Lissa has returned to Sunhouse.

Character Details
Olga Kurylenko
Olga Kurylenko as Lissa Cuy
Name: Lissa Cuy
Aliases: Lis
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Cuy
Occupation: Courtier
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Nov 25 100 (22)


Tall and lithe this woman lacks the ample curves that many of the men Westros are drawn to, but in the eyes of others she's still appealing. Her hair is dark, black seeming in some lights but then when the sun light falls against it red and brown hues show themselves. Her skin is dusky and clear, her green-hazel eyes bright with alert awareness, and often lined with dark kohl to extenuate her exotic looks.

She moves with a stride that some might find unbecoming of a lady, her steps always sure, comfortable in almost any environment. Her body is wrapped typically in simple but elegant blue and gold silks, the colors of house Cuy.


Lady Nessina Cuy (nee Tyrell) was known as The Fair. While a young woman of little consequence, cousin of a diminished branch of the family, she was well known for her loveliness, her pale features, her golden hair. It's rumored that a young Lord Dristen Cuy said upon seeing her that she was made of sunlight, and it was only fitting that he should bring her home to Sunhouse.

The young heir to Sunhouse did just that and for sometime it appeared that they were happy as any young couple aught to be but when, a mere 8 months after they were wed, the young lady produced a child who was not made of sunlight but rather had dark hair and dusky skin, Lord Dristen was, as could be expected, less than thrilled. While he tolerated the girl, little Lissa, while he publicaly treated her as his own, the man grew possessive and controlling of her mother and Nessina Cuy, as fair as she had been once, withered the more isolated she grew. Yes over the years she produced several more lovely children, yes she was a dutiful wife who never again gave her husband reason to doubt her.

For her part, Lissa, showed her Tyrell blood despite her coloring ? with her sharp mind and quick, but also with a ruthless streak that her cowed siblings and mother never seemed to develop. She knew from a young age that roses are pretty but it's the thorns that have the power.

While her quick mind learned sums and economics quickly, often from peering over the house steward's accounting sheets or wandering from the port to the market, watching the way the merchants bought and sold their goods, she was always poorly suited for 'women's work' and given the lack of attention she received from both her parents increased more and more as she grew, that neglect also grew.

Sure her Septa ensured she could be presentable, but little else, the woman, like everyone else's attention focused on the younger Cuy children.

When Lissa reached 14, and neared eligible age, she took on her first maid, a half-dornish girl by the name of Melinda Flowers, only a few years to her senior who's coloring seemed so much more like her own, and who's interests and curiosity also mirrored Lissa. Melinda was a wonderful companion (still is) and partner in crime who taught Lissa not only how to hunt with a bow, but also how to hold a knife, how to play cards like they do at the docks and perhaps most importantly how to use the plants that grew in the outlaying area to all sorts of purposes both helpful and harmful.

Some of their brews were fairly benign others not so… that night after her father got drunk and accused her of being a foul Dornish bastard Lissa did pour an elixir in his whiskey that made him hurl and wretch for half a day for example. There was an occasion when she helped Melinda brew something to ensure the maid lost a bastard child she carried as well.

Or were. Now, 21 and still without immediate marriage prospects, Dristen Cuy's tolerance of her dark little head has reached it's limits. Her move to Oldtown, under the guise of both strengthening trade ties and being sent to socialize with her peers, is an exile of sorts and while she'll live comfortably enough there, Lissa is also aware she isn't welcome home, and can not expect a great deal of support from her family. Sink or swim, every day from today forwards is what she makes of it.

RP Hooks

  • Involved in Trade - Sunhouse is a trade port and the Cuy family has many interests in local and foreign trade. Further money is one of Lissa's favorite things. Got a scheme to make some coin? Or a product you want to sell? Let her know, maybe she can help.
  • Local - The Cuys of Sunhouse are situated pretty close to Oldtown, if you have been in the area a while and are a person of consequence perhaps you've been through Sunhouse and met Lord Dristin's eldest child?
  • Horses - Lissa loves to ride. She's spent a good amount of time and coin importing horses for Sunhouse. Now that she's in Oldtown she'll likely be looking to find herself some suitable mounts.
  • Hunting - Lissa also loves hunting, mostly with her bow. She's always looking for companions/escorts.
  • Herbs - Are you a herbalist? Botany is an interest of Lissa's as well.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Soothing Presence
  • Suspicious Breeding

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