(121-02-03) Lord Pansy Meets His Bride
Lord Pansy Meets His Bride
Summary: Garvin meets his future bride, Cerys. Jebediah has the bloody flux.
Date: (3 February, 2014)
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Grand Hall - Garden Isle Manse

The first floor's main hall is grand, open room dominated by a massive fireplace and high-arched windows facing the street, protected by heavy iron bars. The white walls and polished white marble floors make it seem airy and bright. The starkness of the walls is softened by three long tapestries, depicting fantastical hunting scenes, while the marble floor is cushioned by rich Myrish rugs.

Down the center of the hall is a long, wide dining table, able to seat thirty comfortably. At the head of the table is an enormous chair of elaborately carved rosewood, with a door behind flanked by two high windows, giving a view of the sunlight gardens. Near the fireplace are smaller chairs, cushioned benches, and small tables for more intimate conversations.

Alcoves and doors at either side of the great hall lead to servants quarters, kitchens, and smaller sitting rooms. At the northwest and southeast corners of the building are square towers holding the stairs up to the floor above, where the bedchambers and other sitting rooms are found.

It's a fair summer day, with shining sun and chirping birds, and Garden Isle is pleasantly cooled by the river. The guards recognize Jebediah and grumble a bit, but open the door for him. The name Lannister carries a lot more weight with them, and they show him in without grumbling. A page runs ahead to announce both men to Garvin, who is sitting at the head of the table in the great hall. He's not eating though. Instead, that end of the table is covered with scattered parchments, inkpots, and quills, and Garvin has his goldwood silver-stringed harp against his shoulder. His lips are a bit stained with ink, from holding a quill between his teeth while he strums, then hastily scrawls on a parchment. When visitors are announced, he looks up with a brilliant grin. "Come in, come in! Welcome, Ser Saren! Hello, Jeb!"

Quietly and calmly Saren waits to be announced and once he is shown into the hall he walks in briskly but with a certain amount of grace as well. The tall blonde knight isn't wearing his armor for once and is dressed more causally in a tunic, vest breeches and boots. He has left his shield but his blade still hangs from his belt just in case. He can't help but smile broadly at Garvin when he spots him surrounded by writing materials and with ink on his lips. He offers a polite bow and his smile is warm. "Lord Garvin. It is truly a pleasure to see you again." His tone is as warm as his smile and sincere as well.

A boy slowly walks through the corridors which he is escorted through, very pale he is indeed.. wearing several scarves around his neck, looking quite frail - sick almost. He slowly walks into the room where Garvin and Saren are, giving a slight wave, not able to raise it up to full height, as it exerts to much energy. "Writing something, Garvin?" the boy says in a monotone voice, giving off a thin smile.

Garvin puts aside his harp as he stands, moving toward Saren with a smile. He's decked out in finery, of course, though without his rapier hanging on his hip today. "It's so good to see you again as well. Won't you sit down? Myllie will bring us some wine or mead or…what would you prefer?" He notices Jeb's condition then, one brow rising. "Are you will, lad? Hungover, or something more serious?"

"Wine would be nice and thank you." Saren settles down into a chair with a faint smile. He gives the many parchments on the table a curious glance. The knight looks to the young man who entered after him and a look of concern appears on his features. Garvin has already asked after the other mans health though so the Lannister remains silent just watching for now.

The boy, that being Jebediah, looks to his feet, and then back upwards, nibbling on his bottom lip slightly, "Bloody Flux. My whole system has been washed out, I am fine though. Where's your restroom?" the boy asks, his arms folded over his chest, standing pale-faced, and bundled up with layer upon layer of scarves.

A maid hurries off, soon returning with a flagon of Arbor gold and several goblets. One goblet is filled and presented to Saren with a quick bow, and another is given to Garvin, though he doesn't sip from it. Garvin shudders a bit, waving toward the privy way off over there somewhere, giving Jebediah a frown. "If you're ill, you should have stayed at the Sept. It isn't wise to run about the city in such a condition." Meanwhile, the guards know Daevon on sight and quickly usher him and his guest into the great hall.

