(121-02-05) Naked Justice
Naked Justice
Summary: Gromm and Kai are stripped bare and whipped in the pillory of Oldtown Square.
Date: Date of play (02/05/2014) IC Date: (02/05/121)
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Oldtown Square

This is a small cobblestone market square, packed with people from all walks of life in Oldtown. Food vendors offer sizzling, toothsome-smelling dishes, and peddlers offering every sort of thing one can possibly buy with coin line the cobbled walkways, with carpets, weapons, wines, scrolls, armor, cloth, tools, cookware, and myriads of cheap trinkets sure to please.

There is a general babble of voices and chatter as the city folk try to negotiate with the sharp street vendors of Oldtown, and the occasional scuffle as the City Watch snatch up pickpockets and cutpurses from the crowd.

There are some worn stone benches here and there, and grassy swards for the smallfolk to gather upon. In the center of the square stand a set of four heavy wooden pillories, where wrongdoers are frequently held fast for public punishment.

The pillory stands in the middle of the square. It is made of heavy wooden planks on posts, with holes for securing the head and hands of those being subjected to its punishment, and big iron locks. There are actually four of them here, in a row. They're of a height that an adult will be bent over when locked in place, mostly forced to look at the ground, and helpless to do much in the way of self-defense but kick backwards and probably wrench his own neck and wrists in the process. The devices look old, and the wood is stained nearly black.

Gromm would be sitting within the square upon a bench, two men who appear to be friends of the massive man stand close by, the three appear to be talking about various topics, switching from one to the other occasionally. For once the giant of a man isn't necessarily doing anything wrong, just being… Civil.

That likely won't last. The rhythmic thumping of feet in formation is heard long before the formation of eight watchmen led by Marc enter the square, led by a young woman it seems whom points out Gromm to the leader before he nods to her and hands her a few coins before she runs off. The men spread out at a gesture from Marc before they approach Gromm and his two friends. "I would ask which of you three is the one named Gromm, but I don't think that's necessary, is it?" The watchman looks plainly at Gromm himself, the description is kind of hard to miss.

Garvin is making his way slowly through the crowded market, with his very pretty servant at his side, chattering away as he always does. "Soaps and candles and…Do you think I should get her a brush and comb and mirror, perhaps? She has very lovely hair. Or would she take that as an insult, somehow? I don't know what to buy a woman. They're…imposssible!" He catches sight of gigantic Gromm, a shudder running through him as he steers well clear of that area.

"I don't see how she would take a compliment to her hair as an insult my lord…when people praise my hair I'm always quite flattered but then…I'm not a woman so maybe its different with them?" Rhaen replies as he walks beside Garvin with a soft little smile on his lips. He spots Gromm and the watchmen surrounding him with a frown and looks to his lord curiously. "My Lord is that the man who insulted you?"

Garvin smiles and reaches out to lightly stroke his hand over the top of Rhaen's gorgeous hair, then quickly remembers himself and drops the hand to his side again. "Who?" He looks over again, one brow rising when he sees the Watchmen surrounding the mountain and his two friends. "Oh my," he whispers, gaze darting to the pillory, then back to Gromm. "This won't end well at all. But yes, that is the very beast. Laurent must have spoken to Lord Hightower this morning." He edges a little closer, trying to see through the milling crowd, but still a safe distance from the brewing trouble.

The watchmen appear ready. Nervously so, perhaps. They're armed, mostly with hammers, and no matter the fact that they're young men, they at least look fit. And there are a lot of them.

Uh oh. Mikhal enters the square from the north carrying himself with his confident swagger. His cold blue eyes gaze out across the square looking to the guardsmen and Gromm. He does not like what he sees - but lets the 'arrest' happen. Hoping that things will not come to violence. But knowing that such hope was specious at best.

Kelinyx slides into view within the grouping, and it is something she follows, something invisibe, that has her eyes autofocusing on the crowd but her ears guiding until she arrives near Garvin and his petted companion.The soldiers are not beyond her notice, but for now she sidles up with the Lord and Rhaen. Quietly, she would indicate toward the scene for them to notice, if they did not already.

Gromm growls, bringing himself to the feet. They look fit sure, but they're standing in the presence of a massive beast of a man, who looks as if with his bare hands alone could do significant damage to the eight watchmen. The two sailors accompanying Gromm step up, "Wha's it t'you? Eh?" Barks out one of them, but not before another one protests as well, "Y'lookin' for t'ouble?! Eh, kid!?" Gromm speaks up though, to stop the two vile looking people from embarrassing themselves further, "Shut up. What do you want, guard?"

Rhaen smiles and blushes a bit as his hair is petted. He looks over to Gromm and the guards watching the scene unfold nervously and biting on his lower lip. Kelinyx gets a nod and a little smile from the blond before he look back to the spectacle on the square. He nods to Garvin's words and looks slightly worried. "Do you wish to stay and watch this my lord or shall we carry on with our business?"

Marc does slightly have to look up when Gromm gets up, the giant being taller than him, but he hardly looks bothered by the display of strength, or by the words spoken by the two sailors. The young watchmen around him may be nervous, but he doesn't show it if he is. "Gromm, you're under arrest for threatening the person of the Lord Tyrell as well as disturbing my Lord's Peace in Oldtown. The pillory…" A cant of head to said device, "Is to be your home for the night. Will you submit or will you resist? Either way, you're going." The Watchman's words are spoken clearly for the square to hear. His own weapon looks to be a wooden club fitted with an iron grip and bands to make for a formidable bludgeon. It is brought to rest on his shoulder as he waits to see what Gromm will do.

Garvin notices Kelinyx, his eyes brightening when he looks downward. With a smile, he pats the young boy on the head and nods toward Gromm, whispering, "They're arresting that…creature. I cannot decide if I hope he offers no resistance or puts up a fight and ends up bloodied and battered." He nods to Rhaen, eyes flashing with excitement. "Oh, we're staying, more certainly. Here, take a few coppers and buy as much fruit as you can." He doesn't wear a purse on his belt, because that could be easily stolen. Instead, he shoves his hand down the front of his codpiece and brings out a fistful of coins, ignoring any shocked stares he might get. He counts out a few coppers for Rhaen, as well as a few for Keli as well.

The slender girl keeps near Garvin's side and watches the coins go out, then nods her head, willing to take up the task with Rhaen for them to accomplish together. "Let's go!" she says to the young man, "I know the best vendor a few rows down!"

Rhaen takes his share of the coins and nods to Kelinyx with a warm smile. "Very well, lead the way then. I'll be right behind you." He moves to follow the young girl glancing back to Garvin with a little smile as he hurries off to get the requested fruit.

