(121-01-20) Lord Pansy's Brawls
Lord Pansy's Brawls
Summary: Lord Garvin Tyrell is having a pleasant evening away from his guard, when a brawl breaks out in the Quill and Tankard
Date: Date of play (20/01/2014)
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Quill and Tankard Hightower And Citadel
Mon Jan 20, 121 ((Mon Jan 20 21:42:57 2014))
It is a summer night. The weather is warm and overcast.

The common room of the Quill and Tankard. Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

A roaring fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

Contents: Eonn Rona Garvin Alaura
Exits: [O] Hightower and Citadel Stre [U] Upstairs - Quill and Tanka

"Something daring, full of excitement!" An accented voice calls from the stairs as Rona Vielo steps into view. She gives Garvin a cocky smirk as she moves closer, looking for a place to settle in for a drink. But she does dip her head to Alaura apologetically, winking. "Please excuse me, my lady. I should not impose my tastes upon your request."

Alaura opens her mouth to answer and looks over to Rona and smiles, "Well you heard her Master.." she motions to the other woman and says, "Play on." She smirks and leans in to eat her meal, and drink her cider. She looks to Sirawen and says, "I bet he has a voice like a song bird."

Eonn comes in, shaking himself a little as he steps off the little bridge and through the door. Two cats slip in after him.

Garvin guzzled down the entire goblet, a trickle of wine escaping one corner of his lips. He wipes it away on the back of his silk sleeve, then settles back to pluck at the harp again. "A song of daring battles and harrowing duels!" he announces, tossing his head to one side to flip an errant lock from his eyes. He closes those eyes then, his voice falling into a more musical tone as he begins to sing, fingers dancing over the harp's strings.

Singing. Eonn is interested. He stands there for a moment, listening, then chooses a place out of the way of the bunch of nobles and their entourages, but still where he can easily listen. He gestures to the barmaid and gets a cup, and a wineskin.

Rona lingers near the table to listen to Garvin sing and play, bobbing her head along with the song. Her bright smiles lights up at the parts about duels and acts of derring-do.

Alaura listens to the man sing and she smiles throught while she watches him over her tankard of apple cider. Her attention though goes to Eonn, or more so to his companions, her emerald eyes falling on the pair of cats as they enter.

One cat is snowy white, with one yellow eye and one blue one. The other is ginger striped. The orange one jumps onto Eonn's lap. He ignores it.

Garvin's voice isn't bad after all, high and sweet and filled with emotion, and his playing is just as good. The story is an old one, likely familiar to just about anyone, but the composition is original, filled with a few clever puns and unexpected rhymes. When Eonn enters, Garvin's eyes turn toward the man, giving him a quick but appraising once over, but he never misses a note. Finally, the song ends in a fiery battle in which the dragon is slain and the village saved, and of course, the knight receives a chaste kiss from a fair maiden. He lets the harp fall against one shoulder, as he reaches to refill his wine goblet.
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Rona claps her approval for the Garvin's performance. "You are very talented. I would buy for you a drink…but I seem to be lacking sufficient coin. A most uncomfortable situation." She taps an empty chair at the table, arching an eyebrow questioningly.

Eonn is sitting some distance from the singer, out of the way of these obviously noble two and their retinue. He's got a ginger cat on his lap. But he's near enough to hear; he was listening to the song. And when Rona speaks, he says something in Braavosi, calling to her: <Lovely blade,> before he flicks a coin through the air towards her, catchable.

Alaura chuckles at her brother and gives a nice polite clap, "I think when I return to Highgarden Master bard that I will take you with me and you can sing in my gardens all day." She smirks and looks over to Sirawen, "What do you think, think he could rate with some of the singers we have there?" This only causes the maid to giggle. Again the sleeping septa gives a snort, jerking a wake for a moment before looking around, her eyes fall on Garvin a moment, but seeing him there she slips off back to sleep.

Garvin can't help but chuckle at his sister and Sirawen, giving his head a small shake. "Nay, my lady, I would not dare venture to Highgarden. I have heard tell that your own dear brother fancies himself a singer, and I'd never dare compete with such a highborn lord." Grinning, he turns to give Rona a slight bow, waving his goblet at the empty chair. "I'm sure my noble patroness would welcome you to her table, especially as you appreciate my talents. Ah, and it seems a coin has materialized for you, as if by magic." He raises the glass to Eonn then, adding a quick wink.

Rona doesn't even seem to look — only a keen eye might notice her eye dart to the side just before her hand goes up to snatch the coin out of the air. She follows its trajectory back to Eonn, giving him a nod and a smirk, "Valar morghulis." She looks back to Garvin, lifting the coin demonstratively. "Somehow, this magic always happens," she boasts, pulling out the chair to take a seat.

Kai strolls into the inn silently, the door closing softly behind him, he looks around slowly, his gaze passing over the various men and women in the room until his sights set themselves upon Eonn after he calls out in Braavosi, a language he finds himself somewhat familiar with, he then looks over towards Rona, his eyes straying towards places they likely shouldn't be as she boasts, and then towards her ornate sword, he tilts his head to the side slightly and then straightens himself up, heading towards the bar so that he may purchase himself some apple cider with someone elses coinpurse.

It's a silver stag Eonn has tossed their way. He replies, "Valar Dohaeris," and nods his head to Garvin, very gravely. Then he goes back to drinking wine. Probably cheap wine, by the look of the skin.

Bryn peeks in the door of the tavern. He doesn't step too far inside, not yet anyway, looking around perhaps for someone, or just taking in the crowd. The boy does wave to Eonn as he spots him, and then again to Garvin.

Alaura chuckles and says, "It is a wonderful trick Mistress." She looks to Garvin, "Oh I have one that fancies himself a wencher and the other a singer, but be that as it may I love my sweet brothers, they make me look like the Maiden herself." She finishes off her mug of cider and pushes her half empty plate away, before calling over waitress she says, "Get the Mistress what she wishes and I'll take some more cider if you'd please." She looks up to spot Bryn who is waving to Garvin, "Friend of yours Master Bard?" Her voice tinges with amusement.

Maera stands on the bridge leading into the Quill and Tankard, and can be seen standing behind Bryn. She clears her throat before saying, "Do excuse me, Bryn."

Eonn nods in reply to Bryn's wave, and lifts a hand to gesture to him and Maera.

"But my lady," Garvin says, voice dripping with sugar and eyes alight with amusement, "you -are- the Maiden herself, gracing us poor, humble folk with your radient and innocent beauty. Eh?" He turns to see who has caught his sister's attention, gaze falling at last upon the boy lurking in the doorway. "Young Bryn!" he shouts cheerfully. "Come and join us, dear boy. I do believe I owe you a hot meal and a cup or mulled wine." He turns again to Alaura. "Dear lady, may I present Bryn Flowers, who was so kind as to guide me to this very spot only last night."

Rona gives Alaura a grateful smile and a nod. "Cider for me as well, thank you. And…" She arches a slender eyebrow at Garvin. "I can afford to buy you that drink now, if you will accept, dear singer." Perhaps having sensed Kai's eyes upon her, she spares an appraising look for him as well.

Bryn blinks, quickly stepping aside as he looks back over his shoulder, "Oops, sorry. Glad you and Eonn are both feeling better," he adds, smiling. Then he looks back towards Garvin, and wanders over towards that table. He smiles to Alaura as he's introduced, "Hello, m'lady."

Eonn shrugs a little bit. He probably meant for Bryn to come over to him, but it's clear the boy has bigger fish to attend to. He pets the cat in his lap. The white one jumps up there too, and gets hissed at, so it jumps onto the table.

Alaura chuckles and looks to Rona and says, "Oh no his tab is on me, it's as much as I can do for such a lovely song. I hope he'll grace us with another." When Garvin speaks about her beauty she blushes a little, her pale cheeks turning a soft shade of pink, "You have must love the taste of mead Master Bard, as you have a honeyed tounge." SHe looks up at Bryn and smiles, "Hello Child, I'm Alaura Tyrell." She ahhs as her cider arrives along with Rona's, "This cider I must say is quite lovely. Not as good as Arbor gold, but then that is compairing lemon cakes to fish."

"As am I." Maera offers Bryn the faintest upturning of her lips before she strides across the room towards towards Eonn. Wordlessly, she pulls out a chair and sits down. The Mormont lady crosses her arms over her chest loosely, and lets out a slow exhale of breath. "Today." She finally says to Eonn, "I didn't think of a damned thing. It was rather relaxing."

Garvin drains his pewter goblet again, then checks the flagon on the table, before giving Rona a grin. "It seems I someone has made off with my wine, but as my lady is so very generous, I'm sure another flagon will arrive in short order. Keep your coin, and I shall be happy to share my good fortune with you." Then he claps an arm around Bryn's shoulders, using his boot to pull another chair to the table to guide the boy toward. "Mead, what an excellent suggestion, my lady! We should have mead tonight, and plenty of it. The sweet taste of summer never fails to inspire my tongue to song." He plucks again at the strings of his harp, eyes drifting about to take in all the people he can see nearby.

Rona shrugs, pocketing the silver stag. Perhaps it would be appropriate to return it to Eonn, but a bravo must eat, after all. At Bryn's arrival she smiles in greeting, knowing the boy from her time staying with the Baneforts, even if they never spent much time together. "So this is Lady Tyrell. I know the boy, Bryn. What of you, singer? Do you have a name that I may call you?"

Eonn smiles at Maera. "Good," he says. "You have been thinking of too many damned things. It is good to take a rest for a while. Wine?"

Kai leans against a wall in the corner of the room after getting himself some apple cider, quietly sipping from it as he watches the men and women about the room converse, he rests a hand atop the pommel of his falchion as it hides in it's sheathe at his side, finding the act quite relaxing.