Ser Daevon Targaryen, the Maiden's Knight, looks every bit like the sort of knight who has just stepped out of a fairytale. His dress-armour gleams, silver-gold, a shade that almost matches his hair. The only real splash of colour to him is those deep, amethyst eyes of his, the rest just pale perfection. He moves, as he always does, with an exquisite grace. "My Lord Garvin Tyrell, may I present to you Lady Cerys Targaryen." They both have the same flawless skin, that same breath-taking beauty, of course it's far more fitting upon her, and although their eyes are different, and Daevon's taller of course, there's no denying that they share the same blood.

Jebediah nods slowly, giving off a small frown, shivering slightly, hugging himself for warmth.. "Apologies, I will be leaving. 'Tis wrong of me to come here with my sickness…."

Saren frowns when Jebediah says he is ill. He nods to Garvin's words and adds his own. "You should have stayed home to rest if you are ill yes." He still looks mildy concered and glances to Garvin with a thoughtful expression before lifting his goblet to take a slow sip from it. The entering knight and lady get a curious glance from the Lannister knight from where he sits watching.

If Daevon is the dashing knight then Cerys is the princess. Dressed in a gown of pale pink and white silk and adorned with flowers she looks quite beautiful. Her pale hair crowned with a ring of pink and white flowers. The young woman walks beside her brother with almost perfect grace of her own quietly waiting as she is introduced and then offering a polite curtsey and a warm little smile once her name is spoken. She watches Garvin's reaction carefully glancing to his guests briefly as well.

Garvin chews nervously at his lower lip, torn between his desire to comfort Jeb and his terror of catching bloody flux himself. It's not a pretty disease, nor is there any treatment that he knows of, and worst of all, it's deadly and very contagious. Like, epidemic-level. He shudders again, watching the boy shuffle off. "Shall I…send for a maester to meet you at the Starry Sept?" he finally asks nervously. But then there are breathtaking Targaryens, and Garvin is distracted by their beauty. "Ser Dae, so good to see you feeling better. And it is a pleasure to meet you, my lady." He gives a dramatic bow, not realizing there are still ink stains around his mouth (from holding a quill in his teeth earlier). "Do come in, both of you. May I present Ser Saren Lannister?" The maid quickly pours more wine for the two dragon bloods.

Another maid is shuffling up a stack of parchments at the far end of the table, gathering ink pots and quills, while a page carefully carries away Garvin's harp.

Jebediah shrugs his shoulders, swaying his arms around slightly.. "It might just be some bad oysters… I just… g'uh… my stomach, it's what kills me…," looking at the ground, saying it glumly.

Saren sets his goblet down and rises offering a less dramatic but still polite bow of his own as he is introduced. His smile is warm as he looks the pair over. "A pleasure to meet you both My lord and My lady." He waits a moment standing by his chair and looking from Garvin to his guests with unhidden curiousity. He stays silent now waiting to see what brings the two Targaryens here.

"Most likely he is suffering the after-effects of that wine you made him drink, and perhaps some bad food," Daevon says. "There is not even the hint of a rumour about bloody flux in the city, and it is highly unlikely he has it. To be safe though he should be quarantined until he's seen by an actual healer who can allay any fears of his illness. And be sure he comes in contact with no one else, least it spread. You may wish to burn anything that he has touched, but I would suspect it is just bad wine and worse food." He's frowning a little, then nods when Jebediah mentions oysters. "Undoubtedly. Bad oysters will do that to you. You should be off to bed, and with a bucket and it shall pass. And please, do not get any nearer." He then looks to Garvin. "This is not how I'd hoped to introduce you though. It would appear that our father's have been talking. Have they sent word to you yet? Or has my sister arrived ahead of the messenger?" He just dips a nod to Saren.

Cerys frowns at the mention of bloody flux. She takes a slow step back away from Jebediah just in case he does have it. Her health has always been rather delicate and it doesn't take much for her to catch even the most harmless of illnesses. The petite woman remains silent biting her lower lip and letting her eyes glance over to Saren who gets a warm little smile and an incline of her head before she goes back to observing Garvin as he brother explains things. She appears nervous now stepping closer to Daevon and looking cautiously to the Tyrell lord.

The boy slightly frowns as he notices everyone step away from him. He nods slightly before he says his goodbyes, walking out the exit of the door, keeping his hands tucked underneath his armpits.

