(120-12-26) Plague Ship
Plague Ship
Summary: A ship is spotted, adrift in the sound.
Date: Date of play 26/12/2013)
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The docks are lined with a vast array of wood-and-stone piers, cranes, and winches dedicated to the unloading and loading of cargo and passengers alike. Here, Oldtown's life-blood of food, medicine, and other necessary goods are brought into the city in large quantities, from every kind of ship imaginable.

Day and night, the docks are abuzz with activity, packed with throngs of stevedores, sailors, passengers, rivermen, fishermen, peddlers, and the veritable fleet of ships arriving and departing. There is a distinct smell of salt, rotting timbers, and fish here.

Oldtown's mighty fleet of warships sit at anchor here, some leaving, or arriving, from patrol duties. They announce their presence with the clamor of sailors' voices aboard, and the deep throb of the drum beating time for the oarsmen aboard.

There is a ship adrift out on the sound, sails still flying but rudderless. Sailors here at the docks have noticed it, climbing their masts to point it out.

Leof is walking with a proper guard escort but not a female escort, instead she's just sort of dawdling with her bow slung on her back, expression sort of dull and bored, the noise from the sailors causes her attention to get drawn, since it is noisy enough she moves to stand on a barrel and get a look at the boat.

Bryn is walking a little ways behind Leof and her guard. Close enough that he's walking with her, but he likely lagged behind, distracted by something earlier. When he sees her up on the barrel, though, he quickly steps to catch up, curious as well.

It's just out there, too distant to see well, drifting on the wind and the current, its sails not trimmed.

Eonn comes along at Maera's side, just a step behind her. The sailors up on the crosstrees of the docked ships continue pointing and shouting in their many languages.

Leof shrugs at Bryn, resting her hand on the guard's shoulder and accepting help down from the barrel with a smile "Too far out I'm so curious though, I'll admit." she offers to her favorite little bastard, smiling "Shall we get some sweets?" she asks towards Bryn curiously.

Bryn's eyes, now seeing the ship that's floating on its own on the water, says, "How would a ship get here without a crew?" Still, the offer of sweets distracts him, and he smiles, "Alright."
Maera walks along the Dock right next to the edge so she can get a good look at the Honeywine's delta before it flows out into the Summer Sea. She stops briefly, and puts her hand over her forehead to shield her eyes from the sunlight and look across the harbour.

Out in the sound, there's a ship adrift, it's sails still up, but untrimmed, moving rudderlessly where the wind and current takes it. The sailors at the dock, and on the ships in harbour, seem anxious about it. Among their voices, several say, "Not us!" and others, say, "Fire her!"

Leof considers "Well, sometimes sailors abandon ship when greyscale breaks out or if they were pillaged at sea by Ironbornes." she offers to Bryn, thoughtfully, "I can't see if they are sailing a warning flag or not yet, if the current brings it in I might be able to tell you a little more but probably not yet. Ladies aren't allowed on the water except as passengers." she offers. She seems content to take Bryn's hand "We'll get some sweets and see if we can get a better vantage point for whatever this mess is."

Eonn stops and follows the sailor's pointings. He looks at Maera. "Plague?"

"Probably." Maera says without looking at Eonn. Her eyes squint slightly as she stares out across the Sound, "If it were Pirates it would have been more damaged, wouldn't it?"

Bryn grips Leof's hand, starting to follow her as he looks out at the ship. "They don't seem to like it getting close," he comments, hearing some of the calls from the sailors.

"Sea Lord's Daughters!" calls one sailor, "Burn it!" Another replies, "Lion's Manes, you burn it! Fuckers!" They call one another by the names of their ships.

Eonn nods to Maera. "If it were pirates, they would burn it, or sail it, or sink it." He narrows his eyes to stare out over the sound at the drifting ship.

There is much action going on at the Moondancer! A ship that's not too large of a merchant vessel, but that makes her dance fast and high through the tides. The members of his crew make weighing anchor look like a effortless dance. It seems to be such a casual affair that their Braavosi captain comes up onto deck in only a silk sheet of festive purple wrapped and gripped around his waist. Far-Eyes are passed to him by his first mate. "Get my wife going." He says with a grin. "My Mistress is calling." His grand gestures (gratefully only done with the hand holding the far-eyes and not his sheet) makes it clear 'his wife' is his ship and his mistress is the ship causing the ruckus.

Maera's head turns slightly to survey the Moondancer. She asks Eonn, "Is that man wearing just a sheet?"
Rona jogs down the docks to catch up with Leof, having fallen behind to look after some matter for the Lady Banefort. "My lady? Matters are settled. What is-…" Her eyes are drawn out to the water, narrowing curiously at the ship in the harbor.

"So he is," says Eonn, looking at Yacio. He heads towards the Moondancer's dock, possibly drawn to potential nudity, and stepping fast.

Leof points out at the harbor "A ship is floating unattended in the harbor. Shall we offer our support to tame it? Also there appears to be a half naked foreign man over there." she elbows Rona "Shall we investigate?" she eyes Bryn and just giggles "What says you?"

"Moondancers!" cries a Lion's Mane from the crosstrees of that Westerosi ship. "Are you idiots planning to bring that fucking thing back in here?!"

Trystan follows soon after Rona, looking at the ship with endless curiosity. He's seen plenty of merchant ships come and go, but has never seen this one, here or in Banefort. When he hears his wife, he comes up beside her quietly. "Best not. Who knows what horrors you may end up witnessing." He smirks to his wife.

Maera's head turns to look back at Eonn, and snaps towards the direction he has ran off in. She mutters, "Damn that man and his quiet feet." Then, she follows at a full run.

Rona blinks in wonder…and caution. "That is a Braavosi ship." Her eyes snap toward the other Braavosi ship nearby, the Moondancer — and she is given momentary pause at the appearance of Yacio. She shakes her head with a sigh. "My lady, I would like to investigate this, yes. Perhaps I can introduce you to my…friend." She gestures toward Yacio and his sheet.

Bryn, of course, doesn't care about the near-nudity in the slightest, his eyes are on the ship out at sea. "Do you think it had anything valuable on board?" He seems nervous of the empty ship, especially at the shouts of the sailors, but he follows if Leof does join those on the Moondancer going to investigate.

Yacio passes his far-eyes over to his first mate and then takes a moment to wrap the sheet around him in such a way that he's suddenly wearing billowing pants. Of course there is probably the flash of bum and man bits as he gets the sheet around him. A younger sailor brings him his belt and wha-lah, half dressed. He moves over to mount his bow like he was a dragonlord and the gold gilded maiden head of a central naked full figured woman frozen in an alluring dance with her arms reacing up and out along the length of the bow with a large fullmoon in her hands. Where he's straddled is at her waist and he reaches down to rub the painted wooden ass of the maidenhead. "Yes! She is mine! I will fetch my beauty and fuck her all the way back here!" He gives out a swashbuckling, Ha-Ha-HA! laugh, with a flourish of a twist to his mustaches before he turns around to slide down the bow back onto the deck so he can wave Rona to hurry. "Quick or you'll have to board like you did back in Bravos! A running leap! Ha-ha! Hurry!" His crew is remarkably fast and they are close to pulling away. In fact the captain takes to cranking the anchor up.

"Let us aboard!?" asks Eonn, at the Moondancer's side now.

The sailor from the Lion's Mane shouts, "You crazy fuckers, you'll kill us all!" And another cries, "Where is the seven-times-seven cursed motherfucking HARBOURMASTER?!!!" The reply to that is, a sullen, and quieter, "Drunk in the holds of the Western Wind."

Leof is likely to head off with Trystan and Rona, holding Bryn's hand yet. "Such a good boy." she offers, her lips pursing to Trystan "Did you remember to pick up my meadowsweet or catmint?" she asks, curiously as they walk, expression amused and overall quite jovial.

Trystan chuckles and nods to his wife as he follows along. "I picked up both, dear. No need to worry." He looks at the Moondancer, then the Lion's Mane. Then, he shrugs and just keeps on going along.

"Eonn?" Maera asks once she's come to a full stop next to the Moondancer as it readies to depart. She gives the tall ginger-haired man a perplexed look, but doesn't ask the burning question; Why, exactly, are they all running towards a ship that is possibly going to go and retrieve a ship full of plague?

Rona quickens her steps at Yacio's beckoning. "Let us hurry, then." Rushing to board the Moondancer, she hollers at Yacio as her feet touch the deck. "Captain! Permission to bring guests aboard!" She gestures behind her to the party that is Leof, Trystan, and Bryn. It is a wide enough sweep of her arm that Maera and Eonn may be assumed to be part of her group as well.

"It is a Braavosi ship," Eonn tells Maera, as if that ought to mean something to her.

Yacio reaches out a hand since the crank for the anchor is close enough to the gangplank to do so. To those seeming wishing to board that he does not know. There is a broad charismatic and welcoming smile though the hand reaching out for all but Rona will do the universal rubbing of fingers together before offering palm out that in every port means, 'Sure! If your price is right.' To the Lion's Mane crew the Braavosi Captain cries out jovially. "Valar Morghulis!" Then he adds a bit of the Trade Tongue hand gestures for 'Walk off a plank!' to put it nicely. Then that sell Ice to Wildlings grins is offered to those around Rona he's swept and arm in greeting to. "All aboard! Today's leisurely cruise is merely…Five Stags per passenger. Welcome aboard, welcome aboard!"

Bryn speeds up his step as well, practically running to keep up with Rona as curiosity overwhelms him. The price Yacio yells, however, has him stopping in his tracks. Now he looks back to Leof.

Leof considers the deal "How about half off a gently used longboat instead?" she barters, a cattish grin across her features. She looks to Trystan "And perhaps a garunteed port in the Paps should you ever find yourself that far north." she calls out, her loud mouth carrying more than likely.

Trystan smirks and nods. "Aye. You'll have priority in the port of Banefort." He winks to his wife, then looks back up to the captain. His voice is certain, confident.

Maera gives Eonn a small nod, and asks no more questions. "Five stags?" The Northman Lady laughs, a rare sound that is as cold as frigid wind. "How about this, Bravvosi?" She yells up to Yacio "You let us on your ship and I won't go pay the Captain of the Lion's Mane five stags to take me out there close enough put a fired arrow through that ship's sails."

