(121-01-09) Catching Up
Catching Up
Summary: Bryn runs into Aeron on the street, and catches him up on recent events.
Date: 121-01-09
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<This log may contain plot SPOILERS.>

The rain that's been deluging Oldtown has abated for a few minutes and people scramble about to get to their destinations. A flash of lightning and crack of thunder break herald the next wave of rain. The heavens open up and Aeron finds himself hurriedly dashing to an overhang near Old Street to wait out the downpour.

In the momentary relief from the rain, Bryn comes running from the direction of the Starry Street, only to be caught in the middle the road when the rain comes pouring down again. Looking around, he breaks into a big smile as he runs over that same overhang. "Aeron!"

Aeron looks down at the young man as he runs over. He shakes off his cloak and returns the smile. "Ah, hello there Bryn!" he says. He looks the boy up and down and scratches his chin. "Have you been growing?"

Bryn blinks, looking down at himself. He's soaking wet, but his clothes (which look new) seem big on him. "I don't think so… maybe." He shrugs, and looks back up. "You feeling better since the attack? Last time I saw you, I think. Lots and lots happened since then. I even helped sail a ship!"

Aeron nods his head. He's wearing the same leathers from the night the Sept was attacked. He runs a finger of the mended scar on his chestpiece. "Yeah, it took a couple weeks to fully recover. The knife didn't puncture my lungs, which was good." He thumps the site of his wound with the palm of his hand. "All better now. So, what's this about a ship?" he asks sounding generally interested.

"Glad you're okay," Brin says with a smile. Then he nods quickly, "A couple weeks ago, there was a Braavosi ship floating out in the water with nobody on it. Captain Yacio took the Moon Dancer out to see it and I got to go. It was a plague ship, I was on it already when they found out, so I had to stay on. So I got to help sail it back to shore. And I didn't even get sick."

"Did you now? Steer the ship and everything?" he asks. With some pantomime swordplay, he continues, "Did you get to stab any pirates, or was everyone dead already?"

Bryn hesitates, and shakes his head, "Didn't steer, but I helped with the ropes." He shakes his head again, "Naw, they were already all dead. But a couple days before that I did stab at Tyroshi sailor. A squire was trying to deliver something to a Braavosi banker, but he couldn't find the ship. I'm betting it was the same ship he was looking for that we found. Anyway, the Tyroshi sailor jumped us. I stabbed him and the squire got away." He giggles, "The sailor almost killed me, but he didn't want to get in trouble for killing a Targaryen."

Aeron runs his fingers through his wet hair and smiles, "Being Targaryen does have its perks from time to time. I hope that squire remembers to return the favor some day." He suddenly remembers something. "Oh! That reminds me. I'm not staying in the Hightower anymore. I've taken residence at the family manse near the Sept." He gestures in the general direction of Starry Street. "So, if you need anything, you can find me there."

Bryn glances towards the bridge leading to Starry Street, and smiles, "That isn't too far from where I'm living, on Sphinx Street." Then he shakes his head, "I don't think he wants to see me. He left his package behind, just lying in the street, so it's mine now." He glances around, and then looks back to Aeron, "Can you keep a secret? Only Eonn and Lady Mormont know, and only because they're good at spotting lies."

Aeron scratches his head. "Sphinx Street?" he asks, puzzled, but shrugs it off. "Sure, I can keep my mouth shut, if I'm asked to. Is it about what was in the package?" he asks.

Bryn nods quickly, glancing around again. The rain covers them from being overheard, so he says to Aeron, "It was a candle made of black glass." He grins as he says, "So beautiful. And I'm gonna figure out how to light it! Dunno how, but Lady Mormont said she'd help. But I have to light it. I'm supposed to. I can feel it."

"That's quite a find," Aeron admits as he speaks in a lower volume. "If you didn't have the blood in you, I'd take it. It's part of our legacy, so be careful who you tell about it. Ok?" He nods a little. "Maera is good people. I'm not sure how she can help, but you can trust her to do right by you."

Bryn's eyes widen a little as Aeron says it's part of the family legacy, "It is?" He nods emphatically then, "I won't tell anybody else. Didn't mean to tell Lady Mormont, even, but she's very smart. Only told you because I trust you." He smiles again, reassured, as Aeron says he can trust Maera. "Thought so, never heard her lie. Most people lie. I don't think she does."

Aeron nods his head, "Yup. Glass candles and Valyrian steel are some of the things that our family was able to bring with them before the Doom hit our homes in Essos." He grins a little bit, "And dragons, too. The next time you see Maera, you should ask her to show you her family's sword. It's forged of Valyrian steel." He sighs a little bit. "I wish I could help you with the candle. I've never been one for studying. I'm more of a warrior than a scholar, but I'll see what I can find out. Maybe our cousin knows something about glass candles. If I learn anything good, I'll make sure to tell you." He knits his brow and asks, "Where about on Sphinx Street would I find you at?"

Bryn says softly, "Wow. I didn't know her sword was special. I'll ask." After a pause, he says, "I hope I get to see a Dragon someday too." He smiles again, at the offer of help, "Thank you." Then he describes Watercliff Manse. "I live with Lord and Lady Banefort."

"Oh." Aeron says at the mention of the Baneforts. It's an odd tone, hard to get a read on whether that's a good 'Oh' or a bad 'Oh'. "Are you enjoying it there?" he asks.

