(114-12-29) Of Bears and Brothers
Of Bears and Brothers
Summary: (Backscene) Teryin spends time with Isara at his brother’s wedding.
Date: 04/03/2014
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The banquet hall is a flurry of activity, laughter rising up in the air as loud conversations take place between those still here which are plenty. A great fire roars in the large fireplace, as well a spit has been erected in the middle of the room, tables and chairs sorted around it, roasting pig and other sundry items, wine a plenty, provided by Isara's family all too happily as well as honey wine and other meads.

Settled by the fire is Isara, the young woman having blossomed over the last year, reaching her full height and filling out quite well, her skin flushed from the heat and wine she's drank over the evening, curled up in a chair, sat near other young ladies who all gossip and giggle, discussing the men they'd wish to marry and the sort, picking out qualities they enjoy as Isara listens gamely. Her dress tonight is one of beautiful silk and lace, an empire waistline that holds the deep green fabric of her dress overlaid with the golden lace, sleeves tight to her wrists, her hair down for this occasion, curled and pinned back strategically.

It's been over a year since Teryin has seen the girl from the vineyards, but he had never forgotten her. The day had been filled with festivals, the Squire mainly caught up in the squirely duties to his brother during the joust. After the joust, he had gone to the blacksmith of the castle to get Liam's shield pounded out and reformed. With all the activity the day had gone by swiftly for him, thoughts always drifting to the song bird voice of Isara.

He's sat at the table of his family, near the high table with groom and bride. During the meal his eyes had flicked towards the woman in the green dress. He had tried to get her attention, but failing poorly. Maybe she had forgotten him; maybe she had been given to another Lord. He did not know, but wished to speak with her again.

The boy has grown more over the year, facial hair taking root and worn in a five o'clock shadow. He stands around six foot now, broad shoulders and a muscled chest. Wearing a golden tunic of the finest fabrics money can buy, he stands and excuses himself from the relatives. Long strides bring him towards the back of the room with the rest of the squires and lesser nobles in attendance. "Look at them all. Just sitting there waiting to be wed." A squire speaks to Teryin. "When I'm knighted I'll have that blonde." A sly grin crosses the lips of the young man, but Teryin just listens. His hazel eyes turned a darker jade, looking at his sister-in-law. The squire notices the gaze, "Why do you stare at th-th-the st-st-st-stuttering wench?" A laugh, joined in by other squires. "The /Lady/ is my sister-in-law." It's almost as if a mother chided them all, his presence a tower among the boys. If the noise was noticed, he would offer a reassuring smile towards Isara.

Would he notice the kerchief held in the young Ladies hand? Of golden fabric given to her the year before? She would hardly recognize him now, so much he's grown and the fact he looks like a /man/. It would be why she hadn't taken notice of him at dinner until it was pointed out to her who he was, the young woman having looked surprise - that was the young Lord Teryin who had been so kind to her in the vineyards? No, she refused to believe it, having kept to her handmaiden for the eve though she had been abandoned in a bid to force her to mingle.

The laughter from over the squires way did bring about notice from Isara who had glanced up from the conversation at hand, the young ladies giggling as they all lean in around Isara to begin whispering about which of those squires they would snag and bed for husbands. Isara will get poked, a few of the young Ladies tasked with keeping her company with coin and other favors, "Isara, which will you have?" They'll ask gamely, young woman seeing Teryin's smile to her which arouses a blush from her and a nod, kerchief raised to her chest as she politely excuses herself, "Ex-excuse m-me." The wine has loosened her tongue a great deal, the girl finding her confidence in the drink, moving off towards Teryin and dipping to a curtsey, "Br-brother." Breathed out with a bright smile, young woman rising up to look up, up at her brother now, "T'was a beaut-beautiful we-w-w-we-wedding, yes?"

The kerchief is noticed as she rises from her company. The squires around him whisper amongst themselves, tossing jabs about the woman as they begin to drift apart and back into the festivities. Teryin doesn't respond to them, instead, offering a hand towards Isara. "Sister" The word spoken fondly and boldly, "Was a lovely day and a splendid wedding." Oh how he wishes to tell her that the event was dim compared to her beauty, but she was family now.