Maera nods her head towards his skin, "That stuff? I think not. I like not having headaches in the morning." Her eyes stray over to Alaura and company, and she notes softly, "There are more roses out and about in Oldtown than there are Towers." She lifts a hand to get the serving girl's attention as she speaks, "I heard a rumor that it takes nearly an hour to nagivate from the top of the Hightower to the door. No wonder they are loathe to leave."

"You may call me…." Garvin taps his chin thoughtfully, glancing at his sister from the corner of his eye, before returning to Rona. They light with a wicked light, his lips curling in a grin, as he finsihes, "…Lord Pansy!" He manages to be silent for only a moment or two, before bursting into laughter, as if he's just said the most hilarious thing that's ever been uttered. It's a high, musical laugh, and he tosses back his head, long locks flying. Apparently, the barmaid heard his call for mead, because a flagon arrives with fresh pewter goblets, the empties quickly cleared away.

Eonn smiles at Maera. "I wonder if they ever actually go to the top. Seems like.." He pauses at the declaration of 'Lord Pansy' and looks over to said noble youth. It makes his smile widen. He doesn't laugh, but he has to work at it.

Bryn grins as he's pulled in and guided to the chair, sitting down and says, "Thanks." The he says to Alaura, "Nice to meet you." He starts to ask a question, but catching Rona's question he shuts his mouth again, glancing up to Garvin. At the Lord's answer, he asks, "Why would you wanna be called that?"

Maera doesn't laugh at the sudden outburst from Garvin declaring himself Lord Pansy. She doesn't smile. Her brow creeps upwards slowly before posing rhetorically, "Why do I routinely feel as if I have bigger balls than half the men in the South?"

Alaura snorts into her cider she covers her mouth quickly and says, "Well Lord Pansy.. quite a lofty title for you Master Bard." She giggles a little and gently dabs her mouth with a napkin. She chuckles and looks to Rona, "Which is why I am not seen for weeks of time!" She finishes off her cider and says, "I should get back though, will take me half a day to climb the tower to get to my rooms."

Rona seems to find some humor in Garvin's joke, for she laughs along quietly into her cider cup. "Just so, my Lord Pansy. You are obviously well trained in the harp. But I must wonder…are you training in that as well?" She points directly to the thin blade hanging from his baldric. There is, of course, no mistaking the elegant Braavosi blade at her own hip.

Eonn grins at Maera. "Maybe we should measure," he says. He drinks more of his cheap wine.

"Why would I not?" Garvin asks Bryn, reaching to fill a goblet, then pushing it toward the boy before filling one for Rona as well. "The pansy is a delightful flower, easy on both the eyes and the nose, a welcome addition to any garden. Oh, I know everyone loves roses more, and truly, none can surpass a rose for beauty. But their stems hold such prickly thorns, they're not easy to grasp at all." He fills a third goblet for himself, leaning a bit closer to Bryn and lowering his voice, "And none can say -I- am not easy to grasp, if you know what I mean." This brings another, though thankfully shorter, burst of giggles, before he takes a long gulp of mead. His eyes light when Rona draws attention to his slender sword, letting his left hand fall to feel the comfort of its jeweled hilt. "Indeed I am, and were I not already halfway in my cups, I would be glad to cross blades with you. For fun, of course, and love of the art."

Maera gives Eonn a little side-look, and her lips twitch upwards briefly, "You mean here?"

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Eonn nods to Maera. "Where else?" He chuckles. "In seriousness, My Lady, a man's opinions of his nicknames, and his preferences about where is best to put his prick don't reflect much on his courage."

Rona tenses, sitting more upright when his hand touches the hilt of his blade. "Be cautious, Lord Pansy. I am Rona Vielo, the Lady Bravo. In Braavos, to touch your blade is to challenge." She relaxes, smiling softly. "But I know that we are not in Braavos, and I believe we would rather keep our challenges bloodless, yes?" She tilts her head, eyeing the blade curiously. "Who trained you?"

Alaura rises from her seat and adjusts her skirts and taps her septa on the shoulder, "Come on Septa, it's a long walk to the Tower." Chuckling she looks to Pansy and smirks, "Be well Master Bard I hope we meet again." Winking to him she gathers up her gaurd and maid, "Have a good evening everyone." With that she starts to glide out of the pub.

Garvin's left hand returns again to the edge of his harp, and he quickly says, "Forgive me, my Lady Bravo, I do forget myself when I've had too much to drink, and I certainly wouldn't wish to challenge anyone who appreciates my voice." He names his swordmaster then, a Braavosi name Rona might or might not know as a man who sold his services as instructor to Lord Tyrell half a decade ago. When Alaura rises, Garvin gives her a low bow, or as low as he can while clutching a harp to his chest. "I thank you heartily, my lady, for your generous patronage this night and hope our paths will cross again soon."

"Fair evening to you, Lady Tyrell," Rona dips her head respectfully to the noblewoman as she departs.

"I know that." Maera says with a little shrug. The serving girl finally brings forth a heavy tankard filled with cider for Maera, and she takes a thoughtful little swallow. "I am still getting used to the frivolity of everything." Sitting the tankard down, she spreads her hands out as she speaks, "All the pagentry and flowers on arms and such. I can't think of one Northern house that has a flower for it's sigil. It's just…they are unlike us."

"And yet," says Eonn, "You like it. Flowers and silks and colour. Do not get used to it, it will, perhaps, lose its charm. Are they not frivolous about boys on your Island? Perhaps it is only the Northern nobles who take it seriously."

Derrioth would enter the Quill and Tankard, moving aside the Tyrell Noblewoman, giving her a nod as she leaves, yawning quietly as he stops near the entrance, looking around momentarily before slowly walking over to the bar, he'd stand, leaning his arms against the counter before ordering some ale with a quiet sigh.
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Rona nods, suitably impressed at the name of Garvin's master. "A skilled Water Dancer. My father spoke of him on several occasions. You must have been taught well. It is good to meet another that appreciates the art. Westerosi are usually far more impressed with great, heavy cleavers. Messy, unwieldy things." She wrinkles her nose, grinning.

Alaura leaves the Quill and Tankard and crosses the little bridge from the door to the street.
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Kai gazes towards Derrioth across the room, which causes him to lightly flex his fingers as they rest atop his pommel and then goes back to silently watching the others, particularly Rona as she discusses her water dancing with the bard, a topic of interest to him.

Garvin wrinkles his nose as well, giving Rona a nod. "I couldn't agree more. My lord father and dear brother are ever so fond of hacking at men with their greatswords, and tilting opponents off their horses with massive lances that fly to splinters, and I must admit it is a wonder to behold from the safety of the stands. But for myself, I much prefer the graceful dance of thrust and parry. There is a musical rhythm to Water Dancing one simply can't find in the lists." He takes another, smaller sip of mead, settling back again in his chair, as his eyes wander the room. "Then again, it is not unpleasant to watch muscular men clad in heavy mail and plate, brutally bashing one another with oversized blades, and there is certainly no shortage of muscular men in this city."

"How do you know I like it?" Maera asks with a little shake of her head. "Do I dress in silks and fantasize about becoming the Queen of Love and Beauty." Her eyes roll slightly, "I would wager that I could best the majority of the men in this city in a melee, and who would be my Queen of Love and Beauty if I won?"

Eonn smiles at Maera, amused. "You like to look on it," he says. "I don't think you want to wear it. Anyway, who do you want to be your Queen of Love and Beauty? You are allowed to choose, I believe, once you best all of those men. I am not sure if people are allowed to decline the honour, either. Actually, I don't go to tourneys, who knows?"

Rona lifts her brow curiously at Garvin, her lips pinching in a stifled chuckle. "Just so. I do enjoy a muscular man, myself." Now the chuckle escapes. "But I enjoy the dance so much more. There is nothing greater than the art." Her voice takes on a reverent tone, as if speaking of the Seven themselves. "You are fortunate, Lord Pansy Tyrell — it is Tyrell, is it not? You are fortunate to have had the chance to learn such things."

Bryn looks between Garvin and Rona, listening attentively to their conversation about Water Dancing. He doesn't say much, not asking any questions yet, just leaning back in his chair and looking from one to the next as they talk.

"Perhaps I would have to win the jousting as well." Maera shrugs, "It seems my sex as limited me here. I have never tilted before. Alas, I will have to win the melee, then go put on my silks and hope someone names me Queen of Love and Beauty."

Now that there are empty chairs, Garvin shifts his harp to one of them, freeing both his hands for drinking. "Alack, my clever disguise is undone," he says with amusement, refilling his goblet and checking to see if Bryn needs a refill as well. "Indeed, I am a Tyrell, brother to the lady who so recently departed for Hightower. There's no sense in hiding it now, my given name is Garvin, and I count myself fortunate indeed that my lord father was able to secure the services of my fine swordmaster. Would that he had made the journey here with me, but he longed to return to the shores of his beloved Braavos. I cannot say that I much blame him, for he had been away for so long." He looks down to Bryn then, raising one brow. "Are you hungry, young Flowers? I did promise you a meal, I believe. I don't know if they serve swan here, but I'm sure we can find a finely seasoned lamb."

Eonn smiles a little at Maera, "I think they won't let you," he says. "Tourneys, melees included, are for knights. Unless perhaps you want to fight in disguise. Otherwise, the both of us will just have to watch." He shrugs under his blackened spaulders. "Which seems more sensible to me. I only want to hack at people for practice, or because I really mean it."

