(120-12-18) Hitting with Sticks
Hitting with Sticks
Summary: What begins as some casual training at Watercliff Manse nearly turns into a serious confrontation.
Date: 120-12-18

Vuk was in the practice ground, wearing a light cuirass of leather, and practice form and stance with his warhammer, except no guard seemed to want to be on the receiving end, it's like a dance in a way, not hurried or frantic, each attack meant to expel enough energy to do it's function, but not enough to quickly tire out the dancer, but it leaves little to be imagined of it's deadly purpose, especially since a few in this manse had seen first hand, what Vuk will do with that hammer.

Rona stands at the edge of the practice ground, leaning against the outer wall. How long she's been there isn't entirely clear, as she does have a way of moving about quietly when she wants to. She finally announces her presence with a slow clap. "Such grace for such a heavy weapon. I am impressed."

Leof is slipping into the garden, carrying a plate with her. Apparently she is having roast beef and potatoes for dinner. She sets her plate down, watching Vuk, her expression curious as she gets settled. Her legs fold as a pitcher of sweetened mead is made.

Trystan follows shortly after his wife, sitting down beside her and wrapping an arm around her waist, smiling and squeezing her gently.

Vuk will slam the warhammer's shaft into the ground, the spike at the bottom digging in. "Forgive me, I was unaware I was keeping others from practice." He says to Rona quietly, moving to collect the weapon and begin stepping away from the practice grounds.

Rona waves a hand dismissively, shaking her head. "You are not keeping me from anything. I heard your very loud practicing, and wished to investigate. So here I am, investigating. You are not putting holes in the ground for the rest of us to trip in?" She gives him a teasing smirk.

Leof snickers at Rona's question, her smile showing to Trystan, shifting to settle in Trystan's lap, eating all the same, looking amply relaxed and content. Her expression is cheerful.

Trystan smiles and holds his wife in a tight hug, watching the two people in their employ speak.

Vuk will stop, he hasn't -ever- been teased about practicing, it sems to put him off center for a moment and then his stoic nature reasserts. "I do not believe so?" He says, unsure, looking towards Leof. "I'm not going to make any one trip am I Lady Leof?" He'll ask her.

Rona approaches Vuk, toeing the ground here and there where the hammer has fallen heavily. "These divots. Goodness. My dainty ankles might become twisted." She watches Vuk from the corner of her eye, trying not to make it too obvious how amused she is.

Leof laughs "Don't let your guard down!" she half barks at Vuk, looking amused. "You'll rake the field when you finish to prevent tripping yes." she looks downright merry about it all.

Trystan can't help but laugh at how the two women are messing with Vuk. He appears to be enjoying this just as much as his wife, holding her and gently rubbing her back.

Vuk cocks his head a bit and looks intently at Rona, and then at Leof. "But she doesn't have a stick." He points out, he hasn't -ever- sparred Leof either, but he's seen the bruising from those sticks!

Rona casts her eyes down to the sword hanging from her hip, then back up to Vuk. "I do not have a stick. But I am not unarmed." She grins, laughing softly. "I am teasing you, Vuk. A warrior that expects a perfect, even battleground has already lost."

Leof offers Trystan a bite of steak. "I learned today I can no longer do a backwards tumble." she offers absently, grinning.

Trystan takes the bite, smiling, but looking a bit confused. "Oh? Why is that? Don't tell me you're getting the effects of age alrea-" He then blinks, looking at her. He is thinking of what her statement might mean.

Leof chuckles "Not that so much as I do not bend that way any longer." she offers to Trystan with a chuckle.

Vuk will grunt a bit and take a few steps back at her mention of not being unarmed. "This is true Rake, perhaps we can see which is better, blade or the hammer?" He says, or he's damned curious to see if he can overcome her style.

Rona furrows her brow, tut-tutting. "That is twice you have called me a rake. Caution, my friend. I am uncertain you know the true meaning of the word, so I will forgive it. But do not repeat it."

Leof bites Trystan's arm lightly.

Vuk cocks his head a bit and still holds his warhammer at the ready. "Do you not wish to show me the..what is it? Wind dance?" He vaguely recalls her mentioning this to Leof!

Trystan blinks, looking at his wife, then smiles and caresses her cheek gently with the arm not being bitten.

Trystan then looks to Vuk. "Water Dance, Vuk. Respect it!"

