Character Details
Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed as Llir
Name: Llir
Aliases: none
Faction: The Reach
Organization: none
Occupation: Sailor
Rank: Quarter Master (Boatswain)
Age: Apr 25 74 (46)


Wallflower. Invisible. Unremarkable. These are three words that will never be used to describe Llir. Llir looks more like the offspring of one of the larger breeds of baboon combined with the almost legendary brown bears of the cold wastelands of the north. He towers half a head over even the taller members of most crowds. His shoulders measure from blade to blade wider than many doorways. He would look like a musclebound oaf were it not for the generous layer of fat, especially around his paunch, that hides any and all sharp edges his body would have.

His face, too, adds to his wild animal looks. It's both broad and flat (the nose itself possibly additionally flattened in an old brawl). Long, tightly-curled facial hair radiates away from a large, oddly-toothy mouth in all directions looking for all the world like a lion's mane, albeit a very untidy lion's mane. The same long, tightly-curled hair emanates from his head but there, at least, it is tied back into an untidy pony tail by a leather line. The hair used to be cocoa brown but is now increasingly salted with white; the beard more painted with white stripes. It's almost as an afterthought that the light brown eyes have been added to the visage.

Llir's commoner background is pretty clear. He wears plain, albeit carefully maintained (and high quality), sailor's garb with little decoration beyond a single thick golden earring and a steel(?) chain from which something obviously hangs beneath his slightly-soiled grey blouse. A glossy black wooden walking stick with a large knotted knob for a handle graces his hands at almost all times, shifted effortlessly and smoothly from hand to hand as situation demands it.


It's a common story. Whoreson grows up on the streets of Oldtown with few prospects. Gravitates to dockyard work because of his massive frame. Falls asleep after a "good friend" buys him some mead (his favourite beverage) at a port dive. Wakes up on the other side of dock work.

It turns out, however, that Llir liked shipboard life. The (often enforced) cameraderie. The shared hours of pants-browning terror. The travels to exotic locales (and their exotic lasses). He took to all of these like an dry drunk takes to a keg of mead. (There's that drink again!) Llir became every inch a sailor. He did his time in the crow's nest searching desperately for signs of land (or of unfriendly ships). He fought the occasional desperate deck battle (both offensive and defensive). He managed the sails and ropes. He even took a (mostly unfortunate) turn at fixing a holed hull over a few months' stranding. He stood, in short, in almost any role that an able-bodied seaman could find himself over the decades.

Not being very bright, Llir was never really suited to leadership roles. He found his ultimate role in being the boatswain: a role in which his threatening size was both directly useful in manhandling troublesome cargo as it was indirectly useful in managing troublesome deck hands.

Like most common sailors Llir's had his stint in … dubious ships. (The unkind might call them opportunistic pirates.)He's never really been, however, an open pirate. As such. He just has the moral flexibility someone from his background tends to have; the moral flexibility that a person without the luxury of being able to keep to rigid codes without starving to death tends to have. Moral flexibility, however, does not extend to the ship he's on. When he's on the ship he's for the ship and its crew. Totally. In the face of all opposing forces. Anything else is wrong, and not only because any breach in the brotherhood of sea rats can be fatal to all. There's a principle involved too. Or there would be if he could think abstractly enough to express the thought.

RP Hooks

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  • Arthritis starting to set in
  • Just barges his way through life
  • "Is that mead? Hold on a sec, boys!"
  • Resolute in the face of reality

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