(121-01-24) The Commodore and the Maiden Fair
The Commodore and the Maiden Fair
Summary: Commodore Cruz turns the Bear into a Maiden Fair with a heavy dose of laying on the Braavosi Charm as thick as usual.
Date: 01/24/121
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Crescent Beach Blackcrown Road
Thu Jan 23, 121 ((Thu Jan 23 22:08:27 2014))
It is a summer night. The weather is warm and fair.

This is a little sandy-pebbly stretch of the Whispering Sound's shoreline, crescent-shaped and somewhat sheltered by the more precipitous coastline to either side of it. Terns and gannets and kittiwakes nest on the sheerest portions to the North and South, but it's much gentler here and the tiny inlet even offers good anchorage for small boats of shallow draft. The city of Oldtown, marked by the great bright spire of the Hightower, can be seen across the water to the Northwest.

There's a steep switchbacking track leading up to the Blackcrown Road.

Contents: Maera Yacio

Exits: [NW] Blackcrown Road

It is night, but not so late. The air is balmy off of the Whispering Sound, and the little beach with it's round pebbles and gritty sand is desolate. Maera rides alone down the switchback from Blackcrown road, and puts her heels into the palfrey's side to feel a bit of wind blow into her face before she comes to a stop. She secures her mount to a piece of driftwood before taking a step towards the waterline to watch the brazier lights on the ships coming into port or leaving, a somber, thoughtful expression on her face.

Yacio lets out a jovial laugh and clap when the small fire he's been working on takes to light and starts to climb up to a nice little campfire. He lounges on the blanket that is spread over some sand that's been piled and shaped to be quite the perfect lounge for the Commodore. With a sigh the Braavosi lays back on his lounge and plucks the stopper out of an engorged wine skin. One hand goes back behind his head, propping his arm up, while the other hand is brought up to his mouth to lessen the poor wineskins load. The bit f beach he's taken to camping in is quite the little open air sand palace. A mermaid is sculpted next to him on the lounger and in her hands and on her belly there are some tankards and a plank platter that has some sliced preserved meat, some cheese, some grapes. Quite the little King of the Beach is he.

The Braavosi Commodore's laugh is what draws her down the beach towards his little campfire, which is a dot of flickering flame from where she first stands. She approaches the fire, and when she sees who it is she lowers the hood of her cloak to let the firelight shine on her face. "Captain." She calls him in her flat voice. Perhaps she never learned his name, either. "I'm surprised you have none to be merry with."

Yacio instantly removes his hand from the short sword that's sheath is buried in the sand of the lounge an inch or so from there his good hand naturally rests. That hand flies to his heart and then out to offer it to Maera, "My Heart! How I have missed you. I come here to enjoy some alone time with my new bride." He gestures out to where she full well knows where The Wing was sunk temporarily to cleanse it of the strange taint they encountered. "But she would never begrudge me the company of My Heart, come sit, join and be merry with me."

Maera pushes her cloak back, and unbuckles her sword belt to sit next to Yacio on the lounger made of sand. She'll lay her long bastard sword out next to her so it is easy to grab, and cross her legs under herself to sit. "Normally it would be cruel, I think, to deprive a man of time alone with his bride, but tonight I shall make an exception." She looks out towards the water where the Wing may be, "How long will she rest until she is clean again?"

Yacio shifts to give her room, but he makes no move to get any less or more casual in the way he's sprawled out beside her. He reaches over her to lift up the platter. "A nibble My Heart?" He gives her one of hi best dashing smiles before giving a longing sigh to his second bride's direction in the wake. "Oh, to be safe we will be giving it a month more. And then another month to be spent in the raising and restoration. So you, my Heart will not have to miss and long for me for many months yet."

"No, thank you." Maera declines the pattern with a raising of her palm. She turns her head to give Yacio a brief look before she smiles lightly and shakes her head, "How can we be friends and truly talk as such if you play at being smitten with me? You ought to call me Maera at the very least, and add a lady to it when in the company of others." She nods softly when he describes what must yet be done to the ship. "It's remarkable. One would think the wood would rot under the waves."