Eonn looks at Yacio, and just laughs a bit. He flicks a coin into the man's hand as he climbs aboard, but it's a star.

Rona stares incredulously at the nobles' various attempts to barter their way aboard. "Time is of the essence. We should be setting sail already!"

Yacio gives the Mormont noble woman an appreciate look over. "I shall let you aboard my lady, if you promise to return my heart to me." He winks to her and after tucking the coin that's caught from Eonn into his belt out to help those coming aboard, man, woman and child alike is offered a hand. Much like Salt and Bread is a Westeros tradition of Hospitality, the hand helped aboard seems just as important to this Captain. "Welcome, Welcome, quick steps." To Rona he grins and speaks in their homes dialect, "You need to help you foreign friends with their bartering skills. They come aboard for you." Which means she'll owe him.

Leof eyes Rona "I'm trying to teach my husband not to be so generous." she mumbles, taking the hand graciously and squeezing Yacio's fingers, he'll find a coin in his hand, her finger going up to offer a Sh gesture at him. How much she paid is a mystery. She seems to rub her back a little, noticably stretching out.

Trystan chuckles. "Oh, don't start with me!" He chuckles and climbs aboard alongside his wife, whistling. He might have noticed the coin, he might not have.

Bryn smiles again as they're all welcomed aboard after all, accepting the hand. He's quick and agile, easily able to climb aboard, but it seems smart enough to also pick up the symbolism of the hand aboard. Once aboard, he moves to find a good spot to view both the sailors at work and the ship they're going to be approaching.

Rona snorts at Yacio, crossing her arms and retorting in Braavosi, "<It is you that should improve your bartering. You allowed them to ignore your price entirely. Do not blame me if you have lost your edge.>" She gives him a wry smirk, then moves to rejoin Leof and company.

Eonn laughs. He moves to the Moondancer's bow.

Leof 's really barely larger than Bryn. She watches Rona "I really ought to learn more languages and refuse to tell people so that when they speak around me I know what they are saying." she mumbles towards Trystan, she finds a perch, out of the way, away from the riggings, and with a good vantage point.

Maera is not as generous as the Baneforts. Nor is she under any illusion that Yacio let her aboard because he took her threat to heart. Still, after she takes the hand up onto the ship she'll turn her head to give the Captain a crooked little smile before moving to stand next to Eonn. She glances down at the bow and asks softly, in almost a whisper, "What are we looking for?"

Trystan grins and winks at his wife. "I'm sure I could get us a teacher for other languages, when we return to Banefort." He looks about the ship, interested in how the crew works together.

The Anchor clanks into place and even the iron thing that's barely seen is decorative and the cross bar is the moon phases, the vertical bar is shaped like a naked woman and the curved bars that dig into the sea bottom are crescent moons themselves. The anchor swings to hang in place below the rest of the fancy bow ornament, for the maidenhead is not the only naked dancing golden woman with a moon in her up raised hands. A woman for every phase of the moon decorates his bow with the full figured full moon in the center along the bow. The last rope is flung on the deck and the last crew member swings on another rope and climbs it like a dextreous monkey right up into the crows nest where he picks up the second set of the crews far eyes and much Braavosi is bantered and shouted and very soon the a drift other ship is soon being quickly approached.

Eonn murmurs in response to Maera, "Perhaps nothing. We will see what ship it is." He watches off the ship's bow, and smiles just a little at the bawdy figurehead.

Yacio gives a twirl of his handsome mustachio and winks to Rona, "<I leave having the edge in our capable hands. I have never claimed to be a man that can be bothered to barter with friends of one so dear. It is completely and utterly all your fault.>" He says as sweetly and adoringly as a man can to a woman when admitting she is his weakness. He saunters to the maidenhead again and lounges in the small of her back, legs resting over the swells of her full bottom. He closes his eyes and just seems to be listening to what's going on around him. After he's listened for a minute or so he says with his eyes still closed, "So keeper of my heart and Star man," Maera and Eonn who are about the bow closest to him, "How do you like my little ship?"

Rona gives Yacio a dismissive wave that would seem haughty, if not for the broad grin on her face. She leans toward Leof and Trystan, murmuring, "He is a scoundrel, but a good friend. I would not be here if not for his help." Her eyes turn toward the lonely ship waiting in the harbor, scanning it warily for any sort of sigil or identification. "Yacio, let me have your far-eyes."

Leof watches Rona still, taking a moment to take something out for Bryn. She offers Bryn a piece of honey candy, with a smile. She offers one to Trystan. "Far-eyes?" she asks towards Rona curiously, her back stretching just slightly. She seems mostly curious

The drifting ship turns slowly around in the currents out in the sound.

Trystan looks to his wife and shrugs. He may have seen plenty of ship come and go, but he knew next to nothing about them.

Trystan also takes the candy, not eating it quite yet.

Bryn, so fascinated by the working of the ship's crew, almost misses the offer of candy from Leof. After a moment he accepts, but he turns his attention back, watching the crew move around the ship in wonder. Still, he answers Leof's question, "They let you see a long way away. Seen one for sale in the market. Really expensive."

"It looks very….naked." Maera says in her flat, monotone voice to Yacio. "Lovely. What do you plan to do if the ship is infested with grayscale, Captain?"

"I would like to look through these far-eyes," says Eonn, not looking away from the drifting ship out in the distance.

Yacio gives a whistle and a gesture, barely moving from his lounging spot. It does look like the maidenhead was carved just perfectly for the captain to lounge, just like this. Mere seconds after the signal the first mate is presenting the far-eyes to Rona with a respectful little bow of the head. The Bravo receiving the proper amount of respect…and fear from the First Mate who is also seemingly from Braavos by his coloration and mutter of the dialect of '<Your Far-Eyes Bravo.>' The closer they get to the derelict ship the more Yacio returns to listening. He even gives a sharp whistle and the entire crew goes silent and he tilts his head as if he can understand the whispers of the waves that slide from the mystery boat to his.

The young man that brought the captain his belt might be noticed giving coveted looks towards Bryn and the candy he was just passed.

The Captain finally sits up and offers Maera a big devil may care grin. "Just so." About it being naked and then what he plans on? "Valar morghulis, my heart. We will crest that wave when we come to it. Sounds like there's nothing wrong with her but perhaps a rudder chain. Rona, the Starman would like to take a look as well. When you are done, hold them or have Bency do it." Doesn't sound like he trusts the expensive specialty far-eyes item in just any one's hands.

Trystan moves to stand between Bryn and the man who brought the belt. He looks out to the other ship, curious.

Rona takes the special lens from First Mate Bency, nodding in approval at the man's deference to her. She may be a nobody on the streets of Oldtown, but it seems that on this ship, Rona commands respect. Moving to the bow of the ship, she props one foot up on the railing and lifts the Far-eyes to her own eye, peering out at the free-floating ship.

There's no movement on the derelict except the flapping of her untrimmed sails. Nobody up in the crosstrees. It's a pretty ship, big, round-bellied, its hull brightly painted along the rails. Its figurehead is a black swan.

Leof smiles "I would care to see if it is possible. I have not seen a pair since I travelled to Pentos." she offers to Yacio, after a moment to make herself at least slightly less rude sounding "Please, Captain." she offers, popping a candy in her mouth quietly as she squints at the ship in the distance.

Arn looks out over the water at the derelict ship, "anyone know if thre was a ship like this expected in?" he then adds, 'Or where the black swan is common?" He does not know much about sea vessels himself. Looks back over at the boat with a growing couriosity.

Trystan looks over to the cabin boy, smiling at him and holding out the candy he hasn't eaten to the lad.

Bryn now moves to look at the ship in the distance as well, and comments to Arn, "Saw a squire a few days ago looking for a ship with a Braavosi banker, but he couldn't find it. Maybe that's it?"

Rona speaks a word in the Braavosi tongue. "'Wing'," she translates. "It is called 'Wing'. I do not see any movement. Could they have abandoned ship, I wonder." She returns the far-eyes to the first mate, sending him over to Eonn with the precious device.

Eonn looks at Bryn with sudden, sharp interest.

"Valar dohaeris, my dear Captain. It would be irresponsible to bring a plague-filled ship into the port of the second largest city in Westeros. By the Old Gods, I hope you are right and all that is wrong is a broken rudder chain." Maera squints towards the Wing as she speaks, the wind off of the Sound whipping her braids about her face.

Leof gives Eonn a sharp look and without much warning puts her hand on Bryn's shoulder, to gently squeeze. Once again, is the best - her hair can't get in her face or get mussed up too badly from this outting.

Eonn accepts the far-eyes from the mate, but hardly looks at the man. He's looking at Bryn.

Yacio perks up at the spoken name and he sits up right and then hops up onto his feet like there was floor instead of just a wide beam of carved wood beneath him and he starts to shout order. Eonn's chance at the far-eyes is robbed from him as the captain steals them before they make it to the sellsword. "There you are beauty, don't you fret, Yacio is coming." He blows the ship a kiss and then turns back to the passengers gathered on the deck. "For safety's sake…and responsibility too as My Heart has spoken. My crew and I will be the first to go aboard. We'll cleanse up the ship as we go along and those that wish to chance it can follow along. I hold no responsibility for anything that happens aboard that vessel." As he speaks a few of his crew come up with burlap sacks on their shoulders and they wait by the gang plank for when they come up alongside the floating ship. Once the ships are tied together and the gang plank is extended and fastened the sacks are punctures with daggers and white powder pours slowly out of them and the substance is flung and let drop on the mystery boat's deck as they go. The captain himself is given a bag and he follows after. He extends a hand to Rona. He might be a crazy man according to the Lion's Mane crew, but he's at least smart enough to bring a Bravo along! In case anyone hidden aboard attacks first and asks the intruders after.

The Wing is silent. It's a lovely ship. It turns slowly on its center as it drifts, and takes a little effort to pull up alongside without having Wing's great heavy hull smash into Moondancer's lighter one.

Eonn doesn't seem to care about the far-eyes now, and made no objection when Yacio snatched them away. He whispers something, too quiet for anyone but himself to hear, though. He pays no mind to the captain's orders, though, and follows Yacio aboard.

Bryn, noticing Eonn's attention, comments, "It's true. Dunno what knight he served, but he was trying to deliver a package to the banker, until a Tyroshi sailor tried to steal it. I helped him get away. The Tyroshi almost killed me, except he thought I was a Targaryen."

