(120-12-14) The Offer
The Offer
Summary: Rona visits the Banefort home, and gets an interesting offer.
Date: 120-12-14

Garden - Watercliff Manse, Sphinx Street

This walled garden has several varieties of wild rose bushes clustered around a stone fountain in the form of a miniature city on a cliff, with the water representing rivers that fall and splash into a pool below. Ornamental fish swim the pool, and beside it is a pretty table of white stone and wrought iron.

There's an expanse of flat raked earth taking up the rest of the space, with archery butts standing at one end and the distance providing enough room for drills in horsemanship and other martial arts when the targets are not in use.

At the side gate stands a small stable and a spacious mews. The back gate opens to the river, but there is no dock and it is always locked.

Leof is lounging on a bench, likely with Trystan in a white silk sleeping gown under a light orange robe with grey embroidery. She has a tea service set up - chamomile.

Trystan smiles and lounges with his wife, wearing a set of clothes similar to that of his nobleman's clothes, but more subdued and less restrictive, more for comfort than the look of power and wealth. He sips his tea and holds his wife close with an arm around her waist.

Rona arrives at the home of Lord and Lady Banefort wearing her finest bravo attire. A red jacket with gold piping over a bright purple silk shirt, and a sparkling necklace to accentuate her decolletage. Black trousers, embroidered with silver thread, and tall, lace-up boots that reach her thighs. A shimmering, ocean-blue cape hangs over her right shoulder for a touch of extra class. Her hair hangs loosely around her shoulders in rolling curls. Her blade is peace-tied in deference to her hosts, though she adamantly refuses to be parted from it. Upon seeing the nobles, her face lights up in a bright smile, and she approaches the bench, bowing gracefully before them. "My lord, my lady. Thank you for the invitation."

Leof 's fingers dip into the fountain's pool, her giggle escaping at the fish nibbling her fingertips. "Hello Miss Rona." she offers, her weight curling a little bit as she smiles. Likely no one asked Rona for her weapons. Afterall the house has sharp shooters. She offers a wave, her smile showing as she gets comfortable, the tea lights giving the area a very faint glow here and there..

Trystan smiles and nods. "Good Evening, Rona. Care to join us for tea?" He watches his wife, smiling all the while.

A warmth touches Rona's face at the sight of the newlyweds so comfortable with each other. "Just so. I would be honored." She moves to take a seat on another nearby bench. "I do not recall if I offered proper congratulations on your marriage. So…congratulations. You look to me to be very happy together."

Leof sits up, moving to poor three cups of tea "Welcome to our home. I wanted to ask if you would consider a trial period of work - paid with room and board atop." she offers, voice soft and delicate, but a bit firm. She seems very calm. The garden is lit dimly and people are walking around and investigating.

Vuk was asleep, or had been, now he was awaking, and was now trying to clear his head. "I feel like I took an oar to the skull.." he can be heard saying some where beyond the garden, apparently, he hadn't came back from the Harbourfront with out further drinking post Riker. His hair is still drenched with water from bathing, and it isn't tied back, he wants it to dry first. He also was about to enter the garden, but he notices Leof and Trystan are entertaining the Braavos girl. "I'll fetch the honey and cakes." He says and uses a hand to steady him self as he retreats to get them unless told not to.

Trystan smiles to Rona. "Now, we wouldn't want you to feel as though we are forcing you to do this. but, we would very much appreciate it if you would at least give this job a chance."

Rona takes the teacup with a gracious smile, crossing her legs effeminately to settle in and sip. The sudden offer brings a lift of her slender eyebrows. "An offer of employment, already? It seems I am impressing better than I had thought, yes?" She chuckles softly. "But I can imagine there might be different things you are wanting from me. Protection? A bravo makes an excellent bodyguard, it is true. A teacher, perhaps…?" She smirks, looking directly at Leof.

Leof smiles like a cheshire cat. "Many things. In Westeros it is uncommon not to have a flock of dried biddies around a noble woman. I do not like a flock of bats around me." she offers with a grin. "I would like lessons, a body guard, and an attendant if I get called to court - although I'm considered very rude so it isn't very common to be called." she admits, taking her tea to her lips. "Your job would mostly be to walk with me if I go out to market, and if someone starts a fight to finish it. As for attending me, well it will be strenous, occasionally a soak in the heated baths, perhaps going out hunting with me, eating meals when my husband isn't around, going to bars or where ever I wish to go." she offers with a wink. "It will generally be an easy job, I think." she offers honestly.

