(120-12-12) The Banefort Wedding Reception
The Banefort Wedding Reception
Summary: Lord and Lady Banefort throw a party to celebrate their marriage.
Date: 121-12-12
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Lion Door Manse, Starry Street

This is a grand manse maintained by the Lannister family for when they wish to stay in Oldtown.

The house faces the prestigious Starry Street. The first story is protected by narrow high windows that stop people from seeing inside, but the big windows on the back wall and the four upper stories make the manse bright and airy over all.

The first floor's main hall is brightly lit with lamps to make up for the shortcomings of the street-facing windows, and the walls are covered in tapestries of rich crimson and gold. There's a grand dining room separated from the entry hall by broad doorway. The house is richly decorated and well-appointed, with luxurious furnishings.

There are sitting rooms up in the floors above, as well as bedchambers. Like almost all of the houses in Oldtown, it shares two walls with its neighbors on either side, but the servants quarters, kitchens, and servant's stairs buffer the house proper from any noise that could possibly leak through the thick stone walls.

There's a pleasant walled garden in the back, viewed from the windows in the back wall. The upper stories have balconies to overlook it.

Leof is mostly quiet, arrived ahead of time and helping get her cooks to carry the food in. Pig, Beef, Pots and pots of sea food. A proper feast. The casks had been delivered ahead - Just because Haydn is generous enough to host doesn't mean the party should drane his stock. Wines, Ales, Meads, Ciders. More than will be drank in the night more than likely. She's taking a moment to rest her weight against the entry way, waiting for Trystan to get in, her fingers making sure her orange embroidered gown is looking perfectly. She's been doing all of the actual hostessing work, and was even so generous as to bring Haydn a thank you gift for his generousity. The party takes up portions of the street as well - that would be for the small folk. Musicians are playing fashionable - and classy music.

Vuk was escorting Rona, he did offer, and he also smuggled a bottle of his favourite mead along. Nobles prefer wines, Vuk has an aversion to wine, as in it's likely he'll never touch it again. Whilst Rona was gathering things for her own purposes, Vuk had largely been considering things, parties. Alot of people, alot of guardsmen, but to many people, and this city was not to be trusted. Which might be more amusing, given he's going with an utter stranger. But that would be them, Rona and Vuk! You know, with the smallfolk.

With the smallfolk? Rona Vielo is not about to be kept from the real party. Whether Vuk allows himself to dragged along or not, she is headed for the house itself, seeking out Trystan and Leof. "Com along, Vuk. We are invited guests, not common rabble come to feast for free."

Trailing behind Vuk and Rona the red haired wood working witch who lived on the edge of the wooded area outside of Oldtown strides into the gathering. She smiles bashfully at some of the men and women who look her way - eyecatching creature that she is. But like in the tavern there are those who simply refuse to look at her. She liberates a goblet of wine from a passing servant's tray and soaks in the sights with her large green eyes. This was a rare outing for her - mostly she kept to herself.

Arn arrives a bit later then the others he did not come straight from the tavern instead he stopped by his quarters to get into proper feasting attire. he enter the house and smiles looking for hte couple of honour.

Vuk isn't really going to resist being in the party proper, he'll just make a small protest before Rona is leading him in. Some thing about Nobles, and disgruntled Noble. "I suppose it might be best if I am by my Lady and Lord's side in case of undesirable elements." He finally relents and falls into step with her, he isn't in feasting attire, he's in proper battle kit, because he views this more as an official extension of his duties. That and having come straight from a tavern with Rona.

Rona carries a cloth-wrapped bundle in one arm, held carefully to avoid wrinkling. "I need to find a place to deposit this, for later. Undesirable elements, hm? Other than the ones that were invited?" She smirks playfully.

Aeron walks in next, the famous courtesan Jessilyn on his arm as his date for the evening. He's dressed in finery of black and crimson with a dragon motif for his buttons and buckles. Jessilyn contrasts the dark outfit in his house's colors with a brilliant gown of emerald green. He stops at the door, turning in his sword belt and weaponry to one of the stewards at the entrance. Aeron leads the couple towards the the Lord and Lady Banefort, waiting in the reception line to greet the couple of the evening.

Simona steps inside the Lannister manse, her arms interlocked with her Septa's. The highborn maiden and her Septa will give the Targaryen and courtesan a curious look before both their heads turn, and they give each other a brief look. Being unknown to most in the room, after she breaks away from her Septa she will cross the room to stand in the corner and watch.

