(120-12-17) To Name a Falcon
To Name a Falcon
Summary: A gathering at the Watercliffe Manse leads to preparations for a hunt, and much ado about a falcon's name.
Date: 120-12-17

Aeron and Jessilyn arrive at the manse. After a knock and the door and exchanged introductions with the staff, they are led to the garden. "Good day," he greets everyone.

Jessilyn bobs a curtsy but remains on Aeron's arm. "Have we missed the sparring?" She asks with a smile. Gleaning the assumption from Leof's attire. As usual when she's outside of her domain she's dressed and behaved like any wealthy smallfolk woman would. Proper and respectful to the nobles around her. That is of course until given leave or paid to do otherwise. But to start off with she is happily a lovely arm ornament to her Targaryen escort.

Leof stands, moving to greet Jessilyn with both arms "No I was working with the hawk Lord Aeron gave us." she offers, the touches are respectful and gentle but definitely warm "Perhaps you can come to sew with me when I'm stuck here at home tomorrow." she muses to Jessilyn. A pitcher of what looks like lemondrink is on the table with glasses out, and shrimp skewers are arranged for use.

Trystan also stands and bows to the couple. "Good to see you, Lord Aeron. And Madame Jessilyn, beautiful as always." He takes her hand and kisses it gently. He then looks back to Aeron. "So, how long do you plan on us being out hunting tomorrow? And do you think we'll get anything?"

Arn raises as well from the bench by the fountain as he walks over to greet the new arrivals, "Good day Lord Aeron." he then gives a nod to Jessilyn, "And to you as well Jessilyn." he then asks, "I hope all is well with you both?"

Aeron dips his head in greeting to Arn and Trystan. "I'm fairly sure we'll corner a boar. One of the huntsmen and lymers are already out looking," he says. "The real question is who's going to insists on being foolhardy enough to land the killing blow." He grins at Leof and asks, "Has he cleared that with you yet?"

With her charge at home, Rona had some time available to attend to personal matters in the city. She had gone out before the crack of dawn, and finds herself returning on the heels of Lord Aeron and his companion. She lingers in front of the house for a short time, so as long to be literally coming in right behind them. But soon she, too, saunters into the garden, moving directly to stand by Lady Leof, just a half-step behind her. She offers warm smiles and polite nods and bows, as appropriate, to the gathered company.

Jessilyn returns Leof's warmth. "I hope you have salve for my fingertips. For I fear I'll be pricked more often than not." Okay, she was behaving herself, but that was such a double entendre. She just can't resist! "But I would love to come learn if My Lady is willing to be patient with me. But I'm sure we can find something to pass the time while the men are off hunting." Trystan is given a curtsy and a warm smile as well when her free hand is kissed. "Thank you for having us." Then for Arn she gives a smile that's alluring without being obvious. "My Lord Arn, what a pleasant surprise to see you here. I am very well, thank you. All the more well with having such fine company. She didn't get to meet Rona at the party or really even spy her, she spent most of the feast worrying Aeron was going to ruin her gown by splashing wine on it while they danced. "Why hello. I don't think we've met." Jessilyn's spent time with a Bravo or two in her time and they way she bows and greets Rona makes that very clear. "I'm Madam Jessilyn."

Leof eyes Aeron "Why would I have a say in the doings of my husband?" she asks, voice soft as she takes a sip of her lemonade. "I do believe he is just the lord and I am just his wife." she offers, ducking back nearly into Rona "Welcome home Rona, I trust everything went smoothly?" she asks, suddenly far more interested in her Braavosi sword handling woman. She sets her lemonade on the table pouring the honey sweetened minty lemon juice into two more cups and bringing one for Jessilyn and one for Aeron. She looks like she half expects Aeron to spit his though since it is non alcoholic.

Trystan smiles to Jessilyn, then nods to Rona. "Welcome back, Rona." He then turns to Aeron. "I think I'll be landing the killing blow. Unless you think you have the ability to kill the beast before I." His tone is somewhere between joking and cold.

Arn nods to the returning Rona, "Good to see you again Rona, I think we last spoke at the feast?" He then smiles at Trystan's words, "Mayhaps you two could have a friendly wager on the matter?" He

Aeron stifles a chuckle at Leof's remark, making a strangled snorting kind of sound. It turns into a grin at Trystan, "You've hunted boar before then? Excellent. I'll leave you to the spear and keep the wine for myself." He winks at Arn, and leans into Jessilyn, whispering to her, "Isn't her skin delightful?" "So, Arn, will you be joining the hunt tomorrow?" he asks hopefully.