Bryn tilts his head a little as he looks up to Aeron, but then nods emphatically, "It's fun. I have to do work, the same kind of work I used to do at my mother's tavern, and lessons like reading. And I have to take baths. But they give me clean clothes, money, a safe place to sleep, they are even giving me a horse, the next one born. They treat me like family." He pauses, and then says, "It's too good, but can't figure out what they want. Maybe they just wanted a kid."

Aeron shrugs a little. "Maybe. I have a hard time figuring out their motivations, too," he admits. But, he gives Bryn a smile. It's forced at first, but then becomes natural. "As long as they're treating you good, then I suppose there's no harm in accepting their hospitality. The only advice I'd give you is to be your own man, hmmm? Don't be what they want, just because they're giving you a horse and a nice place to sleep."

Bryn nods again, saying seriously, "I promise. And I swear I'll be careful too, they won't trick me into doing anything I don't want to do just because they're nice to me. Well, except chores, but they pay for those."

Aeron grins and reaches out to clasp Bryn by the shoulder. He'll give the young lad a squeeze on it, if he can manage to. "I know." He smiles again and asks, "And what else, Bryn? Have you taken a liking to any girls yet?"

Bryn shrugs, "That's about all that's new." He wrinkles his nose at the question, "Not like /that/! Keli's a friend, I like her as a friend, but that's it. She's my best friend."

Aeron grins at Bryn. "Well, maybe in another couple years, then," he says and returns his hand back to his side. He looks out into the rain, "I'm sure Balerion is hating this weather. I wish I had something exciting news to share, but none of it you'd find interesting. Lots of parties and hunting and making nobles feel important."

Bryn considers, "Well, hunting sounds interesting. I've never hunted anything but rats. Is real hunting fun?" Then he nods, "Yeah, the other stuff does sound boring." He, too, looks out at the rain, "I don't like the rain either. Too cold, I like it warm, near a fire."

Aeron nods his head, "Oh, it can be, if done right." He grins and says, "But you'd be surprised how many people just lay around in the dirt or up in a tree waiting for something to come along." He makes an exaggerated yawn. "But a good hunt for a boar or a stag, with horses and dogs… that's a good time. I was going to see if you wanted to come with me on the last boar hunt we had, but I didn't know where to find you. Next time, I'll send word over to the Banefort's… if you're interested."

Bryn nods quickly, not even hesitating, saying excitedly, "Yes, please! I want to go. I've never been outside the city, where stags and boars are. Only ever seen people coming in with them."

"I thought you'd be," Aeron says with a wide grin. "Boars are a bit dangerous to handle on our own, so it's always a large hunting party. Lots of people to meet and some friends to make." He nods his head in the direction of Sphinx Street. "Banefort speared the boar on the last hunt."

Bryn grins, seemingly excited by the idea of it being dangerous, "That sounds really fun, can't wait till next time. I'm getting good at riding, too. So I'll be able to keep up."

"That's good," Aeron exclaims, clearly pleased. "You'll have to be able to ride a horse well if you still plan on being a squire." He looks at Bryn appraisingly and asks. "Your sword arm? How good is it?"

Bryn pulls out his hidden knife, and waves it through the air (away from Aeron) like it was a sword. "I think it's good," he says, "But I've always used knives. Except play swordfights with sticks."

Aeron nods his head. "First lesson. They're different," he says with a wry grin. He then explains, "A knife is an extension of your hand, but a sword is an extension of your arm." He rubs his chin, "If you want to be a knight, we're going to have to get you lessons in swordplay."

Bryn slips his knife away again as he looks up to Aeron, and says, "Extension of my arm?" He considers, swinging his arm as if holding an invisible sword and trying to imagine the difference. He looks back up to Aeron and smiles, "Will you teach me?"

"You'll get it when you hold one in your hand," Aeron assures. He ponders a moment and nods his head, "I can get you off to a start." Withdrawing his sword, he holds it aloft and turns to the side, so that Bryn can see his sword arm; the fabric bracelet clearly visible now. "See how I'm holding the sword? Now, I want you to hold it." He passes the sword to Bryn and asks him, "Tell me how it feels. Is it too heavy for you?"

Bryn watches how Aeron moves with the sword, eyes close on what he's doing. When the sword is passed to him, he reaches to take it carefully, only to almost drop it when he realizes how heavy it is. He quickly brings his other hand up to steady it before it hits the ground. After a moment, he tries one-handed again, this time able to hold it up, but only for a moment. Looking disappointed, he nods, "It's very heavy."

Aeron nods his head and extends his hand to take the sword back. "Strength will come with practice. I'll start you off with a wood one for the first couple months until you build up your strength."

Bryn brightens again at Aeron's words, relaxing then, "I'm not just a weakling then?" This seems to be a big reassurance to him. "I'll work hard at practice, I promise!"

Aeron smiles at Bryn, "I'm sure you will." He sheaths his sword and looks out at the street as the rain starts to let up. "I'll bring a sword over to you in the next couple days when we start our lesson. The rain's letting up. You want me to walk you back home?"

Bryn looks out at the rain as well, and smiles, looking back up to Aeron as he nods, "Alright! That way you'll know where it is. You don't have to, though, I can get home alright. This part of town's a lot safer than where I used to live."

"I don't mind," Aeron says and flips the hood of his cloak up. "Lead the way, young Bryn."

Bryn smiles and with a glance at the sky, starts to lead the way across the bridge towards Starry Street.

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