Vuk will gently lead Rona now, towards some of Trystan's armsmen and speak quietly to them. "You may entrust the package with them, they'll remain mostly sober, and if they do not, I will cuff them about the ears." He says in his dull tone and looks over Rona again. "Yes, I am unsure how you snuck in here except by taking advantage of my station in Lady Leof's house."

The fetching red haired witch who has just passed the entryway with Rona and Vuk turns on her heel curtseying to both the Lady Simona and the Targaryen and his courtesan. "My Lord - and Ladies," she says politely. She is well dressed for a commoner but a commoner nonetheless. Her accent still has a twang of Essos in it. Polishing off her wine she looks for an excuse to talk to someone - large green eyes still surveying the crowd.

Rona reluctantly hands the package over to one of the men. "Take great care with that," she says insistently, her Braavosi accent clipping each syllable. She gives Vuk's arm a pat, chuckling softly. "You do not give me enough credit, Vuk. You do not believe I could charm my way into a party all on my own?"

Haydn comes in, perhaps a little late, but he was acquiring permission to escort a new lady to town to the affair. Her arm laid upon his Haydn who's in rather subdued fashion for a Lannister in red study velvet and gold fastening for a dublet and black leather trousers with gold lions rampant embossed along the outside of the legs. "I do applaud your willingness to leap in head first. Even I wasn't so bold." He says with an appreciative smile to Alaura.

Leof Is quiet, waiting as she adjusts her metallic belt from across the sea - likely a wedding gift from a family friend, her arm looped with Trystan's, Vuk is eyed and her weight gives Aeron a one second gesture, no offense intended before she touches Vuk's arm "Rona is here as my personal guest and I would prefer if you did not judge my foreign guests. I personally invited her." she whispers, voice soft and restrained. She returns back to Trystan's arm and curtsies to Aeron, her frame actually show cased by the silk. She seems largely relaxed about it all though.

Arn bows to Leof and Trystan, "Congratulations again." he then smiles over to Rona and bows to the invited foreign guest as well, "How does everyone fare this night?"

Vuk listens to Leof as she catches him and then looks at Rona. "Forgive me, I am not allowed to have a sense of humor. Lady Leof's invitation aside, I am sure you would have been invited by any number of Lords or Ladies." He says and moves to slip the mead to Rona, like it's a great secret he brought his own bottle and winks once at Arn, like he's allowed to know all about it.

Dressed in a beautiful green silk gown, accented with beautiful thread of gold roses, is Alaura. She steps gracefully in on Haydn's arm, big green eyes watching the people as they pass by. "I am a Tyrell of Highgarden my Lord, it is what I do." She looks around and says in her whisper like voice, "My mother sent me here to not only keep eyes on Matrim, but also to learn what it is to be noble." She gives a warm smile and says, "Would you care to tell me who all these people are?"

Alaura also has her septa right behind her, the old woman keeping a close eye on Haydn

A subtle narrowing of Aeron's eyes may be noticed when he sees Vuk interact with Leof. Though, he does a reasonable job of remaining relaxed otherwise. When it is their turn, Aeron bows to Leof, "Lady Banefort. On behalf of House Targaryen, please accept my congratulations on your marriage to Lord Banefort." Jessilyn, as if on cue, curtsey's at the appropriate moment.

Trystan smiles at the guests, arm linked with his wife. he then bows to Aeron as his wife curtsies. "Lord Targaryan. I'm so lad you could attend." He then bows to Jessilyn smiling. "Always good to see you as well, Madam Jessilyn." He hasn't noticed his liege or the woman on his arm yet.

Rona gives a flourishing bow to Leof and Trystan. "I am so honored to be your guest, my lady. My lord," she also offers to Trystan. As she and Vuk move away, she gives the warrior another chuckle. "Well, you do make it difficult to tell if you are joking or not. So dry, you are." She graciously takes the bottle from Vuk, downing a swig and nodding approvingly.

Haydn is approached by a servant whom offers up a golden platter that is heaped with soft plucked from the center delicious pieces of bread and a matching golden bowl filled with some of the finest salt the world has to offer. "I will, and here's the perfect excuse to meet everyone. Will you join me in the hospitality ritual? Would you like to hold the salt or the bread my lady? While we meet the guests." He asks smiling wide and boyishly. It's quite clear he's feeling extremely lucky at the moment.

