(121-01-29) A Day on the Tourney Grounds
A Day on the Tourney Grounds
Summary: Some fights, some conversation, and a case of mistaken identity.
Date: 121-01-29

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"Well — I hope to see brains then. Been awhile." Mikel turns and sits down, leaving his horse to look idly for something to graze on. If Mikel understands that Garvin is Lord Pansy, he does not show it. He seems finished with the topic, though, moving on to Garvin's question. "A short tale, really. My arm got mangled, I started drinking. My father disapproves as a drunk for a son. So much promise he said. A squire for a knight of the Kingsguard he said." He waves the flask about, then takes a deep drink, "I can drink and whore far better than I can hit another mane with a small tree, or expose another man's brain. At least that is my opinion."

Arros gives Ashara a subtle little nod at her words of advice. When Daevon approaches, he smiles, "Ah, you know each other, then." No other words need to be said, so he falls quiet as the Targaryen and Martell talk.

Kai raises his right blade above his head, ducking slightly as Derrioth's blade runs along the edge of his owm, he steps to the right with a grunt, not quite used to blocking a two-handed blow with one sword, he attempts to run his left blade along Derrioth's right leg, underneath his knee, but even should it hit, tis' doubtful it would do much damage, the difficulty of seriously fighting with two swords effecting him, not to mention Derrioth's strength and skill. He continues to move to his right, even should his left blade not contact, desiring to put some distance between himself and Derrioth, even if it is only a little.

Garvin sits again as well, though carefully. "Ah, I see. My father mostly disapproves of me as well. He's far more pleased with my older brother. Which, I suppose, is how it should be, as Matrim will one day take his place as Warden of the South." He takes another gulp, licking his lips as he looks back to the field. "And I would rather watch men knock each other around than be one of the men being knocked. I'm not suited to bulky armor and heavy weapons. I prefer a lighter blade." He pats the rapier at his side and drinks again.

Vaelinor stares in wide-eyed wonder as she approaches the spectator stands. She is accompanied by a thirty-something woman with dark curls atop her head, bound into fine netting. "Cousin Thessa, look! They're fighting! Will they kill each other?" Thessa sighs with mild exasperation at Vaelinor and simply ushers her along to find a place to sit down.

"Ser Daevon was a…guest at Sunspear when last I was home," Ashara explains to Arros with a small smile. "And thank you," she adds to the Targaryen. "But I'm trying to move forward. I tried going home again, but it just seemed…" She pauses, letting out a slow breath. "Well. You can only follow the same pattern so many times and expect the results to be different. I decided to leave home for a bit. Berion had some business interests here, and I thought I might see if I could convince someone to let me into a few classes on healing if I was charming enough."

"You are like the little sister I never had," Mikel says, confused perhaps. "Let me ask you," he starts on another tangent, "What happened to that girl that was here sharing the wine? Fearful of my good looks no doubt." He passes the flask off to the hand attached to the crippled arm, which does tell everyone that the hand works at the very least. He furrows his brow and cups his chin. "Scared of me, no doubt." The knight looks up and notices the scene of others moving onto the grounds, but eyes the fighters. "What are wrong with these too. They are boring me to tears."

The men, while they do appear to be fighting, also appear to be having fun, both grinning to each other. Derrioth grunts as he too makes distance from Kai, glaring to his two blades then scanning over his body again he'd let out a quiet, barely audible chuckle before charging forward again, the tip of the flachion gliding against the ground as he runs at Kai. Once he comes again, into striking distance he'd tighten his grip and go in for a horizontal slice towards his opponents left abdominal region, just a bit above his guts.

Daevon nods at Ashara's explanation, it suffices. "Sometimes it is better to move forward. It is good to see you here." He smiles, "and I am certain that you will be able to find those classes you seek. I have few connections here having just newly arrived myself, but if you need my assistance in any way I would be more than happy to offer it." He pauses, then asks. "How is Sha… Princess Shadi? Last that I'd heard she'd turned down another proposal, but was happy in her pursuit of music as her love?"

Garvin cocks a brow, eyes moving toward Mikel, though he doesn't turn his head. "Sister?" he asks, lips curled in amusement. "Ah, Peri. Her husband-captain is wroth with her and has forbidden her from leaving the docks near their ship. When she saw one of his men, she ran to avoid attracting his attention. 'Tis a strange relationship I don't fully understand." He looks out to the field again, giving a small shrug. "It's entertaining enough, and they seem to be having fun at it. The one called Derrioth is…." He lets that thought drift away, draining more mead from his flask.

