(121-01-07) The Raven Himself Is Hoarse
The Raven Himself Is Hoarse
Summary: Amadys the Acolyte performs a small service for a great lady. Small thanks, alas, are what he gets for it.
Date: Date of play (07/01/2014)
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The sun has just risen over Oldtown, casting orange and pink light over the courtyard of the Isle of Ravens. The birds are just waking up, and begin to quork and make a light clatter. Some of the big white ravens have even begun to call out for their breakfast in their strange voices. Maera walks across the drawbridge towards the island, her sellsword flanking her left side. She smiles softly at the sight of the weirwood branches spotted over the walled courtyard, and looks at it a moment before calling out, "Hello…?"

Eonn pauses once he reaches the land at the end of the drawbridge. He stops there to look at the weirwood, longer than Maera did, and more intently.

Among many avian clamours resounds one very human groan. A long-haired, dark young fellow in robes of light grey and blue, without sign of a chain, stumbles out from the ingress to the Ravenry Tower, looking rather as if it has collapsed on his head. Unaccustomed to receiving commands and even more unused to obeying them, Amadys Baratheon was shocked when he received the note from steely little Archmaester Gyldayn informing him that his exploits at the Bawdy Bard had been noted, and he was accordingly on dawn raven duty. Apart from anything else, he isn't yet very partial to ravens. They tend to exacerbate his hangover.

"My lady…ser?" he croaks out, near as hoarse himself as any of his temporary charges. "What may I do for you this, ah, fine day?" His sculptured lips twitch. Even headaches fit for giants cannot quite expunge from Amadys his peculiar sense of humour.

"I need to have a message sent up north to Bear Island." Maera's eyes squint slightly as she looks over the unkempt acolyte. "It is very urgent…" The woman's nostrils flare slightly, and her eyes squint more, "…Are you drunk…?"

Eonn stops gazing at the tree and smiles at the exchange. He moves to his place at Maera's side and a step behind, where she can't see him finding the hungover acolyte amusing. He does give the young man a look that is not /too/ far away from sympathetic. Sympathy doesn't really suit his face.

"Bear Island? That's…that's a long way, my lady," the young acolyte observes brilliantly. But the lady's next question appears to startle him more than it affronts him. "I…er…I'm not too sure, actually, my lady. I've yet to earn a silver link, let alone comprehend the great mystery of how swiftly the human stomach burns Arbour Gold. So perhaps we'd best stick to your first problem. Bear Island, very well. Follow me, if you would, my lady."

Amadys does not bid the guard do the same specifically, but this is more likely because he remains puzzled over the man's exact status than because he intends to forbid him; he has returned the man's glance with a look of sincere gratitude before he leads the way into the interior, up the Ravenry Tower's spiral stair.

"Aye. It is a far way." Maera says in a slightly aggrivated tone as she begins to follow the acolyte. "I must stress to you the importance of this message." Luckily for the drunk and recovering Amadys, her voice is smooth and strong instead of shrill as some women's voices tend to be, especially after a night of heavy drink. "Perhaps you ought to fetch a maester to handle it?"

Eonn follows, staying at Maera's side, or just behind her.

"I quite agree with you, my lady," the acolyte answers amiably, "but unfortunately the Archmaester on duty who seconded me here at this hour, Gyldayn, would not. He told me to handle every task from dawn till noon, no shirking, no ifs or buts and no, I think his precise words were, whimpering to him for help. Furthermore, he announced his intention of overseeing an operation on a two headed hermaphrodite and specified that he was not on any account to be disturbed. So it seems you may be stuck with me, for all either of us can do about it. Here we are."

The trio have now ascended to the tower's upper quarters, so that young Amadys's precarious tones are all but drowned out by the serried conspiracies of ravens that infest cages on every side.

"A two-headed hermaphrodite." Maera repeats slowly, and blinks twice after it is said. She pauses, and reaches a hand out to touch Amadys' shoulder to get him to turn. "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot, hmm?" She offers him a slow little smile, and crooks a finger for Amadys to come closer.

Eonn pauses, raising his eyebrows. It's hard to tell if he believes that last. But he's still amused.

So far, a charitable observer adjudicating the young acolyte's capabilities might have declared that though a little disordered in his habits, and not particularly respectful in his manner to his masters, he seemed in a queer way focussed upon the task at hand. No longer. The lady's touch seems to make him stand a little taller, and even under his humble acolyte's garb his stance assumes the aspect of a swagger. Anyone with any acquaintance with the House Baratheon would instantly see him for one at this moment.

"Perhaps we did, my lady," he smirks back as he draws nearer. "Amadys, younger brother to the Lord of Storm's End, at your leal service. I suppose I am to assume that the beauteous lady I have the honour to aid is none other than the ruler of Bear Island? Your residence here is well known, Lady Mormont, but I had hardly thought to encounter you so soon."