The giant of a man raises his right brow, frowning lightly. "I'm under arrest? For threatening lord Tyrell?" He'd pause for a moment, looking to the two men acting as his companions, "Go away." he commands, they'd pause for a moment, as if wanting to stay but soon think otherwise, walking off, though muttering to each other in a blatantly suspicious manner. He'd look back to the guard, "I'm under arrest you say… I was hardly threatening them, rather I was voicing a concern. They speak of the only friend of my city as if she's some sex toy for their use and that they have all rights to fuck her each-which-way they want. Then they began insulting me, I only did the natural thing and called them out on how they're a bunch of blubbering cunts, I even went as far as to try and be somewhat nice to one of them. Then the knight threatened /me/, saying he'll have me beheaded. I simply told of him how once I took off a mans head, and then had his head shoved up his ass. That lead to more threats, but what I said to him was not a threat. It was a challenge. And this is what I'm met with? The city guard?" He'd pause taking half a step back as he begins calling out to all of the oldtown square, "Is this what the honorable pig-knights of House Tyrell do? Hide as they send the city guard to do their dirty work for them? And go back to spending half their families coin trying to get a girl to let alone let the damned ugly bastard take his pants off? I had thought that those people that are 'high'born were more honorable, but if this is what honor is I am no man of it!" He'd stop yelling out to everyone, glaring down to the guard, "You want me? Fine then, I won't resist, lets go."

Garvin's eyes light with glee, though he resists the urge to rub his hands together like a cartoon villain. As the other two go off, Lord Pansy stays outside the ring of Watchmen, his grin slowly turning to a scowl as Gromm speaks. He holds his own tongue though, nose wrinkling at the giant's words. Better to wait until the beast is safely locked in the pillory before hurling any insults of his own. And fruit, as soon as Rhaen and Keli return.

Mikhal stands with his arms folded watching the spectacle with disgust. He reserves his opinion however - perhaps waiting until after the sentence is passed to take action.

Some of the guards in formation behind Marc, in fact, most of them, look relieved. At least a bit. They try to maintain blank, stern faces.

Marc watches as the other two depart before he says, "I don't know what happened, only that I was commanded to find you for what they say you did, Gromm. Challenges are a matter for the Lord… not the Watch. Come on, lets get this done." The Watchman turns as the others form around Gromm, herding him towards the pillory while Marc leads onward. His eyes pick out Garvin from the crowd, but any others will wait for now.

Kelinyx frowns slowly, looking back over her shoulder as she heads out of sight of the event, though this seems hard on her. She hurries, darting between around and sometimes under people or things to reach her destination. It's a small man who looks a bit like the potatoes he sells, but along the side of his little cart are buried gems, apples, pears, even a few quite ripe if not too ripe peaches. Keli selects an apple for herself (and a potato), and then loads up on whatever he will give her of the fruit for the rest. Gathered all up in some burlap, the little thing trundles forward carefully with her load of goods, urging to Rhaen, "Hurry, I don't want to miss anything! This seems…funny."

Gromm nods in agreement to the young guardsman, although he looks quite upset. Not necessarily sad or angry, perhaps dissappointed? The two men who were earlier with Gromm would return, but not alone. They'd mosey over to the bench where they earlier were at with about seven others. They're all big men, but not nearly as big as Gromm himself. They're anything but subtle or sneaky as they stare, watching the guardsmen with cold gazes, as if they're ready to jump them at any given moment. Once Gromm nears the pillory, he'd look to it, lowering himself to his knees so he can actually fit, he seems disgusted by the device but gives no verbal protest as he silently prepares to be locked down by the Pillory.

Surprised at the large man's acquiescence Mikhal waits for the inevitable glee of the crowd - and to see whether he can detract from it somewhat. He does not seem to like the pillary.

Rhaen selects a few apples and pears along with a peach for himself. With a faint smile to Kelinyx he nods and begins to head back to Garvin. He hurries moving quickly with surprising grace back to the lord's side. "We have the fruit my Lord." He lifts his handful of apples and pears with the peach sitting atop the pile. "If my lord doesn't mind..may I have that peach for myself?" He blushes a bit and looks hopefully at Garvin.

Marc glances as the men return with friends, a frown to his lips but he turns back to the business at hand, as Gromm kneels into the pillory, Marc makes sure the device will fit and not choke the large man. It's a tight fit, but it's possible. The Watchman locks the pillory with a simple iron lock before looking to the square as a crowd seems to be gathering. "This man is to remain here till the sun rises tomorrow for threatening the person of the Lord Tyrell and disturbing my Lord Hightower's peace." As he steps away from the pillory, some of the watchmen give him a slightly confused look but he gestures for them all to step closer to him, leaving the pillory wide open for the inevitable throw of fruit and other things.

Garvin's eyes light again when Keli and Rhaen return, lips curling in a gleeful grin. "Hmm? Oh yes, feel free. What, they're not going to whip him? Well, I suppose that really would be too cruel. He is only a wildling, after all." He doesn't reach for any of the fruit himself, but nods to his two companions. "Go ahead. It's the only way he'll learn his lesson."

Kelinyx sighs a bit as she watches the orders manifest, and distracts her sympathy somewhat with a bit to eat. She holds the apple in both hands and chews steadily, a bit quiet, withdrawn but not unengaged. This is strange to her, though, and it shows, even as her fascination has her working for a better vantagepoint. "My thanks, Lord Tyrell," Keli adds.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm stays silent as he's fastened down into the pillory, he shows visible signs of discomfort when he's set up but remains silent all the while. Oddly, he seems used to this treatment. Under the tension of having to bend like this to accompany the likings of the Pillory, what's left of Gromms shirt tears, literately falling to expose his entire back showing that he has practically no more room for whip lashes, except for a small patch of skin near the nape of his neck. The men at the bench cringe when they see his back, as if remembering something horrible, they become more and more anxious and riled up.

Rhaen frowns a little looking to Gromm and then to Garvin as if conflicted. He really is a gentle soul and he even though the man insulted his lord he doesn't wish to make things even worse. Shifting the fruit to one hand he picks up the peach with his other biting into it with a soft hum of appreciation. He licks his lips to catch a bit of juice the escapes his mouth and takes another bite his expression pleased. Apparently he likes peaches.

It seems a quiet and fast argument is done amongst the watchmen, and then Marc's voice can be heard, "Yes, I damn well know what was called for. I just don't like imposing it when they come willingly. Keep an eye on his damn friends." The watchmen finally break up, the majority moving to keep between the pillory and potential interferers. In Marc's hand is held a whip. As he nears Gromm again, he notices the whip marks and he shakes his head before uncoiling the whip and without ceremony, sends the lash over Gromm's back.

*Held fast in the pillory, <OOC> Gromm says, "YES I LOVE YOU MARC"*

Garvin pats Keli on the head again, but manages to refrain from petting Rhaen. Instead, he starts to move toward the pillory, but freezes when the whip comes down on Gromm. Lord Pansy flinches and looks away, color fading from his cheeks. "I can't watch this," he says, turning his back on the pillory. "Keli, don't watch, shut your eyes. A lady shouldn't see such things."