Aeron bows again to Trystan and then extends his hand towards the man. "And to you, Lord Banefort, may the Seven watch over your union," he says. The with a lowered voice and a wide, wide grin he says to him, "And may the Mother have mercy on your soul." He winks at Trystan before taking his leave for the wine.

Vuk will give Aeron a smile, about as happy as Aeron's own looks. "Lord Aeron." He says before Rona is hopefully pulling him away from the situation and looking at her when she mentions how dry he is. "Yes, I am told I am a dull man." He says to her and continues to watch others ..perhaps a with a touch of paranoia. "I do hope Lady Leof and Lord Trystan are not driven mad by small talk." he comments to Rona.

Jessilyn gives Aeron's arm a little squeeze when she feels him tense up beside her and her hand gently pets the hand she is rest over in all that proper escorting style. "Everything looks very grand my lord Banefort. You look dashing as ever and oh Lady Leof, you look so beautiful. Congratulations again."

Trystan takes the hand and shakes it firmly, before then looking to his wife with a smile. "Quite the turnout, eh?"

Isador finds a quiet corner and merely watches the goings on. Being a small target had kept her alive for the short period that she had enjoyed so far. The designs of nobles and princes being slightly beyond her.

Leof smiles to Aeron, she's caught sight of Haydn, but she doesn't fuss or move away, giving Aeron a curtsey, looking ever so delicate. "Thank you so very much, my lord and Thank you for coming." Aeron's knuckles are given a light cradled touch and gently squeezed. "Welcome." she offers. Aeron's words are enough to cause her to flush a little, fingers very gently releasing to take Jessilyn's fingers and squeeze them. "Please be sure, my lord, to leave some of the Dornish wine for the others." she teases, smiling. "Thank you for coming." she offers to Jessilyn.

Trystan adds a smile and nod to Jessilyn.

After making his presence known to Leof and Trystan he smiles to Vuk as the man shows him the sneaky bottle. He also makes his way to the edges of the party observing it for the moment more then participating in it.

Looking to the salt, then the bread, the Tyrell lady gives a small smile and reaches out a hand and says, "I will take the salt if you do not mind Lord Haydn." She takes the salt bowl when it is handed to her and she looks around to see if maybe she can find her brother in the fray, Gods know that if he's not here wenching he's off somewhere else with a strumpet on his knee.

Aeron briefly disengages from the arm of Jessilyn and turns to face Leof and bows deeply and with great flourish. "I shall try, my lady Banefort, I shall try so very hard, but I fear that no vineyard has produced a cask large enough to sate my thirst for a good Dornish red."

Simona will subtly drink down a quarter of a cup of wine to settle her nerves around these strangers before she comes forth to greet the newlywed couple with a well-formed curtsey. "My Lord and Lady Banefort. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Simona Corbray, eldest daughter to Lord Corbray of Heart's Home." She looks at Leof, "My father knows yours I believe, as we are somewhat neighbors. My father sends his well-wishes and congratulations."

Rona laughs softly. "I did not say you are dull, Vuk. But you are dry. You are…without great variation in your faces. Yes? When you are seriously, you make this face." She adopts an exaggerated countenance of sternness. "But when you are making jokes, you make this face." She puts on the very same face. "You are subtle, I think. So subtle, that only you can appreciate it."

Trystan turns to Simona, smiling and bowing. "A pleasure meeting you, m'lady. And thank you ever so much for coming." he then looks between her and his wife, eager to hear the chatter between two women.

Vuk grunts quietly at how Rona teases him. "Showing displeasure at things can get you in trouble with the whimsical natures of some Lords." He comments and makes his hand present it self so he can get a sip of his own mead. "I also rarely like to let others know what I feel when in public, such things can bring harm to one's reputation, where once one was known as a beast and savage, it may become known, they are not. This can mean one can lose an edge to deter action against their charge." He says, eyes flickering to Leof.

Leof curtsies to Simona "Yes I've visited Heart's home when sailing to Strong Song. I've seen the Lady Forlorn, very beautiful." she offers, reaching to very gently take Simona's fingers and squeeze them. "I'm sure we've met before, actually, but the dates and times are a bit difficult to recall." she offers with one of her brightest, warmest smiles available. "Perhaps you were at an Arryn gala at some point. If you feel home sick, the Cider in the Cask with the Redfort crest it is from near home." she offers, openly.