Kai steps back, and to his left this time, raising his left blade and taking the blow with it, of course, he doesn't take the full force of the blow, having previously seen how that works out, and twists his left blade to the right, allowing Derrioth's blade to slide along it, before spinning to his right whilst moving to the left, bringing his right sword up to his shoulder-level and attempting to slash horizontally to the right, aiming to run his blade along Derrioth's throat.

Mikel holds up a hand, "No use mentioning names, lucky if I remember even sitting here." He takes a last swig from the flask and hands it back over to Garvin empty. "I think I already paid." With a grunt, he gets to his feet, scratching at his beard as he does just that. "Think I will go find my bed now. That will be a challenge in and of itself." The knight of the Westerlands stumbles over to his courser, placing his only useable hand onto the pommel of its saddle. "Good morrow and whatnot. Tell the Lord Pansy he needs a new nickname if you see him." With that, Mikel starts leading his horse away from the tourney grounds.

Arros offers Daevon and Ashara a brief smile before he gives the Targaryen and Martell a brief bow, and turns to walk towards the stands where Vaelinor and her cousin have settled in. "Ladies." He greets the two women before looking to Vaelinor, "I could not find the manse, my lady. But, it is lucky you are here. My squire is actually riding Onyx here."

Garvin laughs at Mikel, raising a hand as he leaves. "I shall be sure to tell him in my mirror tonight. Farewell, Lord Reyne." Still chuckling, he settles back again to watch all the hacking and slashing and general manliness.

"She is well," Ashara answers Daevon with a gentle dip of her chin and a small smile. "If you'd like, I'd be glad to send a letter home for you with my next batch of missives. I think she'd be happy to hear from you." She looks after Arros as he departs, as her guard scans the area thoughtfully.

Thessa smiles warmly to Arros, offering a hand to him. "You must be Arros Sand. Vaelinor told me about your offer. You are very generous, but…perhaps she neglected to mention that we have no place for a horse at our home."

Vaelinor sighs, her lower lip forming a pout. "Onyx could stay in the garden," she mumbles, earning an apologetic frown from Thessa, who shakes her head at Arros. When Vael looks away, dejected, her eyes catch the gleam of Daevon's armor, and suddenly she is all smiles again. "Dae!" She cries out, waving emphatically to her kin.

Derrioth brings his head back, barely escaping the blade that'd have sliced his throat open, he twists his right foot over to the right, sliding it around as he ducks under, moving under and around Kai's blades, gliding his blade along Kai's right hand blade, causing sparks to fly before backing off a bit, panting ever so lightly as he brings himself to a cautious, defensive stance. It's probably not to best to be the one attacking with his opponents fighting style…

Garvin packs the empty flasks into his bag, then stands up and shakes out his cloak, walking to his white and gray palfrey. He hangs the bag from the saddle, then mounts up and turns the horse toward the gate to Sphinx Street, looking pleasantly tipsy, though nowhere near drunk. Yet.

Daevon's gaze drifts off after Arros as he steps away, a smile brightening as he spots who Arros greets. "Princess Ashara, would you like to meet my cousins, Lady Vaelinor and Lady Thessa?" He beams at Ashara's offer. "I would be most grateful. That is kind of you." No need now to ask the other question. He waves at Vaelinor. "Would you like to meet Sunshine? And Princess Ashara?" Poor Ashara, taking second place to a horse. "There are other stables you can keep a horse in, she does not need to stay in the garden."

"Ah, I would, but I'd actually come to practice a bit," Ashara admits with a small smile, looking to her guard with a fond roll of her eyes. "Perhaps afterward?" she suggests, taking the bow as her guard offers it out - perhaps a bit more quickly than necessary. One might get the sense that he doesn't care to hide whose bow it is from anyone.

Arros takes Thessa's hand and presses a kiss to her knuckles, "That is unfortunate." He responds, but doesn't argue the point. Instead he smiles at Vaelinor, "And where would she go if it were to rain? A sandsteed is a desert best. It doesn't rain in the desert. But, you may ride her whenever you'd like."

