(121-01-07) Faces Revealed
Faces Revealed
Summary: Maera visits Thane at the Umbral Tower, and true natures are glimpsed at.
Date: 121-01-07
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Umbral Tower, Citadel

This is one of the older structures at the Citadel, a small tower five stories tall. The upper floor is of little use, for part of the roof has broken in. The mortar of the round walls is crumbling a bit, but there are no gaps. The place has tiny windows, cheaply glazed with rippled glass to let in what little light there is — it's not much, for the little tower is perpetually in the shadow of the newer, taller, spires and domes of the Citadel.

The first two floors are used as storage, and are filled with crates of old books, laboratory equipment, robes too ill-used to be wanted but not worn enough to throw away, oddments, stale spices and reagents, and rough ingots of the various metals used in forging Maester's chains.

The third floor appears to be occupied. It's got a narrow bed, a desk, and a small clothes press. The books might even be in some semblance of order. Also, it appears that somebody has cleaned the windows.

It is morning. Just after sunrise. The Citadel has come alive with the sounds of maesters and acolytes abuzz with activity. But, there is a rare sight at the Citadel; a lone woman walks amongst the tall towers. She asks for directions before a novice finally points her towards the half falling down tower. Maera enters the first floor and calls out, "Maester Thane?"

Interruptions. Always, there are interruptions. How is a man supposed to get any work done? Maester Thane throws open the slightly charred door on the third floor, hollering down with an irritated tone. "Who's there?"

"Lady Mormont." The known flat voice, deep enough at first listen to be mistaken for a young novice's, calls out.

Well, that's different. "M'lady," he calls back, his tone suddenly much more respectful. "Come up. I'm in the midst of concocting a potion." He leaves the door open, returning to his work table, where a number of empty phials await, along with a mortar and pestle, and various jars of ingredients.

Maera picks up her skirts to walk around the various boxes and chests of half-forgotten things in storage, and soon enough her steps, not as light as most women and with a confidence, are heard on the steps. She walks past him to sit on the edge of his litle bed where she is out of the way, and watches as he works for a moment before saying, "Erena Glover's obsidian candle is in the city."

Thane pauses in his mashing of herbs in the mortar, whirling to stare at her. He sets down the mortar and strides to the door, shutting it and lowering the bar to secure it. Bringing a chair over to the bed to sit in front of her, he leans forward, eyes burning with curiosity. "Tell me everything."

"The page that came to my door with Cressen Glover's letter? He was meant to sell it to a Braavosi banker. Why a Braavosi banker would have interest in such an object, well, I know not. We are trying to locate the banker, but Eonn suspects he was aboard the plague ship." Maera leans back slightly, her hands resting on the edge of the bed, "A Tyroshi tried stealing the candle from the boy, and he lost it. An orphan under the care of the Banefort's has it now. He is dragon's seed, and determined to light it. I have gotten him to agree to bring it to us."

Thane leans back in his chair, inhaling deeply through his nose, letting it out through his mouth. "I see. Then he must be the boy from my dream. The question is…is he meant to have it? If he's got Targaryen blood, it's possible it may respond to him. What about the Baneforts? Do they know about the candle?"

"The dark boy? No…that boy is No One." Maera says quickly before she frowns as if she did not mean to say that. "I don't believe they do. I told him I could find help for him in lighting it as a pretense to allow you to see it."

"Not the dark boy," Thane explains. "The pale one, with white-blonde hair. The one following the dragon's shadow, holding the obsidian candle. The dark boy…that is still a mystery, but also something I wish to discuss with you. But first, the candle. Do you intend to allow the boy to keep it?

"I fear that trying to take it from him will cause him to alert the Banefort's, and they do not like me as it is." Maera says, "But the boy, Bryn is his name, he looks as you've described him. When I first saw him I mistook him as one of Aeron Targaryen's bastard's."

Thane nods slowly, squinting as he takes it all in. "He's important. In the dream, he began by chasing the dragon's shadow. But in the end, he overtook it, and it began following him. Do you know who spawned him?"

Maera shakes her head. "No. He has never mentioned which Targaryen sired him."

Maera adds, in an afterthought, "But…I heard rumor that the boy loves fire."

Thane snorts. "Hardly surprising. It's in his blood. We need to know more. I'll meditate on this. We have to know if he's dangerous…or if he will be dangerous. Those candles house powerful magic."

