(118-10-13) Confessions of Love
Confessions of Love
Summary: (Backscene) Teryin returns with the head of Ser Rodderick. Confesses his love to Isara.
Date: 05/03/2014
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It had been three long and hard years since Teryin left Golden Tooth after refusing the arranged marriage of his parents to Natalya Crackhall. With twenty knights he set out for revenge against the bandits who had slain Maliyn Piper, the newly wed of his brother Liam. The weather and battles had changed the boy who had stayed sweet and innocent in his youth. He left a boy, but returned to Pinkmaiden Castle a man.

The chamber doors open to the Lord of Pinkmaiden's great hall. In the lead is a sworn-sword, his footsteps quick to bring the news of an arrival. Behind him are six knights, all in platemail and looking grungy and Teryin, his golden chainmail dulled and damaged. He stands close to 6'4", barreled chest and arms like branches of an oak. Hair is unkept, nearly down to his shoulders. The lighting of the hall bringing out the lighter brown of his dark mane. The stubble of is face is rugged, slightly longer than a five o'clock shadow. Over his shoulder he carries a bag, crimson stained at the bottom. "M'lord, Lord Teryin of Golden Tooth has arrived." The sworn-sword's voice filled with excitement at the news. "He brings the head of Ser Rodderick, the Giant Bandit responsible for Lady Ma…your daughter’s death."

Hanlon and Idera are both seated in the great hall, he in his big chair, she in her slightly smaller chair beside his. Hanlon is a handsome man of 50 some years, his wife a decade younger though quite lovely in her own right, both of them pausing mid-talk. Isara at the moment is nowhere to be found in the great hall, indeed, the two had just been finishing up a meal, discussing the next year’s harvest.

As they are interrupted Hanlon nearly sends the group out, but at the announcement from the sworn-swords mouth Hanlon will sit up, his weathered and beaten features drawn into an expression of absolute interest, indeed, he's rising up from his seat as his wife does the same with an extension of her hand out to his arm in worry. His heart had not been the same since his daughter’s death, indeed, it had worn and aged them both, but the man moreso, his heart having been nearly broken if not for the rallying of his wife and his family around him. Indeed, Maliyn had been his pride and joy out of his daughters, easily his most favored, though he loved all his children.

"He speaks the truth then." His voice will waver, the deep alto of it nearly breaking with hope, disbelief, the couple never having expected relief to their sorrows, his deep blue eyes finding Teryin's. Idera will gasp, a shaking hand brought to her lips as her husband waves the group of knights forwards, wishing to see the bastard slain for himself.

The tall squire walks up the steps, stopping just before the table. Years ago he would not have been so bold to display something as gruesome as this as they ate. A hand reaches into the bag, the arm disappearing up to elbow before withdrawing. The facial expression is fixed, death brought to him from beheading. "Lord Hanlon Piper of Pinkmaiden." Teryin begins, "I give you the head of Ser Rodderick the Giant. May the bastard burn in the Seven Hells for what he did to your daughter." Higher the head is held, bag escaping his grasp and falling to the floor. "What was twenty knights, is now six my Lord." His free hand motioning back to the six armored men behind him. "He fell to my twin blades. Vengeance served in your honor."

Idera will rise up fully and turn, bile rising in her throat as she nearly turns green at the sight of the head, her knees buckling beneath her as Hanlon reaches out to steady her with arms about her waist as the woman presses into his chest, burying her face into it. He will hold her with strong arms, looking upon that head with a grave look indeed, jaw set tightly, the graying man nodding his head, "You've done us a great service, Lord Teryin, one that brings to us but seven of you in completion." Idera will sob into her husband’s shoulder, quite relieved the deed is done, but she's a delicate woman. He'll nod to one of his guards to take the head for display so that the whole place and whatever lies beyond this castle, the deed that was done in the memory of their daughter to bring peace to her soul, "Our daughter can rest in peace."

"Apologies my Lady." Teryin nodding his head low, "This Squire only wished to honor the Piper family." The head is passed to a guard, the man wiping his gauntlet against the lower part of the tunic at his waist. The knights turn remain steadfast, awaiting any reward, though most had started this for vengeance, the years had kept them away from wives and whores, living off the land instead of the comfort of home. "My Lord.." It's Teryin who kneels before the Lord of Pinkmaiden, "These knights have been in the wild for nearly three years. Many lost their friends or brothers while hunting down the bastard." He's about to continue when he's interrupted by Hanlon.