Vuk apparently wasn't told to stay before getting food, it might take him longer, because he needed a sip or two of brandy to force the pounding in his head to the back, but he's returning with small sweetened oat cakes, with honey drizzled on them, and berries on the side, a jam of sorts, with the utensils to properly serve them on an earthenware platter, which he lightly places so all can access it with ease, and then he's retreating to the nearest wall to lean against it, eyes closed and fingers pressed against his temples, it might look like meditation.

Trystan turns to speak to Vuk as he heads off, but then realizes: the man might not want to. So, he simply returns to focusing on Rona with a smile. "O understand if you have your qualms. I mean, spending all day with my rather rude wife would drive anyone to heavy drinking." He grins at his wife and winks.

Rona furrows her brow in an expression of mock-disdain. "You would have me take heated baths and visit taverns? This is more than I could bear." She laughs lightly. "You make it sound too good to be true. Why me? You have only known me for little more than a day. This is much trust to put into the hands of a woman you barely know." Her eyes flicker to Vuk at his arrival, offering her fellow warrior a smile of greeting.

Leof holds up a finger "You have a few things Vuk does not have going for him." she offers holding up an herbal pain packet at Vuk and offering to toss it to him to ease his suffering "It would be a bit of a social faux pas to take Vuk to high tea or take a bath with him, even if Trystan trusts me not to act inappropriately." she suggests.

Rona looks down at the few things she has that Vuk does not, smirking.

Trystan looks at the few things Rona has Vuk does not, then back to her face, smirking.

Vuk catches the packet as he opens his eyes and moves to chew it, taste fell or not, it'll ease his suffering. "What Lady Leof means to say, most of the nobles in this city, want to see me dead and consider me a monster." He murmurs quietly and watches Rona as he chews the medicine. "I thought Trystan also trusted my own behaviors?" He asks outloud. Is Vuk no longer trustable!?

Leof ers a bit "No I meant you have a cock, Vuk." she points out. "And our society is a bit segregated." she offers to Vuk blandly. "It is more acceptable to have a hand maiden with breasts and a womanhood."

Trystan looks to his wife, then Vuk. "Exactly as she says, Vuk. Believe me, your behaviors are some of your best features." He then looks to Rona, smiling. "Though, at times he can be a bit too subtle with his speaking."

Rona gives a dimple grin to all three of them, amusing as they are. "Yes, I can see that my sex would be more appropriate in some cases. But you still have not answered my question. Why would you trust me? It is not that I mind being trusted. But I am curious why you would potentially put your life into the hands of somebody you do not know. A stranger without references. For all you know, I am not even who I say I am."

Vuk grunts a bit at Rona's words and then his arms do cross over his chest and his muscles flex a bit. "If you harm Lady Leof or Lord Trystan, it is me you'll have to answer to. If you are lucky, the Watch will find you first." There isn't anger there, or malice, to Vuk that is just fact. "Besides which, this entire city is built on deceit, for all I know Lord Trystan is actually named Jauffery."

Leof rests her weight on Trystan again "Because Banefort is known for archery. Because I am known for being able to hit someone with a hunting bow from 500 yards while bleeding heavily from wounds." she offers plainly. She seems to consider. "Also because if I am to die, I am to die. Is it not better to put faith in others?" also her hiring strangers has worked out well so far. "If you do not want the job you are free to decline without repercussion."

Trystan smiles to Rona. "And also because I can tell you're highly skilled. And i know you will do well protecting my wife. If only because if you don't, I'll hunt you down."

Rona smirks at Leof and Vuk. "If I wished to do harm to this house, I would not play to your strengths. Vuk would not be around, or perhaps he would be dealt with first. Certainly not in single combat. Poison, perhaps, or killed in his sleep. Lady Leof has already told me how easily I could get her alone, in many situations in which archery will be of no use. As for hunting me down, I would be gone from this city before anyone could come for me, on one of a hundred ships. It is a big world to disappear into." She sips at her tea, her dark eyes examining each of them, and settling at last on Leof. "Just so. I will take the job, because you obviously need me. I can be thinking of these things for you. You can be trusting, and I will be seeing." She taps her temple, just by her eye. "But, as you say, this is a trial, to know if we are well matched, yes?"

Vuk bristles when poison is mentioned but calms and watches Rona. "I can think of worst faces to see when I die." He says with a positive openly display of inclination of -liking- some one. "Also, she can hit -you- with sticks and not Arn and Trystan." Vuk has so far, escaped those sessions, he's wily.