When Marc's back is turned, a couple of the other watchmen sneer at him. More of them seem grave about it, though. They all, at least, obey.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm would be silent, seemingly oblivious for the most part as to what's about to happen. However, Gromm would hear the whip finish unfurling, but not before he could manage enough to speak out before this back is lashed. Gromm yells out in a mixture of pain, surprise, and some other emotions, making for a vile, horrid roar. Tears swell in his eyes as his silent, calm demeanor changes to as if he's fighting for survival, his expression shifts to that of one that's horrified. The massive man struggles in the pillory, his body shaking as he kicks his legs back violently. The men, once they hear the yell jump to their feet, "Wha' th' f'ack?!" One of them cries out, when that same sailor begins to charge the other would grab onto him, as if struggling to keep him from attacking Marc, "Le' him go!" He screams. The group of men appear to be sharing Gromms sorrow, their horrified by the sight, but they don't dare do anything most likely in fear as to what else would happen to him.

Mikhal watches with a gaze that could freeze water and reduce a shadow cat to a whipped cur. The excess of the public spectacle is disapproved of almost ironically by the large man with such a reputation for brutality. He paces up behind Marc pushing aside the two guardsmen. A silent grim wall behind the man. "Excuse me captain…" he says in his cold voice.

Kelinyx looks pale, troubled, but when Garvin touches her and urges her turn away, she looks up at him and absolutely nothing is on her face. She is utterly neutral. "Yes, let's go," she agrees, the apple untouched in her left hand, the others that had been set aside left.

"Stop!" Garvin suddenly shouts, turning and forcing his way to the front of the crowd. "Captain, that is enough, I implore you. I do not wish to countermand Lord Hightower's orders to you, but I cannot in good conscience allow this man to be whipped any more. Please stop now, and if his Lordship is wroth, let it be with me." He can't bring himself to look at Gromm now, his eyes locked on Marc.

Kelinyx watches quietly, her eyes unblinking, her body still like an unattended, dangling marionette.

Marc has only let a few lashes go before Mikhal, Garvin, and the other sailors protest the treatment. He turns to look at Mikhal, simply returning the man's gaze before he looks to Garvin at his words nodding to the Lord before he looks back to Gromm. "I was ordered to whip the man… I was never told how many lashes." He recoils the whip, throwing it to the watchman he received it from. He looks to Mikhal and says, "Step back, man. He'll be released to his friends in the morning."

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm would yell out with each lash he receives, becoming more and more distressed with each moment. "Stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorr-" He'd be cut off as the final lash comes down, yelling out loudly, once he realizes it's stopped he falls as limp as he can within the pillory. His breathing is heavy and he's… Sobbing? Yes, he's a sobbing mess. He simply stares downwards, it's all he can do. The men at the bench grow more restless and more restless, they're outraged, sad, there are many vary expressions on each of their faces, still struggling to keep themselves from throwing themselves towards the guards.

"Perhaps you were ordered to do so - but the man willingly gave himself over to the pillory without having been told he would be whipped. This is an abuse of process. Fraud followed by force. Perhaps if he ahd fought your actions would be merited. Were you ordered to lie to him about the nature of his punishment?" Mikhal takes the lawyers path, "I am a former King's Justice and not a kind man - but Lord Ormund will hear of this if it does not desist." He's hoping that the passing of the whip means that it has stopped.

Garvin lets out a breath of relief, reaching down to see if Kelinyx is still nearby, as he finally focuses on Gromm's face. The glee that was earlier in his eyes has softened to something more like pity, and he sighs again, shaking his head. He spares Mikhal a curious glance, then signals for Marc to come closer, hand sliding down the front of his codpiece again.

The small thing had turned back when Garvin did, so now Kelinyx is near the front of the crowd, able to see enough, to see Gromm's face, to have to look down after that. She listens as the men make clear that, once it all was satisfied, they could speak up, and she grunts quietly as if to punctuate the moment.

Marc nods in grim agreement with Mikhal and says, "The pillory and a whipping were all that was called for. And punishment becomes cruelty when it seems to harm more than just the person it was intended for." He gestures in the direction of the sailors before he notices Garvin's signal and he steps away, speaking to one of his men as he does so, the man and a partner hurrying off to carry out whatever command Marc gave to them before he draws near to Garvin. "My Lord?"

"I will remain here until he is released," says Black Mikhal leaving the pillory. "Taking note of who throws fruit so I can point them out to our large friend here later on." Mikhal's expression seems to indicate he finds the whole process unclean. He stops to whisper something to Gromm before finding a place beside the stand to recline sword across his knees - watching.

Garvin's hand pulls from his codpiece his hard…handful of silver stags, which he offers to Marc. "You did your duty, Captain. Tell me your name, so I may tell Lord Hightower how pleased I am with your service." Mikhal's words draw a quick frown, but Garvin chooses not to address the man just now. His free hand (the one that wasn't digging coins out of his junk) comes to rest on Keli's shoulder, keeping her close, as he again gives Gromm a look of sympathy. To Marc, he asks, "Will the other cur be whipped as well?"

Marc nods to Garvin and says, "Marc is my name, my Lord. And thank you. I try to be fair, but orders are orders… and yes the same was ordered for the other one… once I can find him… would you prefer he simply be locked in the pillory and spared the whip?" He glances back to Gromm as the two other watchmen return with a bucket of water and rags… he nods to them and gestures to Gromm before he looks back to Garvin. The men approach the pillory, and begin to soak the rags in the cold water before placing them on the whip cuts. Not exactly a healer's touch, but better than leaving them open.

Kelinyx looks down and away, uncomfortable being anywhere near the place or person where lots of eyes are, but this probably has more to do with her childhood on the street than anything untoward. She just waits for it all to be over, still, inactive.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm grunts, moving in place as if struggling to get away from the men as he hears them draw near. He's clearly terrified, a surprising sight for such a vicious looking man. He grunts in discomfort ones the rags are placed upon the lash, once he realizes that's all they're doing he calms down ever so slightly, slight enough to not really be noticeable.

Garvin's eyes flash with sudden wicked glee again, and he has to fight to keep from grinning like a villain. "Oh no, the other dog deserves to be whipped most grievously. Kai, that's his name. Yes, most grievously indeed." He offers the silver to Marc again, other hand tightening just a little on Keli's shoulder. "You will be sure someone is sent to Garden Isle before he's whipped, won't you? I really should be here, as the aggrieved party, so see justice done." Justice, not sadistic joy, honest. He looks up to the pillory again, fixing his eyes on Gromm, but he doesn't address the man.

Kelinyx straightens out her body, eyes still cast to the ground as she fills her lungs with air slowly, then she forces herself to remain straight and tall like a soldier, hands at her sides, but eyes never leaving the ground before her.

Marc raises his eyebrows, but nods to Garvin. "As you will, my Lord." He takes the offered silver. "I will do so yes, although that is all dependant on me finding him. I have no doubt he will likely keep out of sight once word spreads of this." He pockets the silver before he says, "Does my Lord require anything further?"

Garvin wets his lips nervously, glancing about the crowd, then gives Marc a small nod. "One other thing, yes," he says, then leans close to whisper in the man's ear.