"Meditate on it, but come and meet the boy when he brings the candle." Maera shrugs lightly, "Maybe he will grow into something dangerous, but now? He's a little boy. I think he wants it lit to prove to himself that he is Targaryen as he's been lead to believe. He is clever for a child, but still a child. He can be managed."

"He's a child, but still a Targaryen," Thane cautions. "His blood is powerful, and Targaryens are rarely easily managed." He rubs his shoulder with a groan and nods. "But yes, of course I'll be there. Do you expect him to bring the candle at an appointed time?"

Maera nods, "He was excited to know that I could find someone to help him with lighting it. I did not tell him it was a maester, though." A pause, "Lord Stark is in town. The fool I gave my message to at the ravenry seemed to know, but you have more important things occupying your time then the coming and going of Lords, I think."

Thane lifts his brow. "The Lord of Winterfell himself? I may not concern myself with many nobles, but the Starks in Oldtown are another matter. Just as I was curious about a lady of Bear Island being here. What is his business? Do you know?"

"I try not to put to leige Lord to the question overly much." Maera admits, "He has his reasoning, and he knew that Cressen Glover was coming south, and seemed alarmed when I told him he had not yet arrived. I told him of my suspicions, and he has sent more men to look for Cressen."

Thane nods. "Understood. Tell me if I can help in any way. Meanwhile…there is the other matter I wanted to discuss with you. Forgive my prying, m'lady, but how well do you know Eonn?"

Maera stands up straight, and stiffens slightly. "Not as well as my other men, of course. How could I when I've known the others my whole life?"

"How long have you known him? In particular…did you meet him before or after your brother's death? And how close to the incident?" Thane asks in a clinical tone, as if merely gathering information for a survey.

"I met him in Oldtown." Maera explains. "Soon after I got off the boat. He'd been here for a while, and was in between work, and I needed a man who knew the city." She leans back again and relaxes, "Eonn was not involved."

"Perhaps not," Thane admits, then adds, "Assuming the man you keep company with is, in fact, Eonn." He watches her, letting the notion sink in on its own.

Maera sighs softly. "You know." She looks up at him to watch his face.

Thane's brow furrows with obvious surprise. "I suspect. But now I wonder whether you and I are referring to the same. Explain."

"You must swear to me that what I say never leaves this room." Maera gives the man a stern look.

Thane nods solemnly. "So long as my silence does not risk my life, or yours, I swear it."

"Eonn of the Rills is a face for No One." Maera tells Thane. "A Priest of the House of Black and White."

Thane's only reaction is a slight nod. "Then my Green Dream showed me true, and what I told you about the Faceless Men was nothing new to you."

"I did not know for certain until you told me of your vision." Maera says to Thane, "I told him I knew, and he confessed it to me, and he…he showed me the dark boy. Or, rather, the man the dark boy has become."

Thane nods slowly. "Then how can you be certain he wasn't involved? A man like that is a master of deception."

"And why would he seek my company afterwords?" Maera asks, "Only to kill me. And I am still alive. Not only am I alive, but I know his secrets. I could destroy him, and he does not kill me." She shakes her head softly. "I know he wasn't involved because his further involvement makes no sense. And it does not match what the witches' shades told me."

"Oh no?" Thane arches an eyebrow, drawing lines in his forehead. "Erena Glover still could have ordered your brother's death, with him merely as the instrument. I see a very obvious reason for him to stay with you. You could be his key to his next target. Possibly an innocent target, that you will give him access to. Thus fulfilling the shade's prophecy. I realize you want to trust him, but how can one trust a man without a face? He can show you anything he wants to."

"An obsidian candle is rare and precious, but it is not enough to hire a Faceless Man." Maera says to Thane, "She would had to have paid for it with something dear, and the most dear things to her are her children. They are still alive." She shakes her head, "The Shades said the murderer was Glover's squire. He can change his hair. His eyes. The color of his skin. However, he would always be a man of the same stature. …Do you remember his tattoo?"

"Of course I remember the tattoo. I dreamed of it. M'lady, I'm not suggesting that the candle was the price, and do not assume too much about what the Faceless Men would demand. They are not above taking gold for their work." Thane sighs heavily. "How do you know they cannot change their stature? I do not. Eonn might, but his word cannot be trusted in this context."

"I know because I watched him change." Maera says with a slight edge to her voice, "His tattoo is blurry when he is changed. His scars…distorted. When he lifts the illusion this is not so. He cannot change everything."