"Of course, of course, let us not forget our owing to these great men, Lady Idera." Hanlon will state gruffly, overwhelmed as his wife is emotionally, though it keeps it buried down within his chest, voice husked with emotion, "You have all done us an incredible service and your sacrifices to bring us peace." Idera will turn back around after her husband tilts his head to hers to gently whisper into her ear that the head is gone, and she will turn back around, crying though there is a smile on her face, "Please, you must stay with us the night here, let us feed and give you drink, you will all accept from us a satchel of coin that will more than assuage for all your troubles and your honorable actions." Idera will state before turning into her husband again to cry, the man nodding his head, "And you, Lord Teryin, far I can recall, you have not yet been Knighted. It will be done." Said with a tone that brokers no argument, his arms wrapping about his wife’s body tightly, drawing her in against him solidly, "I would wish to grant you another boon, Lord Teryin, for accomplishing what we thought impossible. What can we grant you for our thanks."

The knights seem pleased with the reward, coin for whore and a room for bathe. All bow and thank the kind Lord, each taking their leave. Teryin has remained knelt down the entire time, "It would honor me to be knighted within these walls my Lord." His head lifts with words of a boon, the image of Isara had remained in his thoughts every night. "I…" Still unable to find the words, his heart aching to see her, wishing she had been here. "I will ask after the ceremony. My body is tired and mind fatigued. I seek a warm bath currently." He raises up to his full height, jade eyes switching between both nobles.

Hanlon's eyes will crinkle at the edges as he grins at the remaining Lord, nodding his head, "Fair enough, you've been gone a long while, no doubt you've not a thing in mind, yes, to ask for. I would not have you waste such a gift by forcing you to decide now. After the ceremony is acceptable." Bending his head down he will kiss his wife’s head, his eyes closing as he lets out a ragged breath into her finely braided hair and cap, grip on her tightening. This nights sleep will be fitful at first, but then deep for the first time in years for the couple, "We will send a raven forth to announce to your parents of your pending Knighthood, they will be proud, and no doubt relieved, to hear of your return." And then he will wave a hand, gesturing for the young Lord to go forth and find his bath, sending servants with him to show him the way to the guest rooms which are finely appointed and draw the man a bath.

Servants have filled the stone bath with warm water, two female servants remain in the room holding a new set of clothing and a towel. "You may set them down there and leave if you wish." Teryin offers the two a chance to leave as he begins to undress. The chainmail has almost become a part of him, never being taken off in the last three years, but he finishes drawing it over his head and tossing it to the side. Small scars lace up and down his naked arms. Hands will begin tearing away at his tunic and shirt, the latter in a slow pull, revealing his muscular physique. Arms stretch as the undershirt is finally pried off. More of his armor is removed, finally the thin trousers being stripped over feet and tossed aside.

Body covered in scars and markings of combat. Slowly he'll sink step into the water, lowering himself until his entire body is beneath the water line. Warm to most, the water is such a foreign feeling to him. He relaxes a moment before dipping his head under the water. Hands are already using the cloth to scrub his body as he leans back against the side of the stone tub, water running down his face as lids remain shut.

Whoa, well. Isara certainly chose a perfect time to come and visit Teryin, having been told of his arrival, the now fully blossomed young Lady coming in as he dips below the waters, her breath catching in her throat, the sound muffled by the waters surface as she quickly turns to bring her back to the tub. When she hears his break through the water as he breaches the surface with his head again she will bow her head and clear her throat, "Lord Teryin, please excuse my intrusion, I can come and visit you once you have bathed and res-res-rested." Not a single stutter until the end, all her lessons having paid off, self-control, all that. Calming techniques, though the blush that has risen to her flesh betrays her entirely. Thankfully her back is to the bathing man.

She herself is dressed in a beautiful gown of olive green brocade with gold threads woven through the patterns with a neckline that curves just above her breastline, hugging them tightly upwards just in fashion with the trend of the day, empire waisted, fabric falling down to slippered feet. Her hair is down, indeed, she had been readying for bed when she had heard of his return, having first set upon her parents to hear them tell of his return before coming to the rooms he was assigned only to find him in the tub!