Garvin whispers, "Before he's locked in the pillory, I want the cur stripped bare, smallclothes and all. To humiliate him, you understand, not for…any other reason." to Marc.

Kelinyx is just waiting for this to pass, standing stiffly at Garvin's side while he speaks in a whisper to Marc, poor Gromm stuck in the pillory with rags on freshly made whip lashes along his back.

Marc nods to Garvin and says, "Of course, my Lord." He looks back to his men, moving close to them and speaking with them for a moment before walking towards the pillory again, ostensibly to speak with Mikhal.

Kai silently wanders into the Oldtown Square, hood pulled over his features as he walks along the darker edges of the square, his cold gaze sets itself upon Gromm for a few moments before he turns it over to Mikhal, he grimances slightly but turns his eyes away soon after, he slowly makes his way around the crowd, as far away from the guards as possible, eyes scanning the crowd, and all around the square.

Garvin nods in satisfaction, giving Marc a small smile, before looking down to Keli again. "Are you all right, lass? It's over now, he's taken his punishment like a man, and they're tending his wounds somewhat." He glances quickly to Gromm, then away again. "There'll be no more until the dog is captured, so we may as well be on our way." With one last, piteous look toward the pilloried giant, Lord Pansy turns away and tries to direct Kelinyx through the gathered crowd.

One of the watchmen was watching the crowd, cautiously. Keeping a wary eye out for the outbursts of violence and rebellion that sometimes come along with public punishments. He spots Kai and points, "Isn't that the other one?" he asks.

"You may have walked into a 'situation' Master Kai," Mikhal points out as he oils his sword in the open. He speaks withou teven looking at the sellsword.

Marc turns towards Kai, along with the remaining watchmen. Marc peers at the man for a moment, opening his mouth to talk to Garvin when Mikhal speaks up. The watchman begins to make his way through the crowd with the other watchmen in tow, the two tending to Gromm's lashes left to make sure he is not sprung while they get Kai.

<FS3> Kai rolls Stealth: Good Success.

The eight other watchmen rally to follow Marc's lead, moving in pairs. Three pairs of them break off from the little formation, attempting to work their way through the crowd to prevent Kai from leaving the square.

Garvin stops short, hand still on Keli's shoulder, as his eyes follow the guards across the square. His eyes flash again, and this time, he can't prevent the grin from spreading over his face. "Oh ho! I spoke too soon. We're not leaving yet after all."

Rhaen rushes back onto the square as fast as his legs will carry him after being sent on an errand. The young man hurries over towards Garvin his face flushed and taking deep breaths for air as he returns to his lords side. A few gasps of breath later he manages a slight smile to the other man and gasps out breathlessly. "It..is done..My lord."

Kai exhales slowly as he quickly steps over, and into the crowd, as he weaves his way through the crowd he lets out a quiet grunt, noting the guards approaching him out of the corner of his eye, and as he pushes amongst the crowd, disappearing from view for a moment, he loosens his cape and lets it drop to the ground, moving through a pre-determined route he had scouted out whilst circling about the crowd, he pushes a hand up his right sleeve, fiddling with something within and continuing through the crowd.

Keli stands beside Lord Garvin Tyrell, looking uncomfortable but saying nothing, her dark blue eyes cast to the ground. She seems to be troubled enough to not wish engagement with anyone, but her stance is odd, like a soldier, almost, tense and ready (to leave).

Marc follows through the crowd after Kai. "Stop! Kai!" The Watchman pursues Kai directly whilst the others spread out to keep him from escaping. All others are ignored for the moment.

Garvin turns a quick grin toward Rhaen, sliding his free arm around the young man's shoulder and pulling him closer in a friendly sort of way. "At last, justice will be done. Come, let's get to the front of the crowd again, I want nothing blocking my view of this." Releasing Rhaen, but keeping that hand on Keli, he turns again to start elbowing his way back to the pillory.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm would grunt, seemingly out of his stage of what seemed like shock, he'd fall silent, staring down at the ground before sighing, closing his eyes before falling limp, as if not even trying to keep himself up… Or asleep even, only barely avoiding strangling himself by being on his knees due to his height. A stray cat which would be sneakingly playing with a trinket would abruptly stop, looking over to Garvin, dropping down, prowling towards him silently.

Kai continues on through the crowd, gaze flickering towards the man that pursues him. He places a hand on the pommel of his longest falchion as he approaches the pillory, moving faster now, as the need arises, ready to emerge before the pillory any moment now.

Garvin is completely oblivious to any cats, intent upon securing his position at the front of the crowd. Nothing is going to stop him from watching this! He's lost track of where Kai is in the crowd, trusting the City Watchmen to capture their prey. Once he sees Gromm hanging limply in the pillory, though, Garvin lets out a small gasp. "Seven! Did he die? Surely he wouldn't have fainted. Rhaen, take my wineskin up and offer him a drink." He pauses a moment, then adds, "A small drink."

<FS3> Gashlycrumb rolls 6: Success.

Two of the guards, the ones who went to block the way to Old Street, turn around, looking about. The taller one points, back towards the center of the square, and the pillory.

Rhaen smiles faintly as he is pulled close and then released. He follows behind Garvin and they make thier way towards the pillory. Of course its harder for the young man to make his way through the crowd and Kai just happens to push him aside and the young valet cries out softly as he falls backwards landing on his butt. "That wasn't very nice…." Still he isn't far from Garvin and the order has him scrambling to his feet to carry it out. He flushes in embaressment and nods keeping his eyes down as he takes the water and moves forward to offer it to Gromm.

Squirming nervously, Keli makes a point to have her back to Garvin's, looking back into the crowd as she knows something is sure to go down among the people. If the commotion comes her way, she will protectively press her back to him and settle her hands near her blades, but only look truly worrying if someone actually appears to be coming for her or the two with her.

Held fast in the pillory, As Rhaen offers the water to Gromm, Garvin would find a really pissed off cat sprinting over and leaping up towards his side, seemingly fixated on hitting his face, claws out, baring its teeth, growling all the while. It's movements are unnatural, more organized than any simple stray feline… While the cat's going about its dastardly duties, Gromm wouldn't respond to Rhaen, remaining seemingly unconscious, the nine men at the bench still growing more restless. This isn't going to end well.

<FS3> Kelinyx rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Marc moves through the crowd as Kai does and indeed if he's shoving people out of the way, it's an easy way to catch up to him and says, "That is quite enough of that, Kai." The man brings his iron-banded club to where he can use it if need be. "Stop shoving these people and come meet your punishment for threats against the person of Lord Tyrell and disturbing my Lord's Peace."

Bryn drawn to the square by the crowds, Bryn enters the square and starts slipping through the crowd easily, well practiced at navigating crowds of people much taller than he is, past people often before he's even noticed. Passing near Garvin, he heards the noble's voice and makes his way closer, though not yet close enough to spot the cat jumping at him.

The two guardsmen who stayed at Marc's side flank him, drawing their own weapons.

