(120-12-28) Bedside Manner
Bedside Manner
Summary: Maester Thane tends to Lady Maera's illness.
Date: 120-12-28
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Undoubtably, the Citadel will be abuzz with rumors that a ship carrying a plague from Sothoryos was salvaged by a Bravvosi Captain yesterday, and the salvagers quarantined on a secluded beach until the silver Archmaester determined that it was not a danger. So, it would be curious indeed when Maera Mormont, one of the salvagers on the ship, fell ill late in the evening the day that the salvagers returned to the city.

When Thane arrives he will be lead upstairs to a fairly large bedchamber. Maera is in bed dressed in smallclothes, sweating and coughing into a cloth. Her leg, which has a nasty purple bruise three inches long that runs the width of the front of the calf, is stretched out in front of her.

Eonn is sitting by the doorway to the room, leaning the chair back against the wall and putting his feet up on another. He's rubbing grease into his boots, and his boiled (now thrice-boiled) leather surcoat is waiting the same treatment at his feet.

When Maester Thane got the news that Lady Mormont was ill, and was actually one of those on the plague ship, he was livid at not being informed sooner. Of course, he'd been sequestered away in his chambers with stacks of books on various subjects — such as shielding oneself from the ill effects of blood magic — so it was hardly anyone's fault that he'd been out of the chain of information. But that hardly soothed his ire, nor the nerves of the poor acolyte he'd terrified when he finally heard. Many were the sighs of relief when the fuming ginger maester stormed out of the Citadel toward the Sailmaker's Manse. His chain, and recognition by the servants, were enough to permit him entry to the Mormont house, and he hurries on long legs to come to Maera's room. When he comes into Eonn's view, he is striding purposefully down the hall, his weirwood staff thunking hard against the floor as he moves. "She's in there?" The question comes out more like a command, but he does slow his steps to allow the sellsword to answer.

Eonn nods, and points to the bed. He's got the door open, perhaps to listen to Maera's breathing.

Maera is not so ill that she can't sit up. She is sitting on the edge of her bed, watching the flames in her fireplace, and coughing into her rag. When Thane enters her room she lowers the rag to croak out, "Hello, Mae-" before she raises it to her mouth to cough again.

Thane looms in the doorway for a moment, catching his breath and remembering that he isn't as young as he once was…and his body is far older than his years, especially after his adventure Beyond the Wall. "Lady Mormont. I heard. You should have sent for me," he says sternly in his best bedside manner.

"You shouldn't be in here." Maera tells the maester. "…I'll not have it spread more on account of me." She lifts the cloth to her mouth to cough once before looking to Eonn with a frown, "Word got out? How?"

"Hmm?" says Eonn, looking up in response to Maera and still working the grease into his leather boots. He's not armoured now, just wearing his swordbelt and the thin black-faded-to-muddy grey pajama-like homespuns that are usually mostly hidden by his battle-worn equipate.

Thane shrugs off the question, which seems directed at Eonn anyhow. "I'm a maester. It's my business to know things. Now, will you allow me to examine you?" There may be an unspoken, 'Or do I have to have you restrained' in his tone somewhere. He approaches the bed, opening a worn leather satchel slung over his shoulder.

Maera glowers at Thane briefly before saying in a grudging tone, "If you insist."

Eonn chuckles a little at that, says quietly, "I think we do." A little pause, then, "Is there any blood?"

"Tell me about your symptoms," Thane says, producing a number of small phials from his satchel, sorting through them by holding each up to the light to examine it.

"No blood." Maera says as she lifts the rag to her mouth briefly. "Just this cough, and I feel as if my chest were filled with water." She adds, perhaps somewhat ignorantly, "I just swallowed water when I went after Arn Tully, and it's on my chest."

"The dead men coughed blood," says Eonn. "Not water." He sets his boot down, next to the other, already greased one. Next he takes up Maera's sword-belt, and the scabbard that goes with Longclaw.

"Mmmhm. I've heard about the sickness. I'm not going to assume you've got it. Not yet." Thane unstops one of the phials, giving it an experimental sniff. He sets it aside for the moment, then bends over in front of Maera. "Open your mouth," he orders, ready to peer inside.

Maera's nose crinkles at the command, but she complies. She opens her mouth long enough for him to peer inside, and when he's finished she asks, "What else could it be?"

Eonn smiles at that, but doesn't say anything. He keeps oiling the leather and listens to the Maester's work.

Thane examines the color of her tongue, her gums, her throat, and so on. He stands upright, and commandeers a chair to bring over to sit in front of Maera. "A number of things. You said you swallowed water. You likely inhaled it as well. Are you feverish at all?" He presses his calloused hand to her forehead, then to the sides and back of her neck.

Maera has the telltale signs of a fever. Her skin is clammy and her skin more pale than usual. Yet, she sits in front of a fire as if chilled. "It isn't plague then?" Her tone is hopeful.