Yacio chuckles and gives a little helpless shrug as he chews on a slice of spicy preserved meat. "Just so." He gives her a little wink. "Who is to say that I am not smitten with you? But very well, if my Heart wishes for me to address her just so, just so it will be." He bows his head a little, eyes twinkling. Then it's back to the topic of The Wing. "Oh no, it takes so very very long for good wood to rot if it is completely below the surface. It is where air and water dance that it is the most dangerous. But she is quite safe, tucked way below the waves, waiting for me."

"That is good." Maera says with a little nod of her head. She reclines against the hump of sand formed to make such lazing easy. "And then you shall go back to Braavos with your prize?" One leg straightens out while the other remains tucked under her bottom, and she looks out to the waves again, "Perhaps I will stow away in the Wing, and forget I am someone with responsibilities." The way she says it, she sounds as if she were only half-joking.

Yacio takes another drink from the bloated wine skin and then shifts the nozzle over for Maera to pull from if she so desires. It's a spicy Braavosi brew within. "You would do no such thing. We will sail together in the comfort of my cabin. Where your only responsibility will be to continue to be a powerful beauty. Which you Maera can do in your sleep." He doesn't sound to be joking. The offer to abscond with her absolutely genuine. "I am gladdened to see that you did not allow my Bride to harm your health. There was worry."

Maera tilts her head to the side to take a swallow of wine from the skin. She leans her head back against the sand lounge, and gazes up at the stars as she speaks, "Would that I could. Before I came to the city I'd never even been to White Harbor. I think I shall go no further than here and back home." She lets out a sigh, and it sounds exhausted, "It was just sickness brought on by breathing in the water of the Sound. I had hurt my leg going in after that fool of a Tully, and it was hard to stay afloat with him, me, and a hurt leg."

Yacio nods and he sits up some and uses his hands in a way that silently ask for permission to take up the leg she had inured and take a look at it. "All that a better fate than drowning in your own blood in your chest. The one of mine that went down into the hold, the one we kept separate from the others, he was doing well enough and then not. Valar Morghulis." Some of his wine is purposefully spilt into the sand of the sand mermaid's mouth before he takes another swig. "I would not wish that on anyone. Least of all one such as yourself."

Maera's leg is covered by breeches. She rolls them up to the knee to show him the almost faded, old yellow bruise on her calf, barely noticeable in the firelight. "May the Old Gods keep him." She murmurs in response to his Valar Morghulis. "It is not a kind fate." She agrees, "I am surprised that he was the only loss. I was certain that we would all be dead."

Yacio very lightly caresses his fingertips over the old bruise rather reverently. "Thank you." He seems touched by her blessing for his dead crew member. "I arrogantly like to think that it was the hard decisions and commands I had and gave that helped turn the odds in our favor. Or perhaps it was your foolery that salted the plague out of you, Starman and the Foolish Fuck Lord Commander. But the gods have other plas for us and my Bride, she did right by those of us she did not feel were being greedy."

"Were it my decision I would have seen it fired." Maera lies casually. After all, it was Eonn and her that looked about in the cabin for something so eagerly. "The Banefort's caused enough problems for you. All of us were probably grand headaches for you, now that I think on it. It's a blessing that we did not run aground and all drown."

Yacio gives a merry trademark, ha-Ha-HA before wobbling his head around in a 'this and that' sort of way when she talks about everyone being headaches. "The very mention of the names causes a throb within." He playfully rubs at one temple in suffering at the drop of the name Banefort. "You suicidal friend, at least he had some sense. Bad sense, but at least it was there. Yes? You did very well, until you played hero. Then I wanted to put you over my knee. But it was your drop that slowed us down and we managed to drift in, just so."

