Lady of Mistwood
Anita Briem
Anita Briem as Liana Mertyns
Name: Liana Mertyns
Aliases: the Southron Rose
Faction: Stormlands
Organization: House Mertyns
Occupation: Lady of Mistwood
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 25


Before you stands a woman grown, no longer radiant with youthful vigor but still surpassingly lovely. She is of average height, and of a trim physique, her waist still pleasingly defined, and she moves and speaks with an easy, unhurried grace. The classic lines of her delicate features are dominated by a pair of soft green eyes, often creased at the corners by a wide, genuine smile. Her gleaming crown of golden blonde hair is artfully twisted into a heavy chignon at the back of her head. The affair is secured by a few jeweled hairpins which catch the light becomingly and set her hair aglow. Though the bloom of youth has begun to fade, it's still clear why she earned the nickname "the Southron Rose."


As the only daughter of five children born to Lord Douglass Serry, a knight of some renown, and the Lady Evelin Westerling, Liana had every luxury and frippery of girlhood lavished upon her by her doting father. Liana, keen to please the father she worshipped, obediently learned to stitch and dance and perfect her courtly graces, and did so with a radiant smile that made her much beloved by all. In truth, though she had clearly inherited her mother's golden beauty, it was this warmth of spirit that blossomed around her which earned her the nickname "the Southron Rose." Although tragedy struck her family when she was 7, she maintained her signature radiance throughout her girlhood, and continued her studies with renewed vigor under the guardianship of her uncle, the new acting Lord of Southshield.

Though there were rumors that Liana would be betrothed to a high-powered ally, or that her uncle may try to wed her himself to secure his place as the Lord of Southshield, she was sent abruptly after her flowering to the Lord of House Mertyns, whose second wife had recently died without issue. Although Lord Mertyns had squired under the late Lord Serry and was not without standing of his own, the prosperity of House Mertyns had faltered in recent years, and it seemed a poor match for her ambitious uncle to make. Regardless, the Southron Rose wore her customarily gracious smile as she sailed away from Southshield and made the long journey to the Rainwood, where she threw herself into improving her new lord husband's estates, a task she performed with an unexpected skill.

Over the next ten years, she won the hearts of her lord husband's household and bannermen through her tireless efforts and customary good humor; her husband's heart she won the first year of their marriage, when she bore him a long-desired heir, and five more children followed in years to come. After so many years of loss, the halls of Mistwood were filled with the sounds of healing laughter. Curiously, though others heard all of this as it traveled the realm, Liana steadfastly refused to respond to any inquiries from her guardian of many years, leaving him with only the news he could glean from others.

Now with six small children of her own in need of betrothals and knighthood, the Lady of Mistwood has finally emerged from the Stormlands, her ailing husband remaining at Mistwood to attend to matters there. She returns to the Reach to secure alliances for her children, armed only with her considerable charm and the power of her long-ago reputation.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Married Down
  • Phobia: Drowning
  • The Southron Rose

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