Mikhal watches the chaos of Kai's behaviour indifferently. Apparently it is all not his problem.

Keli's wary attention jumps from people to beast, and a cat that draws her attention leaves her nervously, urgently, with increasing speed pawing at Garvin's leg. "Garvin, Garvin!" she mewls suddenly, drawing one of her little rusty knives but holding the flat of the blade defensively against the length of her forearm to shield from incoming claws. "Kitty, stop!" she yelps, as if the animal might listen, but as much to make clear what (strange) angle Garvin should suspect as Keli puts herself between the determined feline and the young Lord.

Kai grabs the last man standing between him and the pillory, and roughly pulls him backwards, towards Marc as he speaks, breaking free of the crowd, he immediatly draws his longest falchion with his right hand, it rings out in the night, the blade is a somewhat peculiar one, a cusped falchion, modified to be longer than what is normal so that it may be held in two hands, his gaze sets itself upon Gromm as he lets out a roar, suddenly launching himself forward as the man he had grabbed earlier stumbles towards Marc, weapon held to his right side, in both hands as he heads towards the pillory which holds Gromm, his roar notifying just about everyone that he desires some chaos for the night.

The commotion is very near now, and Garvin tears his worried eyes away from Gromm just in time to see a stray cat leaping at his face. He lets out a small cry of panic, his left arm whipping up and dragging his silken cloak along, attempting to shield himself. His absurd, wide-brimmed-and-plumed hat falls back off his head, as his right hand goes instinctively to the hilt of the rapier hanging at his side. He's not drawing it or anything, there isn't time to do that and protect his pretty, pretty face.

Marc growls as Kai flings an unfortunate man into his path, which Marc takes only the time to make sure the man won't fall over or into anyone else before he launches clear of the crowd too, likely followed by the other watchmen as he takes aim with his club to swing at the back of Kai's head when in range, intending to knock the troublemaker out. He doesn't get paid enough for this shit.

The yell draws attention. The guards who were at the street entrances start to run towards Marc, Kai, and the action. They push people out of their way, too. One stops and blows a horn. He's not bad at that, it's pretty loud.

Held fast in the pillory, The cat growls as if out of annoyance as Keli interferes and the lord moves, shielding himself. The cats claw clashes against flat of Kelinyx's knife, and probably the cats stomach. The cat falls over to its side with a little kitty roar before swiftly bringing itself to its feet, Glaring to Kelinyx and Garvin.. Unnaturally. There's something off about how the cat's acting. The cat would prowl off away, though its gaze still fixed on the two before shifting its gaze and weaving in between the legs of any watching bystanders, seemingly heading over for a food vendor.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Running Vs Marc=Running
< Kai: Great Success Marc: Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory

Rhaen is about to give up on giving Gromm a drink when he hears Garvin cry out. He turns on his heel spottng Kai with that huge blade in hand rushing forward twoards him and the prisoner. The young man stands frozen in fear eyes wide as he lets out a soft scream stumbling back trying to get away from the rushing man. He takes another quick step back then another then he spots his distressed lord and rushes over to him taking care to avoid the now fighting Kai and Marc. He rushes to Garvin's side breathing heavily and picks up the fallen hat. As the cat walks off he frowns and places a gentle hand on the lord shoulder. "Its alright my lord the creature is gone now…" He tries to comfort even though he is also upset.

Keli looks to the cat carefully, frowning in frustration, then examining her blade and arm to see if any blood is present, hers or the beast's. "Kitty," she whimpers quietly, watching the thing slip off in its strange state, but then she has the presence of Rhaen and Garvin to tend, so she puts her back to them both now at the source of most noise, Kai so close by and those pursuing him.

Garvin is braced for incoming cat-missile, but slowly lowers his arm when it doesn't arrive, peering down at Keli. "What in the seven hells what that?" he asks, breathing a little hard. "Are you all right, child?" Noticing Bryn nearby as well, he reaches over to place a hand on the boy's shoulder, trying to draw him closer. "Hello, Bryn. Stay close, things have become most peculiar." He smiles gratefully to Rhaen then, dipping his head a bit so the hat can be placed just so. Trust your valet to ensure you always look your best, even when mad felines are flying around.

The two guards at Marc's side swing their own cudgels, stepping forward sharply.
<FS3> Gashlycrumb rolls 7: Great Success.
<FS3> Gashlycrumb rolls 6: Failure.

Bryn blinks, and glances back at the cat as it runs, "What…" He stumbles as Garvin pulls him in, though, and then nods. He looks to Keli and gives a small smile. Then he asks, "What's going on?" He can't see very well, but he can hear the sounds of fighting.

Kai is quite good at moving quickly, and as such the first two clubs miss him by a hair, however, the third guard has a tad more reach than the other two, and all Kai notices is the sudden darkness. He falls as the club skims along the back of his head, he slams into the ground at a run, rolling and sliding, and then coming to a stop at Mikhals feet. He looks up at the sky as he rolls one last time onto his back, blade still held tightly in hand, the world is wobly and he can hardly even think from the pain, with an emotionless face he tries to sit up, and manages to lift his torso a tad before his head hits the ground again, "…The second option.. then."

Rhaen places Garvin's hat back onto his head and straightens it a bit so it looks just like it did before the crazy cat knocked it off. Stepping back he lets out a breath trembling slightly as he glances nervously over to where the fight is happening. His lower lips is chewed nervously and the young blond valet is clearly frightened looking to his lord with wide nervous eyes.

Garvin is being pressed back by the crowd, which is scrambling to get away from the unexpected violence, and he can't keep track of Rhaen, Kelinyx, and Bryn while also maintaining his position near the front. "Oof! Stop that, let me alone, go away! Rhaen, I should have had you bring some guards back, or at least my Leash." He's trying hard to shove his way forward, his hand slipping off Bryn's shoulder, then the other loses Keli as well. His hat stays on, and his coins are still secure, so that's something. He clears the worst of the crowd at last, just in time to see Kai go down, and he frowns deeply. "What happened? I didn't see. This isn't fair at all, I wanted to see." His hands wave about near waist-level, trying to once more locate the children, but he keeps his eyes on Kai now, eager not to miss anything more. "Keli? Bryn? Rhaen, where are you?"

Marc shakes his head as he misses, the second guy misses, but the third guy actually hits. When Kai hits the ground, the two watchmen pounce while Marc puts his knee into Kai's wrist to get him to release the blade. "Now why couldn't you just have submitted? Gromm there may have gotten whipped, but now, you're going to get the same amount of lashes… -and- stripped naked, Kai. Next time, listen to the Watch and just come quietly." Marc gestures for the other watchmen to come and help them disarm and get Kai ready for the pillory.

Watchman number three's pounce includes grinding Kai's hand under his boot in order to take the falchion. He grins rather wickedly at the addled sellsword.

