(121-01-16) Fire and Water
Fire and Water
Summary: Kai and Derrioth meet in a rainy Oldtown Square, things quickly go south.
Date: (16/01/2014)
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Derrioth would be sitting upon the bench, his dog oddly not around as he quietly sits there, simply looking around in a bored manner. The humid temperature and the rain for most is uncomfortable, leaving the square less populated than normal.

Kai emerges from the Bawdy Bard, the doors closing behind him, closing out the usual sounds coming from within. He looks around slowly with an expression akin to Derrioth's own, with less emotion put into it perhaps, as he strolls through the square he takes notice of Derrioth atop his stone bench, and noticing that the man is projecting a look of boredrom, he decides that they may be able to alleviate eachothers boredrom, and slowly makes his way over, not exactly trying to hide.

Derrioth would let out a sigh, looking around in a bored manner before noticing Kai. Remember him from yesterday, he develops a friendly grin, raising his right hand to wave to him, remaining seated upon the stone bench near the south, however.

Kai keeps his hand rested atop his pommel as he approaches Derrioth, pulling to a stop a few steps before the man and his dog, ignoring the rain as it drills down upon his head, he nods slightly to the man in greeting, although his expression remains unchanged, apparently feeling no need to put up a facade for this man in particular, "Greetings.. Derrioth, was it?"

Derrioth nods, "Right, greetings… Kai, Right?" he asks, attempting to confirm, his right brow raised as the rain drops down upon his arms and head, rain dribbling down along his face and falling from his chin, as well as his hair, a silver cloak covering most of his upper body from the rain.
Kai and Derrioth stand in the center of the square, devoid of any crowds as the rain falls from above, they stand a few meters apart, blades pointed at each other.

Kai nods slightly in affirmation to the man's question, light-grey eyes gazing towards the man, "Kai is my name, yes." he slowly looks up after saying this, up at the cloudy sky and the rain as it falls down upon him, his eyes closing, "I quite like the rain." he says simply, perhaps speaking to himself more than Derrioth.

"As do I, but I could go with it being a bit colder." the sellsword admits, chuckling quietly as he brings his right hand back to wrap his hand around a bit of hair, traveling his hand down as he tightens his grip a bit, "So how have you been? How was the drinking game after I returned to Lady Vivian?" he asks, lowering his right brow as he looks off to the left.

Kai shrugs slightly, "Nothing too much of interest happened, the entertainer left soon afterwards and Isador and I took up drinking, we talked for a while and then I left." he says, a lie, but a convincing one, as his features are unchanged and his eyes remain unmoving, simply gazing into the man's eyes. He smiles slightly after a moment tilting his head to the side slightly, "I was quite surprised, by the way, when Lady Brax got off her horse in order to assist you with your injury, tis' not often you see a noble assisting ones of low birth such as us."

Derrioth chuckles lightly, waving his right hand in a somewhat dismissive manner, "No no, it's pretty often with her. She's quite kind, one of the reasons I agreed to work for her." he states, a lie, but just as convincing as Kai's, if not more convincing.

Kai shrugs slightly, "You are lucky, then, in my experience, clients usually treat me as shit to be discarded." he says with a slight smile, looking him up and down, "If only you were a knight.."

Derrioth lightly chuckles, though his expression subtly expresses a opposite feeling, "What's that supposed to mean?" he asks, his right brow twitching.

Kai looks the man back in the eye slowly, smiling slightly, "Nothing." he says, although his tone of voice implies differently.

Derrioth grunts, his tone growing abruptly harsher, "Don't dodge the question, answer me. And tell me the truth about what happened afterwards." he says, his gaze becoming piecing as he stares at the man, bringing himself to his feet.

Kai simply smiles at the man, fingers slowly moving to wrap around the grip of his weapon.

"Tch." he lets out, his right hand swiftly maneuvering across to grab onto the handle of his longsword, drawing it quickly and bringing the sword back over to his right side, "Draw your blade. Now." he commands, his expression ever growing more angry.

Kai slowly places his left hand on his sheathe, pointing it upwards so that he may draw his somewhat odd falchion, it appears to be a quite a bit longer than the usual falchion, the grip and blade modified to be longer so that it may support two hands, the steel of the blade is folded and appears to be in pristine condition, perhaps due to Kai's meticulous cleaning of it every day. He slowly lifts the blade upwards as it clears the sheathe, moving his left hand to grip the blade below his right hand, and then pushing it forward, the blade held out before him, the tip pointed at Derrioth's throat from a distance.

Derrioth grips his the handle of his longsword with both hands, holding it out in front of himself, the blade is scratched almost all over, indicating it has been used quite a bit, the handle is also scratched but not nearly as much. The blade appears to be composed of average steel, as well. The tip of the dual edged longsword points towards Kai's chin before Derrioth lets out in a 'I'm going to kill you' tone, "Prepare yourself." he warns.

