, the sweet wines are lovely. I tried the Dornish cake and wine combo and its very good." she offers, "Do you like this outfit or this one better?" both are silk, sexily draped outfits, one in jade green and one in a sea smoke color, flattering to all body shapes, one has a slit down the middle of the blouse and the other has a halter cut. "I am opening a bath house. My tastes are admittedly foreign."

"My, yes, thank you," Keyte responds, her smile only growing. She folds her hands neatly atop the table, offering up a tidbit conversationally: "My gentle cous is married to a Dornishwoman. And aye, the cake here is superb, my fortune this isn't my first visit despite being so newly arrived." The lady turns her attentions to the sketches at Peri's bidding, brows creeping high in consideration. Her fingers uncurl to trace a patter just above each one, not touching them but following their lines carefully in the air. "How exquisite," murmurs Keyte, somewhat surprised. "You're opening a bath house? My congratulations, miss."

Peri mms a bit "There are few things one can do once fired from servitude. I'm ready to settle down and have babies and love them wholly so I do not think prostituting was in the stars for me." she whispers. "I could do both uniforms. Which one is marrying a dornishwoman? Ser Laurent is marrying a northern woman, and Lord Garvin is breaking a Targaryen's heart." she offers, absently. She offers a bright smile "I don't know enough of your family I apologize." She takes out a sketch someone did for her, of a large soaking pool "I only have to take a small loan due to my ability to drum up coin, which is nice." she offers again honestly. "Something that bothers me : Do you believe me that my husband is not abusive and treats me nicely?"

Keyte outright laughs at the absent mentioning of her more noteworthy cousins; she takes care to keep the sound low and undisturbing of nearby patrons, mind. "I mean neither of the two," she explains, "But rather my cous of House Oakheart. — I do prefer this one, I think." She's pointing to the halter-cut. As for husbands, Keyte blinks, thoroughly confused. "I couldn't say, miss. I know absolutely nothing of your husband, save that he's Iron-born? It would be as foul for me to pass judgment on that as for… well. I don't quite have an analogy, I think, but it's not for me to say. It bothers you?"

Peri smiles "I appreciate that." she offers, expression soft. "Other people decided he was horrible and abusive to me, despite the fact by all accounts - I think he's been very gentle and kind to me over the years." she offers "He'll probably leave me though, which is alright due to the uncomfortable tension between us now." she offers, smiling. There is visible gratitude on her face for Keyte. "When my doors open, I want you to come and enjoy my hospitality." she offers honestly "Do you like this mosiac?" she asks, showing a Valyrian-styled sea-dragon mosiac with elegant water flowers, the second has a topless mermaid -kept modest by her tresses petting a dragon's snout at the water's edge. Her inspiration seems to be Valyria.

The Tyrell girl's smile is gentle, a sympathetic thing. "I must say, I do not look forward to being wed," is her rueful takeaway. "I'm not entirely sure a visit to a bath house is entirely seemly, much to my regret," mourns Keyte, but there's a twinkle in her eyes that suggests perhaps, just maybe, she might find her way there anyway? She regards the next round of sketches, eyes hanging long on the mermaid, but it's the lone dragon she eventually points to. Her tastes seem to align with the least lewd, probably unsurprisingly. "Your credit-worthiness is a most fortunate thing! I'm most certain you shall prosper. And when you are a rich woman, you'll remember me?" The words are only half-jest, delivered with an amused twitch of her smile.

Peri chuckles "I may see if I can get the mermaid in my own chambers. We'll see how the coin goes." she offers, voice soft. She blinks "Why would it be improper to go get a proper bath and soak with other women for private enjoyment and casual conversation?" she asks. She looks baffled "Its not like I'm running a brothel - I'm running a proper bath house." She smiles "The legend of the mermaid and the dragon is my favorite legend from Essos." she admits. "A wounded wild dragon landed exhausted at the edge of a lagoon in some unknown land and the beautiful mermaid with her silk spun hair and flawless skin nursed it back to health. The dragon was so taken by her beauty that he stayed for many years, protecting her lagoon." she offers, softly.

There's no reply for Peri's bafflement, save for the creep of Keyte's brows to agree: just so. The Westerosi woman listens quite rapt to the tale of the dragon and mermaid, though, her ears pricked. She's interested in the exotics, is she. "As should I, were I a dragon with a mermaid to oversee my care. What a marvelous tale, miss. Is there more to it? Chapters where bawdy sailors sought to steal the mermaid, mayhap, to be thwarted by her dragon protector. Did he leave in the end, their companionship undone by a maid fairer than she?"

Peri smiles "I'd have to find a book. There are many variants of the stories, in some he flies off and she dies of heart break. In one, he coaxes her out of the water and they become the first nobility of Valyria. In another, she is caught in a net and whisked off and he dies of heart break." she whispers, softly, "There are more variants in Essos than stars in the sky - every city has its variant. I'm no bard or I would spin this so much better, The song version of this tale - I heard it sung when we sailed near the doom. I fell in love with the tale then, as we watched the frigtening red skies and got battered in the raging seas."