Kai simply stares up emotionlessely at the sky, his hand still tightly gripped about the grip of his weapon, he holds tight as the Watchman continues to grind away at his hand, feeling a finger or two break, at this point his hand releases the blade, as it is simply too difficult to even hold the weapon anymore, at this point he ceases resistance, allowing the men to prepare him for the pillory.

More watchmen start to arrive from Beacon Boulevard, drawn by the sound of that horn. They're hurrying, and yell, "Clear the way!" as they go.

Marc nods approvingly as they get the weapon away from Kai and then he lets off the man, letting the other watchmen deal with Kai, stripping him butt nekkid and moving him to the pillory as they are ordered to… one will deal with the whipping once he is there, but no worse than what Gromm got. As for the captain, he turns to the incoming watchmen and finds a captain amongst their number, moving to intercept him and let him know of what happened so the excess amount of men can be dismissed and enough kept to make sure the festivities are orderly. After that, he will depart, his work here done.

Hearing the commotion in the square has Saren striding in with quick steps. The Lannister knight isn't wearing his armor at the moment but he has a blade and shield ready to defend if needed. His hand rests on the pommel of his weapon as he strides over spotting a familer face. He approaches Garvin with a slight frown and asks. "My lord Tyrell…what is going on here?" He glances around warily taking everything in before he looks back to the lord for his answer.

By the time the three watchmen at the pillory have disarmed Kai, the other six who were hurrying from various points around the square have arrived. They drag Kai to the pillory and bang it into place before they get serious about stripping his clothes off him.

Watchman number two, the one who missed Kai that first time, kicks him in the kidney before cutting his belt off him.

Rhaen stumbles after Garvin being pushed and jostled untill he finnaly manages to come to stand beside his lord. Still another shove from the fleeing crowd has him knocked onto his butt once again. He sighs looking miserable and sticks his lower lip out shaking slightly. "My Lord…might I suggest we return home?" He eyes Saren as he approaches from his spot on the ground the man is very tall indeed.

Garvin lets out a breath of relief when Kai is disarmed at last, giving a satisfied nod. He's back at the front of the crowd, his view of the pillory unobstructed, and there are no insane cats flying at him anymore. And now the sellsword is being stripped, and Garvin's eyes light again with pure wickedness. Anyone seeing his face might misinterpret the expression as open lust, but he can't be held responsible for what smallfolk think. "Justice," he says to Saren, not taking his eyes off Kai for a moment. His arm grabs Rhaen around the shoulders again, pulling him close. "Stop letting yourself be knocked around, you'll miss all the fun."

Held fast in the pillory, The cat would shortly return with a piece of bread in its mouth. It'd stroll over, tail swaying from side to side before coming out in front of Gromm. It'd ready itself, seemingly preparing to pounce before jumping up, the piece of bread sticking out towards Gromms mouth. Gromm, almost as if on cue, would open his eyes, as the cat's coming towards him with the piece of bread he'd open his mouth before closing his jaws shut on the bread, a small piece breaking off that the cat continues to hold. Gromm viciously begins chewing at the bread, bringing it into his mouth as he chews it down before roughly swallowing. That cat would look around, acting more like a cat before scurrying off.

Held fast in the pillory, Kai grunts quietly as he is kicked in the kidney, but the man's foot impacts hard muscle, he gazes towards his belt, and his swords as they are taken away from him, the men find a plethora of throwing knives hidden about his body as they strip him down from his place on the pillory, and as his naked body is displayed to the crowds, it could quite easily be seen that this isn't his first whipping, in fact, no where near it. His back is positively covered in scars, scars that appear to be from whipping, cuts and other descriptions of torture. The rest of his body is quite scarred as well, and he is noticeably missing his left nipple, leaving scar tissue in it's place. The ladies out there (and Garvin) may notice that his body is quite well-muscled, lithe muscle decorating his body, rather than bulky ones, which are displayed by his partner-in-whipping.

The watchmen gather up the knives as they strip Kai. His clothes, they throw to the crowd. One of the eight goes to talk to the ones who came running in in response to the horn-blowing, but the others, once they've got Kai naked and have kicked him a few more times, draw their swords. They've got identical short-swords, issued by the watch, good for close quarters.

Maera appears, on foot, and flanked by two of her men. She pushes down the hood of her cloak, and raises a brow slightly at the sight of the two naked and pillared men. "Look at all the fun I've been missing, Wulrus." She says to her big bodyguard with the well-groomed mustaches. The man will grunt, and cross his big beefy arms over his chest to watch while his lady wonders aloud, "What did they do?"

Saren nods looking to Kai now eyes narrowed just a little as the man is stripped down. A glance is given to Rhaen along with a breif nod before he turns back to watch his expression grim. Still his eyes looks over the mans body almost carefully before the swords are drawn and then they are watching the guards waiting quietly for the punishment to be delivered.

The watchmen line up, murmuring to themselves. The first lifts his sword and brings it down with a sharp sound of air and then a crack, belting Kai on the buttocks with the flat of the blade. The blow brings blood up from around the edges where it hits, two thin shallow wounds.

Held fast in the pillory, Kai grunts quietly as he is belted by the shortsword, exhaling slowly, luckily for him, he is quite used to being spanked by hard objects, and he continues to stare forward, emotionless.

Rhaen blushes as he is pulled in close by Garvin. His widened grey eyes watch the pillory's and he mumbles softly to his lord. "Forgive me my lord. I am rather light I'm afraid." He sighs softly and glances up at his lord smiling faintly before his grey gaze is drawn back to the scene before him. His eyes widen once again as he studies Kai's naked body and a flush rises in those pale cheek. His eyes are darkening the lust plain within them. He shifts a little moving a bit closer to Garvin as he watches.

The second guard does the same, his blow falling on the backs of Kai's thighs.

Kelinyx catches up fairly easily to the Lord Tyrell and his servant, her eyes scanning for Bryn, at least tyring to keep close together the people she knows best. She may not have noticed Maera yet, but the sound of whip cracking draws Keli's attention more and more, her head slowly turning back to the sight on the stocks.

There's a distinctly separate figure a short distance away, her cloaked person more noteworthy for the faint fragrance left in her wake than the partially obscured personage herself. Grasped in a leather gloved hand, riding gloves it seems, are the reins of a slender bay-colored palfrey mare. Standing idle and calm beside her rider, the palfrey is more interested in the crowd than the whipping of the man stripped to his skin. Thania's dark eyes remain resolutely fixed upon the trapped man and the onlookers arrayed loosely about the pillory, surveying each in turn before flitting to the next, her expression carefully neutral.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm growls as kneels there due to his height, within the Pillory. He stares to the ground, his earlier distressed demeanor gone now… Replaced with anger. Gromm give a harsh tug with his right hand, attempting to pull it back seemingly before doing the same with his left. He stares to the ground for a moment or two before saying in a low town, hardly audible, "Let me out."

Bryn takes a few moments to navigate the swarming crowds but he too returns to Garvin moments after Keli does. He blinks as he sees what's happening at the stocks, now that the view is clear. He then looks back to Garvin and Keli. "What'd they do?"