"Ser Daevon Targaryen is the famous Maiden's Knight," Garvin tells Saren with a grin. His eyes show relief at both Daevon's words and Jebediah's admission he'd had some bad oyster. "Yes, you really should be in bed, lad. Or at the very least, bundled in a chair near a fire. And a privy." He nods off toward the door to the privy again. "But I really do think a maester should have a look at you. Or…Peri is upstairs, seeing to Griffyth's injuries. Perhaps she would consent to examine you as well." He hesitates, till keeping his distance from Jeb and looking about nervously. Should he put the boy somewhere in the house? A bed somewhere out of the way perhaps? But then Daevon says something that causes Garvin to turn to him again, blinking. "What about our fathers? Sister? Is this your sister, Ser Dae?" He looks to Cerys, eyes alight. "My lady, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you! Please, come sit and have some wine with us. We have a nice Arbor gold just now, but we can have red if you'd prefer. The Maiden Knight's sister!"

The guards block the door, not letting Jebediah escape just yet. He may need to be quarantined to protect the rest of the city, after all. They don't try to grab him or anything, just block the way.

Daevon says something quietly to Cerys, trying to reassure her. "The boy is simple, and prone to strange behaviour. Only yesterday eve he was sitting on floors when there were chairs available, and drinking wine with no experience of doing so. If I had thought there was even the slightest chance he had bloody flux, or any other illness not caused by indulgence I would not risk you." He watches as Jeb leaves, making sure he doesn't come close to Cerys. He sighs somewhat as clearly they've arrived before the messengers. He hadn't thought that he would need to break this news. "Our fathers know each other well, it would seem. They have decided that there would be much to gain from an alliance between our households. I am not privy to the details of their arrangement, and it came as quite a surprise to me as well, that my favourite sister was here." He's dancing around the issue though, with words.

Saren's eyes widen a bit as as Daevon is introduced. He has heard of him apparently. He smiles warmly and then that smile fades into a thoughtful look as the Maiden's Knight speaks. He looks to Garvin and speaks quietly. "Lord Garvin. If you wish for more privacy to speak with the Lord and Lady Targaryen I will see myself out?" He looks between the three of them thoughtfully and then glances to the sick young man as he is blocked from the exit.

Jebediah is stopped dead in his tracks as guards step infront of him.. he looks over his shoulder towards Garvin with a sad frown.. "Can I please go..?" the boy says, almost in a pout-like state.

Garvin casts another concerned but fearful look toward Jebediah, then gives a quick waves to the guards. "Be safe, lad. Go straight home to bed and tell the Septon you require medical aid." The guards step aside and open a door, keeping a wary distance from Jeb himself. Garvin turns back to the others then, putting on his pleasant smile. "Our fathers?" His eyes go distant for a moment, but he shakes his head. "It does not surprise me. My lord father makes many such alliances, but I am rarely privy to the details." He waves to chairs at the table again, as maids offer wine to Daevon and Cerys. Garvin glances to Saren, then back to Daevon. "Is this some private matter you need to tell me about?"

A small yet warm smile appears on Cerys lips as Garvin addresses her. "Thank you my lord, it is a pleasure to meet you as well. Some wine would be lovely thank you and the Arbor gold will be perfetcly fine." She steps forward closer to Garvin and the table but takes care to stay well away from Jebediah as well. She looks back to Daevon and smiles faintly trying to encourage him. She sighs softly and bites her lower lip again as she makes her way over to the table to sit.

Jebediah slips outside, keeping his head down, vanishing along the winding roads.

Daevon looks over at Saren. "My apologies, barging in here and disrupting whatever it was that you were both doing. I had not intended to be so rude. It is a pleasure to meet you." He looks at Garvin. "It is up to you, how much privacy you wish for in this matter. And my sister of course."

"It is fine, my Lord. I can leave if needed or I can stay if privacy is not needed." Saren smiles to Daevon and looks back to Garvin as he waits to see what will be decided. He watches and waits quitely standing near the table. As Cerys makes her way over he pulls out a chair for her to sit down and offers her a kind smile.

