(121-01-11) Friendship, Decisions, and a Birding
Friendship, Decisions, and a Birding
Summary: Keli and Bryn meet up on the beach. They discuss a recent parting, some major decisions, then finish the day with a prank.
Date: 121-01-11
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It's not often that Bryn leaves the confines of the city, but today he's ventured out. He's left his boots behind, walking barefoot just at the edge of the water as it rolls into shore. The boy looks seriously thoughtful.

The water bends and afternoon clouds lead to afternoon fogs, the fogs rolling in just randomly enough to mostly occlude Keli as she crouches near the water's edge. Once Bryn is within about 100 feet he can see her, though, in her big cloak, her dark gaze fixed out over the water. She hears Bryn's undisguised walking soon, though, and casts a gaze over her shoulder, seeming to relax a bit at the recognition.

Bryn doesn't notice Keli right away, even when she's visible. He staring at the ground as he walks, lost in whatever thoughts are going through his head. Finally, he looks up, waving to Keli with a smile, and runs the last of the distance over to her. "Hello."

Kelinyx holds out a hand until he is near enough for her to tug into her arms. Her eyes are bloodshot, her voice is hoarse and her lips are chapped, nose red. "Bubba," she whimpers sadly, hugging him tight about the neck like a teddy bear.

Bryn stumbles a little as he's pulled into the hug, but catches on his knees and he hugs her back. "Bubba?" he echoes back, his voice full of confusion. "What's that?" Still, he doesn't let go of the hug, since she seems to need it.

"Like brother. I need to feel like I have people right now. I had to say goodbye to someone before I did something bad. I have never told a friend goodbye because I had to, before…I cried so much. She was so angry at first."

Bryn blinks again, and says, "Oh. Yeah, you have me." He pauses and adds, "It's worse if you can't say goodbye." Then, he asks, "Who'd you say goodbye to?"

Kelinyx pets at his hair protectively as she stands, urges him to do the same, and hugs around his neck while facing out to watch his back, her chin on his shoulder. "The witch. I thought she was my friend. She was lying to me. She was using me because I was lonely."

Bryn frowns, not that Keli can see, but all he can manage to say is, "Oh," again. He holds a little tighter, however, as if to make up for the fact he doesn't know what to say.

Sighing heavily she finally asks, "Are you doing okay? You looked like you were thinking about something?" With that the scrawny girl lets go of her friend and turns back to look the way he was walking.

Bryn nods, "I'm okay. Nothing sad like that. Was just thinking." He reaches for Keli's hand, if she lets him. Nothing special about how he does it, just the natural instinct of a kid with a friend. "I met a maester. Maester Thane. He said…" He hesitates for just a second, and then goes on, "He said I belong at the Citadel. He said I could be a maester."

Keli takes her friend's hand easily and looks up to the sky, starting to walk with him hand in hand. "Maester? That is a position of great trust and great responsibility, isn't it?" she asks, using terms more like the nobles might.

Bryn nods quickly and says, "A lot. Maesters are important. They're the smartest people anywhere, I think. They never go hungry, they help people who're sick, and… I dunno even what else they do."

Kelinyx furrows her brows for a moment but is otherwise quiet. "Well it is a life long thing, right? No turning around no undoing it. It is hard to make a choice like that right now, huh?"

Bryn starts to say something, then stops. "I dunno. Maester Thane said they take vows. He said that when I asked if they took bastards, he said they get rid of their family names when they take their vows so it won't even matter anymore that I'm a bastard. But dunno if they take their vows at the end like knights, or when they start. 'Cause I know I could change my mind about being a knight right until I was one."

"The question is what kind of fighting you are better at - in the courts or in the battlefield?" Keli squeezes his hand. "Be careful. We have special chances, we have to be careful with what choices we make."

Bryn wrinkles his nose, "I can barely lift a sword. Aeron let me try his, needed both hands to hold it. But he said I'd get stronger with practice." Then he says, "Always been better at thinking my way outta trouble." Then he nods quickly. "I dunno what to do."

"Talk to the people you trust. They can see things that you cannot." She nods reassuringly to this, walking along the water's edge and listening to the distant calls of men on boats, of sea birds, of the occasional horn. "Find out what happens when people did that and then quit, or how the life of a maester ends most often. Read or have someone read to you. But do not hurry."

Bryn nods a little in agreement, "I'll talk to Aeron. Eonn was there. He said I should have gone with him right away. Lady Mormont thinks it's a good idea too. But I'll ask Aeron. And maybe Lady Banefort."

Kelinyx bobs her head slowly. "There is nothing wrong with hearing from people you trust. Even if you think they are wrong, you at least know how they will see you after you do whatever it is you are doing." She fishes about in her cloak, then locates a few strips of dried deer meat, offering one to her friend after sticking another in the corner of her mouth.

Bryn accepts the meat, "Thanks." Though, whether he's thanking for the meat or advice isn't clear. "Wish I could talk to my mother."

Kelinyx gives another firmer, longer squeeze of the hand. "Just listen. That's something you can do. Always listen."

Bryn is quiet for a while, as they walk along, and then says, "Yeah, I'll listen." Then he says, seemingly out of nowhere, "If you ever see anybody with blue lips looking for me, don't tell them nothing."

Kelinyx frowns for a moment but bobs her head reassuringly. "I promise. I will watch your back as long as you watch mine. We can always have a special friendship, honest with each other no matter what else happens."

Bryn nods quickly to that, smiling, "Deal. We'll always be friends." Then he glances around, as if he needed to make sure they were alone on the empty beach, "I found something, a glass candle. They come from Valyria, and Maester Thane says they're tools of sorcery. But he and Eonn think some people called Warlocks, from Qarth.. wherever that is. That they want it. That lots of other people want it too, that they'll hurt me to get it. So it's gotta be a secret. I'm not supposed to tell anybody, but you're my friend, I trust you."