Some of the crowd begins to dance around the pit, musical instruments playing loudly. "Care to stay for the dance, or would you like to join me on the ramparts. Tis a beautiful moon tonight and the air here…" His gaze shifts to some of the squires who have gathered in another area, "Appears to be stale." His smile is genuine, filled with adoration and a reassuring comfort.

Isara reaches out to take Teryin's hand in hers, kerchief still held to chest in her right hand, smile luminous within the dual fires in the room, "It c-co-c-c-couldnnn…nnnght …be mo-more perf-f-fect." Breathed out with exuberance, a swell of her chest rising as the emotions burst over her again, she was so happy during everything for her sister and her new brother in law, and the addition of even more siblings, including Teryin.

Drawing in towards him she'll turn slightly to get a look around, not noticing his gaze to the squires or his veiled comment about them, "Frr-fresh air and the moon w-would b-b-b-be lovely." Said with a nod of her head, waiting for him to lead them out, "I ba-ba-barely r-re-c." A skip and she will laugh at herself, waving the kerchief at her face, "You have cha-ch-changed much s-since last w-we met."

Teryin shifts her hand to his wrist, elbows locking as he takes her arm in his. The smile never leaves those lips, his own chuckle echoing the laugh of hers as he realizes she hadn't recognized him. "My father has joked with me about being giant born." It's true; Liam stands roughly 5'7" and their father, only 5'9".

The young man walks with her towards his table, taking the thick fleece cloak from the back of his chair. "Oh look Gal, our youngest with young Isara." Lia Lefford says with arms wrapping around her husband's lovingly. "Mother, father." Teryin offers a smile and greeting to his parents. "Going to get some fresh air. Do enjoy the evening." "Treat your new sister well." The voice of Gallard Lefford is stern, knowing full well how sensitive the young woman was about her stutter. "Of course father." Replied swiftly, the young man turning back to Isara with a reassuring wink. The two nobles watch the pair pass around a pillar and disappear out of the room.

The corridor is long and lit by torches arranged periodically along the wall. Teryin stops and twists behind her, the fleece cloak being drawn about her shoulders. Normally this gesture is used in marriage, but the nights chill is what causes the boy to act as such. "This should keep you warm my Lady." He slips a hand into the cloak and retakes her own, continuing to lead her towards the ramparts. Trying not to make eye contact, unable to truly hide his affection. "The days have treated you well. Your beauty rivals your sister. I—I'm sure when you are wed, the day will be just as grand." A light comforting squeeze of her fingers within his hand.

"I d-d-didn't b-bel-b-believe it at fi-first." Isara will say within her laughter still yet, head shaking as she curls fingers along his wrist to hold it as he leads the way, so tall, so handsome, and greatly changed from just a year ago. Wonders will never cease.

As they draw closer to his parents her cheeks will color just a bit, though it's barely noticeable as she's wined well and flushing due to that already. A small dip as she holds her newly minted brothers arm to both, "H-h-he h-h-nm…has been per-p-perfect." Reassuring the mother and father, though with that wink from Teryin she's giggling, shoulders lifting up as she does so, moving once more to follow him along. Her slippered feet will carry her quietly through the corridor, freezing when he stops, not sure what he's about to do, but as the cloak settles about her shoulders she's immediately grateful for the thought, "Y-you do not n-n-nee-need to call me L-l-la-lady. You are my brother now." Said with a gentle squeeze of his wrist once he retakes her arm, "Or Is-isara."

His compliment to her is taken as just that, a lovely one from a new brother, though she will shake her head, glancing down at her toes as they peek out from beneath her dress with each step, "N-n-nothing .." Okay, she'll lilt her voice to a soft singsong, "Nothing …rivals her." No secret she's a family favorite, whereas Isara …well. She's shown great promise in the family business.

Teryin continues to lead the pair from the corridor into another, the breeze increasing as the ceiling begins to give way to the openness of the ramparts. It is a cloudless night, full moon shining brightly. "You do not give yourself enough credit. Any noble would be lucky to have you on their arm." A glance down at the beauty held to his arm, eyes illuminated by the moon light. Passing a guard on watch, Teryin will stop further from him. "Your beauty rivals this…" His hand extends out before them, showing the vineyard lit by the moon, the Red Fork's surface rippling with the breeze.

