(121-02-06) Lord Pansy Spanked
Lord Pansy Spanked
Summary: Late night homoerotic dueling
Date: Date of play (06/02/2014)
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Tourney Grounds

The Tourney Grounds stand just outside of the walls of Oldtown. There is a raised platform of several levels for noble viewers, with space for comfortable chairs and little tables to be set in place, and tall posts for canopies to be hung to keep the sun off. Not far stands the great board where the lists are kept. On the far side of the grounds rough tiered benches are available for the smallfolk, and past them there's a flat field for the knights to erect their pavilions in the grass.

The long log rail for the jousts stands right before the Lords' and Ladies' platform, with the space for the melee just beyond it. The archery butts are mounded at the Southwest edge of the grounds, where a great meadow of purple-red fireweed spreads off into the distance. The rough little narrow road to Blackcrown cuts through it.

Daevon's giving the target dummy a run for its money. He's hacking and bashing away at it with a poleaxe, intent on destroying it. There's very little finesse about him today as he vents all of his fury and frustration upon the inanimate object.

Garvin rides in on his palfrey, his squire and four of the Tyrell guards hustling to keep up on foot. Not that he's riding particularly fast, his horse at an easy amble. He reins where the horses are generally left, then slides down from the saddle and adjusts his ridiculous wide-brimmed hat, looking around the grounds for someone in particular.

Kai seems to have found himself atop one of the benches near where Daevon hacks away at the target dummy, he leans back as he sits, gaze slowly turning towards the new arrivals, he stares towards them for a moment before turning his gaze back towards Daevon, and from there the stars.

Daevon smashes the weapon into the dummy and then kicks it for good measure. He's been at this for a while. He just ignores the sound of hoofbeats and continues to rain down destruction.

Garvin catches sight of Daevon, his eyes lighting as he makes his way across the field toward the practice dummies. "Ser Dae!" he calls cheerfully, his guards hanging back a few steps to avoid his flapping cloak. "What are you doing to that poor…." His voice drifts off when he spots Kai as well, his steps faltering for a moment. Then he takes a deep breath, draws his shoulders back, and strides forward again with his chin lifted, as arrogant as he can manage.

With one last blow Daevon decapitates the dummy, the head flying off into the air. It's only then that he turns around, to look at Garvin, his breath coming quickly. "There was no one to spar against." As if that explains it all, which it doesn't. "Lord Garvin."

Kai closes his eyes at the mention of Garvin's name, running a hand through his now short hair, which he had cut in the morning, as he had some difficulty getting all of the shit out of his hair. He reopens his eyes after a moment, gazing towards Garvin and Daevon as they converse.

Garvin breathing is a bit quickened by the time he's near Daevon, eyes stealing over toward Kai frequently. "Why don't you—?" Then the dummy's head goes flying, and Lord Pansy instinctively ducks, even though it flies in the other direction entirely.

"Spar with me," Daevon says. It's almost a command. He strides over to where his sword is, exchanging his poleaxe for that blade.

Garvin takes a step or two back, raising his hands. "I don't have any armor, and I don't think I like your mood. What's happened? You were so cheerful this morning." He suddenly turns toward Kai and shouts, "Say it! Go on then, Laurent's not here, the City Watch isn't here." He waves his guards back further, narrowing his eyes at the sellsword. "Go on, say whatever you want to say to me. I give you free license to speak your mind without reprisal, this once."

"I'll take off my armour too then," Daevon begins to unbuckle the leather armour he's wearing. It comes as second nature to him. "Then fair's fair." He doesn't really want to talk about it it would seem, not here in public. He just casts a slight glance towards Kai.

Kai looks Garvin up and down slowly, and then calls out, "You can't spank for shit." he says simply, then going back to staring up at the stars and such, eyes tracing a falling star.

Garvin frowns then, his brows drawing together. "That's all you have to say?" He lets out an exasperated snort then, unfastening the cloakpin and tossing his cloak to his squire, who has finished with the horse and hurried over. "Very well. If you ever desire to give me lessons in the proper method of spanking, do let me know." His right hand darts out sideways, eyes never leaving Kai, and his squire quickly pulls on a long, leather gauntlet, soft and supple in the hand, but thicker and stiffer over the wrist. As he turns toward Daevon at last, he draws out his rapier, waterlike ripples glimmering along the Valyrian blade.

Daevon sighs at Daevon's words. "It would seem that he's already learned his lesson in holding his tongue. Don't provoke him." With his armour cast off and his blade in hand, he looks at Garvin, waiting for the other man to make the first move.

Kai smiles slightly, watching Garvin pull on the leather gauntlet, bright grey eyes ready to examine every little movement as the two fight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daevon=blades Vs Garvin=blades
< Daevon: Great Success Garvin: Success
< Net Result: Daevon wins - Solid Victory

Daevon's a blur of motion. He's extremely fast, especially when not weighed down by armour or a shield. His blade is like lightning as he works on testing Garvin's defences. He's not aiming to win, just to see how good Garvin is.

