(120-12-23) The End of the Arrangement
The End of the Arrangement
Summary: Rona informs the Baneforts that she will not be continuing in their employ.
Date: 120-12-23
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Trystan is simply laying about the house, napping on the couch. He told the urchins to not bother him as he rests, wearing only a pair of cloth pants and no shirt! His hand lies behind his head as he breathes softly in his slumber.

Rona is bored. She's spent a good portion of the day in the study, reading up on those historical books she's been investing herself in. But she is restless, and frequently finds herself wandering the house or gardens to take a break. When she comes across the shirtless young Lord Banefort, she smirks at this new amusement. She comes over to stand over him, arms crossed. "My lord, you seem to have lost something."

There's a light flutter of the eyelids, then one opens slightly to look at Rona, before closing again. "And just what might that be, Rona? If you're speaking of my shirt, it's over there." He lazily waves his hand in the direction of a small grouping of pillows. His shirt lays on them, neatly folded. "I tend to get too warm with it on whilst I nap."

Rona chuckles, her dark eyes sparkling with mirth. "Is your bed not suitable for a nap? One might suspect that you wish the household to see you with your shirt off."

Trystan chuckles. "Tis, but my wife is sleeping there, all tucked in. I do not wish to disturb her in her slumber." He sighs, opening an eye at Rona. "I simply don't care if they see me without a shirt. It's not as though men need worry about covering their chest to be proper, as women do."

Leof is returning from somewhere or another, wearing trousers under a short dress (Or perhaps a long tunic), her fingers fluffing her hair as she carries a game bird at her side, her short bow on her back with her quiver. She seems quite cheery and content for once. Her expression is happy and warm, handing off the bird to a servant for cooking, apparently. "No, I am most certainly not sleeping in bed, nor have I been for most of the afternoon." she offers with a laugh.

Rona stifles a laugh. "Men may not have to worry about exposing their bosoms, but 'proper' is another matter. Ah, and here is your wife. Awake and alert. My suspicions remain uncontested." She flashes a teasing smile, then tips her head in a light bow of greeting to Leof. "My lady."

Trystan smirks, then looks to his wife. "Well, I suppose I've been sleeping longer than I thought." he smiles to his wife. "How are you, my dear?"

Leof chuckles "I'm quite well. I went for a brief hunt, and looked at coursers in the market as well." she admits, she considers, a gift getting delivered as she speaks "I think he wanted you to see his muscles." she confides to Rona, looking amused with herself. Her weight bobbing as she moves to plunk down, the gift is brought in before Trystan - barking and pawwing and straining its lead. She got him a goofy barking little pup.

Rona laughs lightly, dropping her hands to rest on her hips, akimbo. "Is that so? Should I swoon? Shall I be fluttering with feminine…how do you say…weak knees?"

Trystan brightens up as soon as he sees the pup, sitting up and leaning down to pet the small animal. "Hey there! Heeey!" he rubs the little pup all over, showing that he is very much a dog person. He then looks up to Rona with a smirk. "Nothing about you is weak, dear Rona. And I wouldn't expect you to swoon or do anything of that nature. It doesn't quite fit you, I don't think. Besides, I'm sure you've seen plenty of other men with much larger muscles. I am nothing special." he smiles and winks to her.

Leof snickers at Trystan. "notice his deflection. Clearly lying." she teases, she dismisses the handler as she watches her husband, her hand on her chin "He has a thing for women who don't swoon. Perhaps he is trying to get himself a mistress. And under our own roof too." she jokes, looking amused while shaking her head - the fact she isn't even remotely upset likely gives away she's an odd woman herself. "Well, you are responsible for cleaning up after him, house breaking him and he is welcome, once house broken to sleep in the bedchambers." she offers, elbowing Rona gently.

Rona leans up against a nearby pillar, crossing her arms lightly. "Well, it is scandalous, but I think he could certainly do worse for a mistress. Of course, I cannot be housebroken." She grins wickedly, delighting in the banter.

Trystan simply laughs, petting his new dog even more. He then looks to his wife, smiling, and snaps his fingers. And urchin comes out with a small box, holding it out to her. Should she open it, she'd find a few different pairs of the comfortable slippers she had asked for. He gives a small wink to Rona, then focuses on his new pup. "So, what shall we be calling you, eh?"

Leof chuckles a bit "I suppose so. Notice how he avoids the topic guiltily." she jokes again, resting her back on the pillar as she opens the box to hold it. "We're having pheasant for dinner, if it pleases." she offers, her fingers rubbing over the slipper. "Your dog, your right."

Rona smiles haughtily down at Trystan. "Your wife is seeing right through your evasion. Ah, but…the dog. Surely, Lady Leof, you have a suggestion for a name? Always with the giving the naming to Lord Trystan." She tilts her head at the pup, pondering. "I suggest Essario. He looks like an Essario. A good Braavosi name."