Haydn happily places the bowl of salt into Alaura's hands and smiles. "I don't mind at all. If you would allow me then…" He takes what to his eye looks like the finest morsel of bread, dips it into the salt in the bowl she holds and then holds up the salty piece of bread to Alaura's mouth. "Since you don't have hands free… Welcome Lady Alaura to Oldtown and of course to my home." Once she has taken in his hospitality he leads her towards the Bride and Groom. "Congratulations Lord and Lady Banefort. Please be welcomed and may you live long happy lives together." He gestures to Alaura, "May I introduce you to Lady Alaura Tyrell. She has graced me with her arm tonight. She's very recently arrived to Oldtown, her servants are unpacking this very moment. I thought this a good event for her to meet her new neighbors. Lady Alaura, this is Lord Trystan Banefort and his bride, Lady Leof, from the Vale."

Rona shrugs to Vuk. "Perhaps. I do not criticize. This is your face, and it is very effective. For me? I do not believe I could do this. It is not the way of a bravo to bury the feelings. Braavosi blood runs hot. It cannot be contained." She swipes her hand in a gesture of finality. "So, my reputation is one of skill. I show that I am unconcerned about danger, because I am not, and my blade has already told my story." She sighs, shrugging. "At least, that was true in Braavos. Here? I may need to begin anew."

Trystan turns to his liege and his date. "Lord Lannister, it is an honor to see you. Thank you very much for coming, and thank you for the good wishes. And Lady Tyrell, an honor to meet you." He bows to to them both. "I do hope you both enjoy the evening."

Arn looks around the party and spots someone he has not meet who seems to not be in conversation at the moment and he walks over to Isador and smile, "Good evening, you were at the tavern earlier were you not?"

"I might remember you from when we were both children." Simona admits with a gentle little smile as she squeezes Leof's hand lightly in return. "My aunt wed one of Lord Arryn's younger brothers so we were often at the Eyrie." Her smile brightens slighlty, "Ah, I've just arrived so I am not quite so homesick yet. I've come to be wed myself, and to meet my betrothed." Her smile turns bashful, "And here I am going about myself. Again, my congratulations Lord and Lady Banefort." When Haydn introduces Alaura her eyes will cut over to the Tyrell curiously, and she will examine her face for a heartbeat or two.

Vuk will slowly guide Rona -away- from the press of nobles near Leof and Trystan so he can shift up against a wall. "I wouldn't worry to much Rona of Braavos, there is many noble Houses who will find use for a good blade. Perhaps in time, it will be you sent to collect my head." He offers to her, it isn't very mirthful, infact, even Vuk seems to have a cloudy view of it, annoyed more then angry. "Lady Leof and Lord Trystan will no doubt, if I urge them, consider taking you into their employ." He suggests.

Taking the bit of bread with her lips Alaura gives a bit of a blush and she moves with the Lannister Lord over to the bride and groom. Upon arriving she inclines her head and says, "Many blessings on your nuptials my Lord and my Lady, may the Gods, the old and the new smile on your union." She offers up the salt bowl, "I do apologize that I was a bit too late to attend the wedding, I am sure you were quite radiant my Lady." Her voice is still soft, just barely above a whisper, yet she can still be heard.

The Lord Targaryen resumes escorting Jessilyn towards the wine casks and picks up to goblets to be filled with Dornish red. He presents on to Jessilyn and they share a toast with whispered words. "The evening is young, but the music is good. Would you care to join me for a dance?" he asks her.

Leof 's fingers release within a polite amount of time from Simona "My Lord Lannister you honor us with your generousity." She whispers, resting a bit of her weight on Trystan. "Lord Lannister, this is Lady Simona Corbray. Lady AuloraTyrell." she gestures, smiling and helping break the ice "Oh gosh as a child, until I was fifteen I was so short my father feared me a dwarf and I was very heavier set. The Coldwaters were very generous with helping me to lose my childhood nickname." She offers in a low tone, laughing softly. "Please do not apologize, we wed very modestly." she offers, taking a small piece of bread before dipping it in the salt to try, expression thinking "From the Summer Isles?" she asks, likely about the salt. "Again, too generous, my lord." she offers with a bright smile to Haydn.