That voice, it's her. Eyes are forced open through the water running from hair to chin. "Lady Isara." Excitement in his voice, though it's deepened since they last met. "No reason to be excused in your own home my Lady." Cloth continues to scrub down his arms, "Your voice is as beautiful as ever. In the last three years I've not heard such a song bird in the wild. Please stay, it's good to see you. Or atleast your back side." Yup, some of his manners have gone astray with the company he's kept. A broad grin if she turns, cloth moving to chest. Eyelids close briefly as it’s moved along the length of the scar. "Your father is to knight me and says I've been granted a request."

Isara's brow will tug down as he makes mention of her backside, and in response she'll turn with embarrassment to withdraw it from his view, though that means looking at him in the tub which is not acceptable either, and her head will tilt up as she looks to the ceiling now before she finally settles with a hand over her eyes, turning her head away in the process as she stands facing him, "Please, Lord Teryin, do not embarrass me with such words." Her voice has changed as well, a sweeter, lower alto, blush in her cheeks obvious now, "I have heard, I wished to offer my congratulations to you." She feels awkward standing here in such a stance and will turn again, striding off to a side table, leaning into it as hands drop, "Please, let me see you tomorrow at breakfast. This is most unusual and I am discomforted."

Her reaction to his comment is missed by the man, eyes growing wider as they slowly open. "You’re beautiful." Words thought out loud, as eyes follow her figure to the table. "I had hoped to speak with you before the ceremony. I wanted to let you know.." His body sinks further beneath the water line, his flesh finally starting to be cleaned. It's just his neck and head out of the water now, cloth slowly working along his legs. "Isara, I am supposed to marry Natalya, but I cannot." A sigh, "It's one of the reasons I left to hunt the man down which took your sister." Jade eyes hover, staring blankly down at the water. "My heart has been stolen for the last six years. I cannot just marry because of my parents. I want to feel something. Have something that matters." He's opening up, not realizing Isara was at his brother's wedding when he married Natalya in Teryin's absence.

So much time has gone by indeed, Isara is a bit caught off guard with having to relay the news to him, "Lord Teryin—" She will try to interrupt, but will cease her own words as he continues down, listening to him speak of his heart being stole by another. She will study the items on the table, oils of all sorts, scrubbing agents, sponges, all those lovely accouterments used for a relaxing and cleansing bath, reaching out for a few to pry glass lids off and raise vials up to her nose to sniff at them. When he is finished she will set down a jar, head shaking, "You do not have to worry about the Lady Natalya. She has married your brother Lord Liam in your absence, you are absolved of her, though do know she has turned out to be quiet the beauty, all that weight she had absolutely melted away with her worry for you and wish to be pleasing to you upon your return. Until you did not return, in which your brother took her up in your stead."

The soft motion of the water ceases, his limbs frozen. He know Liam was never attracted Isara, but last he heard, his father was talking to the eldest about trying to seal the deal with the Pipers of Pinkmaiden. "I've not heard from Golden Tooth in three years. The only knights who followed me were mainly hedge knights or sworn-swords." With the servants gone, his head turns towards Isara, "Would you fetch me that sapphire vial?" He points with a nod of his head to the vial just next the one she had picked up. Those words about Natalya are double edged to him. Teryin had always known her to be a robust woman, but had a certain beauty about her. It wasn't that he held no attraction to her, surely that parting kiss before he left was passionate enough, but it was how he felt about Isara Piper. "Well you atleast know what I've been through..how has the years treated you? Your voice is as lovely as ever and figure just beautiful. Have you brewed many wines of late?"

"I'm so sorry …it's not easy news to deliver, I would have thought some missive would have been sent out to you, some ..notice." But of course his explanation holds true and fast, it would have been hard to get any message out to him, perhaps attempts had been made. Oh god, are the servants gone? Not even one? His question of course answers the silent question in her mind as she takes the vial up, closing her eyes and turning around to ..try and tempt her way to the tub, a quick peek done so she can alter her path to the tub properly, hand held out with the vial as the other sweeps the air to find the edge of the tub, vial held out over the water to him.