Derrioth grunts before twisting his heel back over to the right and breaking into a sprint, his movements swift and agile, his expression ridden in anger. He'd open his mouth, letting out a loud war cry as he raises his blade, as he comes near he'd slam his right foot down in front of himself, twisting his body around as he goes for a swing directed in a slanted slice upwards towards Kai's throat, the tip of his blade coming up from knee level upwards towards his throat at a alarming pace.

Isador enters the square taking a few strides towards the combatants and stops - seeing who is fighting the young woman is mortified. Pale as she is - she turns several shades whiter.

Kai exhales sharply as the man slams his foot into the ground, drawing his blade closer into his body as the man begins his upwards slice towards his throat, he slides his right foot aside, twisting his body and using his the base of his blade to catch Derrioth's own, and with a flick of a wrist parries the blade, redirecting it just past his face, as his feet slide to the right, he brings his blade smoothly and quickly to his left side, twisting his hands so that his blade is pointed past his own left side by his waist.

Kai exhales once more as he sends an upwards slice up and across to the right, aiming to run the blade across the man's throat, his right foot moving out to the right for balance, his hips twisting with the blow, his light-grey eyes seeming cold and calculated.

Derrioth would bring his blade around, twisting his wrist to show the flat of his blade, allowing Kai's blade to make contact with the edge of his own, grunting as he moves out of the way, allowing Kai's blade to miss, grinding across his own sword, taking a few steps out of the way before twisting himself around on his heels, his expression even more consumed in hatred as he breaths heavily, noticeably out of rage than fatigue.

Derrioth would rush forwards again, his feet slamming against the pavement as he lets out another war cry, raising his blade to come back around over his shoulder, when he closes the distance, quite fast at that, he'd swing his blade around diagonally, yelling out in pure anger, "I'll put your teeth to the grindstone!- I'll tear you apart, limb from limb!- I'm going to kill you!"

Kai smiles at the man with a carefree look, using the man's anger to his own advantage, he slides his left foot to the side as the man closes in, and then bends his knees, using the lack of friction due to the rain to slide his right foot around in a circle, his wrists crossing once more as he brings his blade to his left side once more, his entire body moving to the left as he spins his body to the right, the blade sailing over his head.

Kai swings his blade horizontally to the right as his feet come to a stop, a full spin performed , exhaling sharply as the thin blade slices droplets of rain in two, his knees bent as the blade closes in on the man's stomach.

Derrioth brings his blade down, across to his right side, bringing the swords hand guard to shoulder level, allowing the flat of his longsword to be hit. He proceeds to move as Kai's slice connects with his longsword, grinding the flat of his blade along the edge of Kai's falchion as he hastily moves away, once making a fair distance from his opponent he twists on his heels, bringing his longsword out in front of himself once again.

Derrioth after twisting around he'd rush forward again, yelling once more, "Come on! Give me more of a challenge! Fight me! Die!" he screams at the top f his lungs as he brings his sword around, the blade behind his right shoulder as he swings his sword around, diagonally downwards directed towards his right shoulder region.

Kai stands up straight once more as Derrioth closes in, right foot moving in front of the other, he brings his blade above his head, pointing it horizontally to the right and then steps to the side as Derrioth swings downwards, the longsword creating sparks as it runs along the edge Kai's blade, running off to his right, he exhales slowly.

Kai points his blade into the sky as Derrioth momentarily shows an opening, swinging directly downwards in an attempt to catch him in the shoulder, or split his head in two if he is lucky, he bends forward a tad as he does this, his feet sliding backwards and aiding the power of the blow, and widening the distance between them at the same time.

Derrioth grits his teeth as he swiftly moves out of the way, stepping over and away from Kai, he turns his body again to face his opponent, bringing the sword over in front of himself, his grip upon the handle of the longsword tightening, before shouting out, "Stop resisting! I'll make it as quick as possibe!" He proclaims, sliding his left foot back slightly as he prepares himself to attack once again.

Derrioth sprints forward, bringing his blade around to his right side, the tip at shin level as he sprints forwards, once he again closes distances he twists his feet around, swinging his blade diagonally upwards, aimed to cut into his gut area, near his left hand side.

Kai keeps his blade lowered as the man swings, this time sliding his feet back, not acknowledging the tip of the blade as it breezes by barely a centimeter from his wrist, he takes another step back and exhales once more, a light grunt escaping his lips.

Kai brings his sword around to his left side and takes a sharp step in, thrusting his blade towards Derrioth's right shoulder area, exhaling sharply once more, his brow furrowing as he already feels as if he had made some mistake, his senses going haywire.