Isara is taken in by the scene before her, it is indeed beautiful, loosing his arm so she can stride forward to the wall, hands coming up as she lifts up onto her toes to look out, drawing herself up even further with a bounce up so she can lean on her hands and look out, "Yo-y-y-you are t-too s-sweet, brother." She will murmur over her shoulder, pressing one elbow down to the stone surface, then the other, so she can lean out and look out across the way, "A g-go-g-good h-husband you'll m-make." Said with a bright smile, those blue eyes of hers cast out upon the land that splays out before her, waters rippling surface like thousands of tiny gems, "I am l-l-lmm…l-lucky to have you as a brot-br-brother."

Teryin's smile will grow, hands coming to rest on the hilts of the swords that are sheathed on each side of his hips. "I entertain young noble ladies like yourself for my parents, but I spend most of my time training or out riding in the pass." The figure of the squire remains just behind her, giving her the space to gaze off towards the beautiful scene. "Have you met Alleesi yet? I heard she went to see you as soon as our family had arrived." Oh how he dodges the comment of luck, his heart had been swept away in the current upon first meeting her - strengthen by the knowledge she had kept the favor. Such feelings are tough to conceal, but he does so. The vow he made to himself still as fresh in his mind.

Isara's slippered toes lightly kick against the wall as she continues smiling, listening to Teryin as she remains elbowed up on the wall, "L-lucky l-ladies." She'll murmur before she finally pushes off the wall and pops down to the stone floor, turning to lean back against the wall now, beaming up at her brother in law, "N-n-not y-y-y-…n-" Then a shake of her head, the wine in her system fettering out, too much food, not enough wine, "Too b-bus. …sy. W-w-wedding pr-preparations."

The tall man bends at the knees, skin touched by the breeze and building small goose bumps which run along flesh. "You are both the same age and she's not the most noble lady. Enjoys the wine from your homelands greatly." Eyes dart from the moon to find her sea-blues, the shadows casted by the wall darkening her features. "So what does the beautiful sister enjoy doing?" He'll ask in a curious tone, the corners of lips curling into that genuine smile.

Isara will press her back against the wall as she lowers down so she can sit along the wall, legs kicked out in front of her, hands pressing into her lap after arranging her skirts with a smile, "I will en-n-nhg—joy m-meeting her th-then." Said with confidence, "S-she is my s-s-ister now." All this new family! It's all so exciting, "R-right now? Or us-s-usually?" Of course it must be the latter, her head canting to the side to rest her cheek along her shoulder as the wine she drank begins to make her feel sleepy now, or just wonderfully numb, "Learning …" Breathed out, the word coming out without a bit of a stutter as her eyes half-close, her chest rising and falling more slowly now as she relaxes completely out here without people around to crowd her, or make her feel crowded, "I love ..making things. Wine, I love learning how everything works. How to procure the /b-best/ results."

Teryin can see the effects of the wine. "Think she is going back with Liam and I after our family leaves for Golden Tooth. Perhaps you'd like to join us. Stay with us for awhile." He listens closely to her, fingers of each hand finding each other and fidgeting. "A scholar. Beauty and knowledge. My sister, you will bring much honor to your family. Do you have any wine you've made? I would love to taste it." It is getting late, but the squire does not wish to leave her.

"If my parents are amenable, I am ss-sh-sure I could." Isara will murmur, realizing she's feeling very, very sleepy. But it feels good, and she enjoys speaking to her brother, "I do." She'll say with a secretive sort of smile, "It’s amazing. You tasted it tonight if you drank the wine, my gift to my sister and new brother." Oh, very pleased, and very slowly she will lean forwards and try to push up, reaching her hands up, fingertips wiggling, "Help me, brother."

"That was your wine?" Teryin is awe-struck, which speaks volumes because he rarely lets on when he is surprised. He had only a couple glasses, not much of a drunk as it were now, being only fifteen. "Best results indeed." He'll compliment, hands reaching out. His fingers slip beneath her own, thumb along the back side of the palms. They rise together, his gaze meeting hers if offered. "I know my parents are leaving in the morning, Liam and I the following with his new wife." There is that moment between the two now, unspoken words left void under the moon light. It was similar to that moment in the vineyards a year ago when her fingertips met his on the saddle of his steed. But now he realizes what happened, a flush fills his cheeks as fingers slip from her own. "Pardon sister." Head turning away briefly, "Would you….like me to walk to the great hall or back to your bed chambers?"