"Knights." Maera's eyes roll. "Besides, you know I wouldn't fight in one of their silly melee's, even if I could. I'd wager that a good portion of the Knights around aren't even bloodied or battle tested." She has another small swallow of her cider, "I do feel a bit like fighting."

"Oh, gods help me," says Eonn. "Let me get a little drunker before you start hitting me, My Lady."

Rona gives a wistful sigh, nodding. "All Braavosi who venture away long for Braavos. It is the greatest city in all the world." She finishes off her cider with an unladylike gulp, and rises to her feet. "It was an honor to hear you play, Garvin. I hope to see you dance soon enough. But, for now, the night calls to me." She gives the Lord Pansy a flourishing bow, and then offers the same exaggerated motion to Bryn before she slips out into the evening air.

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"Better order some cider." Maera advices with a little twitch of her lips. Her attention turns to Bryn and Garvin, and she watches the pair without commentary.

Bryn watches Rona leave, and then looks up to Garvin again, nodding quickly as he says, "I am. But call me Bryn, not Flowers. All Flowers means is I'm not a real Targaryen, at least in the ways that count."

"Cruel woman," says Eonn, but he lifts his hand to order cider.

Garvin offers a bow as well, though he remains seated. "The pleasure was all mine, my Lady Bravo, and I hope to play for you again very soon." Once Rona has departed, he settles back again to enjoy his mead, as well as the little show Eonn and Maera have been putting on. "Barmaid!" he calls, nodding toward Bryn. "A leg of lamb, and don't scrimp on the mint." He lowers his voice again, smiling at the boy. "I'd eat as well, but it would be sure to spoil the pleasant feeling this mead has given me. It's not the finest mead I've tasted, but not the worst either."

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Peri is slipping in, quietly, fixing her hair pins as she walks. Her eyes seem to be drifting behind her as she watches an iron man rub his side. "Well you shouldn't of touched me. If you do it again I'm wearing your hand as a codpiece for my enormous iron balls." she warns openly, her fingers moving to hoist up her trousers before adjusting her jacket.

"Me? Cruel?" Maera smiles a short, brief smile. "You've the wrong woman, Eonn of the Rills. I am a gentle Mistress." She takes another swallow of her cider before nodding her head towards Garvin, "Ought I introduce myself?"

Eonn grins at Maera. "Of course you are," he says. "And yes. You should." He looks over to Garvin.

Garvin goes to refill his goblet, only to find the flagon is once again empty. Frowning, he looks around for the barmaid, just as she approaches with the lamb for Bryn. He waggles the empty cup a few times, and she quickly takes away the empty flagon. He glances over to Eonn and Maera, left brow quirking curiously. "I believe our evening is about to become…interesting," he says softly to the boy, eyes darting to be sure his harp is still safely in the chair where he left it. "Do you know them?"

Bryn grins as he sees the food, "Thank you." He digs in right away. He doesn't eat with the proper manners of a noble, but he does have at least a smallfolk's level of table manners. He pauses to glance back and nods quickly, "That's Lady Mormont, and Eonn, he works for her. Eonn's the one that let me ride with him that time with the lizard-lions I told you about."

Eonn is sitting at a table, with Maera. There's a white cat standing on that table, and an orange striped one on his lap. Bryn and Garvin are a few tables over.

"I'm suddenly feeling rather anti-social." Maera says with a little sigh. "Still, I ought to make introductions, and we ought to speak with Bryn. I had forgotten that he might not be updated on…things." She has another pull from her cider before she rises from her seat and takes a step in the direction of Garvin and Bryn's.

Close on Peri's heels is Riker. the man is roaring drunk though he holds it well. Dressed in all black and a small blade hanging at his side a scowl is apparent on his dark features. "You!" He shouts at the man with Peri. Grabbing him by the collar he shoves him to the ground. A swift kick in his mouth leaves sthe sound of teeth splintering thick in the air. "Buth…buth.." He whimpers as the remnants fall from his mouth mixed with blood. "Bloody bastard!" He picks him up and shoves him out the door following. Short moments later he walks back in a bit out of breath. To Peri he says, "Danwell said he was in my cabin. Dun' come out wit' a bottle o' brandy." He shakes his head, surely feeling good after a bit of a beating handed out. And obviously unawares of any groping the brandy may have lent him the ccourage to do.

Eonn rises, also, picking up the orange cat that is on his lap and tucking it under his arm. It purrs. And then in comes all this noise. He turns, and steps away from the table, putting himself between the newcomers and Maera. And Garvin's table, incidentally.

Peri leans out of the way of the gore "Riker, teeth hurt to step on. I'm not sure he was in there." she eyes Maera for a moment "Perhaps we should go, you are making a scene." she calmly suggests to the hot headed iron man of captain variety, her hands tucking behind her, weight stretching out. She observes Eonn, getting a bit nervous. Her fingertips moving to adjust her hair again, primping - such a strange habbit for a salt wife.

"Mormont?" Garvin says, looking thoughtful for a long moment. "From that frightful island far to the north, in the Bay of Ice? I should like to meet her." But as Maera is approaching, Garvin's eyes go to Eonn. "Ah yes, the lizard-lions. He must be a brave man indeed." He tries to run fingers through the curls of his hair, making himself presentable and rising to his feet to greet Lady Mormont, all pleasant smiles. But before he can say another word, there's shoving and kicking and howling in pain, and Garvin shrinks in on himself just a bit, right hand crossing his waist to finger the hilt of his rapier.

Maera approaches Garvin's table, and smooths a hand over the front of her gown near her waist. She opens her mouth to speak, and the ruckus near the door draws her attention. Her eyes may roll slightly, but she makes no comment in regards to the out of breath Riker. Her eyes sweep over the Ironborn briefly before she turns to face Garvin. It seems she caught the tail end of his comments to Bryn because she says, "It is only frightful in the deep winter. It snows still in the Summer, but everything becomes rather green and it is rather lovely to behold."

The captain looks over at the woman. Incredulous. "Did I ask if /you/ were sure? Ain't makin' no scene. Sure as fuck could you keep speakin' up though." He shakes his head, surely upset at her outspokeness in public towards him. And he will catch sight of Maera now. "For fucks sake. Everywhere I go." He just nods to her with a stupid smile though. Eonn and the cats not noticed. Garvin neither. there are a few about and he does not recognize or remember them. Instead he shouts across the room. "Come ta' get yerr fill after a deep winters sleep?" A jape at MAera's expense berore a drink is brought and he swallow most of it before another second passes. Looking at Peri he says "Relax." A little wink given to her now.

Eonn stays looking at Riker. He sets the orange cat down on a table without tearing his gaze from the man. He seems displeased, now, his cold eyes narrowing.
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Kai silently downs his second.. Or was it third mug of apple cider as he watches the others go about their business, chuckling quietly at Riker as half of the eyes in the room shift over to him, he fiddles with his falchion idly, hoping that someone tries to stab someone else.

Garvin keeps a wary eye on those near the door, only cringing slightly at the foul language, but he puts his smile back on for Lady Maera. "Snow in Summer, that is something I would greatly like to see, I think. But the bears for which your island takes its name, those I believe I could live most happily without witnessing. Lumbering, brutish, hairy beasts…Come to think of it, perhaps I would like to see them after all." He chuckles then, eyes sparkling as he offers a gallant bow. "Lord Garvin Tyrell, my Lady Mormont, and it is an honor to meet you."

Bryn glances towards Riker, frowning and looking perhaps a bit nervous at the drunken shouting. He looks back to Maera, though, smiling, but very curious, "It snows even in the summer? It must snow a *lot* in winter, then."

"A pleasure, Lord Garvin." Maera says, the formalities sounding a bit stiff in her flat voice. "However, I do not think you need to travel so far as my little Island to see a lumbering, brutish beast." She nods her head towards Riker and company. "Although I would not mistake him for a bear. Bears are rather noble creatures." She offers Bryn one of her faint little smiles, "It snows quite a bit. Not as much as the Mainland, but more than you've seen before, I'm sure."

Maera leans back slightly to whisper something to Eonn.
Maera whispers: Let him come at me if he'd like. I want to hit him.

Whatever it is that Maera whispered, it makes Eonn nod and turn away from his observation of the Ironborn, to instead face Garvin. He bows slightly to the young lord.

Garvin eyes Riker, nose wrinkling a bit. "I prefer more noble beasts, indeed." He turns his attention to Eonn then, greeting him with a bow and a smile, before saying to Bryn, "I've heard that the snow sometimes piles up as high as Winterfell's curtain wall, and Lord Stark must set men digging tunnels in the courtyards." He shivers at this thought, reaching for his goblet to warm himself again with mead.

With the finishing of his ale Riker grabs Peri, quite roughly. "Les' get outta here. Stinks of bear shit and the attempted masking of flowers. And pussy too." He adds with a look to the felines. Dragging the woman out, he gives a last look at Maera and company while sneering. The door is left open to the Quill and Tankard in a most immpolite manner.

Peri lets out a sound of annoyance at getting grabbed. She drops a coin on the table near Bryn " Alright, alright, ow." she puffs out. She waves politely at the company as she's dragged "Riker, if you drag me so harshly my teats will pop out of my vest again!" she complains lightly, bare feet bouncing to keep up without getting extra discomfort in them.

Eonn smiles in answer to Gavin's smile, but says nothing more.

Bryn's eyes widen just a little at Garvin's description, "Wow.. that must be very cold. I prefer it warm. Summer weather here. But I'd like to see that much snow too." He glances once again towards Riker and Peri, though makes no comment.

Maera's head turns a bit as Riker grabs his salt wife, and she whines about her breasts flopping out of her top. She looks back at Garvin and asks, "Do you want to see something funny?" She doesn't wait for a response. Instead, she quickly turns to take the few steps towards her table, picks up her tankard in one hand, and flings the whole thing at the back of Riker's head.

