(120-12-12) Before the Party
Before the Party
Summary: Prior to the party celebrating the Banefort marriage, several locals and a newcomer meet at the Quill and Tankard.
Date: 120-12-12

Amidst the evening chatter and clatter of clanking tankards, flirting barwenches, and the laughter of the pleasantly inebriated, Rona Vielo descends from the upstairs rooms. She is clad in the bright colors one would expect of a Braavosi, offsetting the dark tresses flowing around her shoulders. Her elfish eyes scan the crowd curiously as she steps. Her wrist rests against the pommel of the elegant, thin blade at her hip, to prevent the scabbard from thumping the stairs as she comes down.

Trystan sits at one of the tables, sipping on a tankard of cider. He wears his nobleman's clothes, and even has an escort, a rather muscular man in black leather armor with his hood pulled up, sitting at the table with his master, sword and dagger at his side. Trystan, himself, has no fewer than four daggers attached to his hip. He is silently scanning the tavern when he notices the woman descending the staircase. He smiles at her warmly, then simply returns to his drink.

Catching the smile, Rona returns a dimpled grin of her own, and boldly weaves her way through the tavern to Trystan's table. "You have empty seats here," she says in accented speech. "I would like to fill one." She arches, still giving him a cocky smile. Her eyes shift once to the man's escort, taking note of his weapons in an obvious sizing up.

The man looks to the woman, then to his master. Trystan nods, and the man simply returns to his drink. The Banefort nobleman then looks up to Rona, smiling warmly. "Who am I to turn down the company of a beautiful woman?" he then motions for her to take a seat.

Rona lifts her chin slightly in proud response to his compliment. Hooking her toe into the leg of a chair, she scoots it back and sinks into it, folding one trouser-clad leg over the other. "That is an excellent question. Who are you? Though I do appreciate that you did not turn down the company of a beautiful woman." With a smirk, she casts her eyes about for a wench, beckoning with one gloved finger when she spots one.

Trystan chuckles, then extends his hand to Rona, who is sitting with him and his guard amidst the tavern-goers. "Lord Trystan Banefort. Head of House Banefort. And may I learn your name?" He is smiling brightly, warmly.

Leof is quiet, slipping in with a guard, looking a bit overwhelmed.

Rona places her hand in Trystan's in the feminine way, but with a firmer grip than one would expect. She lifts her brow in mock surprise. "A lord? Well, I do have good taste, it seems. As for me, I am Rona Vielo of Braavos." She rolls her tongue and announces her identity with the tone of importance one might apply to a knight or noblewoman.

Trystan kisses her hand, smiling. "One of the Braavosi? Interesting.. a pleasure to meet you." he looks up and sees his wife, smiling at her and waving her over with her guard.

Leof approaches Trystan and eyes Roona before giving a curtsy and resting a hand on her side "Going to play at the tavern and leaving me stuck with all of your men again, hm?" she teases, standing on her tip toes to give Trystan a cheek peck before smiling to Rona and politely bowing her head. "It is nice to meet you." she offers.

Rona quirks an eyebrow at the kiss to Trystan's cheek, piecing a puzzle together in her mind. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well," she says with an obvious foreign accent. "Lord Banefort, will you introduce me to your lovely companion?"

Trystan smiles. "Of course. Rona Vielo of Braavos, this is my lovely wife, Lady Leof Banefort nee Elesham." He returns the kiss, but to her forehead. "And I left you with my men because you have more use for them. Telling them to run around and get our party ready is a much better use for them than having a small army guard us." He chuckles and puts his arm around his wife's waist.

Leof is dainty looking at first glance. She offers in a proper accent, <I am charmed to meet you.>, her low Valyrian - while hers is more suited to Pentos - it should be easily understood. She curtsies despite not addressing other nobility. "I should like to rest a bit and have a meal before I deal with them any further. Would you like to join us Miss Rona?" she asks, cheerfully.

Rona is a proud woman, but apparently not a stupid one. She rises from her seat, moving it nearer to Trystan and gesturing invitingly to it. "<Lady Banefort, I am honored,>" she replies in Low Valyrian, before shifting back to Westerosi. "Please, sit and rest." She turns to the barwench she'd summoned, ordering a tankard for herself before leaving it open for orders from the others. Taking up a new seat, she finds herself a bit closer to Trystan's guard, who gets a smirk and a wink.

