(121-02-03) Women Confuse Lord Pansy
Women Confuse Lord Pansy
Summary: Peri makes an offer, Eonn offers advice, and Alaura offers a stern warning. And a new valet is hired.
Date: (3 February, 2014)
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Grand Hall - Garden Isle Manse

The first floor's main hall is grand, open room dominated by a massive fireplace and high-arched windows facing the street, protected by heavy iron bars. The white walls and polished white marble floors make it seem airy and bright. The starkness of the walls is softened by three long tapestries, depicting fantastical hunting scenes, while the marble floor is cushioned by rich Myrish rugs.

Down the center of the hall is a long, wide dining table, able to seat thirty comfortably. At the head of the table is an enormous chair of elaborately carved rosewood, with a door behind flanked by two high windows, giving a view of the sunlight gardens. Near the fireplace are smaller chairs, cushioned benches, and small tables for more intimate conversations.

Alcoves and doors at either side of the great hall lead to servants quarters, kitchens, and smaller sitting rooms. At the northwest and southeast corners of the building are square towers holding the stairs up to the floor above, where the bedchambers and other sitting rooms are found.

Peri chuckles, resting Garvin's head against her belly "You know I was trained to sexually please my masters? I was a concubine. A good one. I am … sorry it offends, but its a very lucrative job, and well. I can help you, you know." She rubs his hair, gently.

Garvin shakes again, letting out a small wimper, as he lets her pet his hair. That's comforting, he likes it. "How can you help me?" he asks miserably. "It is my father who arranged this marriage, and her father, too. There's nothing anyone can do now."

Peri strokes his hair, whispering, rubbing his cheeks with her fingertips.

Garvin wrinkles his nose, asking in a confused tone, "Koi-whatus?" He tips his head back to look up at Peri.

Peri leans to Garvin, leaning over him to look at servants, her fingers reaching to gently grip his groin, watching his reaction as she whispers.

Peri whispers: I can help you learn to consummate your marriage. Men are not expected to be virgins.

Garvin suddenly blushes darkly, pulling away and sitting up. "That is something I need not think about just now," he says, gulping down more wine. "It will be a long betrothal, so that Lady Cerys and I may fall in love." He doesn't sound entirely convinced, but he is rather adamant.

Peri frowns a bit "I see. So I'm forced to be alone - too old to marry by your land's standards and without virginity which is precious here and work in a kitchen? In Lys ugly women work in the kitchen." she offers absently, honestly "Do you think me ugly enough that you don't want me seen by your guests?"

Garvin blinks several times, brows drawing together, as he struggles to figure out how his misery suddenly became about Peri. He stares at her for a long moment, then finally says, "What in the seven hells are you talking about? Too old to marry? What gave you that idea? And what about guests seeing you? You're not making any sense at all, woman. Sit down and explain yourself, because I'm at a loss to follow your logic."

Peri blinks a bit "In Lys, ugly women get put where they will not be seen. Garvin, do you have any idea how old I am or how many men I've slept with." she asks, blushing a bit "Garvin I am not far from thirty."

Garvin continues blushing, unable to look at Peri now, as he drains his goblet and holds it for a maid to refill. "Peri, I do not want to hear about all the men you've…known. And it is rude for a gentleman to ask a lady's age. What has any of this to do with kitchens?"

Peri eyes Garvin "Fine." she pours the wine "Will my pay be good? Will I have free time? Am I to stay here at all hours?" she asks.

Garvin lets out a small wimper, looking as if he wants to flee to some corner of the house where there aren't women making demands of him, whether marriages or wages. "Pay? Free time? I don't understand what you're asking me. Gwyn handles the coin, and Myllie is in charge of the kitchen. I thought you liked to bake? If you'd rather do something else, just say so. You're confusing me!"