Isara rises up with her brother, smiling whimsically with a nod of her head, "Yes, d-d-d-dear brother, though I admit my father did aid me so, but the final tasting was mine to app-app-approve." Proudly stated, "I shall come with then, I am sure my father will approve, to get to know this new side of our family entirely, yes?" In the silence between them she will gaze up at him, smile warm and pleased, fingertips dancing along his as she does a few swaying steps, hearing the music from inside as it carries on through the night air, "Would you dance with me, brother?" Asked softly as he speaks his pardon, her throat reverberating with laughter as he turns his head away, "Of course, Lord Brother, please. Back to the great hall, if it pleases you."

Teryin's eyes float back to his new sister, unsure if she meant here along the ramparts or back at the great hall. A hand freezing as it was about to slip to the small of her back, eyes widening slightly before catching himself and turning the arm to escort her once again. "I.." A longish pause, "I'd love to, though the company you keep within the great hall will seek a dance with me as well." He'd love to gracefully move her along by his side around the pit amongst others dancing, but knows all too well that a festival such as this could be used for match making. "Heard rumors of young Natalya Crackhall attending the wedding at the behest of my mother. I've never seen the girl, but my mother seems intent on making her my betrothed."

Isara will giggle at that, her fair brow lifting up as she stares at her brother in law, retaking his arm and asking in a most conspiratorial manner as she leans into him as she glances down the hall after her look, "Natalya Cr-cr-crackhall? And you wish not to d-dan-nnce with her and earnn-ng her f-f-avor? Come, brother." She'll tug at his arm to drag him towards the hall, "I demand you show me her, I wish to judge her as fit or not for my new brother, only the best for you yes? If yo-you-ur brother can marry so well as my sister, you will have to rise up to the same." Most words come freely, but there she'll go, pulling him towards the throng of those within, wishing to tease him amongst the ladies!

Regretfully Teryin will follow half a pace ahead of the shorter figure on his arm. He wants to open up and tell her the truth, but that truth had to be buried from the day's recent events. Instead, he goes along with her childish antics, his own boyish shyness filtering out. The corridors pass swiftly, the knowledge of them better known to Isara than the young Lord. Music is still played, the lyrics chanted through the hall by the drunken occupants of the wedding. Around the pit others dance gleefully. Women, children, husbands, and wives. It’s supposed to be a joyous occasion and its sheer terror for the squire.

The pair is greeted by Lia Lefford, Teryin's mother. "There you two are. I hope the fresh air was good for both, seems to have brought back the life in young Isara." It's a kind smile, but one holding a chastising look. Her son had married Isara's sister and Teryin was not going to be the one giving pity to the Piper. "I see my son has some manners, shame they are wasted on a sister and not a future wife." Her crooked finger pointing at the cloak around the young girl's shoulders.

"Mother." Teryin deadpans, knowing full well that it is her Lannister blood fueling such actions. "Don't mother me Teryin. Lord Crackhall was kind enough to send Natalya with us just for this event and /you/." The finger shifts from Isara to a robust looking girl of seventeen seated at a table full of Lannister and Lefford handmaidens. She's not ugly by any means; long dark hair stretching to the small of her back, unkept and freely flowing. Rosie cheeks and deep-set brown doe-eyes perched atop a rather beakish looking nose.

Teryin's eyes move from mother to the girl he was being set with, shoulders lightly slumping. "Now go be a good lad and dance with the lady. I'm /sure/ Isara has better things to do than entertain you." His mother may have succeeded in guaranteeing the constant flow of gold to her Lannister heritage, but she was the devil himself to Teryin. "Yes…mother." She turns and walks away from the pair, taking her seat and joining in the fake laughs of the table, trying to become the center of attention once more.

Oh how the music has the young Lady beaming, coming up short as the mother of Teryin is right there, a hand coming up to her lips as she laughs gamely, looking between mother and her son, "Oh, Lady Lefford, it was mm-m-most w-w-wo-wonderful."

As for the cloak she will oh softly, raising both hands up to her shoulders to feel the fabric there, unclasping it and dragging it from her shoulders with a flush, "My lady, manners are never wasted when done in kindness." However at word Natalya is there Isara will turn on her toes to look for her, seeing the robust girl, "Oh she's b-b-eautiful dark hair, Lady Lefford, is that to be his chosen?"

