(113-07-15) A Memento from the First Meeting
A Memento from the First Meeting
Summary: (Backscene) Teryin meets Isara in the Vineyards of Pinkmaiden
Date: 03/03/2014
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It’s a peaceful day, the long road between Golden Tooth and Pinkmaiden had taken a few nights to reach, but now they can see their destination. With the sun just above the stone wall, Teryin's horse begins to slow. Eyes stare through vineyard, a figure being seen further head. "Do not stray to far Squire." Ser Liam Lefford jokes to his younger sibling, a smile nearly hidden in the sun kissed light illuminating his face. "I've come to see my betrothed, do behave." Most of the sworn swords and knights in the company laugh as they know the brothers get along very well. A knight claps the back of the boy, "Already caught up in women, my lord?" He laughs before spurring his steed forward to catch up to the rest.

Teryin slows the steed to trot, the golden fleece draped over the horse as it comes to the edge of the road, sound of hooves along path softening as it enters the grass. It stops at the fence, just after passing the figure. Hazel eyes, filled with green speckles stare wordlessly at the girl. A snout from the horse gives away his presence, cheeks filling with a red tint.

Soft laughter will fetter up into the air, traipsing down and around like the petals of dandelions caught on the air, young woman with a handmaiden as they both bite into grapes, a basket held on her maidens arm as Isara's eyes round with delight. The handmaiden is the one who will alert her to the presence nearby with a nudge of her chin as Isara speaks with a soft stutter, "Th-they're ssso divine." Said around a mouthful, though with the nudge of her ladies chin Isara is turning around only to spot the young squire staring at her so.

A grape will fall from her fingertips as if guilty, cheeks rising up in a peach red as she glances away, hand raising up quickly to cover her mouth as she tries to spare him a view of her grape stained lips, "S-s-s-sq—" Stammering hard she just blushes more so, mortified beyond believe, her handmaiden stepping in, "Squire." A curtsey, whereas Isara gives a panicked look to the side before she'll nod, shoulders rising up slightly as she tugs at the fabric of her dress of cream white with dagged sleeves, "S-s-ssssquire." Finally managed, her lips parting as she tries to gain face.

Of course they wouldn't know he was a young lord and the boy wasn't going to chastise either. Teryin knew immediately who girl was, the sister of his brother's betrothed. Liam had warned him to refrain from commenting on it when in the public. "My lady." The words nearly stuttered out themselves after giving the two time to compose themselves after being 'caught' stained lipped. His heart races, the hue of his cheeks becoming even more so flushed at the beauty before him. So many women which passed through Golden Tooth and those the Knights took in the evenings, but this one was special.

The steed takes a few steps back, then forward - the squire still getting use to the young horse. "Lady Isara, I assume?" He wears no armor, merely tunics overlapping in the hue of gold. No shield present, but two short swords sheathed at his waist. "I am Teryin Lefford." Holding the reins with one hand his body bends at the waist in a soft bow. He's tall for his age, already close to 5'7" with broad shoulders. He's lost his youthful pudginess just this last year from the growth spurt. "Brother of Liam Lefford of Golden Tooth. Your sisters betrothed."

Oh, well. Stepping back with slippered feet young Isara feels the need to flee within the moment. What a slight against the young Lord, "I'm sor-sor-s-sorry." Breathed out, a hand pressing to her chest now as her heart begins to race like crazy. A deep inhalation and she will speak slower, "Lord Teryin. Of cour-course." Said with great difficulty, her chest rising and falling as her panic increases. She hates unscheduled visits or run-ins, she can never prepare and she just embarrasses her family further.

"S-soon to b-be my-my brother in l-law, yes?" She's recovering, somewhat, bottom lip sucked in between teeth and bitten down on hard. A pause then as she turns around to grab the basket from her handmaiden, back around again breathlessly, "Would you-you-you like. Like to try one?" Last word swallowed hard, bracing breath taken in. She may hate surprise visits, but she's still a lovely girl who is polite.

Such embarrassment he sees in her, able to understand just why his brother had warned him. "Teryin is fine." The youthful squire reassures the girl. "We're not in public and far be it for me to hold it against you." There is a soft glow to his eyes, gaze never leaving the gentle face of her. He wants to act tough and arrogant like most of the Knights do, but she’s different. A flower among the vineyards, one the youth cannot take his eyes from.

Slowly he'll kick himself down off the steed, the reins being lead to the front of the mount. A brief head-nod towards the handmaiden with the approach. "Grapes, of course." A shy smile breaks lips, his hands trying to work the reins into a hold against the fence. Breathtaking is one of many words racing through his mind. His fumbling hands finally get the hold, bounding over the fence with sheathes nicking the splintered wood. "Do you spend much time in the Vineyards Lady Isara?" Closer he comes, his size dwarfing both women.