Eonn stops his smiling when Maera throws that tankard. He steps aside, clearing himself a little further from the line of fire between Maera and Riker, and moving closer to Bryn at the same time.

“— the look on her face,” Edmond crows, mid-conversation with one of his guardsmen as he strides into the tavern, “I'll remember it forever.” The Fox Knight makes a stunned expression, eyes and mouth agape in a look of a pure, stupid shock. When he begins to chuckle at his own joke his guardsmen immediately follow suit with a raucous roll of laughter. Edmond's widen as the tankard goes sailing from Bear to Blacktyde just as he enters, “Hah! They're spirited in Oldtown!”

Oh, they were so close to being gone. But, perhaps not shutting the door was the fatal mistake as the tankard flies wthrough with deft accuracy and finds the back of his head. The last drops soaking into his curly unkept hair. Stopping he takes a deep breath. Turning he can certainly guess who would have been so bold. "Fuckin' cunt. Ya's spse' to drink it." He scowls. He looks now to her company, holding them responsible. "If ya' take yer pets out in public ya should keep 'em in check." He stares at t he men now, disregarding the Mormont Lady as he scowls at the rest. A servin' girl coming up to him now, "Oh, m'lord. LEt me help you." She says with a rag attempting to wipe the moisture off. "Away from me wench!" he shouts at the now cowering girl. Peri has now been released and seemingly forgotten as he still stares.

Garvin's eyes bug wide at Maera's act, his jaw dropping a bit. "Seven preserve us," he mutters, hand falling to the rapier at his side again, as he steps between Bryn and the violence he's sure is about to unfold. "My lady, that creature is far beneath your dignity. Why, I barely noticed him at all, and I certainly didn't hear the foul words that spilled from his ale-soaked lips."

Eonn leans a bit to Garvin and says, "She just needs somebody to hit," softly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peri=Throwing Vs Maera=Alertness
< Peri: Success Maera: Good Success
< Net Result: Maera wins - Marginal Victory

Peri 's arm is still held by Riker, but her foot slips the tankard up, grabbing it with her fingers and rolling back with her right hand to lob it towards Maera. Likely not aiming at her head. "Please do not assail my lord further." she warns, in an agitated tone. She has a serene smile on her face, but a tense body, her feet digging into the wood of the floor if Riker is still pulling on her to resist.

"It feels like a good night to fight." Maera calls out to Garvin, her voice suddenly going from flat to lively. She takes a step towards Riker, her body leaning to one side to avoid being hit by the Tankard with some ease. "Move." She says to Peri as she approaches, "Or you'll regret it." There's a bit of a queer smile on her face. "Blacktyde, have you ever had your ass beat by a woman before?"

And as Eonn straightens up from his half whisper to Garvin, he gets clobbered in the chest by the wet cider tankard. It makes him expel a sharp breath. Huuf! But he's wearing armour.

As the tankard flies again, Garvin makes a small, involuntary duck, then quickly straightens again, hand still tightly wrapped around his still-undrawn weapon's hilt. And then he notices the small stain that's splashed against his chest. "My doublet!" he protests, sounding utterly shocked. He narrows his eyes in Peri's direction, lip curling in a snarl (which is actually more 'aw, adorable!' than 'oooh, scary'). "You ruined my doublet! Of all the doublets I've worn today, this is my favorite, and you've utterly destroyed it!" Oh, there'll be seven hells to pay tonight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Throwing Vs Riker=Alertness
< Kai: Success Riker: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Kai finishes off the last of his mug, and steps away from the wall, and rearing back his hand and half-assedly pegging it at Riker, a slight smile on his face as it sails through the air, he doesn't seem to care much for who it hits, although it is aimed at the stupid fellow.

<FS3> Riker rolls Brawl: Great Success.

Bryn bites his lip as things start to get violent. He grins as Maera hits Riker with the tankard, but when it comes flying back he grabs the last of the meat from his plate and vanishes under the table.

Riker laughs at the girl. "Listen here ya' little Cunt. I's had about enough a ya'" He stares down at the little girl now when something else comes flying at him. Narrowly it misses him, grazing his hair. Seeing the suspect he barrels past Maera knocking some poor fellow to the floor. While his back is turned he is wide open to assault from her but it does not stop him from simply clocking the next closest man in the side of the head as he makes way for Kai. Peri would be on her own now but he is sure she can handle herself. And anyways, if MAera goes for him she will be just as vulnerable.

<FS3> Eonn rolls Reaction: Failure.

<FS3> Peri rolls Intimidation: Great Success.

Eonn is unfortunately in the crossfire, so to speak. He's near enough to Maera that he just happens to be the person who gets clobbered in the side. This doesn't seem to do him much harm, any more than the tankard did. He grunts. And grimaces. But he doesn't reach for his sword.

Peri 's long legs do something startling, her bare foot going against the heavy edge of a table to knock it over and provide some chaos and cover for the child scurrying away to safety. "Clever boy." she mutters, watching Riker, her scale mail skirt clinking around behind her as she puffs up "Now then, who wants to have at the Homely Whore's namesake?" she shouts, enough that a couple iron men skitter away. Her body language is aggressive and agitated.

"This is getting out of hand," mumbles Garvin, brushing at his chest. Eyes darting around quickly, he grabs his harp in one hand and his miniver-lined cloak in the other, then vanishes beneath the table as well. "Oh, hello, Bryn," he says, pulling the cloak over them both and crouching low. "I'm concerned about my harp, you see. I only brought the one from Highgarden, and it happens to be my best."

Kai stumbles to the side a tad as the man draws close, but then slowly slides his right foot back as the man draws near, a slight, maybe a little drunk smile worn on his face as he watches the man draw near, he doesn't have too much confidence in his fighting skills at the moment, but he figures he might as well have his fun.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Maera=brawl Vs Riker=brawl
< Maera: Good Success Riker: Good Success
< Net Result: Maera wins - Marginal Victory

Eonn turns to Garvin, says, "Mm, come, you can climb out the window." He points, and moves to cover the Lord Pansy. Or just absorb all the flying objects and misplaced blows that come their way.

Maera watches as Riker flies past her. She curses to herself, and without hesitation she steps onto the seat of an empty chair, and then hops up onto the top of a table. There is an occupant at the table, and he seems rather startled as the woman steps on his table, dishes and tankards rattling as she uses the extra height to leap off of the table, aiming to knock Riker down flat with her landing on top of him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Kai=brawl
< Riker: Good Success Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Riker steps forward, an odd move as his left leg juts out and his left arm back, but, ultimately his right fist coming his shoulder. Too bad MAera lands right into him. Stumbling forward he misses the man planting his mitt right into the wall. "Fuck!" he shouts, shaking it painfully now, weahter the little Mormont is still clung to his back or simply plated a good shoulder he does not know as his knuckles swell up and his face turns red.

The cats, startled by all of this, leap off their tables and go tearing around.

Eonn watches Riker and Maera, but stays near the table that Garvin's hiding under. He seems to feel no need to interefere.

Kai stumbles to his left as Riker falls down in front of him, he chuckles at the man and at Maera, and then looks to his right as some fellow tries to break a chair over his head, he steps towards the man and grasps his arms before he can swing, his knee slamming right into his crotch, he takes posession of the chair as the man falls over, clutching his injured manhood, he then looks about for a next target, gaze drifting back down towards Riker.

A panicked white cat barrels towards Peri.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Maera=brawl Vs Riker=brawl
< Maera: Good Success Riker: Failure
< Net Result: Maera wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Peri rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peri=Brawl Vs Maera=Alertness
< Peri: Good Success Maera: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Sylas comes in from the street.
Sylas has arrived.

The terrorized cat hurls itself at Peri.

Maera isn't still on top of Riker. She may have been if he fell flat onto the ground, but with him crashing into the wall she manages to land an elbow on him instead. While the man is still stunned from crashing into the wall, she takes a step back and grabs his shoulder roughly to turn him around. One hand on his shoulder, she balls her other hand up into a fist and throws it at Riker's face.

Peri 's not happy at Riker getting attacked. Her fingers crack as she stretches her neck out lightly. She barrels towards Maera, swinging her hip with intent to knock over the bear, however, the cat causes her to jolt and punch a man in a green tunic in the face. Poor bastard. Her face is still in a scowl "Fuck off boy. No Kitty this is my cow pie." she huffs at Kai and the cat. Thank god she has scalemail on her lower body to protect her ass.

The cat turns into a ball of howling claws, somewhat entangled in Peri's mail-skirt.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Throwing Vs Peri=Alertness
< Kai: Good Success Peri: Good Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Marginal Victory

Kai doesn't like being hissed at, and as such, lifts his chair above his head and throws it at Peri, "…Woof."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Maera=alertness
< Riker: Good Success Maera: Success
< Net Result: Riker wins - Solid Victory

The proverbial shit hits the fan that does not exist now as pandemodium is surely under way. Whilst the the man is holding the royal jewles and Riker is not /yet/ on the ground he looks over, barely noticing the chair as it is held. To his right some poor sot is thrown against the wall, a few blows given to his abdomen before some too close serving wench busts a mug overr his head in frightened defense as she screaches, stuck in a corner and blood pooling at her feet.
Maera must be faster than hell because she not only manages to smash into him but elbow him as well, and turn him around and on top of all that throw a punch too. Quite quick for such a big girl ;) She collects with the shot now and his nose bloodies. "Little. Fucking. Bitch." He scowls. But for all that there is a stupid smile on his face. surely the most fun he has had in a long time. Attempting now to grab her he will offer his forehead to her face.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Maera=brawl
< Riker: Great Success Maera: Failure
< Net Result: Riker wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peri=Throwing Vs Kai=Alertness
< Peri: Good Success Kai: Failure
< Net Result: Peri wins - Solid Victory

Eonn laughs. He lifts his arm to stop some flying bit of broken chair from hitting him in the face.

