Lady Lillian Hightower
Caitlin Stasey
Caitlin Stasey as Lillian Hightower
Name: Lillian Hightower
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Royal Designer
Rank: Lady
Age: 23


Catching first sight of the brown haired woman before you, the phrase striking femininity may come to mind, as her hazel eyes look out at the world, from a regal, yet soft featured face.. those eyes, so captivating, yet perhaps only equaled to that smile of hers… soft serene and welcoming lips, that even when slightly curled, exhibit a warmth, that radiates from her being. Her hair frames her fair features. Her figure, hour glassed and slender, is draped in a dress which creates an air of elegance, that matches the young woman's wild, carefree demeanor. So feminine, so beautiful, she looks wearing the pristine gown, accentuating the contour of her torso and breast creating a breathtaking visage between gold and green. The outter layer is a deep emerald with sea green texture throughout, the material ruffling one layer over the next, to exemplify the flair of her hips, to widen and flow down like a waterfall around her to the ground and hiding her feet.


The only daughter of Petyr Hightower, and his wife Olenna(Tyrell), Lillian was always seen as a bit special being the only female in he house of boys. She was rather close to her brother Brynden in age, but the two never really knew one another. Once Lilly reached the age of seven, she was sent away to a family who would teach her the ways of the arts. Lillys new family moved allot, forever riding and moving, seeing courts for only moments before moving on to the next.

She was immersed in fashion and learned the tongue of the people easily. While her schooling did not take place behind the Hightower walls like many of the Ladies here, this offered Lilly a refine to her that no other of her family had. She was able to keep the etiquette for visiting kingdoms, with a natural charm. Her paintings, and clothes designs sold well wherever she went. And when business was slow, the young child would sing. Lilly could sing as sweetly as a songbird within the rustling trees, so filled with enchanting tones she seemed natural to take to stage, but she was never interested in being the center of attention.

Lilly slowly turned into a woman, and it was time for her return to Hightower, and her family. She had not seen any of her brothers since she was little. Maybe she will continue her trade here, being a high tower never hurts when attempting a profession - She will make props/paintings and costumes, and custom clothes for any who ask.

RP Hooks

Lilly is a woman known for her workings, clothes for plays, custom orders, tailoring and props. She is the go to girl for the manual arts. Though it is also said she can sing quite the beautiful songs when she is not to shy.


  • Clothes Designer
  • Linguist
  • Shy
  • Soothing Voice
  • Wealth: Comfortable

Notable Stats

  • Presence: Exc
  • Healing: Pro
  • Riding: Pro (she won the Ladies horse racing comp)
  • Fashion: Pro
  • Needlework: Pro
  • Sewing: Pro
  • Painting: Pro
  • Singing: Pro


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