All too happy to greet the other young woman, quite unawares of Teryin's affections for her, though such knowledge would do neither good, "C-c-co-come, Lo-lord Brother." Isara will state, looking over her shoulder to him, "She is lovely." Perhaps trying to settle his fears, reaching a hand out to him, "Let us g-gr-gr-greet her t-t-t-t-og-together, I w-wish to meet anoth-another new s-sister to be." And his cloak will get handed to him before she's hefting up her skirts to keep from dragging as she draws the direction of the young rotund lady.

Teryin sighs as the cloak is back in his arms, a subtle smile as he can't believe Isara is so naive to his mother's ill will towards the stuttering child. He doesn't have long to hang the cloak on his chair before she is already racing off towards his soon to be betrothed. The large frame is still learning grace, shoulders nearly knocking a man over - partly from drink, partly from the sheer size difference between Teryin and the man. But the drunk laughs and recognizes Teryin, slapping him his muscular chest. "A good wine eh my lord!?" His drunken figure staggers away laughing and raising the glass, its contents mostly worn on his makeshift bib.

"You do realize…" Teryin continues to have a difficult time wading through the crowd towards Natalya and speaking to Isara, "that I'm…ooof." The music still holding a rowdy beat to it, a man's hand rising into the air and cuffing the poor boy in the side of the head. No exchange is given, the sheer pull of Isara guiding him towards the robust woman. Just before the table of the Crackhall girl, Teryin leans down, "You do realize that if she had fur, she could be the boar on their coat of arms?" Finally getting a chance to fully speak, he finds this amusing. He's always had a terrible sense of humor, but tonight he's got to make the most out of what was happening.

Isara is that naive! It keeps her happy and pretending that all is well in her world while it passes her by to other women unafflicted as she. She weaves expertly through the crowd, enjoying the music, moving along with the music and using it as her muse to guide her, keeping her hold ever so tightly to his to guide him towards his intended bride, though his words have her gasping out and stopping, turning into him quickly as she murmurs up to him.

"/Brother/, d-do-" Giggling she'll look over her shoulder to the woman in question, "She is /not/ - please. Be k-k-kind to her. G-gi-give me hope …that should I ev-ever marry ..such things …wi-will not b-be said b-b-behind my back by /my/ int-intended." And then another tug to his arm to spear him again towards his intended, "L-l-la-lady Cr-cr-crackhall. M-may I introduce …my n-new brother, Lord Teryin L-lefford." Said as she dips slightly with a smile, looking to her brother then with a look that says 'be nice!'

Teryin, speared forward, almost like a man walking off the plank of ship with a saber held to his back, blushes a bit now standing across the table from Natalya. The /huge/ girl stands up, reaching around 5'10", her belly hitting the table and sending it screeching outward from her. "My Lord." The smile on her face is priceless, cheeks a rose hue. Her voice beautiful and small. She does a curtsey, the chair falling backwards as her thighs tip it.

Teryin can do nothing but stand there, unsure what to think at the woman before him. She's blushing so dark now, the tears welling up in her eyes from embarrassment. "Lady Crackhall." A reassuring hand gesture extended, "You will not need the chair for a dance." Manners, such manners. "May I have the honor?"

Isara tries very hard not to look shocked as the rather rotund woman stands, her eyes widening as her head tilts back, a gasping dance back done as the table is knocked as it is. What is that! She looked /lovely/ from behind. And she /is/ lovely, that face of hers is quite angelic and quite lovely but what about that body. Wow. Wow. But Isara is schooled quite well and she will cover her gasp with a raised hand, watching the pair with a blink and a wide smile, "Oh, dear brother, dear future sister, you two make a lovely couple, your heights are near matching, how fortunate for both."

A glance to her brother and a dimpled smile has her gliding away then to leave the pair together to enjoy their evening as she returns to her merriment, drinking her wine as she attempts to mingle, though soon enough she's quite embarrassed, hearing the mocking taunts of the squires and others of her stutter, and she will retire, quietly, disappearing suddenly from sight to seek solace and refuge in her bed chamber.

Teryin had spent the evening entertaining the robust boar woman with a song bird's voice, but as the music died down he had noticed the absence of Isara. Excusing himself from both friends and family, he found a servant to take him to the chambers of Lady Isara.