Leof considers for a moment "Rona, would I be of any use? Given I'm soft footed, quick, and my sight has been compared to that of an eagles." she asks, her hands smoothing her dress, watching Bryn "Master Flowers, you are not to get murdered, do you hear?" she asks, smiling warmly and touching her little violet eyed shadow's nose once gently.

"You are," replies the redheaded sellsword, as he passes Bryn to board the Wing.

Maera lifts her cloak and brooch to wrap her cloak over her nose and mouth before she follows after Eonn, hand going down to rest on her Valyrian steel sword.

Rona takes Yacio's hand, though it is hardly needed, as few are as sure-footed as a Water Dancer. She is in her element, to be sure. "<Do you know this ship, Yacio?>" she asks in Braavosi, then glances back to Leof on the Moondancer, calling out: "If you come, my lady, stay close to me. We do not know that this ship is abandoned just yet."

There's no one aboard The Wing. It's silent but for its creaking ropes. There are little spots of blood in places on the deck, though. Not big enough to be from a serious battle.

Leof watches Maera and shrugs. Instead of covering her face, she pins her dress up at her hips - so she can't trip over it, wearing leggings underneath that cover her considerably. A dagger is quite neatly strapped to her calf and visible this way though. She heads for the plank as well, she isn't as nimble as Rona but her boots are specifically designed to silence her steps.

Yacio pets the Wing's rails smoothing the lye and salt and herb mixture over it. "<Admiral Cruz, sounds good, no?>" The crew that's with him chuckle and laugh along with him as he poses and winks to Rona playfully. The Captain as before also helps everyone onboard the Wing. When it's Maera's turn, if allowed, she'll receive a kiss to the knuckles. "<I know her, she is my mistress! We are united finally! Do we not make a beautiful couple?>" He calls back to Rona with a grin. Yes, he's going through the rites of Braavosi salvage, claiming the Wing as his own.

Arn as it appears most of the local contingent is heading ot the other boat he follows them, "Be wary the Lady of Bear Island is correct we never know if what dangers my be lurking and we cannot afford to bring any back to town."

Bryn answers the sellsword, "Well, I meant in name too." He hesitates for just a moment, and then hurries after the others on board the ship, producing a knife from under his tunic as Rona says the ship may not be abandoned.

Eonn ignores everyone, heading back to the ships quarter deck, and the captain's cabin beneath it.

Rona snorts at Yacio. "<You know that is not what I meant. Be careful. Something feels very wrong here.>" She crouches for a moment, inspecting one of those blood spots on the deck, frowning as she stands and kicking a bit of the lye mixture over it.

There's a dead man back by the tiller. Sun-dried, but still reeking.

Maera lets out a little snort of amusement at the knuckle-kiss, and the fabric over her nose blows out slightly. She walks across the deck of the lye-dusted ship slowly towards the Captain's Cabin behind Eonn.

One of the Moondancer's crew calls out in common, "Dead man at the tiller." Before he starts to baptize the corpse with the mixture. The captain comes up behind Eonn and Maera, letting the people with swords go first is usually never a bad idea. "Now let's be careful not to disturb anything. If I had left my beauty afloat only for a time, for I would only part with her for only a time you see…I would make sure that curious Westerosi could not defile my beauty." Booty Traps!

Arn walks carefully on the deck ofthe ship mking sure to stay ony where the seck has been clensed. he is taking no chances with the plague. "Any sign of anyone alive or well bodies that do not match the others?"

Eonn doesn't seem concerned about traps. He makes straight into the captain's cabin. The companionway in the forecastle at the bow is open, too. Mysterious cargo below? Perhaps.

Rona hurries to catch up to Yacio and the Northmen, placing a hand on her fellow Braavosi's shoulder. "Behind me, friend," she gives him a smile and nod as she moves to step ahead of him and join the 'people with swords'.

Leof follows Arn, bouncing on her toes quietly, her expression sort of blank "If there is a trap I doubt the setter is so fucking stupid as to set it on the deck. You can blow holes in the deck without sinking a ship, its inside that it gets dangerous with traps."

Inside the captain's cabin, Eonn goes right for the desk, with the ship's ledge. It's an opulent cabin. Big bed, silken covers, fine clothes, ornate furniture, no dead people, silver meal service.

Maera's eyes flick about the cabin briefly as she follows Eonn into the Captain's cabin. She glances down at the ledger, but cannot read the Bravvosi writing.

At the call of a dead man, Bryn quickly steps away from the tiller, not that he was near it in the first place. Eon, though, has him curious. Soon, he follows, like me a little behind perhaps, just enough to know that they didn't find any dead bodies in there. "Is it the banker's ship?" He makes sure, once he sees it, that his path leads him near the silverware.

Arn heads down below with the rest and then says "Well if this is the ship he was expected he might be targeted again as well."

Yacio reaches up to squeeze the delicate hand on his shoulder and he slows and turns to let Rona squeeze past him within the forecastle. Trade Tongue is used to call orders and his men spread out and head for the hold and just make sure as much of the Wing is coated in the cleanser. Since he's no longer in the lead he passes his sack to the health conscious Maera if she'll take it and do the scattering duties. "It will be a shame to have to burn those sheets…" He says peeking in over Rona's shoulder, his chin resting lightly on her. "<I will pray in every temple in Braavos if this ship is not cursed and becomes mine.>" A sharp whistle is aimed at the kid when he goes near the silverware. "<Your Lady friend brought her kid on board? Add parenting to the list of things to teach.>" If the whistle wasn't enough to steer the kid clear of his new cabin's goodies then a Common, "Oi!" is probably familiar enough a warning for the former urchin. "Getting crowded in here, You're the watch lord, correct? Know the signs of what killed a man if they're dead? There's a dead body above us that could use…investigating."

Eonn glances over the ledger without much interest. Maybe he cannot read it either. Instead he starts to pull out its drawers. Gold coin, little jewels, bottles of ink. He just dumps them out on the desk, right over the open ledger-book.

Down below in the holds, the men shout out, "Another dead one!"

There's a blood-splash on the lovely sheets, over the pillows and off their edge.

Arn shakes his head, "No though we do have experts who can." he then says, "I organizes and command mero then investigate personally." He tells Yacio. He shakes his head, "My guess off hand would be bladed instruments."

Maera takes the bag, but she doesn't start spreading right away. She puts it down on the edge of the desk. Instead, her attention is on what Eonn is doing, and occasionally her eyes go towards Rona and Yacio as Eonn searches the desk.

Rona frown at Yacio, but still gives a sigh at the sight of Bryn on board. "Boy, you should not be here." But that is for others to deal with. She is here to stab things if things need stabbing. Also, perhaps to translate a ledger. She moves around to the desk to examine Eonn's investigations.

The ledger is clearly written, but the last entry is over a month ago. There was an illness, crew coughing up blood. Their names are accounted for on their deaths, when they were thrown over the side.

Leof whistles at Bryn "Leave the silver, you have your own." she mumbles, her fingers taking an herb to stuff in her mouth, likely just something to ease her nerves.

Bryn jumps at the whistle and shout, stepping back quickly from the silverware. He hadn't actually gotten to the point of picking anything up, so he just steps over to Leof again. He frowns at Rona's words, but for the moment doesn't say anything.

Eonn seems to know his way around the desks of ship's captains. He finds a false bottom in one of the drawers, and opens it, turning away from the group as if to hide what's within.

Rona's eyes widen for a moment at the ledger. "It is a plague ship," she says, in barely a whisper. Then louder, sterner: "Everyone get off. Everyone get off this ship!"

Leof takes Bryn's hands, in an unusually graceful and gentle ladylike fashion "Bryn, we're going to have to burn your clothes and get you into an herbed bath right away." she mumbles, sounding like a doting mother as she leads Bryn out immediately if he'll go due to Rona's tone of voice.

Yacio lets Rona deal with the kid, once he's gotten inside enough to ask, "My Heart, the ledger, kostilus." It's quite easy to translate that kostilus sounds an awful a lot like 'please' when he says it. He even gives a little bow of his head with hand extended for the book. Now that he's inside more and sees the blood on the sheets he tsks and shakes his head in a 'such a waste' manner. The captain reads aloud in Common, translating the last passages. "Scarves over your faces!" He then repeats the order in Trade tongue, his voice thunderous when he gets commanding. "Those on the ship will remain with their faces covered and will /not/ re-board the Moondancer. We will sail the Wing…" He points to the shore where he knows will be perfect for his final cleansing plans and finalizes with, "There."

Arn upon hearing tha, tArn wastes no time in exiting the hold and getting back up onto the deck. he shakes his head, "I suppose I will have to burn this tabbard." he does cover his face with a scarf.

Maera turns to lean her bottom against the edge of the Captain's desk as Eonn turns away from the group, effectively offering him more cover for what he is doing. Not that she needs to, however, as discovering that they are indeed on a plague ship has caused enough of a distraction as it is. "If I die of the bloody plague I am going to come back and haunt you." She jokes to Eonn, her faint smile hidden by the cloth over her face.

Bryn blinks, eyes widening at Rona's announcement. He that's Leof lead him back onto the deck, but at Yacio's call, he puts his knife away, and obediently takes an old handkerchief from his pocket, unfolds it, and wraps it around his face.

Leof doesn't have a scarf but she does have a hankerchief, which she holds over her nose and mouth. "Arn?" she tilts to lean and whisper, very quietly. As if suddenly very concerned her expression gets very serious.

Arn looks over to Leof and moves closer to speak softly with her.

Rona frowns at Yacio as she produces a handkerchief from her sleeve, tying it around her face. "What do you mean we cannot go back to the Moondancer? I am not staying on this ship. We should go before anyone become sick."

Eonn doesn't seem too worried. He's found a couple of pieces of paper in that hidden compartment. One sealed with black wax. He opens it, ignoring the call to cover his face, at least for the moment. Probably he goes unnoticed in the excitement.

The crew of the Moondancer are well attuned to their captain's shouting, and have already pulled up the gangplank between the two ships. They're pushing the Wing away with long oars.