Kelinyx bobs her head slowly and takes a few breaths. "Magic is so dangerous, it seems. I don't even know what is right anymore, but I think it should be…do you have anyone you could trust it with? Someone who would know what to do with it?" She is very curious, but a certain jaded hesitation guides her query.

Bryn nods quickly and says, "Maester Thane has it, now, in the Citadel. He promised I can see it anytime I want, and Lady Mormont swears he can be trusted. That's when he said I belong at the Citadel too. He said I have a mind made for greater things."

Kelinyx smiles encouragingly. "That is good to hear. I know you are going to be clever and not get used up by those ghouls in the castles, right? The people who want to drain from you while they are smiling? I know you understand the type."

Bryn nods quickly and smiles, "Right. I'm not gonna fall for some tricks. Already promised Aeron, nobody's gonna trick me into doing stuff I don't wanna do."

Kelinyx laughs and nods again. "Good!" She gnaws at the dried meat and speeds up, almost running with him. "Look, I bet we can catch some of these fat old gulls. Do you want to let some loose in the whore house?"

Bryn looks ahead to the birds, stepping quicker to keep up. Then he bursts into giggles at the thought of Keli's suggestion, nodding quickly, "Yeah! That'd be brilliant."

Kelinyx chases along with her friend, the gulls and crows scattering quickly and all braying out curses at the children for interrupting their attempts. Keli darts to a side suddenly, finding a less attentive gull and barking, "Hurry, hurry Bryn!"

Bryn splits off from Keli, running in a slightly different direction as he chases after another of the slower birds. Now, he doesn't yell or laugh, though, only his footsteps making a sound as he runs up and tries to grab the bird, but he has a big grin on his face.

Kelinyx squeals and launches herself comically at her target, the thing dashing off high into the air and hurling bird insults at her. She laughs eagerly and peers up to Bryn's catch. "Oooh! We can put him in a sac and hurl him through an open window! Or does someone else deserve a birding more?!"

Bryn grins as he holds his bird, tight enough to keep it from flying off but not so tight to hurt it. "Yeah, let's do it!" He then thinks, and shakes his head, "Maybe just those bullies, and they don't really have a window."

Kelinyx raises her brows, then dashes off along the edge of the beach where trash has blown, finding enough of the material to wrap around a dumb old gull a few times. She hurries back and helps bind the bird, covering its head so it calms down and stops screaming. "Whorehouse it is!"

Bryn giggles again and nods, keeping hold of the bird until it's bound enough that he can help Keli finish the job, and then says, "Let's go!"

Kelinyx leads her friend along, careful to stay out of the way of guards and interested parties as best she can. They hurry up along some chains and ropes at the side of a supply building to get to roof level, and Keli gives Bryn a boost up to the roof of the tall, church-like cathouse.

Once again, as they near the whorehouse, Bryn goes quiet. Even as he accepts Keli's help up onto the roof, he doesn't make much sound, doing the best he can not to be caught before he has a chance to release the bird. On the roof, he looks around a moment, looking for the right window.

Kelinyx keeps tight and low as possible, looking out as best she can. Hopefully the sound and scent of sweat human-ness will help him find which place to go, but at this point it's going to be funny no matter what, and she's already covering her mouth to stifle laughter.

Indeed, he soon finds the right window. Rolling his eyes at the sounds coming from within, he practically lays down on the roof for leverage, and then ducks over the side to throw the bird in, pulling at the cloth to free it as it goes inside.

Kelinyx stands by ready to give him a boost on the way down, to help him tumble across a wood shingle roof off into a cart with hay and dirt piled high. Down under it they both go as she practically hides him beneath herself, struggling not to pant and giggle. Then an explosion of barking in one room and the honking of one very displeased sea bird explodes from on high.

Bryn dashes over and scrambles down easily. When not carrying a bird, he's a skilled climber. He dives under the cart with Keli, pulling in farther to keep hidden. He can't help but laugh a little as the noise starts, though he clamps a hand over his own mouth.

Kelinyx hmphs as the pigeons and cats take turns scrambling for cover in the same space, both of them scrambling back out just as quickly. She finally can clamber off her mudbrother, both of them a little messy now, and slink to the edge of the cart and listen for what sounds like trouble. Sure enough angry man shouting comes along, a couple of other men following, but they have no clue who caused the trouble and soon split up down the alleyways to find the miscreants, not even a clue who they seek. Finally Keli can let out her great amusement in hissing roll of laughter, rising up between the cart and the building it's against to keep out of most peoples' view for a moment.

Bryn climbs up beside Keli, peeking over the cart to check if the coast is clear, and he's laughing now too. Once he's caught his breath, he grabs Keli's hand, and says, "C'mon, I know a good way outta here." Though Keli likely knows these streets as well as Bryn, he leads her behind buildings and through alleyways, to get out of the men's search radius.

Kelinyx follows her friend with trust, watching out for their backs as he forges a path. Soon enough they are tucked away, and the whole time she has kept the jerky in her teeth.

Bryn giggles a little as they finally stop again, and says, "That was the best! Did you hear them yelling?" He leans back against the wall to catch his breath.

Kelinyx nods her head. "Perhaps someone will have a seagull baby now!" Keli wisely presages, holding up a finger and putting on her best squitny face, in the fashion of wizened scribes.

Bryn bursts into more giggles at that, laughing so hard at the thought he can't really talk for a moment. Then he nods quickly quickly, grinning, and says, "That'd be an ugly baby!"

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