Garvin shakes out his left arm, then lets his squire pull a gauntlet on that hand as well. With another huff, steps toward Daevon, then takes a sideways stance, lifting his rapier up in a ready pose. He gives Daevon a quick nod, then waits for the attack to begin. It comes on with sudden swiftness, and Garvin is driven back a step at a time, his lighter blade swishing through the air in quick, graceful arcs, as he tries to fend off the knight's blows. He manages to catch most of them with his rapier, but he's losing ground and not getting any strikes in himself.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Garvin=Blades Vs Daevon=Blades
< Garvin: Great Success Daevon: Success
< Net Result: Garvin wins - Crushing Victory

Daevon actually rarely bothers to deflect with his own sword. He generally prefers to move, to dance aside. Of course he doesn't have a waterdancer's training, or their sense of style. His glee becomes evident as Garvin actually proves himself to be an adept swordsman. Maybe he underestimated, maybe he's met his match, but it's Garvin's blade that makes the first touch. He gasps for breath, smiling now. "You're good. Again?" But before he can go for the next bout a messenger waves him over. "A moment." And he goes off to speak to the man. "I need to go." He says quickly, looking a bit panicked. "We'll do round two later." And off he dashes.

Garvin is breathless by the time the battle is over, his face flushed and a grin on his face. "You're excellent, Ser Dae!" he says with glee, panting softly. As the knight goes dashing off then, Garvin gives him a nod and raises his rapier in salute, as his squire rushes in with a wineskin. Lord Pansy takes a quick gulp, then turns toward Kai again. "Well?" he asks, his sword held downward now.

Kai looks up at Garvin as he approaches, having watched every second of the fight, playing each movement over and over in his head, thinking about how he would defeat them. What greets Garvin is Kai's usual emotionless face, with the change of short hair and a thin goatee, which he had been growing out previously. "What is it you expect from me, exactly?" he asks simply, bright grey eyes almost seeming to glow in the darkness.

"Expect?" Garvin says, slowly walking closer, his left hand waving for his squire and guards to stay well back. "I expect you hate me now, perhaps even desire for some revenge upon me. I know I would, had I been treated as you were." He turns sideways again, flicking his rapier in a quick motion, cutting invisible letters in the air. "So that is what I expect…but not what I want."

Kai gazes towards the man silently, and then shrugs, "Alright, then let me make this easier for you." he says this with a smile, and then suddenly all pretense is gone, his eyes which are so bright, seem to be so dead at the same time and he speaks in a slow, monotonous tone, his face expressionless, his words seeming to chill the very air around them, "I am going to kill you." he says this simply, and that is all he says, he doesn't make a single movement, simply staring at the man.

Garvin turns back toward Kai, the sword falling casually to his side. "No," he says simply. "You're not going to kill me. I know you want to now, but that's only your anger and your wounded pride. You've every right to feel that way, after what I forced upon you. But let me offer you an alternative." He turns again, bringing up his sword for a few more swishes and arcs. "I'm fair with a blade, but know nothing of fighting with my fists. Teach me. Sell me your sword, come into my service as my instructor, and you can you teach me how to fight." He pauses, arm still high, to turn his head back and look at Kai. "You'll have coin in your purse and the satisfaction of beating me senseless every day. Wouldn't that be more satisfying than simply killing me?"

Kai gazes towards the man silently for a few moments, and then tilts his head to the side slightly, "My pride was taken and grinded into dust a long time ago." he slowly rises to his feet as he speaks, "Although you are right about one thing." he says, fingers wrapping around the grips each of his two shorter falchions, drawing them in succession, spinning them about in his fingers so that they are held correctly, "The anger is suffocating." he says simply, cold eyes staring into Garvin's own.

Garvin stands his ground, though a quick shiver runs down his spine as the falchions are drawn. He lifts his chin higher, giving his head a quick shake. "Put up your weapons, Kai," he says in a soft but commanding voice. "You don't want to kill me. You'd have to kill not just me, but my guards as well, and I don't know that you'd be fast enough to kill us all before my squire could run for more hands." He slowly lowers his own blade again. "I'm a Lord Tyrell. Kill me, and what you experienced on the pillory will pale compared to what they'd do to you. I'm offering you the chance to better both yourself and me as well. Put your anger to good use, don't let it be the excuse to throw away your life."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Blades Vs Garvin=Blades
< Kai: Good Success Garvin: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Kai slowly lifts his right falchion, pointing it forward, and towards Garvin's throat, "I'm good at taking punishment." he says, taking up a side stance similar (I think) to Garvin's own, his hips twisted to the left as he left foot slides back, the sword held in his left held out to his left. He takes a deep breath in, and then suddenly he is no longer there, dirt kicking up where he had been a moment ago, he charges towards Garvin at ferocious speeds, and as the distance between them is closed, he raises his right blade, and then brings it down atop Garvin, his other weapon moving in sync as he launches a flurry of attacks, his weapons seeming to move as one, his breathing calm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Garvin=Blades Vs Kai=Blades
< Garvin: Good Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: Garvin wins - Marginal Victory