The Moondancer Crew is already cutting the ties to the Wing and pulling the gang plank away and pushing off. Apologetic looks are given to those still on board the Wing. Yacio makes ushering gestures to get everyone out of the aft deck and closes up the aft castle behind them once they are done. He rips off enough of his sheet pantaloons to wrap around his face while making a head count of people. "A show of who's sailed before, please." Seems they are going to be getting a crash course in being a skeleton crew! "<Rona, I'm not risking the rest of my mine, so long as we stay on deck and sail this ship back to shore we will be no more affected than we already have been. We must be responsible and quarentine ourseles as much as we can.

Rona scowls at Yacio, "<And if we are sick, we will bring it back with us no matter where we land. I swear, if I die vomiting blood, I am taking you with me.>" She raises her hand to indicate her sailing experience, really more for the others' benefit than for Yacio's.

Leof 's weight shifts to the side of the ship, and there goes her lunch. Classy. She takes a breath, slinking to sit on the deck beside the railing keeping her hankerchief over her mouth. "So we're trapped on a ship with no rudder and no proper way back to shore. This has not been a good week." she mumbles, taking a moment to rip a chunk of her dress to tie over her mouth and nose over the hankerchief. she doesn't want want wool that has touched cleanser rubbing your face afterall.

Arn looks at the shore and then back ot the assembled folks on the ship, "He is right we should not reisk the city." his military mind already chalking them all up as acceptable loses in this case.

Eonn looks over another sheet of paper, this one unsealed, then puts them both back in the bottom of the drawer, and the false bottom in its place atop them. He slides it back into the desc and says, to Yacio, "I have sailed, but I can only say that I am strong enough to pull a rope and just about wise enough to do it when somebody who knows how to work the ship tells me to."

Maera pushes off the desk and walks out of the Captain's cabin to adjust the cowl of her cloak so it more securely covers her mouth. At the question of having ever sailed she shakes her head once. "Only small boats." She'll murmur under the fabric over her face, "Never something so big."
Despite being the youngest person present, Bryn doesn't seem too panicked. A little scared, maybe, but he has a level head. At Yacio's call for sailors, he shakes his head, but offers, "I learn really quick and I can climb good."

Leof takes a second handkerchief and a colored wax candle she had in her bag, writing on the fabric as neatly as she can. Since Arn is pretty much dooming them, she seems to be writing a letter on it . Likely to Trystan since he should not be left not knowing.. Since she still has her bow and arrows she binds the hankerchief to the shaft and aims at the Moondancer, standing slowly to do so. It looks like she fully intends to shoot at the other boat. Possibly aiming at one of Yacio's men.

Arn turns to Look back oout over the more open water away from the city he walks away from the group a little to be alone with his thoughts.

Yacio lifts up his finger and gives it a wag, "I said nothing of going to Oldtown, I said we are going to shore, there is a place I know, we go, just so, and we will have shelter enough." He glances towards Arn and there's a bit of a slump to his shoulders. Like this little spot isn't exactly a place he ever wanted or expected himself of bringing the Lord Commander of the gods damn Oldtown Watch to his lil gettaway. But it's at the bottom of his troubles now. He points and repeats peoples skill sets they have given him. His men are given orders and they go about getting the bodies left behind baptized with cleanser and then thrown overboard. Leof's sickness is squinted at and he points her to just sit on a crate on the main deck. Bryn's silvery hair is given a ruffle "Good lad. Do you know knots?" If answered positively the boy will be tasked with keeping an eye on the knots for the sails and dusting more of the cleanser around. Then Leof is suddenly looking like she's going to fire at his ship and he barks an order at Rona, "<Control her or she's going over.>"

Leof 's letter is written on her hankerchief and she has it tied to an arrow. The moon dancer is not ridicuously far and she is a fairly good shot. She takes her time to aim it, taking into account the wind and added weight, her stance correcting itself as she takes a moment to pull back with all of her might. She's just trying to get a message out. Incase.

Eonn slips over to Leof's side, swift and quiet, while she aims. He gives her a good hard shove just as she releases her arrow.

"Banefort, stop!" Maera yells out to Leof as she realizes that the woman is taking aim to shoot an arrow over to the Moondancer, "/STOP/. Everything on here is tainted-" Then Eonn shoves Leof to throw off her shot, and her hand goes down to the hilt of Longclaw.

Rona throws a hard scowl at Yacio, but nevertheless, turns to hurry to Leof and stop-…Eonn, perhaps? She has only a split second of pause when she sees the sellsword laying hands on the Lady Banefort, and suddenly things get more complicated. Maiden's Kiss is in her hand in a flash, pointed directly at Eonn as she takes long strides forward. "Step away from her!"
Yacio barks no matter what the turn out is, "Let me make this clear, on my ship, nothing is to be done without my orders!" Trade Tongue is then slipped into for a string of insults. "Now, weapons away! NOW! Focus and follow orders or we will die. Star Man leave the crazy woman to Rona, she is her charge. My Heart, to the crow's nest, shout if they have Far-Eyes, keep a look out for reefs. Guide us safe as you can." There is splooshing noises as his men are doing as ordered and bodies are going over.

Trystan looks to Eonn, his eyes cold, then approaches him. "If you ever touch my wife again, sellsword, I don't give a shit who your employer is. I will gut you, slowly." His message imparted, he then helps his wife up, putting an arm around her gently.

Leof is knocked hard enough to actually land with a very unfortunate sound coming from somewhere that impacted. She doesn't look happy nor does she say a god damn thing, but she is holding her forearm.

Leof doesn't really seem to want to be on her feet either.

Bryn nods quickly at the question of knots, apparently confident he knows enough. He stops, looking back to Leof and the whole situation there. But, at Yacio's speech about following orders, he doesn't linger, hurrying to his assigned tasks.

"Don't try to poison people," says Eonn to Leof, flatly. He does obey Rona, stepping away, giving Maiden's Kiss a curious, and not disrespectful look, but paying Trystan's threat no mond.

Arn stands bak the railing looking out over the water thnen at he commotion he looks back to over the group, "those of you who are resident of the city are stuill under my watch, behave properly." he says in a commanding tone. For his own part he make no movements to do anything with the ship even if ordered to.

With the distance Eonn puts between himself and Leof, Rona fills it, and with a nod to respect to her fellow warrior, she sheathes the Valyrian steel Braavosi blade. "Lady Leof, are you alright?" She crouches down beside Leof, refraining from trying to move her just yet.

"Learn to control your fucking wife, Banefort, and there would be no problems. You knew this wasn't a pleasure cruise." Maera says hotly to Trystan. She watches the Baneforts carefully as Eonn walks away from them, and when she is reassured that he is out of danger's way she turns to climb the mast up to the crow's nest.

Leof was already moved. Rona is eyed "No." she doesn't say anything else, instead shifting Trystan's cloak to hide her face and side, placing her held arm more against Trystan. There is a flash of visible rage at Maera's words but no words come, just further burrowing and avoiding of Maera's venom.

Eonn looks to Yacio, evidently willing to take orders.

Arn looks over to Meara, "this is not Bear Island control your man as well." He says."Manners might not be prized in the North but they are here."

Maera pauses on the Crow's Nest to stare down at Arn, "You almost willingly let her shoot a contaiminated arrow into a ship that would have docked in Oldtown's Harbor. You fucking fool. I will be speaking to Lord Hightower about this." The Northwoman's jaw clenches slightly before she continues climbing the Crow's Nest.

Trystan just shakes his head. "Like a fucking spoiled child." He mutters. He holds his wife close, gently.

Rona hisses softly, shaking her head at Trystan. "My lord," she murmurs, "The Northern woman is rude, but she is right. This entire venture has been a series of errors," she grumbles.

Arn looks up to Meara and shrugs, "Then speak to him Northern bitch." he sighs, "I had thought oou to be more pleasant then the Starks the first few times we spoke but it seems I was wrong." He then shrugs to Rona, "that part is true."

Leof eyes Trystan and tugs his cloak lightly with her good hand whispering to him, starting to look green again, as if she's going to vomit again.

Yacio laughs, he actually laughs, though it's muffled by his silk scarf. "A man can control his wife about as much as I can control the wind that fills my sails. The wind however should learn not to blow when someone is pissing in their direction. Then be upset when they are covered in it. These pearls of wisdom I offer to you, my crew, free of charge." He waves up to the crow's nest to dismiss Maera and shoo her in a hurry along. "Starman, there, study that knot, when the rope above it goes slack or when I order it pull it tighter or loosen it." Then he points to Trystan and then across the deck from Eonn, "You…The Coddler, same thing with this knot there." His crew once the bodies are handled are order the more sailor experience required jobs of steering the boat and swinging around the riggings like monkeys working on the sails. "<Rona, do you trust your Ward to not be an idiot long enough to leave her unattended to help with the sails?>" Then Arn, "And you if you don't have anything more useful to do than stand there and comment, have a nice swim, if not, go to the bow and do the same job My Heart is doing above at the bow."

Eonn casts a cold look at Arn. Threaten to gut him, he's fine. Call Maera a bitch, evidently he's mad. But helping to get the ship underway is more important. He moves to the rope and the knot as Yacio commands.

Fortunately, the rudder chain is not actually broken; it's just that the pilot let go of the tiller when he died.

Trystan looks to yacio, and nods, then back to Leof. He whispers to her, kisses her forehead, then gets up to do as he is told.

Arn looks up to Yacio, "I take orders from very few peole you are not one of them, if you wish me to aid ask politely." he does not move unless asked in that fashion.

Rona gives Yacio another scowl, snapping in Braavosi, "<Enough! You are as responsible for all that has happened as anyone! Now…shut up and captain!>" Flustered, Rona stalks off to do exactly as Yacio asked, helping to manage the ship's sails.

Leof looks unpleased at being left and insulted, curling her arm back against her chest, moving away from Rona and Trystan both to lean against the rail. She kicks the cleanser away from her feet on the deck, carefully pulling her boots off to let the sun warm her feet. One handedly she tears another piece of her dress to cover her head, eyes closing to just focus on staying still.

Yacio cocks up an eyebrow at Arn, "You are on my ship, you are bound by law to follow my orders, or you will be considered mutinous. I don't want you to be considered that, I really would hate to see you dead. Now, follow orders or have a nice swim. Your own etiquette in this situation will also reach important ears. You disappoint, this fair city deserves better than you protecting it. Or from what I've heard and now seen, only acting after a mess is made. To the bow." He orders again. Then he turns his attention to give the 'heave-ho' orders to those helping.

