(121-02-07) Business in the Square
Business in the Square
Summary: Hightower Square is the site of businesses endeavors of all sorts.
Date: 07/02/2014
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Hightower Square - Oldtown

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and fair.

This is a broad cobblestoned square, ringed by grand buildings hewn from stone. A massive fountain, also hewn from the same strong grey stone, stands in its center. It is wrought in the form of the Hightower in miniature. A tiny flame burns at its peak, and crystal waters pour from its base, pouring down the stony pedestal into the mirror-smooth pond below.

Stone benches offer places to sit, vendors cry their many wares, merchants ply their trade, and all around one can see the finely-dressed Oldtown wealthy meandering about. There is a pleasant smell of cooking food in the air, tingeing the ever-present smell of the salt sea, and a hint of perfumes and spices.

To the West, the Hightower street leads away. To the South, the archway to the Beacon Boulevard rises. To the North, with the Watch House standing alongside, is a stretch of street leading to the Beacon Gate and out to the Roseroad beyond. The cobblestone market square is quite clean and fresh, with nary a sign of any beggars, street rats, or grimy peddlers hawking stolen goods. The buildings here are in pristine condition.

Late afternoon finds the crowd in Oldtown's market square thinning as shoppers hurry home to the families. Dressed in a functional pair of sturdy trousers, well-worn boots of dark leather, and a wool shirt worn beneath a velvet doublet in the vivid purple of House Dayne, Ser Osric may not stand out were it not for the sword. Though his attire is not at all martial, he nonetheless wears a greatsword slung at his back, and no sword at his hip. He meanders from stall to stall, obviously not accustomed to doing his own shopping, but with the air of a man who is enjoying the change in his routine.

In contrast to the stiff manner in which this man peruses, there's quite a raucous shopper at a booth furhter along in the market. The general theme is that this particular customer appears to be very exacting with what she intends to purchase, and the seller doesn't seem to understand the subtleties of just what the problem is! The customer in question happens to be a blonde woman, dressed in a fine long gown of dark red. It's cinched about the waist with a wide belt of black leather, and the long sleeves wave around as the woman gestures awkwardly to the wares she wants to discuss!

Osric's eyes, a deep violet, are drawn to the source of the commotion. He looks away quickly, but as the exchange draws on, he looks again — this time for longer. In a moment, his feet are carrying him that way. He walks with an easy confidence, approaching the stall without hesitation, but also without urgency. He steps near, taking a moment to appraise the situation before he interjects. "My Lady Targaryen?" It's a guess — he doesn't recognize her. But she looks the part. "May I be of service?"

Kai comes from Hightower Street.
Kai has arrived.

"I was very specific in my request! I was promised two vials of a pigment from the Summer Isles, here, at this very booth, today! However, it is not here, and now my vision is in jeopardy!" While Rhaesantha goes on like this, the poor woman at the booth can do little but look mortified as a Targaryen claims that the agreement isn't being lived up to, even though it could be as simple as a storm delaying the shipment!

"No doubt it is a simple mistake, Milady," Osric says with a nod of his head. Sympathetic eyes flash to the shopkeeper, but return quickly to the highborn lady at her stall. His voice is soothing, his presence calm, as he goes on. "Is there perhaps another purveyor of pigments," he asks, "Who could accomodate your needs?"

"The only reason I come to this place is that it is the only port aside from King's Landing to receive these goods! It is the place where the maesters themselves come when they desire the finest supplies for their own endeavors. Though perhaps…" The indignation showed toward the clerk is dropped, suddenly, and the lady starts to smile a bit. "Perhaps they have some that I might use!"

Isyndra comes from Hightower Street.
Isyndra has arrived.

Osric's eyes light when Rhaesantha mentions the Citadel, and the Dornish knight nods his relieft. "Just so," he agrees. "No doubt the maesters of the Citadel would be happy to help a Targaryen lady." He turns away from the shopkeeper, a subtle suggestion that he and Rhaesantha walk away together. "I was going in that direction myself," he says with another shallow inclination of his head. "Would you do me the honor of allowing me to escort you?"