Why does he insist on complimenting her in such a …coarse way with his comments to her figure, "Well, I've no complaints. I ..evaded a betrothal to your brother, thanks to the lovely Lady Natalya. I have been perfecting my craft, yes, enjoying time with your sister, we've become quite the good friends, which will no doubt please you to hear." Vial is given a wiggle, and when he takes it she will turn away again, inhaling in a deep breath, finding this manner of conversation most vexing, "I will speak of it all more over the morning meal when we all break fast. There is a feast in your honor tonight, and your men."

Teryin reaches up, fingers caressing the soft flesh of her hand. "I want your hand in marriage Isara." It's out there, his feelings spoken. Fingers slide down her hand to grip the vial. So unsure if he should have spoken such words, but did not want to risk embarrassing her infront of Lord Piper if she did not wish the union. "It would bring our Houses together finally, Aleesi and you would be sisters…I would give you whatever you wanted. We could open a winery in Golden Tooth, you could have what you enjoy." Jade eyes stare up at the woman, even with the turn, he seeks her gaze.

Teryin certainly knows how to set a woman off balance quite nicely. She freezes as his hand takes hers, her hold on the vial tightening briefly, hearing his words. And like that the world seems to cease moving and she can hardly find a sliver of air to satiate her lungs sudden hungry need.

There is a measure of appreciation for him bringing this to her previous to asking, she knows he hasn't yet because her father nor mother have come to her with the news. She's not sure what to think, but she will glance back to him over her shoulder as she tries to extract her hand from his, voice stammering out, "I-if ..i-if it pl-pl..p..pleases all, I." A deep inhalation as she swallows down air, unsure of what else to say, "I …w-wou-would not …s-say n-ngh …n-no."

She would not even begin to embarrass the family again after her last outburst with his brother Liam being brought to her as a hail mary to the issue of her stutter she was so well known for, both parents outraged because the match would have eased the death of the sister and united the family as first sought out. Liam she could never get on with, Teryin at the very least had the roots of a friendship with her. Deep blue gaze meets his jade, heart racing. Truth be told, she had never thought of him as a match, though she had never wished for such either. It simply had not been in the realm of possible, thus never mused on.

What he will find is fear in her gaze, uncertainty. He had always been kind to her, nice even, but this was different. What if he becomes disappointed with her. Found her to be wanting. So much easier to keep herself out of the marriage ring, no disappointment could be found in something not sought.

It's something the man had gotten use to with her. She never did realize how he cared, though no blame could be placed as he refused to admit it - unable to simply because their siblings were to be wed. The stutter returning to her voice brings a thought that he is the cause of it. "Isara…I wanted to tell you." The look steadying itself upon her facial features, truly taking in her beauty. "I do not want this to just be because of the family need. Isara I have loved you since we first met."

The vial is blindly led to the scar along his chest, the one received when he stood infront of the woman when she was on that muddy road, bloodied and threatened. "No other woman could catch my attention. It was always about you. For the last three years, the only image in my mind when I laid to sleep in the wild was your face." The vial a relaxing agent used on his wound, the biting iciness of its touch causing a catch in his breath. "If you do not feel it, then my favor will be yours. What is it that /you/ wish Isara. I made a vow to myself that day in those vineyards." A finger pointing to the wall in the direction of the vineyard, "To protect you always." A chuckle, remembering fondly that day when he was but a boy of fifteen.

Isara isn't sure what she thinks, listening to his words, chest barely lifting for all the short breaths she takes in. And the terrible blush she wears, unable to tear her gaze from his though she's desperately willing herself to do so. However his gaze keeps hers from dropping to his chest and his scar, and inevitably the rest of his body beneath that watery surface, so there is a small blessing in her inability to look away.

The finger he points isn't even noticed, all his words a roar in her ears as blood rushes past them. Had he really loved her all this time? It seemed so long ago, childish inclinations and the brief moments they had hardly a cause for such in her mind, "I w-w-wish ..happiness." She'll finally exhale out unsteadily, her chest suddenly spasming with a swallowed breath of air that hiccups out though it's a dull sound, finally breaking her gaze from his, looking to the floor, "If you …could prove such a thing could happen …I would not be against you."

Teryin uses this moment when her gaze is broken to reach for a towel. He rises up from the water, droplets falling or forming thin rivers to run down his muscular body. Quickly the towel is around his waist, leg stepping out of the stone tub in the opposite direction to keep her from further embarrassment. "What would bring you happiness Isara?" He wants to believe it would work between the two, but sees nothing in return. The look he carries is weighed down by what he sees as denial. "If it is not me or something I could help with, let me know and I will not speak of my love for you to your parents." Reaching down, he begins putting on a shirt.