Held fast in the pillory, Kai slowly turns his head to look towards Gromm, "I kind of made it-" he pauses so that he may let out another pained grunt, and then starts speaking up, "Made it worse by insulting Lord Garvin's sexuality, I apologize." he says, nodding towards Garvin as he does so, and then staring forward once more.

Garvin's tongue plays slowly over his lips. He couldn't stand to watch Gromm being whipped, but somehow, this is different. That was pitiable, but this is…exciting! He forgets that his arm is around Rhaen, or rather, that he's grasping the man at his side so openly, eyes blazing and nostrils flaring, as he continues to watch the sellsword's beating. "Insulted and threatened me and Laurent," he says to Bryn, licking his lips again. "And threatened Lord Hightower's peace. The wildling surrendered and took his punishment. Now the cur is getting his."

The watchmen continue. Another swordblow, another. Eight in total, though the last few guys seem to strike more softly. Kai is already bleeding enough, perhaps. And that done, the watchmen disperse. They split into pairs and return to their appointed rounds.

Saren watches the scene with a quiet and calm glance. His gaze while hard is mostly unreadable. Glancing down at Garvin he blinks at the expression on the mans face following his gaze back to Kai. Another more through glance is given to the lord and then Saren looks back to Kai's punishment once again until it is finished. Whatever he had seen has caused a hint of color to form in his cheeks. He keeps his gaze straight ahead now not daring to look back at Garvin.

Held fast in the pillory, Kai lets out a pained grunt with each of the administered blows, blood slowly dripping to the ground from where his wounds are. By the end of it his eyes are closed, and he is simply struggling to keep his breathing calm, retreating to his happy place as he had done so many times before.

Kelinyx frowns slightly, the grim show complete, then she reaches for Bryn's hand. She squeezes it and turns away. "Men did what they thought they must do," Keli says to Bryn seriously, looking relieved that he is there and still not yet notcing the arrival of her Lady.

Rhaen doesn't mind the arm around him he too is distracted by the scene. He leans against Garvin a little watching in fascination as the beating continues. Once its done he blinks slowly and looks up realizing his lord still has an arm wrapped over him. He smiles faintly and tries to take a step back to a proper distance.

Eyes ranging over the assorted nobles, noting what heraldry is present and in plain view, Thania cants her head aside as a companion murmurs something softly to her. The maid appears no older than adolescence, dressed simply but exotically in the standard more known for in Dorne than in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Thania herself is a strange figure; a woman in breeches meant for riding rather than skirts, not so much deplorable as unusual and eyebrow raising. The trade of whispers is quick and Thania relinquishes her reins to the robe-wearing attendant girl at her side. Tugging the cloak closer about her person, the Dornish woman takes several purposeful strides to bear her closer to the crowd.

Garvin's arm slowly slides from around Rhaen, now that the man is no longer in danger of being swept away in the crowd. He manages to tear his eyes away from the spectacle to look downward to Bryn and Kelinyx again, relieved to see them safe as well. "It's done then," he says, glancing toward Saren. "Justice is brutal, but swift, and now it's done. Rhaen, do you still have the wineskin? I think the wildling is awake now, and he looks thirsty." He pauses, frowning as he looks up at the pillory. "I suppose you should give the cur a drink as well. But a smaller one than you give the wildling."

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm growls before letting out a annoyed roar, shifting back and forth, rattling the pillory. He's getting mad. /Really/ mad. His hands continuously open and shut close into fists as he continues to attempt to break free but to no avail. "Let, me, out!" He yells, his voice booming in the square. Really, he'd make everyone soil his trousers if it weren't for the fact he's in a Pillory… His friends near the nearby bench yell out as well, "Le' 'im out! He don' d'serve to be in there!"

Held fast in the pillory, Kai is quite the opposite of Gromm, eyes slowly scanning the crowd after the punishment is complete, he keeps the stinging pain under control, a difficult act to say the least, but he doesn't show it, he never shows it, his face always expressionless in the face of the crowd.

"Yes my lord I still have it." Rhaen nods to Garvin but then gulps at the yell looking to Gromm with obvious apprehension. "He looks more angry than thirsty to me…" He looks nervous but slowly begins to make his way forward skin in hand to offer then both a drink. He steps over to Gromm first and pauses speaking softly to the man trying to calm him a bit. "I cannot let you out but I can offer you a drink if you wish it?"

Maera walks up to stand behind Kelinyx and Bryn. Her guards follow, their arms stiffly folded over their chests and their expressions stoic. "What happened?" She asks the orphan girl and the citadel novice.

Kelinyx nervously tugs her friend Bryn further from the roaring, rampaging storm that is Gromm and closer toward Maera and her guards, looking back to the man nervously. "It was said they threatened and insulted Lord Tyrell and his Leash."

With Mikhal there, the crowd is a bit subdued. Still, somebody does work up the courage to throw a withered turnip at Kai's butt before ducking into the crowd again.

Saren raises a brow as the small figure of Rhaen makes his way over to offer the prisoners a drink. He looks to Maera and Garvin offering both a faint smile and a nod of his head before his eyes look back to Garvin's servant watching over him carefully.

Held fast in the pillory, The snarling mass of muscle rolls his eyes over to Rhaen, "All I did was stand up for my friend! I challenged a knight to a duel! I broke no laws! I even complied! And! And…!" He'd pause, his voice becoming a bit shaking as he settles down somewhat, "And you /whipped/ me!" He finishes, before snarling once more, "Take your water, and shove it up your ass!"

Bryn follows after Kelinyx, keeping hold of her hand. He looks up to Maera when they get to her, and nods quickly to what Keli says. "That's what Lord Pansy said." Where others use the term jokingly, he says it seriously. He once heard Garvin say he prefers Lord Pansy, so he believes it.

"That one." Maera says softly to the children, "Has not learned his lesson yet." She puts her hand on Kelinyx's shoulder, and murmurs, "Do not be afraid of him. A small, crafty man is far more dangerous than a stupid bull." She nudges Keli forward. "Go on. Throw a rock at him."

Garvin flinches at Gromm's angry growls, nodding to Rhaen. "He's beyond reason, don't get too close to his teeth. Or his hands. Or any other part of him, for that matter." He nods toward Kai then, who seems to be behaving himself. He glances toward Maera. "Fruit, I had her buy fruit earlier. Do you still have it Keli? You and Bryn may throw it at the cur, if you like. Try not to hit the wildling though. He's suffered enough already."

Rhaen frowns and steps back from Gromm. His voice is hard now as he speaks. "-I- did nothing to you. You may have been whipped but it was not I who struck the blows save your anger for someone worthy of it." He turns on his heel and moves over to Kai. "Will you refuse as well? I only wish to help.." His hands clutch the skin tightly and though it is clear he is uncomfortable he does his best to hide it. He glances greifly to Garvin offering a thin smile and a little nod before looking back to Kai once more.