Garvin moves to the head of the table, cleared now of all his writing, and sits rather stiffly in the enormous chair, the one his lord father uses on his rare visits to Oldtown. "I've had no letter from Lord Tyrell," he says, chewing at his lower lip again. "So I haven't any idea what this matter is or whether privacy is required. Since you know more than I, Ser Dae and Lady Cerys, I shall leave it to you whether Ser Saren should stay or go." Remembering the goblet in his hand, he takes a tiny sip.

"Unless Lord Garvin wishes for privacy then I don't mind if you remain Ser Saren. I have a feeling it will be common knowledge before long anyway." Cerys says softly to the knight as he pulls her out a seat. Settling gracefully into the chair she looks between the Lord Tyrell and her brother. Accepting the offered wine she takes a slow sip from the goblet watching carefully.

With the go ahead from both Garvin and his sister, Daevon just goes ahead, figuring that Saren is free to stay. "Our fathers believe…." How does he even break this news? "That there should be a union between our houses, and that you would be well suited to each other in marriage. There should have been a letter here informing of the specifics of the arrangement. My mother, who is a great one for romance, thinks that you should woo my sister first, before the wedding. And though she was loathe to part with Cerys' company, she sacrificed her own needs in the name of love, so that Cerys could be here. I do have the letter from my mother here, although I imagine you will be getting one of your own quite shortly."

Garvin's face suddenly drains of all color, and he falls back against the chair bonelessly. He gapes at Daevon for a long moment, steals a glance toward Saren, then Cerys, but returns his wide eyes to the Maiden's Knight. "Th-there has been some mistake," he says, voice weak and distant. "Matrim, that's who you mean. He's the heir, a far more fitting match for my Lady Targaryen. It's Matrim you mean, isn't it?"

Luckin is announced: "The Archmaester Luckin." He won't wait to be shown in, so the servants don't have much choice about that. He comes leaning on his staff.

Saren watches as the news is delivered and Garvin's rather extreme reaction to it. There is sympathy in those deep blue eyes as he looks to Garvin and then to Cerys. Though his eyes linger longer on the Tyrell with obvious concern as he takes his seat once more and reaches for his goblet taking a quiet sip from it.

Cerys sighs softly at the reaction Garvin gives. She shakes her head gently and takes a sip of her wine before she speaks quietly to the Tyrell Lord. "No…there is no mistake My lord. It is you my father wishes me to marry." She lowers her head trying to hide her distress at the way he responded to the news.

Daevon shakes his head. "Oh no. Mother would not have that. She does not approve of your brother's reputation and it seems was quite vocal about not having her darling, precious, delicate daughter wedded to such a man." He actually pulls the letter out in order to ensure he gets the wording right. It's written in purple ink upon rose-scented stationery, and the tear drops marring the paper are obvious. It's a very, very long letter. "It would seem my father agreed with her in that regard, and that they believe you would be the better match."

Garvin suddenly drains his goblet, glug-glug-glug, then slams it to the tabletop a bit harder than he intended. His color is returning as he straightens his shoulders and forces a smile. He glances only briefly at the letter, as he stands and moves toward Cerys, dropping to one knee beside her chair and looking up at her. "It seems our lord fathers have seen fit to have us wed, and I could not have asked for a more lovely bride. I beg your patience, my lady, for this news was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I promise you, I shall do my best to be a fitting suitor to one as delicate and beautiful as you." Luckin is indeed shown in, and a guard is ushering Jebediah in as well, whether the boy likes it or not. Lord Gwyd Florent, the house's steward, quickly explains to Luckin that Jeb is suspected of having the bloody flux, and no one is sure what to do with him.

Luckin narrows his eyes at Jebediah leaning on his staff. "You are shitting blood, lad?" he asks, impatiently.

Cerys keeps her head lowered for a long minute but when Garvin goes to kneel by her chair she slowly rises her eyes to meet his. Her smile is soft and gentle if a bit unsure. "Thank you my Lord and I will give you as much of my patience as you need. I to was surprised when I learned the news but I'm sure things will work out just fine all the same." That gentle smile remains as she studies Garvin try to reassure him that it will indeed be alright. She glances up as Luckin enters and the mans crass words have her biting her lower lip a light pink blush appearing on those pale cheeks.

The pale boy bundled in numerous articles of clothing cocks his head towards Luckin, giving a brief nod… before his pale cheeks slightly turn red, looking away.

