(121-11-27) Someone Has it In For the Starks
Someone Has it In For the Starks
Summary: Log Summary
Date: Date of play (27/11/121)
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All day, servants have been moving perishable things out of the cellars because of the flooding. The kitchen is packed with casks and barrels. Guard rotations have been doubled. There is much tooing and froing. A harried guard approaches Tellur, "What do you want done with your prisoner? His cot'll be waterlogged within the hour."

Tellur grimaces, confused a little. This is still going on? But then he says "Bring him up to the roof, I'll go there with him and talk." It seems to make sense to him, at least.

The Prisoner is morose and a bit damp. He cowers away from the light at first, but slowly begins to smile, "Have they come to kill me then?" The man is chained, a guard holding his leash by the stairs so the prisoner might get the illusion of privacy.

"Two men did, but I think it's best if we go up - while the roof does not have the best of cover, a man would have to be a fool to attempt anything there," says Tellur, who has other ways of seeing. He offers the man his arm, in case his long entrapment has left him weak, as he heads up.

The man's legs are a bit weak despite his periodic airings and he wheezes on the stairs. "I don't want to die. Please put me on a ship."

"A ship to where?" asks Tellur quietly, and then he sighs, wearily "Do you know anything more than what you have seen?"

The Prisoner says, "A ship to anywhere… I told Maester Garth all I knew. I'm not apt to learn more stuck in a cellar like a turnip."

Tellur considers, then shrugs "I will escort you to the docks and put you on a ship bound to some healthier place than this…" He has his wolf - Dog - with him but Grace is sleeping on Carolis' bed.

An arrow wings from another roof, striking the prisoner in the thigh.

The prisoner shrieks and drops to the ground either from pain or an instinct for self preservation.

And Tellur calls out, to those below "Archers from the east! Bring me my bow!" He crouches down, over the prisoner, and glances at the arrow "This is foolish. Their insistance…"

The guard tosses Tellur his bow as a stop gap, then runs to get Tellur's from his room.

The Prisoner is curled in a ball, careful not to touch the arrow against anything, "I told the Maester I was done for. They have too much money and their agents are everywhere. All I wanted was to take ship away!"

Tellur catches the guard's bow, and then quickly steps up on the edge of a stone bench, pulling an arrow from the quiver also tossed his way.

The enemy archer is mostly hidden behind the eaves of a town house across the way. He nocks an arrow and aims.

Tellur curses, and hisses as the arrow zips _right_ past his nose. He returns fire, without the bow he is comfortable with. Aiming for the man's hand he…does not manage to make him drop his bow.

Still the man curses from the grazing, but draws another arrow. There is shouting below as apparently a general fight has broken out back by the kitchens. Guards can be heard on the second and third floors switching the shutters to arrow slit mode so they might shoot into the street.

Tellur thinks, quickly, of an ill Carolis, and knows Malcolm is downstairs. The man, barely seen, manages to open a long, thin cut on his cheek with his arrow, and Tellur snarls something to himself. He shifts, around to the other side of the stone garden bed, and attempts to aim again.

The Archer clutches his ear and ducks completely out of sight. his accent is rural, but Southron, one a Man might here all the time at the markets here in Old Town from sellers of vegetables and fresh butchered meat. "Just toss him over the side and we can be done with this. We've no qwuarrel with ye!"

Tellur curses, quietly, then yells out "Let me think!" He glances at the man and hisses at him "Don't _move_!" in a sotto voice. Then Tellur rolls around the other side of the obstruction, and curls up tightly and…it is very dangerous to do this. Right now is _very_ dangerous. But he does it. Anyway.

And down below, his owl glances up, and then lifts off from her perch, heading into a fine, silent flight up and around to see what she can see.

The Prisoner has crawled under a bush for cover and is trying to be still and as quiet as he reasonably can be, given the pain.

The Archer is moving quietly with the peaked roof as cover, trying to get a better angle for shooting them both dead.

Ahhh, yes. The owl watches for a moment or two more to see where the archer is going to, then the mind is released, snapping back into Tellur, who pushes at the Prisoner lightly "Two feet to the side," he mutters, as _he_ moves as well. He is now preparing to move to where he guesses the archer will be, using the planter box as cover.

The Prisoner makes a pained sound, but obeys.

The Archer pops up to try to shoot Tellur.

And Tellur pops up a second later - which proves to be _very_ bad timing. The arrow fired at him goes -THOCK- - straight into his chest. His own spirals off randomly, as the man drops like a stone, startled. His mind, unfortunately, has a very specific reaction to sudden, violent pain - it wings off in the owl, startled, immediately, to fly high over the city. This leaves the prisoner in a…poor situation.

It is at this point the Guard returns with Tellur's bow and reinforcements. Two take up bows while the other two drag the wounded indoors.

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