Held fast in the pillory, Kai simply shakes his head as he is offered a drink by Rhaen, "Thank you for the offer." he says, turning his emotionless gaze back towards the crowd.

Held fast in the pillory, Gromm growls before yelling out at someone that doesn't appear to be in front of him, "Bring me Caos! Bring him here!". After shouting out his commands two of the sailors would bump into each other before running off, seemingly following said order. The others continue to try /not/ to shank everyone around them.

Saren frowns heavily as the man yells at Rhaen. He steps forward his hand resting on the hilt of his blade as he watches carefully with sharp blue eyes. His body is tense ready to act if needed but it doesn't seem it will be needed after all…still he doesn't relax just yet.

Staring at the display before her, Thania's flitting soft brown eyes drink in the details of each. She is careful that her gaze not linger over long upon any of the nobility present, yet makes note of them. Sparing one last look for the pair of men in the pillory, Thania turns upon a booted heel and starts back over the cobbled square to attend her mare. Drawing herself into the saddle smoothly enough and tucking her feet into the stirrups, Thania nods downwards towards the attendant and draws back her hood. It seems the woman has viewed enough, immersed as she is in her own thoughts as her palfrey makes a very slow path towards an outlying street.

Rhaen nods to Kai with a faint little smile. "Very well…and you are welcome." He turns to go moving quickly back to Garvin. He comes to stand at his lord's side once more lowering his head and sighing softly. "Well that could have gone better…"

If Maera says to do it, her Lady, the one who gives her shelter, then Keli does it. She listens to Lord Garvin, and finds herself ordered two ways. A rock in the left hand, a fruit in the right. A fruit at Kai is lobbed, just short, thunking the board and splattering gritty, gooey pear on Kai's hand and perhaps his cheek at best. She frowns, biting her bottom lip, then looks up to Maera. She looks to Gromm, biting her bottom lip, seeing the feral man squirming and bucking in his restraints, but after she steels herself a bit more, the rock is launched. It does not connect. She keeps her back to Maera but stays attentively close, mostly watching the crowd, as if it were more her place to function as a guard than an imp.
Held fast in the pillory, <OOC> Gromm says, "I feel bad kind of bad for kelyinx now… But I probably will feel even worse in a minute or so."

The pear starts a chair reaction. A mushy yellow squash is the next thing launched, this time at Gromm's face. It's followed by a short hail of horse-dung, raining down on both men.

Garvin nods as Rhaen returns, giving his servant a small smile. "You tried your best, that's all any man can ask of you." He reaches for the wineskin himself then, prepared to take a long guzzle. He doesn't see Keli tossing the rock at Gromm, but when other things begin to fly, he takes a step back. "Perhaps it's time to take our leave now." Can't risk his pretty clothes being spattered!

Held fast in the pillory, Kai slowly turns his gaze back over to Gromm as items rain down on his head, "Save your anger for another date." he says, as a piece of shit nails him in the face. He slowly spits some of it out onto the ground, and then closes his eyes, simply breathing.

Saren looks to Garvin and Rhaen with a faint yet quite warm smile as the Tyrell Lord speaks of leaving. "I should be on my way as well. Would the Lord like an escort back home? I would gladly make sure you both arrive safely at your destination if you wish it."

"You missed because you are afraid." Maera says to Kelinyx, "And it's alright to be afraid. So long as you are willing to face your fears." She puts a hand on the girl's shoulder from behind, and squeezes. She pretends not to have heard Garvin say not to throw rocks. "Now, I want you to look at him closely. Where is he weak?"

Rhaen nods but still looks a bit glum yet he nods eagerly as Garvin mentions leaving. Looking up he smiles faintly to his lord. "Yes I think that would be best My lord." He looks to Saren and smiles gratefully at his offer but waits to see what Garvin will say rather than offer a reponse himself.

Kelinyx is grimacing, staring onward, but eventually she presses back against Maera and something shifts in her voice. She sighs, eyes closing for a moment. "Oh…oh…I remember…he is a bull. He smashes. He is weak all over right now. I could do anything here or there and…" She looks up to Maera with a dreamy smile on her face, and all the tension of her earlier actions seems to be dripping down her body. "His neck," she finally asserts. "Leverage…just tiny weight on his head."

Held fast in the pillory, The sailors would growl before walking over in front of Gromms head crossing their arms along their chests as they begin to take the punishment themselves, acting as shields. There's seven of them. Soon after the erection(giggity) of the human wall, The two men would return with a large bird cage containing a massive eagle. It's not a bald eagle, but rather a golden eagle. They'd bring it in front of his face before setting it down and opening the cage, it'd hop out for a moment, but not before Gromm's eyes, visible to all, roll into the back of his head and he falls limp. The eagle beginning to hope out from the human wall before hopping up and beginning to take to the skies.
Held fast in the pillory, <OOC> Gromm says, "Ultimate pirate-hunter bromance there is."

Garvin nods to Saren, offering a smile. "If you wish, Ser Saren." He glances down to Keli, but she's obviously busy listening to Lady Maera, so Lord Pansy turns to Bryn. "Are you coming as well, lad?"

Bryn doesn't join in the throwing, unless ordered. He turns back to Maera and Keli, listening curiously to their conversation and thus missing the arrival and release of the bird. At Garvin's question, he says, "I'm staying with Keli."

"I do wish." Saren admits and he frowns watching the eagel as it takes flight. He looks to the limp Gromm and frowns even more. He looks back to Rhaen and Garvin smiling faintly now. He waits for Bryn to give his answer before he asks "Shall we go then?" He keeps an eye out for the eagel as well…just in case it decides to swoop down on one of his charges.

Rhaen allows Garvin to lead the way and follows beside him. He doesn't really notice the eagel or pay Bromm any more attention. He is apparently eager to be out of there now…

Garvin nods to Bryn then with a shrug, offering a smile. "Enjoy yourself then, Bryn." He looks to make sure his skittish servant is coming along, he already has his back to the pillory, so he doesn't see the Wall o' Sailors nor the eagle. And off the little party heads into the crowd!

Maera is no longer listening to Keli. Instead, she is watching the queer display of pirates that form a wall in front of the man, along with the other two who arrive with a cage. She sees the man's eyes roll back. "Kelinyx. Bryn. Go hide under something." Her two guardsmen sense the change in the atmosphere, and put their hands on their own weapons. The Lady of Mormont throws her cloak back to reveal a quiver of arrows and a bow.

<FS3> Kelinyx rolls Reaction: Success.

The girl's strange state is not so entrancing that she does not understand the order, and she grabs for Bryn's hand, quickly scarpering toward a cart backed up near a low building and a covered little wooden shack where raw leather is sold. "Hurry, Bubba," she whispers, whether or not he can hear, still wearing a dreamy smile. "It could be blood time."

Held fast in the pillory, The eagle shows now interest in neither Kelinyx, Bryn nor the lady Bear. Instead it simply continues taking to the sky silently, flapping and soaring before it's seen heading away. It's goal probably isn't to drop things upon anyone’s head.

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