"You saw what he chose to let you see. M'lady, you are letting yourself be blinded by the loyalty he has shown. I am not saying that he is involved, nor that he is necessarily lying to you. I admit, I do not see the benefit in him revealing his secret to you. But you must be cautious."

"You think I haven't puzzled this over in my head?" Maera asks softly. "That I haven't wondered what the repercussions could be for allowing a man such as him in my house?"

"I imagine you have, but I am baffled that you would come to the conclusion that you can trust him. He obviously has an ulterior motive for being here, and for being Eonn, and for connecting himself to you. Why would a priest of the House of Black and White do all of this?"

"He connected himself to me because I offered him the right amount of money." Maera points out, "And Faceless he may be, he must still eat. He worked for another nobleman in the city until that man left. That can be confirmed. Between employment he worked in the undercity as a thug. I can confirm that. Our meeting was accidental."

"Can you confirm that the man who now serves you is the same Eonn that worked for that other nobleman? Can you confirm that your meeting was accidental? M'lady, were he anything but what he is, I might be more willing to go on faith. But a Faceless Man brings everything into question. Worse, these are questions that cannot be answered."

"I trust him." Maera says softly, "You may think it foolish, but I trust him, and I do not believe he was involved."

Thane stares at her with a hard, discerning gaze. "Do you love him?"

"Yes." Maera says softly.

Thane sets his jaw, shaking his head in grave disappointment. He rises from his chair, and moves back to his work table, picking up the mortar and pestle and grinding roughly at the paste of herbs.

"You are disapointed in me." Maera says. She doesn't stand up from the bed. "Because you think me a fool when before you did not. Is it because I love that man or is it because I love a man at all?"

"You are free to love whomever you choose, m'lady," Thane says, back still turned to her. "I am disappointed that you allow yourself to be blinded by a love for a man that has lied to you from the day he met you. I am disappointed that I cannot help you any longer, because I can no longer trust your decisions."

Maera stands up from the bed, and puts her hand on his shoulder to get him to turn.

Thane sighs, setting down the mortar, and turning to face her. That stern look of disappointment is still heavy in his eyes.

"You will help me, Thane." Maera says in a gentle voice. "Because this is bigger than me or my family now. You know it, and I know it. It's so important that you dream of it." She doesn't seem unnerved by his stern look. Instead, she smiles softly, "You see you've no choice in the matter. You told me that your dreams lead you where you need to go. They lead you here. To this problem."

"Aye, to this problem," Thane scowls. "Right now, the problem I see is a proud daughter of the North allowing herself to be led around by girlish fancies. It is you that must recognize that this is bigger than you. But as long as you allow this empty love to control you, you cannot be trusted. So, I will follow my Green Dreams. But that doesn't mean helping you. You aren't a part of this any more."

"I thought you were different." Maera says sadly. "I see I must be perfect to you as well or worthy of your contempt. Just as with any other man." She shakes her head. "Fine. I'll send him away from me."

"I don't ask you to be perfect, nor do I hold contempt for you," Thane growls. "Do not paint me with the brush of your preconception. Take me words as I speak them, or not at all. I did not tell you to send him away. I told you to open your eyes. How you handle being in love with no one is up to you. Contempt or not, I am disappointed, because I also thought you were different. But as you said, this is bigger than us. So I must follow where my visions lead. But I must always pursue truth, which is something you relinquished. Are you truly ready to discard him so quickly?"

"I don't believe that he was involved, and I do not believe he is evil." Maera says, "But I recognize that I could be wrong. Sending him away would mean I may never see him again, but it would preserve his identity and may keep him alive longer. Two people knowing is too many. I fear more will soon. I'd rather he go away and live."

"I never accused him of evil. No, the Faceless Men are not evil. They are religious fanatics. They believe what they do is merciful." Thane leans back against his table, gripping the edge of it. "As I pointed out before, the sloppy killing of your brother does not strike me as the work of a Faceless Man. So I'm inclined to believe he wasn't involved in your brother's death. But that doesn't make him trustworthy. By his very nature, he is not." He sighs, lowering his head and shaking it slowly. "As for others learning what he is, they will not from me. I gave you my word, and I meant it. I don't believe I was led here to expose him. But obviously I am meant to know the truth about him. Perhaps in order to save you from blind allegiance to him."