Peri eyes Garvin "I do, but, I am upsetting you, my new master." she offers, bowing her head "I beg forgiveness for upsetting you." she's slinking off. Her tone is unsarcastic and her expression is not taunting him at all. She cleans up the ink and papers, stacking them neatly for Garvin, starting to back up, intending to flee.

Eonn is shown in. Evidently he wasn't entirely sure he would be, by the look on his face.

Garvin continues to wimper helplessly, clearly clueless when it comes to women in general and Peri in particular. He's sitting in the enormous chair at the head of the great hall's table, gulping down wine and watching Peri with an expression of bewilderment and a touch of fear. How did his life become so complicated, so fast? All he wants to do is drink and have a good time! When a page announces Eonn of the Rills, Garvin looks around with blinking eyes. "Eonn, have you come to scold me, too?"

Peri shakes her head "Lord Tyrell, I didn't scold you. I'm sorry." she offers, "Congratulations on your pretty fiancé," she offers, moving towards the exit, likely intending to hide herself for a while.

Eonn raises his eyebrows at Garvin. "I am not entitled to do such a thing, My Lord," he says. "Do you need scolding?"

Peri walks out - in a fashion slaves in Essos favor. it is clear the woman does not feel free.

Garvin gives a small, helpless shrug of his shoulders, shaking his head. "Probably. It seems I cannot do anything rightly anymore. I thought bringing Peri here was a kindness, but she seems miserable. Damn that pirate of hers." He sighs then, taking another sip of wine, then letting a maid refill the goblet. "Come in and tell my why you are here, then. I could stand to hear something other than scoldings and wailings."

Eonn shrugs. "I came to see if that woman was driving you crazy yet," he says, looking towards where Peri went out. "Why don't you send her away?"

Garvin frowns then, brows together and lower lip pouted out. "That would be cruel of me. She has nowhere else to go, and I do feel somewhat responsible. Would you like some wine?"

"Wine, please," says Eonn. "And food, perhaps." He moves over to the table, to stand behind the chair nearest Garvin's. "She has other places to go."

Garvin waves to the chair around the table's corner from his own, as a maid fills a goblet and offers it to Eonn. Another hurries off to the kitchen and soon returns with sliced fruits, cheese, and a round loaf of fresh bread. "Where would she go?" Garvin asks, sipping his wine again.

"The brothel," says Eonn. "Or anywhere else she wants to go."

Garvin gasps and coughs on a sip of wine, sitting up again. "That's a terrible thing to say! Would you want to be sent to a brothel for the rest of your life?"

"For the rest of her life?" says Eonn. "Who said that?" He shakes his head, and has a swallow of the wine.

Garvin coughs again, then sits back. "And just where would she go -from- a whorehouse? It isn't as if she could find any decent employment after working in such a place."

"Oh, I don't think that is true," says Eonn. "Plenty of women do. And if she thinks as you do, she can seek her employment elsewhere, to start with."

Garvin frowns again, taking another gulp of wine. He's flushed and beginning to slur already. "Why do you hate her so much? You and Lady Mormont both treat her so terribly. She's not a -bad- woman, despite her past."

The tall sellsword raises his eyebrows. "What did I do to her?" he asks, seeming genuinely baffled.

Garvin tries to think for a long moment, but starts to get a headache, so he sips instead. "I don't remember. Frigthened her with your horse, I think. And tried to give her to Lady Mormont. Which I suppose is your duty, since she commanded it, but it still frightened her. She's been weeping and moping all day in turns, and I don't know what to do with her."

"I did as I was commanded," says Eonn. "And Lady Mormont was angry at the girl, because Peri insulted her. Would you have some common girl on the street insult the honour of your house, My Lord? It does puzzle me, how many are so easily willing to assume that Lady Mormont is unreasonable in her anger when people speak to her as if she is no more a noble than the butcher's wife. Yet Mormont forgave that stupid girl."