Peri 's too tangled with cat to really react, instead getting hit in the shoulder with the chair, likely bruising under her clothing. Her face gives away true rage. "Shut your whore mouth or I'll make you my bleedin' salt wife." she bellows at Kai, reaching down to untie the cat-ensnared mail skirt, revealing under it a fishing net wrapped around her lower back for storage. The woman swings the scale mail and cat along with it to throw the rage filled jingling armor right at Kai to help Riker out, her bare feet sliding on the floor.

"And they told me the Quill and Tankard was a resort for beardless youths with ink for blood," a stranger's voice cuts in, harsh, powerful, and accented, like one of the combatants, with the rough curtness of the Iron Islands. "They told me false. I would scarcely blink if a decent fingerdance showed itself amidst this madness!"
That last word appears to be a compliment. The newcomer is not tall, nor especially bulky, but wrapped in half-mail, leather, and the tinkling trophies of a dozen reavings, he casts a dense and forbidding shadow. As yet he makes no move to intervene by force, merely smirking as he seems to recognise something about the ironman in th tussle.
"Thus does a Blacktyde go a-wooing," he murmurs, his smirk widening.

Kai is hit in the chest by the scale mail, and stumbles back a few feet, catching the mail in his arms as it begins to fall, his back hits a pillar and he grunts, gripping the scale mail and taking a step or two forward, pegging the mail straight back at the woman.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Throwing Vs Peri=Alertness
< Kai: Failure Peri: Great Success
< Net Result: Peri wins - Crushing Victory

Maera laughs when Riker calls her a bitch, and it sounds like the happiest sound to ever leave the woman's lips. The look on her face matches Riker's. Pure and utter delight. She throws her hand back to punch him in the face again, her knuckles red with the blood from his nose, but she doesn't get a chance to hit him. Instead, his forehead smashes into her face. She lets out a cry of pain, and lets go of his shoulder to bring her hands up to her face. Now her nose is bloodied, too.

The white cat, hurled across the room with its front claws entangled in Peri's scale-mail skirt, ends up on Kai's chest. it sinks its free claws into his neck and screeches loudly, "RRReeeerrrrrrrooooooowwwwwwlL!" It's got one front leg caught up in the mail, and one in the man, an it tries to rake him with its hind legs.

<FS3> Riker rolls Intimidation: Good Success.

Kai stares down at the cat as it starts scraping away at him, he catches the scale mail and begins stumbling back, yelling out, "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK." as he attempts to lifts the scale mail above his head, one hand on either end of the skirt so that he may bring it down on the cat's head in an attempt to scrape it off, "I ONLY LIKE BLACK CATS, GET OFF."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peri=Brawl Vs Kai=Brawl
< Peri: Good Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: Peri wins - Solid Victory

The white cat wanted so much to get away, but now it doesn't know what it wants. Except to put every sharp thing at its disposal into action against this terrible creature that it's suddenly entangled with. It howls, undulating, "Rorrrrrrroooorrrrrwwwwrrrr!" as Kai tries to pull it off.

The blood of Bear islands mixes with the Blacktydes. Red gleaming in the shaking light of the rowdy tavern. His forehead to his lips are wrought in the liquid as he sneers and smiles. After the connection he will try and just push her away as he looks now for PEri. Lost amongst the utter confusion and drunkards fighting drunkards and cats flying through the air. Weather the girl goes flying back or not He will turn, mistakingly thinking the girl beat. Growling loudly at the first pair of combatants he will shout, "Otta tha' way!" The two men cower and scramble away, one tripping over another table and landing on the floor, eyes wide at Garvin and quickly seeking shelter as well. The captain himselff is surrounded by screeching and screaming and blood and ale stain the floor. Surely there is a tavern keep somewhere frowning but Riker just stands now, his back still turned to the Mormont woman.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Maera=brawl
< Riker: Failure Maera: Success
< Net Result: Maera wins - Marginal Victory

Peri eyes the newcomer, rolling towards Kai to swing a mighty punch at him. "Give me back m'mail you raven-biting boil brained fen-sucked imbecile." She mercifully scruffs the cat in a graceful motion to pull it up and out of the mail expertly and immediately dropping it. "Before you hurt the beast." She seems annoyed, trying to jerk the mail back out of Kai's fingertips.

The cat twists in its own skin to try to blood Peri before she drops it. It's a proper stray cat, and quick. Once it hits the floor it freezes, staring about in a stupid cat panic, though.

Kai holds the mail out for her to take, "Oh, hello." he says simply, apparently noticing the woman for the first time, "Where did you come from?"

With blood running down her nose and into her mouth, The Lady Mormont is a pretty sight. On opposite day. She holds her face in her hands, and lets out an aggrivated groan before she drops her hands from her face. And sees that Riker has turned his back to her. "You disrespectful twat! Face me when we fight!" That said, she throws a punch at his lower backside, right near the kidney.

Garvin, who really isn't craven, just super-protective of his beloved harp (oh, and maybe little Bryn as well) peeks out from under his cloak, peering past the legs of the table. "I don't believe it's over yet," he says, pushing the harp at the boy. "Stay here while I try and find a clear path to get you out of here. Do be so kind as to watch my baby, won't you?" Not waiting for a reply, he slips out from under the cloak and scurries to his feet, shaking the curls from his face and looking frantically around.

For his part, Sylas Volmark has stalked over to the sidelines of the fray, pausing only briefly for a gratified sneer at the dainty looking lad taking cover alongside the other cat beneath a sturdy tableboard. Soon he is at the side of the silent, but amused looking sellsword with so much entangled, reddish hair.
"You look like a man who would sooner finish brawls than start them," he observes with quiet interest. "Yet you make no move to the She-Bear's side, though she pays you, does she not? You are the one they call Eonn, of the Rills and the Drowned God knows where else…? Ah, it looks like another noble heart has found its courage here," he finishes, observing the Tyrell boy's rise with a wicked grin.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Maera=brawl Vs Riker=brawl
< Maera: Success Riker: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Eonn looks down at the table he's standing near, when Garvin starts to move. He smiles. Then, more sober, he says to Sylas. "I am, My Lord. And I do not go to her side, because she has asked me not to. She wanted to fight."

Riker looks around, still confused as the mayhem ensues. A smaller man is belted and falls back into him. Grabbing him, Riker swings about, originally to throw him ove the table till he feels the fist in his back, missing his mark and glancing off of him. Bein' in a scuffle or two he improvises, swinging the poor bastard at his assailiant. Ahh! It's Maera. He seems surprised she still stands and it would seem a bit impressed. Still, he does not pull any punches and will now shove the man right at her as nobles and common folk hustle and bustle about. Tankards tossed and paths crossed.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Maera=brawl
< Riker: Success Maera: Good Success
< Net Result: Maera wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Peri rolls Intimidation: Success.
<FS3> Peri rolls Parenting: Good Success.

Peri is not very small compared to Kai "I came from the Drowned God's longboat to teach your pelican buggering arse some bloody manners." Maera's low blow is caught. She eyes Garvin and backs up, taking her time to crack her back. She watches Maera sharply, glancing. She keeps an eye on Kai "Are you fucking sorry?" she asks, likely intending to back off if he sits down. She points at a chair for Kai. It isn't an offer, it is an order.

<FS3> Kai rolls Intimidation: Good Success.

"No doubt," Lord Sylas replies with a bleak chuckle. "My fathers long since taught her mothers that the joy of battle far surpasses the fleeting pleasures of bower and bed. And taught her, it seems, well. I do not think Blacktyde seems like to come from this fray with two saltwives intact…"

Garvin frowns as he sees that the earlier chaos has only increased, one hand lingering near the rapier at his side. "Stay down, Bryn," he says, leaning a bit closer to Eonn. "She's actually enjoying this?" he asks, ducking as some bit of jetsom flies too near his pretty head. He glances toward the door, frown deepening. "The one night my Leash doesn't sniff me out, pandemonium ensues. Oh, and look! All my lovely mead has been spilled." Nope, he's not wading into this fight until someone directs a blow directly at him. His lovely clothes might get torn!

Kai looks the women up and down slowly, "Pardon?" he asks slowly, his voice betraying no small amount of dissatisfaction with being ordered around, he chooses to instead stare the woman down, rather than following her orders, his head tilting to the side as chaos continues to go on about them.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Peri=Brawl Vs Kai=Brawl
< Peri: Success Kai: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"I think," Eonn tells Garvin, "That you'd better let the boy just stay where he is." He's amused. He lifts his hand again, to ward off some bit of flying debris, unnecessarily this time. "And she seems to be." To Sylas he nods. "Two saltwives?" he asks. "I am, mm, missing something?"

Maera seems to have recovered quite well from the shot to her nose. She sidesteps quickly as Riker throws some hapless stranger at her, her long braids swinging to one side with the momentum that comes with her shifting her weight so quickly. The man is propelled forward with a cry, and crashes into a table. She turns on her leg quickly, and comes up closer to Riker, her knee rising to strike him at the gut.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Maera=brawl Vs Riker=brawl
< Maera: Failure Riker: Good Success
< Net Result: Riker wins - Solid Victory

At that the Ironborn Lord frowns in turn. "Perhaps it is I who misunderstand. But your lady is fair, and ruler now of a poor but free domain. Were I …wrestling… with her, I'd scarce stop till she was carrying me a fine heir to Volmark."