The letter is horribly florid and over-written and exceptionally melodramatic and full of long words. Their mother doesn't believe in using one word when ten will suffice. And just a glance at it certainly doesn't do justice to the horror that it is. There are pages upon pages of crying over losing her daughter, but needing to be brave, and worrying that Cerys will fall ill and who will be there to look after her. And hoping that her husband to be is a romantic soul who will treat Cerys like the delicate blossom of girlhood that she is. There are pages upon pages of this thing, all of which Daevon places down on the table.

Remaining a silent observer Saren sips his wine and continues to watch. His eyes drifting between Jebediah and Cerys and Garvin. His attention is torn evenly between watching the 'supposedly' ill young man and the new couple. This was turning out to be an eventful day…

The archmaester frowns and puts on the silver mask that he usually keeps carried on a leather strap around his neck so it rests on his chest. He ties it in place. The effect is rather eerie; the mask, its odd swirls aside, depicts the face of a young man. "Come," he tells Jebediah. It's muted, the mouth and nose are lined with something on the inside, though his pale blue eyes are still clearly visible. "Lift your shirt to cover your mouth and nose and come."

Garvin has eyes only for Cerys now, though there's more terror there than adoration, and he's trying very hard not to hear the wise maester's words of…wisdom. "We shall have as long a betrothal as needed, to assure we both truly love one another before the blessed wedding," He glances toward Daevon, smiling again. "And Ser Daevon, your brother, shall be our chaperone, to assure we do not forget ourselves during our courtship." Looking at Cerys again, he holds out his hand, trembling just a bit. "If it would not be too forward, my lady, may I kiss your delicate fingertips but once?"

Daevon looks over at Saren, his expression thoughtful as he does so. He's trying his best to give the other two some space. He should keep to the whole wedding discussion, but it's not really his sort of thing. He'd never imagined himself to be in such a position, besides, it's sorted now. "Ser Saren, will you be competing in the dolphin tournament?"

The steward, keeping a good distance away from Jebediah, asks Luckin if he would like to use a nearby room to examine the sick boy. Though from his tone, it's clear he'd rather the examination take place in another house, or possibly on a ship in the Sound, well away from him and the household in his charge.

Jebediah grasps his tunic in a fist, slowly bringing the thick cloth towards his mouth, using it to cover up his nasal and oral cavities. The boys slightly toned pale bare stomach and chest aview, he gazes at his feet and follows in clad step behind Luckin.

The silver mask turns to find Garvin's face. "My lord of Tyrell," he says. "Have your servants wash where this boy has been, with boiled vinegar. And well." He turns and heads for the doors.

Cerys is trying to hide her distress at the terror she sees in Garvin's eyes as well as her own terror as she hears the archmaester's words. She is scared now and offers a silent prayer to any gods that might be listening that she won't catch the sickness as well. Trembling slightly she offers Garvin a nervous smile and nods slowly lifting a delicate hand for him to kiss if he chooses.

Saren looks to Daevon and smiles faintly offering a nod. "Most likely yes I will. What about yourself? Will you compete as well?" He too does his best to give the couple space though the maester and the sick young man get a slight frown as they leave before the blonde knight looks back to Daevon once more.

Garvin gently takes her hand in his own, leaning in for a kiss as tender as a butterfly's wings, then releases her again at once. As he rises to his feet once more, he gives a shiver at Luckin's words, casting a quick look toward the steward, who rushes off to the kitchens. Letting out a small sigh that illness and plague have hopefully been averted, Garvin returns to his chair, where he finds his goblet has been refilled. "I am so looking forward to the tourney," he says with a smile. "Lady Cerys, I do hope you will sit with me, so we may watch your lord brother and Ser Saren compete."

Daevon'll offer up a prayer as well, silently. However he doesn't truly believe that Jebediah has the flux. He smiles at Saren and nods. "Of course. Hopefully we will face against each other and have a chance to test our skills. And if you're in need of some practice before hand, I'd be most grateful if you'd look for me. It would seem I've become slow."