Garvin rapier whips upward, and he's hard-pressed to block both blades, his boots sliding backward in the grass as Kai presses foward. All mirth disappears from his eyes, his expresion growing serious. All his master's training floods through his mind, as he begins dancing lightly, whipping sideways, darting back to land a quick, flat-bladed blow against his opponent's ribs, then hopping back and to the side. "You're fast," he hisses between clenched teeth. "Now stop."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Blades Vs Garvin=Blades
< Kai: Good Success Garvin: Good Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Marginal Victory

Kai grunts softly as the flat of the blade hits his side, but he inhales slowly, keeping his right blade pointes towards his opponent, and then exhales calmly, dirt kicking up behind him once more as he bursts forth sharply, directing a thrust towards Garvin's left leg, quickly followed by another slash with his left falchion, an onslaught of attacks quickly following, all of them directed at the man's legs, that which allows him to move so fast.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Garvin=Blades Vs Kai=Blades
< Garvin: Success Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Marginal Victory

Garvin flinches at the cut to his leg, dancing backward again with the slightest limp. Gritting his teeth, he finds himself slashing at the oncoming blades, hopping and sidestepping to avoid more slashes to his legs. He's fast, but not quite fast enough to counter and avoid both falchions at once, and a pained grunt escapes him when another slice is scored across his left thigh. "This isn't what you want," he says breathlessly. "Look at me, Kai." There's no time for any attacks of his own now, he's having enough trouble just defending himself.

<COMBAT> Garvin has changed weapons to Valyrian sword.
<COMBAT> Garvin has changed armor to leather jerkin.

<COMBAT> Kai will attack Garvin this turn. Options: called=Right_Arm
<COMBAT> Garvin will attack Kai this turn. Options: called=right_hand

Kai steps forward, attempts to bring one of his swords about and slice into Garvin's arm.

Garvin springs forward as well, going on the offensive again and sweeping his blade at Kai's right wrist.

<COMBAT> Garvin attacks Kai with Valyrian Sword but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Garvin with Broadsword but MISSES!

Kai grunts as his blade is parried, barely avoiding the strike sent towards his vunerable hand, he steps to his right, attempting to bring the right blade down on his left arm this time.

<COMBAT> Kai will attack Garvin this turn. Options: called=Left_Arm
<COMBAT> Kai has changed stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Garvin has changed stance to banzai.
<COMBAT> Garvin will attack Kai this turn. Options: called=Right_Hand

Garvin's upper lip curls as he presses the attack again, jerking his left arm back and slashing at Kai's wrist again.

<COMBAT> Kai attacks Garvin with Broadsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garvin attacks Kai with Valyrian Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Garvin has been KO'd!

In the final moments of their clash, Kai's right blade cut's along Garvin's left arm, along the bicep, and then as it heads towards Garvin's chest, a blow that would no doubt be lethal, he twists his wrist, and instead of the edge of the blade slicing into the young Lord, the flat of the blade does, tis' at this moment that Garvin's blade slices along his right wrist, and he barely has enough time to lower his arm, and then lift his left blade, bringing it up and sending a horizontal cut that would no doubt slice right through Garvin's throat, but he stops once more, the blade hovering an inch from the man's neck, and then he simply stops moving, staring into Garvin's eyes with his own.

Garvin cries out in agony, his left harm falling limply to his side, blood flowing freely from the open wound. His breath catches in his throat as Kai's blade I poised so near, and his right arm slowly lowers his rapier. There's fear in his eyes as they lock with Kai's, but something more as well. "I yield," he says, voice raspy. The guards are rushing forward, but Garvin had sent them so far back, they won't arrive in time to save their lord's life. "I beg your mercy. Grant me my life, and I'll grant you something else."

Kai allows the razor sharp edge of his blade dig into the side of Garvin's throat for a moment, drawing the smallest amount of blood before he softly pulls the blade back, slowly sheathing the other blade, in his right hand. He then grasps Garvin's shoulder roughly and spins him about, hopping back momentarily so that he may grip his falchion with both hands, raise it over to his left like a baton, then slamming the flat of the blade against Garvin's rump hard enough to stop him from wanting to sit down for a week. He doesn't wait longer than this and immediately hops back, sheathing his blade swiftly and then turning to his left, sharply breaking out into a sprint, heading towards Blackcrown Road, panting quietly from their fight.

Garvin winces at the slice, but manages not to flinch. He does flinch at the smack to his backside though, letting out a surprised grunt. When Kai turns and begins running, Garvin falls to one knee, right hand going to his left arm. "Stop!" he calls when his squire runs to his side and the guards jog after Kai. "Let him go, men. I'll need you to take me home and send to the Citadel." They slow, but don't seem to pleased to break off their pursuit, allowing Kai to escape.

Kai runs out of breath half-way, but since nobody seems to care, he slows to a jog, quite fatigued after his fight, "Where is my horse?" he wonders out loud, heading towards the Blackcrown Road.

Garvin's squire fusses about his arm, leaving Garvin free to wipe the blood away from his throat. He keeps his eyes on Kai until the man is out of sight, as the guards return and form a wide knot around him. "I'll have him yet," Garvin says to no one in particular.

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