Kai slowly circles about Derrioth, shifting his stance side to side, he exhales ever so slowly, and then in the next moment he is in front of Derrioth, both blades coming up from his right side, and swinging upwards, and to the left, cold eyes staring into Derrioth's own. A display of terrifying speed to be sure, but one that Derrioth is no doubt used to by now, and knows how to deal with.

"A princess! Cousin Thessa, can we?" Vaelinor hangs on Thessa's arm.

Thessa gently removes Vael's hands from herself. "Space, Vael. Remember." The Targaryen girl folds her hands in her lap obediently, but still stares expectantly at her cousin. "Her Highness appears to be occupied, but perhaps when she is through, dear."

Vael sighs, looking longingly toward Daevon and Ashara. Still, Arros's reassurance about riding Onyx seems to mollify her a bit. "Any time I like?" There is another silent shake of the head from Thessa to Arros behind Vaelinor's back.

Derrioth twists his hands about bringing the tip of his blade to point to the ground as he allows Kai's blades to clash against his, twisting he wrists so he can allow Kai's blades to scratch against the flat of his sword as he swiftly move around Kai, raising his right knee and he slams it just-below the back of Kai's knee, most likely bringing him to one knee as he points his falchion to the back of Kai's neck, a inch from making contact, "Yield." he says calmly with a grin.

Daevon smiles at Ashara. "So had I," he admits. "Afterwards then, or there will be plenty of time later I am sure. I'll leave you to your practice then." He steps over towards his cousins. "Lady Thessa, Lady Vaelinor."

Kai eyes widen as the blade stops an inch from his neck, he stares up silently at Derrioth for a few moments before nodding slightly, "I yield." he says, before slowly lowering his right blade, which had been hovering by Derrioth's wrist, a fact that neither of them missed. He closes his eyes as he pushes each blade into his sheathe, a very slight from appearing upon his face.

"…I'm sure Lady Thessa can send word to me when you'd like to ride." Arros says smoothly, and punctuates it with a smile. He gives the cousin a hopeful look before bowing. "Unfortunately, I've lost track of the time. Do have a lovely evening." And with that the Dornishman is off! Before he unwittingly agrees to something lady Vaelinor's guardian will disapprove of."

Derrioth nods dropping the falchion down next to Kai's lowered sword, walking over and gathering up his sword and shield. He'd grab and slide on his barrel helmet, hiding his features once more, making him look like a gallant, but dark, knight, before walking over to his beautiful mare with a white mane and black skin, who'd be patiently and contently waiting for him. He'd raise his right hand to everyone, waving before turning and trotting down the south west road.

Kai stands slowly, gripping his sheathe as he does so. He remains quite emotionless as he stares forward for a few moments, and then gets to refastening his longer sheathe to his left side, quickly sheathing his long blade within. He then turns and strolls over to the spectator stands, taking a seat, apart from the others.

Thessa and Vael both bid Arros farewell, and light up at the arrival of the Maiden's Knight. "Ser Daevon," Thessa says, bowing her head. "I must thank you again for bringing Vaelinor home last night. I'm relieved to know that she has kin in the city that will look after her when I have failed in my duties." She pinches her lips in shame.

Vaelinor rises to put her arms around Daevon in greeting, but at a whisper of her name from Thessa, she remembers herself and pauses, simply offering a quick curtsey. "Dae, what hap-…" another whisper from Thessa and she corrects herself again. "SER Daevon, what happened to your sword? It's broken."

Daevon watches Arros leave before his gaze returns to Vaelinor and Thessa. He opened his arms and would have offered a hug back, they are family after all. He smiles at the curtsy and bows in return. "Derrioth happened to my sword." He grins. "With one mighty slash he split it in two. It was incredible. I'm going to need to speak to my squire about my blade selection, and chastise myself for not checking for any flaws." He looks at Thessa. "Your duties? I would not think that you have failed."

Vaelinor frowns at Daevon's tale of the death of his sword. She stares over at Kai, and points directly at him. "I don't like Derrioth. Is that Derrioth?"

"Don't point, Vaelinor," Thessa chides. She gives Daevon a grateful smile, shoulders slumping wearily. "Thank you. But…I have failed. It's my duty to look after her, and twice now she has wandered away. Anything could have befallen her. This last time, we were very fortunate that you found her. Especially considering what happened." No doubt she is referring to what everyone is talking about: the dragon.