"I think, my lord," says Eonn, "That you would regret the attempt." He still seems friendly, amused by all this. And he's still got a wineskin from earlier, he realises. Being a skin, it's not broken. He offers it to Volmark. Cheap wine, but not the worst.

"Tonight shall not be the test of that," Sylas concedes with an airy shrug, carelessly accepting the skin and swigging it with casual abandon, little knowing exactly how dangerous the giver truly is. "Ahhhh. I've known worse. I've known better. Naught like a Dornish red spiced with blood and salt and a biting wind."

Garvin ducks again, then weaves sideway and bumps into Eonn. "Your pardon," he mumbles as he straightens once more. His eyes spot a half-empty goblet on a nearby table, not yet spilled or smashed, and he snatches it up and tips it back, draining the contents without even sniffing it first. A shudder runs down his spine, his face a mask of disgust, as he chucks the goblet absently toward the combatants, no aim involved whatsoever. It thumps off the far wall not far from Kai, clattering to the floor. "I really should learn the art of unarmed combat," he says idly to no one in particular.

"Good," Eonn replies to Sylas. When the man's done taking his swig, Eonn reclaims the wineskin and offers it to Garvin. "I suppose now's as good a time as any to start," he suggests to the young lord. "If you feel like making a try at it. Do you need to?"

Riker is still all smiles the man hits the table. Again, the girl is awfully quick, though not quick enough this time as his hand come down, shielding his stomach. "Ya' don't fuckin' quit do ya?!" He shouts at herr, perhaps a bit of admiration in his voice. Still, while he is easily the dumbest person anyone here has met since coming to Oldtown he is not so stupid as to out right hit a Lady as he has attempted not to do thus far. Instead he will kick a neaby chair that is sliding into view at her shins. A good move to keep it from hitting him anyways as another man lands at the ground near his feet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Riker=brawl Vs Maera=brawl
< Riker: Good Success Maera: Success
< Net Result: Riker wins - Marginal Victory

Peri throws another haymaker at Kai "I said. Are you fucking sorry?" she bellows, her eyes going to RIker "If you assault Riker again, I'll send you to be a thrall for the drowned god." her jewelry jingles and is likely a hinderance in a proper fight. "Back off and I won't try to harm you further." she offers cordially. She eyes Garvin, taking a somewhat fancy gold necklace off of her own neck to gently toss at him "For the damages to your doublet, my lord." she doesn't curtsy but she does do a rather standard concubine bow. "I apologize for getting Lady Mormont's drink on your clothing."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kai=Brawl Vs Peri=Brawl
< Kai: Success Peri: Good Success
< Net Result: Peri wins - Marginal Victory

Kai narrowly ducks under Peri's wild swing, his hips twisting as he clenches his right fist in an attempt to slam his fist into her left side, apparently not one for holding back on women, the punch is fairly slow, however, largely due to his own drunkness.

Garvin takes the skin and guzzles a bit, offering it back with another nose-wrinkling. He takes half a step back, eyes narrowing as he looks Eonn up and down a couple times. "If that is an offer to instruct me, you have me at a disadvantage, with your mail shirt and iron-studded leather surcoat, and me in nothing but silks and light wool. And I don't think this is the time nor place for either of us to go about a wardrobe change." And then there's a gold chain flying his way, and without thinking, he ducks beneath it. "Apology accepted!" he calls cheerfully to Peri, though he doesn't attempt to chase after the necklace. "I'm certain no offense was intended."

<FS3> Eonn rolls Reaction: Failure.

Eonn watches the chain sail past with a blink of mild bafflement. He says to Garvin, "No, not an offer to instruct you. I merely meant, my lord, that there's unarmed combat going on all about you, and who would object if you joined in?""

Maera is coming for Riker again just as the chair slides into her shins. She trips over it, and falls onto her ass with a thump. She lets out a low annoyed growl, and kicks the chair with her heel before standing. "By the Old Gods, fucking hit me with your fists, you damned baby!" She lets out another frustrated sound, and lunges forward to throw her shoulder into Riker's chest.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Maera=brawl Vs Riker=brawl
< Maera: Good Success Riker: Good Success
< Net Result: Maera wins - Marginal Victory

"This is only a pale shadow of true battlelust," Sylas sneers to the sellsword and the exquisite Tyrell lad. "Myself, I see but little profit or renown when the game is one of mere bumps and bruises, before the blood starts to flow and wash the field of battle clean…

Garvin lifts his right hand to examine the back of it, frowning a bit. He'd be more likely to break several of those long, fine fingerbones against someone's jaw than do his opponent any damage, he decides, giving his head a shake. "Nay, I think I'd prefer a bit of instruction first, before wading into the fray. Now, if someone were to draw a blade, I'd feel more at ease joining the fight. But fisticuffs? I'd be at a loss to know where to begin." Still, perhaps he'll make another try at throwing. Grabbing up a bit of broken crockery, he narrows his eyes and takes aim at the man who started all of this.

<FS3> Garvin rolls Throw: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Garvin=throwing Vs Riker=alertness
< Garvin: Success Riker: Good Success
< Net Result: Riker wins - Solid Victory

Eonn raises his eyebrows at Sylas. He doesn't seem so amused now. "I think that things have not become quite so very unfriendly," he says. There's a certain level of emphasis on the words. Not real sternness, but something akin to it.

Riker is laughing as she hits the ground. A loud and boisterous one as men hit the ground behind him and gold flies through the air. His laugh turns to a rumble and he is allmost haunched over as he hears the sounds of Peri holding her own. And the dumb brute has yet again underestimated the mettle of the Mormont. For quick like one of those cats from before she is up and barreling into him. the blow knocks him back and he stumbles over a chair as the crockery flies past his head, narrowly missing. His feet go over his head and his head hits the ground with a sickening thud. His eyes roll back in his head and he mumbles. "Tuff' liddle…cunt.." He passes out now clearly concussed from the floor meeting his head, ale and cider soaking into his thick hair as it mixes with blood from the other hundreds of places it is flowing and dripping from.

"On the Iron Islands, friends and brothers pledge their fellowship in cold steel, as we dance the fingerdance and spar with live edges, as dismal day turns to pallid night," the Volmark avows with a cool smile. "Now how about more wine, hm? You! Wench!" He points at an arbitrarily chosen Quill and Tankard drab. "Make my fine lordly friends here drink deep and red, and we shall pledge our bond the greenlands way, for now."

<FS3> Peri rolls Medicine: Success.

Peri moves towards Garvin, "No more of that, please, my darling?" she moves towards Riker with a sigh "Are you fucking done?" she asks towards Kai. She digs into her pockets before sighing as she removes her worn leather jacket, undoing her gauzy blouse under it, jingling and rustling her jewelry "The fingerdance is dangerous but quite fun." she chirps at Sylas, she eyes Maera "Do you need stitched?" she rolls Riker into her lap, checking his head quietly for stitch worthy injuries and if he's likely going to be ok.

Garvin's eyes brighten when Sylas calls to the cowering barmaid, adding a shout of, "Yes, wine! And something better than the vinegar you filled Eonn's skin with earlier. Something from the Arbor, and be quick about it!" He stoops to snatch up a fallen chicken carcas, nearly picked clean, and aims for Kai this time.

<FS3> Kai rolls Brawl: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Garvin=Throwing Vs Kai=Alertness
< Garvin: Failure Kai: Good Success
< Net Result: Kai wins - Solid Victory

"Mmm," says Eonn quietly. "I don't throw blades at people to be /friendly./" He drinks from that skin of cheap wine and shrugs to Garvin, "Sorry. I don't have that much coin, and would rather get more wine."

"Of course. You may be a hard man, but you are no ironborn," Sylas replies to Eonn with adamantine complacency. Then he goes on, "Aye, the Arbor, why not? After all, it is our fine young lord of flowers here who offers the gold price…"

Maera watches as Riker's head crashes into the floor. "That." She says, "Is a damned shame." She turns her head sharply to pop her neck before she walks past Riker, her hands with their bruised knuckles reaching down to gather up the skirt of her gown as she steps over her fallen advisory towards the table with Eonn, Garvin, and now Sylas. The lady sniffs hard, snorting blood back up into her nostrils. There is a rip in her gown, and one of her braids has come undone. "….I need something stronger." She calls out to the wench, "Tyroshi brandy for me."

Kai blinks as he notes Garvin out of the corner of his eye, along with some young man who looks to be on his way to pick a fight, firstly, he steps to the side, avoiding the flying chicken carcass, he then steps over towards the young man, sending a quick jab towards his face with his left, and then a more powerful right swing towards the man's face, the first is avoided but the second is not, sending the man off balance, Kai then grasps the man's shoulders and raises his knee into the air, stomping his down on the young man's exposed knee, which causes the man's leg to snap inwards, a most grotesque display to be sure, but Kai doesn't seem to care, an almost euphoric smile on his face as he turns his gaze back over to Garvin.

Riker's head rolls into Peri's lap. His eyes half open and blood staining her clothing. "Dem's crabcakes.." He says stupidfied as he stares at her breasts and the ceiling. Doubtful the man could be any less inteligent but his current state would lend to that fact. He tries to pick up his head but it falls back down and droll and blood seep from his mouth.

Garvin watches Maera approach, his face turning a bit green when he realizes her condition, but before he can make any sympathetic noises, he's distracted by Kai's display of manly prowse. And for a long moment, he just stands there, eyes wide with wonder and awe, cheeks flushing. "My word," he whispers, right hand moving slowly to brush errant locks from his face. "Now -he- would make a fine instructor, wouldn't you agree, Lady Mormont?"