Oh, she's already plenty embarrassed, quickly turning around with a gasp, her hands having flown up to her eyes to cover both promptly from seeing anything more than his shoulders. This must be some bizarre dream, "I do not know, I …have not given thought to such." Admitted softly, fingertips dropping from her eyes to graze against her cheeks as she holds her own face, completely caught off guard by the confidence he displays. He's not the same young man she saw leave three years ago at all. No, he's grown, entirely. Matured beyond her perhaps.

She knows not, "I had thought, when younger, in passing of us marrying. It was …childish whimsy, I did not ..perhaps I was willfully blind to your love for me. You were betrothed." A spark of something has been lit within her however, and she braces for it, "I would not stop you from proving your love to me, Lord Teryin, and finding my own in you." Last words spoken softly as her hands fall away and grip her own elbows as she crosses her arms beneath her bosom.

"That thought has never left my mind Isara." Teryin admits as the shirt is tight against his broad chest, the servants most likely misjudged his size. Having her say those words, telling him of her thoughts, the man seems able to breath more slowly now. He was ready to be denied, she always running from him or leaving him when he had tried for her time. It was time for the pants, his bold attitude using her turn to his advantage - or so he thought. Half way up his thighs the pants begin to show just how /badly/ they were off on his size. The man tries frantically and wish embarrassment to get them up to atleast his waist. "My mother set the marriage, it was something I had wished to tell you before I left three years ago." His voice is strained, the waistline barely reaching over his unmentionables as the fabric clings to /everything/ below the waist. "I could never marry Natalya, my heart was always yours."

Isara hears him dressing, and when an appropriate amount of time passes by, or so she thinks, she will turn about to try and speak to him though her eyes are suddenly going wide as her cheeks blaze a bright red as she turns around again most quickly, "Oh my Gods." She gasps out, hands clenching into fists in front of her as she makes a half-dash towards the door, fists then held to her chest as she tries to pretend she saw absolutely nothing, not a thing. Nada. Nothing. And now she really can't get any words out. Not a squeak. Her throat firmly clenched from her ..well. Embarrassment, is that the word? Good lord, he HAD grown.

Teryin wasn't even looking at her when she had turned around, he was too busy trying to fit into these small pants. When she dashes off, he doesn't know what in the seven hells is wrong with her. Taken back, he peers curiously at her, "Is my heart not enough for your honor Lady Isara?" Wow, walking, talk about tinman steps. He makes it about three yards before - RIIIIIIP. The seam along the left thigh gives way. "Must the Crone treat me as a fool?" A deep sigh, "My Lady Isara, before you go…May I ask for your father's blessing. I would like nothing better than to have your hand in marriage." (or atleast some pants that FIT!)

Isara is having trouble forming words, choking on them as she tries fitfully to recover. With a bracing look up at the ceiling she will turn in time for that rip, both her hands going up to cover her gaping mouth as she nearly keels over with /laughter/. Her deep blue eyes will dance, even as she turns bright red from head to toe first of all from seeing him again in such a state of dress, nothing hidden truly, and then the rip. Tears spring to her eyes and she will burst out with a full throaty laugh, clamping her hands more tightly as she tries to keep them back, giving him a rather firm nod in response to his question of asking her father before she is turning and striding out, needing to die quietly in private.

And….she's laughing. Oh the poor man. Having been trying to confess his love /and/ bathe, neither working out for him, now he's got her laughing. Teryin takes it in stride though, her laughter priceless. "A nod and dashing off?" The man's voice now filled with humor and mockery, "I tell you that I love you…and you nod with laughter at me?" Oh he's trying so hard to be serious and hurt, but soon he's joining her in laughter. "You be a good betrothed and fetch a servant for me. Unless you want me walking through the castle like this infront of your father and mother?" Another step is taken, brow raised curiously at her. Oh he thinks he's the one making the joke, shame on him. RIIIIIP. The seam just spreads down to his calf, the fabric hanging around his muscles. Eyes roll, more laughter, he just goes with it. "You'll have to give me the name of that servant girl…." Muttering the last bit under his breath, "No wonder they left giggling when she came in."

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