Rona leans up against the wall beside Vuk, taking another swig of his mead before handing it back to him. "Rona Vielo, sworn sword? That is an amusing thought. But even if so, I would never be an assassin. If I ever took your head, it would only be with the deepest respect in a duel of honor."

Vuk scowls a bit but drinks from his mead, the bottle is held so if Rona wants, she can easily take it back. "I am not a sellsword. I pledged to serve Lady Leof and Lord Trystan." He says quietly to her, as if scolding her slightly. "I hope your blade need not cross against my Hammer, it would be a dreadful affair, both of us would likely need to see a Maester." he comments quietly to her.

Trystan nods. "Indeed. Thank you, my lord." He does as his wife does, smiling at his liege and all the women around him.

Jessilyn glides along with her Targaryen escort and smiles to him warmly. She clinks her goblet against his and takes a good quaff of the Dornish Red. "Do you know, I once knew a girl, bless her, that thought that the people from Dorne were as tan as they are because the drank Dornish Red?" She chuckles and shakes her head before taking another drink of the wine. "We might lose our cups if we put them down." She teases.

Isador smiles at Arn, "Yes indeed - I am Isador - just Isador. A woodcarver and craftswoman." She sounds a little foreign even though her features are local. Isador has sidled up alongside Vuk and Rona in the mean time, "Being accused of being a sellsword is not the worst thing in the world," she notes. "But aren't sworn swords merely sellswords with only one client?"

Rona smirks as she takes the mead back. "I did not say you are a sellsword. You are a sworn sword, yes? I can see the appeal in that. But I have never served another. I am not certain I could do it. Then again…starving does not sound preferable." She gives Isador a smirk, shaking her head. "Even I know better than that, Isador. A sworn sword is bound by honor, not by coin."

Haydn makes sure the Bride and Groom get their salt and bread and enjoy it before nod-bowing to them before angling himself to offer Simona the platter of bread for her to select half of the customary greeting from him before dipping it in the salt and eating it. He might not have planned the party, nor is truly hosting. But he will see the proper tradition of seeing to Guest Right. "Lady Simona, welcome, please accept my hospitality."

Arn nods to Isador, "a wood carver?" he seems a little surprised then looks at her dress and smiles, "Well you must be quite skilled." he then says, "Well it is more then that i think sworn sword has make a commitment where a sell sword could only have one client but be purchasable.

Vuk bristles and his eyes flash into life when Isador asks that. "A sellsword is easily corrupted and brought against those he was charged to protect. They are dogs in the street, squabbling over the scraps of others." He sounds genuinely hurt and then as quick as his temper flared, he returns to his dull expression, lips no longer a snarl. "You should consider employ with a Noble Family Rona of Braavos. At least you could find a way into every party like Lord Aeron, though, I suspect you won't drinking as much as him." He suggests to her and watches Isador for a bit, as if expecting her to protest Sellsword vs Swornsword..or with Vuk; Swornhammer.

Simona turns slightly to curtsey to Haydn and Alaura. "Ser Haydn. Your home is very lovely. It is a pleasure to meet you, lady Alaura." Greetings given, she reaches out to take a hunk of bread from the tray, press it into salt, and pop it into her mouth. When Leof mentions that she was short and pudgier when she was younger her already wide eyes will widen slightly more in comprehension while she chews on the bread.

Aeron swirls his cup and grins at Jessilyn. "It's true, though!" he replies, then laughs and takes a sip of the wine. He crooks out his arm to escort Jessilyn to the floor. "Who said anything about setting down drinks? I thought you would be able to hold their wine and dance as I am, but if not, then I suppose I could find some other lady here…." he grins over the cup at Jessilyn and takes another quick sip of wine.

Alaura keeps a warm smile on her lips when Leof says they had a moderate wedding, "Well I am sure the Gods will smile on you." She looks to Simona and inclines her head to the woman, "As it is to meet you Lady Simona, thank you for the warm welcome, I pray my time in Old Town will be lovely." She keeps the small bowl held gently in both hands.

Jessilyn makes a quick little pfting sound. "You cannot bait me. You'll simply have to buy me a new gown when you inevitably splash the most staining liquid in Westeros on my gown. Don't think I don't know that's why you prefer to wear your family colors." All of her ribbing and playfulness is done in lower tones. But with that said she reaches out to steal a drink of Aeron's wine to get it a bit lower and past a point where it's easily sloshed about and then she takes his hand and heads for the dancing area, not minding one bit that there's barely anyone using it at the moment.