Trystan smiles and orders another round of cider for himself and his men. His man who received the wink and smirk simply raises an eyebrow.

Leof smiles "Is it not proper to address someone in a comfortable language when welcoming them to a strange new place?" she offers, warmly. She considers, gesturing at the wench "Could you please bring me a mug of hot tea and whatever it is your special is?" she is polite, even with the wench. "I don't mind if you sit next to my poor husband, he sees more than enough of me at home." she jokes, pausing to offer a smile to Trystan "Did you order fish for the garden?" she asks, curiously. "Or are they a wedding gift?"

"You are very considerate," Rona dips her head to Leof, but remains where she is. "You speak of wedding gifts. Are you recently wed, then?" She slouches a bit in her seat, one arm hooked over the back of the chair.

Trystan smirks. "I ordered the fish. I had thought they would be a nice addition, to have fish in the pond in the garden." He then turns to Rona. "Aye. We were wed only a short time ago, modestly. We decided to wait on the celebration, and we will actually be having it tonight."

Leof rests her chin on her palm "I see no point in throwing a fit every time my husband is courteous to a woman. He is good hearted and has a head." she offers, expression cheerful and warm. "The fish are so small and fat and they are the color of rubies!" she exclaims "They are so pretty, like little gems flitting about the barrel. I didn't recognize them as fish at first!" she admits, excitedly. Ornamental fish just wouldn't survive where she is from, due to being delicate.

Rona's brow lifts in interest at the news of a party. She tilts her head, looking to Leof. "You are a wise woman, and I can see why you would be unworried. What man would stray with such a beauty as his wife?"

Trystan chuckles, squeezing his wife. "Indeed. I am lucky to have such a beautiful and wonderful wife."

Leof blushes a little bit. "I'm flattered." she offers warmly "If you wish to come, I welcome you to, as it is a celebration for all folk." she offers "Although do be careful, some folk in this city who may turn up may be irritable beasts and very petty with you." she invites to Rona with a gentle smile. "You are lucky to have a wife who doesn't swoon and faint at the sight of blood, yes." she teases Trystan, elbowing him gently.

"Irritable and petty? With me?" Rona blinks in surprise. "But I am Rona Vielo. It is because I am foreign, perhaps? Surely, they would not be so rude to a guest of the host and hostess. By which I mean that I would be delighted to attend." She smiles brightly, again dipping her head respectfully.

Trystan smiles. "Wonderful! However, the people she is speaking of are petty because they comprise of a vapid thunder cunt and her man-whore." His men nod, agreeing with their boss.

Leof snorts "TRYSTAN." she scolds "You'll get in trouble if you are as rude as I am." she whispers, in soft scold, her tea and a small pie set infront of her. She looks a little embarrassed. "Not just you, everyone, so do be careful but you are welcome and as it is a day celebrating our union, I do believe my opinion matters the most of any woman attending!" she jests, expression gleeful, touching Trystan's knuckles gently.

Rona bursts into boisterous laughter at Trystan's poetic description of the people in question. "This party is sounding better and better. I look forward to meeting these people." She gives a feline grin, still chuckling. "But do not worry. I shall behave myself at your party."

Trystan smirks as he's scolded, and his men actually chuckle. "Oh, calm down, dear. It's not like she has eyes all around. Not like I do, at least." he smiles and sips his cider, turning back to Rona. "It's not you I'm worried about, Rona. It's them. But, I am happy to hear you'll be there."

Leof chuckles at Rona and Trystan both. She pats Trystan's knuckles "I think it will be nice. I was considering a small prize fit - no murdering obviously, but something rowdy for drunken folk and the men. It seemed like a fun thing to do." she admits, absently. "I know tradition implies I can't participate but I'm still feeling rather good about myself, I was able to stand toe to toe with the captain of the watch, mostly. Ended up on my arse but I learned from it." she offers.

Rona offers a wry smirk, shrugging lightly. "If you knew me better, you might worry more," she says impishly. "But my word is my bond. Tonight, I shall be the model guest. Though…a prize fight, you say? What kind of fight?" Her slender eyebrow lifts with a spark of interest.