Garvin nods a little, shrinking down in his chair. "She did, and most graciously. I was only startled that she drew her sword the way she did. My reaction was automatic and perhaps uncalled for. I must remember to apologize to Lady Mormont when I see her next." He sighs then, shaking his head. "Which still does not help me with my Peri problem."

Eonn nods. "Your Peri problem," he says, "Is that you think she is your problem. She is not. Is she Smallfolk of Highgarden? No. Of the Reach? No. And even if she were those things, would you be obliged to bring her into your household?" He swirls the wine in his glass.

Garvin takes a deep, long breath, then lets it out slowly. "You have the right of it, of course. My lord father has always said I am too softhearted where it comes to smallfolk. I must learn to keep my place, as much as they keep theirs." He sips more wine, staring at the tabletop, then brings his eyes up to Eonn again. "You don't want her?"

"Gods, no," says Eonn. "Besides. I am small myself. What the hell would I do with her? Just tell her to go. She is not so helpless as she wants you to believe. She will find some other man to feed her. Somebody who actually wants what she has to offer, I expect. It's hardly a bad time for it, either, what with all the newcomers for the Festival."

Garvin frowns as he gulps again. "I don't want her to have to be a whore. But it really isn't any of my concern, in the end. I enjoyed her company for a time, but it seems we are both making one another miserable now. Very well, I shall have Lord Gwyd pay her wages and discharge her. I'm sure she'll find somewhere and someone to take care of her."

Eonn nods to Garvin and smiles at him, sympathetically. "She was already a whore, my dear," he says. "It's not your fault."

Garvin looks into his wine then for a long moment, before sipping. "I'm to be wed," he says in a tiny voice. "To the sister of the Maiden's Knight."

Eonn raises his eyebrows. "What does he think about this?" he asks, carefully.

Garvin gives a small shrug of one shoulder. "I'm not sure. Probably as apprehensive about it as I am. She is his sister, after all. A very lovely lady, so pretty and delicate. She should have a big, strong knight to protect and love her."

"I see," says Eonn, kindly. He drinks the last of the wine in his glass and pushes it forward a bit, as if to silently request a refill from whoever's watching. "What will you do?"

Garvin shrugs again, not looking up, as a maid hurries to refill Eonn's goblet. "I will do my duty, of course," Garvin mumbles. "Our lord fathers have arranged for us to wed, and so wed we will. What choice do I have?"

"I thought as much," says Eonn. He nods to the maid and continues when she's gone. "People usually do, around here. People like yourself, I mean, do as their fathers tell them. But what will you tell the girl?"

Garvin frowns a bit, looking up at last. "Of course, we do as our fathers tell us. Should we defy them and risk being outcast?" He takes another sip. "What will I tell her about what?"

Eonn sighs, "What will you tell her about you?" he says. "And your guests, and your perferences?"

Garvin shudders and turns red again, looking down. "I don't know that I'll tell her anything. She will have her room, and I shall have mine. I will … do my duty when necessary."

Eonn smiles, nods. "She may not mind that one bit. Or she may be very unhappy about it." He shrugs. "But that is the way of your marriages, no? Are your parents happy with one another?"

Garvin frowns a bit, brows drawing together. "I'd never thought about it before. They are…my parents." He shrugs again.

"You never noticed?" Eonn chuckles and shakes his head. "I think, mmm, they grow used to one another, these couples? And come not to mind their duty."

Garvin is sitting in the massive chair at the head of the table, looking small and rather miserable, not to mention pretty drunk, as he gulps down more wine than he should. Eonn is also drinking, though seems more sober, sitting at the chair to Garvin's right. "I suppose so," Garvin pouts. "I hope I grow used to my wife, and that she grows used to me. As for our duty…Perhaps we will be lucky, and she will become with child the first time."

Peri is returning to the manse, her hair soaked. She looks like she's taken a bath, although where might be speculative. When her hair is wet and unbraided, it goes quite a bit further than it normally would.