<FS3> Isyndra rolls Music: Great Success.

The merry sound of an upbeat tune floats into the square. Soon the golden haired figure of Isyndra can be seen wandering in with slow graceful steps. Her fingers deftly pluck the strings of the well crafted lute she carries with her. There is a smile on her face as she plays coming to a stop near the center of the square and strumming out a merry dancing tune. She taps her foot to the beat of the music and offers those who pass her by a warm and gentle smile.

Before deciding, Rhaesantha takes a moment to regard the gentleman in detail for the first time. "I fear I may be at a disadvantage, for while you clearly know who I might be, at best I can only call you a Knight of House Dayne. Purpure field, sword and star. Though, perhaps that sword you wear means something special to your house?" There are some things she can recall from being brought up with the benefits of the finest maesters, heraldry among them.

Kai was slowly trailing a merchant through the crowds, weaving by obstacles, hand outstretched towards the man's coinpurse… And then the man stops walking, and turns his head as music sounds throughout the area, suprised, Kai bumps into the man, and as he does so, manages to fetch the man's coinpurse, swiftly sliding it into his sleeve, "Watch where you're going!" he exlaims, putting on an angered face for a moment before turning away, calmly walking away. At this point, he turns his gaze over towards the source of the music, letting out a quiet sigh.

"My apologies, My Lady," the Dornish knight says. And he seems to feel it — his tone is regretful as he introduces himself. "I am Ser Osric Dayne," he says, with a nod of his head that could almost be a bow. When he straightens, he meets her eyes to add, "And you have the right of it. The sword is indeed of some significance to my House." He says it with a humility that makes him seem almost reluctant to speak of it, though not at all embarrassed that she noticed. "It is my great honor to meet a lady of high House Targaryen."

The tap of Isyndra's foot slowly morphs into a dance. As she strums the song out on her lute she spins around on her left heel and sways her hips to the music she makes. The tune slows slightly becoming more teasing and playful and her movements match it almost perfectly. She tosses her golden hair back her feet and hips moving together in a playful rythem. She spots Kai watching her and with a smirk she dances over circling around him and she continues her song and dance.

Rhaesantha bows her head a bit in regards to Osric. Though she doesn't quite say it, her expression clearly suggests that it should be his pleasure! "Not just any lady…the Lady Rhaesantha. And I suppose it would be nothing less than doing your duty to accompany me, hm?" She doesn't seem to mind much, and now that introductions are made, she seems alright with leaving the market to obtain the ingredients she requires.

Ser Osric's eyes drift for a moment to the woman playing the lute — how could they not? She is possessed of a rare skill. When his gaze returns to Lady Rhaesantha, he nods his agreement. "Just so, Milady." He falls into step with her, letting his stride match the smaller woman's seemingly out of instinct as his eyes travel the path before them. "A fine day to come to the square," he comments as they begin to walk away. "It's rare in any city to find a street performer with such skill."

Kai keeps an expressionless face as the woman approaches, and as she begins to circle him, he closes his eyes for a moment, letting out a brief sigh, and then reopens his eyes, a slight smile gracing his features as he slowly begins to follow the movements of the girl, slowly twisting about as she circles him, and then, at a point in which the song which she plays picks up, he enters the dance, foot sliding forward and hands crossing behind his waist, he circles her as she circles him, feet sliding along the ground, his breathing calm as he moves, what he is doing isn't dancing, exactly, but are movements one would use in battle, but one would not be able to tell all too well, as to him, battle and dancing are one and the same, his movements smooth and quick, he doesn't push the advance too much, and eventually closes his eyes, simply feeling his way along, despite this, his movements become better, rather than worse as he moves with the woman.

Isyndra gives a delighted little smile as Kai begins to dance with her. They circle each other and the young performer dances forward advancing on Kai and once she gets close enough to touch she spins away skirts flying as she twirls around him the notes on her lute winding down slowly. Her movements also slow as she dances back towards her partner hips swaying playfully. As the song ends she comes to a stop in front of the man smiling as the final note has her spinning out a slow and final time. Her skirts fan out and then flutter down as she comes to a stop. Lute in one hand she drops into a graceful curtsey for the small crowd that has gathered to watch and offers a sweet smile to Kai.