"Magnificent, all of them," breathes Keyte, captivated by the tales. "Oh, but the things you must have seen, miss! I am well and truly and honestly jealous. Are the skies ruby-red, near the doom? It's true? And do men throw themselves overboard, too afraid to stay aship in the fray?"

Peri closes her eyes, taking a sip of her wine "The skies are ruby red, angry and whorling. the lightening is louder and harder than anything you've ever felt. The wind is stronger than the fiercest storm I've lived through. You can hear this horrifying booming throb. Some men go mad from the fright. It is true."

Her face animated with rapture, Keyte finds herself leaning forward as Peri describes the tale. "It sounds positively terrifying." And somewhat exhilarating. "And you simply sailed on by? What did you do, whilst men about you were losing their wits for fright?"

Peri blushes a little bit "I tended my Master until he fell asleep, and then I went topside and prayed for mercy. we lost our mast but miracuously made it to the Slaver's bay." she admits, voice gentle as she watches the girl "That was the day I realized I wanted to have children - free children to love and spoil." she admits. "We sailed the long way back, and I was captured by Riker when we came around to head for Casterly Rock to sell silk, I was granted my freedom then." she takes one of the small cakes on her table to pop in her mouth.

Impressed by the feat, Keyte blinks a few times, her expression softening in a generic sort of way — she doesn't quite share the yearning for children, mayhap. But the rest is impressive! "My, what luck," she speaks, leaning back in her chair. "And now you're here. From the very doom itself to a fancy tea house in Oldtown, perusing sketches for a bath house you're to open. What a truly fascinating tale!"

Peri smiles "I've been everywhere. I like the summer isles the best. The women are so gorgeous." she smiles "And I was treated like a goddess made flesh because of my stature." she admits, blush showing.

"I've been to Highgarden," mumbles Keyte, all too aware of how unimpressive that is. "And now, to Oldtown. I'm a terrible rider, I'd rather travel in a carriage. Or on one of those grand ships harboured in the docks. I was lost just the other day, and found my way down there. Oldtown is a wonderful place to explore."

Peri smiles sheepishly "I have trouble riding horsies. I never learned when I was young and only got to try it recently. I don't like horses." she mumbles, softly "I like going sailing. If you can find a small boat, I can sail us around the sound and bay sometime. I've manned the lines on the Homely Whore for years." she admits, grinning faintly.

"Smelly great beasts," agrees the Tyrell, with a wrinkle of her nose. "Skittish, too." Or maybe that's her. Either way, it's mutual dislike for horses at this table. "Oh, but I should like that. I shall have to enquire!" The cogs are turning, for sure. "You were a deckhand on the ship, then?"

Peri smiles a bit "I am a person who doesn't like sitting still when I can be protecting myself and those I like." she offers, honestly. "I did the deck work voluntarily, and the fishing." she offers, smiling a bit. "This bath house, I admit to being excited. It will be hard work, but I will be able to dress in silks and be half dressed all day and I can bathe anytime I wish." she admits, sighing wistfully.

"I should think I would want for things to do, cooped up on a ship all day long," Keyte replies, her own version of understanding. Deck work seems a bit of a stretch for what constitutes 'something to do'. "But of course! To be the master of your own destiny, so to speak. And it's lovely to find pursuits that we enjoy, is it not?"

Peri smiles "I know you don't understand it, but, Slaves in Essos have no freedom over when they have babies and if they do they don't get to bond." she admits. Her voice is soft. "I was fired from your house because of my past as a slave concubine." she offers, voice gentle, expression looking down. "Ser Laurent said so. So I think, I need to apologize to you for being in such a foul mood and nasty to you. I had no right and you are a good woman." she offers, bowing her head.

Keyte spends a long moment pondering Peri's words, taking them onboard. And finally, she shrugs, dismissing the apology as much as it's a gesture of helplessness. "I cannot speak for my lords cous, of course, it's not my place to question their comings and goings. I'm a woman, of that you have the right. Sometimes good, sometimes horrid, but placed well enough that I've the luxury to be less-than-perfect on occasion. I'm terribly lucky. And I do hope you shall be too, with your bath house." She's merry enough, matter-of-fact.

Peri takes a moment "I an grateful. I have been spoiled, and iron men have different traditions, mannerisms, and ah.. well they don't have much in the way of etiquette so my manners are taking a while to repolish, its been ten years since I was allowed to be polished and soft!" she offers honestly, smiling brightly. "This is the first time I've been on the greenlands for so long since I became a woman."

"You're doing quite admirably," Keyte shares in praise of Peri's repolishing, her smile coming easily again. "And I do so enjoy your stories, miss Peri. I really ought to be on my way just now, though. It was so lovely to sit with you awhile, and see your sketches. I look forward to seeing your bath house open for trade!" Her handmaid is already up, hands on the back of the lady's chair ready to pull it out.

Peri offers a smile "Be safe my dearest lady." she offers, blush showing as she stands up, offering her hands to Keyte to help her up politely "When my bath house is open, you can come in and get a proper bath and soak and we can talk while lounging with wine." she offers, grinning slightly.

"I do so love wine," Keyte replies, a hint of wickedness from her smile creeping into her tone. "Seven keep you, miss!" And she's up, and off, a polite nod from her handmaid to Peri as well.

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