Eonn heaves. He's pretty strong. Nothing hugely special, but more than up to the task of trimming sails.

Arn nods not move.

Trystan also heaves. He's not quite as strong as Eonn, but certainly able to do this.

Leof eyes Yacio "Please, stop." she calls loud enough to be heard but not rude. She watches Bryn for a moment, laying her head back "Arn is a good man, he's upset." she seems annoyed at the captain insulting everyone and the threats. "Arn, please help." She stands, moving to whisper something to Arn, voice quiet and soft. Careful not to let it carry.

Rona frowns, heaving the rigging with a grunt. "My lady…NNGH!…A good man…works to save us from a grisly death," she pants. "You are perhaps not accustomed to…" HEAVE! "…life aboard ship. But there is no room for disobedience." HEAVE! "Yacio knows…what he is doing.

Eonn pulls, in silence, and with a will.

Trystan continues to pull, looking to his wife for a brief moment. he wants to go to her, to help, her, to look at her arm, to do SOMETHING. But, he is stuck working on the ship.

Arn nods to Leof and since she did ask politely he does go to help with hte ship. Itis clear his heart is not in this from his body language one would think he was already one of the dead but he is psyichally impressive and works hard.

Maera scales the mast, and climbs over the lip into the crow's nest. She finds the far-eyes, and puts them up to her right eye before she closes the left to scan. The wind on top of the ship is fast and somewhat overwhelming, and her cloak and braids fly out and whip in the brutal wind. She is up in the Crow's nest for only a minute or two before she yells down excitedly, "There's a big rock!! On the….ah, my left! Starboard, I think?!"

Leof settles back down to sit on the deck her head on the railing, her arm getting recradled as she settles, leaving her boots where she had taken them off. She listens to Maera but doesn't respond, instead digging into her bag to take our a bit of cat mint and chamomille to stuff under her dress-remnant and hankerchief. She frowns at Arn doing something he wasn't told to do but settles back down. Looking agitated now but quiet still.

Yacio gestures and bellows up to Maera as he hurries to starboard to check for said rock. "Aft! Fore! Starboard! Port!" Spotting the deck he's barking some orders and then leaping from the aft castle to snag a rope so he can swing down and over to Eonn's rope he's tugging on a few feet over the sellswords head and then drags the rope down with his body weight and gravity, then passes the slacked part of the rope to Eonn before leaning over the rails to make sure the rock is missed. He kisses his hand and pats the rails when there's some scraping and a little shudder, but nothing hull punching. "You worthless!" More trade tongue is aimed at Arn. "You were told to check the water at the bow. Not run around like some decapitated chicken. Get the fuck off my boat! We all almost nearly died because you are some petulant fucking child that needed a woman to bat her lashes and whisper sweet nothings to before doing what had to be done…" "<Get this mutinous lout the fuck off my boat! Hightower can thank me later…>" He barks at his crewmates while he storms up the stairs to the forecastle again.

Arn looks at the Captain, "What I am trying to help now." He sighs, "Fine." He then walks over to the edge of the boat to leap off.

Eonn's quick witted enough that he just blinks startledly when Yacio swings down overhead. He takes the new portion of rope without hestitation, and holds.

The crewmen start to brace off their own ropes prepatory to seeing Arn off, but stop and shrug when the man jumps overboard.

Leof looks to Yacio. Instead of yelling she moves to him to say something. Her stress levels are getting too high. Instead of yelling or being crass she just keeps her tone very low.

Rona and her team get the sails hoisted and the rigging tied off. She takes a pause for breath, leaning against the main mast. Yacio's orders bring her eyes snapping up toward Arn, suddenly feeling the renewed tension in the air. "Shit," she mutters, watching in mild disbelief as the man willingly removes himself. But it is Leof that really gets her attention. "Laaady," she says with heavy caution in her voice, running over to

Leof is quiet but visibly angry, "I did not bat my lashes, nor did I whisper sweet things. Insulting my honor is just.." she shakes her head at Rona "Don't touch me." She looks at the sea, as if contemplating it herself. She actually looks visibly ill now, moving to flop back on the deck near her boots.

Trystan starts, then rushes to his wife's side. He looks to her, taking hold of her. "Leof, are you okay?!" He looks to Yacio, seething, shooting daggers at him.

Yacio looks in mild disbelief as the man does leap off the boat. He just shakes his head, rolls his eyes and continues to give commands without missing a beat. Leof is ignored, though Rona is given a grateful look. "Get back to your post Coddler!" Is barked at Trystan. He look to Leof, "I don't care for your honor, I care for your life, if you wish for me not too… that can be arranged with continued endangering everyone on my boat! Now everyone do as ordered or get off and enjoy the swim."

Leof points at the riggings "Get back there and get us home." she whispers to Trystan. "Don't go overboard. Please." she whispers, "No, I don't know. Just go. Don't touch me, please." she mumbles. She just seems distressed and smaller than normal. "There will be enough of an incident since Arn Tully just .." she touches her head as if just trying to grasp the situation mentally on her own.

Eonn keeps at his rope, attentive to the captain's orders. Arn's sudden attempt at suicide does draw a somewhat surprised glance from him. It's the splash, maybe. And the fact that the guy jumped over in armour and no doubt sank like a rock the moment he hit the sea.

Rona scowls openly at Leof now. "My lady, it would be best if you say nothing more. Especially to the captain. Lord Trystan, please," she nods in vigorous agreement with Leof's request of her husband. "We must all work to stay alive right now, or nobody makes it off of this ship." Her words are soft, but stern, and there is just a hint of warning in her eyes.

Arn does sink beneath the waves. It is unsure weather or not he perishes as not body ever becomes visible.

Trystan sighs, then does get back to his post, not saying another word to Yacio. He looks to Rona, as if pleading for her to make sure his wife is okay. He works wordlessly form then on, simply wishing to get home.
Yacio allows only a few more moments to pass and for people to settle down before he turns to Leof again while he's doing the chores of a dozen different stations. "Lady, if you would, take the bow and watch for rocks." He's not sweet, but he's not unkind either as he gestures Leof towards the bow. "What does My Heart see?" Is called up towards Maera as he is endlessly doing this job and that and calling for Heaves and Hos.
Unfortunately, Rona cannot tend to Leof any more than Trystan can, as every able body of this skeleton crew is needed to keep this ship moving. There is plenty that needs doing, and as one of the experienced sailors aboard the Wing, Rona can actually anticipate what should be done in most cases.

Leof eyes Yacio but doesn't say anything. Her face is not kind or welcoming - which is unusual. She moves to the bow, rubbing her eyes on her good arm, pulling a crate to sit on so she can see properly over the railing and sit. She's still not looking well but she is at least watching the sea nearby.

Maera, who is up in the Crow's Nest, and has no idea what has just happened down below, screams out, "Tully's gone overboard!" And then….nothing. No one does anything. "Shit. Shit!" The Mormont woman unfastens her cloak, and it flies away in the wind. Next, she strips off her boots and leather armor until she is down to her smallclothes. Her belongings are left up in the Crow's Nest, including her Valyrian Steel bastard sword. "It's clear save for Tully! I'm going after him!"

That said, she puts a dagger between her teeth, and climbs out onto the yard arm and jumps off. And hits the railing of the ship with her leg. Still, she manages to keep the dagger between her teeth and she manages to emerge before swimming out to where Arn vanished, driven by adrenaline alone. She takes the dagger out of her mouth and lets out a curse before she sucks in a breath, and goes under after Arn.

The sound of that crack-thud of the meat of Maera's leg hitting the rail gets Eonn's attention. The splash from Arn, he didn't care, but now he binds off the rope he was working at onto one of the braces and runs for the rail.

Yacio barks up "Stay put!" but it's too late and there she goes! "Fuck, Star! Stay put!" He grumbles and ties rope around Eonn's waist and gives it a good knot and then places another rope in the sellswords hand and slaps him on the shoulder. "Bring My Heart back." He is then shouting orders to furl sails and even to drop anchor.

Rona gasps at the sight of Maera diving…then the crack of her leg. "SHIT! Man overboard!" she cries out, hurrying after Eonn. But Yacio is on top of it, so she moves off to assist the anchor crew.

Eonn pauses long enough to shuck his armour — he wears a mail shirt under the boiled leather, and between that and his vambraces and spaulders he'd not be able to keep afloat. Hard to see if he's actually waiting for Yacio's rope, but the captain at least has time to get it on him before Eonn, too, jumps over the side.

Leof 's eyes keep on the ocean ahead, but Maera's leg hit is given a glance then a shrug. Her arm resting her injured one, her weight balancing carefully to get resituated.

Trystan just keeps doing as he's told. He just wants to get his wife and himself home. He's not gonna leave his home anytime soon.

Maera manages to find Arn under the waves, despite her injury. She tries dragging him upward once, but his mail weighs him down. Taking the dagger, she saws into the strap that holds his mail on at the shoulders, and then the other. The mail shirt makes a clinking noise that is muted by the water, and the dagger is dropped. She slips an arm under Arn's, and kicks upwards with her good leg while padding upwards with her free arm. When they break the surface she lets out a gasp for air.

Arn does gasp for air once his head gets above water, whatever his mindset his body will react to try to live.

Eonn finds Maera in the water and makes for her, and Arn, swimming well. The rope plays out behind him.

Yacio stands on the aft castle, leaning on the railing of the once more, stilled ship and he scans the water frowning but when he spots them following Eonn's swimming path he breathes out a sigh. He attaches the two ropes to a winch and then waits for the ropes to be secured around the swimmers and he'll give orders to get help walking around the large winch to draw the rope back to the ship.

"Tully! Tully!" Maera cries out as the man gasps for air, "Wake up!" She flounders in the water trying to hold the man, and her head vanishes under the waves briefly before she surfaces again, gagging and choking.

Eonn swims up to get his arms under Maera's chest, and pull her up so her head is further clear of the water. He holds her this way, turning to get the rope wrapped around the three of them, and kicking to keep them all above the waves in spite of the weight of Arn's equipage.