Leof play growls and ends up biting Trystan's petting hand instead, nuzzling it with a silly look on her face. "Trystan, may I have some of those soft lambs' fur slippers that look so comfortable in the market?" she asks, laying partially over Trystan's knees.

Rona nods in Trystan's direction, addressing Vuk. "Yes. The Water Dance. I could show you, if you like. But against a maul? There is no sparring that could represent that fight. A Water Dancer sees, and what I see a fight that cannot be won with a blunted edge."

Vuk cocks his head a bit at her and gives a chilling smile. "You fight a duel, I fight for war." He says and swings his warhammer out, it won't even be meant to slam the parts meant to crush bone, it's more meant to tap her, but it is fast enough to look like he might be really trying to kill her..given his previous display of how he likes to use it. "On your guard Rona." He says.

"Tapped" by the hammer, Rona skips a few steps back, her hand going to her blade. Maiden's Kiss clicks free, but remains in its sheathe for the moment. "Mind yourself, warrior," she says with a warning look in her eye. "I told you, if I fight a man with a maul, no blunt edge will suffice. You would have to kill me, or you would never lift a hammer again."

Trystan looks to his wife and nods. "Of course you can, dear. As soon as you stop biting my hand." He then looks to the two who look to be about to fight. He then intones, "ENOUGH," in a voice strong and serious. "I will not have two of my friend and employees killing each other."

Leof eyes Rona and Vuk "Don't kill each other please. I don't very much enjoy digging holes." she groans out, stretching to sit more beside Trystan than on his lap in case he needs to stand up.

Vuk looks back at Trystan and at Rona and moves to settle the warhammer's head on the ground and looks perplexed. "Your style of fighting, it seems peculiar, you can not fight against a man with a warhammer, why do you train to be a soldier as such?" He's obeying Trystan!

Rona's hand remains on her blade, watching Vuk warily. "I am very much in agreement, my lord. But I will defend myself if threatened." Only when the warhammer is firmly planted in the ground does her sword click back into the scabbard. "You are hearing, Vuk, but you are not listening. I did not say I cannot fight against a man with a hammer. I said that I cannot do so with a blunted sword. In other words, I would slice you into ribbons to win. You understand, yes?"

Trystan sighs. "She's saying she wouldn't duel you, Vuk, while you used a hammer. Shed just go right out and kill you." He sighs and hugs his wife tightly, kissing her cheek gently.

Vuk cocks his head a bit at her words and Trystan's words. "Is that not why you simply tap, as opposed to actually thrusting or cutting." He sounds truly perplexed by this. "If she wanted to kill me, I wouldn't merely tap." He points out, sounding almost hurt that some one wants to kill him here!

Rona sighs, shaking her head. "Then it would not be a true test of skill. A hammer relies upon strength and speed to harm. It is not like a blade. I think that you are not well suited for sparring, Vuk. A mighty warrior, and surely deadly on the battlefield. But here? No."

Trystan nods. "I fear she's right, Vuk. Sparring with a giant hammer isn't really something that can be done without serious injury."

Vuk cocks his head a bit again and looks at his warhammer. "I do not believe that is true, I learned how to use a sword against a warhammer, but I believe perhaps you view dueling as a sport..and view it as ..training?" He suggests.

Leof considers "I'd be willing to try if he got a cork head for the hammer." she offers, chipperly in suggestion.

Rona lifts her brow slowly, a spark of fire lighting in her eyes. Staring hard at Vuk, she says in a quiet, controlled tone, "My lord, my lady…if you will excuse me? I believe there is something in the house that is requiring my attention."

Trystan nods to Rona. "Of course, Rona." he then looks to Vuk, a tinge of disappointment in his gaze.

Vuk cocks his head a bit, if he's supposed to grasp what he just did, he sure doesn't, but he shrugs his shoulders and moves to sling his warhammer over one shoulder so he can begin dragging the dirt to fill in the hole he made by slamming it down, like he was told to do.

Rona's burning gaze bores into Vuk until she turns toward the house, and offers Trystan and Leof an apologetic half-smile. But she quickly makes her way inside, waiting until she is alone to really fume.

Leof eyes Rona "Please do not be cross, let your anger go, he's just kind of.." she sighs at the anger and tries to calm everything down. "Try to have a nice night."

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