A subtle knock on the chamber door, voice hushed through the thick lumber between the two. "Lady Isara, it is Teryin my lady." He patient waits outside her bed chambers, breath carrying less wine scent than most from the evening. "May I enter?" His voice is soft, barely audible.

Isara had dozed off, though the soft knock and voice from behind the thick door has her rousing, raising up, tangled in her bed sheets, hair having been pulled out from it's lovely set, young woman having bathed and changed into her nightgown, a lovely and thick nightgown of pale blue to ward off from the cold of the night air. Her hair has been dried and brushed down by her ladies. Pushing the blankets off she will yawn, a hand covering her lips before she slides her feet from off her oversized bed, letting bare toes touch cold stone floor, carpets tossed around to protect somewhat from the cool stone.

A sleepy face will greet Teryin as she pulls her door open, peering out and then up at the tall Teryin, faint smile on her lips, some confusion evident in her deep blue eyes, "Teryin …" Said as she steps back, grabbing for a cover for herself, "Please, come in, what is it?" Sleepily asked, a sweater pulled over her and tugged tight as she watches him with some expectation of explanation.

A hand presses to the door, his feet stepping through the entrance with a low bow of his head. "Apologies my Lady, I saw how my fellow squires were speaking of you." The cloak is drawn about his shoulders, hands gloved, his appearance one of a man about to ride. "Wanted to see how you were doing before going for a ride." There is a flush to his cheeks now, realizing he had woken her. "I.." He stops himself, gloved hand rising to the stubble about his chin. "My apologies for spending the remainder of the evening with Natalya, as you could tell, she receives just as much mockery and teasing as you. I had hoped…" A cough, correcting himself, "Figured you would have stayed with us."

Blushing deeply she will listen to all that Teryin has to say, head shaking, "It is because of such I wished you two time alone, so you could know of her beauty that rouses far more than what is seen from the outside of her being." Isara will murmur, watching her brother in the light lent from the evening outside from parted curtains and the lanterns and candles lit outside her room to illuminate the hallway, "D-d-do nn…nnot apologize for doing as you had to, brother. You and I, we've a li-l-l-life time to get to know ea-ea-each other as brother and sister. I will be here always." Said with a nod as she reaches out, padding softly to him to touch his arm gently as she gazes up at him in the darkness, "I am qu-qui-quiite used to the words ..spoken of me, though it does tire one out."

That touch of hers along the flesh of his arm, just below the golden fabric of his tunic, brings a sigh to escape his lips. "Isara…" Teryin stands before her, dwarfing the girl with his height. His hand comes to rest on her shoulder, "One should never get accustom to such. You are a flower among weeds when seated at a table of noble women. Never think differently.." Fingers and thumb ease into the muscles of her shoulder. "My Lady Isara, when I am Knighted, I vow to find you. To protect you until your hand is given to another. This is my word. As strong as my blades and true as their strike." There is more, the sadness in his face shown clear in the lighting of the candles and shadows from the moon.

Isara's smile will falter as she gazes up at him, clearly confused by the sudden shift in demeanor, "Brother, are y-you n-n-not well?" Concern then clear as she frets over him now, pulling away from him to fetch him a glass of water from a nearby pitcher. The water as it pours echoes in the quiet room, Isara bringing it back quickly between both of her hands and lofting it up to him to hold it out, "Please, brother, d-d-rink, perhaps the wine has brought you to such a state."

Another sigh, hand rising to decline the glass politely. "No thank you my Lady." She doesn't realize it, he won't fully speak it. Maybe it's just his hormones, Teryin himself not knowing the full reason for trying to hint at something that could never be. "I should leave. Excuse my presence and awakening you. I've spoken with Liam and Maliyn, they've encouraged our father's to grant you permission to visit." A low nod of his head, "Alleesi was delighted to have another noble woman her age with. I bid you a good night my dear."

"Never apologize, lord brother. I won't have it." Isara will murmur softly, though from the glass she'll drink now as she watches him curiously, "Oh? Have they? Wonderful, I can not wait then." Said with a broader smile, worry still on her features, not yet wise to the ways of men, of courting, of the interest between men and women, "I w-will see yy-you soon then, I can not wait to meet Alleesi." She will allow him then to take his leave without another word, smiling, following him out and closing the door in behind him.

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