Arn struggles to full consiousness, and graps hte rope on his own supporting himself with a leg kick much easier now that he armor is off him. He then realizes who is in the water with him and looks at her there is a stunned look on his face as he says, 'You? You saved me?" He then says honestly, "I can honestly say I would not have done the same. I am in your debt."

The anchor being managed, Rona hurries back to Yacio's side to assist with the winch to get the trio up and out of the water. "<Never again,>" she mutters in Braavosi to him. "<I'll not set foot on another ship with a Westerosi.>"

Leof eyes Rona briefly, her attention on the sea infront of her. She got threatened with death while others disobey as they wish and it is accepted and encouraged. Her mood is shot.

Eonn spits water, struggling to keep afloat under Arn's weight. He manages to curse at the man anyway.

Trystan looks to his wife, then just focuses back on his work. He hates everything about what is happening. He just wants to go home and stay there, with his wife, for a good long while.

Maera tries her damnest to help Eonn kick with her one good leg. She ignores Arn's proclamation that he is now in her debt; she is too busy focusing on staying alive long enough to see that debt cashed in. She chokes on water as Eonn goes down, but manages to keep a grip on Arn until the rope is tied.

Yacio winches and winches and draws the rope as smoothly as they can to drag the trio back on board. He jams a large peg into place to keep the winch from going backwards and pats Rona's shoulder as he heads for the rails to get the trio safely up over the edge. "He didn't fall Heart, he jumped. You wonderful, stupid woman…" He means that in the best way possible. "And you…" He points a finger at Arn. "Will give me the pleasure of throwing you overboard the next time." Eonn is smirked at, "Two for the price of one I suppose." He then claps. "Alright! Let's get back to shore and start a fire to dry off and get these clothes burned!" Just what squabbling nobles and smallfolk alike need, to get naked and huddled around a fire. Now that's a good 'pleasure cruise' ending!

Eonn holds on the rope and sputters, "Haul!" a little too late to really need to have done it. He comes on deck as a sodden heap, landing under the others, of course, and there he coughs up some more water. "Just boil them," he says, as he starts to sit up again. "Otherwise, somebody will have to walk back to town naked."

For his part Arn kicks as well more on surivial instint then anything else the then sighs deeply as he seems to focus intently on the rope. He looks ot Yacio and shurgs, "I doubt there will be a next time." he thel looks to the show, "My career here is likely done." he then nods, "I have never bene a fan of boats nor any water I could not stand in." He shakes his head, the last nline sounding more like an incredibly bad attempt at humor then a complaint.

Rona offers arms to help haul the overboard trio over the railing. Yacio's suggestion of burning clothes earns a gasp. Not her favorite jacket! She gives Eonn a grateful, if grim smile.

Leof looks at Yacio, there is a muttering. Something about not intending to be nude near strangers. She intends to keep her watch. She doesn't say more.

Yacio pats Arn's cheek, "You picked a bad time for a pleasure cruise." The rope is cut with the dagger to free the trio and then he grins at Eonn, "There is clothes where we are going. Fear not, I pick my gettaways well. But…boiling works…we hope." Indeed he does, when they get to his little private beach, "Stay put, my crew will be here with help very soon." He walks off around a part of a bit of cliff and returns only a couple of minutes later with a trunk that's obviously heavy. Soon after their little quarantine camp is going shouts from other members of his crew can be heard in the distance, they've brought Maesters with them who seem willing to chance it and make sure everyone has a check up and given a clean bill of health before they are allowed out of their little beachy paradise quarantine. Because in that trunk of Yacio is wine, preserved food, more wine, clothes, a few light healing supplies and a couple of cots and hammocks that can dangle from near by rocks and trees.

Eonn gets one of the crewmen who already went below into the Wing's hold to bring up the big kettle from the galley. Sodden, he sets about getting the thing over a fire. Evidently he's not keen to burn his surcoat. Or the cheap homespuns he wears under his armour.

Leof is off the boat as soon as she's allowed and changes into a less than modest gown, likely because it was the only one small enough that she could get on with one arm. She then waits to see if she can talk to a Maester, wearing her rings yet. Yacio would have to take them from her to get them off. She still seems quiet, and her arm is quite bruised. She lets a sigh out at being exposed, but bright cobalt blues do look nice on her. She's still bare foot though. Her woolen gown, leggings, and underblouse were tossed without complaint though. Her bow and quiver with its arrows are still held. Her face gives away that the small items and her bow might be hard to get away from her.

Trystan quickly changes into a set of clothes. he is not particular, he just clothes that fit. He lays down his belt of knives to be dealt with as well, and goes to be near his wife, looking at her arm with worry. He doesn't touch her, though, as he doesn't want to upset her.

Eonn makes a great fire of driftwood on the beach, using a couple of logs to suspend the big ship's kettle over it. He fills it with salt-water from the sea and starts chucking his clothes in. Leof may be worried about public nudity, but the sellsword isn't. He's worried about keeping his good boots.

Maera no longer has to worry about modesty; everyone has already seen her in her sopping wet smallclothes. Still, she limps over to a palm tree and tries best to cover herself as she changes into Dornish robes made out of flowing sandsilk dyed the color of a cut blood orange. The moisture on her skin causes the silk to cling slightly to her toned, sleek frame, revealing a side of the Lady Mormont that is usually hidden. Namely, that she is pleasant to look at. She limps towards the kettle to hand over her clothes. "You got my sword?" She asks Eonn.

Yacio jams a couple of the bottles from his treasure trunk into the sand under the hot coals to let the wine within get nice and lovely and warm. He'll then let them get warm and he undoes his belt and tosses the leather into the fire and then his infamous sheet pantaloons get dunked in the boiling kettle. He then carries some actual pants of his from the chest to rest them on a perch of stone so he can wade into the water and scrub himself pink with wet sand. The crew that were with him do much of the same. He rather respectively also calls over to Maera and offers to scrub her back while one of his men scrub his. His wide grin shows he doesn't actually think she'll take him up on it as she's already dressed. "The Princess would be jealous that you look better in that then she did."

"Yes," Eonn replies to Maera, throwing his loose trousers into the kettle. "That man," he points to the sailor in question, "Brought it down for us." He doesn't wear small clothes.

Rona finds a spot behind some rocks to change into the new clothes, having chosen men's clothes over a gown. She emerges, the bunched-up pantaloons occasionally betraying a flash of hip under where the billowy shirt has been tied off at her waist. She comes to Eonn's kettle to toss in her own clothing, taking a moment to brazenly admire the naked sellsword with a smirk.

The party is accosted from a random and disturbing direction by Oldtown's resident wildling/Essosian witch, Isador. She walks along the beach towards the disaster and pulls back the hood of a long blue cloak. "A disaster?" she inquires, "And help is needed? Never fear…" She looks about for the most injured of persons - but doesn't fail to admire the male and female forms before her.

Leof is also a woman of breeding who has already been accused of many things - she doesn't need more rumors of whoredom spread. She lets the Maester deal with her arm, getting treated to a splint and bandages and a sling. She also gets some medications from the Maester. She sort of eyes Trystan and sighs, leaning to whisper to him and sigh, getting pushed gently on her stomach to anyone watching. She also went with silk, she's petite and actually she has a cute build that normally doesn't show from her own gowns. She seems to just take the pain medication in stride, gathering her bow once the Maester is done, expression still upset and quiet. "Are we allowed to leave or are you going to keep me further?" she's still pale, and just not well looking. She doesn't appear to want to scrub in salt water. Her scar is more noticable in the loose flowing gown. She hands her bow to Trystan, then the quiver. She fully intends to fuck off away from the beach 'party' if allowed.

Trystan blinks as his wife whispers to him, then looks to her. He was pale, now he's pastey beyond all measure. He takes the bow and quiver, and if he is allowed to do the same, given the all clear by the maester, he will leave, as well, with his wife adn her weapon.

The maesters, of course, recommend that everything go into the fire, or the kettle.

Eonn glances up at Isador when she arrives. He just sighs, though. He goes about putting his armour over the fire, to heat in the smoke, and pays no mind to his own nudity. He's got a weird tattoo of a running black dog, faded and oddly blurry, on the inside of his left wrist.

Maera throws her discarded clothes into the kettle. She may glance downwards briefly and let out a little cough before she looks upwards, two pink circles on her pale cheeks. "Gods. You'll put someone's eyes out with that thing." Her lips twitch upwards briefly before she turns to limp away from Eonn, and steal one of the bottles of wine warming in the hot sand under Eonn's fire. She settles back down in the sand to watch the sailors wash, but declines Yacio's friendly offer. She has, afterall, been in the water once already. Instead, she pulls up her robes up to the thigh to stare down at the huge nasty bruise on her leg, and takes a good swallow of the wine before pressing it to the bruise. She curses before saying, "I bet she was much more graceful than I in it."

Rona draws Maiden's Kiss, and crouches by the fire to hold the blade in the flames, apparently unconcerned about the heat's effect on the metal. The arrival of Isador earns a surprised lift of her brow. She gives a wave to the red-haired woman, but leaves her to tend to those who need care far more than she does.

Eonn watches Rona with the Valyrian steel bravo's sword. "Where did this lovely thing come from?" he asks, arranging his own battered bastard sword to smoke over the fire.

Leof takes Trystan's hand, pulling him somewhere quieter, away from the group to just curl up in the sand, curling up to use her quiver as a head rest, not talking to anyone, not really even talking to Trystan, likely trying to rest a little.

Trystan gladly is pulled away, holding his wife gently, looking up at the sky, not saying a word. There is only the slightest inkling of a smirk on his face, only the very slightest.

Isador binds a number of wounds but is concerned at the signs of another illness underlying what may have been the source of the disaster. Her brows furrowed she finishes what she is doing before heading for the nobles at the fire - curtseying respectfully to those that are within range of the fire she asks to any who would answer.. "What happened?"

Rona beams at Eonn, trying very hard to look him in the eye and not stare blatantly at his cock. It's -right there-. "This lovely thing is Maiden's Kiss," she says, her accent thickening slightly when she speaks its name. "My ancestor defeated a great Targaryen knight in a duel. This knight carried a Valyrian steel sword called Heartfire. But he was the last of his line, and in Braavos, no less. So, the sword was taken to a master smith, who reforged the steel into this masterpiece. She is so fine that her cut feels like the caress of a woman's lips." She smirks broadly at the boast.