Eonn nods to Garvin, thoughtfully. He says, "Perhaps. Though I imagine you'll be expected to do it a little more than that." He shrugs. "Then again. I am not sure anyone is really allowed to ask. That would be forward, no?" He lifts his wine glass. "I think you will manage. To your happiness, My Lord."

The steward enters the room with a slightly nervous looking Rhaen behind him. The young man follows dutifully behind the older man as he is led over to where the nobles sit. Rhaen and the steward both offer low bows before the latter speaks to Garvin. "My lord Tyrell. I have managed to hire your a personal valet. This is Rhaen." The young man in question steps forward and offers a nervous yet polite smile brushing back his platinum hair as he straightens up from the bow.

Garvin lifts his own goblet, giving a weak sort of smile. "To happiness," he says, then drains the contents in two gulps. The maid hurries to refill both goblets. Garvin looks confused again. "What aren't we allowed to ask?" He notices Peri coming in from the garden, biting his lip to see what sort of mood she's in before addressing her. But then Gwyd is there, being all official, and Garvin turns to focus on the young man he's brought. "A valet? Oh." Through the haze of wine, he manages to actually get a good look at Rhaen, a quick shiver running through him. "Hello, Rhaen. I hope you will be happy in my employ."

"You are not supposed to ask people if they've been fucking their young brides much lately, or at all," says Eonn. That said, he looks at the steward, and Rhaen. He doesn't seem terribly interested. His sapphire bright eyes are cold. He swallows more wine.

Peri spots Eonn again and moves over to set a pretty flower from a tree infront of him, giving Garvin a pretty rose before headed towards the kitchen, returning with a tea pot full of what smells like spiced cider.She seems calm taking her comb out of her leather pouches she still wears even with her dress to work through her hair, moving to the fire to settle in on the hearth proper for

"Thank you my lord. I hope I will be happy here as well." Rhaen's smile brightens a little his lips parting to reveal a set of perfectly straight and white teeth. The young man inclines his head to his new lord and moves to the side trying to remain out of sight until he is needed for something. The steward nods and moves off to continue his duties while Rhaen goes to stand a few paces behind Garvin's chair and to one side slightly still within sight but out of the way.

Garvin blushes again at Eonn's words, casting him a quick but playful scowl. "The things you say!" Shaking his head, he looks back to Rhaen again with a smile. "Why don't you sit down here and tell me all about yourself. Have some wine, if you like." He smiles with relief to see Peri's mood improved, nodding to her as well. "You can join us as well, if you like, Peri. Thank you for the lovely flowers and the tea."

Eonn smiles at that, a bit crookedly. He picks up the flower Peri has set in front of him and turns it over in his fingers, thoughtfully. THen he casts a little glance at Garvin.

Peri moves up as is suggested to sit, stick still, detangling her curls without a further word. She waits for a momnet "No it is hot cider, my lord Tyrell." she corrects softly, her weight curling in comfortably, putting her comb away.

The smile from Garvin is returned softly by Rhaen as he steps forward to take a seat at the table. "Very well my lord but I don't need any wine. Thank you for the offer though." He lowers himself gracefully onto the chair and looks from Eonn back to Garvin. Peri gets a little glance as well before the young blond addresses Garvin once more. "What would you like to know my Lord? I don't think I am very interesting but I will answer any questions you wish to ask me all the same." A small and gentle smile is given once more.

Garvin ohs, nodding to Peri as he leans forward a little to sniff in the direction of the cider. "Yes, cider, of course. Well then, have some cider, if you like. You too, Peri." He should probaby switch to cider — or better, water — but he seems happy with his wine, taking another sip. He looks again at Rhaen, a quick shiver running up his spine. "What would I like to know? That is a fair question, a fair question indeed. Perhaps we should start with your questions. Do you have any?"

Eonn chuckles and shakes his head. Seems he finds the exchange dubious, but entertaining. He's quiet about it.