Cerys smiles softly as her hand is kissed and released. She looks to Saren and her brother and smiles happily before nodding to Garvin. "I would be happy to Lord Garvin…it has been too long since I have seen my brother's skills put to the test." She looks excited at the prospect of a tourney and reaches out for her wine to take a small sip from the goblet once again.

Saren nods to Daevon with a warm smile. "I hope so as well and I think I could also use a bit of practice myself. It is always good to keep ones skills sharp." A glance is given to Cerys and Garvin and he chuckles softly at the noblewomens excited look. "I shall have to do my best to provide your brother with a challenge then my lady." He glances to Garvin next and takes a sip from his own goblet of wine.

Garvin does drink then, a nice, long gulp to help keep himself smiling. "There will be so many fine knights competing, it should be wonderful to watch. Ser Arros Sand, Ser Griffyth Wylde, my brother if he returns in time. I will have a hard time choosing who to cheer for."

Daevon nods in agreement. "I'll look forward to it then." He's smiling now, warm and happy at the thought of the up and coming fight. He chuckles at Garvin. "Why choose? Why not just cheer for us all. Win or lose, it's going to be splendid." He then asks Cerys. "I hear there's other contests as well. Do you plan to participate in any?"

"I'm not certain…if they have a horseback racing competion I may have to compete. I do love riding after all." Cerys replies to the question with a soft smile. She looks to Saren. "I think I will be cheering for you Ser Saren. Though if and when you go up against my brother I may have to cheer for you both rather than pick favorites." She smiles sweetly.

Saren grins at Garvin. "Well then you will just have to cheer for them all. Though I hope I can count on at least a little of your support as well My lord?" Cerys's words actually make the knight look slightly flustered and he smiles nervously at her unsure of what to do for a moment before he responds. "Thank you my Lady…I am honored." Another sip of his wine is taken now.

Garvin downs some more wine, his color and temperament both raising. "Oh, I shall cheer for everyone, I'm sure. I always do. The knights always look so handsome and brave upon their proud destriers. Oh! Lady Cerys, you must meet my dear sister and my sweet cousins. Lady Keyte has only just arrived in Oldtown, and her twin sister, Lady Kesha, shall be here soon. I know you'll all be such wonderful friends."

"You had better not be cheering for him against you're very own brother," Daevon teases Cerys, gently. "I'd be most hurt. I know he is a dashing and charming and hansdome knight, whereas I'm your brother, but still." At the mention of horses and riding he says. "Oh, you won't have met Sunshine yet. She's a sandsteed mare, can you believe it, who I was given after my adventures in Dorne. She rides like the wind itself. If you're good to me, and cheer, I might let you ride her one day."

Cerys blushes and lowers her head a little. "Of course I will cheer for you both then…equally so there are no hurt feelings." She looks up with wide excited eyes as the horse is mentioned. "Really I can ride her someday then?!" She looks positively gleeful and giggles softly before she adds. "Don't worry brother I will definitely be cheering for you as well." She offers a nod to Garvin along with a bright smile. "That would be very nice, my lord. You will have to introduce me at some point."

Peri is quiet as she slinks down the stairs, still in a fitted green gown Garvin insisted on her wearing - she has however refused shoes. She still looks a bit miserable as she walks, but the rum and dirty - just slightly bloody rags on her tray show she has been legitimately tending to Griffyth. Her hair is braided simply with black ribbon in it - a sign of mourning maybe or protest.

Saren smiles faintly his own color growing just a little though whether its the wine or something else is up for debate. The blonde Lannister knight remains silent for now listening as the others talk and spotting Peri as she slinks down the stairs. A warm smile is offered to the woman along with a brief nod before he looks back to those at the table.

Garvin smiles as the siblings discuss cheering and horses, drinking down more wine, only to have the goblet refilled by a maid. Then he spies Peri, and he gets slowly to his feet. "How is he this evening, Peri?" he asks, concern plain in his voice. "Are his wounds healing well?"

Daevon smiles at Cerys. "Of course, you can. Or perhaps you can charm Ser Arros into loaning you Onyx, and then we can truly race. Although, probably better not to. Since he's already been most kind." He casts a concerned glance at Peri, but it's Saren again that his gaze settles upon. "Perhaps you would like to come riding with us?" he asks. "And you, Lord Garvin? We could make a day of it, and it would be a chance to get to know eachother better." He means for Cerys and Garvin of course.