There are not a lot of wounds, aside from the normal scrapes sailors always have, Leof's arm, and Maera's leg.

"That is almost tempting," says Eonn, ignoring the fact that she's looking at his cock. "But I'd still prefer you not cut me with it." He looks around. "Has anyone seen this illness before?"

Yacio leaves his men to crawl up through the sand before turning to flop down in the sand next to Maera one arm is rested over him for a /touch/ of propriety. He does make a little gesture for the wine bottle for a sip. "What you did for Lord Commander Petulant was amazing and stupid. If you like, I can teach you how to dive off a top beam safely. That looks like it hurts."

Rona is not looking at Eonn's cock! Well…maybe a glimpse or two…or three. She chuckles at him as she turns the blade over, and over again in the fire. "I do not know. The ledger said that the men were coughing up blood before they died. I do not believe there were any more details than that."

Maera takes a healthy swallow of the wine before handing it over to Yacio, "How would I get his idiotic arse fired if he drowned?" Her lips twitch upwards at the thought, "It hurts a bit, aye. I'm just glad it did not break." She turns her head slightly to look at Yacio's face, "Will you be here long enough to teach me? Aren't sailors known for being in port for only a short time?"

Yacio laughs and nearly snarfs his drink of wine. "You, my Heart…" He shakes his head mm mm mming, and he takes another swallow. "That's how the Bear Islands do it hmm? Risking your life for some suicidal mutineer so you can get him fired. Well that's… different. I think I like it." He smirks and takes another drink before passing the bottle back to Maera, "That beauty, now up to her glorious swan neck in sea will be keeping me here for a while now. It's good timing, the Moondancer is light in the water. Bit of a hang about Oldtown always seems to do the trick of getting them curves dipped in salt water." He grins to the Lady, "I would finally properly make introductions. But I find a lack of urgency so I may continue to call you My Heart."

"Huh," says Eonn. "And how long are /we/ supposed to live on this beach?" He settles to sit on the sand. Maybe living the nudist life isn't so bad.

Trystan leans up only slightly. "This thing comes from Sothyros. Doesn't spread easy, certainly not enough to take a whole ship. Mayeb a few of the sailors got sick and there was a mutiny or something." He sighs and shrugs, laying back down and beginning to doze.

"And has been prevelant in the summer islands my Lord," Isador adds waggling her eyebrows at Trystan knowingly. "Either way - it is here. Let us see how the Maesters cope with it. I have a few ideas - but I doubt they'd be greeted well."

The maesters, having checked everyone, but not having visited the ship, simply recommend that they burn everything. And then, the two of them turn to head up the road and away from the little camp.

Yacio calls over his shoulder ever so not helpfully, "There's a few diseases where people cough up blood. This one might be fatal, or being lost at sea cause your a skeleton crew of a few and there's no captain to lead could do the trick of killing you just fine." He reaches out for the wine to swig from it again and smirks, "Speaking off…we probably shouldn't be sharing it like this, but again, I don't think I can make myself care enough right now." Then once more over his bare shoulders towards Eonn, few days at least, if anyone shows signs they get sectioned off further and a few days more and that should be all clear and the most we can do to be safe." He thought Maesters would be more authoritative about sticking put, so it seems he's trying to take up the slack now that he's not sand bathing. So when they Maesters leave they get the same bit of rude Trade Tongue Gesturing that the Lion's Mane Crew got earlier. Then mutters in Braavosi, "<Don't forget to write, thanks for nothing.>"

"What can I say?" Maera says in jest, "I'm a stickler for going through the proper channels." She takes the bottle back, and has a healthy swallow before saying, "The man's a fool and bad at his job, but he didn't deserve to die like that." She has another drink of wine, and quiets as Yacio speaks. She notices Isador, and watches the woman briefly before she says to Yacio, "That woman is a blood witch. I would not recommend you let her treat your men."

Rona withdraws Maiden's Kiss from the fire, the swirling patterns in the steel seeming to cling to the flames a little longer than they should. Dousing the blade to cool it, she then wraps it in cloth and extends the grip into the fire. At Maera's words, her eyes flicker to Isador. "I would not worry about her. She will not harm us."

Eonn watches the maesters go. "Well, let us hope it doesn't spread easily, or the Citadel will spread it everywhere," he says. Then he gets to his feet, giving everyone a prime view as he starts to walk down towards the sea.

Isador closes on the small band talking about her, "Still afraid of me Lady Maera?" Isador asks - perhaps she missed the 'blood witch' discussion. "We do have a problem here… How much of one… I do not yet know."

Yacio leans over in front of Maera to spy along the lines of her gaze when she flickered it towards Isador. "Thank you for the concern. But my crew are all grown men, how they behave on my boat is my business and so long as they don't bring the price of her magic onto said boat, they can do as they wish. She is a blood witch? Not like any other I've ever seen. She looks like one of those wildlings you Northerners are always cursing." When Isador arrives he gives her a warm toothy smile, "Valar morghulis." He says it very loudly and additionally something in Trade Tongue in the distance a bit of scuffling might be heard as the blood witch's worry enforces his desire to have his crew who're staying on the fringes bring the Maesters back to the beach. If they manage the feat the two crew that brought back the maesters also appear resigned to stay and play the waiting game along with the rest of those choosing quarantine for the City's safety. "We shall have to wait and see." He gives a little thoughtful toying to one tip of his mustache.

Rona nods in agreement with Eonn. "If the maesters are not worried about spreading it, I imagine we will be safe to leave after tonight." She nods to Isador in greeting. "Hello, Isador. Tell me that I will not be living on a beach for many days. I will surely go mad."
Yacio pages: The first Mate will try to talk sense from a distance, if they continue to be jack-holes out to put the town at risk, then there would probably be one on one wrassling/conjoling to try to get them back. Probably four of the crew max would get involved to try to bring them back. THey won't go into forcey force, but they will be rather intimidating and make it seem like they will.

"Be gone. It is not your problem." Maera says to Isador before she rises from the sand to murmur to Yacio, "She is clever. Tricks you into thinking she is your friend." She taps the side of her nose with a finger, "Be careful." That said, she limps over to where the fire is to draw Longclaw out of it's sheath, and throws the whole sword belt into the kettle before she kneels down to put the bastard sword into the fire much as Rona did with her's.

Isador is astounded by the captains statement - especially given she is a wildling from birth - but her education was somewhat Essosian: "Valar dohaeris…" she replies, "Now here is a perceptive captain…" her accent was from Braavos in any event so it may have been obvious. To Rona, "There are measures that can be made to prevent disease from spreading from yourself… but many would not welcome them Lady Braavo."

Eonn steps into the sea and wades out for a swim."

Yacio helps Maera up so she doesn't put much weight on the bruised leg, of course that means the arm shielding where he keeps his own braavosi 'sword' is revealed and he gives Maera a greatful nod. "The kind is not foreign to me. Fear not My Heart." He stands while attempting to help her and then brushes his now dried body free of the and he's still collected. "I am having Osgo make his own camp down the beach some. He was in the hold and might have the greater chance. We all were mostly in the open air. So less risk there, one would hope. See if he will accept your aid Witch. Make sure your price is not steep, or you will have me to deal with." The word Witch isn't said in a degrading fashion, but there is warning in the request for price. He really doesn't want to threaten any more lives…today is just a bad day for that it seems. He should have made them pay the five stags!

Eonn comes out of the water a while later, and walks up to the fire. He's carrying a large crab, now. And looking enormously pleased with himself, even as he holds the creature away from his body so it can't pinch his bits.

Maera's head turns to give Eonn a little smile as he carries over his crab. Alas, there are no jokes regarding how the man catches crabs so quickly. "What are you going to do with /that/?"

Yacio laughs and claps for Eonn, "See you put your bait and tackle to good use Starman, Well done!" Don't worry Maera, he's got the jokes! He takes another swig of his warmed wine and then once he makes sure he's sand free he slides into his pants. "Those clothes need to boil. So we can get the pot cleaned out and some crab boiling." He's one of those people that can eat the same thing again and again and not grow sick of it. Fish and Seafood fall into this category for the sailor.

"Eat it," says Eonn, happily, trying to hand the crab to Maera. It snaps its claws, being a creepy crustacean and not very happy to have been swooped down upon by a diving sellsword and dragged out into the air. "I think those clothes are done," he tells Yacio. "Dump them out, would you?"

Isador moves over to inspect Leof's splinted arm but speaks perhaps both to Maera and Yacio, "Why do people always move to a price?" Looking the arm over, "And always offer me something 'personal'?" She looks with annoyance to Maera on that last point, "Assuming that is currency…" She sighs, "What evidence did I ever present of a voracious need for remuneration? Can I not be here simply to help?" She begins to treat leof with some herbs on her arm if permitted, "I am actually a successful business owner you know?" referring rhetorically in her question to her wood carving stall which was quite popular in truth.

Maera takes the crab carefully, and holds it away from her body so she isn't snapped by it's claws. "Oh, you poor delicious little bastard." She says to the crustacean. Isador's words are ignored. It's as if the woman isn't even here speaking to her. She takes a few steps back to avoid getting a footful of hot boiling water.

Leof was sleeping so she's quite startled to be woken up "I've already had medicine." she stammers, sort still uncomfortable about being touched "No I'm okay. Maybe. Do you have any meadowsweet or catmint?" she asks, sort of hesitant and sitting up, weight leaning against Trystan, getting settled upright.

Eonn leaves Maera with the crab and starts fishing the clothes out of the pot with a stick. He hangs them up on other bits of driftwood, near the fire, as he goes, and uses a longish branch to push the kettle over. It steams when it hits the fire, but he manages to push it far enough not to douse the flames, and then he just chucks more wood on, and goes to get another bucket of sea-water to boil. All of this without putting anything on. Nudist.

Isador winks at Leof, "Oh I think we can do much better than that," she fishes something out of her pouch, "A little of this in some wine… and no more problems." Though occluded to others the vial would be openly readable for Leof.

Maera will hand the crab back over when Eonn has finished changing the water. "You have to put him in. I've grown attached to the ugly thing."

"What, you want to keep him as a pet?" Eonn asks, taking the crab carefully from Maera. "I could try to catch another. I will, probably, either way. I'm hungry. And we won't survive on this beach for long without my fishing, will we?" He grins. He's having fun.

