Lady Lisette
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey as Lisette Tyrell
Name: Lisette Tyrell
Aliases: The Blue Rose
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Courtier
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 19


Lisette is a tall, coltish, slip of a girl in her late teens, though her bearing is far more serious and contemplative than her age might suggest. Her dark brown hair is thick and glossy, kept in an intricate coil of braids and twists pinned into a bun, while overly long bangs fringe her angular face. Clear eyes of golden hazel are framed by neat brows and lacy lashes. Her mouth is pale pink with a generous curve at the corners, which gives the appearance of a blossoming smile.

As a noble female her taste in dress is a far cry from the simple linen smocks the smallfolk wear. Today's gown is a dark slate blue, understated in design, but made of rich fabric that speaks of her family's wealth. The bodice is loose, as are the sleeves, exposing the willowy lines of her pale arms. Fitted at the waist with a fat ribbon, the skirt of the gown flows into an A-line with deep gores and a substantial train trailing behind her. Upon her feet are soft suede boots, knee-high and suitable for riding. Several long golden chains are about her neck while bejeweled rings line her fingers.

Her manner is befitting a noble, nothing short of sharp glances down her freckled nose and pursed lips when things are not quite pleasing. She is not one to engage in idle chatter, she is far too refined for that, but when she does speak it is with a richly elegant cadence.



  • Alluring
  • Haughty
  • Elegant
  • Fickle
  • Aloof
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Older Brother - Sweet, tormented, brother. Pretty is as pretty does. Perhaps you should try to be more handsome in manner… Bitter disappointment does not suit you.


Younger Brother - To the sun and back again, I adore you, my darling angel, Lory. Never change.


Lord Corey Tyrell
Father (NPC) - There are no words to express my sadness. My heart is broken without you, Father.


Lady Josanne Tyrell
Mother (NPC) - Mother, you are my inspiration and light. I hope that I am forever pleasing in your eyes.


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