"Indeed, she may be possessed of some measure of talent! But then, it would be a sad city that allows its bards to lack musical talent." Rhaesantha says that quite matter-of-factly! "I myself have considerable talent on the harp, and am a fair singer to boot. However, I restrain from performing in the streets, so that anyone might simply…begin to dance with me!" She has stopped long enough to watch the beginnings of the show there in the square!

Kai spins with the woman as the final note comes, matching her movements almost perfectly, albeit with a more masculine approach, he bows as she curtseys, eyes slowly opening as he stands up straight, so that he may take in her smile, he smiles right back at this point, bright grey eyes seeming alight, and then he speaks, "Tis' a pleasure to meet you." he says to the woman across from him, believing their dance to be a better introduction than any.

Osric's slow nod of agreement speaks volumes. It's unthinkable — he would never dance in the square with a woman he doesn't know. But it's also impressive, in a whimsical sort of way. The shadow of a smile curls one corner of his mouth as he pauses alongside Rhaesantha, and he applauds Isyndra's efforts softly once the show is done. He drops a hand to the small coinpurse that hangs from his belt to toss a fairly generous tip Isyndra's way. "Indeed, Milady?" Rhaesantha's musical prowess seems to impress the Dornishman, raising one of his dark eyebrows. "A woman of many talents. I myself never managed to acquire a talent for music — though I have a deep appreciation for it."

"The pleasure is mine and thank you. You make an excellent dance partner." Isyndra replies to Kai with a warm smile. One hand deftly reaches up to catch the tip thrown her way and she turns to look at Osric with that warm smile. "Thank you kind Ser!" She calls out to him before she looks back to Kai lowers her voice once more. "Well now I have a bit of money to spend on drinks…you are welcome to join if you wish provided I can get your name? I am called Isyndra." She smiles at him once more looking up with deep blue eyes shining with a playful curiousity.

Rhaesantha has a light and easy laugh. "It's not as if I could learn the art of the sword! Rather, I've got the art of art, the art of music, and books upon books. You are dispossessed of musical talents in the same way I'm dispossessed of martial talents!" As the musical show comes to an end, Rhaesantha even offers a little fingers-on-palm clap to the bard.

Kai chuckles quietly, running his fingers through his hair as he speaks, "It would be my pleasure to join you.." he says, pausing so that he may look into her eyes with his own bright grey ones, an experience that many women find rather intense, "I am known as Kai." he finishes, looking her up and down momentarily and then speaking up again, "Isyndra.. Tis' a beautiful name." he says, then motioning for the woman to lead the way, "You lead, I shall follow." he says, making his previous statement seem quite casual.

"A keen insight," Osric agrees, nodding his head for emphasis. "Though Milady may well possess an aptitude for the blade, were she to apply herself, I am grateful to live in a time where she is not forced to." As the small crowd of Isyndra's admirers begins to disperse, the Dornish knight turns once again in the direction that the pair was walking before their interlude. He gestures that way with an open hand as if to say, 'shall we?'

Bright grey eyes meet deep blue as Isyndra looks up at Kai. Her own gaze is quite intense and a light pink blush rises in her cheeks as she holds that stare. She smiles warmly at his comment on her name. "Thank you Kai. Come I think I spotted a tavern not too far from here. I just arrived in Oldtown recently so I find myself still learning of the best spots to drink." She turns on her heel and heads down the street hips swaying as she walks gracefully away trying to remember where she saw that tavern.

Rhaesantha gives a polite nod. "We shall, so long as you swear to protect me from any bandits who would seek to steal my considerable talent…excepting, of course, that with a blade. Because we live in a time where I'm not forced to use it!" Holding her arms close about her stomach, leaving the long sleeves to hang in front, she sets off with the knight in no particular hurry in the direction of the Citadel.

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