Leof ers "I don't drink wine from strangers and people who are not close to me. Nor do I drink tea or even honeyed lemon." she mumbles, cheeks pinkened as she smiles apologetically at Isador "Sorry I'm not myself, I'm quite upset yet." she offers, taking the herb to sniff, likely hesitant to take it. "I hope I can get a private bath or maybe just to curl into bed for a bit." she admits.

"I'm not that attached to him." There's a pause, and Maera says softly to Eonn, "Thank you. I don't think anyone else would have come to help me. I would have drowned with Tully without you."

Eonn turns and drops the crab into the pot, casually, then moves to kneel beside Maera. He whispers to her, "I could not allow that."

Isador says to Leof, "Well we need not remain strangers my Lady. As for my wine - it has only what is on the label in it. There would be others to avenge you if I were an Assassin - and I am not. It is simply a narcotic to ease you into sleeping and healing."

"I'm glad." Maera stares down at the flames that surround the kettle, "I was no so ready to die."

Leof eyes Isador, and sighs softly "I should not take heavy narcotics without Trystan awake, I wanted mint because I can identify it myself." she offers a smile, "I'm trying to be careful what I have."

Eonn looks into Maera's eyes with his cold fierce blue ones. "You had best not be," he says. "And if you were, your better make me know it if you want me to let you drown."

Maera looks down into Eonn's eyes, "You think I shouldn't have gone in after him?"

"I didn't," says Eonn, staring back. "You did. It did not surprise me. It is, mm, in your nature, no?"

Maera nods her head once. "I suppose it is. Maybe it is a flaw of character."

"I think the opposite" says Eonn, standing again. He looks into the kettle.

Maera gives the sellsword a fleeting smile. "Later." She says softly, "Will you put cold cloths on my leg?"

Isador 'ohs' speaking to Leof - "WEll maybe that is not such a good idea then - wine or otherwise. Yes I have something milder you might recognise…" she draws something else from her satchel.

Eonn nods to Maera and smiles. "Yes," he says. "Of course. But now I think we need another crab." He turns to trot down towards the water again, as if he's in a hurry to find the shellfish.

Maera settles back in the sand to drink more wine. She gets a good mouthful before swallowing and watching the nude sellsword walk out to the waves.

How Eonn catches crabs just by swimming about underwater is a bit impressive, though really it might be that all it takes is the guts to grab the creatures and get pinched by them. He dives under a few times before he comes up with another crustacean. It's not as big as the first one, but he still seems happy about it. After he's chucked it in the pot, which is finally starting to boil, he actually puts on clothes. Well, trousers, at least. Not his wet cheap homespuns, but peacock blue silks from Yacio's selection. He takes a shirt, too, sunflower yellow-gold with green embroidery, but he doesn't put it on, just slings it over his shoulder and goes to serve up his crabs to Maera, picking them out of the pot with two sticks and tossing the steaming creatures onto the sand in front of her.

Eonn sits on the sand with Maera to crack shells and suck crab meat from them, and later to press cloths soaked in cold water on her bruise.

Maera will wait until the crabs are cracked before she puts a good portion, perhaps half the crab, on a piece of flat driftwood that serves as a makeshift plate. She limps over the sand to Leof, and kneels down to put the crab down in front of her. "Do me a favor? Stop telling people I am trying to kill you." That said, she turns to walk back to her crab feast with Eonn.

Leof blinks "I said I don't trust you and you are unpleasant. In less polite terms." she pauses "I also just turned down this." she jiggles the vial "Because I don't know what it is." she pauses "I've talked to barely anyone and haven't been out much since my post wedding feast." she mumbles " I see no point in going out anymore." she offers, calmly, still not touching the crab expression - resting her hand over her mouth, it isn't against Maera in this case.

Maera turns, "The same could be said about you. And I did not hijack your servant and accuse you of blinding them before throwing a bird at your head. You've been just as rude to me. And you put a lot of people in danger today." She looks down at Leof, "You should eat for the baby. My mother was always sick like that when my brother's and sister's were soon to quicken."

Isador simply cants her head helplessly watching between the two noble ladies - mistrusted by one she is hardly the person to bridge any gulf suffice to say, "I would recommend this in your present state my Lady…" she says both quietly and vaguely - but offers a helpless smile - "A concotion of one of the things you already asked for."

Leof snorts "I'm not hungry. Genuinely. I don't think trusting a stranger is wise. I don't leave my little gilded prison." she pats Isador's hand gently "I originally thought highly of you." she mumbles at Maera. "Take your crab and go back to your man. If I eat it, it will be wasted." she eyes Isador "I would be very gracious for a concoction."

"You're so arrogant." Maera says to Leof before bending to take the crab. She breaks the claw with her fingers before eating some of the meat. "I'll stand where I please." She picks another piece of crab out before offering it to Isador. "You can't admit that you've done wrong, can you? You think you're some Princess now that you've married a Head of House, and everyone must bow and scrape to you. You thought highly of me? By the Old Gods and the New, you are a giant disapointment. You could have been one hell of a woman." That said, Maera turns to go back to Eonn and the rest of the crab.

Isador administers the compound if permitted, "No more than a quarter of the vial a day my lady." When she is proferred the crab the wildling in her will not let her waste even a skerrick of food so she accepts it. A minor treason against Leof. She does not rise instantly to the Lady's defence however - noble politics are lost on her

Leof nose scrunches "No. I don't think, but being accused of being a whore, having no honor, threatened and pushed did dull my opinion. Yes. I can do wrong. Yes I've been unpleasant to you, but it is a two way street. When I met you, I thought we would be friends, then you just up and hated me and my attitude got poor and then it kept declining, likely due to mutually not liking being insulted." she offers "My stomach is still sour. I think the crab is fine." she offers with a genuine frown.

"I said all of that after you stole my servant, and threw a bird at my head." Maera pauses, "I never pushed you. I didn't even /see/ you after the whole thing involving that collosal idiot named Vuk. I never even laid my hands on you. I just figured if you had the stones to throw carrion at me that you'd like to have at it, but instead you froze up like a little coward." Her shoulders shrug, "I never hated you until you disrespected me. You chose to hate me, Banefort. You chose to make me a villian. To run around telling everyone that I was trying to kill you. You caused this. Not me."

Isador sagaciously ignores the discussion between the two noblewomen and says, "Something for the nausea then and then to sleep," she does draw the line after a seconds worth of consideration, "Lady Maera - Lady Leof is in a 'delicate' condition. I realise your temper runs hot on this matter - but perhaps you might diplomatically withdraw. Perhaps that might even form the foundation of a future peace. I do not think she is fit for this exchange at present…" Isador looks down to Leof, "Apologies if I speak out of turn my Lady."

Leof pauses "Why do you care if I have him when you hate him?" she asks, voice soft with a frown "He left you thinking you hated him, and you told him to get from your sight, allegedly. If you want to work it out with him civilly I'm fine with that but I'm not negotiating it for you. You've spread terrible rumors about me since. I've drawn away since. I've not told anyone I thought you would kill me. I said I didn't trust you. Because you get angry so easily." she looks to Isador "Huh? No, we're not at court or anything like that. I don't get mad easily." she rubs her forehead a bit. "I'm sorry I threw a dead phesant at you. It was not yet rotten though. It was wrong. I don't come out anymore. I don't actively or intentionally bother you." she addresses to Maera before she watches Isador for a moment, quietly letting out a breath. "No, you got angry with me a bit before that." she offers, taking a piece of crab just to humor Maera, to stuff in her mouth chew and swallow.

"I don't hate him. The man is a /danger/. He's /dangerous/. And he was my smallfolk, and my swornsword. I told him to get out of my sight as in go to goddamn bed. Not flee in the middle of the night, but he does as he pleases vows made to my house be damned. You meddle in things that don't involve you. You should have brought him back to me when you saw he was blind, but instead you accosted Eonn and threatened to cut his eyes out all the while saying we had blinded him. Not ONCE did you come to me." Maera sighs, and shakes her head softly. "What rumors have I spread about you? The only person I've even spoken about the whole thing with is Aeron Targaryen. You think people have me for tea? Do you think I socialize regularly with other nobles around here beyond Aeron, and we just spend the whole time talking about you?" She shakes her head softly, and blinks, "You've decided that because I got annoyed with you at the tavern for speaking to me out of turn that I hated you and wanted to destroy you? You greatly overestimate how much I give a damn."

Isador merely sits and tends to Leof - returning to examining her splinted arm. If this had happened back in her hovel a more dramatic display of displeasure might have occurred. But for the moment it was not her place.

Leof clears her throat "Then talk to him. I can't meddle in anyone's affairs given I barely leave my garden now." she pauses "I'm sorry that Vuk was an idiot. I'm sorry that I took him in and tried to get him to calm down and stop spitting venom." she touches her face again. "Aeron does not visit me so he clearly thinks you are right and I should endured being called a whore publically, being torn down. I did not physically engage you because if either of us had seriously been hurt it would have caused a major incident. It would have brought Trystan trouble or to the Starks and Lannisters and could have triggered a major conflict." she closes her eyes "I did not trick him into marrying me either." her eyes close "I am very nauseous. I am too tired from today to continue arguing No apology I give you. will suffice. I found your mannerisms cruel. Maybe I was wrong, if I was, I am sorry." she pushes herself up with her good arm with a wobble.

"If you had come to me when you found Vuk none of this would have happened." Maera says, "If you had thought about the consequences of shooting an arrow with a letter to the other ship Eonn would not have pushed you today. For your own sake start using your head instead of deciding that your feelings matter more than the greater good." That said, Maera does turn and leave finally.

Leof eyes Maera "Why didn't he just grab the arrow or my hand to prevent the firing?" she asks "I wanted people to know what happened if we died." she asks, openly.

"You were obviously trying to do it in secret." Maera points out. "If he had come over and demanded you stop you wouldn't have listened to him. You'd have done it anyways. He didn't mean to hurt your arm, but it was the quickest way to make sure that contaminated arrow didn't make it to that ship."

Leof touches her face, headed to empty her stomach before returning quietly. She seems just stressed and unpleased. "Of all the people to be stuck stranded on a beach with." she mumbles. "Thank you for being kind Isador, you are not unkind." she offers, bowing her head and standing still.

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