Trystan smiles at Rona. "I don't know what you're talking about. That is a nice name, though." he then looks to Leof. "I do want your opinion, dear."

Leof grins lopsidedly "It isn't a child, and I don't have objections to Essario." she admits, shifting to move to sit beside Trystan, ruffling the pup. "I'd say Aeron but I'm rather attached to my hands." she jests softly, her expression amused as she sets the slippers down.

Rona barks a laugh at Trystan's denial. "It would be unseemly to call my employer a liar. But I will say that you are…creative with your words."

Trystan laughs at Rona's evasion of calling him a liar. "Rona, I'll be honest, I don't care if you call me a liar. I want you to speak your mind, how you truly feel. Don't beat around the bush. Unless, of course, company is present." He then smiles to his wife, putting an arm around her waist. "Essario it shall be, then."

Leof grins a bit, reaching to pet the dog "It doesn't bother you that we have a menagerie, right? How are you enjoying working for us?" she asks to Rona. Admittedly neither Trystan or Leof care about sassy servants and are overall generous with pay and rules.

Rona's demeanor shifts. "Ah…yes. About that. Most of my time here, I have enjoyed. But it is your friendship that I enjoy. The employment…it is generous, but I find that it is not my way. Perhaps one day, when I am more accustomed to Westeros. But now…now I still have Braavos in my lungs, and my own quest before me." She casts her eyes away, sighing, "And then there is Vuk, as well."

Trystan shifts a bit in demeanor, as well. But, he shrugs and nods. "I understand. You must put your quest first, I can respect that. And Vuk… well… he's a bit difficult, really. I don't blame ya for having… reservations, due to him." He smiles reassuringly at her.

Leof blinks a bit "What has he done now? I don't think he means you any harm nor does he want you to dislike him. He… actually is fond of you." she admits, leaning on Trystan "When your trial is up you may remain here but you are expected to contribute to our larder." she offers, voice gentle.

"I appreciate the offer, my lady," Rona says softly. "But I cannot stay here in his presence. The only reason Vuk still lives is out of respect for the two of you. Any other man that had so insulted my honor would lay bleeding at my feet." She shakes her head. "To say that the Water Dance is mere 'sport' or 'training', but not truly a combative art? This would earn him many deaths on the streets of Braavos."

Trystan sighs. "I feel that most of what he says would earn him a death in many places. I don't think he means to be insulting. But, I do believe he's… well, he's a moron. He lacks common sense and understanding. I'm trying to help him with this, but it's VERY slow going." he sighs and squeezes his wife gently. "Where will you stay?"

Leof considers the situation, looking hurt about it. "I wish you luck then, but again, I believe Vuk was just looking forward to seeing your prowess. He doesn't think." she offers, softly.

"There are things that can be forgiven," Rona says apologetically. "But I have forgiven this as much as I am able. I will remain here for the remainder of our arrangement. Rona Vielo honors her promises. After…I do not know. But I always land on my feet. Like a cat, no?" She smiles encouragingly at them.

Trystan smiles and nods. "Indeed. Graceful in all things." He sighs. "Well, no matter what, know you are welcome in our home, and you may come and go as you wish… so long as you add to our larder whilst not being in our employ." He smiles and winks to her, scratching behind Essario's ears.

Leof seems to just look lost, her hands resting in her lap now, cheer gone from her face. "I understand."

Rona sighs, moving to sit beside Leof, offering her open hands to her. "I am sorry, my lady. But we can still be friends. I would not allow this to interfere with that, if you will still have me."

Trystan looks to his wife, holding her tightly. "It's not like she's not going to be in our lives. She will still be there, if we will have her. I know I will." he smiles to Rona, and then to his wife, kissing her cheek gently.

Leof sort of blinks at the hands, touching them gently and briefly. Her weight leaning on Trystan for a moment before she uses him to push her weight up. And there's a look on her face that just isn't pleasant followed by a hand over her mouth and a sprint.

Rona watches Leof go with a surprised stare, then sighs, her shoulders slumping. "I knew she would not take this well." She looks over to Trystan. "Go to her. I have a meeting I must attend to this evening, anyhow."

Trystan looks after his wife, then sighs as well. He nods to Rona and rises. "She won't stay angry or sad for long. In any case, take care, and be safe, Rona." With a nod to her, and a small, reassuring smile, he rushes after his wife.

Leof slips back, meeting Trystan en route, expression a little off. "Can you get me something to calm an angry stomach?" she mumbles, touching his hands and moving to curl up on the lounge - after all it is her normal place to sprawl. "Have a good evening Rona, friend." she offers.

Rona pauses on her way out, looking back with a newfound smile. "I will see you in the morning, my friends."

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