Eonn smiles at Maera, drinks from his wineskin and asks, "Are you satisfied, now, or do you need to hit me, too?" He's teasing.

"You don't fight back." Maera points out. Yet, she smiles, revealing a bloody mouth. Her eyes turn to the fallen Riker as he babbles about Crabcakes into Peri's tits. "See if he calls me a cunt again."

Peri rolls Riker into his side so he's more or less face down on her lap "No, those are breasts. Big fat breasts." she jokes, taking a needle and thread from under her jewelry, absently stitching up Riker's head, "Do you want to go back to the homely whore? You can jabber aimlessly while I tend you or you can sit in a nice chair and I'll rub your shoulders." she whispers to him, voice gentle. "Do you want me to punch your friend to avenge you?" she jokes.

Kai stares for a while into the small gathering of men and women in the center of the chaos, which is slowly dying down, before turning away and charging into a group of combatants, not quite feeling the need to jump on top of a bunch of conversing people for the time being, instead turning his desire for some fisticuffs towards the more rowdy men about the room, the people he quickly finds himself amongst, and surrounded by as he throws punches, kicks and all descriptions of dirty fighting moves, one of his favorites being the breaking of limbs, which he re-enacts multiple times, a slight smile worn on his face all the while.

"Well fought, my lady," Lord Sylas introduces himself into the little knot around the victress, his admiration dinged with irony. "You Mormont womenfolk have learnt as well to brawl without swords as to die upon them. An impressive, nay, a moving spectacle."

"I do sometimes," says Eonn to Maera. "And I expect he'll call you a cunt again as soon as he wakes up." He smiles, a wise-acre sort of expression. He drinks more cheap wine, watching Kai. "I think that fellow ought to be finished by now."

Garvin's eyes remain locked on Kai, a small shiver running up his spine. Since most of the brawling seems to have settled, the barmaid quickly runs out with a fresh flagon and some unbroken goblets. Without even looking at her, Garvin slides a hand down the front of his codpiece and pulls out…a small pouch bloated with coins. He tosses it at her, softly saying, "Keep it flowing until I've passed out, or my Leash comes to claim me." Still not taking his gaze off Kai, he pours himself a healthy portion and takes a quick sip, nodding approval for the vintage.

Maera raises a brow to Sylas, and her voice goes flat, "Have you seen me with a sword? Plenty of your kind have died on my blade." The serving girl, poor frightened thing, arrives with the requested drinks. She picks up her cup of brandy in exchange for coin, and takes a swallow. "Forgive me, Lord Garvin. Him?" She nods her head towards Kai, "No. I don't think so. Come by my manse. That is, if you are not afraid to take lessons from a woman."

Eonn, ever helpful, picks up a broken chair leg and throws it across the room, into the fireplace.

Kai soon finds himself one, lacking opponents, as few men seem to like his tactics and two, lacking useable fists as blood drips from his knuckles, bone showing on his left knuckle, and as he slowly begins noticing this face, he looks down at his knuckles, "Oh." he says simply, his his smile replaced by his usual blank pokerface, "OH." he says louder this time, shaking his hands, "Ow, ow, ow." He hurries over towards the bartender, whom he is quite familiar with at this point, "I need more alchohol." he says simply, moving his bleeding hands about.

Filling up a generous goblet with Tyrell's wine, Sylas casts a curious, exploratory gaze over the Lady of Bear Island. "We are of an age, I should say? I fear we missed each other on the only occasion I visited your…beauteous…shores, my lady. Perhaps," and he swigs deep and flashes a vinous, stained grin, "I started first."

Garvin's pride draws his attention to Maera again, and he quickly squares his shoulders. "I'm a son of the House of Tyrell, I fear no man nor woman." He takes a longer drink and gives a more sheepish grin. "Or so my lord father strove to impress upon me. You have indeed proven yourself most formidable, and I should be most happy to learn what you might teach me." His eyes dart sideways to Eonn then, and he adds a hopeful, "And perhaps your man might teach me a few things as well." Like how to hit the broadside of a grainery with a chair leg, since Garvin doesn't seem capable of such a feat.

Peri looks just a bit worried as Riker falls, standing up to direct a sailor to follow him. She rubs her face, picking up her mail skirt to wrap it back around her hips. She shakes off a bit of blood from her hands. She eyes Sylas, moving towards him "Your face is familiar." She eyes Eonn, before Maera "Are you alright?" she takes some ale from a sailor dumping it over her hands to clean them quietly, her pretty face forming into a typically pleasant smile.

Eonn wanders about the room a bit, picking up rubble and chucking it into the fireplace. When he finds an unbroken goblet, though, he goes back to Garvin's table and helps himself to some of this better wine, tucking the near-empty skin under his studded leather surcoat first. The tavern is much emptier than when all this started; it's remarkable how full a brawl can make a space seem. And it's emptying further as people, throughly punished by Kai's now-bleeding hand, drag themselves out.

Ulyka has arrived.

"It is unfortunate that we missed each other when you came calling." Maera smiles coldly to Sylas, and the blood lining her teeth makes it a rather gastly display. "Perhaps someday you will come calling again, and I shall greet you like, ah…" Her smile widens. "Like an old friend." She has another swig of her brandy before nodding to Garvin, "We'd be happy to assist you." That said, she takes a step towards Peri, "Do you need help moving him? Or a maester, perhaps?"

Distracted momentarily from his courteous conversation with her ladyship, the Volmark frowns over at Peri. "Yours is less so…ah yes, the Blacktyde's foreign saltwife. And another champion of your sex. You look upon Volmark of Volmark, Volmark of Harlaw, the Young Leviathan, the Harrenson, the half-Kraken. But you may address me as Sylas for this eve, since we're all bound for the same harbour, I hope, in the Drowned God's name, of steaming, roiling drunkenness."

Kai soon finds his hands wrapped in bandages as a familiar serving girl with raven hair assists him with his problem, the bartender gets him some more apple cider, and he relaxes at the bar after getting most everything he needs, which basically consists of alchohol and bandages, leaving him a rather happy man.

Garvin spares unconscious Riker barely a glance, nose once more wrinkling most unattractively. "I don't know about Drowned Gods, but I'm a hearty believer in steaming, roiling drunkenness." Smiling then, he raises his glass to Sylas, then drains it entirely, before refilling it from the flagon. "Good woman!" he shouts toward the barmaid. "We're trying to drown ourselves in an empty well." Still clutching the overstuffed purse he tossed her earlier, she hurries off to the backroom to fetch another flagon.

Eonn raises his eyebrows at Sylas's list of titles. His smile returns, that sly and wise one, when the man mentions steaming, rolling drunkeness. He picks up a shard of wooden tankard and throws that into the fireplace, too. Really, most of the furniture is pretty sturdy and has survived intact, it just needs to be righted. And cleaned.

Peri eyes Sylas and leans to courteously kiss his palm "I am Peri, yes, a salt wife, is my reputation so known that you know of me?" she asks, given she's been known to survive trips overboard on multiple occassions "May I sit and have a drink with you, on this night? Riker will be foul in the morning." she admits, voice soft. Afterall, she's been a salt wife for a decade and still has a pretty face.

"Aye, recline as you will, woman," Lord Sylas answers carelessly, expending upon her none of the courtesy, the caution or the irony with which he lavished Lady Mormont, "and join our fine Tyrell friend here's hospitality. Tell me of your man, for a start. I know little enough of him - that he has a ship, and a woman, and a fine warman's build, and still picks fights he can't win." He doesn't even bother to add, fights with women, that's implicit in the curling sneer. "Tell me more. Has he any lands or hopes or followers or spawn? And what in the hells is he doing here? Has he a quarrel with Pyke, as I have?"

Garvin locates an unbroken chair not too far away, and as he bends down to right it, he happens to look under the table and notice that, sometime during the fighting, young Bryn slipped away unnoticed, with both his harp and his cloak. Being an optimist (or perhaps simply a fool, or more likely both), he simply shrugs and assumes the boy took his possessions to safety with every intention of returning them later. He pulls up the chair and has a seat, gulping his wine as a fresh flagon is delivered. Kai stopped stomping people some time ago and is nursing his wounds, but that doesn't stop the Tyrell from stealing glances in his direction now and again, though his eyes also follow Eonn as well.

Eonn does a few more little tasks of cleaning up. Not a huge help, perhaps, but he does put the overturned tables right, which the barmaids might appreciate if they were not entirely too disturbed by the mess to care. That done, the tall redheaded sellsword returns to stand behind Maera.

The lilac of her linnen stands in eyestraining contrast to the leather, the beards, the wine-soaked sawdust, her way of moving seems to fit as the more into this grungy environment. Her brown hair is twisted in last year's fashion, her boots are made to never go out of use unless their owner is robbed of his feet. When Ulyka Mormont enters the room she pushes a man twice her size out of her way. "Have you seen my sister? Ah, there she is."
Stopping at the gatherings table she quickly estimates the birth of the present carousers. It doesn't take her long to judge and to dip a vigorous, almost forceful curtsy as a result.

Peri makes a gesture "We're here because we needed to make port after damages sustained in a storm while returning from Dorne. Well, I would prefer not to make conversation of the like infront of.. greenlanders. Riker would be cross." she considers and adjusts her jewelry. "He captured me from a merchant's ship, ten years ago. He has no rock wife and I am his only salt wife." she smiles innocently, tone sugary. She pulls her jacket on, leaving it open, a bit indecently. She eyes Maera "If you come aboard the Homely whore I'll prepare my famous crab cakes for you. I learned the recipe in Volantis." she rubs her chin "Riker is a good captain. We've made it to Volantis and returned. We've not been to Pyke in many years."