Peri is quiet, pouring Eonn a mug of hot cider, pouring one for herself. "My Lord Tyrell, may I leave the walls of your great house for a walk about town?" she asks, testing the rules politely.

Rhaen considers Garvin a moment with a thoughtful expression and then smile softly and replies. "I have a few yes…mostly concerning what you will expect of me and how I can best serve you. I'm also curious about you yourself but I know better than to pry and ask those kinds of questions." The young man reaches out to pour himself a little bit of the cider. A hint of color comes into his cheek as he speaks those last few words. He lifts the mug to his lips and takes a small sip not taking his eyes off Garvin.

Garvin gives Peri another puzzled look, nose wrinkling. "Well, of course, you may. This isn't a dungeon, nor are you a prisoner here. Why would you ask such a thing?" Somewhere in the background, the steward grumbles to himself, but Garvin is already turning back to Rhaen. "Duties, yes. Duties. Well, Niran will be very pleased, because you are going to free up so much of his time. That's my squire, Nyran Redwyne, though I do not know how he ever hopes to be a knight if he doesn't spend more time on the training grouds." He shakes his head and has another sip of wine, before remembering that he's supposed to be speaking. "My clothes, of course. Making sure they're in good repair, washed and hung away. Helping me choose what to wear each day, helping me dress. My hair needs attention as well, of course, and I take a bath every night before bed. That is often late, as I have a tendency to frequent the Quill and Tankard. Let's see, what else? I do like to have a strong cup of tea brought to my bed each morning, to help me wake. Nyran will undoubtedly tell you more of his duties."

Rhaen listens carefully and nods to Garvin though he does look slightly surprised that the nobleman's squire does all of that along with his training. Those smoke grey eyes are slightly wide now but the young man nods in agreement. "Of course my Lord and I shall do my very best of course." Another gentle smile is given and he sips his cider while his other hand reaches up to tuck a strand of that silky pale hair behind his ear once more. "Is there anything else I should know?"
From afar, Griffyth is doing things.

Eonn ignores the cider, and continues sipping wine, lazily.

Peri is quiet, moving to head upstairs, likely just to check Griffyth or something.

Garvin bites his lower lip, briefly watching Peri slipping out, then looking to Eonn, to see if the man has anything helpful to offer. "Anything else you should know…Well…."

Rhaen smiles gently and waits with patience to see what Garvin will say. He takes another sip of cider then slowly lowers his cup onto the table watching Garvin with calm eyes and waiting for the man to continue.

Eonn gives Garvin a look. He says, "I think you'll have to tell her, you know." A little, sad smile.

Garvin looks back to Eonn, blinking. "He's a him, not a her." He shakes his head, though a bit slowly, as he's had so much to drink, then turns to Rhaen again. "I have, on occassion, late night visitors." Yes, this is a good way to put it. "As the hour is often very late, and I do not wish to bother with all the candles and torches in the great hall, I sometimes, on occassion, visit with these visitors in my chambers. Where we visit. And sometimes, very rarely, the hour grows so late, that these visitors end up spending the night. Visiting, I mean." Okay, this isn't going the way he intended.

A small frown crosses Rhaen's face as Eonn mistakes him for a woman. "Indeed I am a man not a woman." He blushes a little in embaressment but then blinks before his eyes widen a bit in understanding at Garvin's words. "I…see and I suppose you would prefer no one to find out about your…'visitors' then?" His blush grow his cheeks taking on a rosy hue and yet there is a gentle and understanding look on his face. "No one will find out anything from me my lord. I will do my best to make sure any secrets you have are kept I give you my word on this." He looks and is completely sincere dispite those flushed cheeks.

Peri is returning down and heading for the door, her hair wrapped in a piece of black linen to help it dry out in time. She intends to head out to relax and do something on her own.

Garvin suddenly blushes darkly as well, and he quickly takes another guzzle of wine. "Nothing unseemly happens, of course," he's quick to say. "But your discretion will be appreciated and well rewarded. If you ever see anything that makes you feel discomfited, I do hope you'll tell me so, privately, so I may put you at ease again." He glances toward Eonn once more, still bright red.