Maera looks vaguely amused. "Not my friend. As I said, I only saved him to see him properly removed from his position. And because his friends did not save him." When he mentions spanking, her head rolls slightly to look at him, "Now, I've never had a man say he wanted to do that." She smiles wryly, "But than most men wouldn't be able to."

Yacio takes another swig of his wine and once more offers it to her. A smile that shows hints that the shrinking wineskin is taking a small affect on the merchant king of Braavos. "Never has anyone across my lap had qualms at being there. You should try it, you will like it." He gives his mustache a stroke and he gives a playful chuckle and wink. "But I must beg forgiveness, you have made it just so that I am not to be smitten. It is a troubling challenge, but for you, I shall attempt my best."

"You cannot be smitten with me." Maera acknowledges, "Because just as you have two wives I have a ferocious bear husband awaiting me on my Island who is a jealous beast." Maera says this with a deadpan, but she has a mischievous glint in her eye. "What would I tell my bear husband? That I'd let some rake of a Braavosi put me across his knee, and it was delightful?" She shakes her head and clicks her tongue, "No, this cannot be."

Yacio continues to give her a smile that is filled with smitten. "I do not see why not. Your island is very far and I do not go any further north on this side of your land than this, my home away from home. He is not who I care for…you can tell him as you like. If it means he will drag you around searching for me to have his justice had, I would gladly have that so I might see you again. But he married you, so he must be a wise man, and know that you are a woman that will have her way and that I can't think of much else but you while in your presence, much less some hairy big man a thousand miles away…"

Maera laughs. She is not a woman who is given to easy laughter, and the sound is astonishing. "Drag me around? Ah, no. He is truly a Bear. A black one. Just like my House's sigil. Not a man" Her lips quirk upwards in mirth, "I should go." She says, and her smile fades, "Before I do something I regret."

Yacio chuckles, "Well, in that case, you make me tempted to make love to you on a rug made from this bear as I take you away with me, far far from your responsibilities in a vessel that keeps all regrets at bay. Where you can shine that beautiful smile you have blessed me to see and that laugh that no love ballad can now ever match. But I say no more, but that I hope you will stay… I shall do all I can to best those regrets and keep you merry met with me. You have your bears, I have my ships. But who is to say that we cannot all enjoy each other?"

"Were that I could be a woman that has all I desire." Maera says with another slow smile, before glancing down and confessing softly, "There is another, and I cannot have you and him both. So, if you'd like, you may kiss me once, and I shall leave and we will put our interest for each other aside, yes?"

Yacio lifts a hand and simply nestles it below Maera's chin if given allowance. He leans in so very close but he shakes his head. "I will kiss you. I will kiss you until all hardship is banished from you by the brush of my lips. But not tonight…not until the Starman has fallen to the other end of the earth no longer in the sky above. Upon that day I will kiss you and he will only be a glittering memory beyond the horizon. But I will kiss you My Heart, some day." His thumb caresses her lips before he rolls and spins to stand up and reach out to offer to help her up as well so that she can depart.

Maera's eyes close in anticipation, but open slowly at his words. "Cruel man." She says, "How do you know it is he? I am not some cruel Courtesan who would pit the two of you against each other." She lifts a hand to touch his cheek briefly, and her lips press against the pad of his thumb very briefly before she takes his hand to stand up, "Goodnight, Yacio Cruz."

Yacio answers her question as they get her standing, "He did not spare a moment's hesitation to dive in after you. Hell, I fell in love with him after he did that. And I wasn't the one he rescued." The Rake gives her a wink and tilts his head slightly into her touching palm. "You give the Lucky Star my best. I hope you will find me again soon. Good Night, My Heart. Lady Maera." He bows and then waves. Sending her off with a debonair flare.

"He didn't?" Maera asks, "Ah, don't I feel like a wretched creature now?" She turns to pick up her sword belt, and put it back on. Next, her cloak is put back into place. She gives him one last look before she lifts the cowl to cover her hair, and turns to walk back to her horse.

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