Rona nods to Leof and says in her notably foreign accent, "Just so, my lady," offering no more details on whatever she was up to. The Braavosi touches to Jessilyn's greeting bring a bright shine to Rona's smile, and she returns the bow in kind, with the necessarily flourish. "Madam Jessilyn. I am Rona Vielo, of Braavos." She dips her head to Arn as well. "Ah yes, I recall, my lord."

Leof does not ask Rona but she does smile. Aeron is given a look and she simply quietly lets the parties mingle, headed out to retie her leather glove and towards he mews. Her shoulders show tension as she cracks her neck, whistling at the wired constructions.

Trystan looks to Aeron, his gaze cold, calculating. He says in a somewhat lighter tone. "No, never boar. Only deer and the like. Suppose this will be a new experience for me." He then turns his gaze to Rona and Jessilyn, smiling, his eyes softening once no longer looking to the Targaryan. "Good to see people getting along in this town. Nice change of pace, from the insults, the rude and snide comments, the willful ostracization…" He sighs, then shakes his head, still not looking at Aeron. "So, will it be us three, then? You, myself, and Lord Tully?"

Arn nods to Aeron, "I can." he then says, "I didn't want to be presumptuous and invite myself." he then sips his drink, "It has been a while since I have been on a boar hunt.

"Of course not, the invite is extended to all men of noble birth," Aeron says with a nod to Arn. He looks at Trystan, arching an eyebrow and shakes his head slightly. "It's a bit more thrilling than deer. Boar have been known to kill dogs, horses, and men, so there's that." He inhales through his nose and calls over to Leof, "Have you named the falcon yet?"

Leof looks over her shoulder "It isn't mine to name." she yells at Aeron, although it is polite. The blonde shrugs "Husband's house, husband's right and all that.". She moves into one of the mewes, taking out her large white falcon, fingers ruffling the bird gently "Hello my lovely." she whispers, returning into view with a bird that looks much too large for her. She holds her arm out letting it take off and circle, watching it closely. No tether..

Trystan blinks as he's given the right to name, then thinks about it. "How about Ailos? I think that's a strong name for a falcon, don't you?"He then looks to Aeron. "So it's a gentleman's day of hunting, I see." he smiles. "Should be fun to be abel to just go out and hunt and not have any women about." he then looks to Rona and Leof, winking to them both. "No offense."

Rona meanders over after Leof, attending her charge. She arches a sculpted eyebrow curiously. "Not yours to name? Was it not a gift to you?" She glances momentarily toward Trystan, then lowers her voice for Leof alone. "Surely is not so domineering?"

Arn smiles to Areon, Well i will look forward to it.' he then says, "Besides there is little that can beat the flavor of fresh boar."

Aeron grins widely at Arn, "Agreed! The feast is the best part of the boar hunt." He looks about the garden again and takes a seat next to Arn, moving his sword out of the way. "It's good to have little time without worrying about scandalizing any ladies, from time to time," he says to Trystan.

Leof eyes Rona "No but I already have a bird, it would be selfish to take it and not share." she offers to Rona, "It was a gift to the house to celebrate our wedding." she offers with a slight frown before whispering "While my husband not be, I would not have accepted it if it had not been a wedding gift." she mumbles only to Rona. The large snowy beast returns with a rabbit, the blonde giving a gesture, which causes the bird to mantle and feast on the flesh.

Trystan looks to his wife speaking with Rona, then just returns his attention to Aeron, nodding. "True enough. I must admit, i don't believe I've ever had boar." He smirks and takes a seat on the fountain's side.

Rona nods, mollified by Leof's explanation. "It sounds as if the men will be quite busy with their hunt. Perhaps we should plan some entertainment of our own while they are gone?" The spark of mischief shines behind her eyes.

Jessilyn leans over to murmur something in Trystan's ear. It must be something either sweet or tawdry, one never knows with Jessilyn. But after the whisper she moves along with Aeron. He can't have pretty arm candy if she's across the room from him. "Come show me your new Hawk! I hear tale that my Lord Aeron went through quite the choosey process to see you have just the right addition to your…coop? I'm sorry, I don't know what their cage is called."

Arn smiles to trystan and pats his shoulder, "Well then you are in for a treat." he grins, "But have a care with me involved there will be some competition for the killing blow.

"It's amazingly good meat. Not gamey at all like a deer or elk and much more tender than a farm pig," Aeron explains. "So how goes the watch, Arn? I don't think I've had a chance to ask you about those pirates that attacked. Did you learn anything interesting about them?"

Trystan nods to Jessilyn, smiling warmly at her. He then nods with a smirk to Arn. "Oh, wouldn't be so much fun without a bit of competition." He looks over to his wife and Rona. "Dear, I just came up with that name off the top of my head. I think since you're better with the birds, you should name it. You have a better idea on how to work with them and such."