Eonn sighs, and says, "I know he's a him," he says. "I mean that woman. If you want her to leave, tell her." He drains his wine-glass.

That blush on those pale cheeks darkens further as Rhaen nods slowly understanding. "Of..of course my Lord. I will do this. That will not be a problem." His head lowers a bit trying to hide his flushed cheeks. He takes a slow breath and peeks up at Garvin once more through his thick pale lashes.

Garvin's eyes go distant for a long moment, and his mouth hangs open just a bit. Suddenly there's a tiny light in his eyes. "Oh, you mean Peri?" He looks toward the door. "I forgot, didn't I? Or was I going to have Gwyd tell her? No, that would be craven, I must tell her myself. Where is she?" He shakes his head, deciding to handle the matter later, probably after even more wine. He looks back to Rhaen again, his grin goofy as he gazes at the beautiful young man. "I look forward to having you in the bath…I mean, having you bathe me…I mean…what do I mean?" His cheeks darken again, and he quickly gulps yet more wine. A maid is there to refill the goblet, though then she has to go to the kitchen for another flagon.

Eonn shakes his head and breaks into laughter.

A soft laugh escapes Rhaen and he smiles another smile this one warm and sweet. "I look forward to serving you My Lord. If you need anything from me you need only ask it and it will be given." His cheeks are still warm as she reaches for his cup of cider once more. Two small hands clasp the cup between them as he takes a slow sip watching Garvin.

Stepping into the grand hall from the stairwell is a young maiden dressed in the green and gold of House Tyrell. Alaura glides her way down, catching her Brother's words and she gives a glare at his back, if looks could kill, the poor pansy would wither. Taking a deep breath she puts on her best smile and swans her way across the room, towards the group of people around Garvin. She catches the servant and says, "I do believe my dear sweet brother has had more then enough for the time being."

Eonn lifts his head a bit and looks at Alaura. It's a curious look. A tiny touch of a smile reaches his lips.

Daevon arrives in less fancy clothes than earlier. Does the Maiden's Knight engage in several changes of outfit per day? Why yes he does. He's dressed in his practice leathers, and shown in by the guards.

Garvin just continues blushing, casting a sheepish look toward Eonn, as he sips yet more wine. He tosses errant curls from his face and is about to try and salvage some scrap of dignity, but then Alaura is there. Saved by the sister! He flashes her a wide, toothy smile, eyes glazed with too much wine, and shouts, "Alaura! My dear, sweet, lovely, sweet sister! Did I say sweet twice? Well, you are! Come, meet my new valet, Rhaen. Oh, and Eonn, too. He's not my valet though, he is in Lady Mormont's service. But not as her valet. He gives her rides instead." He pauses, looks puzzled, then blushes once more. "Upon his horse, that is. Have you heard the news, Alaura? Father says I am to be wed. To the Maiden's Knight!" Another pause, another blush. "No, not to the Maiden's Knight. To his sister. Yes, the Maiden's Knight's sister, the lovely Lady Cerys. Lady Cerys Tarmar..gar..deryn!"

Daevon's holding a pink envelope, whatever letter is within could likely rival any book in length. Both his eyebrows raise with alarm when Garvin says that they will be wed. He shakes his head. "I am not a woman." He says, firmly, in case there was some missassumptions on that behalf. He is pretty enough. "Yes, you are to wed my sister. My mother sends her regards. He offers Garvin the letter. "I do not know why she sent this to me and not directly to you." He offers a nod of greeting to Alaura. "Lady Tyrell."

Alaura gives an exasperated look to Garvin and says, "That is quite wonderful news sweet brother but may I have a word with you in private?" She turns an apologetic smile to Rhaen and Eonn. She turns her attention to the new comer, her big emerald eyes lighting on Daevon for more then a few moments, she gives a little shake of her head, "Lady Alaura good Ser, Lady Tyrell is my mother." She turns her attention back to Garvin and gives him a stern look.