"I had thought you a stormlord." Maera says in her slightly droning voice. She sounds slightly bored naturally, but the way she twists one of her braids around her finger suggests overwise. "I heard tale that you are all tall and…mmm, striking. Yes, I am Lady Mormont. I had not thought to encounter such a…" She glances downwards. If she is overwhelmed by Amadys' masculinity, or simply searching for appropriately flattering words, is not clear. Her eyes flick upwards soon enough, however, and she isn't squinting, "Man of noble bearing. My reputation proceeds me, I see. I hope it is good?"

"All unwedded ruling ladies have stellar reputations, I generally find," Amadys replies, his fine-looking and self-satisfied features still an equal amalgam of admiration, mockery and hangover. "Yours, my lady, is much more interesting, however. I find myself here, obeying Gyldayn's caprices, because my sword-arm was too lax…and my tongue too ready. From what I have heard, none would accuse you of either fault."

He bows again, the hint of irony remaining. "Now, to your urgent message, my lady? I had better find the right bird. That cage over yonder is for the North…I seem to recall Maester Thane saying the Bear Island bird had a few discoloured feathers left over, grown back from a spat with the Dreadfort one…"

"Maester Thane would know the proper bird to send." Maera says with a little nod of her head before adding dryly, "Of course the bird of the flayed men would plague ours." She takes a message written tightly on a little spool of parchment and offers it to Amadys, "I must stress how important it is that this message arrive. You do know which bird is the correct one…" A pause, "I am certain Maester Thane would be willing to come down and help if it is needed. It is /very/ important. Not just Bear Island business, but business for Lord Stark."

<OOC> Maera says, "Possible danger. Maege should go to Winterfell. Tanda to Oldcastle. Beware of Glovers, but do not rouse their suspicion. Be discreet and have care. With love, Maera."

But Amadys's pride is far more adamantine even than his hangover. "Lord Stark? Aye, we'd heard a rumour the Warden of the North was arrived in Oldtown; is there truth in it? In any case…if that's where the land lies, then time is of essence…" As his dark blue eyes skim over the tiny, laconic, urgent words, his youthful face hardens. "Aye, to be sure, no need to trouble Maester Thane. I'll attend to this directly. We stags are built for speed." He strides almost gallantly over to the northern cage, puts his left fingers to his lips and emits a strange, shrill whistle.

<FS3> Amadys rolls Ravenry: Failure.

Eonn stays silent, watching them.

All the ravens in the tower, not just the northern ones, naturally start quorking even louder in response to the whistle but otherwise seem totally unimpressed, even mocking.

"Lord Stark has indeed arrived." Maera confirms. She falls silent as Amadys goes to work with getting the message sent, and watches as the young Stag calls for the ravens with his strange whistle and….they do not come. She blinks a few times, and opens her mouth to say something, before closing it and crossing her arms over her chest.

Eonn stands there, silent, and looks at the ravens. He smiles wryly.

"Right, that's it, you bloody black bastards," Amadys rails showing a fair measure of the fury that made the line of the Storm Kings and their successors so famous, "we're doing this the hard way." He takes a black iron key from an inner pocket, and opens the northern cage. As the air begins to fill with overexcited birds, Amadys lunges by hand after the one he half-remembers might be necessary.

<FS3> Amadys rolls Ravenry: Good Success.

Maera watches with a morbid look of curiousity on her face. Perhaps she thinks the Baratheon acolyte will receive a sound pecking from the ravens. She leans over a bit to watch.

Amadys emerges rather gritty with the droppings of alarmed birds, but grimly triumphant. "Here's your one, my lady, no doubt about it. Found a half eaten tag to prove it. No other holdings in the North start with Bear, right?"

Maera's lips twitch upwards very briefly, but she doesn't grin or laugh at the man or his bird-shit spattered robe. "We are the only holding in the North that has anything to do with Bears." She looks to the raven, as if searching for the discolored tail feathers.

Despite all the apparent arduousness and even hopelessness which at times appeared to characterise young Amadys's urgent quest, the message is now attached, and soon released through a shutter high in the gables, at the top of an iron-runged ladder up which the acolyte shimmies with gusto. The deed is done, and only a less serious but more maddening chore remains - getting the other northern birds back in their cage. "This next bit might take a while, my lady, but I've done as you asked," Amadys calls down. "May we meet again soon in less…flighty…circumstances…"

"You have my thanks." Maera calls upwards to Amadys. Now that he has completed the task she seems far lest interested in the Baratheon acolyte and his noble bearing. "Perhaps." She says in her flat, bored sounding voice before turning on her heel to leave. "Come." She says to Eonn, "This place smells of bird shit."

Eonn nods to Maera. He looks over her shoulder at the acolyte, and smiles a wise-arse sort of smile.

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