Leof considers "Remember to mind the tusks and save them. They make wonderful dagger handles or inlay for decorations." she calls out towards Trystan. She waits for her falcon to flutter up to her arm, pulling the white snow falcon close to tap her cheek getting a faux kiss from him and rewards him with a good ruffling. "Its your bird. The name is fine." she offers with a small smile. "I'll catch an eagle myself." she offers.

Jessilyn gives Trystan a little wink and a subtly bow of her head. Though she looks a little forlorn when Leof just tosses the ball right back into his court. It's a small little sigh of a Couples Councilor when the couple takes one step forward and one step back. She gives Trystan a 'hold your ground' like nod and then settles down next to Aeron and rests her chin on his shoulder, ever so lightly.

Aeron pats Jessilyn's leg after she takes her seat next to him. He looks between Trystan and Leof once, then calls out to Rona. "What kind of entertainment are you thinking of planning?"

Arn shakes his head ot Aeron, "no I have not learned much." He then says, "Not many were taken alive and well it is hard ot learn much from a corpse." he shakes his head a little. "though I do plan on petitioning the Hightower for more funds to give the watch a greater presence on the docks.

Leof shifts, to tap Trystan's cheek, her grand snowy bird pecking Trystan's cheek with a faux kiss. "I really do not care at all what you name your bird so long as you are happy with it." she offers, pausing a moment "Why would I be mad at you?" she asks, leaning to stand on her tip toe to give Trystan a smooch. "The falcon is still in its passager state." She takes a moment to take her bird to replace it in its mew. She leans to whisper into Trystan's ear with her arms over his shoulder to squeeze before taking her glove to put it on Trystan, thankful it is fingerless for the time being before lacing it "Go show her your bird, use a tether, it isn't tamed yet." she suggests.

Rona flashes Aeron a smirk, spreading her hands wide. "I cannot say for certain. I fear that my usual idea of an entertaining day would not be suitable in Oldtown. But, perhaps a gathering of we poor abandoned women, a singer or two, some stories we would never tell the men in our lives, and far too much wine."

Trystan smiles to his wife. "Hehe, then you'll be the talk of all the town. And it's not MY bird, it's our bird. It was a wedding present to us, and last I checked, you had the Banefort name now, as well." He does, however, take the bird on the glove, using a tether. He slowly walks it over to show Jessilyn, smiling.

Jessilyn grins over at Rona, "I think we shall be fast friends. I just so happen to have all of those things at my disposal. You should come to the Bawdy Bard at some point." She stands up slowly to greet the bird while her other hand holds Aeron's hand that was in her lap she caresses the birds breast in a feather soft sweeping of the backs of her fingers lightly over its feathers. "You are a beauty. Lord Aeron, I can see why you said that it was perfect in your mind for Lady Leof. A rare beauty, indeed." As she croons over the bird she tilts her head to address Arn. "My lord, may I make a suggestion?"

"I think that would be wise of Lord Hightower to do so," Aeron admits to Arn. "Whatever happened to the one that I laid out in the Sept?" he asks. He looks over to Jessilyn when she asks her question.

Arn turns to Jessilyn, "Of course Madame Jessilyn, I have no problem with the source if the owrds are wisdom." he then answers Aeron, "He was tuned over to the interrogators. I did not receive further report I will have to look into his state and what he told them personally it seems."

Rona lifts her brow at Jessilyn, her suspicions confirmed at the mention of the Bawdy Bard. "Perhaps so." She casts a glance to Leof to see if she is paying attention to the exchange with the madam.

Jessilyn curtsies to the permission granted to voice an option and she smiles as she does so and continues to stroke the hawk. "Now, our Bravo companion could no doubt be more help in this than I am, for I only know what goes on, on a ship by proxy." Ah sailors! Some of her most reliable clientele. "But from what I have gathered every ship while in port has a contingent of the crew stay behind to watch and guard the ship while the others are away. What if Oldtown was to instill a watch program, that included the night watch crew members into it. Those that participate can receive a deducted docking fee. That way you get more eyes, with very little money, or effort really. At least in thought."

Leof is quiet "Why is that bird more perfect than the one I caught with my own two hands?" she asks, towards Trystan, looking just slightly either upset or agitated. She is indeed paying attention, always. She watches Jessilyn, settling to pat Arn's shoulder "Speaking of you, I made some hard tack and jerky for you to take with you when you go, in appreciation of the wonderful gift." she offers, moving to settle back by her little fish. She's barely left her house.