Eonn raises his eyebrows at Daevon's comment regarding his gender. He still seems most amused, probably about the way Garvin has stumbled over things. But he's silent now. The nobles are speaking. He's still got wine, though.

Rhean is also blushing but it fades a little in favor of concern as he studies Garvin. Setting his mug of cider down he rises as he spots Alaura and Daevon offering both a low bow. He looks to Garvin with a faint little smile. "My lord it seems you sister wishes to speak with you now. Do you have anything I need to be doing?" He doesn't like to be idle apparently.

"Ser Dae!" Garvin shouts with glee, sloshing wine from his goblet as he tries to rise to his feet. He only makes it halfway though, falling back into the chair again. "You're going to be my brother! No, that's not right, -I- am going to be -your- brother." He frowns, lower lip pouting out as he tries so hard to concentrate. "I know! We can be each other's brothers. Would you like that, Ser Dae? I would like to be your brother. And you sister is so lovely, and what is it, Alaura?" He tries to push himself from his chair again, this time making it all the way to his feet, goblet sloshing loosely in his hand as he sways. "Are we going somewhere? I'll need to change. Where is my new valet?" His eyes pass right over Rhaen, as he shouts toward the tower stairs. "Rhaen! I need to change, so I can go out somewhere with Lady Alaura. Where are we going?"

"Lady Alaura," Daevon says with a smile. He holds out the letter to Garvin. "The letter, Lord Garvin." He reminds him. "I came all the way here to deliver it, to ensure that it was given direct to your hand and did not go missing beneath a pile of other letters." It would be hard to miss it, it smells of roses. "We do need to speak of a few things in regards to your wedding, but I see your sister wishes to speak with you." He looks at Alaura. "Shall this be long?"

Eonn sits there, peacefully. He's got a new bastard sword. A pretty one, with a silver hilt. The guard's got the phases of the moon engraved on it, and the pommel is in the shape of a woman. Not a naked wanton, like one might expect of a sellsword, but a maiden in a long gown. Not The Maiden, on closer inspection. This one has slanting, single-lidded, almond eyes.

Alaura shakes her head and says, "You will not be needing a Valet sweet brother.. but if one of you would so kindly get someone to clear up this little mess." She motions to the wine that Garvin has sloshed about, "I would appreciate it please." She looks to Rhaen and Eonn in this as she speaks, but then Daevon's voice calls her attention and she turns back to him, holding her hand out she says softly, "My dear brother is in no state to talk, the wines we have here are quite lovely." She motions for the servant that was standing around for Garvin, "Please you are my.." She clears her throat, "Our guest, have a glass, the Arbor Gold is simply divine. And I shouldn't be long Ser, I'm just going to pull my dear sweet brother over there a bit." Uh oh somewon is in twouble!

Rhean shakes his head softly at the scene. The young valet looks to Alaura and inclines his head politely. "I will see it gets cleaned right away my lady." With those words he goes off to get something to clean up the mess with.

Garvin's eyes light again, though dimly, as he takes the letter and brings it to his nose. "Mmm, it smells so sweetly of roses. You say this is from your lady mother? She is such a thoughtful woman, to scent the letter for me." He clutches it to his chest, goofy grin still on his face, eyes half-lidded, as he tries to follow what Alaura is saying. That's an awful lot of words. Not as many as are likely in the fat letter-packet he holds, but still an awful lot. "Very well, we shan't need a valet." He nods then, satisfied he understood what all those words were about. As he begins to follow his sister, his eyes fall on Eonn and his new sword. "Look, everyone! Eonn has a new sword!" He stoops low to examine the hilt, nearly falling off his feet. "And there's a woman on it. Is that the Maiden?" He stands upright again too fast, staggering from the head rush. "Daevon, you should have a sword like this, with the Maiden in the hilt. Because you're the Maiden's Knight. See, Maiden sword, Maiden's Knight? See?"