Trystan looks to his wife, smiling wide. "Indeed, what sort of fight? A boxing match, or a duel?" He is intrigued, as well.

Leof eyes Rona and chuckles "I'm a handful." she rubs her chin "Haven't decided but I was reading my book about Dothraki and while I do not want anyone to die, it might be nice to have a bit of rough housing." she is an odd Westerosi woman. "I was thinking about putting out the wooden swords and perhaps having a few series of duels with reasonable prizes to the winner of them over all." she offers.

Rona's eyes light up at the suggestion. "And would you have a variety of these wooden swords? For example, something lighter and less cumbersome than the blades you Westerosi prefer?" She quite obviously drops her gaze down to the Braavosi blade at her hip, indicating the sort of thin, light weapon she prefers.

Leof chuckles "I just got one, someone suggested I would have better luck with it." she offers. "You would be welcome. I've been learning to use the heaviest of blades, as it was suggested if I trained with the heaviest available I would move like a sparrow when given a lighter blade." she admits, rubbing her cheek. "Also Braavosi sword work is so graceful looking." she admits, absently.

Trystan smirks. "I shall stick to my knives, thanks. They've served me very well over the years."

Rona beams proudly at Leof's praise of the Braavosi style. "The Water Dance is an art form like no other," she agrees. "But yes, training with a heavier blade can help. But the heaviest? Perhaps, perhaps not. I suppose it depends upon the type of blade you wish to use. In any event, this sounds like an event I would like to be a part of, if you would permit me use of this lighter training sword."

Then there is Vuk, coming in and letting his eyes adjust as he shifts his warhammer across a shoulder. Lady Leof and Lord Trystan he knows, and to hell with the rest. He first has to detour to grab a serving wench around the arm and spin her about to face him, not cruelly, but it's not like Vuk is ever -playful-. Coin is exchanged, and flavoured Mead is sent for, and he'll make his way towards Leof and Trystan, bowing at the waist to them. "Lady Leof, Lord Trystan." He says, instantly at their command in case they decide they need some thing.

Leof smiles "Of course. I'm actually able to use those gigantic things the men use." she offers, "Although I'd have better luck using it to vault over things." she jokes, taking a few bites of her pie, her expression is chearful and warm. She considers, "Can you teach me how to cook this?" she asks, taking a fork full of the mutton pie up to his mouth. Friendly. Not aggressively too.

Rona looks Leof over, tapping her gloves fingers pensively on the table. "You have the build of a Water Dancer. You sound as if you are light on your feet, as well." She is distracted momentarily at the arrival of Vuk, who gets the same sizing-up that Trystan's guard did, soon followed by another sort of appraisal, offering the man an approval smile. "Your sworn sword, Lord and Lady Banefort?"

Trystan chuckles and nods to Vuk. "Vuk, this is Rona Vielo of Braavos. Rona, this is Vuk, one of the scariest men I'm glad to have under my employ." He chuckles again.

Vuk has..food put in his mouth, and a question asked, so he's careful as he chews and swallows. "I could, yes, though I would recommend less salt and garlic, and a more heavier spice of rosemary and pepper." He says and then inclines his head towards Rona and sizes her up the same way she does him, and then decides to lightly incline his head. Acknowledgement. "Miss Rona Vielo of Braavos." He says.

Leof considers "He may be if he wishes to be." she offers to Rona "I'm actually more of an archer actually." she admits "It isn't actually overly welcome for women here to learn the sword." she admits, cheeks pink. She considers "What about pink pepper from Qarth and sage?" she asks curiously. She offers a bright smile to Trystan and to Rona before leaning back to gently pat Vuk's arm. "Thank you for helping me find that line on that rare wine I wanted." she offers, givng the poor Vuk a squeeze of the hand before considering "You are to slap the Urchin's hands if they try to eat my pretty little fish for the garden." she half orders.

Into this merry band Isador the woodworker and rumored witch strides. Eye catching though she might be a few men look away - a cloud of superstition hovering over the woman. She nods a greeting to Rona and curtsies to the two nobles but moves to her own table not presuming to join anyone. Little imagination is demonstrated in her order of a flask of the house wine.