"Are they so wrong? Sometimes death is a mercy." Maera lifts a hand to her face and rubs it lightly, "Sometimes it is not. It is hard for me to judge him when I have taken the lives of others who wanted very badly to live." She looks sad a moment, "Boys who couldn't yet sprout a full beard. I…I am a killer." Her eyes fall to her hands, "I am a killer, and how does a killer judge another killer? You probably think I am brainwashed. That I am repeating what he has told me, but he doesn't speak of it unless I badger him." There's a pause, "There is something he did that makes me wonder…"

"Of course they're not wrong. Not in the most fundamental sense. But they don't kill for a cause other than their Many-Faced God. They believe that any contract that comes to them is a life their god claims." Thane shrugs. "But I'm not arguing the validity of their theology. It is entirely beside the point." He reaches back to pick up his mortar again, grinding away his agitation upon those herbs. "Tell me. What did he do?"

"He brought a figurine carved by the witch into the house." Maera says, "And asked to keep it. Even though…I do not want it there."

Thane frowns, deep lines forming in his face. "Describe the figurine."

"He calls her the Pale Moon Maiden." Maera says with a shrug, "From what I understand she is a Goddess in Essos. The carving is just that. A maiden. It's quite pretty, actually."

"The Moon-Pale Maiden," Thane corrects her. "She is one of the many faces of his god. It's a religious symbol for him. I cannot help but be suspicious that it came from the witch. But it may be simply a piece of wood."

"He thinks the witch is dangerous because she is foolish and doesn't understand what she meddles with, but he doesn't think she holds any true malice or ill will." Maera shrugs, "He asked me if I wanted him to kill her. I said only a little. He said he couldn't make her a little dead, and that he wouldn't kill her."

Thane snorts. "He's probably quite right that she doesn't understand what she's doing. Whether she has malice…I have no way of knowing that, since I don't know her motivations. She obviously enjoys playing games, and that alone makes her dangerous."

"She does enjoy games." Maera takes a step towards the door, "I will tell him you are convinced the boy in your vision is his bastard, and you think he is in danger. He didn't seem too frightened that you would discover who he is. It was I that was afraid for him." A pause, "You will help me still, then?"

"I will do as the Old Gods bid me," Thane says. "I am not convinced that you can see things objectively. So I cannot promise that you and I will always be working together from here on."

"Without me." Maera reminds him, "You would know nothing."

"Without me," Thane retorts, "You would have no idea that your beloved has been lying to you. One problem at a time, m'lady."

"It seems you've decided that I am a helpless, stupid woman." Maera says flatly, "And I can't be trusted. That stings."

Thane puts the mortar down again with a heavy thump, letting his aggravation show. "What, exactly, would you expect me to think? You learn that a sellsword, hardly the most trustworthy sorts in the first place, has been giving you a false name, a false face, an entire false identity ever since you've known him. I warn you about my concerns, and your only response is simply that you trust him. Not for any actual reason mind you, save for that most famous of legendary weaknesses…love. Love for a man who isn't even the man you fell in love with. Can you begin to understand why I have lost faith in your objectivity?"

"I expect you to trust in my judgement. As I do yours." Maera says sternly. "Why is it so hard for you to just have faith in something. Have faith in /me/. I trust him for more than just reasons of the heart. I told you that I have looked at all he's done from every angle, and you dismiss it as I must be wrong." her tone becomes more heated. Angry. "That I'm stupid and feeble-minded. No. You will not have control over this. You are not some scowling ever wise father who gets to decide who plays in this game and who doesn't."

"I'm not asking your permission," Thane says plainly. "I was sent by higher powers than you, m'lady. They are what I have faith in. Your judgement is compromised, and you refuse to see it. It doesn't mean you're wrong. But it does mean your choices will be questioned. You are willfully ignoring the most important element of Eonn — that he is inherently a deceiver. Faith is fine and good, but this isn't faith. It's love, and love makes people do stupid things. You say you trust my judgement. But you took the aid of the maegi against my advice. Now you trust in a man that lies as a way of life. You are more than willing to benefit from my knowledge. But when, exactly, have you trusted my judgement, m'lady?"

"I consulted the Maegi before you came." Maera points out, "And when you pointed out the folly of it I cast her from my house. Did I not?"

Thane shakes his head. "You told me of the maegi before that, and I warned you against her. But when next we spoke, you had allowed her to use her blood magic."

Maera shakes her head. "No. You did not."

Thane frowns. "I certainly did. It was the very first time you invited me to your home. You spoke of a maegi that claimed she could help you. I warned you that blood magic was dangerous, and the price would be higher than you'd ever think."