"Yes," Daevon says to Garvin. He shakes his head at Garvin. "I have my own swords. Go speak with your sister."

Eonn grins at Garvin, and puts out a hand to steady the young Lord of Tyrell. "Take a moment," he says. "Breathe a bit. And go speak with your sister. She asks for you so graciously, my lord."

Alaura gives a warm smile to Daevon and inclines her head respectfully to the Targaryn, "Ser, thank you." Sighing as Garvin gets side tracked by the shiny thing, she reaches out and takes his sleeve, "Come along sweet brother, I need to have a few words." She gives another nod, this one to Eonn, saying a quick thank you to Rhean as he runs off to find a servant to clean up a mess, "Thank you, do not wish anyone to slip." Guiding her brother away from the group, she pauses out of ear shot.

Garvin staggers and stumbles along where Alaura leads, nodding to Daevon with a drawn out 'oh'. He still clutches the letter to his chest, but somewhere along the way, he lost the goblet (likely taken by a maid before he dropped it), so at least there's no more spilling.

Alaura looks up at her big brother, "You need to stop this Garvin, if father hears about all of this, he's going to disown you!! There are commoners running all over the house at all hours of the morning, I'm afraid to come out of my room at times!!!" She sighs and shakes her head, "And you speaking to.. men in such a way, in PUBLIC!! What would mother say?!"

Garvin blinks slowly as he listens to his sister whispering, reddness creeping up his cheeks and down his neck. "But haven't you heard, dear sister?" he says, not nearly as quiet as Alaura. "I'm to be wed! To a woman! There won't be any more rumors then, and mother will be very pleased. Father even moreso." He glances toward the table, where only Eonn remains. "What did I say to him that wasn't proper?"

Eonn sets quiet, drinking wine and starting to look sleepy.

Alaura pokes her brother in the shoulder, "No it won't, there will still and will always be rumors Garvin!" She lowers her voice once more and says, "You were talking about taking a bath with that man!" She takes a deep breath keeping calm as she speaks, "Garvin, I love you, you're my brother, and I would hate for you not to be. And what prospects do I have of a good marriage? They will think I am like you and start shunning me, I've already lost one betrothed."

Garvin gives his eyes a roll, then throws a heavy arm around Alaura's shoulders. "Dear sister, sweet sister. Rhaen isn't a -man-. He's a valet! It's his job to help me bathe. You mustn't listen to the idle gossip that goes around. I am your brother, a man just like any other. Only prettier. But that strays from my point. What is my point?" He stops to think, leaning even more heavily on his sister for support. "My point! My point is that rumors are like weeds. Every garden has them, and the best thing to do is toss them out without a thought. You are a sweet and lovely girl, and one day, father will marry you to a good, strong, handsome lord, and then you'll be as happy and me as my Lady Cerys. Happier, even. Very more happier. Is there any more wine?"

Alaura sighs and looks up at her brother, "I think perhaps Garvin you should go and take your Valet with you to your room, and change into something that hasn't had wine spilled all over it." She shakes her head and says, "As for weeds, if they aren't tossed out, they will grow and smother ther roses." She gives a nod and steps away from her brother, "And no more wine for today."

Eonn drains his wine cup and gets to his feet. He moves to slip out.

Garvin stumbles half a step before he catches himself. "Yes, no more wine tonight. I shall switch to mead before bed." He nods then, staggering toward the tower door. "Change my clothes, yes, that is a wise idea indeed. And I should have a bath as well. Yes, a bath, and then I'll check on Ser Griffyth. Perhaps he would like a bath as well." And then he's in the tower and moving slowly up the stairs.

Alaura calls after her brother, "Mead is wine!!!" She sighs and shakes her head then moves to the kitchens to give orders to all the servants to not give Garvin any more to drink!

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