Isara isn't sure why he's being so kind to her, but it does help to alleviate some of her distress, though only a little. She's only just met him, kindness aside it's embarrassing to her. And the way he looks at her has her blushing, cheeks hot, not quite sure /why/ he's looking at her so, does he find her irritating with her stutter as well? Every look she gets she can easily misinterpret it due to her own self-consciousness.

As he dismounts she'll turn, glancing to her handmaiden with a begging look for them to find some cause to leave. But the maiden will laugh softly, "Lady Isara, you can not hide from every social situation." Gently murmured, the older woman gently touching Isara's shoulder to turn her back around and give her a little push, "Try the singing if it will work." Softly murmured to the girl’s ear, Isara most definitely not about to take that route.

A slight shake of her head and a stubborn set to her jaw she will watch then as the young man, very handsome, jumps over the fence. Though Isara isn't one to notice his handsome young looks. No, it's his eyes that will enrapture her when the time comes. As he nears her throat will work, spasming with words unsaid, lips parting here and there before she finally musters out a, "Mmnng — ye-ye-yey-ye-" And then she will simply nod, biting her tongue as teeth snap against it, lips thinning into a smile. She's just going to nod from here on out, or shake her head, basket held out to the young man.

First impressions always seem to last, first glances may change. And this time, with only a foot between the two, does the boy realize exactly where her beauty lies. Not in the shape of her figure, not even in the cute stutter, nor her backside, but in those sea-blue eyes. He doesn't even realize how awkward he looks staring at her, or that he's looking at another blemish of the girl. So caught up in her that it seems every action could be taken as a slight or an affectionate way.

"You really shouldn't be so quiet, your voice is like the whistle of a song bird." Teryin is trying to compliment her, keep her from running away. A hand reaches for the basket, fingers plucking a single grape from the group. He doesn't hesitate, letting lips enclose around each finger and the grape before withdrawing the digits. A bite, a moan of pleasure with eyelids closing. "Amazing. Crisp bite to it, so full of juice." His manners seem to leave him for the moment as he speaks while chewing. After a swallow each of the fingers are brushed against his lips and 'cleaned' before drying along the thigh of his outer tunic. The smile isn't shy, broken bread between the two with that single grape. The gaze given is a kind one, not overly subjective or judgmental. Smile broadening like his shoulders, "May I join you for a bit my Lady?"

Isara feels the awkwardness, those striking blue eyes of hers averting from his gaze as she takes a half-step back, basket lifting against her chest. She hasn't hit that point of going ga ga over boys or even really noticing them yet - she's already come to terms that she may never marry due to her lesser worth compared to her sisters who are all unaffected by any such mannerisms as hers. Instead her passion is already drifting to the wine making of her family, enjoying the magic of it all, the preciseness, something she can focus and find accolades for that don't take into account her stutter.

"Pl-" Her eyes will close as her cheeks rise deeply in color, those sea blue eyes of hers darkening with tears, "Pl-nng …ple-ple-pl-ple-/ease/. Puh-leeze." Enunciating it as she white knuckles that basket, "Don-don't m-m-mock." And there she'll get stuck, eyes opening, the girl looking stricken before she'll turn and dash off despite his compliment to the grape. The basket will get tossed down as slippered feet carries her between the rows of grapes off towards her home, her handmaiden softly gasping, "Lord Teryin, I'm so sorry. I'm sure you were warned."

Isara knows she does /not/ have the voice of a song bird. The handmaiden will turn and dash off, calling out for the young woman to stop.

"I was handmaiden, but…" Teryin doesn't even finish, reaching down and gripping the handle of the basket before turning back to his horse. With the handmaiden taking off after Isara, the young squire is quickly undoing the hold and bringing the reins with him as he mounts the steed. He had no intention of mockery and such act could look poor upon his House.

Heels spur the horse on, hooves pounding into the path leading towards the castle. It’s not long before he's passed the handmaiden and caught the girl. With a pull of the reins, legs lift as the steed rears up and leaps the fence. "My Lady!" The boy shouts out, "My Lady." His voice drawing softer as the large beast begins to trot along side Isara. "My apologies. I never meant to mock you…" Refraining from admitting his attraction, "Would you like a ride to the castle?"

Isara really hasn't gotten /that/ far, having dwindled into sobbing cries, hands folded over her face as she blindly walks the direction to the castle, knowing the path well, having walked it since she was a wee babe. Steps are fairly stumbling, the young woman truly just wanting to curl up in the pathway and lay there until the buzzards got to her, but she can't stop moving. She can hear the yells of her handmaiden and she just wants to be left alone.