Trystan looks to Isador, nodding back to her and smiling. When she takes her own seat, he chuckles. "Isador, you may join us if you wish. I certainly do not mind if you do, as long as my wife and present company doesn't."

Rona gives Vuk a amused grin. "A terrifying warrior and an epicurean? I think I may be in love." She follows Trystan's gaze, spotting Isador and lighting up at the sight of the red-haired woman. "I certainly do not mind. Isador was the second person I met in Oldtown after stepping off of the Moondancer." She beckons Isador, reaching to a nearby table to slide an empty chair over beside her. Hope those folks didn't need it!

Vuk cocks his head a bit and considers something. "I would also need to see the age of the animal to be slaughtered. The older meat requires more robust flavouring, where as if the animal is truly young, you want to minimize it to bring forth the natural flavours and further soak it in milk before mincing." He says and then looks at Rona. "I am but a simple tool to be used by Lady Leof and Lord Trystan." He says in his dull tone.

Leof smiles brightly. "Vuk is many things, I am blessed to have him around." One of her urchins slips in, whispering between the two seems to be serious "Apparently the prawns are delivered cleaned and being marinated in garlic and olive oil and the crabs are being prepared. The beef is near finished, the roast pig is near finished, the game birds are finished and resting, The fish are going on soon." she announces gleefully. She went all out on food.

Trystan laughs. "Well, we shall not be for lack of food." He then looks between Rona and Isador, then to Vuk, a smirk on his face.

Isador rises gracefully with her flagon of house wine. "Very gracious of you my Lord," she says moving towards the table. "Nice to see you again Rona - though you do once again excite a yearning for Braavos in this humble craftswoman's heart." The new company a warrior woman and a sellsword whom she does not know are given a greeting, "I am Isador," she says to them nodding - as though that weren't already obvious.

"Is that all that you are?" Rona inquires of Vuk. "Surely, there is more to you. Most men-at-arms I have ever met cannot cook more than a simple soup or char a piece of meat." Isador is greeted again with a smile, her Braavosi pride showing openly on her face. "I have kept the Colossus you gave me in my window, so that I can see it with the dawn, as if I were looking upon the real Colossus from afar."

Vuk looks towards Trystan and Leof, catching Trystan's smirk, but then he inclines his head towards Isador, about the same time, his mead is delivered and he lets the bottle be held in one hand. "Does not a Swornsword learn to be able to do all that is asked of him? If they could not, they have failed in duties given to them." He says and watches Rona and Isador, sounds religiously, he just avoids it with a sip of his mead.

Leof chuckles "Vuk's cooking is better than mine." she admits, taking to finishing her meal, likely in case jitters get her at the party. She even takes her tea to very daintily work on finishing it. She actually looks thoughtful and warm. "Vuk is very skilled in many arts and even a good sport about watching me flail about the garden singing and corrects my stance when practicing with the bow." she admits. "He's an interesting man."

Trystan chuckles. "I believe interesting does not even begin to describe him, dear." he then turns to Isador. "Isador, this is my wife, Lady Leof Banefort nee Elesham, and this large gentleman is Vuk."

Closing on Rona and the nobleman whom she knows best. "I am glad that you enjoy the statue - it is one of my best - and so I could not simply sell it. Giving it to someone to whom it would have some meaning however…" She turns to Trystan and Leof, "An honor to meet you my Lady," she says.

Rona nods to Trystan. "He is certainly that." She takes a long drink from her tankard, still eyeing the sworn sword. "Tell me, Vuk. Will you be participating in Lady Banefort's prize fight this evening?"

Vuk looks at Leof, prize fight seems to caught his attention. "I was unaware there was to be one, but I will politely decline. I do not wish to make others feel inferior in front of their peers." He says, there isn't really arrogance there, that would require emotions, which Vuk generally, refuses to show. "Perhaps Lord Trystan had the intentions of allowing one of his own champions represent them?"

Arn enters the Tavern fresh from duty still wearing heis watch uniform. he heads first to one of the serving wenches ot place an order, then he notices a Trystan and Leof and he starts to heat in their direction."