Leof smiles innocently "I am not a warrior, nor do I especially need you, I thought you would be interesting as someone forced to stay near me." she stands up, moving to her fish taking another scoop of feed to sprinkle over the surface, watching the little gem toned fish splash in the water. "Vuk, do you like birds?" she asks, tone warning.

Trystan smirks to Rona. "I knew I would like you the more I talked to you. And yes, this is but a test, to see if we are matched well. I certainly hope we are, as yiou're quite fun to be around. Plus, it's nice to have another pretty face around here." He chuckles.

Rona tilts her head, eyes dancing between Vuk and Trystan. "You will make me blush with such compliments." She chuckles into a sip of tea. "Lady Leof, there is one matter that I will be needing time to decide upon. That is training you. My expertise is in the Water Dance, passed down to me by my father. I would not teach it to just anyone."

Vuk glowers a bit when Leof asks that but decides to break to his dull monotone. "Do you wish me to prepare one for your supper? I can make any number of dishes with what stock is available. Perhaps some hen stuffed with crumbled pork and sage cooked in goose fat?" He asks her and flickers his eyes to Rona.

Leof takes a moment "I suppose I should test your skill as well. Fetch me a pair of trousers." she calls out to the nearest servant, waiting for not long before tugging the things on under her skirt, taking a moment to drop her robe and her undergown, wearing a simple white silk under blouse still, to prevent poking "Vuk, is my sword on the rack near you?" she offers, either entirely serious, or joking.

Trystan blinks, then sits back. "This should be interesting. Don't go beating on each other so hard you leave major bruises, now!"

Vuk twists to look and sure enough finds a -wooden- blade for each of them and moves forward to offer them, one to each. "Remember, I am not Arn, nor Trystan, I do not consent to being hit across the back with sticks either." He says and slips back to watch them.

Rona lifts her brow, surprised at Leof's eagerness. But, so it shall be. "Just so," she says, setting down her teacup and stepping to a clear area. She holds up a hand to Vuk, declining the wooden sword. "Lady Leof wishes to see my skill, she should see the kind of weapon I wield. Those are too heavy." With that, she unfastens her sword, scabbard and all, from her belt. The sheathe makes it a bit heavier than usual, but still much lighter than a Westerosi blade. "My lord, I will try very hard not to bruise your wife." With that, she assumes a stance, her body turned sideways to Leof. Her sword is held aloft in one hand, in a high position that would seem to leave her entire lower body vulnerable. "When you are ready, my lady."

Leof chuckles "As long as it isn't across my face no one but Trystan will see it." she offers she takes her short sword and rolls out, still relaxed from her bath earlier in the evening. Her shoulders are actually toned and she's actually a bit solid. "I'm not a warrior, and I am not afraid to make a fool of myself." she half jests.

"First lesson. You are a warrior." Rona's tone is suddenly much more stern and serious. "The moment you picked up that sword, you chose to be a warrior. Do not act in half measures. When you choose to be, be. Now, come for me."

Leof 's weight goes into a classic charge, swing her sword up in an aggresive slash. She isn't polished by Westerosi standards. Her body is quick, and compact. She's actually pretty strong though, only holding the sword with one hand, the other defensively over her core.

Rona's movements are liquid smooth and lightning fast. Leof's attack forces her onto the defensive, her sword coming down to meet the noblewoman's and turn it aside as Rona herself sidesteps and spins to face her opponent once again. "Overly aggressive, but you did not leave yourself open to me. This is good."

Vuk crosses his arms over his chest and looks towards Trystan. "I believe if Rona stays, I will make spiced fish, deboned and stuffed with ground sausage, confit'd. This I will serve alongside a broth of oyster and turnips, laddened with herbs. If Rona takes the offer and stays. I need some one to drink mead with that doesn't remind me of an angry mother at times." He's clearly teasing Leof, and trying to tempt Rona, at once.

Trystan chuckles, watching the fight. "You do that Vuk. And you may end up dooming yourself to having another angry mother looking over you."

Leof is slow to step back, her sword going for Rona's thigh, carefully. Her entire frame shivering just a little as she moves, bouncing out of the way, her ehtire frame focusing on Rona.

Rona moves in to attack, but again finds herself forced to defend. When her leather sheathed blade intercepts the wooden sword, the edge of Leof's blade is resting against her thigh. Not a devastating blow, but a definite hit. Rona smirk, tilting her head. "You see? You are a warrior after all."

Vuk waves a hand dismissively at the dueling. "Well, Lord Trystan, you know poultices, you can handle any cuts. I'll begin the supper.." He says, moving back in the house to do just that, or until yelling starts for him.