"Ulyka." Maera says when her younger sister appears in the door. The elder Mormont sister has had a rough night. Her green wool gown is ripped at a seam in the back, and one of her braids has come down, leaving half of her long dark brown hair in a fall down her back. Her face is bloodied, and her knuckles are skinned and red from punching. Still, she has the nerve to say, "You ought not be out so late."

"I do not think your man will like my presense on his ship." Maera says to Peri, "Although I am sure your crabs are delicious."

Garvin's brows draw together, and he signals toward Eonn, hoping the man will lean closer. "Salt wife?" he asks softly, confusion plain in his voice. "Rock wife? What is the meaning of all this? I've only ever heard of one sort of wife, and so far as I know, they're not made of salt or rocks."

"A wise woman who keeps the counsel of her captain and consort, and has his back in battle, too, it seems," Sylas admits of Peri with a lopsided smile. "Besides, this Captain Riker clearly didn't name his ship for his saltwife. A homemaker and crabbaker you may be, but you're fair enough. Here, drink." He hands over his own goblet of Arbor red, pours himslf another and pulls Peri towards him, with firmness but not true violence; but in the midst of this manoeuvre he spots the supplementary Mormont. "Another bear, by all the Drowned God's watery halls. We might be drinking in a cave."

Eonn watches Gavin's gesture, and leans down towards the young man. "Ironborn take salt wives, at sea, and rock wives, their proper wives, at home," he explains. "You would say, mm, she is not his wife."

Peri snorts "He might, if you are dressed appropriately." she smiles cattishly to Sylas. "A salt wife is essentially a concubine. He killed my master so I am no longer a slave dragged across Essos at the whims of rich men." she considers Eonn and taps her fingers "After ten years as his salt wife, I am wife enough and by the Drowned God's doctrine I am his wife." she offes with a grin "I am many things. Harems are rough places. I am also known for a kiss I can give. I've been drowned twice or thrice. I've lost count and been able to wake others from the sleep of drowning before." she offers with a grin, taking some of Garvin's wine "An Ironborn may have as many as, what was it, ten? Ten salt wives I believe. I've never really had competition. They don't last long." she admits, looking at her nails.

"By the Bear's backside, Maera, you can't expect me to stay put when the stableboy tells me you are about to put a man through the mill. You shouldn't be out as late if you can't keep your hands around your cup." Ulyka responds, immediately hurrying at her side to dab the blood of her face with an embroidered handkerchief. "Heavens, I hope your opponent looks worse. You are a noble lady not an animal… " a glare is shot at the Ironborn "…in a cave."

For the first time a trace of respect and even just a touch of awe appears to infect Sylas's attitude to the woman he has all but drawn to his lap. "You are thrice-drowned?" He lays down his cup and makes a queer sign, some Ironman superstition no doubt, before swigging at it again and brightening up at the repartee of the Mormont girls. "Listen to your sister, Lady Mormont. She seems a maid as sensible…as she is fair. Bright," he chuckles, "in both senses." It is a typically Ironborn display of chivalry…

Garvin's eyes blink owlishly once or twice, before understanding finally dawns. "Oh," he says, slowly drawing out the syllable, as he looks again at Peri. "I see. Yes, indeed. Well. That is certainly…something, isn't it?" A quick shiver overtakes him, and he shifts his attention to the newly arrived Mormont. "Lady…Ulyka, is it? An honor to meet you. I am Garvin Tyrell, and these are…." He glances to Sylas, then Peri, and finally Eonn, before returning his attention to Maera's sister. "…other people who are helping me overcome my sobriety." He raises his goblet with a cheery grin, then drains it and pours another.

Eonn straightens up. He drains his own cup, and holds it for Garvin to refill.

"I'm not drunk!" Maera lies with a scowl, as she is very much drunk. "He called me a very dirty word and I did not take kindly to it. Oh, don't worry. He's /much/ worse." She finishes off the Tyroshi pear brandy, pushes Ulyka's handkerchief away from her face, and wanders over to the bottle of Arbor Gold to pour some into her empty cup. "You think so?" She asks Sylas flippantly, obviously annoyed by her sister's fussing, and more annoyed by Sylas' council.

Kelinyx comes in from the street.
Kelinyx has arrived.

The Quill has been rather. Trashed. There's spilled drinks and blood and broken crockery all over. The barmaids seem to be in the process of cleaning it up. What's left of the custom is gathered 'round one table, but for Kai, who sits by himself. Eonn is standing behind Maera.

Garvin arches a brow, eyes slowly moving from Eonn's empty goblet up to the man's face, then back again. "Your cup seems to have run dry," he comments, sipping from his own. "But I don't think it will refill itself. Thank goodness the Seven had the wisdom to provide you with two working hands, so you might use one to lift the flagon and pour into the cup your other hand holds." The prissy Tyrell gladly pay for all the wine in the tavern, but the seven hells will become paradise before Lord Pansy lowers himself to -serve-.

Out of the thinning rabble of the inn's evening emerges a courier in Hightower livery, who approaches the Ironborn Lord. Rising languidly from his agreeable position beside the saltwife, Sylas allows himself reluctantly to be led aside and whispered to, then turns back to the company with a scowl. "Just as things had got…pleasant…seems some fool of a Goodbrother is trying something he'll regret, out to sea. Lord Ormund requires me to take the Maw out and educate my kin. Another time." He swings about and storms off, clearly far from best pleased.

"My brightness is none of your business." Ulyka huffs at Sylas. When she turns to Garvin her expression shows a courteous smile — the attempt to humbly lower her gaze is interrupted by an annoyed snort as she notices her sister's cup is refilled again. "I… uh… Maera! My apologies, mylord of Tyrell. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Eonn, if I hear about her puking on a maester for the second time after today. I make sure you'll regret the day you were born," she bluntly says to the sellsword.

Eonn smiles at Garvin, says, "Forgive me, My Lord," and picks up the flask to refill his cup. He looks to Ulyka as he pours. "Lady Ulyka," he says, sounding chastened but not really looking it. "What am I to do to stop her?"

Maera glances to Eonn, and lets out a, "Ohhhhhhhhh…she told you." The cup is lifted up to her bruised face to hide her grin.

Peri watches Sylas, easily drawn close. She's a lot meatier and better fed than most salt wives. She leans to rest her chin on Sylas' shoulder "I've been good to Riker, and he has been patient with me, even going so far as to find me a goat when I was ill for stew. She very patiently takes the wine pitcher, leaning over Sylas to refill both Eonn and Garvin's flagons "Be safe My Leviathan, perhaps we can have a meal aboard the Homely Whore or aboard your maw as a gesture of friendliness." She tilts, giving Sylas a quick and suprisingly chaste kiss on the cheek. "I should likely make sure Riker doesn't drown on his own foulness, you hit his head awfully hard." she eyes Ulyka "You would punish a sellsword because his mistress doesn't know her limits?" She takes a packet out, sliding it across "If he told her no, she'd fuss and be cross with him." she admits, giving Eonn a sympathetic eying.

Kai overhears the word puking and chuckles to himself, "Heh." he then stands, grasping his mug and strolling over towards the table where the rest of the men and women have gathered, he bows his head slightly in greeting, a slight, unshifting smile worn on his face as he speaks up in his strange accent, which is a mix of multiple Essos accents, "Greetings, lords, ladies, salt wives and sellswords, mind if I join in on this wonderful conversation?" he asks, bowing his head slightly towards the more noble persons at the table.

Sometimes commotion has a funny way of stirring up things nobody had even noticed, perhaps even a person at times. Now that the war sounds are over and there are laughs and drinks, it seems as right a time as any for Keli to peer inside with her big ghost girl eyes, then slither between long grownup legs and stumbling parties toward the calmest table where faces, some not so familiar, gather. It is to Eonn she moves, pulling his arm around her and hiding a bit against his side. She knows better than to verbally interrupt, at least.

Garvin's eyes follow Sylas as he heads out, then fall upon a sight which causes his expression to darker. There in the doorway stands an aged knight in Tyrell House colors, casting a grumpy glare in Garvin's direction. With a heavy sigh, the little lord drains his cup and pushes to his feet, swaying only slightly. "And so my Leash, having failed to shield me during the brawl, arrives just in time to rescue me from the pleasure of a good drunk with new friends." He makes a dramatic, flourishing bow, wobbling even more when he stands erect again, eyeing Kai as he approaches. "And so I take my leave of you, fair ladies and brawny lords, but never fear! I shall slip my Leash again one day soon, I vow!" This brings a snort from the knight, who taps his foot impatiently as Garvin stumbles toward him. Soon, all that remains is his wine and his gold, and the memory of his flowery words.

Peri eyes Keli, and smiles, taking a moment to set a coin out for Keli "Hello." A nice silver coin. The woman's expression is calm as she fills Maera's flagon before standing straight and buttoning her blouse. She starts for the door, behind Garvin, but likely to head out different ways. She looks tired.

Maera sucks down one last swallow of the Arbor Gold before her younger sister lets out an annoyed sound and begins to tap her foot. "Ugh. Fine." She stands up from the table, "Are you staying, Eonn?" She casts a look back to the sellsword.

"Do you need me to carry you?" asks Eonn, bending to pick up Kelinyx.

Maera gives him a blurry look, "I cannot tell." She says, "If you are asking me or the child."

"You," says Eonn, laughing softly.

"I can walk." Maera says, "She looks tired." That hashed out, the lady turns to leave with her own entourage.

Kai sits his firm behind down as he is all but ignored, his slight smile refusing to disappear, "Fun times." he says simply, downing his mug of apple cider.

Eonn sets Kelinyx in his shoulders and moves to follow Maera.

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