Derrioth would lift his blade, parrying his jab aside before quickly stepping away, bringing his blade casually to his right hand side as he begins to circle the man slowly, "Come on then! Fight me! I want to see you bleed to death!" he screams as he circles the man, gritting his teeth.

Derrioth would rush forward, yelling aloud as he sprints forward, raising his sword over his left shoulder, allowing it to point horizontally across his shoulders, when he closes distances again, he twists himself around on his heels, swinging his blade over diagonally towards the mans neck region.

Kai grits his teeth as the man rushes forward, his sword putting him off balance for a moment, he grunts, taking one, two steps towards the man and then launching himself towards the ground, falling to his knees and sliding along the wet pavement, Derrioth's blade sailing over his head and just by his shoulder, he twists as he passes the man, rising to his feet and correcting his stance, blade pointed at Derrioth's throat once more.

The two men remain still for a few moments, each of them panting as the rain continues to drop down upon them from above, Derrioth stares at Kai with anger in his eyes, his teeth gritting together as Kai gazes back with a calm, almost serene look, a sparkle of something akin to joy in his eye. The two remain silent for a few moments longer, and suddenly, as if a drum had been sounded, their feet slam into the ground before them and they sprint at each other, blades held at their sides as they both release thunderous roars, their blades clashing together in the darkness, sparks illuminating the two as they cut, jab, spin and roar, their blades dancing as their bodies do as well, quite a sight to behold. First blood goes to Derrioth as the tip of his blade grazes along Kai's upper left arm, but Kai quickly returns it with a shallow cut along Derrioth's thigh, their steel clashes again and again, they cut each other again and again, and soon enough both of them are covered in blood, both their own and each others, the rain continuing to pound on them until at last they jump back, the distance between them widened once more. They stare at each other with looks of understanding that only warriors may experience whilst dancing to the beat of battle, their breaths coming out as naught but wheezes, the blood from their hair and clothes washing down to the ground below. And then they collapse at the same time, both of them falling to their knees, leaning on their swords for support as they stare at each other, barely able to breathe, let alone talk.

Isador is nearly in tears when she comes to stand in between the men drenched as they are - preventing any further conflict. Suddenly she seems very frail, "W-w-what was this about?" she asks.

Derrioth grunts, holding the grip of his sword tightly, shakily, staring to the ground, "You fucked her, didn't you?". He asks, his expression more calmer, panting heavily afterwards.

Kai stares towards the man silently, opening his mouth to speak, but then closing it once more. He looks towards Isador as he continues to pant silently, blood gushing from a cut along his cheek that nearly ended in his death. He simply gazes towards the woman with eyes light-grey eyes that seem to be aglow in the darkness, wondering if she will answer for him.

Isador folds her arms defensively but remains silent watching the two men - reserving comment for the moment but keeping them apart.

Derrioth simply kneels there, grunting as he shakily tries to bring himself up to his feet, "A-answer me…" he says, his voice shaking in anger, pain, fatigue and a hint of sorrow before he falls to his knees again, nearly completely collapsing if it were for him keeping himself up by putting his left hand to the ground, "An-Answer me!"

Kai stares at the man for a few moments longer before simply nodding his head, expressionless as always, but he keeps his back and shoulders as straight as he can, as if to imply he felt no guilt in what he had done, his breathing slowly coming under control.

Isador just shakes her head - unwilling to endure the scene anymore she flees saying to herself, "Not again - I'm not doing this again…" Tears are in her eyes.

Derrioth stares to Kai as he nods, lowering his gaze to stare at the ground before leaning back and parting his arms, screaming loudly, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahg!", as he screams tears travel outwards from his eyes, he leans back forward, continuously punching his right fist into the ground as the faint sounds of guards coming can be heard, "Why?! Why, why, why, why?!" he yells, "I told her everything! Everything!! Why?! Why are they all the same?! Why does this always happen to me?!" he continues to scream, before collapsing over to his side, his knuckles scraped, cut, and bloody, panting heavily.

Kai slowly rises to his feet, letting out a roar as pain assaults his body, it tears through the surrounding area like an explosion, and he stands still for a moment, the wounds on his legs growing worse, blood even spurting from one of them. "Go Home." he says simply before moving to stumble off, a slight smile on his face despite himself, as if he had never felt more alive.

A mastiff would come running from down the north, whining as it comes up to Derrioth and grabs him by the collar of his tunic, proceeding to drag him off, grunting and growling as it does so. Derrioth, himself would be simply breathing heavily, occasionally kicking himself forwards to help the dog before bringing himself to his feet, yelling out in pain, grunting and gritting his teeth as he hobbles off, his dog following close behind, whining all the while.

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