Leof 's not cocky, but she does go in for a quick thrust against Rona, working her feet quickly and gracefully. She isn't polished at all, she's onlyy had rudimentary lessons at best.

Having taken the measure of Leof's skill, Rona begins to circle her, teasing at her blade, taking control of the field of battle. When Leof comes in for what could be a killing blow, Rona's blade locks with the wooden sword, holding it back as she twirls behind Leof, bringing her sword around in the spin to rest lightly against Leof's back. "You are dead, my lady. Many apologies." By her smile, she doesn't look terribly apologetic.

Trystan smirks, raising an eyebrow. "I said not to bruise my wife. Killing her is also an issue."

Leof considers "Trystan, would that kill me or just hurt like hell?" she asks, jokingly calling in a judgement "If you want the job, it is yours, if you do not, it is fine. The offer for a two week trial stands." she offers, moving to set her sword back on the rack before blinking "Huh who left my mewes open?" she asks, licking her lip giving three loud pipping whistles waiting a moment before her white falcon comes to land nearby. "Just getting a snack there love?" she asks, calmly.

Vuk is inside, actually preparing food, or he's avoiding loud noises to keep the pounding at bay, and he really won't let any one else get involved in prepping food once he's decided he'll do it. He also has a knife for carving, let servants take their chances!

"I did say I would take the job, no?" Rona refastens her scabbard to her belt. "To be fair, no, it was not a killing blow. Not with this sword. A Braavosi blade is best suited to thrusting, not slashing. But it would set you up for a final strike. So, it is the same, in the end."

Trystan smirks. "It is as she says, love." He sighs, then stretches a bit.

Leof takes a moment, showing Rona the dagger on her calf "The baths are on the first floor, if you need a sleeping or bathing robe - they are in the closets in the guest rooms. There are plenty of guest rooms.

The broth was easiest to prepare first, simply being combined to cook in a kettle over flame, it's salted fish that take long, having to be carefully deboned and sausage decased and carefully shoved back in. Whilst some cooks may use string to hold the fish together to confit, Vuk uses some sort of onion, carefully sliced into strands to hold them together. The Confiting will take longer, for he has to heat up goose fat, and he's watching a pot of it as it heats and seemingly seeing of a watched pot will boil.

Rona looks toward the house. "I will stay here, then? For these two weeks? I would not mind this. Inn rooms cost coin." She meanders toward the house. "I will need to fetch my things from the tavern. But they are few." She glances back at Leof with a wry smirk. "You did say heated baths, yes?"

Leof smiles "Heated. Steaming and with fragrant oils. Food included as well. Just don't drink my wine from Volantis, I'm saving that." she whispers with a wiggling finger at Rona, taking a moment to put her falcon away quickly before returning to trod in behind Rona. She seems in a good mood "If you like horses, you may borrow one of the Rounseys."

Rona hums approvingly at the description of the bath and promise of fine food. "Horses? I…ah…do not ride. There is so little need in Braavos. It is easier to walk or go by boat through the canals." She sniffs the air, perking up. "Something smells delicious."

Vuk eventually can slip the fish stuffed with sausage into the goose fat to spend hours being slow cooked in fat for as long as needed until the household wishes to eat, and he'll reemerge from the house as he hears Rona mentioning not knowing how to ride. "Do not worry Braavos Rake, I will be able to teach you how to ride a horse." He says with an inclination of his head. "If you require some thing cooked, I am always able to be roused to culinary creation." He also offers.

Leof laughs softly "I'm quite good at riding. Be careful around the war horses and my Palfrey - the grey mare with the white mane and black nose is sort of maltempered but I very much love her." she admits, wrapping an arm over Rona's shoulder, gently.

Rona doesn't seem to mind the arm over her shoulder. "I suppose I must learn if I am to go hunting with you. Vuk, you will take me out to show me, yes?"

Vuk inclines his head a bit at Rona. "Of course, I can also teach you to read and write if needed." He says quietly to Rona, watching how Leof warms up to her so quickly, there might be a flash of morose Vuk there, but it washes away to his stoic nature.

Leof smiles "Not necessarily, I tend to hunt on foot with a bow. Can you use a bow?" she asks, curiously. She sleepily moves to hug Vuk's shoulders. "Thank you for being such a wonderful assistant, I need to get a bit of rest." she offers, voice soft.

Rona chuckles. "I know how to read and write. But no, I am not familiar with the bow. My studies have always been about the sword. But we can discuss this more later. Let us eat and sleep for now."

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