Kai turns his gaze over towards Vaelinor points at him, and despite seeing the look on her face, smiles most charmingly right back at her, before slowly turning his gaze back towards the field, towards the men that practice there, no doubt in preperation for the upcoming melee.

As Thessa and Ser Daevon lapse into a terribly serious discussion about the dragon and the various dangers of Oldtown, Vaelinor slips away, marching with determination toward Kai. She comes to a halt beside him, putting her hands sternly on her hips. "Derrioth, you should be ashamed of yourself. You owe my cousin a new sword."

As Thessa and Ser Daevon lapse into a terribly serious discussion about the dragon and the various dangers of Oldtown, Vaelinor slips away, marching with determination toward Kai. She comes to a halt beside him, putting her hands sternly on her hips. "Derrioth, you should be ashamed of yourself. You owe my cousin a new sword."'

Kai bows his head out of respect as the girl approaches, and then smiles slightly at her mistake, but chooses to play along regardless, "Ser Daevon entered the melee of his own accord, and lost his blade due to his own negligence, tis' no fault of mine." he says, looking the girl up and down as he leans back in the chair, quite amused.

Daevon shakes his head. "No, I do not know who that is. Do not dislike Derrioth for shattering my sword. It is just what we do. There will be other, better blades." He shakes his head at Kai. "Not my own negligence. I was not neglient during that fight, I was merely bested by a better opponent and there is no shame, nor fault in that." He shakes his head at Thessa. "She is not a child. Nothing terrible happened to her, and she is well. She is a sweet, kind, young woman and certainly very trusting but that is part of the wonder of her. You most certainly did not fail. If you worry for her, perhaps get her a dog that will go with her everywhere and be trained to fend off any who would wish her harm? Then perhaps the two of you would both have more freedom. It is natural for one of her age to want some freedoms, and for you to have a life of your own too, outside your caring for her and defining yourself by failures you did not even make."

Thessa smiles weakly at Daevon. "She is more a child than you know," she says, her voice tinged with sadness. "And I agreed to take her in. That makes me responsible for her. Though…your suggestion of a dog companion might just be a brilliant idea. Thank you, Ser Daevon."

Vaelinor apparently didn't hear Daevon when she slipped away, distracted. She purses her lips in a frown at Kai, shifting uncomfortably as her first attempt doesn't bear fruit. "But you broke it. He told me. I insist that you compensate him, and…apologize. Say you're sorry."

Kai slowly leans forth, placing an elbow on his knee, and resting his chin in the palm of his hand, "I apologise milady, but I feel no inclination to apologise to a man when he has only lost a sword, largely due to the fact that instead of a simple sword, he may have lost oh so much more." he says, bright grey eyes gazing into the girls own violet ones, the last words coming out of his mouth rather cold, although he does not mean them to be.

"We can look for some puppies," Daevon says to Thessa. "I miss having dogs of my own, but they've never quite fitted in my travels. I would be more than willing to help you train them. Never a better, nor more loyal companion could you hope for. I can see why you have a duty to her, and I am Targaryen, I may know a little more than you think. If you allow her some freedoms, perhaps she will feel less the urge to wander off?" He looks over at Vaelinor and approaches. "Dear cousin," he says to her. "I know that you mean well, but there is nothing to apologise for. This is not Derrioth. I risked my sword. I lost my sword. I'll get a new one. That's how things happen. It's just a blade, nothing special, in fact a lesser blade than many and better that it shattered now than when I actually needed it for life and death. If anything Derrioth helped me, and it is I who owe him gratitude. Now, would you like to meet Sunshine? She's been ever so good, even though I've not had the chance to take her for the exercise I'd planned. I think she deserves an apple."

Vaelinor opens her mouth to further chastise "Derrioth," but Daevon's words seem to sink in, and she closes her lips. She peeks back over her shoulder at Daevon, then looks meekly back to Kai. "You're not Derrioth," she says matter-of-factly. She lingers for a moment, uncertain what to say to him next. She opts for nothing, turning around to Daevon again. "I would like to meet Sunshine."

Kai continues to smile slightly, "Believe me, his words would have been the same as my own." he says, slowly leaning back once more and closing his eyes, simply breathing in, and out, expecting the girl to wander off with her cousin.