Peri stops, instead of fussing she shifts to give a proper curtsy. "Lord Wylde is in good condition but sleepy. I left him some pain killing herbs and cleaned his wounds. He is free of infection but still a bit tender. My Lord Tyrell." she offers, pausing to curtsy again. "I apologize for using such expensive rum but I needed something to make sure his injuries were cleaned properly." she offers, moving to set the rum down on the table infront of Garvin - strong sweet rum. She heads for the kitchen unless addressed, carrying the towels yet, likely taking them to be laundered. Cerys is looked at curious.

Cerys nods to Daevon smiling happily. She looks to Saren and nods in agreement as her brother offers to let him and Garvin go riding with them. "Yes that would be lovely if you both could come with us." She looks to Peri with equal curiousity and raises a pale brow in a slient question. Looking back to Garvin she smiles softly waiting to see if he and Saren will agree.

Garvin's eyes light at Daevon's suggestion, his lips curling in a grin. "Oh yes, please! I do love to ride, though I'm not really one for racing. But we could ride up along the river and take our dogs with. That would make a lovely day, don't you think, Lady Cerys?"

Speaking of dogs, Ser Daffodil, a small, blond, spaniel-like dog with long, well-groomed coat, wanders into the great hall and begins sniffing around for any fallen scraps. He doesn't beg or nose any of the ankles below the table, but he's also not furtive in his movements.

Garvin nods to Peri then, sitting again in his chair, and he waits for her to return from the kitchen before making introductions. "Ser Daevon Targaryen, lovely Lady Cerys Targeryen, and Ser Saren Lannister, I present Peri, the newest member of our household." He makes no mention of the rum, nor even glances at the bottle, as he looks to Peri again. "Lady Cerys and I are to be married."

"I would like that very much, My lord," Saren replies with a warm smile. He looks to Garvin. "What about you my lord will you join as well?" He questions as he raises his goblet for another drink. Setting it down he looks to Daevon and Garvin but for some reason doesn't seem to want to meet Cerys's eyes. He offers a smile and a nod to Peri as he is introduced.

"Speaking of dogs, I am seeking one for our cousin, Lady Vaelinor," Daevon says. "I have found these ones that are all white fluff, just now, and the grow to look like bears, although gentle and loyal as any dog could be. Would you also care for one, sister, dearest? I think it would be nice to have dogs again." He smiles at Peri.

Peri hesitates. "That is wonderful news my lord Tyrell." she offers. She seems lightly annoyed by something but puts on a plain but polite smile. She rubs her sides to smooth it down. "Would it be possible to have an advance to buy some paper, a quill, and some ink?" she asks, softly, frowning, looking displeased still. "Congratulations My lady soon to be Tyrell," she offers.

Then it's Garvin's turn to look both confused and a little annoyed, blinking as he looks around the table. "There were quills and ink here a moment ago, but they seem to have vanished away again. Ask Gwyd, I'm sure he will know where to find them." Daffodil sniffs hopefully at the hem of Peri's gown, but she doesn't seem to have any treats for him, so he scampers off to the hearth to curl up.

Peri is quiet still "My lord Tyrell, I am very sorry but congratulations on your new bride." She sits down when handed paper and writes neatly, a bit privately.

Garvin sinks back into his chair when the knights and lady have taken their leave. He starts to shiver, then shake, as he drops his head and begins to silently sob.

Peri shifts a bit to touch Garvin's shoulders "You should stop crying." she offers, rubbing his hair, quietly

Garvin sniffles but doesn't look up, hiding behind his long curls. "Not crying," he murmurs miserably, staring into his wine goblet. "Why must I get married?"

Peri sighs "Because you are a Lord. I am not required to marry because I am a stupid whore." she offers, calmly, brushing Garvin's hair. She folds the letter, sending it to a page and whispering instructions.

Garvin sniffles again, looking up with a deep frown. Though his eyes are red and watery, no tears have actually spilled down his cheeks yet. "I wish you'd stop calling yourself that, Peri. It really upsets me when you do. You know you're better than that."

The page, who looks all of ten, widens his eyes in shock at Peri's whisper. He stares at the little note for a long moment, then runs off to find the steward.

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