Leof stands up, offering her seat to the new comer "I need to go get washed and shoved into that horrible infernal cloth contraption you purchased. If you see Lord Tully, remember to say yes." she offers, voice soft, her fingers squeezing Trystan before snorting at Vuk. She looks amused. "I just wanted an untraditional party, that will be memorable for all who attend." she offers with a soft laugh, "Speak of the devil." she takes Arn's fingers without warning, spinning him around gently before bowing to him and heading towards the door.

Vuk looks at Leof, prize fight seems to caught his attention. "I was unaware there was to be one, but I will politely decline. I do not wish to make others feel inferior in front of their peers." He says, there isn't really arrogance there, that would require emotions, which Vuk generally, refuses to show. "Perhaps Lord Trystan had the intentions of allowing one of his own champions represent them?"

Arn enters the Tavern fresh from duty still wearing heis watch uniform. he heads first to one of the serving wenches ot place an order, then he notices a Trystan and Leof and he starts to heat in their direction."

Trystan nods to his wife. "Be safe, dear." His guard who came in with Leof gets up and follows her out. He then looks to Tully and smiles. "Lord Tully. A pleasure to see you, sir. Oh, my wife told me to say yes." He just shrugs and smirks.

"A tournament?" Isador asks following on from Rona's statement and curtseys upon the noble lady's departure.

Rona gives Vuk a disappointed frown. "That is a shame. Perhaps you and I will spar another time, then?" She lifts her brow hopefully at the formidable warrior. She gives Isador a nod. "So I am told. I am looking forward to testing my skill against these westerners."

Vuk bristles just a bit at Rona's words, now some one is questioning his ability. "If you wish to spar, we can do so with out a contest involved." He offers, but still rather grouchy some one questioned his ability in his mind.

Trystan chuckles. "Settle down, Vuk." He then looks to Rona. "Do not think you can simple spar with one of my men and not spar with me as well, Rona."

Arn smiles at bit as Leof ttwirls him in her exit and then seems a btit confused about the yes at first then he brian function enough tfor him to put things together, "Oh so you liked the quilt then, that is good." He laughs, "Men and women sparing tis madness.' he chucles though to show he is nto actually againt it. He also takes a drin kfrom he newly arrived ale.

Leof points at Trystan before leaving "Don't you dare be too late. We bought too much to let it go to waste." she jokes.

Leof leaves the Quill and Tankard and crosses the little bridge from the door to the street.

Rona glances back and forth between Trystan and Vuk. "He looks settled to me, my lord. That you both would spar with a woman is very…enlightened of you." She grins over the rim of her tankard as she takes a heavy quaff.

Vuk moves to sip from his mead as people talk, looking at Arn. "If one carries a blade, regardless of station in life, they should be sure how to use it." He says with a grunt and looks back at Rona. "Are you coming to the party then?"

"Perhaps I will attend the contest if only to keep my medical skills - that is assuming I would be welcome?" Isador often merely shows up to such gatherings - when she can remain inconspicuous.

Trystan smiles to Isador and nods. "Of course you are welcome." He smiles and winks at Rona due to her comment.

Rona gives Vuk a bright, dimpled grin. "Well spoken. Yes, I have been invited, and I would very much like to attend. Though, my lord," she turns to Trystan, "I do have clothing more suitable to a party. But it would not be suitable for sparring. Will there be an opportunity to change my attire?"

Arn nods to Vuk, "I agree but well still there are some matters that do favor the male over the female, fighting is one of them, greater strength and greter weight can mean a lot."

Trystan nods to Rona, smiling. "Of course." He then looks to Arn. "Ah, but I have known women to be quicker and more graceful, Lord Tully."

Vuk's eyes lift over to Arn when he speaks of equality of the sexes in battle. "When you are married to a woman capable as you in battle, remind her how she is inferior. I promise to attend your funeral." He says and movers to offer his arm to Rona. "Shall we both decide on how to look proper for their parties and what to speak of at the table? I heard nobility is rather picky."

Rona lifts her chin to Arn, smirking. "Many men have believed the same as you. Many men believe it no more."

Rona rises and takes Vuk's arm, grinning. "Certainly, Vuk. I'm sure we'll have plenty to discuss."

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