"I do not recall that." Maera says with a shrug.

"How interesting," Thane says, brow furrowed suspiciously. "I pray it was merely the drink that night that has addled your memory, and not some trick by the witch or your Faceless Man."

Maera's frown deepens. "You'll come to the manse for the boy. I would threaten to have you dragged there, but I know your curiosity will cause you to come."

Thane scowls, rising up to his full height. "Mind yourself, Lady Mormont. This is not Bear Island, and I am not one of your subjects. I have only ever acted in your interest. It would be foolhardy for you to make an enemy of me now."

"You are the one who is making me an enemy." Maera points out. She stares into Thane's eyes, "The problem, maester, is we are both very stubborn people. I am, however, willing to compromise. You are unwilling. This is a problem to me."

Thane meets her gaze. "I'm not the one making veiled threats, m'lady. If my suggestion that your judgement is compromised is all it takes to make an enemy of you, it's a wonder it didn't happen sooner. You insist on putting trust in a man who is a proven liar, but cannot tell me why he should be trusted. You all but accuse me of lying about warning you against the maegi. This is not stubbornness on my part. Oh, I can be stubborn, but in this, all I can do is look at the facts, and see that things do not paint an encouraging picture. I am trying to protect you, the candle, the boy, and whatever else the Old Gods have sent me after. Right now, all I can do is assume they showed me Eonn's true face as a warning. I cannot yet see any other reason I should need to know what he is. If you feel you do, beyond mere feelings of trust and fluttering hearts, then tell me."

Maera turns from him in a huff, but doesn't head for the barred door just yet. "I can't trust him." She says. 'I can't trust anyone. I don't know what the seven hells I am doing here. Never in my life." She turns to look at Thane again, "Would I have imagined this. All of this. I…I don't know what to do, but I need you. I need you, and you are threatening to withdraw your help, and I will be lost without it. I'm not smart or clever and I am way in over my head, and if you are not helping me I don't know what I'll do."

"Fine. So you don't think you're smart or clever. But you're strong." Thane steps toward Maera, looming close behind her. "You have the blood of the North in your veins, and I've seen your spirit. You wear it on your chest like armor. So use it. Shield your heart so you can do what you know must be done."

"What would you do?" Maera asks, "If you were in my place?"

"I'm not in your place," Thane says softly. "I never could be. All I can say is that love has little place in our worlds. The decisions we must make cannot afford to be tainted by split allegiances."

"A Targaryen once told me that he envied me because I could choose whoever I liked for a consort." Maera says with a shake of her head, "But, I knew he was wrong."

"He was a fool," Thane says sadly. "You can try to find love…but I cannot say I'd recommend it. If you are very lucky, you will marry a man who you will come to love. But such things are rare."

"There is no need to think on it now." Maera says, "My problem now is Eonn. Do I cut him loose or do I keep him around to try and learn what his plans are. And, perhaps, to keep him safe."

Thane sighs. "He has given no indication about why he has chosen to live as Eonn? Why he serves you?"

"He has." Maera says, "But you say I ought not trust him because he could be lying. And, that is a possibility."

"What did he say, exactly?" Thane crosses his arms, tilting his head and squinting curiously.

"I am not going off of his words now. Only his actions." Maera shrugs softly. "I know he worked as a body guard for a lord before me, and that man fled the city unexpectantly. I've heard this from other people, too." Maera turns to pace the small space between his bed and worktable. "Then he needed the money. And now he doesn't say it, but I always was under the impression that he stayed out of love and loyalty."

Thane nods slowly, making no comment for a few moments. "Hm. Of course I cannot say for certain, but I've never had the impression that a Faceless Man would ever permit himself to feel such things. Their loyalty is to their Many-Faced God." He gives a grumbling sigh. "All I can offer is this. The Old Gods sent me here. They showed me his true nature. It may be that they will show me more, now that I know for certain what he is. If we can trust in anything, it is the Old Gods."

"Many men have sought my hand, maester." Maera lets out a small sigh, "I know when men are trying to toy with me. If he is then he is the greatest actor in the world. Under all of that he is the Braavosi boy. Even if he says he is the boy no longer."

Thane winces apologetically. "My lady…the Faceless Men are the greatest actors in the world. I wish it weren't so, but that is precisely what makes them so effective."