Thane gives a sideways nod and shrug. "I can't say for certain, but I doubt it. More likely you're suffering something much more mundane. Cold shock, or pneumonia. Not something to ignore. But something I can treat. So, you're not coughing up blood. But are you coughing up anything at all?"

Maera shrugs. "Phlem." Then, as if to illustrate her point, she coughs something into her cloth.

At the doorway, Eonn laughs.

Thane leans over to inspect the color of sputum. This is the best part of his job.

Maera looks up at Thane with a little frown before she almost unwillingly reveals the mucus within. It is quite green and thick.

Eonn looks over at the two of them. Maybe he wants to look at some phlegm, too.

"As I thought," Thane says cryptically. "Eonn, I want Her Ladyship's bed moved closer to the fireplace. M'lady, into bed and under the covers, now. You need to stay warm. I will also be arranging a steam treatment for you, to expel as much of the sputa as possible."

Eonn stands up, setting the newly greased belt and sheath down as he does so. He heads over to the bed.

"And." Maera says as she crab-crawls up to the top of the bed to cover herself, "How long must I remain here?" She looks to Eonn with a frown, "I don't want you in here."

"Until your fever breaks," Thane says, rising to assist Eonn with the moving of the bed. "Don't worry about Eonn. I don't believe you'll pass this on to him."

"Somebody's got to be," says Eonn, moving to start pushing the bed closer to the fire. He just leans into it, arms forward, and shoves the thing, Mormont and all.

Maera sulks under the covers, "That." She says, "Could be far too long."

Thane pulls while Eonn pushes, until they have the bed where he wants it. "I'll be by every day to gauge your progress. If you like, I'll bring books to entertain you. What do you enjoy reading, m'lady?'

Eonn, beast of burden, doesn't seem to mind. Once the bed is in place he stops and looks at Maera, then at Thane, and asks, "Why won't I get it?"

"Read?" Maera gives Thane an incredulous look, "I haven't read anything since my maester forced me to when I was a girl." She exhales an amused snort of air, "Read…"

"I believe it was caused by the water in her lungs," Thane explains to Eonn. "Just don't breathe her breath, and you should be fine. If there is any worry, just wear a scarf over your nose and mouth, but I doubt it's necessary." He gives Maera a gruff sigh, shaking his head. "Then I'll read to you, if you can bear it. But whatever you pursue, find some distraction for your mind, lest you get it into your head that you should test the limits of your body's vitality." He levels a stern gaze, expecting her to do exactly that.

Eonn nods to Thane, then looks at Maera with some little surprise. "Really?" he regards her with curiousity now. "Shall I read to you? Tell you tales?"

Maera gives both men an annoyed look, "I am completely capable of reading. I just don't like it." She coughs into her cloth before scowling, "And how sick could I really be? I just feel a little dizzy and my chest hurts a bit. There's no reason for me to be abed for the next week."

Thane retrieves the phial he set aside earlier, and returns it to his satchel, digging out another and inspecting the contents. "If you're not that sick, then your fever will break soon." He shows both of them the phial before offering it to Eonn. "Add three drops of this elixir to a cup of wine or water, every morning and every night. It will help to expel the befouled phlegm. M'lady, you should have a steaming bath every day, as hot as you can stand. Soak for at least an hour. Other than that, I don't want you out of this bed for more than an hour a day until you are no longer feverish. Understood?"

"Except that you don't want me in here," Eonn points out. "Nor Uylka, I expect. So what, shall we all go off a-hunting while you stagger around the city because you don't want to stay in bed?" What is so important, my Lady?" Impertinent, this sellsword.

"I don't want you or Ulyka in here because I do not want either of you to become ill." Maera says a little hotly to Eonn, "But, if you must remain then put her in your room, and sleep on my floor. She shouldn't be in here. She is one of my heirs, and I won't have her ill as well." She lets out a sigh before saying to Thane, "Understood."

Thane nods, satisfied. "I will return in the morning, then, to see how you're doing. Eonn, if you begin to experience any symptoms, or if Lady Mormont worsens, I expect you to inform me immediately."

"Of course, my Lady," says Eonn to Maera. He smiles a bit as he says it. He probably planned that course of action already. Then, to Thane, "As you say, Maester."

"Thank you, maester." Maera says, but if the cross of her arms and the firm line of her mouth are any indication, she is not exactly feeling particularly thankful.

Thane gives Maera a respectful bow. "Of course, Lady Mormont. I am ever at your service." He turns to give the sellsword a nod, "Eonn." With that, his medicinal intrusion handled, he collects his staff and strides out as quickly as he came.

Eonn watches the other man. "A drink?" he suggests, before Thane reaches the door.

Maera remains in bed, looking somewhat unhappy.

Thane doesn't slow his steps, but simply raises his voice so Eonn can hear him from the hall. "Another time, Eonn."

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