Aeron rises from his spot next to Jessilyn, giving the falcon a quick glance, and then walks around Trystan and towards Rona and Leof. "And what's your usual idea of an entertaining day?" he asks Rona. He continues walking towards the mews, looking at them with some interest. "Would you mind, Leof?" he asks gesturing to the cages, implying he'd like her to open them for him.

Arn nods to Jessilyn, "That is a good idea,and the lower the cost in coin the more likely I can get it approved." he smiles the the pat on his should and news of the food, "that was not necessary Lady Banefort but I will gladly accept it." he smiles widely at the thought of the upgrade in his normal fare.

Rona hooks her thumbs into the front of her leather belt, adopting a confident stance with her hip thrust to one side. "Well, to be fair, it is more my idea of an entertaining evening — to be dressed well, walking the streets with a trusted companion, looking for a suitable challenge. On a good night, I may kill a man, and then drink to his honor, only with the finest wine in the house of a great courtesan." She sighs wistfully. "But sadly, this is not Braavos."

Leof is quiet, standing back up, moving towards the mewes, her hands in front of her, prim and ladylike. again abnormal. She watches the group as she walks "certainly." Her expression isn't smiling nor is it frowning. She seems a bit cold "This is my falcon, although she's learning to trust Trystan." she offers, dully.

Trystan looks to Rona, blinking, then chuckles. "Well, you can at least do one of those things here." he chuckles and winks to Jessilyn, grinning.

"Well, three out of four ain't bad," Aeron remarks to Rona, giving her a wide grin. He maintains that grin as Leof arrives and dutifully plays hostess. "What's her name again?" he asks Leof as he leans closer to the mew.

Jessilyn blinks at Leof's reaction to her complimenting her and the bird. "Hmm, I think we might have come at a bad time? Seems the Lady Leof is feeling poorly again." She gives one more stroke of the birds chest and then smiles to Trystan, "Thank you for letting me see the bird. It's beautiful and was very nice of Lord Aeron to be so thoughtful in his giving of the present. It's quite a shame that Leof isn't feeling well enough to appreciate the effort and thought that was put behind the giving of it. I hope that I can see you again soon. We still have yet to have found time for that conversation. I hope we can soon." To Arn she gives another curtsy, "My Lord, if you would like, I can speak with my sailor friends and try and deduce if my thought has any more merit than some fancy notion." She then takes a few steps away from that trio towards the Mews. "Lord Aeron, I've remembered I have a meeting I must freshen up for. Will you escort me home? Or shall I find my own way?" She smiles to him and seems just fine with the latter.

Arn nods to Jessilyn, "Yes that would be good, after all I would not want hte embarassment that would come if I received permission and then the sailors thought ill of it and nothing came of it."

Trystan looks to Jessilyn and nods. "Indeed. I do hope we can meet some time soon to have the conversation." He takes her hand and kisses it again, gently, then leans in to whisper to her. After hsi quick message is conveyed, he backs away and bows to Aeron.

Leof is quiet for a minute. "Her name? Thedyra." she murmurs, she has room for more falcons actually, but she's calm about it. "She can be a bit .. nippy." she mumbles. She watches Aeron "I was considering buying a grass sea falcon when I've saved enough coin to do so." she is still a bit icey.

Aeron straightens up and bows slightly to Leof. "Ah… my thanks. Perhaps I'll be here in Oldtown long enough to start a collection here of my own," he says and then turns to face the gathered. "Of course, Jessilyn," he says and dips his head in farewell. "My lords, I shall see you in two days. Lady Banefort, thank you for your hospitality. And my dear, Rona, a pleasure to see you again." He offers his arm to the madam to escort her out and back home.

Arn smiles over to the bird, "It is a lovely beast." he then sighs, "I should likely be getting back to the watch house to make sure things are in order.

Leof when Aeron and Jessilyn go she gets stiff looking, tucking her face against the mesh for a moment before heading back onto the patio. She's got that face on her again. She loosens the lightly padded tunic, dropping it near the door "Goodnight Arn, just stop and talk with the cook. All of you have a wonderful night. Rona you are free to do whatever you want for the evening. I won't be going out in the morning either. You are welcome back anytime you desire to return." she offers, voice soft, and there goes her slippers, weight vanishing indoor.

Trystan looks to his wife, then sighs. "All of you have a good evening." He looks to Rona. "Rona, if you wish to stay or go, that is your choice." he nods to her, then follows his wife, a look of dedication and concern on his face.

"Thank you, my lady, my lord." Rona watches the Lord and Lady Banefort go with a slightly furrowed brow of concern. She offers bows to the other departing nobles. "It was a pleasure, my lords. Madam Jessilyn."

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