"And he knew I would trust him more if he revealed himself to me." Maera sits back down on the edge of his bed. "Do I go on pretending until I know he will betray me?"

"We don't know that he will. That is what tortures me so. We have no way of knowing his true intentions." Thane takes his seat again, staring intently at Maera. "But, if he is using you, it's better that he doesn't learn that we suspect the possibility."

Maera nods her head once. "I am aware of this." She lowers her head slightly to rub her forehead. "I need a stiff drink."

"Now that I can help with." Thane rises, taking two long strides to the heavy cabinet near his work table. He opens it to reveals many shelves of phials and bottles of various shapes, sizes, and colors. From the bottom shelf, he produces a stoppered bottle full of a dark amber liquid. He brings the bottle directly to Maera. "Liquid fire. I warn you, this is no watered down barman's drink. This is what I use in my elixirs. It would knock a giant on his arse."

Maera takes the stopper out of the bottle and sniffs it gingerly. Her nose wrinkles slightly from the smell. Still, she brings the bottle to her lips and takes a small swallow. The substance causes her to cough, and she holds her hand over her mouth with one hand and offers the jug back to him with the other.

Thane takes it back with a slight smirk. "It'll choke a mammoth, but it'll cure what ails you." He takes a swig himself, hissing loudly as it burns its way down his throat.

"Were I a man I could just close myself up in a brothel for some time." Maera shakes her head softly. 'Sometimes, I wish I had been born with a cock."

"Huh. Sometimes it's not all it's cracked up be. But I take your point." Thane presents the bottle again, should Maera wish another sip of…whatever the hell is in there.

"Were I born a man." Maera takes the bottle back, and lifts it to her lips. Her eyes water from the strong alcohol. "I would have been heir from the beginning. Perhaps my brothers would be alive." She passes the bottle back.

Thane arches his eyebrow as he takes the bottle. "Why would they still be alive?" He purses his lips pensively. "Do think someone was trying to maneuver you into the seat?"

"I am beginning to believe that is what the Glover's wanted." Maera nods softly. "I cannot prove that they killed my older brother, but it seems certain with the younger. And now with Cressen Glover?"

"Ahh. They make you heir, then marry you and try to claim Bear Island. Do you really think the Glovers have it in them?" Thane has another light drink of the powerful alcohol, wincing.

"Maybe not Lord Glover." Maera says. "But his wife? Why see one son as heir when her second son has nothing? Women, I am told, can be quite ambitious for their son's sake."

Thane grunts. "It would be a bold accusation. But now you say Cressen hasn't yet arrived? That puts a new spin on things."

"The witches' shades said that Erena Glover ordered my brother killed for love." Maera leans back against the wall as the alcohol begins to work into her veins, "I think it was love for her son."

Thane lets out a long breath. Thank goodness there are no open flames nearby. "What I don't understand is why she wouldn't try to secure a marriage contract first. It's a big risk, banking on the hope that you would accept a proposal from Cressen."

"Well, why wouldn't I? He was our neighbor and my brother's friend. Had I have not come here I may very well have married him." Maera leans her head back, "I don't think she wants my lands so much as she wants Cressen to do well."

Thane shakes his head in disbelief. "So she kills Cressen's friend to accomplish it? If it's her, she's got some sickness of the brain. Is she the only Erena Glover?"

Maera shakes her head. "She has a daughter of the same name. But, the girl is just a maid."

Thane nods slowly, putting that piece of information away for later. "We need to find Cressen Glover. Hopefully he's simply late. But if something has happened to him, it suggests there is more to this plot than we even suspect."

"We are looking for him." Maera says, "Lord Stark has sent men out to find him. In the meanwhile I have sent word to my sisters to be cautious. I have sent them to Winterfell and Oldcastle on the off chance that I am meant to die, and they are going to be taken or harmed in some manner."

"Wise precautions," Thane nods. "Meanwhile, you must be careful. Obviously, Eonn isn't here to kill you. At least not yet. He's certainly had the opportunity. But that doesn't mean others wouldn't try, if Lady Glover is out for your blood."

Maera stands up from the bed. There may be a slight wobble from the spirits she has imbibed, but otherwise she appears as sober and solemn as always, "Threats to my own life I can manage. I'd rather face an enemy with a sword in my hand than this bullshit." She nods towards the door, "Good evening, Maester."

Thane nods, rising to get the door for her. It's the least he can do, considering what he's put her through tonight. "Good evening, m'lady. Go with my blessing and support."

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