Leof was nearly a foot shorter and nearly thirty pounds heavier in her early teens, with notoriously long blonde curls. "I'm hoping so, yes. I appreciate your kindness." she offers to Alaura, "I hope it doesn't offend that we kept it so very small." she offers. Her smile shows as she leans to watch around, her smile to Simona is amused "I'm glad you are here, I hope you enjoy the lovely weather and gentle climate." she offers, gesturing at one of the Banefort guards to request nicely for something to be brought to her, sending them off in a hurry.

Trystan smiles and squeezes his wife's arm gently.

"One day, Jessilyn, I shall win a battle of wits against you," Aeron says with a chuckle. Once he's led to the dance area proper, he lifts his cup towards the musicians and then bows to Jessilyn. After her curtsey, he leads Jessilyn holding her hand in his right, the cup of wine held out to the side with his left. "So, have you decided on which men you'd like to dance with tonight?" he asks.

"I inherited no small amount of wealth from my master in Braavos Lord… Tully is it?" Isador reveals one small fact about herself to Arn. "An oath can be temporary," Isador says playfully trailing behind Rona's remarks - "And all the more valid for its lack of permanence. One would more readily serve faithfully a bad master for a short rather than a long time no?"

"I will take your advice under consideration," says Rona to Vuk. "After all, otherwise I may have to become a sellsword, if I want to put food in my belly." She glances to Isador, shrugging. "An oath can only be temporary if it is sworn thusly. Else it has no meaning, and one's word becomes worthless."

Arn nods to Isador, "It is Tully." he then says, 'As for the oath that all depends on it's terms." he shrugs. "i have a feeling Vuk here will be more loyal then most."

Vuk lightly crosses his arms over his shoulder with a slight grunt at Isador. "You are entitled to what ever views you wish. I can not tell you how to perceive the world around you." He says quietly with a stoic expression before his eyes fall on Rona. "I wouldn't mind at the very least, some one else to help train Lady Leof and her charge Bryn in the way of blade and the like, it will give me a break from her trying to hit me with wooden sticks."

Haydn leads the Lady Tyrell to the gathering of smallfolk. The offering of Guest Right is offered to them now that the prime guests have been handled. Perhaps making sure to bind the cluster of folk to the rules of hospitality sooner than later to assure there is no rabble rousing that occurs. His smile is genuine then, he's a charitable man. "Welcome to my home. I am Lord Haydn Lannister and this is the lovely Lady Alaura. We would like to extend my hospitality to you and bid you have a good revelry in honor of my Bannerman and his new bride. Enjoy." One by one he extends the platter of bread to Arn first since he's the noble in the group. Then to the women, Rona and Isador and lastly to Vuk. He does look interested in the smallfolk introducing themselves. Arn he knows simply from being around, "Lady Alaura, this is Lord Arn Tully."

Simona returns Alaura's smile, and says as the lady is lead away by the Lannister Knight, "I'm sure we'll see more of each other, lady Alaura." She has the good sense and grace not to blurt out what Leof's former nickname was. "Thank you, lady Banefort. May the Seven bless your marriage." That said, she gives another curtsey before wandering over to the refreshment table to finish off her cup of wine.

Rona smirks at Vuk. "Oh, you would prefer that I am hit with wooden sticks instead? We shall see. I have been in Oldtown only a few days. I do not think I should be swearing loyalty to any house just yet." At Haydn's approach, she gives a respectful bow of greeting, taking the bread when offered. "Thank you, my lord."

Vuk will bow at the waist to Haydn, one arm over his waist, the other at his back. "Thank you Lord Haydn." He says and takes the bread and chews it quickly, salt and bread..just. Salt. Blech. "Lord Haydn, I believe we met once before, but this is Rona of Braavos." He says, a hand moving to gracefully indicate Rona. "I am attempting to persuade her to seek employment with one of the Noble Houses." Vuk says and eases a bit closer to Rona, there might be genuine interest in Vuk's glances at her, but with Vuk that would mean slightly less scowling, and more like a neutral, tight lipped expression.

Alaura gives a warm smile to the smallfolk, and a bend of the knee to the Tully Lord, "My Lord." She inclines her head to the group and says softly, "It is a pleasure to meet all of you." She offers the small bowl out for Haydn to do his thing with it.

Isador curtsies graciously smiling at the Lord when she accepts her portion of the bread.

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