(121-01-19) A Change of Luck
A Change of Luck
Summary: Archmaester Luckin presents Maester Thane with an irresistible proposal.
Date: 121-01-19
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When Maera has gone, Thane turns back to face Luckin, clutching his own staff in a near mirror image of Luckin's posture. He nods approvingly, not eager to discuss anything of importance in front of Glover. "Of course, Archmaester." He moves to open the door for his superior.

Luckin steps out into the hall, and then starts to walk down towards the main doors. "It is a fine day," he observes. "But I am a little troubled. Perhaps you can help."

Thane nods, furrowing his brow in sudden concern. "I hope that I can, Archmaester. What troubles you. Is it this business with what Glover experienced?"

"No, no," says Luckin. "Nothing nearly so interesting. My concern is entirely petty. I am an old man." He smiles. "As you know, in a few months we will once again select a Seneschal."

Thane nods, arching an eyebrow. "I'd heard the talk, yes. Have you ever served as Seneschal, Archmaester?" He hasn't kept up on the goings-on at the Citadel for the past fifteen years or so.

"Entirely too often," says Luckin. "I keep drawing the lot. I should think that it was a curse, if I believed in such things." He smiles. "And mayhap I do believe in them, and wonder if you might lift it."

Thane chuckles, shaking his head. "I fear such a curse may be too powerful for the likes of me. What is it you really wanted to talk to me about?"

"It is," says Luckin. "In truth, and to my shame, it is. You may find that magics are powerful and can make lizard lions from mud, but all I've known them to do is to allow people to cheat at games of chance. And I want to cheat at this one. I hate being Seneschal. Everyone does, but it seems unfair that I somehow end up doing it every other year."

Thane frowns. "You're serious. You want me to try to lift a curse that may or may not exist? Archmaester…when 'magicians' cheat at games of chance, that is sleight of hand, not magic. If I were you, I would be taking a closer look at whomever is drawing the lots."

"Oh, I don't really think it is a curse," says Luckin. "Just ill luck. In any case, there is one thing I might do to increase my odds of being left in peace for another year, even if you cannot change my chances by magic."

"Good," Thane says firmly. "Magic is not a thing to be toyed with for, as you put it, 'petty' things. So what other method is this? Will you begin to draw the lots?" He smirks, teasing…probably.

"No," says Luckin. "Unless I'm appointed that task. But ask I am sure you know, nobody wears the Valyrian Steel ring, of late."

Thane inhales deeply through his nose, his brow lifting. "Aye…I'm aware. It seems to go unworn frequently in the Citadel's history."

"It does," says Luckin. "Would you care to put it on, and risk the fate that is far too often mine?"

Thane scratches his scruffy chin, disbelief coloring his eyes. "The Archmaesters are prepared to offer this to me? I was under the impression that I was not so well liked."

"You are not," says Luckin. "But I am. And, hmm, there is a ring for a reason. And truth be told, regardless of how absurd your field of study may or may not be, you are not an absurd man. I dare say my selfish motivations will not come to ill in this case."

Thane covers his mouth in a feeble attempt to hide the chuckles. "Well, I appreciate your honesty, Archmaester. So this is how you will use magic to change your fate." He barks a laugh. "How could I refuse? I'm not going to get any better form of validation than that."

The old man smiles. He's got such a kind smile. He says, "I will see what I can do. It will, I think, take a little time to convince the others well enough to avoid resentments. Clearly they ought to think it is their own idea. But in truth, nobody can object to one more name in the lots, and so long as they can approve this decision without anybody actually saying that's why…"

Thane chortles, utterly amused at how the threads of fate have woven together. "I suppose I should try not to ruffle any feathers in the meantime." He sighs, knowing that might be harder than it sounds.

Luckin nods. "In general, I should say," he says. "Though of course, should you gain the ring, what will they do if you ruffle them? They can't take it away from you. Or give you worse rooms."

"Hah. I've no complaints about the tower. They did me a favor." Thane smirks at the old man. "Did you have a hand in putting me there? If so, then perhaps I owe you one. I much prefer to pursue my studies unmolested."

"No," says Luckin. "Except to suggest that it was preferable to putting you in the Acolyte's Hall." He smiles. "Maybe we can get the roof fixed before winter."

"Leave it be," Thane suggests. "If the tower begins to look habitable, I'm more likely to be bothered. Or worse, asked to move elsewhere."

Now it's the old man's turn to laugh. He nods, though.

"However, if I'm chosen for Seneschal, I'm going to start believing in that curse, as well." Thane mutters. "Unless there is anything else, Archmaester, I should attend further to my studies. I'm still trying to learn all I can about what happened to Glover. You'll contact me if he says anything new?"

Luckin nods. "Since you've asked," he says. "Though I think I shall take a rest from him for a time. Some people are much better at being sick than others. I ought to get him moved to a private room, for the benefit of his fellows. And I've got to teach."

Thane nods in agreement. "It will make him feel more like he's being treated according to his station, as well. It might soften him up a bit."

The old man laughs at that. "I'll see to it after I give my lessons," he says. "I'm sure it will please everyone except the ones who have to carry him."

Thane smirks. "Too true. Well, I'll leave you to your lessons then, Archmaester." Thane turns and gives the man a respectful bow of his head, leaning on his staff.

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