Apples. There must always be apples. "It is polite to apologise for mistakes," Daevon tells Vaelinor, gently. He doesn't push the matter though. He goes to retrieve an apple from amongst his gear and offers it to her. "Hold your palm out flat, keep your fingers out of the way and say hello to her." He leads her towards the pretty horse. Sunshine's as golden as her namesake, there's a spark of intelligence in her pale eyes as she watches.

Vaelinor lowers her head at Daevon's mild admonishment. She glances back to Thessa, who gives her a telling nod. With a heavy sigh, she turns to Kai. "I apologize for my mistake." Another look to Thessa, smiling at her cousins nod of approval, and she is quickly off after Daevon. She takes the offered apple, following his instructions precisely as she offers the apple toward the golden mare. "Hello, Sunshine."

Sunshine's breath is hot as she sniffs in Vaelinor's direction. "Gentle." Daevon commands. With that word she mouths the apple from Vaelinor's hand, the touch almost tickling, and then the horse begins to crunch happily on her treat.

Kai silently continues to meditate where he sits, listening to the sounds about him, feeling the passerbys, which is why he opens his eyes when three young, bruised knights come to stand before him, staring at him with hate in their eyes. At this, Kai simply smiles, slowly pulling his hood over his features.

Vaelinor giggles delightfully when the horse eats the apple. She beams a broad smile at Daevon, clapping excitedly. "Can I give her another? I want to do it again!"

Daevon shakes his head. "Best not, she'll get spoiled then and grow fat and then her armour won't fit. It's just treats from new friends. "But you can later. So, do you like puppies?" he asks. "A horse may not fit in the garden but a dog certainly would."

The three youthful knights that stand before Kai are dressed in their practicing gear, helmetless with the added bonus of two sharp greatswords, and one longsword. The red-headed man in the centre grits his teeth at Kai, speaking in an angry tone, "Just because Ser Mikhal got you out of the punishment.. Doesn't mean we will forgive you!" he says, ripping his greatsword free of it's sheathe on his back, most unelegantly at that, charging towards Kai with the greatsword above his head, something that seems to amuse Kai more than anything, as he pushes his hand into his sleeve, loosening something within.

Vaelinor is focused on the horse, entirely oblivious to the altercation breaking out behind her. She gives Daevon a little pout, but nods. "Very well. I don't want her to get fat." It takes a moment for his other words to register, but when they do, her eyes light up. "I love puppies!"

Kai flicks his right wrist, a causing a small throwing knife to slide into his hand, he throws it deftly, aiming for the greatsword-weilding mans wrist, which fails quite spectacularly, instead hitting one of his friends in the shoulder, which causes Kai to cuss as the other man screams, he then rolls backwards, off the bench and onto his back, reaching around to the sword on his right side and drawing it as he does so, which in turn allows him to block the incoming greatsword quite narrowly, by deflecting it narrowly, causing it to land an inch to his side, he then runs his blade along the greatsword, eventually reaching the young knights fingers, deftly removing two of them, his index and middle fingers. As the young man falls to his side, clutching his maimed hand, Kai turns, and swiftly begins to run the hell away, being quite close to the exit of the tourney grounds already.

Kai proceeds to casually get his behind out of the area, despite the multiple angry men chasing him, he chooses to stay off the roads, as avoiding angry men on horses is a hobby of his.

Daevon's oblivious too. Fighting in the tourneyfields is to be expected, right. "Do you think you could look after one? They're an awful lot of work, and they look to you for everything. Treat them well and they're the greatest friend you could hope for. But you can't spoil them too badly, otherwise they'll grow fat and rolypoly and can't run about which makes them sad."

Kai heads off along the narrow road to Blackcrown, through the expanse of blooming fireweed.

Vaelinor nibbles at her lip uncertainly, but she nods. "I could look after a puppy." She looks to Thessa, who has stayed behind in the stands, perhaps taking Daevon's advice about giving the girl some freedom. "Cousin Thessa could help me. I promise I won't spoil it."

"I'll help too," Daevon offers. "I miss having dogs of my own. I know one that could love a puppy more than you. And we'll look at a big one, maybe? So you can give it all the hugs you want?"