However wishes are like fishes, and you can't always catch what you want, if anything, and the sound of hooves following her give her warning of the approaching Squire, her dagged sleeves both brought up and folded into her hands as she tries to pat her splotchy face of it's tears, sucking in deep breathes of air which coalesces into hiccups as she sniffles, shaking her head, "Nngg, nnngggg ….mnno."

With the steed still in a trot, the squire dismounts with quick steps to steady himself. Holding the reins yet, he brings the horse to a walk and keeps it between the two. "What dishonorable deed have I committed?" He inquires, eyes remaining straight ahead. He allows her the escape to dry her face and eyes behind the body of the beast. "I meant no disrespect My Lady." A gold fabric, woven by his sister Alleesi is offered over the saddle. "Please, do not dampen your dress. Let me offer this kerchief Lady Isara."

His hand will remain on the saddle whether she takes the offer or not. He'll keep walking the steed until she stops, never wanting to leave her side. The boy had wronged her once and from this day, his future sister-in-law will be protected by him always. Or so the youth vows - such vows and dreams hard to achieve in the times like this.

Isara's breath shudders out as she gives his mount a sidelong glance as it provides a barrier between them which helps, leaning into the horse as she reaches up for that kerchief, bringing it to her eyes to wipe them, fabric held to her cheek then as she keeps her head bowed.

And then in a broken singsong, as taught to her, she will try to speak without stuttering and managing through heaving sobs, "o/~ I don't like …being made fun of. o/~" It's a song sung to a tune of a local tavern favorite clean enough for children to enjoy, though she doesn't carry the tune so much as force words to match it, feeling even more embarrassed that she has to be singsongy to even speak. A few more hiccups, tears continuing to fall from puffy eyes, the kerchief held to tightly as she walks, finding comfort in the big beast at her side.

Her voice, no matter her beliefs will always be a song bird to him. The soft hiccups pain him, all of this caused by his actions only moments before. He's a boy, but he's learned how to read body language from his Braavosi tutor. He's horrible at singing, but tries to respond in song himself. "A fair maiden, noble beauty so pure. Dry your eyes, the mountains high, the river low, come the moon so bright and true." It's broken Braavosi but his voice encouraging. The blush along his cheeks shows his own embarrassment, but continues to try and put her at ease. "My Lady, I never meant to make you a joke. We are to be family soon - never would I hamper such relations." The hand continues to rest atop the saddle, fingers sprawling out along the leather. He won't take the kerchief back, it is hers to keep. A memento from him.

A soft laugh then as he tries his hand at the singsong speak, breaking through her sobs, hiccups still playing throughout, though it does help to break her sobbing at his attempt to curry favor with him. Within the warm sunshine she will find further warmth, stepping along in silence for a few measured breaths, another laugh breaking as a smile touches to her lips, the kerchief dabbed more gently.

"A goo-good br-bro-brother you mm-mmm—make." Bite, "Already."

A gesture then from her, as that tear soaked kerchief briefly lifts to lightly touch her fingertips to his atop the saddle, kerchief bundled in her palm.

"The favor is yours Lady Isara." Teryin speaks, feeling the touch of her fingertips along his. A brief glance, the subtle turning of his head to gaze upon her from over the beast. Her laugh calms his fears, this tips of his fingers lifting to rest atop her nails - never further. "Do you speak Braavosi?" He's curious now, keeping his eyes just over the saddle. "Perhaps I could teach you when you visit Golden Tooth…or my brother returns with his wife."

Isara's throat will continue to spasm a bit, a few hard swallows done as she allows her hand to remain thusly for but a moment before retracting her hand from her soon to be brother in laws, "I do not." Succinctly stated as the kerchief is brought back to her cheeks with a quick sweep before it's held to her bosom, the kerchief to become a prized memento of their friendship to come. Braavosi will become a sort of ..escape for her, a foreign tongue playing over hers much more smoothly than her mother tongue, though how often she'll get to speak in it is anyone’s guess in the years to come.

"I wou-wn-would." Nodding, keeping it simple to that phrase, not wanting to venture any further with her words. The castle comes into view and her handmaiden will catch up with them, stopping the procession to the castle as she looks over Isara before thanking Teryin profusely for his assistance, which will no doubt earn him the thanks of the family.

Teryin smiles at the handmaiden, a slow nod of the head. "I should catch up to my brother. Being his Squire, he'll expect me at his side." It's his turn to worry now, foot slipping in as he rises up onto the mount. "I look forward to seeing you more often sister." Manners leave him as the kindness in his voice is revealed. "Ladies, if you'll excuse me." Quickly his eyes move from the favor to her eyes, a wink offered before the horse is spurn forward. A hand rises as the horse leaps over the fence and trots beneath the gate of the castle.

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