Princess Lhaeda Targaryen (NPC)
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Name: Lhaeda Targaryen
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Celtigar
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Princess / Lady Celtigar
Age: Oct 1 91 (31)

"Very tall, fair, as graceful, as full of blood and as cruel as the usual degenerate Derby winner. In-bred for generations for one purpose: to madden men of one type…" ~ Ford Madox Ford


Fine-boned and yet with all the fragility of Valyrian steel, Princess Lhaeda Targaryen stands 5'8" and is possessed of the roundest, widest, clearest, chilliest pair of pale violet eyes in House Targaryen. Her silvery-blonde hair has never been cut and when it is unbound it brushes the floor at her feet.


A niece of King Viserys I and the only sister of Prince Rhaegor, Princess Lhaeda was always intended as a rich matrimonial prize by which to bind some royal ally all the more tightly to the throne.

She was betrothed first to Ser Steffon Darklyn, the most glorious young Crownlands knight of his time, whose family were staunch Targaryen allies due for another reward. She accepted this decree meekly enough, retaining thus her high place in her fond uncle's affections; she was as astonished as anyone when, after his next swashbuckling tourney win, after crowning her Queen of Love and Beauty as was only his duty, young Ser Steffon begged a boon of King Viserys: the honour, not of alliance with his own house, but of a place in his Kingsguard. It was done, and Princess Lhaeda was back on the market.

Her second intended was killed in a duel over an unrelated matter of honour, shortly after Prince Rhaegor won his spurs.

What happened to the third, around the time Prince Rhaegor's first glorious betrothal fell apart and the young lady (known to be one of Princess Lhaeda's dearest companions) eloped with another man, well, that was only a rumour.

They were always such a pair, the sister and the brother, the niece and the nephew nearest the throne. Cool, beauteous Valyrians; each the other's steadfast ally; intimates of Princess Rhaenyra, the Realm's Delight; the toast of the court for their various gifts. That they should be equally unlucky in love was most unfortunate — but there was a solution, wasn't there?

Perhaps such a match might have come to pass if Prince Rhaegor hadn't lost his dragon to Qarthian warlocks. He set forth on an expedition of vengeance and by the time he returned to court a year later as the Scourge of Qarth his sister had been wed with great ceremony to Lord Jaenys Celtigar: the head of his great house, a proven battle leader and canny politician, fifteen years her senior. It was supposed a Valyrian lord of his stature was the most fitting match for a princess of hers, and moreover that he'd know how to manage such a high-spirited creature. It became soon apparent that she was managing him.

Several little Celtigars followed in due time: Rhaenerys, Jaelorys, Talaevon, Rhaelarya. (The girls named of course after dear Rhaenyra.) Whether love of them is any consolation for being passed over for a dragon egg, denied marriage to the only man she could have respected as her husband, and knowing she'll never rise higher than being the fourth greatest lady at court, may be inferred from her vicious asides, her casual squandering of wealth, and the trail of miserable menfolk pining in her wake.

Lhaeda visited Oldtown in late 122 and early 123 AL before returning to the court in King's Landing. She is an NPC belonging to her brother; for more information or to create links, please contact Rhaegor.

RP Hooks

  • Targaryen? Yes, well, we're all stuck with each other, aren't we.
  • Hightower? Lhaeda lived in your tower for two months, after arriving with the royal party on the day of Prince Dhraegon's wedding to Lady Marsei; but it's no secret that she's far more Black than Green.
  • Do you know Rhaegor? You must be dying to meet his sister…


  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Political Animal
  • Venus in Furs
  • Wealth: Opulent

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