Vaelinor's smile could raise the sun at midnight. Forgetting herself, she throws herself at Daevon for a grateful hug. "Thank you, Dae! Thank you! A great big puppy! Father never let me have one!" Hearing those words, Cousin Thessa quietly groans, wondering what she's gotten herself into.

Daevon returns the hug. "It will be a lot of work. Dogs chew things they're not meant to, and they leave messes that need to be cleaned up. But they're also worth it." Hemouths a reassurance to Thessa. 'It'll be okay', He's a knight. He has faith. "They need to be trained. But I just know that you'll look after one well. I'll ask around."

Vaelinor relinquishes her hold on Daevon and bounces excitedly. "I can't wait. Cousin Thessa! Did you hear? Dae is-…Ser Daevon is going to get me a puppy!" Her childlike behavior is beginning to draw a few odd looks from others lingering about.

Daevon cares not one bit for odd looks. He gets them himself all the time after all. As long as nothing's voiced no need for duels. He smiles at Vaelinor, fondly.

Any voiced comments are kept to quiet conversations for the moment. Vaelinor herself seems entirely oblivious to the effect her behavior has. "Dae," she says quietly, "…I mean Ser Daevon…are you going to fight any more today?"

Daevon shakes his head. "I had not planned to. It seems the time for that has passed. Although Sunshine could certainly use some exercise."

Vaelinor nibbles at her lip, peeking shyly up at him through his lashes. "So she needs to run? Maybe…you could take me for a ride?" She clasps her hands behind her, twisting this way and that in anticipation of his answer.

Daevon beams at Vaelinor. "If you want. Did you wish to see if you could ride Onyx. Or just want to climb on here?" Is she even dressed for that? Oh practicalities, why does he not think of such things. It's not like it never comes up when he's rescuing damsels.

Vaelinor looks about searchingly. "I think Arros left. And I like Sunshine." She really isn't dressed for riding, but it is the last thing on her mind as well.

"How about I meet you back at your home?" Daevon suggests. "You can put on something a bit more comfortable, and I can go get Wisp. She's a much gentler horse and has a nicer gait. Not as fast though, but much nicer to ride. And you can see that she's exercised while I ride Sunshine?"

Vaelinor looks down at her dress, then furrows her brow in confusion. "But I'm very comfortable."

Daevon looks at Thessa. He does just want to offer Vaelinor a hand up but for this one he'll defer to her guardian.

Thessa rises, making her way nearer as the situation seems to require her attention. "Vael, sweetheart, you would have to ride sidesaddle in that dress. You won't be able to ride for yourself. We do not want to impose upon Ser Daevon. He has already been so generous."

But Vaelinor looks to Daevon expectantly, in spite of her cousin's attempts to steer her another direction. "I don't mind."

"It isn't an imposition," Daevon replies. "But it would certainly cause a scandal if you rode astride in a dress like that and we galloped through the cities. While I know neither of us would mind, it would reflect badly on your poor cousin Thessa. They would think she hadn't taught you right. It would make things more difficult for her. So, better to change into some riding gear, if you have it? Or we can get a side saddle if you don't."

"You could hold me," Vaelinor says to Daevon matter-of-factly, earning a sigh from her cousin.

Thessa approaches, taking Vaelinor's hand and explaining slowly. "Vael, dear, that sort of thing is for knights and their paramours. Not an afternoon ride. It would start rumors about Ser Daevon, as well. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

"I would not care if people made assumptions," Daevon states. "But you must think of your own reputation, and of Thessa's. For all that you don't mind, there's an awful lot of minding of other people. We have to do things certain ways so we can have fun in different ways. Would you rather one wild ride now? Or many rides in the future?"

Vaelinor sighs, dejectedly staring down at her feet. "Oh, very well."

Thessa gives the girl an encouraging hug. "Don't worry, dear. I have some riding clothes you can borrow that should fit well enough." She looks to Daevon, giving him a look full of a mother's concern. "Not that I question your honor, Ser Daevon, but I trust that you will protect her in every way."

"Of course," Daevon replies to Thessa. "I give you my word. I would never wish harm upon her, and I will protect her in every way I can."

Thessa nods, "Of course. Very well. You will meet us at the manse? I'll see that Vaelinor is ready when you arrive." She gives Vael a smile as the girl gives an excited, dramatic spin, stumbling a little when she makes herself dizzy.

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